Thursday, July 30, 2015

Malaysia Crowns First-ever Veet Mega Model Search 2015 Winner

After four months of gruelling searching, Veet, one of the world’s leading names of depilatory products, has ended its hunt for the one girl who may just be the next big name in Malaysia’s modelling scene. It was great to meet Amber Chia again, she's a happy go lucky lady who always planted a big smile on her face everytime I meet her. And it's nice also to meet the pretty Izara Aishah, the new star of Veet ads all over the TV screen. 

The winner of the inaugural Veet Mega Model Search 2015 will have the golden opportunity to become the next big name in Malaysia’s modelling industry, making this competition the perfect launch pad for her future career. She brings home with exciting prizes worth more than RM20,000!

In March 2015, Veet kicked off its first-ever Veet Mega Model Search 2015 opened to Malaysian girls aged between 18 to 26 years old who dreamed of becoming the next ‘face’ of the modelling industryMatias Caride, Marketing Director, RB Malaysia & Singapore elaborated, “The essence of Veet is to allow women to feel confident in their own skin. With Veet Mega Model Search, we want to provide young girls in Malaysia a never-seen-before platform where they could express their confidence and potentially be the next big name in Malaysia’s modelling industry. At the same time, we’re also looking for the girl who perfectly portrays Veet’s brand personality – one who epitomises femininity, combined with a good dose of confidence and style.”

After the announcement of Veet Mega Model Search 2015, the Top 10 finalists were shortlisted from the submissions of almost 800 hopeful contestants. This was carried out in collaboration with Amber Chia Academy, the leading model academy in Malaysia, based on the contestants’ auditions as well as via online voting.

In preparation for the Grand Finale, the 10 finalists or models-in-training went through a 2-day workshop and makeover session with Amber Chia Academy, which equipped them with the essential skills they needed to command the runway.

There was a lot at stake for the finalists, as winning Veet Mega Model Search 2015 meant that they would take home so much more than a title. Prizes for the winner included an opportunity to be featured in a magazine with actress and face of Veet, Izara Aishah and supermodel Amber Chia; RM8,500 worth of modelling courses at Amber Chia Academy; a RM10,000 cash prize; and RM1,000 worth of Reckitt Benckiser products. The Top 10 finalists would also stand a chance to be selected by Amber Chia Academy for a direct entry into the audition of Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015.

Despite being in its first year, Veet Mega Model Search 2015 received overwhelming response from Malaysian girls who dreamed of making it big as a supermodel. “Throughout the recruitment period, we received close to 800 entries, which poured in from all parts of Malaysia. It was certainly a pleasant surprise for us as we’d only launched the Mega Model Search for the first time! We are extremely pleased with the response of the competition,”explained Matias.

During the Grand Finale, the 10 finalists did their best as they strutted down the runway, showing off their natural flair to impress the judges. The judging panel was made up of MatiasCaride (Marketing Director, RB Malaysia & Singapore), Karin Chan (Marketing Manager, Veet Malaysia & Singapore), Izara Aishah (Veetambassador, popular artiste and actress), Amber Chia (Malaysian supermodel and founder of Amber Chia Academy) and Benjamin Toong (Catwalk Guru of Amber Chia Academy).

In terms of providing a great platform to help an aspiring individual to kick-start a career in modelling, Amber Chia hoped that the winner of Veet Mega Model Search 2015 would make full use of the opportunities given to her. “I remember my first big break, when I was named the winner of Guess Timeless Beauty Model Search in 2004. Winning the competition has opened so many doors for me, and I am truly grateful for what I’ve been able to achieve. That’s why I think Veet Mega Model Search is a great opportunity for girls who dream of becoming a model, like what I used to wish for when I was their age.”

In terms of what makes the winner in this search, Amber said, “I’m looking for a model who has it all – height, bone structure, poise, a good sense of style, and most importantly, confidence that exudes from within”.

For many women, confidence stems from knowing that you are taking care of your appearance. Veet’s latest products, Brightening Hair Removal Cream for ‘Normal to Dry Skin’and‘Sensitive Skin’ allow you to stay true to your feminine side by brightening skin while removing unwanted hair. It not only removes short, stubborn hairs, but also gently removes dead skin cells to reveal smoother, visibly brighter skin with every depilation. 

Enriched with microbeads, Veet Brightening Hair Removal Cream exfoliates skin gently yet effectively for a brightened effect. The Skin-o-meter on the pack also lets you measure the difference in skin tone before and after depilation.Veet Brightening Hair Removal Cream (60g) is available at recommended retail price of RM14.70 (inclusive of GST) at all leading retail outlets in Malaysia.

Known for her flawless smooth skin, Izara Aishah vouched for the effectiveness of the all-new Veet Brightening Hair Removal Cream. “I need to make sure I look my best at all times, but I don’t like to spend too much time on beauty maintenance. The Brightening Hair Removal Cream is the perfect product for me as it does two things at once, it removes all traces of hair while making sure my skin looks fairer and smoother! I don’t have to worry about uneven skin tone of discolouration, and because of this, I feel so much more confident and feminine when I’m working or making public appearances,” she commented.

Veet Mega Model Search 2015Grand Prize Winner Rowena Lau Siew Lin, 24 years old was over the moon with her win. “It’s been merely a dream to become a model. Ever since I was young, I thought of walking the runways but I was a shy girl. I didn’t expect that it has finally came true! It’s a surreal feeling to know that I won – I’m so happy that I am finally one step closer to my dream! I learned so much from the 2-day workshop with Amber Chia Academy, from grooming and makeup to body posture, posing, catwalk, photoshoots and more. Amber Chia my role model and I hope to be as good as she is one day. Thank you, Veet Malaysia for giving me this wonderful opportunity! What am I going to do with my prize money? I’ll treat my close friends and family to a nice dinner, and save the rest for my studies!” said the slender Rowena, who hails from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Nurul Faizura Binti Gamal Abdul Nasser, 21 years old, took home the 1st Runner-up title of Veet Mega Model Search 2015, while Andrea Tan Wan Ying, 22 years old, won 2nd Runner-up. Other subsidiary titles included Crystal Tung Lu Yie, 20 years old as the winner of Most Photogenic Model and Emy Farrah Elena Binti Mohd Johari, 20 years old as the winner of Most Confident Model. 

About Veet®® and Reckitt Benckiser 
Reckitt Benckiser is the company that manufactures and distributes Veet®®, one of the world’s leading names in depilatories.  Veet®® is the leading name in depilatory products with over 80 years’ experience of developing safe, effective hair removal products that are successfully used by over 30 million women across the world, every year. With a strong track record and proven expertise in female hair removal, the Veet®® range of depilatories is popular amongst women seeking effective and convenient hair removal products.

As the number one brand, Veet®®'s reputation is built on the care Reckitt Benckiser takes in developing products that work well, are easy to use and are, above all, safe.  Innovation and quality are the hallmarks of Reckitt Benckiser's business. The company strives to develop new and exciting products to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.
Veet®®  What Beauty Feels Like, the World’s No.1 Depilatory Cream.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Majestic Life

Life is short, so short that I cannot believe I'm going to join the rest of my good friends in their 40's next year real soon. Now it's already end of July, coming to August month liao. Wow, time really flies man. Everyday I'm so thankful to my Guan Yin Pu Sa and Amituofo for blessing me wonderfully in life, giving me abundance of joys and happiness in life. As long I'm healthy, free from illness and sickness even free from cough, flu and fever also I'm already very grateful to them. That's what I told Bodhisattvas everyday of my life when I pay my respects to them early in the morning, before and after I go out for my daily appointments and before I fall asleep.

Nowadays I got so busy until my CEO friend Andy who came back to KL occasionally with his tycoon Indonesian wife also I have no time to go Yum Cha with him. And when he asked to meet me during Hari Raya also, I was on a long holiday to Turkey and for festive Raya holiday usually I can't also because my mom would have booked me to 'Balik Kampung' with her most of the time. I promised to meet Andy on his next trip back then and he totally understand my position on that. In fact, my long time friend Tom has been calling me recently told me that he missed chatting with me and hoping we can meet again for lunch soon.

The last time I met Tom was the trip I told him to get the Cellfood from PJ itself, explained to him on the basic science why he needed to have a healthy cell 1st before he can have a healthy body system and he clapped at the end of my long-winded lecture to him about what's health is all about with a "Bravo Dr. Jacinta!" in which I explained to him I'm not a doctor but a survivor. Haha...He's very funny one, he always make me laugh kinda guy and more like a big brother to me where we've stayed as good friends forever for the past 20 years liao. The last time he sold his BMW and changed to Proton Saga, I gave my full support to him after he said that his 'BMW Wife' seemed to be a huge burden for long liao esp.when it broke down.

We used to attend many properties launch or events at Mont Kiara before my blogging days during day time as he's doing his own insurance business so quite flexible time for him and at that time, my business has just started only. Just never thought that he would venture into doing property sales after bringing him to all the properties exposure events, where he also letting go all his life and general insurance business totally. But life is short like I said, you cannot do too many things at a time and you need to focus on the only one business that you're passionate about. Pour all your efforts and energy into it so you need not stress yourself unnecessarily esp. if you're not the kinda person who can multi-task so many jobs at one time. 

Stress will only pulling you down easily and it's prone to get you sick naturally. Just like I used to tell myself to live a stress-free life everyday, said is easier than done. I may not have mental depression kinda girl but once I'm out there driving, got stuck in a traffic jam meeting those irresponsible motorcycle rider, it can make you not just me being a crazy lady suddenly who's slowly become a mental disorder person already. In fact, I got so furiously mad at the stupid rider who knew I wanted to turn to the left with the signal put on alert long time ago, still he didn't let me turn left, I really honked him kao kao and scolded him left and right real fiercely. Pushing my cool button to a Dragon lady liao, 'Fatt Dou Yau Fo' (Buddha also have fire).  

If really I was a selfish driver like the others, I would have turned left liao and he may bumped into my car that got me very troublesome after that. I ranting it out to Rambo and he also told me many cases like that, that's the reason why there are so many accidents happened every minute of the day. Driving in KL or PJ one day meeting this kinda selfish, self-centered people can instantly make you sick already. It's important to chant, pray and meditate everyday to release the stress, melt away all the egos, selfishness and burdens as soon as you can and forgive them not because they deserve it but it's entirely for my own good in the long run. Definitely I didn't wana join this flock of self-absorbed people, I believe in karma that's for sure.

Life it too short to hold on to grudges. We need to learn how to let it go, stay humble and positively-happy to move on with our lives so that we can focus wisely in completing our daily duties responsibly. I can detect if someone is mentally depressed, I usually pointed it out to them and pulled them out from their miserable lives. In fact, I even gave them some pointers to quickly get away from the mental depression and melancholy feeling so that they can help and heal themselves as soon as possible. Even like Rambo who enjoys sourcing out business or investment opportunities with his heavy workloads with others, I dread to see him working too hard I quickly put a halt stop brake by planning a great holiday for us to destress and relax to the max. 

In fact, he enjoyed the Turkey trip with me and he's now feeling motivated enough to 'Ganbatte' harder in his job especially the Japanese President and his gang from Japan are coming this week for their policy meeting. As usual early in the morning, he empowered himself by saying "Wo Shi Zhui Bang De, Wo Shi Zhui Hao De, Wo Ai Wo Zhi Zi" besides brain-washing himself to work hard so that his wife, that's me can go on enjoying my life more splendidly and sensationally. Haha...I didn't asked for much luxuries in life nowadays, I have mellowed down a lot on my demanding lifestyles where I used to be and I have changed for good now. It's him who wanted to live that kinda luxury life which I have put aside after I have enveloped myself into Buddhism teachings that flourished me with a true peace of mind.  

This world is full of successful people like Donald Trump, Lee Kar Shing and Jack Ma in showing us the right ways to achieve success just like them, but we need to have more good friends around us to share with us on how to live life happily ever after with much honesty and sincerity for our lives. When I was in Turkey, I have good family and friends who were worried about the bombing incident there. I reassured them I'm fine and ended with a thank you wish to Amituofo. That's what I called a real happiness and richness in life. Obviously I'm fortunate enough being able to travel to Turkey for my summer holiday at 5 star hotels throughout the long journey there, but nothing beats the feeling of 'Wan Luen Ge Gam Gok'(Warm of heart) by having our loved ones to love and care for us even we're at the opposite side of the world apart from each other. 

My dear Lynette who's now 8 years old knows how to look for me at Facebook telling me she missed me that Saturday she's at my mom's place. I was so melt by her and Rambo even said, "Dai Lei Sek Hui" that simply means it's really worthy to love her all my life. I still remember the Cambodian maid told me Lynette tried to look for me the whole house and finally asked her "Where's my Dai Yiyi?" when she couldn't traced me at all. Now that she's a big girl, she knows where to find me and keep me posted on her life updates liao. beloved 'Bao Bei' who also hugged me very tight on the night we celebrate my mom's birthday. Rambo also asked why she hugged me so long, never wana let go like that because she's always my manja baby. Thinking about my dear Charmers lovely stories, all at once releasing all my stress away and I'm feeling totally on top of the world already having them fulfilling my simple life. That's what I defined a contented life is! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Awesome Autumn 2015

Generally, people here recognized me as the Chinese and speaks Mandarin with me but I told them I'm Malaysian. Yea, although everyday I'm full with new, special and yummy Turkish delicacies, I'm just too home sick hoping to come home soon. For those close family and friends who are worried about me in Turkey, I'm fine. I had a fabulous time holidaying for my summer vacation, just wanted to fly back to Malaysia home sweet home with a Turkish magic carpet as soon as I can. That's life! (My Facebook status)

It was great to be back home sweet home, green green grass of home to Malaysia because 10 days Summer holiday in Turkey seemed too long for me. But not for the others and Rambo, they wanted to stay longer, stay away from all the stress at work and hoping to prolong their vacation to another week. They were not aware of what day it was that day, they just didn't bother and living everyday blasting with joyful moments from am to pm. In fact, Rambo got so excited when he's back from office that day because he's free to go on a long holiday without having to worry about his huge roles and responsibilities for work anymore. 

For our business wise, he had no worries because we already 'Gao Chai'(completed) our Summer Project 'Tuo Tuo Dong Dong'(perfectly) before the Hari Raya holiday. We flew to Istanbul, Turkey that night with Turkish Airlines through direct flight, thank God for that. I didn't like to fly by transit where half the way there sure will disturb my blissful sleep and brings no fun by going through the immigration check again. The tour leader has advised us to bring USD600-800 per person for this Turkey trip in case anyone of us wished to extend an optional trip on a balloon ride at USD200 and other expenses like drinks, meals and souvenirs. 

USD800 if you multiply it to 3.8 against Ringgit Malaysia, it's RM3040 so a few of them brought that kinda cash money for shopping and basic use. I brought along all my USD, AUD, SGD, Euros and Ringgit Malaysia but I only changed the Turkish Lira using USD33 and Euro10 only. The rest I prefer to use credit card, easier and safer for me. No money also better don't come to visit Turkey, because some of the toilets also they charged TL1 like the European countries. Even the Turkish Ice Cream at tourist attraction cost you about TL6, Coke at TL3 but I prefer to get the yummy Swiss Movenpick Ice Cream at TL10. No money, no honey here in Turkey!

The day I arrived here in Turkey, it's already in the morning at 6am but the sunshine here was shining 'mang mang' like the sun sits just next to you. It's too hot here in Turkey, predicted to be 20-28 degree celcius but when it comes to the afternoon time, it was too hot like you're stuck in a desert Sahara of Turkey. I sweat profusely like nobody's business. Naturally I sweat a lot kinda girl but here in Turkey, I tend to sweat like I've just completed a rigorous exercise. Sweat till my whole body was wet, neck and face kept sweating non-stop and hair also wet like I've just came out from the shower. No joke man, it's a natural sauna out here in Turkey.

Haha...I feel so uncomfortable I only wanted to go back to the 5 star hotel as soon as I can for a clean bath. Yea, I know it's healthy to be able to sweat out all the toxins and dirts naturally by this way but I cannot stand being wet inside out full of sweats like this. That night, lucky we get to reach hotel at 5pm for a total rest and relaxation from the jet lag flight of 11 hours. And after the hotel buffet dinner full with Turkish delights and delicacies, both Rambo and I can have a stroll all around the place nearby but I 'manja' with Rambo I needed a great spa to help me relax the tension muscles due to bad sleep on the jet lag flight.  

Rambo and I went to check on the Parion 5 star Hotel and Spa facilities just below the luxury lobby there. The Turkish young lady explained nicely to me on the Turkish Hammam Bath they offered that comes along with a foam massage as well. I really had no idea how much was it in TL against Ringgit Malaysia at that time because I only changed using USDollar, so I asked how much in Euro? They said Euro 50 and Turkish Lira 150, it's around RM210. I knew it's around that price range especially at 5 star hotel. What do you expect when they have invested so much money renovating the Turkish Spa like a paradise for you to experience the real Turkish Hammam Bath in Turkey.

I took a deep breath, still considering about it but Rambo kept persuading me to go for it, enjoyed myself for a real Turkish Hammam Bath with Foam Massage here. Hmmm, I still wana think about it but he enlightened me with a powerful message that says "You know how to gain money, but you don't know how to spend it. You need to learn how to enjoy and pamper yourself to the max. I'll pay for you, you need not worry about the dollar sign" in Cantonese. "Yes, just booked her in" Rambo said and the girl asked, "Now?" Rambo replied her, "Yes, now!" I thought I can reconsider about it, can still try it on the next day at another 5 star Hotel & Spa but Rambo made a decisive decision for me this time so I just go by the flow.

I will share more details of the original Turkish Hammam Bath in my next blog when I'm free to do so. After the revivifying Turkish Spa experience that's relaxing and rejuvenating my body, mind and soul to perfection, I had a total blissful, peaceful and wonderful sleep of 8 hours like a baby that very night. The next morning, I feel totally energized like a new Energizer battery, waiting eagerly to start my new adventures here in Turkey. Such a fantastic spa massage done by a professional spa therapist here, and I shared it with my new tour members. Shyuen has been asking me why I didn't asked her to join me as she wanted to try it too. In fact, all of them are looking forward to experience the Turkish Spa after that and I encouraged them to do so. I will continue more updates of my Turkey holiday soon after I've completed my pending posts and important agendas 1st. 

I was so exhausted from all the long walks and adventures of trailing under tunnel of a cave over the unbearable hot humid weather with tanned-skin like the Turkish now. The wonders of travelling to a total of 2920 kilometres all over Turkey country from Europe to Asia side around Pamukkale, Canakkale, Izmir, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara, Safronbolu and Istanbul had me realised that I'm so blessed to be able to prosper here in Malaysia. It makes me love my country more and more each day. Malaysia will remained as a paradise to me no matter how great my vacation can be, how far I can travel to see the world and how sensational my life turned out to be. I still believe Malaysia is still the best place to be for me. Haha...That's life! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

IDO's Clinic Project OTA Launch

It was held at The Piazza, The Curve from Saturday 4pm to Sunday 6pm.

For more infos, you can check out

It can be treated with advanced treatment provided by IDO Clinic.

The causes and epidemiology Nevus of Ota.
If you come across anyone who needs help to solve this problem, you can contact the branch for more infos.

Do an eye check here, this eye specialist told me I have no problem with my eyesight and need not
wear any spectacle but had a mild 'San Gong' only. Haha...cannot run away from the eye expert here.
The launch started with singer performance, invited IDO's beauty ambassadors and health talks. I was
glad I came to witness the launch, did some eye and health checks to keep full track of my current health.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

BelleWave Switzerland Stem-Cellogist TX Facial Treatment

BelleWave Derm-tech Laboratory has already ventured into Stemcell research since the1980’s, considered as one of the pioneer in this industry. For more infos about BelleWave, you can check out and Facebook at 

Yoko did a wonderful treatment from the very start of the facial to the end of a luxury pampering facial for me. She double cleanse my skin with nice scent of BelleWave facial cleansers which didn't dry my skin at all, and did some mild extraction for me gently. She said not much for her to extract especially after she puts on the enzyme peeling mask 3 minutes that managed to clear away all the dirts, impurities, white and blackheads for me before the extraction process. And she magically gave me a good shoulder plus back massage that I needed so desperately for a total relaxation after back from my long Turkey holiday.

Stem-Cellogist TX advanced treatment is a systematic and result-proven kind of treatment to me as after the extraction process, Yoko put on the essence, ampoule and booster for me step-by step from the 1st step to the last 3rd step massaging it gently all over my face and neck with firm touch. Every step of the essence, ampoule and booster process came from individual tiny bottle and packet with different packaging in which I liked it to be in this way. It's more professional, much more impactful and powerful to see the obvious difference and good result of the treatment. 

The luxurious Stem-Cellogist TX Gold Champagne Redensify Mask is a heaven sent angel mask to me that Sunday afternoon as it's a fuss-free liquid mask having spread all over my face and neck for 15 minutes. As the mask pampering moment passed by, I can feel the mask is slowly drying up naturally with some cooling effect. After Yoko removed the golden-coloured mask for me, I can feel that my skin has soften from an age-old dehydrated skin to silky-smooth skin just like baby skin. 

It was so pampering and relaxing for me. It managed to relax my body, mind and soul to perfection, entered into a new beauty wonderland that's full with divine scents of beauty. I fully recommended BelleWave Stem-Cellogist TX Facial Treatment for those who needs to revive their damaged, dull-looking skin, dehydrated skin to instant and result-proven radiant skin that's glowing with just one session of this treatment. Definitely, you'll look more youthful and beautiful after this pampering facial.

Not only I love to feel touch my new-born smooth skin from forehead to my cheek, I like that my skin is glowing healthily after been splashed, newly-infused with 3 different effective boosters using the ultrasound machine. All my fine lines have been filled up, soak up with deep hydration moisturel. Haha...I totally fell in love with this advanced treatment that's for sure. And I don't mind to come back for more if I'm free to do so, because seeing the wrinkles on my face can be so annoying with my age catching up days by days. 

BelleWave Stem-Cellogist TX Advanced Facial Treatment is a worthy pampering to go if you're interested to pamper yourself to a marvelous beauty transformation. You can call 03-62806409 to book for an appointment before you experience this lovely facial as it's fully-booked most of the weekends. Stay happy and pretty always, hope you enjoy the facial as much as I did last Sunday. Haha...In fact, Sunday is my spa day from top to toe beauty day, that's life!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Magnum Kuala Lumpur New Menu 2015

Magnum Kuala Lumpur, the first Magnum pleasure store in the world with two infinity bars which was officially opened for Malaysian Pleasure Seekers in December 2014 introduces new signature specialties featuring an exciting array of food and desserts.

Oxtail Soup with Sushi Rice: RM 35.00 for individual portion
Spicy and hearty beef broth with vegetable, shallots rice, fish crackers.

Chicken Toasties : RM 20.00 for sharing portion
Deep fry minced chicken spread on toast, served with spicy chunky tomato dip.

Chicken Rendang Pasta : RM 36.00 for sharing portion
Malaysian inspired spicy chicken rendang with pasta.

Aglio Olio with Shrimps : RM 40.00 for sharing portion
Tossed with garlic, chili padi and olive oil.

Carbonara Pasta : RM 46.00 for sharing portion
 Button mushroom, beef bacon, creamy cheese sauce.

Thanks Elana for the nice picture, really appreciates it! :)

Death By Chocolate: RM 32.00 for sharing portion
Baked to order warm chocolate molten lava cake, magnum chocolate brownies ice cream, chocolate crunch pearls.
(Prices are inclusive of GST and service tax)

After having a wholesome meal that comes with many of my favourite Malaysian fusion delicacies, I shared with Rambo later that night and suggested that our next company outing should be held here that's for sure. Besides the yummy pasta, the Oxtail soup was one of the best oxtail soup I've ever taken in my life. Till today, I'm still thinking about it and craving for it like a pregnant lady. The Sirap Magnum Ice Cream was something special for Raya festive celebration, the rest of the dessert need no introduction anymore because mentioning the name of Magnum, you'll be enthralled to its sweet fantasy world already. Check it out this Hari Raya holiday for a treat of your lifetime! 

About Magnum Kuala Lumpur
Situated in Mid Valley Megamall, the 4,200 sqft pleasure store spanning across two floors exudes a contemporary, classy and artistic interior. The immersive pleasure store can comfortably seat up to 100 people at a time and is also available for private functions promising a truly personal Magnum pleasurable experience. Magnum Kuala Lumpur is the first Magnum Pleasure Store in the world with two infinity bars.

Address: T-023, 052 & 053, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall
Operation hours: 10am – 10pm Daily
For Reservation & Inquiries: 03 – 4065 0830 or 03 – 4065 0839

About Magnum Putrajya
Magnum Putrajaya open its door to Malaysian Pleasure Seekers in December 2014 and situated at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. The 5126sqft pleasure store exudes a contemporary yet chic interior.  The indoor area can comfortably seat up to 70 people whilst the outdoor seating area can comfortably seat up to 100 people at one time.

Address: GE-3, Ground Floor, IOI City Mall, 62502 Putrajaya
Operation hours: 10am - 10pm  
For reservation and inquiries:  03-8328 0662

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Outstanding Students Receives BRAND’S® SMART Achievers Award Of Excellence

It was a gratifying moment for 21 outstanding students and their parents when they gathered at Cerebos Malaysia today to receive the recognition of excellence in their academic and extra-curricular performance for their 2014 examinations.

The students, ranging from secondary to tertiary level education, were selected from over a hundred entries to emerge as the best of the best to receive the annual BRAND’S® SMART Achievers Award for 2015. Together with their proud students, they travelled from as far as Kedah, Penang, Pahang, Perak, Melaka, Johor and Sabah to attend the special awards ceremony held in their honour.

The annual event is a benchmark of success for outstanding young Malaysians who have proven that one can excel in both studies as well as extra-curricular activities at the same time. “Through dedication and hard work with a little boost by BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken to improve their memory, concentration and energy levels as they go about their daily revisions and activities, both students and parents are deserving of this honour,” said Mr. Koh Joo Siang, Vice-President & General Manager of Cerebos Malaysia.

“For almost a decade, BRAND’S® has been awarding top performing students with cash prizes as well as due recognition among their peers as they now join the elite group of BRAND’S® SMART Achievers. This award goes beyond academic results as it also requires outstanding performance in their co-curricular activities for entry into this elite club,” added Mr. Koh. 

This year’s winners will be sharing their tips on how to achieve great results on BRAND’S® Smart Living facebook page, to help inspire and motivate other youths to do their best. Since the programme was initiated in 2006, BRAND’S® has recognised the achievements of a total of 203 elite students and the 2015 awards saw a total of RM23,000 in cash prizes being  awarded today which brings the total amount of awards given out to students to RM195,000.

The BRAND’S® SMART Achievers Award has 4 categories with respective cash prize awards – PT3 (RM500), SPM (RM1,000), STPM (RM1,500) and university / college exams (RM1,500). Students sitting for their major examinations this year can register for the 2016 BRAND’S® SMART Achievers Award while they enjoy the benefits of the nutritious BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken.

Research findings from 38 clinical studies conducted worldwide have shown that regular consumption of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken will bring a marked improvement in one’s memory and ability to focus even under strenuous circumstances, even as it helps sustain energy levels and maintain overall good health.

Certified halal, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is free of fat and cholesterol, and does not contain added artificial flavouring and colouring, thus making it the ideal natural food supplement of choice.

For optimal benefit and value, students can purchase the special BRAND’S® SMART Achievers value pack of 9 bottles x 70g BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken retailing at RM42 in leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide which also comes with the entry form and registration details. For more infos, you can check out