Thursday, January 30, 2014

Avon’s Absolute Lipstick Latest Launch

Avon introduces a breakthrough new lipstick collection that pampers lips with six beauty boosters to bring you gorgeous colour and indulgent care all in one tube—the new Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick. With buildable medium coverage and essential SPF 15, the new collection delivers lush, lovely colour and actually helps improve overall lip health over time.

Formulated with Color Complete Complex featuring six beauty boosters — Vitamin E, Phytol, Vitamin C, 50% moisturizing ingredients in every stick, SPF 15, and Collagen — this creamy lipstick is so rich in moisture, conditioners, and antioxidants it continues to work even after you take it off to help lips look their best.

A clinical study shows that lips look healthier after using new Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick. And with new Color Reveal technology, Avon’s breakthrough self-renewing pigments, this multitasking lipstick also delivers vibrant looking colour, in 10 stunning shades of Creamy Melon, Bare Ruby, Caramel Comfort, Plush Plum, Red Velvet, Ripe Rose, Gorgeous Guava, Smooth Plum, Radiant Poppy and Soft Raspberry.

 Avon Absolute Lipstick RM19.90 (S & S:RM22.90)

Avon also welcomes Fazura to its Avon Makeup family of spokespersons. Fazura’s involvement with Avon goes back a few years when she was the face for the company’s fragrance range. The silver screen siren gushes about her crossover “I’m happy to be back, this time doing a range that I absolutely love! My return is timely with Absolute’s launch and let me tell you, it’s one of the best lipsticks I have ever tried.  It’s a must have!”

That’s not all! Avon is also giving customers and Dealers a chance to win a Perodua Viva S car and thousands of products in its Crazy for Lipsticks Scratch & Win contest. With over 30 main prizes and thousands of Avon products to be won, everyone is a sure winner!

Fulfil all your lip fantasies with Avon Absolute Lipstick 3.5g, in stores starting 16 February 2014. To purchase, contact your AVON Dealer or visit any AVON Beauty Boutiques nationwide. For inquiries, call the AVON toll-free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or log on to

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spring Bling 2014

Happy Galloping to the year of Horse Wood 2014. Let's hope this auspicious celebration will bring us more prosperity, nobility and opportunity to success. The 'Cheong Hei'(long-winded) of me still wana remind everyone including myself to stay healthy besides happy and pretty in life. Only health will ensure more wealth would come knocking on our doorsteps, without having to waste our time suffering in pain. Health is the ultimate Wealth! And make sure to wear a brand new clothes on CNY, full of colourful designs with Red, Pink, Orange and Golden Yellow colour that would attract good fortune in your life. We definitely need more good lucks in our lives to go 'Sun Sun Lei lei', smoothly along the way.

Just last year 2013, I already reminded my family and friends not to wear Black colour on Chinese New Year Day. It turned out to be one of the family member from Rambo Lim's Family did and he left us to another world already. I can't answer if it's such a co-incidence of a bad event that happened to him, but again this topic of wearing Black came to light in our gathering again last 6 months ago when I showed them the CNY picture. They agreed to the the fact of it, but it was too late then or is it maybe it's his destiny of life, we really cannot ascertain that for sure.  

Be it the truth or not, I'm a Fire Dragon who always wear bright, colourful clothings to shine out my inner feelings of happiness. I make sure I'm excited enough to wear comfortable, nice clothes everyday. I'm not a superstitious kinda woman who simply believe things that's not necessary to practise good things in life. If it's important and make sense to me, I totally go all out for it. Things like this should be shared and cherish with my loves ones as we only live once, so we make sure we live life to the fullest. 

Like I always told them, "You dress to success, not just dress to impress. You dress to please yourself, once you're happy and pretty, you'll be motivated to do things more actively and eventually, it brings good result to things you've did happily." All this simple rules of life actually hidden inside your positive mental state of mind. Just maximise the potential out of it. Even this year CNY 2014, I reminded my sister Defney she needs to re-brand and re-create her wardrobe colour again this year as her clothes were full of dull, black colour. 

I asked her again last Saturday if she have shop for brand new clothes this coming CNY 2014, she told me yea she just went that day and bought colourful clothings. And to make sure she really adding colours into her life, I asked her what colour and she replied me colourful enough with many bright colours."Haha...Good!" Nowadays, my dear Charmers always asked me if their clothings with colours wear on them compatible for them or not as sometimes, I did mention to them those pairings are not suitable and they quickly changed that. They're learning fast esp. the two Horses I'm talking about here, Defney and Ying Shan.

I'm not saying you cannot wear Black but wear it when the occasion/event requires you to wear 'Black'. I have many Black clothings also but I only wears it when it's necessary and when I need to wear Black, I just pair it with Black/White coat or scarf only just to respect the dress code mentioned in the RSVP List. My good friend EK won 'Best Dressed Queen', she thanked me for her winning glory but I told her it's her luck and destiny. I really poured my heart and soul getting her the best CheongSam together and I'm very happy for her that's for sure. Money cannot buy the crowning glory she have won for herself, it's the happiness of good memories that really matters to her. 

To me, money is not everything that would make me happy entirely but I believe money can buy happiness to others, then by all means spend it and be happy about it. My sis told me KC our friend just sold 2 of her properties and planning to get a new Mercedes Benz. I gave her a bright Green Light to go all out for it as if she can afford it, why not if not now then when she's gonna enjoy her life. She have so many properties and now trying to sell it one by one, less commitment is better like I always told them as you only live to be happy, not 'live to work or work to live'. Never work for the bank, let the bank works for you. I'm happy for her glorious life because I know it's all her good fortunes she's reaping and enjoying now after cultivating good deeds all these years.  All the good things that happen in her life came from her own hard work and good blessings in life. 

She's happy giving out angpows because she thinks that it's her 'Fook Hei' and a privilege to be able to give. A positive, noble thought of hers and exactly what Rambo always taught me, "Give and you'll receive". Haha...I gave and I never expect much also but it seems that what they both have taught me is so true as I do strike Magnum/Toto a few times a year. Rambo never strikes his buying number before and I always teased that's because he's 'Kiamsiap' (stingy). Haha...but I'm glad for whoever he is today because I truly loves him for loving me faithfully, not for his money definitely. So long he's healthy and happy, I'm truly happy too. Finally, wishing all of you "Happy CNY 2014, may the gallop Horse Year brings us abundance year full of prosperity, nobility and opportunity in life!"    

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KANEBO Impress IC Refining Lotion II

This refreshing Refining Lotion RM180 is part of the package I signed up with
Kanebo spa pampering this year.I started using it recently due to my ageing skin.

The lotion is not watery but once I spray it with Cellfood, it deeply penetrate into
my dehydrated skin immediately. It smells so refreshingly reviving with its Rose
scent that's relaxing my smell sense to perfection. I prefer to use it at night time.

Monday, January 27, 2014

ALOVIVI Royal Jelly and Vitamin C Mask

Thanks to Beauty Naomi, I just won this Royal Jelly & Vitamin C Face Mask from FB. Check them
out at
I received it real fast after two days of informing me through FB message. So efficient of them and immediately,
I started using it already as I wana see some improvement of my dull, dehydrated skin to smooth, soft skin.  

Inside, there's 45 pieces of facial tissue mask and it smells refreshingly good with honey scent. It cost RM70,
a great product from Japan that is also available at Watsons and Guardian pharmacies.

The mask is soft enough to hydrates my skin to deeply moisturised, smooth skin.
I'm definitely satisfied with the result after soothing my sensitive skin with it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

'Kou Ye' - Speech Sin

Last Monday I went Gardens in the evening with Rambo as I need to retrieve the receipt from Melium Group. Then we stopped by Baskin Robbins enjoying my favourite Raspberry Ice Cream and having a short Buddhism chats with him. Somewhere, somehow we talked about Master Chin Kung's great sharings and the chain of events that's happening yesterday. And on our way back, Rambo actually rushed over to press the going down button seeing the lift was closing up. He thanked him and I told him, it's not him who open the lift door for us but all 3 of them inside just kept quiet about it. Rambo told me all 3 of the mature men just kept quiet because the 2 of them felt ashamed for not helping and he's being the good man alive would not want to offend anyone. But then, suddenly I was awaken by his words that maybe he really did press open and nobody knows about it. 

And out of a sudden, my compassionate heart rings me all at once, feeling bad over words I've said and those words are not necessary to say it out also. I told Rambo I felt so 'Chan Kuai' (regret and repent) and I promised myself not to repeat the same mistake anymore. Rambo smiled and assured me that's fine as long I can see how wrong I was and feel remorseful about it after I apologised, "Amituofo, please forgive me. I never mean to offend anyone and sorry Uncle if I ever hurt you in anyway". Rambo told me, "No, the uncle is not mad he also felt paiseh." But then I told Rambo even if he helps or not, I have no right to say such bad remarks to him. What if he really did help and a good person who really help 'kena bombak' like this doesn't seems fair to him. I should just keep quiet about it and nobody needs to comment anything about it since it's not a positive kinda thing to say.        

That's why meditation is so important for daily practise in our lives because we need to repent, practise self-realisation, motivate and relax our sinful body, mind and soul. Everyday, every minute we seems to make mistakes and if we never realise it soon, we become worse and cannot be change anymore. Just like some people, they cannot be help anymore esp. even with own mom also she treats her as her enemy, going on mental depression never mind but never wana take medicine to control herself and go on hurting herself+others. It's all stated inside your mind, you wana be an angel or devil that you feed most inside of you. No one is forcing you or pushing you to the limit, but it's you who always wana compete and compare who's better and be the best. But 1st of all, did others really wana compete with you? You need to compare yourself with the yesterday you and make sure you improve a better you everyday and become a wiser you in every year. 

No one can ever help you but yourself. If there's a will, there's a way to conquer it all. And as a mom who have given birth to you, sacrifice so many years loving you I don't think she wants you to be 'Ji Kam Duo Lok' go on committing bad deeds. And never think your mom who cannot control your bad behaviour is at the losing end due to your big egoistic character because if you never change for good, most likely you'll be suffering lot. Enough said about her, back to the story above I totally feel it's my wrongful speech that created 'Kou Ye'(speech sin) if I don't sincerely repent from it. But lucky, the Buddhism spiritual spirit in me awaken me with deep compassion, understanding and humbleness to feel sorry and to keep improving myself to start a brand new day with new hope, goals and glory in life. TQ Amituofo, I will cherish the good fortune to do better for sure besides cultivating more good deeds in life!  

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Importance of Speaking True, Necessary and Kind Words

Last Sunday my dear ally Sis Toto invited us to her house for a Vegan Dinner, Bro.Chai helped her all along in cooking the Vegetarian dishes that day as he's a total Vegan. A total Vegan in Buddhism like him means he cannot take garlic, onions because this food can/would stimulate the sex hormone drive from the body system which also clearly stated in the Buddhism Sutra. And even to the extent to some strict Buddhist practitioners, they cannot even eat from the wok that used to cook food that contain meat. There are many rules and regulations or restrictions to some Buddhists who really devoted themselves into Buddhism, some are 'Chui Yuen'(go the natural way of simple living Buddhist like me). Bro.Chai always encourage me to go Vegan with him but I honestly told him I can't because I'm a 'Wai Sik Queen'(true) but I will do my very best to eat more veges with less meat(necessary) to spare animal killings(kind).

I remember the last gathering we had with Rambo's best buddies at SA's new house party, there are two groups of the 'Meat Eaters vs. Buddhist Vegans' sitting with us. SA is the host who took a full plate of Chicken, Lok-Lok Steamboat sticks, Sate and Indian Lambchop, sitting beside me on the right. Rambo was sitting on my left side, next to him is his best buddy PA and KH, who's a wealthy but humble Vegetarian like Rambo. PA was forced to eat more veges due to his obesity problem and through the Chinese Doctor who prescribed him Chinese treatments. In fact, all of them went to see this Chinese Dr. together at one time. SA teased him about taking veges only on his plate, he's definitely not satisfied with his meal nowadays and they both even brought up the topic of why taking veges is not consider killing as it's also a living being.

Rambo and KH are both Buddhists who practise and learning 'Di Zi Gui' by 'Chin Kung Fa Se' so they tried to explain to them in the Buddhist point of view. PA was not convinced and so he asked, "What do you think Jacinta?" Haha...the reason why I stayed quiet and listen to their conversation only because I was busy eating, enjoying munching on the food and I lost count how many plates I have taken already. Being a half Vegan, half Meat Taker of me tried explaining to all of them that "Yes, veges/fruits are also living being that's full of life but it was created for us so we can cook a delicious meal out of it. If you have watch 8TV there's a documentary show that featured about this group of beautiful people who form a healthy organic farm producing fresh, full of bountiful plants by their own efforts. They talked to them, they thanked the plants after they were fully blossom and ripen for giving us healthy food(True, Necessary and Kind)." 

And last but not least, I also quote some of Master Chin Kung's amazing true stories from his own experience in life for them to know more about the benefits of taking veges. KH who's a fan of Master Chin Kung was very impressed with my long story also asked how I got to know all the facts I just shared with them and I told him all the important knowledge came through reading 'Chin Kung Fa Se' books. Nowadays, my real treasure comes from all his books that I have read and I'm very thankful to the person who have translated it into English. He's gonna reap so much good fortunes because I'm one of the lucky reader who gets to benefit so much from reading it and now, I'm able to share it with others through blog, Buddhist societies, my family and friends. No money can buy that and I'm truly grateful for that. 

Just last Saturday, my sister May who's a Tiger Female asked us "Who wana be a 'Chi Sin Ka'?", sharing Kechara good cause to us especially to his Tiger Senior that's Rambo. Rambo then roars back at her, "I dare not say myself as a Chi Sin Ka. Do you know that as a Philanthropist, he/she is someone who is kind and can donate a huge lump sum of money for good causes like Bill Gates and Li Ka Shing." Haha...I laugh seeing their 'gelagat' as both of them love roaring to each other based on their Tiger character. And I'm actually very proud of Rambo for saying this because I always reminding him and he has finally learn to stay humble for who he really is plus whatever good deeds he may have done, treat it as a small contribution only. I wanted him to stay that way, humble like his good buddies and his successful friend like Mr.EG. Till today after so many years, he never failed to send us a grand CNY Hamper from Penang. I really respect him so much, full of philosophy in life. I miss talking to him besides listening to his wise words of wisdom. He's full of life, healthy alive in his 70's and a humble, successful Multi-Millionaire whom I respect a lot. 

Both of his 30's daughter+son respect us a lot for giving them the long-time business and always invited us for dinner of my choice, fully following Mr.EG's instruction. I accept to dine with them sometime in Penang as I knew they're very sincere about it. And it's great having meals with them as we can clicked so well talking about life and business world revolving around us. My Penang friend Gan told me last December he missed seeing my happy, smiling face when he informed me he'll be visiting me in KL soon. Haha...I replied him, "Yea, I miss those gathering we had together with your girlfriend in Penang, but after my Summer Project in May I don't have to travel there liao. It's been more than 6 months that's why." That's life, time really flies so fast that we tend to miss each other after not meeting for awhile as we're all busy living up our lives. Just make sure it's full of life and be truthful in life, then you will have no regrets in life!    

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Secrets of Slim, Fit Remedy

Finally after 4 months of going through Shaping Up Challenge with SaSa, they
asked feedbacks about it and this is my summary of keeping myself healthy fit!
Honestly I replied them that besides taking healthy food with more veges and fruits,
I started taking healthy drink like Yakult. But after attending the healthy workshop
with much exercise of Rumba and Yoga, I can lose weight easily esp. for me. 
I tend to sweat a lot during any exercise be it Badminton and even Yoga or relaxing at the Ecoparadise Spa also,
my sister Defney was surprised to see me sweat so much. I have very high metabolic rate, that's why I can see
good results of the products that I took even with only one time taking it. I believe in taking tea and drink lots
of water can help to burn fats, wash away those bad toxins by urinating it every 2 hours and taking enzyme
every now and then to cleanse the blood system. 

Once our blood is clean enough and having sufficient water, it can flow smoothly all over our body system.
When I explained this to Rambo recently due to his overweight problem, he quickly commit himself to take
3 litres of water daily to detox as he's always a good follower if the facts make sense to him. I also cut down
his rice intake as he loves taking rice like a big pot of it. But if he don't exercise after taking so much of rice,
most likely the carbo can turned into unwanted fats which not only make him fat but can be diabetic too.
Wearing comfortable and fitting the right lingerie for the right reasons is so vital in our daily intimate wear.
Not only it enhance the shape of our natural beauty in bust and butt care, it also boost up our image from
inner to outer confidence in looking beautifully sexy. It is women's right to look pretty and healthy always.
And it's so important to attend every healthy workshop to keep myself healthy fit,
not just slim. To me, looking plump is still ok but not fat that would lead to obesity
because fat will only burden us in the long run esp.on health issue like heart failure,
heart attack/heart disease. Heart is not like any other organ where you can cleanse
like kidney failure(painful) or fix it easily if there's any complication. 
Haha...this is one of the funny joke I came across and it actually happen to Rambo
and I naturally. We always plan to go for a Basketball game, Tennis and Swimming
together that week but sometimes due to my busy events, we procrastinate it for
weeks and months, finally we only went for Ecoparadise Spa for health wellness. 
My final honest reaction to SaSa about the 'Shape-Up Challenge' also include besides using COLLISTAR
products religiously everyday, short exercise and all of the above points mentioned by me, I make sure my
strong mental is always reminding me to stay positive by living healthy life taking the right supplements for
woman and eating the right food with the right servings only. I eat like normal where I still take rice, noodles
and bread, I took small portion and bite slowly so I will digest properly with lots of water and I stop taking
heavy supper now(used to eat all night long). I know I'm underweight at 42kgs but as long I eat healthy, I
know my body will not lie to me that I'm living freely without feeling heavy, bloating and sick. Tq Amituofo!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

K-Ginseng Products in Malaysia

Red Ginseng Extract Tonic RM249 (720ml)

The full range of K-Ginseng products will soon be available in all Chinese Medical Halls from Traditional Chinese Herb shops and also major supermarkets such as Aeon Jusco and Isetan. You can read all about it from the past blog at

For more infos, enquiries can be directed to Caldbeck Macgregor Sdn Bhd's general line, put Attention to Health and Wellness Division at 03-5569 2283. Stay healthy for the Gallop Horse Year 2014 and enjoy your happy shopping for the coming Chinese New Year!

ANNA SUI Minnie Mouse Makeup Kit 2013

My X'mas splurge on Anna Sui limited edition Minnie Mouse Makeup collection
and I love the elegant Anna Sui pouch that comes with a butterfly chain.
I fell in love with it at the very 1st sight and quickly grab it from Anna Sui Pavilion at Parkson X'mas Party.

The collection comes with a lovely Minnie Mouse Lipstick and a nice eyecolour palette with its unique design.
'Sayang' to use as it's too cute but nowadays, I need to learn not to waste money
and use it for good. I love the sexy red colour that brings out the glowing look of
sexy, plumping lip on me as the texture is rich enough to live up the glamour. 

No regrets buying it, in fact this is one of my best buy in 2013 that I would keep on using till 2014. Love it lot!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

‘TODAY’ Moments With Friso Gold

Based on a recent survey1 conducted on 1,500 both working and non-working Malaysian mothers, working mothers consider less than half of time spent with their children as quality time and two out of three say they will stop work and spend more time with their kids if money is not an issue.

To encourage Malaysian mothers to make the most of their time with their children, formulated milk powder for children Friso Gold introduces “Our Today Moments” contest, which provides mothers the opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime with their little ones.With 100 lifetime experiences worth a total of RM1 million to give away*, the contest urges Malaysian mothers to put aside their daily to-dos and make the most of every moment they spend with their children.

According to AnjaHenze, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad, which markets and producesFriso Gold, “the contest is designed to encourage and inspire Malaysian mothers to prioritise spending quality time with her children in their growing-up journey.

“The truth is every mother wants to prioritise her time with her children amidst the thousands of things she needs to do, but she can get so caught up sometimes that she forgets to appreciate the true joy of growing up together with her child. So our contest serves as an encouragement to her to set aside the daily routine and not postpone her ‘Today’ moments with her precious ones,” explains Anja.

Director of Kakiseni Low Ngai Yuen, who juggles between being a mother and a career in theatre and promoting the arts, believes in starting each day right with her four children Zi-Enn, Zi-Weng, Zi-Eu, and Zi-Yi.“Being there when they wake up to set the tone of the day, and being there whenever they want to reach out so they know they can always count on their mother – these are so important for me. I give my best in both work and motherhood; but my kids know that they are always the priority,” says Ngai Yuen. 

However, mums admit that these dreams are too costly for them right now. Mothers faced with limitations, like Phang and Suhaila, need not wait any longer for their dreams to become a reality. Just enter the “Our Today Moments” contest and seize the opportunity to embark on an incredible journey with your little ones today.

To participate in it, write down a special lifetime experience(big or small) that you have always wanted to have with your child/children but have not been able to make it happen, and why. Then, attach a proof of purchase (spoon inside product can) of any participating Friso Gold product (Frisomum Gold, Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 in any size) and mail your entry to: Friso Gold “Our Today Moments Contest”, P.O.Box 3202, 47507 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Friso Gold will then fulfil 100 of the most endearing and heart-warming experience. Besides that, 100 early bird participants will also score tickets (two adults and two children) to LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort for some unforgettable family fun. So send in your entries before 28 February 2014!

For more information about Friso Gold “Our Today Moments” contest, visit or contact the Friso Careline at 1800-88-1647 on Monday-Friday, 8.30am–4.30am. Follow FrisoGold on Facebook at

Monday, January 20, 2014

Blooming Of Beauty Phalaenopsis Mask

Phalaenopsis is known as the Moth Orchid, one of the most popular orchids in the trade through the development of many artificial hybrids. I like the sweet pink packaging and honestly, I don't remember when I bought it as I have so many masks in the fridge, overloaded already. Lucky I just spring clean my home sweet home recently, I found this mask and quickly start using it at that night itself after a rejuvenating hot bath.

Ooh, I love the soft tissue mask that fits perfectly on my dehydrated skin. The floral scent is soothing and calming my smell senses to a relaxing mood. It also hydrates my skin deeply esp. the stubborn wrinkles on my forehead. My friends, both men and women have asked me where to buy those masks I've shared on my blog but then I can't answer you this time because I really can't remember this time. Haha...but I usually will buy it just to try on it, anywhere I go and whenever I saw something new in the market. Try it, you'll love it!

MIJF Diamond Sparkling Flash Gel

On my way to Joey Yap's Feng Shui that Sunday I passed by this MIJF 2014 Fair, then I remember the
 VIP invitation and went for it. One of the goodies is this Diamond Flash Sparkling Gel from Thailand.

While waiting for Rambo to take something for me, I tried the gel on my diamond
wedding ring. I find that it does sparkle and brighten like newly polished diamond.
Not bad then as I need not visit my jewellery boutique all the time just to polish it. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Best Of The Best

Besides the Japanese Green Tea that I have praised so highly calling it best of the best green tea I ever had after visiting Kiyomizu Temple in Tokyo, I would say a person who can brings out the best in others, she's also a person among the best of the best. That Japanese green tea is not only cooling us on a hot Summer day, it also soothing our body, mind and soul with its best authentic green tea. Haha...I just can't forget those happy moments I had in Japan, everyday and everything  seems to be a brand new beautiful day getting to experience lovely things that inspired me so much. And that's why I'm grateful when others upload nice photos on Facebook from Japan or anywhere else in the world, I would give a like to encourage them and thankful for their sharing. It's not every often that I would travel to Japan because I would like to travel other places and explore others' culture as well. 

Unlike Rambo, he got to fly all over the world with company's expense to see the world and experience things like his research team+Japanese Boss to Walmart in USA. It's through people sharing something wonderful, we got to learn, see and experience it as well. Even if we don't, we should be happy for others and it would come to a point of time after much careful planning, we get to experience and enjoy it as well. Many times, my Facebook friends really made the effort to go for the trip I have travelled after they liked the same itineries I went with the travel agency and obviously I'm happy for them. Before Facebook, I inspired myself to do my best through reading magazines, travelling, studying in higher level learning from the professionals and attending events. But now with FB, I keep myself update seeing others' pictures already enough to drool me over looking for the best food in town, shopping, keeping update with fashion etc.

Although people may 'Fung Lei', crowned you as a Fashion Queen doesn't mean you stay stagnant old-fashioned of yours all the time. You need to stay open or liberal about it and learn from others as well can a very subjective idea to many. Just like all the years I've been loving, wearing Zang Toi fashion for so many reasons esp.with its bright green and pink colors, those days people said it's 'guong'(bright) but in today's fashion world, the young and old ones also love this kinda bright colours for their clothings. They even bought those bright orange colours because it's the trend of today's fashion world. Sometimes, I saw many young ladies like JQ who posted her OOTD pictures of her fashion world I kinda liked it and inspired to try out that kinda look. I told myself why not, seeing her young lovely looks got me motivated to look vibrant like her all at once. Haha...everyone should be spiralling each other with own's special beauty so we would be encouraged to look pretty and healthy too.

So when you brings out the best in others, somewhere somehow you're the 'Dai Yeng Ga'(the big champion) because in the end, you reap the benefits of your liking based on other people' talents and benefits you in the long run. People who excel in their lives are not your enemies, they're your noble people that you should be thankful for. If you attend to Joey Yap's Feng Shui 2014 esp.the extended workshop at the South Tower Convention Centre, you will understand what I meant by that. What we share about life(not selfie pictures) but big pictures of the place, the food and the 'Hei Fen' of you winning a prize also helps a lot because I would definitely plan a trip there if I can make the time for the great fun. No need to be envious or jealous about seeing other people winning prizes/lucky draws because it would come the right timing, you'll be winning it also in the next trip. But 1st of all, have you make the great effort like Joey Yap said many times, you need to prepare the ground work, do many homework and willing to sacrifice for the success to happen. 

Just last Saturday after having dinner with my Lim Family, my mom showed me her Bazi chart to ascertain her lucks for 2014 after we attended the Joey Yap's Feng Shui Bazi for 2014. I told her she have the certain elements to help her to enhance her lucks for a better life, she needs to ask for it unlike mine, I need to accept the offer of the good opportunity for it. Hers is 'Sin Fu, Hao Tim' with the Water element Joey has taught us that day which means she needs to work hard for it 1st before she can achieve what she wants in life. Both my mom and I felt so fulfilled that day when we left the Feng Shui workshop because we got to learn so much and we think it's gonna benefit us for a smooth life in 2014. I think it's worthwhile to spend that RM20,600 for the whole year Feng Shui programme, free RM23,600 of other interesting workshops I'm interested to learn as well. Haha...but my schedule for this year of 2014 is fully booked liao, maybe next year since I'm not hunger for money, status and fame. I only love to study Feng Shui for fun, as my passion for learning something useful in life. 

I'm happy living up my life with simple, stable and peaceful life only. Nowadays, when I woke up in the morning I'm very happy to see Amituofo greeting from Rambo that motivated me to live a fulfilled life, Good Morning lovely pictures from my friends(they're so creative) who inspired me to Ganbatte with them and a wonderful love note from Kim like the picture above that awaken me with a happy life ahead. I quickly wazzapp her back with a Tq note and told her, "I love Master Cheng Yen teachings very much." Coming across to know her true noble cause from Hualien Taiwan last few years ago when I passed through the huge hospital with a touching story behind it, I came home Malaysia and google about her. And both Kim and I kept praising Cheng Yen Sifu for her honourable good cause that we wana start doing more for Tzu Chi Buddhist Society. Rambo was so happy to know about it and totally support our idea to it. We believe the world will be a happy place for everyone including the unfortunates if everyone really make an effort to contribute to it. 

Just like last Friday, after a full day of Joey's workshop, shopping+lunch with my mom+sisters and Ecoparadise Spa, the green Versace Dress on display attracted my attention. I totally fall in love with it but Rambo reasoned with me that with thousands of dollars I spent on Versace Dress I can do so much more for charity. I looked at him and asked if all my money was meant to save for charity only and he quickly apologised as he knew he said it in a wrong way already with my serious-looking face. I'm not angry with him, I know he meant well and make me realised about life. If you have seen the sharing about men and women on my Facebook, you would know what I meant by that as I admit woman like me is not easy to please. Rambo just told his Lim Family during our Sunday dinner, he knew how to 'Tem'(please) me and loving me deeply, if not we sure got divorced long time ago which I totally agreed and I admit to his Lim Family it's true in Hokkien. We can be so loving one moment with all the xoxo spirit, but when we misunderstood each other we can be so fierce with each other like enemies. Buddhism keeps us alive, enlighten and awaken with loving and caring spirit in us. 

Just last night we had a really serious talk on divorce with Rambo Lim's Family because my big sis wana get divorce now and everyone of them like Rambo and Toto totally agreed with it. The rest also gave her green light to go all out for it but I'm the only one who forbids her from doing so. I told her a few stories of my family and friends who have quite similar problem and how I stop them from getting a divorce. Some never listen, they insisted to divorce their husbands and then they regretted about it later but it was too late. Like I told all of them and even yesterday, I reminded all of them this meaningful Chinese teaching that goes "Ling Gau Yan Da Jai, Mok Gau Yan Fen Cai." All of them kinda enlighten a bit esp.those Chinese educated ones. They totally understand the meaning of 'Never teach/encourage people to get a divorce' so they finally agreed with me advising my sis to separate from her husband for a few months cooling period but never jump to a conclusion to divorce each other, just because they couldn't stand each other anymore. Time will help to heal and change everything. We left with a happy smile after everyone agreed to the separation decision for her. I will share more stories about this subject in my next blog so stay tuned!        

Thursday, January 16, 2014

BCWA 2013

The Wacoal surprising pink gifts, nice comfortable panties to cute bag at the event. 

My main concern attending it is to keep myself updated with BCWA and donate some money only. I learnt
much that night and I was glad I came as I met a long lost friend there. It's about timing we'll meet again. 

Wacoal innerwear is always my favourite brand in intimate wear because it's beautifully made from the best
material. The bra designs they shown to us were all specially designed from Europe and cost RM300+-RM500.
Expensive nowadays, but it's really perfect in its style with 3D Rose, adorn in soft lace and comfortable as well. 

And the trend of the fashion style now is wearing a transparent shirt that you can see the beautiful bra inside.
I think it's sexy but I don't agree with the trend of wearing this trend in public because it's way too dangerous
for the ladies unless you're going to the beach or pool.

The AVON BCWA Pink booth at Giant Subang. Everything is pretty in pink, the bra, beauty products to bags. 

The private room for PSP check, complete with professional guidance and examiners' assistance for BCWA check.

The pink display of AVON products with important BCWA brochures, look convincing and welcoming enough.  

After taking some pictures+celoteh we took the chance to bond together that afternoon, I gotta leave soon to
meet my dear Charmers for dinner. Kel thought I would join the Nuffnang event at Sunway but I told her I can't.
Haha...obviously I wish to join her go makan-makan as a 'Wai Sik Queen', but then my commitment as a nanny to
my dear Charmers is my top priority in life. They're the love of my life now and they fully filled my life completely!

BIOTHIK Haircare Review

BIOTHIK haircare range I started using from November 2013 till today. Past blog;

The foaming shampoo that didn't dry my hair at all, it's safe to use for all hair types.
I like the refreshing scent of the shampoo as well, relaxing my smell sense all at once.
The creamy rich conditioner melt deeply into my damaged hair after I smooth it all over my hair. My hair came
out smoothly fine and easy to comb even without using a comb. I only need to use my fingers to style it naturally.