Wednesday, October 30, 2013

FREEMAN Beauty Masks

It’s all available at Guardian stores, priced at RM18.90. Check it out! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NARUKO Brightening and Firming Night Gelly

This is the Naruko product I wana try when I saw the Vivi magazine invitation to Niu Er, the famous Beauty
Guru beauty event at Sunway Convention Centre. 1st thing I wana attend his Mandarin-speaking talk, then
to grab his Naruko products in full range I told Rambo, including this great product which I got it that day
and feeling so wonderful about it. 

Yesterday my friend Grace's husband HH called me at Health in the City event
asking me how I was doing, long time no see? Haha...I'm fine, just not free to
attend all the events in town. Even Cite mag executive told me she came that day
but didn't see me as I told her parking was full so by the time I waited and spend
some time with my good friend EK shopping at Sunway, it ended already. Sigh!

Since my dream came true of getting the product I was wishing for, I started to use it already that night.
The next day, unbelievable result that my right deep wrinkle has plump up, it's like been filled up naturally.
Not only my skin is hydrated to the moisture level I'm looking for, it also help to brighten up my dull skin
to radiant skin with a healthy glow. 
This night gelly really lived up to its brand title for age-repairing treatments overnight, giving me ultimate
youthful looking skin in just one night. The packaging came with a spatula for hygienic purpose and I only
use a small scoop of it is enough for me. It's light, in a gel texture that I like it absorbed into my dry, dull skin
in just few minutes of my time. It's suitable for all skin types esp. for dull, sallow and aging skin like mine.

Peace comes from within

Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike. Each has their own sufferings.
Some suffer too much, Others maybe little but we all suffer as human that's true.

No money can buy peace that comes from within. You need to be sincere and having deep cultivation to achieve the so-called peace you're hoping and wishing for. Recently, many of my friends just told me they're going through cancer chemo after a big operation. If it's not ear infection, they may have nose sinus problem and if it's not worse, they have all kinds of weird sickness and illness we have never heard or knew about until we heard it from them sharing it with us. I always told Rambo, so long we're healthy everyday consider it's a bonus to us as health is the ultimate wealth of all.  

That's why I always told Rambo it's not the money you can gain by working hard and smart everyday that will bring the total happiness in life. As long he's healthy, happy and pretty smart living his life with positive goals everyday, he's wealthy enough to live up his life and I'm already very happy, having total peace of mind that money cannot buy or trade with it. It's all about total peace that you have did your very best to live life to the fullest. I still see many people who live simple life yet they're very happy and living simply, going through day by day with healthy lifestyles and truly happy. That's called life! 

Lynette, aged 6 always asked and raised her hand to get the utmost attention among the other two Charmers who have many things to share with us during dinner. And when she's pandai already, she's happy sharing life with her friends about what we have talked about like the White Lion Story, after telling me she wana research about it on her mini Ipad. Haha...I always taught her "Jangan malu bertanya" and always asked many questions to clarify and confirm it before you share. That's what she did and she also asked me to type the white lion subject for her to research more about it. 

Just like me, I always asked people around esp. the locals be it from HongKong, Italy or China so I need not 'Hang Yin Wong Lou'(no need to walk the wrong path of road). I do things fast and furious, I just wana go the right way at the very 1st start. Go short cut if I have to but never go to the wrong path of life or the cunning way to get what I want. I always believe that if today you con me, tomorrow you'll kena con back. Karma is maha berkuasa, really powerful in 'What goes around, comes around.' 

Lynette asked me what kinda dress I was wearing? I told her it's called the lace dress and so she said she loved it so much after saying it's very nice. This little girl is indeed a survivor as she knew that she's the youngest among them all, somewhere somehow she's able to share what she wana talk about after both of them finished talking. In fact, she have the wisdom to advise her sister "Dai Yiyi already said chant 'Amituofo' if you're sad or feeling emotional, many many times". Haha...I laughed out loud after hearing her said that to her sister when 4 of us the 'BFFs' were sharing about our lives that day. 

Rambo couldn't believe what he heard and when I shared this good news with my stepdad, who's also a great devotee in Buddhism also said she's very brilliant to have that kinda wisdom to adapt into Buddhism. Yes, I felt totally fulfilled, deep within me that I have a young student who can share about Buddhism with her elders. Once again, money can't buy this kinda achievement and wisdom that they can gain from practising Buddhism. It's all belongs to her and her fortune of practising Buddhism is gonna grow much more for her.    

We celebrate LeAnne's brithday yesterday evening because I can't celebrate with her this week. In her diary she said that she's very excited looking forward for her birthday this coming week but at the same time she felt so sad because "Dai Yiyi is going somewhere else". I knew she felt that way coz everytime I travel anywhere she told me before she doesn't want me to travel anywhere, be it China ka, Europe ka and even local Penang business trip.  

I felt so touched and melt deep inside of me reading her expression of her inner feelings for me. That's why I love her so much and when my sister Defney gave birth to her, I just knew this Scorpion girl is one of my best ally in the world. Totally feeling on top of the world. No words can really describe how attached and how deeply in love we can be. It's indescriable and the bond is closer than ever that we have cultivated along the weeks, months and years of loving each other.

That evening after dinner, my sister Wan said "Jie, you should wear like this more often. Simple and nice". "Haha...It's not mine, it's your mom who forced me to wear like that and this tight skirt is hers."May, 2nd sister who heard it said, "Yea, nice but she said has been forced". LeAnne also mencelah, "Dai Yiyi, I like the way you dress up like that. Looks so cool". I laughed out loud adding "It's really not my style. I'm not used to wear like this" and my mom said, "See". Mom will always be a mom, they never stop worrying about us and trying to be right, make it right for us all the time.   

Just like the Chinese used to say 'Yeong Yi 100 Shui, Cheong Yau 99' that means a parent will always take care of her/his child to 100 years old and worried about them till 99 years old. My mom always complain about our way of dressing up, too sexy(Jacinta), too transparent (Wan), too voluptuous(May), too short (Hsuen) and too mature(Shyan). Eileen is spared from all the complains because she wears T-shirt and Jeans all the time, simple and can be 'Tai Dak Sun Ngan'(senang mata memandang) for her as a mom. That's what life is all about, we just need to accept it and be more open about it even if it's not our style of living our lives.

In life, always stay focus in your dreams and goals besides staying positive to achieve it. At times when one door is close be it the chance of your lifetime, you still need to stay motivated in life that another better, wider and further road will open for us. Just like I deleted one Carrie bad apple in my life, God has given me two better and prettier Carrie for me. Not only we uplift and support each other, we're grateful having each other as friends we stay connected to. And 1st, I need to have a strong laws of attraction to attract good things in my life. All of my family and friends used to say and see that the grass of my land is greener on my side but that's not true. 

Rambo always taught me 'Zhung Gua Dak Gua, Zhung Guo Dak Guo' philosophy in life that is so meaningful and it's only happening because we have cultivated our path of routes in this way. I always told all of them, "You can do it too. Nothing is impossible. Everyone deserves to be happy, pretty and healthy. You only need to plant it at your garden of life, watering it with good intentions, pure good mind and make sure it grows into a beautiful garden of yours. If you can be happy for others, the God will give you a good life too. But 1st, you really need to be truthful, kind and do+think good because at the end of the day, you attract and will receive what you believe in life.Believe me, it works for me!"

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mary Kay® Limited Edition Fairytales and Fantasy Collection

Discover Romantic Beauty and Mesmerizing Coverage with the limited-Edition Mary Kay® Fairytales and Fantasy Collection this October 2013. This beautiful, runway-worthy makeup is something every woman dreams of. Now, every beauty fantasy can come true with the new Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Fairytales and Fantasy Collection, entranced by this mesmerizing collection that tells a romantic story of sparkling shades of pastel and masquerade deep hues. 

'Making Women Gorgeous For 50 years' parcel arrived in Oct.

Inspired by the ethereal looks of the fall fashion runways, this collection allows women to easily achieve gorgeous, enchanting style right at home. The Limited-Edition* Mary Kay® Fairytales and Fantasy Collection perfectly complements this season’s fashion and beauty trends, channeling a princess aesthetic. The flattering tones of the collection are a necessary addition to every woman’s fall wardrobe!

 Limited Edition Mary Kay® Fairytales and Fantasy Collection

Limited-Edition* Mary Kay® Fairytales & Fantasy Collection Glossy Lip Stain
Available in these romantic hues – Mulberry Forest and Enchanted Mauve, it is price at RM60. This moisture-rich, long-lasting lip color provides an ultra-glossy look with intense color and brilliant shine. Stay-true color glides on smoothly and I kinda like the new packaging too because the usual packaging was kinda small. For precise application, sweep color from right corner to end corner until entire lip is fully covered. 

Mulberry Forest Glossy Lip Stain RM60

Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Fairytales & Fantasy Collection Kohl Eyeliner
Available in these captivating colors – Blue Knight and Mulberry Forest provides intense color with an effortlessly creamy application. The built-in smudger and shaper help to achieve any desired look, from a precisely lined eye to an alluring smoky eye smoothly and evenly. Gliding on without tugging, long-wearing color and does not fade, crease or smear.

Kohl Eyeliner Mulberry Forest : RM52 (right eye only)

I like the Mulberry Forest Kohl Eyeliner highlighted on my eyes as it actually brighten up the overall look of my eyes. Look sharper, bigger and bolder that's for sure. What Michelle told me about the fact that I would like this limited edition range before Mary Kay Malaysia officially launch this makeup range(17 Oct) is so true. I like it to the extent of remembering to apply this Eyeliner before applying any other eye makeup colors. And the fact that it's so easy to use, I only need to draw it following the line of my eyes, it stays all day long. 

Nail Lacquer Mulberry Forest: RM30

Limited-Edition* Mary Kay® Fairytales & Fantasy Collection Nail Lacquer
Available in these captivating colors – Enchanted Mauve, Blue Knight, and Mulberry Forest. Applies smoothly and evenly with long wearing, it does not streak during application which gives me the total ease applying it in minutes only. It provides a high gloss with a durable finish that lasts for long which I totally agreed as I only need to apply one coat that gives me the perfect nail colors for the weekend. Even the Enchanted Mauve gave me the healthy-looking nail color in just 10 minutes of my time.

Nail Lacquer Enchanted Mauve: RM30

To get up close with Mary Kay Malaysia and to grab any of this limited edition Fall collection, check out their Facebook page at 

Friday, October 25, 2013

SaSa Cosmeceutical Fair 2013

SaSa is proud to present a massive collection of cosmeceutical brands via a special platform, that is the largest Cosmeceutical Fair from October 23rd to 27th 2013 at LG Oval, 1 Utama Shopping Centre New Wing.  

The revolution of cosmeceutical skincare line has significantly set a searing beauty trend across Korea, Japan and searing its arrival on Malaysia shores during these recent years. 

Premiering the 10 exclusive international cosmeceutical participating brands are America: GoodSkin Labs, Skin Peptoxyl, b.liv, Australia:Skin Doctors, Korea : BRTC, Dr.G, Dr.Jart, Dr.Young and Taiwan : Dr. Wu and Neogence. 

Definitively, cosmeceutical brings forth the new wave to the skincare landscape because it marks the marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The birth of cosmeceutical skincare provides consumers with value for money products based on professional medical theories and clinical experiments without any medical concern.

The cosmeceutical skincare trend has been growing steadily among Asean countries, indicating a marked consumer’s preference upon dermatologically tested skincare products.

The active ingredients influence the biological function of the skin and have proven to provide significant improvement to the skin appearance within a minimum time period after usage. 

In addition, cosmeceutical skincare products possess low irritation level in order to ensure the safety and stability upon usage for all skin types, especially sensitive skin user. With a huge array of products being categorized in our portfolio, the key skin concerns will be addressed via the latest revolutionary skin transformation diagnosis, whereby we will aim to meet the market needs, addressing the concerns, doubts and any other skin-beauty related queries.

The topic of coverage includes Anti-Aging, Whitening like the picture above Dr.Wu Clinical Skincare, Hydrating, Blemish Care, Pore Care, Soothing and Special Treatment. Featuring an exclusive array of 10 international well-known cosmeceutical brands from America, Australia, Korea and Taiwan.   

Premiering the 10 exclusive international cosmeceutical participating brands are America:GoodSkin Labs, Skin Peptoxyl, b.liv, Australia:Skin Doctors, Korea : BRTC, Dr.G, Dr.Jart, Dr.Young and Taiwan : Dr. Wu, Neogence.

During this special event, SaSa will offer the following exclusive promotions as tokens to reward their customers with very special promotions like;
 RM20 voucher will be given for every RM100 spent.
 Lucky Dip with prizes worth up to RM138 for every RM150 spent.

 A thorough skin diagnosis using a revolutionary skin analysis machine from USA, paired with our expert beauty consultants will be given to our consumers whenever they spend RM200 per transaction.
 A speedy facial treatment with 4 types of treatments will be available for easy selection whenever they spend RM300 during this special fair.

Apart from these attractive offers, specialized skincare talks will be held during the weekend to walk consumers through the trends and benefits of cosmeceutical skincare, especially the brands under Sa Sa.


Beauty Talk
26th October 2013, 2.30pm
Beauty Blogger Josheen Ma Skincare Sharing
26th October 2013, 4.00pm
Skin Doctors: Time Freeze, Stop your skin from aging.
27th October 2013, 2.30pm
Neogence: Hydration, Key Solution to all skin problems.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

VIBEHERO Get Together at La Boca

Wednesday morning, Amanda send us a menu tasting to give us a gentle reminder. I was kinda lazy, thought
of 'fong fei gei', MIA on this event but Amanda wazzapp me hoping I can make it as this is the 1st blogger event
for us to get to know each other and getting up close with VibeHero community 

And so, I really drag myself up to attend the event and felt very welcomed by all of them. Missed pretty
Amanda on this picture because she's taking the picture for us. I have one picture with Amanda but it's not
clear enough so I rather use this picture. That's why Rambo kept asking me to upgrade my Iphone to Samsung
but I don't want to as I don't wana waste my time to key in all the contacts to a new handphone, waste of time.

I ordered the Strawberry Margarita as it's part of the drinks menu and it's been a long time I last drank my
Margarita at G Tower during the cocktail class. Hmmm, not bad that I even finish the strawberry itself. The
drink I took half and share it with other guys who wana try it as well. Coming to tasting food event like this,
it's all about sharing and trying new food and beverages. 

La Boca Restaurant is all about Latino food, drinks and music(kinda nice but loud). Haha...I love Latino culture
and one of my favourite Latin phrase is 'Res Ipsa Loquitor' which means 'the thing speaks by itself' during my
Law class. Seeing the picture I can drool all over about it already, I only took the prawn miss the carbo bread.

Tamales is one of the many dishes I liked most because it comes with the Saffron Rice and the healthy salad.
For more drooling pictures of yummy Latino food, drinks and music from La Boca Pavilion Level 3, check out

My new friends from the gathering, they're so young and full of life inspirations. Actually at this hour of time,
I'm supposed to rest and relax at home watching TV or reading good books but once in awhile, it's good to come
out mingle around and socialise once in a blue moon for good times, great taste trying out new food in town.

I'm not really a fan of sweet desserts lady but will still take a bite or two and I kinda enjoy this Frozen Mud Pie
that tasted so good it actually melts into my mouth immediately. And I'm so glad that I really made the effort
to attend this gathering with VibeHero that day having good times meeting good people, great taste of yummy
food here. Haha...really nice food here I told Rambo that I'm gonna visit La Boca Bar again with him soon to try
out other dishes as well. Check them out at 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SaSa Shape Up Challenge

I joined this SaSa Shape Up Challenge because I love using Italian Collistar bodycare products for many years
already. This is my 1st blog about Cellulite and my love expression for Collistar brand for many years, check it
 out at

When Wendy knew that I'm part of the participants of this shape up challenge, she asked why would I join
since I was slim but I explained to her that I'm joining this to keep fit and healthy for a better lifestyle. I tend
to eat a lot nowadays and once I start, I just can't stop as I'm a 'Wai Sik Queen' since I was young till today.
Just last night, my sis Toto brought me to one of the best food in town at Sg Buloh. I ate so much, non-stop
 like a pig.Haha...just in the afternoon she said that I look slim but then at night, back to full plump up again.

This Yoga session by Celebrity Fitness really stretch my whole body to slender
and slimmer body from inside out. I don't feel pain at all unlike the usual Badminton
session, my whole body would be aching from inside out. fact, I enjoy my
deep sleep till the next day, I feel totally energetic and empower with new energy level
that I'm looking for now at age 37. It's one of the best exercise ever besides my usual
swimming, playing Badminton. Yoga really works for me to keep me youthful for sure. 

I entered this challenge at the 1st place to keep fit and healthy inside out, definitely not for the grand prize to
fly to Italy as I've just been there early this year of 2013. Paying RM150 is totally worth for the total happiness
I can gain with knowledge I've learnt that day about diet, healthy lifestyle from the monthly workshop, Collistar
products(full size of course) that I love using for many years and keeping myself updated with daily exercise. 

This 3 nice green Collistar are my favourite products I'm looking forward to use daily
from am to pm use because not only it gives me a morning boost of refreshing scent
smells of beauty, it also gives me the confidence to achieve the desired shape I want
and eliminating the cellulite of Stage 2 for slender and slimmer body in time to come.
Wait for my product review from Nov to Jan 2014 as the challenge is still on till 2014.

Mediviron UOA Clinic CRYOCELL Cold Electrophoresis Treatment

CRYOCELL Ice therapy is a cold electrophoresis technique which penetrates moisture into the skin to decrease the redness that occurs after laser surgery procedures and further aids in rapid skin regeneration. In addition to moisture penetration, vitamins or chemicals can be penetrated through the current without injections.

CRYOCELL’s cooling function effectively protects the skin from the current and reduces the absorption of the chemical into the blood vessels by constricting capillaries. I like cooling sensation that's why I took this treatment for a trial to check what is it all about.

Initially, I feel kinda tense up when Ina started the treatment for me as I can feel the intense vibration that's working deeply inside esp. on my cheek bone area. I told her I wanted the lowest rate as possible as I feel kinda uncomfortable. And so she adjust it to the lowest rate with slow and light vibration and I begin to feel safer a bit.

By freezing the skin surface, even strong currents will not cause skin burns which allows for 80~90% efficiency in chemical penetration compared to 5-10% in current equipment. This is a result of constricted blood vessels which allows for the chemical to remain in the treated area. 

From one stage by completing the right side of my face 1st, then she started to do on the left side by applying the skin rejuvenation ampoule all over my face with the cooling machine massaging my face. I begin to feel the cooling sensation that is soothing my face, feel more relaxed a bit. Thank God it's not painful but I'm not used to the strong vibration that I can feel it's working deep into my skin. It ends after 20 minutes and Farah assured me that I can see the result in 2 days time. 

The treatment is to provide highly efficient penetration of vitamins and various chemicals, Strong skin calming effect, Wrinkle reduce and lifting effect, Effective in treating Erythema and Edema, Skin relaxation and lightening, Reduces redness and swelling while relaxing skin after laser procedures or skin peeling, Used for penetrate chemicals for acne-prone and sensitive skin, Effective for treating rosacea due to blood vessel constriction and No procedural pain or side effects of CRYOCELL treatment.