Sunday, September 9, 2018

Get On-the-Go with Anlene

My 'marriage' relationship with Anlene has bonded long time ago like 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah'. All my life since I was a little girl till today, I didn't like drinking milk, all kinds of milk. I only take milk for my coffee to enhance the tastiness of the coffee only. But my hubby Rambo Lim has never given up in feeding me Anlene Milk all these years, he's very persistent when it comes to taking good care of me. Every night he would make a glass of Anlene Milk for me, making sure I have finished drinking the milk only he will leave me alone with my TV Dates. I know he meant well, he only wanted to grow old down the memory lane reminiscing our golden years together with me, till death do us part. Seeing his big smiles to me with a glass of Anlene Milk, somewhere somehow my heart got melt where I can feel his caring gestures for me, how can I say No to him cruelly?

He always stretched to me that it's important to take sufficient nutrients needed in our bodies. Without proper nutrition needed for our body system, they cannot function properly and accordingly. Asking me to take daily supplements of a dozen pills for Calcium intake, Protein, Collagen, Vitamin B and many other nutritional supplements like my mom or Rambo, Sorry, I just don't have that kind of discipline and practice in me. Not only I'm lazy, I don't like to 'telan' so many pills at one go so I would rather drink a glass full of nutrients, collagen, calcium and protein on a daily basis will do. Moreover, Anlene Milk is tasty enough to suit my fussy tastebud perfectly, not too sweet or too diluted. Just perfect, I need not add ice or boiling it hot for me. At least, I have fulfilled my utmost duties for Rambo and my family to keep myself healthy for many more years to come. 

At my age of 42, I can feel the energy level in me had gone down drastically low due to age factor although many people said I didn't looked my age at all. Those days in my 20's and early 30's, I can sing and dance a few songs straight but now, one song and a dance can easily tire me down like an old antique car and I needed a break immediately. Haha...Not joking but it's the real truth I'm sharing with Rambo, reminiscing those days we used to go for clubbing, partying with family and friends the whole day long, we have unlimited energy and stamina for that. Both of us are still active but we're putting more efforts and energy on our work. Seeing my hubby Rambo jumping actively, agilely like this makes me laugh out loud that day, instantly brighten up my day. I wanted to join this Anlene Jumping Challenge with Stacy that Friday but I couldn't make it so I asked my hubby to represent me.

I knew he can do it well representing me, he used to be a Basketball Player and a Captain for Wilayah KL Team, not just for his school competitions. Don't play play, he's so good he can makes a perfect jump shot easily. And I love playing Basketball with a good player like him and I hope we can play more in our later years too. Anlene Milk can worked wonders for us, maintaining good energy levels and staying agile shouldn't be a problem for us so long we remember to take a glass or two (Rambo: Morning Breakfast & Night Supper) of Anlene Milk everyday will do. Hope to meet Stacy for Anlene Event again as I was too busy last 2 weeks completing my Summer Projects responsibly before I can enjoy life to the fullest I can. Remember to stay healthy, happy, pretty always with Anlene UHT Milk, a simple routine to keep us active with 50% more nutrients and in fact, it's more than just milk. C ya all soon!