Tuesday, December 17, 2013

K-Ginseng Official Launch In Malaysia

K-Ginseng(Cheon Gyeong Sam), South Korea’s premium brand of Korean Ginseng has officially launched and easily available in Malaysia through its distributor, Caldbeck Macgregor (M) Sdn Bhd’s Health and Wellness Division. That's why I attended the event that night, it's all about health and wellness in life, beneficial for our health in the long run. 

Ginseng, a medicinal herb has long been used in maintaining physical vitality especially in Korea and China. Rambo told me that the best premium Ginseng can be found from mountainous region in Guangxi, China because Ginseng was 1st discovered there since thousand years ago. From there then the Ginseng history began its sensational story. 

Red Ginseng Drink RM7.90 per bottle(100ml) 

Ginseng is also found in North America like Canada, Japan and Russia, but they're different from the Korean Ginseng in morphology and composition. I have tried both of the drinks and it actually taste better from chill cold temperature. 

White Ginseng Vitality Drink RM10.90 (120ml)

Trusted and certified by Gyeonggi Provincial Government and South Korea’s National Agricultural Co-operative Federation, K-Ginseng comprises of a single brand guaranteed by the government. With the co-operation of 4 large Ginseng producers which retain the 1,000 year tradition of cultivation skills and technology, they created the celebrity brand of 6 year-aged K-Ginseng.

In Malaysia, a wide range of K-Ginseng products will be offered including white ginseng roots, red ginseng roots, red ginseng extract, red ginseng extract tonic, honey sliced ginseng, Vitality drink and red ginseng G-drink. For more infos, check out http://www.k-ginseng.or.kr/rb/?c=1/2

This Korean Red Ginseng extract of total ginsenoside 70mg/g, incls. Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1=6mg/g, solid content 65% more, purified water, jujube extract, rehmannia glutinosa, ganoderma tsugae, matrimony vine, dried ginger, cinnamon, high fructose corn syrup, oligosaccharide, caramel pigment, citric acid and combined congener tasted strong with Ginseng. 

Jess told me it's not bitter at all and so I share with her my Korea Ginseng experience from my Korea Winter Holiday "Ginseng actually don't taste bitter but 'Kam Kam Dei' kinda taste. Only the very low, bad quality of Ginseng would taste bitter and I wouldn't recommend anyone to take that kinda Ginseng also." "I don't know how to drink Ginseng" Jess said and so I said, "Haha...now you know then, let's enjoy it!"

Gyeonggi Province is well known for its optimal geographical and geological conditions for the cultivation of the 6-year aged Ginseng. Cheon Gyeong Sam was born under a unique project supported by Gyeonggi Provincial Government.

The word “ginsenoside” refers to the saponins contained in ginseng, a kind of Glycoside chemically. It is generally comprised in plant root, leaves, stem, and seed. Of many effective components in ginseng, saponin plays main medical role.  

At old times, it was known as an anti-nutrition material but some spotlight has began as Physiological active materials with their efficacy of anti-cancer, anti-oxidation and low cholesterol level. 

Other varieties of ginseng currently available in global marketplace along with Korean ginseng, are American ginseng(Hwagisam) and Chinese ginseng (Sanchi-sam). So yummy of this Ginseng Chicken Soup, I actually finished 2 bowls of the nutritious soup with full satisfaction. 

K-GINSENG’ is in the meaning that the representative ginseng product of Korea. ‘CHEON GYEONG SAM(天京)’ is originated from the thousand-year passed down words referring to ginseng cultivated in Gyeonggi-do,(天下第一京畿高丽人 : Below Sky the 1st Gyeonggi Goryo Ginseng).

This Ginseng Wine added with Ginseng Powder+19% alcohol by the Koreans is also called the 'Happy Water'. Not only it heals our inner body system, it actually heat up our body system by the hot feeling sensation immediately. I even start to sweat because I have very high metabolism rate, my body tends to react fast to anything I drink or eat.  

Haha...I told Ruth even with the high air-cond on from this Pullman Hotel, it was so hot in here and she totally agreed with me saying lucky I was wearing a silk dress. We 'Yum Sing' together and enjoying the Happy Water slowly, bit by bit.

As a commanding position of Ginseng producing country, Cheon Gyeong Sam plays an important role of messenger providing happiness to humankind by its top quality at competitive price through implementing strict quality control, pricing policy and merchandising. 

Ginseng is created by God and gifted by Heaven. Ginseng has also been called the mysterious wonder drug and miraculous herb. That night, Ruth was the lucky winner of the 1st prize lucky draw of Korean Red Ginseng gift. She was so happy and I took some pictures for her so she can blog about it too. I totally understand her feelings when she told me how surprised and happy she was with the big prize. 

When we were called for a group picture at this table, I gave my camera to catch a memory picture for us too. Nice picture, thanks to him. Not only this event drawn many comments from my friends, some of them actually curious about Ginseng now including Rambo himself. I told him it's selling at Jusco stores in Malaysia.

Ginseng is best known for one of the thousand medicinal compounds with remedial effects. You can feel the heat after taking it, it means your body reacts actively with it. In time to come, you can discover the benefits of taking it after a period of time. Lucky this 'Tong Shui' dessert helps to cool us down later that night as we've been taking everything Ginseng from Ginseng Kimchi to Ginseng Wine. Sip by sip, finishing it.

Everything is all about Ginseng that night. Jq tweeted on her Twitter sharing and tagging all of us having good times together which was so true. All of us got so high with the Ginseng Wine aka Happy Water, we actually sang and dance all night long. Haha...full of unstoppable laughters and joys like celebrating our own events with K-Ginseng event. 

Angeline, who invited us that night having lots of fun joining us and she actually make sure we enjoyed the event as well. Yea, I can tell her that all of us were having good times great taste enjoying K-pop, K-Ginseng, Korean specialties and the delicious Chinese Dinner by Pullman Hotel. A good start of event to the end of it, I went home soundly asleep with Ginseng goodness inside my tummy. Ginseng definitely boost up my life that night! 

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