Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Peace comes from within

Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike. Each has their own sufferings.
Some suffer too much, Others maybe little but we all suffer as human that's true.

No money can buy peace that comes from within. You need to be sincere and having deep cultivation to achieve the so-called peace you're hoping and wishing for. Recently, many of my friends just told me they're going through cancer chemo after a big operation. If it's not ear infection, they may have nose sinus problem and if it's not worse, they have all kinds of weird sickness and illness we have never heard or knew about until we heard it from them sharing it with us. I always told Rambo, so long we're healthy everyday consider it's a bonus to us as health is the ultimate wealth of all.  

That's why I always told Rambo it's not the money you can gain by working hard and smart everyday that will bring the total happiness in life. As long he's healthy, happy and pretty smart living his life with positive goals everyday, he's wealthy enough to live up his life and I'm already very happy, having total peace of mind that money cannot buy or trade with it. It's all about total peace that you have did your very best to live life to the fullest. I still see many people who live simple life yet they're very happy and living simply, going through day by day with healthy lifestyles and truly happy. That's called life! 

Lynette, aged 6 always asked and raised her hand to get the utmost attention among the other two Charmers who have many things to share with us during dinner. And when she's pandai already, she's happy sharing life with her friends about what we have talked about like the White Lion Story, after telling me she wana research about it on her mini Ipad. Haha...I always taught her "Jangan malu bertanya" and always asked many questions to clarify and confirm it before you share. That's what she did and she also asked me to type the white lion subject for her to research more about it. 

Just like me, I always asked people around esp. the locals be it from HongKong, Italy or China so I need not 'Hang Yin Wong Lou'(no need to walk the wrong path of road). I do things fast and furious, I just wana go the right way at the very 1st start. Go short cut if I have to but never go to the wrong path of life or the cunning way to get what I want. I always believe that if today you con me, tomorrow you'll kena con back. Karma is maha berkuasa, really powerful in 'What goes around, comes around.' 

Lynette asked me what kinda dress I was wearing? I told her it's called the lace dress and so she said she loved it so much after saying it's very nice. This little girl is indeed a survivor as she knew that she's the youngest among them all, somewhere somehow she's able to share what she wana talk about after both of them finished talking. In fact, she have the wisdom to advise her sister "Dai Yiyi already said chant 'Amituofo' if you're sad or feeling emotional, many many times". Haha...I laughed out loud after hearing her said that to her sister when 4 of us the 'BFFs' were sharing about our lives that day. 

Rambo couldn't believe what he heard and when I shared this good news with my stepdad, who's also a great devotee in Buddhism also said she's very brilliant to have that kinda wisdom to adapt into Buddhism. Yes, I felt totally fulfilled, deep within me that I have a young student who can share about Buddhism with her elders. Once again, money can't buy this kinda achievement and wisdom that they can gain from practising Buddhism. It's all belongs to her and her fortune of practising Buddhism is gonna grow much more for her.    

We celebrate LeAnne's brithday yesterday evening because I can't celebrate with her this week. In her diary she said that she's very excited looking forward for her birthday this coming week but at the same time she felt so sad because "Dai Yiyi is going somewhere else". I knew she felt that way coz everytime I travel anywhere she told me before she doesn't want me to travel anywhere, be it China ka, Europe ka and even local Penang business trip.  

I felt so touched and melt deep inside of me reading her expression of her inner feelings for me. That's why I love her so much and when my sister Defney gave birth to her, I just knew this Scorpion girl is one of my best ally in the world. Totally feeling on top of the world. No words can really describe how attached and how deeply in love we can be. It's indescriable and the bond is closer than ever that we have cultivated along the weeks, months and years of loving each other.

That evening after dinner, my sister Wan said "Jie, you should wear like this more often. Simple and nice". "Haha...It's not mine, it's your mom who forced me to wear like that and this tight skirt is hers."May, 2nd sister who heard it said, "Yea, nice but she said has been forced". LeAnne also mencelah, "Dai Yiyi, I like the way you dress up like that. Looks so cool". I laughed out loud adding "It's really not my style. I'm not used to wear like this" and my mom said, "See". Mom will always be a mom, they never stop worrying about us and trying to be right, make it right for us all the time.   

Just like the Chinese used to say 'Yeong Yi 100 Shui, Cheong Yau 99' that means a parent will always take care of her/his child to 100 years old and worried about them till 99 years old. My mom always complain about our way of dressing up, too sexy(Jacinta), too transparent (Wan), too voluptuous(May), too short (Hsuen) and too mature(Shyan). Eileen is spared from all the complains because she wears T-shirt and Jeans all the time, simple and can be 'Tai Dak Sun Ngan'(senang mata memandang) for her as a mom. That's what life is all about, we just need to accept it and be more open about it even if it's not our style of living our lives.

In life, always stay focus in your dreams and goals besides staying positive to achieve it. At times when one door is close be it the chance of your lifetime, you still need to stay motivated in life that another better, wider and further road will open for us. Just like I deleted one Carrie bad apple in my life, God has given me two better and prettier Carrie for me. Not only we uplift and support each other, we're grateful having each other as friends we stay connected to. And 1st, I need to have a strong laws of attraction to attract good things in my life. All of my family and friends used to say and see that the grass of my land is greener on my side but that's not true. 

Rambo always taught me 'Zhung Gua Dak Gua, Zhung Guo Dak Guo' philosophy in life that is so meaningful and it's only happening because we have cultivated our path of routes in this way. I always told all of them, "You can do it too. Nothing is impossible. Everyone deserves to be happy, pretty and healthy. You only need to plant it at your garden of life, watering it with good intentions, pure good mind and make sure it grows into a beautiful garden of yours. If you can be happy for others, the God will give you a good life too. But 1st, you really need to be truthful, kind and do+think good because at the end of the day, you attract and will receive what you believe in life.Believe me, it works for me!"

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