Sunday, April 27, 2014

CellLabs MIRACOL 9 Health And Beauty Drink Review

The latest MIRACOL 9 Miracle Drink for Health, Beauty and Wellness has reached to Malaysian market this
year 2014 from CellLabs Group. You can take their latest 60 Days Challenge that's running now, for more
information check it out at

MIRACOL 9 is the 1st anti-aging drink formula that contain Placenta extract, Stem Cells and Collagen, blended
with 4 other powerful antioxidants like Algae Astaxanthin, Tomato Lycopene, Olive Hydroxytyrosol and OPC
to protect our fragile, damaging cells to further aging of a stressful life.

The reason why I wanted to take this Placenta Drink is that it comes from the Rose Placenta Extract(plants)
with proven and certified miracle ingredients that produced from the optimum level of its best like Japan
(Rose Placenta and Astaxanthin), Spain (Citrus Fruits Extract, Olive Leaf Extract), Switzerland (Apple &
Grape Stem Cells), USA (Lycopene), New Zealand(Pine Bark Extract) and France(Marine Collagen). 

There's no doubt on why the recent years, every company is using Rose extracts in their research for skincare
and anti-aging products, instilling it into their brands for years. CellLabs has also stamped this golden 4X of
Potent Antioxidants for Internal Sun Screen in UV protection. Even nowadays, the trend of SPF skincare
protection comes with a SPF 50PA++++ by Japan, in addition to the photo-aging protection as well.
I took it every night before I sleeps. Luckily, the drink tasted good like a fruit juice. I share this drink with Rambo
and I can see his tanned complexion has brighten up so much. For me, I can see a tremendous good result also
where my skin is smooth and radiant, I need not apply any foundation/powder at all. I would say flawless skin!

In fact, the MakeUp 4ever beauty consultant kept asking me what skincare I'm using and asked if I'm using
Whitening skincare. Haha...she told me she wanted my smooth and radiant skin, from face to body fairness.

I can see the immediate result even after the 1st time of taking it, and after 3 days my stubborn wrinkles tend
to run far, far away from me. Even my long laughing line has lighten up so much, I barely see it when I smile.
It really works for me miraculously and effectively, I can see the best result I have expected from MIRACOL in
3 days as I'm not a very patient person. I even recommended it to my family members to attend the CellLabs
Fair last week in Mid Valley because the result of the product speaks for itself and 'Beauty do cost Money'.

There's 15 sachets inside the box, drink immediately after you mix it with 200ml of water. My skin is also firm
up naturally, where I can see the obvious apple cheeks of my face are lifted up when I smile, not sagging at all.
MIRACOL 9, the one brand that's packed with 9 miracles cost RM268, can be purchase from Caring Pharmacy.
Rambo enjoys this drink a lot, he makes sure I drink it every night also because he prefers to see me looking au
natural with healthy, smooth skin. He thinks it's totally worth the price of this beauty drink for me, c'est la vie!


  1. wow... nice review, sound good to me :D

    1. Haha...Thanks Sherry. It is, fully recommended to you!

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