Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Mireica® Nutri Peau Story

My Mireica story started a few years ago when my brother AhBoy joined our family dinner that Saturday, he said that my skin looked kinda fair not just the radiance look on my face but my whole body looked healthy fair too. Healthy-looking skin I would say. I told him that I took Mireica beauty drink to keep my skin youthful as I can be lazy or may forget to treat those stubborn wrinkles that never stop forming around my eyes, forehead area and my laughing lines. So I just took Mireica drink every night before I sleep and that's it. Easy to maintain and easy to drink with just a cup of cold water mixed with ice. 

At the very 1st few days when I took Mireica I told him I can't stand the fishy smell of it, but after having to drink it every night for the past few weeks, it has been a daily routine for me already.  And I only put half cup of water so that I can finish it all at once. I did try to mix it with my favourite juice but it doesn't taste good as my taste bud is kinda strong and fussy lot. I still think this is the best way to drink it, just gulp it at one go with cold ice. Now, it's really not a big deal to me, it's easy as ABC, DoReMi!    

The reason I told him this secret of mine is whatever good health supplements that I'm taking religiously, I always make sure that all my family members are taking it too. Haha...I can see the obvious result of my brother's wife Kam taking Mireica as her skin used to look so bad, full of acne and never stop popping out all over her face everytime I saw her. But after trying out so many beauty drinks, she kinda gave up. But with Mireica, her skin condition has improved so much, I told my brother also. 

He totally agreed with me and he told me every night he mixed the cold Mireica drink for her without failed. I totally felt good about his story sharing with me as Rambo is also serving me the same cold Mireica drink every night before I sleep and he's the one who frequently purchasing Mireica from Watsons or Guardian for me every month. 

At times, my friend did asked me what brand of beauty drinks that I'm taking to keep my skin youthful and beautiful I told them honestly, try Mireica. I usually would try other new beauty drinks in the market as I always keep myself updated with new health, beauty and wellness products for healthy life. But if there's no new product that happen to cross into my life, I stick to Mireica that keep the wrinkles far, far away from me. 

Not only I can't see the usual stubborn wrinkles on my forehead anymore but I can't see any fine lines that used to disturb my aging eyes area. It actually smoothen my skin to perfection with just one box of Mireica consumption in a month's time. And it also helps to keep my nails stronger and healthier, no more broken nails that broke my heart so badly all the time.

Mireica unique is that it does not contain fructose. Fructose is contained in many other collagen drinks to make your drink taste sweeter and nicer. Fructose actually accelerates aging and it affects the skin collagen and in return will reduce the  skin’s elasticity and softness. Mireica's scientists have included some natural yet beneficial ingredients, such as Acerola, Blackcurrant, Astaxanthin, Ceramides, Marine Collagen, Ceramides, Plant Stem Cells and many others. NO artificial coloring is added into Mireica and it’s the natural algae, Astaxanthin, that makes Mireica RED in colour.  

But for those problematic skin like Kam, it's an absolute obvious improvement that I can see clearly from one stage of clearing her pimples and acne scars to another stage of clear, beautiful skin. It's totally worth it for her then as money cannot buy beauty in this kinda comprehensive beauty that works from within. It actually strengthen the skin stem cells against DNA damage, UV and oxidative stress caused by our daily stressful life. To me, I have very weak water-retaining health problem because everytime I took any drinks, I tend to visit the ladies in just 10 minutes due to my high metabolic rate. 

With Mireica, it contain OptaCell, skin hydration booster that restores optimal barrier function and water-retaining properties which can help to retain my hydration level. And the reason why I always stick to the same, old product and has been a fan for quite some time is because I love the radiant, reflecting bright-looking skin that radiates, perfecting from within without consuming much of my time, money and effort(lazy me). 

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    1. no more fishy smell. I can drink and finish it easily!

  2. Good sharing, Mireica rejuvenates your skin by awakening your skin stem cells. In addition, Mireica’s sophisticated and comprehensive formulation provides quality skin nutrients in such exceptionally high amounts. For detail review visit:

    1. Totally agreed, one of the best beauty and healthy drink ever! ;)