Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution Party

FUJIFILM Malaysia has announced that it will launch the multi-functional UV clear beauty essence and makeup base “ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution” (SPF50+ PA++++) on March 2, 2015.  The new product, which offers five features including the use of the proprietary UV protecting agent “D-UV Guard”, joins the lineup of the “ASTALIFT White’ skincare series, designed for women in a wide range of age groups with skin concerns such as age spots and skin dullness.  

The product delivers advanced UV protection even against the “Deep UVA” in the longest wavelength region of 370 – 400nm that can penetrate deep into the skin to cause age spots and sagging.  It also contains the ASTALIFT White series’ signature ingredients “Nano AMA”*2 and “Nano Astaxanthin”*3 to create clear and radiant skin.*4  In fact, I'm using ASTALIFT Day Protector everyday before I stepped out from my house to protect my aging skin from the harmful UV rays.

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution that acts as a 'UV clear beauty essence', is also a makeup base with SPF50 PA++++ protection that is priced RM158.00 for 30g. I have always been a fan of Astalift brand since they 1st landed to Malaysian shore. In fact everytime I shared it on my Facebook, there are quite a few beauty afficionados who gave their fair good comments about Astalift beauty products esp.the signature Jelly Aquarysta, one of my most beloved beauty hallmark from Astalift.

Fujifilm has focused on the “Deep UVA”, which is UV in the longest wavelength region representing around 50% of UV rays reaching the ground.  It penetrates deep into the skin to cause age spots and loss of elasticity. Fujifilm has used its knowledge from UV research, conducted in its photographic film business, to develop the “D-UV Guard”, a proprietary UV protecting agent that shields the “Deep UVA” and introduces products containing the ingredient.

The catch copy combines ASTALIFT’s brand concept of “happy anti-aging” with the fact that this is an outstanding product with five features, advanced UV protection performance as the basic function for “sunscreen”, as well as the skincare effect, makeup base effect, smooth texture and special cap that visualizes the presence of UV rays.

 Containing the proprietary UV protecting agent “D-UV Guard”
Completely blocks the “Deep UVA”, which is UV in the longest wavelength region that reaches deep into the skin, in order to prevent “incidental sunburn”.
 Containing the “UV Action Capsule”, which bursts when exposed to UV rays
Bursts when exposed to UV rays to release beauty ingredients to penetrate the skin.  Also contains the ASTALIFT White series’ signature ingredients “Nano Astaxanthin”, “Nano AMA”, “three types of collagen” as well as “citrus extract”*8.
 Containing the Light Analyzing Powder, which lightens the skin tone
Manipulates “light” cast on the skin to naturally lighten the skin tone.  Also resists perspiration and sebum for use as a makeup base.
 Offering the smooth “Refresh Texture”
Effortlessly spreads over the skin without leaving white residues for a light, weightless finish.  Convenience of not requiring dedicated cleanser to thoroughly wash it off.
 Equipped with the “UV Sensor Cap”, which changes color when exposed to UV rays containing the “Deep UVA”. It turns purple in response to UV rays, allowing users to confirm the intensity of invisible UV rays.

A survey conducted by Fujifilm in March this year*5 showed that as much as 65% of women surveyed have experienced “incidental sunburn”, i.e. gradual darkening of the skin despite consistent application of sunscreen.  Based on the results, the Fujifilm has developed this product to meet the needs of women who want to prevent such “incidental sunburn” and are dissatisfied with UV blocker currently available on the market. 

Based on many women’s shared experience of “having been sunburnt despite the use of UV blocker”, the keyword “incidental sunburn” will be used in the website and various in-store communication tools. Just right for the 4 of us the beauty bloggers having great times trying on the latest ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution, skincare and makeups before we rushed for other events of our lovely day. 

Fujifilm taps into its core technologies it has cultivated to continue providing unique and diverse range of products that meet the needs of many people, while contributing to human beauty and health. In fact, my makeup using Astalift liquid foundation managed to keep my skin to stay hydrated throughout the day till late at night for a wedding dinner. Fantastic simple makeover done all by myself within 10 minutes of my time only, as simple as that.    

“ASTALIFT White” is a series of skincare products targeted for women in a wide range of age groups with skin concerns such as age spots and skin dullness.  Products in this series contain Fujifilm’s proprietary ingredient “Nano AMA” as well as “Nano Astaxanthin” and “three types of collagen” with advanced beauty power to create beautiful skin with translucent glow.  The brand also has a series of dietary supplements to achieve skincare from the inside.

ASTALIFT WHITE is now available at all ASTALIFT boutiques at Menara Axis, Ground Floor (03-79540896), Bangsar Shopping Centre (03-20921263), Parkson One Utama, Parkson Sunway Pyramid and Parkson Plaza Merdeka Kuching, Sarawak. 

About FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned marketing subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, Japan, and headquartered in Singapore, was incorporated in 1983. The principal activities of the company include distribution of a wide range of products such as photo imaging, electronic imaging, graphic arts, optical devices, medical systems and life science. It also provides technical and marketing support to subsidiaries and distributors in the Asia Pacific region. The company has since grown to include the subsidiary companies across the region with offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, India and Australasia. For more information, please visit http://www.fujifilm.com.sg.

About FUJIFILM Corporation 
FUJIFILM Corporation is one of the major operating companies of FUJIFILM Holdings. Since its founding in 1934, the company has built up a wealth of advanced technologies in the field of photo imaging, and Fujifilm is now applying these technologies to other new business fields. Fujifilm brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries including medical systems/life sciences, graphic arts, document solutions, highly functional materials such as electronic materials, optical devices and digital imaging. Fujifilm aims to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide by providing top-quality products and services with its leading-edge, proprietary technologies. Through its corporate philosophy, Fujifilm demonstrates its commitment to making a significant contribution to society. For more information, please visit http://www.fujifilm.com. For more information, you can log in www.astalift.com.my 

The Power Of Love

Last Saturday both Rambo and I were feeling tired and lazy to attend Elaine's wedding dinner that night but Rambo's Bro Chai and other sisters have did their very best to fetch us there going together from Kepong so we just go with the flow naturally. In fact I told Rambo that Elaine has invited me since January 2015, 6 months in advance as she knew I'm a super duper busy lady who couldn't join them for holidays they had recently. We should make a great effort to attend it giving face to Bro.Chai and Gugu who have married each other recently as to bond our relationship closer and stronger than ever 'Chan Ka Chan'. Even if we need to travel to Penang for business trip but I told Rambo to postpone it to July for the Summer Project completion before the Hari Raya holiday.

In this world, gaining money only comes secondary because relationship or friendship should comes 1st as the most basic primary value to practise fully in our daily lives. In fact, Sis Toto, Da Jie and Sis Hoon were so happy we all get to meet each other again for a get-together dinner as we have tonnes of happy gossips in life to share in Hokkien Channel. Haha...But the irony that's happening in our Lim Family was kinda weird because Bro.Chai and Gugu are the pure Vegans of all time so they had to be seated at Table 7 for vegetarian meals. Both Da Jie and Sis Hoon were joining them so Bro.Hong, Sis Toto+Bro.Cheong couple and I were placed at Table 4 for meat takers while Rambo prefer to sit next to me closely like a magnet even when Gugu asked if he would like to join their vegan table. Obviously, I didn't eat much meat also but I still chose to sit next to Sis Toto as we cannot stop talking and laughing once we clicked together as one.   

Still, Sis Hoon, Bro Chai and Da Jie they all came to our table, started our Hokkien Drama for long hours before the dinner started at 8.30pm. We usually gossip much about health topics like I've been asking Sis Toto to pull out her white grey hair. It's been growing more and more from her healthy and pretty locks of hair that's kinda blocking her beauty out of it. She looks young and gorgeous with her infectious big smile, but the grey hair somewhere, somehow makes her looked old liao in which she totally agreed with me so she cut her hair shorter and promised me she'll pull out the grey hair as soon as she can. I told Sis Hoon about it and she asked me why I didn't have any white grey hair. Rambo was very kepoh, he mencelah telling them every month I go for my monthly hair spa pampering to scan my hair scalp for years liao. 

Haha...The main reason I went for my monthly spa pampering is to make sure my hair scalp is clean, not clogged by any oil or impurities, infected by lice and for head+neck+back massage for 2 hours long. If there's any grey hair forming out from my hair follicle I would know before hand and I will definitely pull it out as soon as I can, but it's not happening yet so far in my life. In fact, I've been asking all my hair stylist to trim and cut my hair as much hair as possible. I wanted my head to feel light and easy. I explained to all of them when they told me I was the only lady they came across wanted to have less hair as possible as the many others usually asking them to add more hair and volume for them. I also told both Sis Toto and Sis Hoon that the main reason I wanted as less hair as possible because I needed the protein nutrients for my brain energy instead.

If you have too much hair and heavy head that's weighing you down heavily in which I also shared with my sis Defney and mom before, you need a lot more of protein intake to feed your hair instead of your brain. That's why I told Rambo, my sis Defney and Sis Toto the reason why all of them have such bad memory of their brain. Rambo and Sis Toto did their very best nowadays going for their hair cut every month now. Even if you take a lot of expensive Gingko Biloba from Amway also no use, spending hundreds and thousands of dollars also no point over the years because hair is growing everyday from our body so obviously it will consume much of your energy, nutrients and sucking the nutrients from your body every now and then. So it's either you choose in between beauty, health and wellness by balancing each needs appropriately, accordingly or you need to lose any of the important factor of your lives. 

I'm the creator and editor of my life, I choose to have less hair in order to spare more supplements for my brain to focus more easily and I can complete my daily tasks more efficiently. My sis Defney went to cut her hair shorter, trim it layered and I told her, "See, you look nicer with this kinda hairstyle and it's good for your health as well." I told her sometimes a crowing glory of a healthy, pretty hair like this can portrayed such a big difference to look simply beautiful and she quickly agreed with me "Yea, absolutely true!" Sis Hoon then asked what's the colour of my hair as she wanted to dye the same colour like mine. I laughed out loud and told her it's the natural colour of my hair. It has been two years long I have never dye my hair into red or golden brown colours to stay awesome like my younger years hobby in my 20's. My best friend Jos always asked me to bring her to get the same hair colour colour as she wanted to look exactly like me with the fantastic hair colour she fell in love with.

Even my mom and sis Defney have been pushing me to dye our hair together in the past 2 years, I told them I promised myself not to dye my hair for the time being but I dare not swear to myself that I won't do it in the near future. I know I'm a fun beauty afficionado who's willing to try anything in the name of beauty, so it really depends on my mood on that day if one day I wish to dye my hair, I will just go all out for it. Sis Hoon was surprised why on earth my hair colour looked healthy and smooth but it's not entirely black in colour, in which I explained to her I was born this way. In fact, my dad told me he used to nurture my hair with expensive brandy when I was a baby. I grew up having golden brown hair which looked more golden in colour when I was younger but as time goes by, my hair slowly have grown to be darker brown now. That's why everywhere I go, everybody doubt that I'm a Chinese and they tend to ask me if I was a Thai or mixed until I seriously clarified to them that I'm a pure Chinese, that's for sure.

Sis Hoon laughed at Rambo having too many grey hair, saying it in Hokkien and both Rambo and Sis Toto replied her instantly if they can live so happily lucky like Jacinta, they also can looked gorgeously and lovely like me. Haha...I only laughed out loud, I know they didn't mean to be jealous or envious of me because both of them are forever my best buddies in Charlie's Angel mission, but I know that they're definitely aiming the same kinda life I'm enjoying now. Sis Toto told me she has started to join a dancing class now and asking me to have gleeful fun with her together, but I told her "Cannot lah Kepong." Haha...I honestly told her by the time I had stress driving up there, I already have no mood to dance and she totally understand my situation on that no matter how much we wanted to stay close with one another. But we still do our very best to spend more time together during the weekend looking for good food in town because they knew I'm a 'Wai Sik Queen' in the family. 

We had such great gossips about our lives fantastically that night although we need to be separated into two different tables, having a not-bad wedding course dinner esp. the Cold Watermelon Prawns, kinda new to all of us. I was glad I came to support a mixed racial Chinese+Indian wedding with our family members that day. I'm here wishing both Elaine and Kenny to stay 'Wing Kit Tung Sem' and have a healthy baby real soon. Both Rambo and I shared with Sis Toto our future planning to keeping our marriage alive and happily ever after for our 30th Anniversary grand celebration so long 'Amituofo' is blessing us to that blissful moment. I jokingly added that Rambo is still holding a grudge with me, not giving him the chance to hold our wedding at Shangri-La Hotel in which I promised I'll give him the green light to celebrate our golden anniversary at a lovely hotel provided that we're fully blessed by my beloved 'Guan Yin'. Haha...Tq my beloved Guan Yin for giving me Rambo Lim, a lovely hubby of my life!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Build A Nice Bridge With Good People To Cross With

Last week I saw my friend Datuk J's sharing one of the Family Run he participated with his new family in Johor, I couldn't help it but to like on it. And such a coincidence, his ex-wife was also running for a Family Run in KL with her two daughters. I told Rambo I liked one of Datuk J's solo picture of him not the one with his new family, asking him not to get mad at me because I know he's very loyal to his friends and in this particular case, it's the ex-wife he's standing supportive of her all these years. I told him the reason I told him is because I respect him a lot and fret one day he find out he's not happy about it, he may question me uncontrollably.

I rather I'm honest to him now than having to answer him later, I explained to him this is because Datuk J actually liked many of my pictures. In fact, both Datuk J and AA wished me 'Happy Birthday' at the same time on the same day and almost the same kinda wishes. How ironic it can be? That's why somewhere, somehow they're connected over the years from high school, being great partners in business for years and got married with 2 girls. It's just too bad along their happy years being together, who would have thought a foxy lady is able to torn them apart and they had to divorce each other forcefully. 

I remembered I told both of them 20 years ago when I was 19, Datuk J was a charming guy who's a 'Sun Pun' and must guarded him 'Sat Yat Sat'(strictly). We talked about this issue quite seriously, just never thought it really happening to them. No one can really predict the future. Sometimes fortune teller can tell you a thing or two of the events that's believable, probable or possible but he's not God he cannot guarantee and make sure that everything that he has predicted will be true. And I have tried to explain to Rambo nicely and reasonably many times, "Yan Mong Gou Chi" that simply means human tend to look forward all the way to the top and if he thinks the new wife can uplifted him to a better, higher position of success, no one can really stopped him from doing so, including his parents. Everyone have their own golden dreams to achieve, success story to create and happiness to live for, so be happy for others only then God will award us the same happiness. 

The above picture is an app info I got from Facebook, you can check your personality result if you want to. I heard many real stories from them and from the summary of their true story, everyone have their own standing points of view where they're only vying for the best trophy of their happiness only. I told all of them not to get involved by doing evil things but to respect other people's privacy. When others got involved in a battle field, they have their own reasons why they're standing firm on their decision to end up their friendship, marriage or partnership. No one will really understand their thoughts, perception and perspective in life. First and foremost, I told Rambo I had every rights to respond positively towards Datuk J's generosity to me with kindness back to him. He's nice to me, obviously I need to be nice to him. I don't like to make enemies with anyone and as long I did my best everyday to be happy, I'm a lucky lady already to be surrounded with my beloved family and friends.  

Everyone knows I stand supportive and protective more to the women's side before the men, and based on this case as a normal human being, I pointed out to Rambo seriously that my heart was made of flesh - 'Yan Sem Yuk Zou'. Eventually I can forget and forgive Datuk J as time goes by, in fact AA his ex-wife did the same. She has learn to move on, getting married again. I actually wishes her to stay happy and hoping she can lead a better life ahead with her new family. Human heart is very soft actually, we're not made of robot. We're not vindictive people who have time to plan any resentful or revengeful evil things to others. We only have time to do good, feel good and cultivate good deeds for great future undertakings. If we threw out the ego in us, everything will seems pleasant with bright light at the end of the tunnel. 

Like the Chinese used to say, in fact Rambo also used to advise me by saying the routes that we passed through need to be free and easy, smooth and reach to our final destination without any obstacles. Everyday I thanked my Guan Yin and Amituofo for giving me a great life to start anew with good health, no pain but gain. Then before I step out from my home, I prayed hard also that I'm safely back home sweet home and when I'm back, I thanked my guardian angels for reaching home safe and sound. While having dinner with my beloved hubby everyday, he managed to make me laugh out loud successfully. I really treasure the moments we can stayed really attached with each other closely now as he's very loving to me. That's life!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dulcolax® - The Gentle, Predictable Relief of Constipation

Almost everyone has suffered from constipation at some point. It could be due to travel for work or vacation, stress, lack of fibre in the diet, lack of exercise and many other reasons you may come across in our daily lives. Statistics on Malaysians who endure constipation showed a prevalence of between 12% to 19%. I was glad I came for this health event, mostly talked about constipation problem suffered by the many others be it among the kids or adults themselves.

I've gained so much knowledge about health, beauty and wellness at the event, and now I'm able to share this related topics on my Evergreen Love Blog. Constipation is more common than some people may believe. Although constipation is a common problem, it is not treated all the time because there are many myths and misconceptions about constipation and laxatives.  A recent study sponsored by Dulcolax, demonstrate that these myths are not evidence based.

Dulcolax® is a Laxative, with more than 60 years of experience in the market, Dulcolax® tablet has provided predictable, overnight and gentle relief for constipation in more than 50 countries worldwide.  

“Dulcolax® is gentle on the stomach because it acts only where is needed, at the bowel, and is clinically known to provide safe and gentle relief of constipation”, said Ms. Carmenza Alarcon, Head of Consumer Healthcare Malaysia & Singapore.

Ms. Carmenza also added “Consumers can also understand more about constipation from our dedicated global website www.myconstipationrelief.com whereby we feature useful facts, solutions, quick tips as well as myths surrounding the use of laxatives.”

Many myths surround the laxatives and its usage, including the belief that laxative may cause addiction. “There is no pharmacological basis for laxatives addiction although sometimes they might be misused”, said Ms Sunita Derksen, Medical Affairs Lead Boehringer Ingelheim South East Asia & South Korea.

Present at the talk to debunk myths and misconceptions of laxative usage were local actress Yasmin Hani as well as health and fitness guru, Kevin Zahri who both shared their personal views on alleviating constipation. Together with Dr Sunita Derksen and Carmenza, members of the media were enlightened on the subject of constipation as well as the usage of laxatives.

Dulcolax® is available in both tablets and suppositories to cover different needs. Available in Dulcolax® Tablets 5mg, packs of 30 tablets and box of 200 tablets for gentle, predictable relief within 8-12 hours. Taken before bedtime, and be at ease the following morning. For fast relief, Dulcolax® comfort shaped suppositories 10mg (Adults) & 5mg (Children) that relieves constipation within 15-30 minutes. Dulcolax® can be purchased from major pharmacies nationwide.

Myths & Misconception of Laxative
1.      “A diet lacking in fibre intake can cause constipation. Constipation can be treated by increasing dietary fibre content & dietary fibre supplements.” Although a fibre-rich diet helps prevent constipation, increased fibre intake can worsen the situation for those with severe constipation.

2.      “Increasing fluid intake can alleviate constipation.”
There is no evidence to suggest increasing fluid intake alleviates constipation. Increasing fluid intake can only successfully treat constipation when there is evidence of severe dehydration.

3.      “A sedentary lifestyle contributes to constipation. Constipation can be treated by increasing physical activity.”
While older people find that being inactive could lead to or worsen constipation, there are usually other contributing factors eg. Medication, medical status, diet.

4.      “During lactation, women cannnot take laxatives.”
Laxatives like Dulcolax can be used during lactation as neither active or derivatives component are excreted into mother's milk.

5.      “Patients could become addicted to laxatives.”
There is no potential for addiction to laxatives although they may be misused by psychiatric patients.

6.      “Women get constipated before their period.”
Despite hormones playing only a small part in constipation, some women find their menstrual cycle affects how often they go to the toilet.

7.      “Laxatives can cause abdominal cramps.”
Well-known laxatives like Dulcolax has a comfort coating layer and will only work where it is needed. This reliable formula is safe that even lactating mothers could use it.

8.      “Laxatives help with weight loss.”
Taking a laxative where there is no need for constipation relief will merely result in the loss of water, salts and nothing more.

9.      “Laxatives can lead to a recurrence of constipation.”
There is no evidence that constipation comes back as soon as you stop taking laxatives for constipation.

10.  “You have to be natural to be gentle.” 
      Dulcolax has a comfort coating, is gentle on the stomach and only works where it is needed.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Good, Smooth Journey

Last Saturday, I was completely booked for 4 events as usual but I can only managed to attend two of it even forgo those paid ones and attended two of the events that I have promised on a 1st come 1st serve basis. To me, I live on a principle that not everything must evolved around money, glitz or glamour life only. Family and friends meant a lot to me so no matter how busy I was that day having fun in any events with my friends, I make sure I must be present to be with my dear Charmers for the weekend gathering. All these years, my mom has been asking Shan Shan if she wanted a birthday party with her friends but she didn't want to as she's a 'Guai Guai Lui'(obedient daughter) whom I'm proud to love her all my life.

During dinner while asking her to take more vegetables for her good health, she told me she's now performing for Guan Yin Thousand Hands of Dance where she need not move much with her hands as she's the shortest dancer of them all. She makes me laugh out loud and I told her it's a blessing in disguise because she can relax a bit. Since she started to dance and performed for her school as one of the professional dancer, she always showed me her dancing clothing provided by the school free of charge. I was surprised and asked "Where got free things or free lunch in this world?   

But then when I think of it, the way they performed for the school from time to time invited by many Chinese organisations at Thean Hou Temple, travelling out-station etc. from am to pm was too time consuming already for my dear Shan. But as long she's happy now, I just let her enjoy her dancing hobby while she's free to do so. If she's performing for The Curve, clubs during festive seasons through Kids Agency who selected her based on her dancing talent, she will get paid but not much and tally with the time spent also. When she's younger, she can treat it like a hobby while earning some money along the way, but now that she has submerged herself in the Latin Dancing competition recently and won Champions in all the Salsa, Tango and Cha Cha Dance, I told her that her win is gonna cost her more from now on.

I did comment that her Red Latin Dress is not very alluring and stunning, she needed to get a nicer one in future. I believe her win is based on her dancing talent and skills she have learned from the weekly dancing class. I remembered the last time she dance the Hawaiian Dance for her school, I taught her to twist a little bit more on her waist and be more gentle on her hand movements, she asked why I didn't continue dancing which I should. Haha...I wished I could I told her but I need to 'Sung Kuat', loosen up my bones 1st due to my age and waiting Rambo to get slimmer 1st. Lynette kept laughing about it when I told them now he's still fatty Bom Bom. In fact LeAnne has been asking me to join her Ballet Teacher who's teaching Latin at PJ but I told her not that area, Seri Petaling is more ideal for me. 

I also said let's wait for LeAnne to go for her Latin dance next year after her UPSR exam, then we'll all go for it together. My mom and stepdad told me there's a big-sized couple who went for the dancing competition also last week in Penang under the adult category, they can dance well. I told them, 'No, I need a fit partner to lead me through." After dinner, Lynette showed me some video sharing by this 'Wah Banana' where she even said it melodiously like she's singing to me. Haha...We managed to bond some great moments together that's so worthy of my time meeting all of them esp. when I leave that night, Lynette kissed me passionately mouth to mouth with me. Haha...so melt by her! We celebrated Shan's birthday within our family members real happily together that day besides enjoying the Nyonya Dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival.

Last month also, LeAnne mentioned to me long time we didn't have dinner bonding time together because sometimes they arrived late I have taken my dinner liao. My dear Charmers are very 'Chi Ching' type of girls, manja attached to me since they're babies and I really missed those great memories with them. Sometimes I see my sister Defney posted those old pictures of them, I knew she missed those cutie little moments of them but the fantasy has become a reality in life. Kids will grow up really fast, just a blink of eyes only they're growing up like pretty, precious flowers in our garden. For babies or kids, they're so fun to play with. My Da Jie told me she just had a dream recently I got pregnant, she was so happy till she couldn't sleep that day.

Haha...we all laughed out loud during the Vegan Dinner that night at Kepong when she broke the baby news with us with many of them kept persuading us to have a baby. They never really gave up asking me to give birth even after numerous times I have explained to them honestly both Rambo and I are not keen. Sis Toto and Bro Chai kept adding after Da Jie said they will be thrilled to have a new baby in our family and will love our baby to death. I replied them I knew that and I believe they will but our decisions are final. We are very decisive when it comes to dictate about our baby issue to a Yes or No answer only. We're happy as a twosome family and enjoying our lives to the ultimatum maximum limit. In fact, we're living up our lives very happily with grace and glory. As long we're not greedy, life is sensationally splendid for us. 

Even Rambo's best buddy KH understood when I explained to him about the Buddhism values on ending human's suffering on earth he then told me, "Yea, it's good also." Never expect the next generation to suffer or put such a burden on them when they grew up. If we wanted kids in our lives, we should give them a comfortable life to live happily ever after. I have seen and heard many stories from many of my friends about life, they always told me once their kids get married they wanted to get a small condo/apartment to live as a twosome family only. Julia even told me her hubby Mr. Lim didn't wana spend any of his retirement money to get his son the latest Audi Sport car when she asked him to because he came from a humble beginning, very poor back then. I told her the same thing Rambo will not spoil his child too if he had any, in fact he always said I spoilt my dear Charmers buying them so many things.

But to me, it's totally worth it because I know they treasure it like their precious gems and seeing them wearing it nicely, I felt fulfilled to see them feeling happy about it. Julia also told me since she can afford it, she got them everything like buying her daughter a Lambskin Chanel Handbag cost RM16,000 on her 16th Birthday, besides the high education fees in US and still taking good care of them now. Such a coincidence Robert heard her talking to me about this subject all along our Eastern Europe holiday for days liao, he said he disagreed with the way she taught her kids because he said he has spent so much money for his sons education in US considered he has did his very best already. With adequate education provided for them, they need to strive and thrive on their own after that if they wanted to stay in Bungalow or driving luxury cars.

Both of them keep debating their own points of view to me because I was sitting at the centre of Julia behind me and Robert in front of me. Both Rambo and Mr.Chew who were sitting besides me and next to me also voice out their point of views to me that they're more into standing on Mr.Lim's side because they all came from very hard, humble beginnings of rags to riches kinda lives. Mr.Lim just keep quiet about it because he's very old already, no energy to argue his points of view that afternoon esp. infront of his fierce wife but he stands firm on his position by not contributing any of his money for his son's luxury. This conversation has going on and on like forever, even when I go for a toilet break at the petrol station both of them followed me and still debating on their strong points to me. Back from the toilet also, Rambo saw us still standing at the fridge talking about it he laughed out loud.

And when we're back to our comfy coach, Rambo asked me so what's the conclusion or summary about each parent's parenting ways so everyone of them would agreed on the final solution because it seemed to be a never ending story for all of us having different opinions about this issue. Both Julia and Robert stayed quiet for awhile when I said that both of their teachings are also right, there's no wrong in any of their parenting skills. I agreed with Julia's parenting style to pamper her kids if they did well in their studies or if they behaved well as a filial child along the years and for me, if I can afford to buy them those luxury things they wanted to, I would spend that kinda money for them too just like what Julia shared with me. In fact, I always taught my dear Charmers to strive for the things they wanted by earning it on their own efforts independently and not living lavishly like treating money can be printed using normal paper only anytime they wanted to do so. They need to work hard and smart for it the ethical ways. 

For Robert's case, he's definitely a good father who has worked hard all his life to provide a good education foundation for his sons. Not only they're successful in their lives staying in US now, they also managed to treat their parents for holidays. Robert's wife had cancer which affected their lives sometimes. I advised all of them to drink Cellfood immediately by asking his son to get it for them from US itself. Even Julia wanted the Cellfood link from me because her sister just had Breast Cancer too. And through this Cellfood conversation, both of them can sit together with me having lunch pleasurably at Germany without debating on the parenting subject further more. We then enjoyed our lunch and soups talking about our Eastern Europe holiday with many great memories and unstoppable laughters about our trip. That's life!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Launch of Raya Bersama Watsons

This festive season is the time to reflect, unite and cherish quality time with our families. With this in mind, Asia’s no. 1 health and beauty retailer Watsons Malaysia joined forces with GSK and Hospis Malaysia to feature Quality Ramadan as part of its CSR campaign. In addition, Watsons has collaborated with Media Prima, TV3 on their crowd-pleasing Raya Ni Dah Kahwin drama series for the second time. Watsons Raya campaign does not end here as customers are encouraged to participate in the campaigns while enjoy exciting range of products featured at the Watsons Raya Mega sale this year. 

As part of the Watsons for palliative care movement, Watsons Malaysia and GSK will donate funds to Hospis Malaysia, a charitable organisation providing professional palliative care services for patients and families affected by life-limiting illnesses. All services provided by Hospis Malaysia are provided free of charge. Malaysians can support this initiative as 10 sen will be donated to Hospis Malaysia for every Panadol or Panaflex purchased at Watsons store.

“Watsons Malaysia is spearheading various initiatives to help empower the community where we live. Through this initiative we aim to support Hospis Malaysia’s endeavor to improve palliative care services in the country. We echo Hospis Malaysia’s mission and would like to salute the dedicated multidisciplinary team from Hospis Malaysia for their absolute commitment to improve the quality of life for the patients and families of those affected by life-limiting illnesses. Hence, our CSR initiative will reward ordinary people who do extraordinary work,” said the General Manager of Trading of Watsons Malaysia, Caryn Loh at Raya Bersama Watsons launch event.

In addition, the campaign emphasises the need for individuals to spend quality time with family. Leveraging Malaysia’s food culture, Watsons Malaysia has partnered with renowned singer, actor, and champion of Masterchef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob to demonstrate how families can bond together through quality food.

Watsons Malaysia will be featuring special recipes for Hari Raya and Raya CD that will be sold on Watsons Online Store, 10 sen will also be donated to Hospis Malaysia when customers purchase cookies and Raya CD.

After the successful completion of the first season of Raya Ni Mesti Kahwin drama series last year that touched over 1.5 million viewers across Malaysia, Watsons Malaysia will continue to be part of the story to be part of more exciting moments with Nina and Amar as they enter their married life in the show.

“We understand the importance of quality time with family and friends during Raya. Similar to last year, we want to give an experience to Malaysians to connect in this joyful Hari Raya celebration with Watsons. Our aim is to showcase that Watsons is for the whole family. We believe this campaign will make Hari Raya for many Malaysians a very memorable one,” said Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia.

At the launch event, lead actors of Raya Ni Dah Kahwin, Nina Iskandar and Amar Asyraf were present to share their involvement in this exciting campaign with Watsons. In this new season, Nina’s character, Nana is Watsons Store Manager who is juggling between works and being a wife to Amar’s character. Therefore, expect a lot of comedy scenes that is happening in Watsons’ store.

“Last year was about getting married, this year it will be about newlyweds face their first taste of experiencing Ramadan and Raya together. More responsibilities, more dramas, and definitely more relevant Watsons products!” explained Nina during the Chit-Chat session at the programme.

In addition, Watsons will be launching an official WeChat Account (@WatsonsMalaysia) that is dedicated to the viewers of Raya Ni Dah Kahwin where they can participate to win exciting prizes at the end of each episode on a weekly basis as well as to support their favourite cast in the drama series by voting through the WeChat platform. Lucky winners will stand a chance to meet the casts they have voted too in Watsons Raya Open House coming August.  

Apart from that, free Raya Packet and Reward Pack will be distributed to customers when they shop at Watsons’ stores. While, Watsons Raya Mega Sales will be on full display from 18 June – 29 July with discount up to 50% to help customer look good, feel great this Raya.

For more information about Raya Bersama Watsons campaign, you can visit Watsons Facebook www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysia or Watsons official website www.watsons.com.my . Don’t forget to ‘Like’ their Facebook page and follow Watsons Malaysia official WeChat account too!

About Watsons Malaysia
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*Campaign Asia-Pacific’s “Asia's Top 1,000 Brands” Survey 2014 of over 5,000 Asian respondents