Thursday, October 24, 2013

VIBEHERO Get Together at La Boca

Wednesday morning, Amanda send us a menu tasting to give us a gentle reminder. I was kinda lazy, thought
of 'fong fei gei', MIA on this event but Amanda wazzapp me hoping I can make it as this is the 1st blogger event
for us to get to know each other and getting up close with VibeHero community 

And so, I really drag myself up to attend the event and felt very welcomed by all of them. Missed pretty
Amanda on this picture because she's taking the picture for us. I have one picture with Amanda but it's not
clear enough so I rather use this picture. That's why Rambo kept asking me to upgrade my Iphone to Samsung
but I don't want to as I don't wana waste my time to key in all the contacts to a new handphone, waste of time.

I ordered the Strawberry Margarita as it's part of the drinks menu and it's been a long time I last drank my
Margarita at G Tower during the cocktail class. Hmmm, not bad that I even finish the strawberry itself. The
drink I took half and share it with other guys who wana try it as well. Coming to tasting food event like this,
it's all about sharing and trying new food and beverages. 

La Boca Restaurant is all about Latino food, drinks and music(kinda nice but loud). Haha...I love Latino culture
and one of my favourite Latin phrase is 'Res Ipsa Loquitor' which means 'the thing speaks by itself' during my
Law class. Seeing the picture I can drool all over about it already, I only took the prawn miss the carbo bread.

Tamales is one of the many dishes I liked most because it comes with the Saffron Rice and the healthy salad.
For more drooling pictures of yummy Latino food, drinks and music from La Boca Pavilion Level 3, check out

My new friends from the gathering, they're so young and full of life inspirations. Actually at this hour of time,
I'm supposed to rest and relax at home watching TV or reading good books but once in awhile, it's good to come
out mingle around and socialise once in a blue moon for good times, great taste trying out new food in town.

I'm not really a fan of sweet desserts lady but will still take a bite or two and I kinda enjoy this Frozen Mud Pie
that tasted so good it actually melts into my mouth immediately. And I'm so glad that I really made the effort
to attend this gathering with VibeHero that day having good times meeting good people, great taste of yummy
food here. Haha...really nice food here I told Rambo that I'm gonna visit La Boca Bar again with him soon to try
out other dishes as well. Check them out at 

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