Friday, February 1, 2019

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New ENCHANTEUR Paris Pampering Shower Gel For Pure Escapism

Scents liven moods and calms the soul. Embracing your body with a relaxing scented shower washes away tension after a hectic day; a daily pampering routine that women should immerse in. It is a rewarding and pleasurable “me” time which is beneficial to calm the mind and soul as you escape into pure bliss of indulgent escape.

So what makes a luxurious bath time? A good choice of shower gel is the key and shower gels infused with fine fragrances that captivates, works best. Imagine the sudden tranquillity as the bathroom door is shut, your tensed body relaxes as your skin is drenched with calming warm water. The trickling of the water plays the notes of a soothing music that clears the mind, while the sweet alluring scent from a perfumed shower gel gives a lovely bouquet of aroma and a soft touch of foam to caress the skin completes the sensuous bath time. It is a truly therapeutic moment that allows you to recharge and refresh.

Spoil yourself with a moment of bliss with the new products from ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel;

ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel - Belle Amour Bright & Smooth
Flaunt your gorgeous smooth skin with the lovely blend of Ylang-ylang and Lily fragrance. Enriched with Rose oil and Vitamin B3 it leaves skin smoother, brighter and irresistible to the touch.

Enchanteur Paris Parfum Shower Gel - Mon Amie Fresh & Cool
Enhance your charm and cheerful personality with the rejuvenating fragrance of Fresh Citrus and Pink Peonies. Enriched with Lemon oil & Menthol, it provides a refreshing & cooling sensation while perking up your day for a casual outing.

ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel – Adore Soothe and Care

Embrace yourself with the sensual scent of Pink Mimosa and Golden Pear. Enriched with Chamomile Extract to relief stress and induces the calming effect to the skin as well as body, allowing you to relax after a long hectic day.

In giving women more opportunity to pamper themselves, Enchanteur, the well-loved and best-selling French-inspired perfume introduces the new Enchanteur Paris Parfum Shower Gel. Infused with fine French fragrances, the new range of shower gels uplifts senses and make every shower moment a luxurious an indulgent experience. Its gentle soap-free and paraben free formulation enriched with skin nourishing ingredients helps moisturise and nurture skin as it cleanses; keeping your skin healthy and smelling enticing.

Now, showering can be elevated, with ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gels showering is a pleasurable pampering time for your body and mind. ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel comes in a choice of 3 sensuous variants, infused with well-loved ENCHANTEUR Paris fine fragrances enriched with its own unique ingredients. Yea, I'm using it everyday for day or night during shower whenever I feel like pampering my body with ENCHANTEUR Adore Soothe & Care. My skin is deeply cleansed, not dry and it smells good like the ENCHANTEUR Paris EDT as well.

Nothing is better than having quality shower time that provides physical and mental comfort for the daily escape. A brief but calming session before sleep or at the start of the day with ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel is the time to cherish every day. I complement it with a spray or two of the ENCHANTEUR Paris EDT that smells relaxing and soothing when I go for my weekend shopping and dining for fun. My hubby loves the scent so I share it with him. Sharing is loving and caring, he's more vain than me honestly. Haha...'Hiao Ka Be Si', I always teased him that and we both laugh out loud about it.

ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel available in 750g pack size and retails at RM15.95 (WM) / RM16.70 (EM). ENCHANTEUR products are available at leading hypermarkets and supermarkets Nationwide. Totally worth the price for a big, lovely packaging and it's easy to use with just a pump or two to pamper my whole body soothingly. Check it out, hope you enjoy it and I'm sure you won't regret it!