Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Japan - Kyoto(Part 2)

Kiyomizu dera is an ancient temple that was built in 798, but the present buildings are reconstructions dating from 1633. The main hall has a huge veranda that is supported by the pillars that just perched over the huge hillside.

This Buddhist temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto and UNESCO World Heritage. There is not a single nail used in the entire structure and the name came from the meaning of the waterfall Kiyomizu which means clear or pure water.

The waterfall Otowa-no-taki, where we actually need to queue a long line full of visitors for the precious sacred waters. It is believed to bestow health and longevity. And it's also advisable that we drink a little from all this 3 channels for our wishes granting power to be fulfilled. 

The crystal clear water was clean and kinda cold although its' so hot during summer season and it actually taste refreshingly good too. It's naturally fresh and pure from the high mountain water that flows through this 3 channels and collected at the pond below.

After a long walk climbing up the high hills and rounding the whole area of Kiyomizu Temple(such a huge place), we came down to the shopping street for cold drinks to cool us down. This sweet Japanese girl offered us free-flow of Cold Green Tea complimentary, thanks to Buddha so much.

Ooh La La...not only the Green Tea was a blessing good taste, it's also cooling my throat so much better. She offered me a 2nd cup since I enjoyed it so much and 1st time ever, I accepted it. Haha...it's really nice, blended by their authentic Japanese Green Tea. The best of the best!

As I'm very grateful for her generosity, I told Rambo to get some cold desserts to cool us down more. He chose the famous 'Green Tea Ice-Cream' that all of us ordered and we really enjoyed it so much. It's really the talk of the town, where almost everyone actually ordered this signature ice-cream besides the fresh green tea. And so we took a picture for a good memory to reminisce in years to come.

Shopping along Togenzaka,Sanenzaka and Ninenzaka souvenirs street, we're really spoilt for choices on everything about Japanese handbags, art and crafts, clothings and gift items of Japan. There were too many things I wana buy but I only bought a sophisticated Japanese handbag that I can pair with any clothing from my warehouse wardrobe.

It's not cheap here and I'm not really in the bargaining mood so I kept my shopping passion aside for later in the evening at shopping malls. I have no regrets of not buying much, at least I bought something Japanese here and I still enjoy window shopping just by look-see what's new on Japanese kawaii crafts here.

Just last Sunday, a friend was trying to share with us on her Japan tour but she forgot the name of this place called Kyoto. Haha...she only remembers Tokyo but not Kyoto and Osaka as the names are quite difficult for her. And so I reminded her about Kyoto, she kept asking me, "Very nice right Kyoto". "Yea, definitely", I replied her. 

I reached to this shop for something I love to eat, namely the Japanese pickles. They have vegetables, fruits or mixed type of pickles. I tried everything as she kept offering me all that. Haha...I never wana be greedy but it was too yummy that got me so hooked with it. I wanted to buy it but Rambo was afraid it's not fresh anymore after a few days more so I let go my favourite pickles with a heavy heart.

Kyoto is a city in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. It has a population of 1.5 million people. Formerly the imperial capital of Japan, it is now the capital of Kyoto Prefecture as a major part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area. I'm waiting for our Shinkansen, the Bullet Train to Osaka which cost 1500 Yen. 

It was fast but seem ghostly(quiet) atmosphere as only our tour group members(14 pax) and two Japanese in biz coats inside this speedy train. The ride only took about 15 minutes to reach Osaka from Kyoto. Japan is really 'Ichiban' in punctuality, not a minute late and we actually reached on time. Bravo and the driver was waiting for us outside at the station.  

There are about 3000 temples all around Japan and Kyoto is one of the city with the many temples we have visited so far. I felt very blessed to be able to visit and pray at all the famous temples that have been preserved and recognized by the world. I only wished to be healthy always, the rest like prosperity, opportunity and nobility will come eventually once my wish of total health is fulfilled by 'Amituofo' and Buddha. 

I love Kyoto for its rich cultural tradition and I love the way they pay their utmost respect to the Buddhism belief. They actually maintained the Buddhist temples and shrines in a very good condition. I love touring all around Japan and only have good things to share about Japan. And I dont' mind to travel to Japan again for the good food, temple offerings and great shopping spree beside the pampering hot spring Onsen spa. Haha...will blog about it real soon, be patient ya!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Silver Palace at the centre city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The palace where the Cambodian King is living and attend to this temple(where I'm standing) every 8th day for
Buddhist pray.This temple kept many Buddha replicas and antiques since 14th century.No camera was allowed.  

One of the main attraction at Silver Palace with a special fragrant flower tree that smells so reviving!

My 1st buffet lunch at the famous restaurant, started with an appetising local 'kuih-muih' from Cambodia.

Everything here look yummy and I took the chance to try everything here. And it's delicious, thank God.

One of the many local Cambodian food that I wana 'jiak' asap but Rambo got the chance to snap this picture of me.
Haha...I can't blog about food as I'm that kinda person who only wana eat.A 'Wai Sik Queen' who just enjoy eating,
trying and cooking new food in town. No regrets so far in Cambodia as the food brought something new and
extraordinary, only available in Cambodia.Never been seen/tried anywhere else. 

This huge, nice clock was a gift from China for the good relationship they had over the years. The king
was even living in China for Chinese therapy and had just passed away recently due to old age.

Shopping at the Russian Market for Cambodian souvenirs. Nothing much here, I only got to shop for the silk bag
and rushed to other tour destination. 1st time ever I did that as I never really fancy their stuffs.
This is where I learnt about the Khmer Rouge War and its horrific history. Such cruel and brutal stories I ever heard.

The majestic Naga World Casino that's full of tourists from China, Vietnam and Thailand.   

Thought of trying my luck here but was kinda sleepy so I stop by here for a cup of ice and
hot coffee. After enjoying the coffee, I tried out the Chinese food in this casino. Haha...in
the end, after much food satisfaction I decided to return hotel for relaxation. No gamble,
another reason was because the croupiers seem laid-back, lazy and not welcoming!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Japan - Kyoto(Part 1)

Kyoto is a city in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. It has a population of 1.5 million people. Formerly the imperial capital of Japan, it is now the capital of Kyoto Prefecture as a major part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area.

The exclusive Kimono was displayed here for tourists to admire their pride of traditional Japanese clothing. Kimono means a thing to wear(Ki: wear, mono:thing). Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right (except when dressing the dead for burial) and secured by a sash called an obi, tied at the back. 

While waiting for the fashion show to start, I walked around to learn more about their artwork, shopping and came across the artisan weaving her skills into creating a beautiful piece of Japanese art. And I met a few old-timers artisans at a corner where they asked me "Where did I bought the dress I was wearing?"

As I was trying to be polite with the old ladies, I asked Rambo to translate Japanese for me and so he did. And they kept asking me how much the dress cost? Is it comfortable while touching the texture of my dress. I can conversed n price tag in Japanese but in terms of full communication, I leave it to Rambo...Haha.

The Japanese fashion show with models parading the best of Kimonos that can be purchase or order at the Nishijin Textile Center Kyoto, Japan. I chose to stand at the 1st floor along the stair to this lobby for the best shots of the show. It was fantastic and a fascinating fashion show by the Japanese models. 

Very lovely Kimonos that tempted me so much to get one set for myself. But I can't get one that I really like as I wanted a floral and green colour Kimono. Recently, Rambo just got a new Pink Floral set from Fukuoka for me and I'm still looking for a Green Kimono till today. I have many Pink Kimono already, I just want a Green one now.

We quickly sat at the table that's been reserved for us after the fashion show for  Japanese Tempura lunch. Not only it's so yummylicious, I have never complain even once when I'm in Japan for the sweet Summer holiday. All the meals were specially prepared in Japanese good food, for each individual serving. More than enough actually but I can finish it as it's really delicious of real Japanese food. 

The serving was usually nicely arranged in a tray, the look of the food was already so presentable and tempting enough to eat it while it's smokingly hot. Even the rice, I enjoy it so much that I can eat 2 bowls of rice easily but to spare my tummy for more yummy food, I usually 'Yan'(tolerate) and took more vegetables. I can never forget my eating experience in Japan. Thinking it back, I yearn for more not just craving for it so badly.

The Heian Shrine is ranked as a Beppyou Jinja(the top rank for Shrines) by the Association of Shinto Shrines and listed as an important cultural property of Japan. In 1976, the Shrine was set on fire, nine of the buildings including the main sanctuary were burned down. 3 years later, the burned buildings were reconstructed with money collected from donations. 

Rambo splashing the water on the 'Tiger Statue' excitedly when we entered the welcome entrance of the Heian Shrine. At the end of the visit, it's my turn to splash the water on the 'Dragon Statue' after our prayers at this shrine. It's actually a ritual bath for us to wash, purify our sins before we enter the shrine for praying and wishing for good blessings.

Haha...actually everywhere we travel be it from China, Taiwan and Japan, we came across many temples that advised us to go in through the Tiger entrance and exit out from the Dragon exit. They believed we'll be blessed by the two dynamic creatures and mostly it's also due to the Chinese legendary myth belief that they believed since many years ago.

I always believe it's Rambo who actually uplifted and 'moulded' me into a better person. I am nobody special if I'm not 'Fen Dau'(strive) good enough. And that's why it's always better to have a good partner in everything we ventured into, be it a good partner in business, badminton partner or singing duet partner who can support each other to do our very best and strive for the best result. It takes 2 to tango anyway!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick

Healthy Lips With A Single Application

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Maintaining healthy lips are challenging to us, but with a single glide from Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick we can easily get healthy, glowing lips. Consist of the new MoistureSphere technology, Vitaluscious Lipstick turns on hydration, softness and protection like a lip balm to your lips.

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These celebrities’ glowing beauty are now expressed on their lips: 
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Adira wears Vitaluscious Lipstick in Reviving Red : “I work long hours everyday, running from one event performance to another and I need a lipstick that keep my lips moisturized all day long. Vitaluscious Lipstick has jojoba, almond and lavender oils, plus SPF 15 so my lips are supple and protected all day long! I love how vibrant Vitaluscious Lipsticks are. I put one swipe for daily use and add another for richer, fuller coverage. Best of all, it’s affordable!”

Thanuja Ananthan wears Vitaluscious Lipstick in Wine Wellness: “My work requires me to put on heavy makeup all the time, and I've always wondered if there's a makeup that doesn't clog and dry my face. Vitaluscious' MoistureSphere Technology turns on hydration and improves lip cushion up to 263%. It's like a treatment, in color! 10 intense, rich colors that make me feel oh so sexy. Now my lips become the centre of attraction… and I’m loving it!”

Introducing Vitaluscious Lipstick from Avon : RM19.90 

The tips for healthy and beauty lips:
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2. Use lip balms with SPF to protect your lips from sun damage.
3. Don’t lick your lips. Saliva dries your lips leading to cracked lips.
4. Eat vitamin rich food sources. Food that is rich in Vitamins E and A such as whole-grain cereals, bread, brown rice, red meat, egg yolk and green leafy vegetables can prevent chapped and cracked lips.
5. Wear Vitaluscious lipstick.

The Vitaluscious Lipstick goes on sale this 16 February 2013 at RM19.90(S&S RM22.90).Contact your Avon Dealer or visit the nearest Avon Beauty Boutique to get your lips saver. For more information, call Avon’s Toll Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or visit http://www.my.avon.com and their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AvonMy?fref=ts

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Spring in 2013!

My Spring spirit in KL, Malaysia 2013.

No driver so I'm kinda lazy to drive out, afraid of the jam also after Cho 5 and ate too much of CNY snacks till lazy to go for all the CNY open house, VIP 1st Korean Beauty clinic opening invitation and blogging events this month. Haha...lao liao (old already), less stamina. Gotta start exercise to recharge my Energizer battery, then refreshing back my body, mind and soul to a new me this coming age 37. I have already started to eat healthily with more veges+fruits this month and I felt lighter, not much toxins stored in my body.  

Will start exercising by next week as for now, I'm too busy preparing for the MIFF March Fair this month. Hope to bring more business for the local Malaysians provided that the 'Penang Lang' are really 'Jang Hei'. I told Rambo to ban those who's not pro in delivering the containers promptly, a womanizer or those gamblers. I know everything because Rambo is a very informative kinda person and 'kepoh' also...Haha. It's just that I never like to reveal other people secrets only as I believe everyone's secret should be safe with me. 

Rambo and I are totally the opposite attracts kinda couple in terms of hobbies, characters and mentality
thinking but we're definitely the dynamic partners in business, family goals and Buddhism cultivators. 

But everyone knows me well esp.my family and friends that I’m kinda strict when it comes to my work as I’m the kinda person who gave you the full chance of opportunities, I expect you to deliver the good results. And I don’t wana collect your ‘Suzhou Si’(the famous Cantonese definition of bad consequences) after the delivery of products. My mom and Rambo knew me too well yet my mom always hope to join my company/team as she knew the plans I had  set for the company vision and mission.And because of the good records of good results, people always came to us for long term business, we never have to look for it because the result speaks by itself.

From time to time, people looked for us and share with us many business opportunities. This is a very small world and it's indeed very small. I only wana live my life freely and happily among my circle of friends as I believe in good fate and Karma. It happens and in fact, I witness it myself sometime those devils who step on others actually ‘terkena’ herself esp. the hypocrites. If they can bitch about others in front of you, they can do that in front of others. They usually ended up in hot water. This story is based on my friend's experience, I seldom attend those business entertainment as I never greed on all the free things. 

Karma is powerful and can be forceful  in 'What goes around, comes around' principle!

Rambo always invited me for all the free dinner at hotels, wine/liquors by business associates etc. but I always asked him to go alone because I'm not interested to attend it. But once he's back after he discussed it with me the decision will falls on me. I made the final decision of whether to take it/joining the business or not. I usually stay home at night watching TVB series, Fringe, Nikita and reading my Buddhism books to cultivate my spiritual development. I felt peaceful and blissful at home. I only attend their dinners when I'm on business trips with them. And they always asked us to come more often but I told them, "Na, Rambo only comes once in a blue moon only because I don't encourage that".

Back to the hot water issue above, I always told my friends who got sad on their predicaments, “Don’t get influenced by others too easily, fall prey to their sucking lives. Mix with the people who can go ‘setaraf’(on par) with your success, support and uplift you in many ways, can be happy for you and most importantly, they’re good people who are successful too. You will become who you are in a group of people you mixed with. If you mix with losers, you become losers. If you mix with kind people eventually you become kind naturally. So, live your life to the fullest in doing your best everyday by helping yourself and others but not hurting others. Karma will take its place when the time is due, just live life free and happy!

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The amazing Angkor Wat , still remained as one of the 7 wonders of the world.We dressed up like the
Cambodian-styled tourists from Malaysia. A very hot, sunny Summer Holiday for us.
I pose in standing position so that the picture can show the resplendent reflections of the amazing  Angkor Wat.
It's so stunning so we decided to rest here for awhile, admiring the natural beauty of  UNESCO World Heritage.

I felt so blessed to be able to pray to Buddha here at the centre/heart of the temple. 
The shopping  street, mainly selling artistic arts of the Angkor Wat.
The Bayon Gate entrance of the Angkor Wat.
Another entrance of the Gate to historical place of Angkor Wat. Actually, we're all very tired of walking and
listening to their historical stories but it turned out to be very interesting so we still 'bertahan lama'.
The missing face of the Buddha, very irresponsible kinda thing to do.

Steep and big steps of stone stairs.Haha...climb like mad when I was trying to
climb up high to the top monument at this temple. Lucky I was young that time.

One of the many great spots for memorable pictures here.

I love this shot of 'Face to Face with Buddha'.

One of high windows I climbed up for the candid shot.

It's not easy to catch great shots here as many people were waiting in line for a picture or two here.

Or you can pay USD for a picture with them here.

The filming site of Tomb Raider, by my favourite actress Angelina Jolie.

Enjoying a coconut drink while learning the jewellery skill esp.the Cambodian Red Ruby and Sapphire knowledge.  

Just finish my buffet breakfast with a cup of hot cappuccino at the boutique hotel. Not bad actually.

I asked the Siem Reap tour guide to stop by supermarket for cold drinks and buying some snacks as the
weather was too hot during Summer season.

The Cambodian King and Queen, wax personalities at the Cambodian Cultural Village.   

This is one of the most beautiful art about Cambodia that fascinated me alot. Terrific drawing with colours!

The 1st ruler of Cambodia was actually a woman. 

One of the attractions in Cambodian Cultural Village.

The local Cambodian performance at the cultural village.

One shot with the local Cambodian tribes before leaving the tourist attraction park.

On my way for a cruise to Tonle Sap Lake.

One of the attraction along the cruise was this church among all the temples around Cambodia.

All the poor Cambodian people who were waiting for free rice, noodles and canned food from good people. It's
really sad to see this kinda environment. 

The Tonle Sap Lake is divided into 2, the Vietnamese Village is on the right side while the Cambodians are
on the left. 

We're climbing high up to the top of a crocodile farm and getting ready to watch the sunset.

Such a beautiful view watching the sunset from where we reserved our seats.

I tried on this Angkor Beer and the taste was not bad. I passed through their huge
factory in Phnom Penh and I was curious to try out their local beer in Cambodia.