Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Churp Christmas Tour 2013!

Glad to attend the Churp Christmas Tour 2013 on Thursday afternoon as I'm
on leave whole week for the Christmas+New Year 2014 holiday in Malaysia. 
I completed my projects for 2013 and now I'm only waiting for  final payment in January before I can celebrate
CNY 2014. I told ChurpChurp I always wana visit them but never get the chance so it's kinda fated I actually
Tweeted it and make it happen since I can enjoy Christmas holiday this week. It's all about the right timing!  
Yummy cake to drool us over that afternoon. Haha...I took one piece only as I wana diet for healthy me in 2014!

The party started with an ice-breaking game where everyone gets a paper and we need to ask questions,
guessing who we actually are. It's a fun game involving everyone getting interactive with each other.
Aster was asking questions and I gave her the hint that she have a big bum. She guess it right she's Kim
Kardashian. Haha...it's fun and I always gave them very obvious hints so they can guess the answer easily.  

Standing infront not knowing who you are was kinda scary because you have no idea who you are. To get it right
from the start, I gotta asked many questions and finally got it right of 'PSY' the famous Oppa Gangnam Singer.
Basically, the Churp Christmas Tour is all about visiting all the 6 departments from Nuffnang to Design Haven
X'mas decorations. From one dept. chop to another, we're given X'mas goodies from one corner to last corner.

And every corner stop, we took pictures for great memories to reminisce. Glad to meet up with all of the fresh
blood from Churp Churp Team like Amelia, Aster and Huey Mei. Full of enthusiasm and optimism spirit!
The Candyland House of Design Department. 

They called it the Design Haven, full of candies, lollipops and giving us candies as
souvenirs too.
The obvious TECH Dept. with its Christmas decor, creative enough to represent it!
The Christmas tree lighting on the wall, not a bad idea after all. 

The ADMIN and NOM NOM department sharing the office space here. Both came with inspiring decors as well.
The fireplace with the iconic Churp Churp cutie pie chilling around. Haha...so cute!

I like the Popcorn maker there but it's not working. I may wana get one for myself soon!
Aster sharing with us the details of the Christmas Tree built near ChurpChurp dept. 

The Churp Churp visit that presented us this cute toy to play with now. Not forgetting to snap a memorable
picture with Churp Churp X'mas decor as it's cute just like the Churp Churp Cutie Bird...Haha!

Nice and friendly team of Churp Churp Team here. Like I told Amelia, it's good that their team is full of fresh,
young blood new graduates like them to spearhead the group as we need more enthusiastic people like them. 

Enthusiasm spirit will eventually creates more optimistic and futuristic ideas for more projects to happen. Old.
mature people like us now would only advise, consult and gave more ideas for them to make it happen...Haha!
Last but not least the Nuffnang department to complete the Churp Christmas Tour 2013. 

The completed chop for today's thoughtful event, organised by Churp Churp. YES, it's done!
Classic decors by Nuffnang Dept. that somewhere somehow I managed to snap a picture to share with all of you. 

Last picture with the ChurpChurp great team for a memory picture after the brainstorming session with us.We
hope to see more projects offering for us in the coming 2014. I believe the young ones should grab those chances!
One last picture with the Churpers/Bloggers, Amelia thanked us for coming and we all thanked her for all the
great efforts. I told them I came early by 3-5pm for this tour as I need to rush for my next appointment already
and they did it. Be punctual is very important in time management, it's a form of respect and a good example of
a good leader to lead the team to success. If you're late because of unforeseen circumstances then it's acceptable.

Monday, December 30, 2013

COLLISTAR 30th Anniversary 2013!

SaSa beauty consultant kept pushing me yesterday to get this limited edition offer and I quickly grab it asap.
I love Collistar brand and have been loyal to its brand for many years already. This limited set cost me RM99!

Haha...I'm always hooked with limited edition products and this time, this Talasso Scrub comes with shimmer
bling bling and a 30th Anniversary Anklet gift. Glittering, shining and shimmering until I fall in love again.

The reason why I bought it because my big green Talasso Scrub is going to finish liao. I love it too much I have
been using it almost everyday just to smell its heavenly scent that stimulate my overall senses to perfection. It's
like my heaven home spa I'm always looking forward to pamper my delicate skin for total relaxation, love it lot!  

Sunday, December 29, 2013

AVON Kate's World Body Spritz

Kate’s World Body Spritz will start its debut on 1st Jan 2014! 

At some point in life, all of us have met and admired someone like Kate. She’s fun, friendly, flirtatious and absolutely irresistible. Life is never dull when Kate is around. Surrounded by her cool BFFs, Kate will take you out on fun shopping sprees by day and invite you to the coolest gigs and after-parties by night!

Now you can be a part of the in-crowd! Introducing Kate’s World, Avon’s latest delightful body spritzs inspired by Kate’s youthful energy and vivaciousness! There are two variants to choose from Pretty Fabulous and Pretty Rockin’. 

RM19.90(S&S RM22.90) in 100 ml each.

Pretty Fabulous unfolds with a burst of Juicy Apple, which later develops into succulent floral notes of Magnolia Blossom, and dries down to a warm concoction of Vanilla Sugar, Amber and Benzoin Tears. Perfect for the day use. I obviously love the refreshing scent that uplifting my emotion with rejuvenating mood to start up my morning.

Pretty Fabulous

Pretty Rockin’
Blood orange, juicy apple, pineapple

Mandarin, drop of bergamot, raspberries
Dark plum, magnolia blossom, jasmine petals
Cherry, fresh freesia, acai
Benzoin tears, vanilla sugar, golden amber
Sandalwood, creamy musk, almond milk

Both body scents naturally revitalize my mood all over again after a relaxing hot bath.

Pretty Rockin’ takes off with a sassy note of Mandarin, sensational Fresh Freesia and settles down to a warm mixture of smooth Almond Milk, Sandalwood and Creamy Musk. Simply seductive for night. I love spraying this when I'm preparing to go out for my events, it boost up my energy mood with uplifted scent of sexiness...Haha!  

Contact your Avon Representative or visit the nearest Avon Beauty Boutique nationwide. For inquiries, call the AVON Toll-Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866), visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/AvonMy or log on to http://www.my.avon.com

Friday, December 27, 2013

CLEO January 2014!

Kinokuniya RM30 

Cleo have just rolled out its magazine with a new outlook for January 2014. And what is more inspiring is reading the message by their editor Jing Shia, I like what she's trying to express her feelings about her new baby Cleo. And it didn't disappoint me at all with the price tag of RM30, I get the 'Biotherm Purefect Skin' skincare set to start my beauty journey for total beauty pampering in 2014!  

Haha...Cleo is definitely one of my favourite magazine of all time. I know I'm gonna be 38 years old this coming 1st Jan 2014, but I never stop buying Cleo magazine for the past 18 years. From Cleo Australia, Cleo New Zealand to Cleo Malaysia, it's one of my must-buy magazine on a monthly basis for fashion, beauty and career guide. Stay cool Cleo, keep up the good work for many years to come! 

Honeypot Minty Aloe Jello Gel

The green minty aloe jello gel that soothe and cool my skin 'down under' after the
unexpected treatment done last 3 weeks at Honeypot Waz Boutique. I like the
green aloe vera gel with refreshing cooling mint that's soothing me enough, calming
my sensitive skin back to normal. Price tag at RM100. For more infos of Honeypot
check it out at http://jacyntacsy.blogspot.com/2013/12/honeypot-glam-party.html

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Wonder 2013

Before I attend the Churp Christmas Party yesterday, I had a short coffee meeting with one of my CEO friend who wazzapp me "Good morning dear, how are you?" So I decided to meet up with him at 1.30pm before my 3pm appointment. I 'Tam Pak', honestly told him we can only have a short chat as I need to rush to KL jam area at Jalan Sultan Ismail by 2.10pm. I don't wana be late and so I asked him to fast forward a bit of the important story we're sharing about.Haha...both of us can be so busy this year, we seldom get the chance to meet up for a casual chat like this. We used to meet up after 8pm, a few years back. 

He always shocked me in shocking stories like he almost died last November due to heart failure. When he posted his FB status at the hospital, I already message him to take good care of himself. Like I always said, health is the ultimate wealth above everything else. I asked him yesterday, "You didn't sleep well and must be too stress achieving your goals in life" and he said, "Yes, you're right. I only sleeps 3 hours a day every night." "You cannot go on living like this. You're harming your life and there's no point having so much money but you can't enjoy it", I earnestly reminded him again. 

Besides the hospital 3 weeks recuperation, he really shocked me with another hot news that he's getting a divorce as he's getting married soon. And I was like, "What? You have just introduced your wife to me this year and now you're telling me you're getting divorce with a new wedding bells ringing in Maldives soon. I can't believe you sometimes. I thought you love your wife very much with 4 big kids. Can they accept it?" Bertubi-tubi questions came splashing at him and he answered me with speed also. We even plan to meet after my event on Saturday, choosing a nice ring for his new bride.

He have a driver who can send him everywhere, so I always asked him to come to my area for my convenience. At times, he invited me for many gala dinners but I rejected it because I don't want any unnecessary rumours spread among us. I mean we're both married people, friends who are business-minded thinkers but I prefer to live my life in a low profile world now. Just like my sis Toto used to invite me for the lavish party thrown by her friend I told them I'm not interested to go except for charity dinner, I would give my full support to attend that. Other than that, I asked them to enjoy it without me. 

I believe that everyone should make the effort to meet up for a gathering or meeting(business) just to keep each other with the most updated news. This year 2013 itself, I seldom play FB and update my status also because of the high demands from Japan market. So I'm grateful that my friends still invite me for events which I can only chose the best two to go and after that, my Saturday and Sunday are gonna be fully-booked for my dear Charmers and Rambo's Family. They all know that but at times, they still asked if I can go. If I can go, I sure go but if I can't, I always asked them to enjoy the event to the fullest. Even my long lost friend S.Mei just told me last Nov, we always wana go shopping together but we failed doing so due to my frequent flying overseas this year. 

I promised her, "Sure we'll plan one shopping day, no need to travel overseas even in KL also we would shop till we drop real soon." My dear Charmer Lynette is even cuter, after we met at the Coffee Bean, she told me "C ya Saturday" and I replied her, "Sure, C ya!" Coming that Saturday, my mom 'Balik Kampung' so I quickly wazzapp my sis she needs to inform her or she'll be expecting to meet up with me that day. I told her about it the next Sat, she told me my sis Defney didn't tell her about it she kinda 'merajuk' liao. Then I told my sis, "Next time must pass the message no matter what happens" then she's back to her happy mood again. Haha...kids nowadays have strong inner feelings, must respect them like how they respect us with faith. After all, they deserve to know also esp.things that involved keeping to promises and action-oriented plans. C'est la vie!     


Merry X'mas 2013! A Peppermint Mocha Ice Blended Coffee to start my X'mas today. Wishing everyone be merry and happy in life. I am because my Uncle Lim is healthy, resting at home. As long he's healthy and happy, I'll be happy and merry too. He means everything to me and he matters to me. Life revolves around people that have help mould who you are today and part of my life involves him as well. 

And then I went to do a bit of charity at Avenue K for the REd Crescent Society. I got these cute Snowmen in Santa's Hat Pen as they looked so attractive and I share it on FB in case anyone are free or nearby that area can always drop by to do their part for charity on this meaningful day of X'mas. Luv, Jac!

Rambo was driving me from one place to another pit stop of my X'mas schedule, even on X'mas day I need to visit so many places in a day. Haha...we went for a Lim Family Gathering aka Gugu's Open House, we chat for a few hours before I rushed over to Midvalley to collect my Pink Jeans. I was very happy to meet Master from Bro.Chai's Buddhist Society, I called her as a sign of my utmost respect to her. 

She can't recognized me as she said I looked so different and my sis Toto said, "Wah, Sifu also knows how to praise others". "Haha, Amituofo Sifu", I called and asked Rambo to pay his respect to Master. In fact, I felt shy as I was wearing a sexy blue dress coz I didn't know she was there. Haha...life can be contradicting and confusing at times esp. I do care and respect the elders very much, what to say an honorable Buddhist Master like her. 

That night we're supposed to sing K at Redbox Karaoke for X'mas celebration with the Lim Family, but then my Uncle Chew was quite weak so we decided to do a potluck party at their place. We ate a lot, took many pictures and chat all night long just to be around and spending good times great taste moments with the 'Lou Yan Ga'(elderly).Haha...my dear Charmers were all feeling cheerful that night after a full dinner together.

Then, they started singing Last Christmas song joyfully. They wrote in the diary that they love me, grateful for the lovely X'mas presents but deep in my heart, I'm actually very thankful to God who gave me a happy family to love and care for. As long they're all healthy and happy, I'll be merry forever. TQ Amituofo and my beloved Guan Yin, we definitely had a blast of a simple meaningful X'mas celebration this year of 2013!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

XES Bloggers Christmas Party 2013

"XES is going to celebrate 11th Anniversary this year", Vincent the Assistant Director told me during our conversation on XES history story. We talked about the fashion industry in Malaysia market, the export and import business that involves China, last but not least the demanding market of Japanese Quality Control in international retail products that's happening in today's business world.

XES believes in offering good customer service through a systematic set of working performance structure while providing a huge repertoire of quality footwear for consumers’ selection and ease of access. Delifrance boulangerie spread of pastries and mini fruit cakes, all at once lighten up my appetite instantly.

Then I finished up my afternoon tea with a cup of hot coffee to keep me staying awake till the end of the event. XES employees embrace the mission statement of “do what the customer wants, not what we want for them, through good business practices” to build productivity and better service performance.

Through this value, XES aspires to become the household name in trendy family shoes store and to be marketed as the top specialty shoe retail brand that develops more comfortable shoes for all walks of life. Check out XES at http://www.xesshoes.com.my/

Successfully reaching all corners within the peninsular Malaysia from south Johor to north penang, XES has more than 90 outlets branched out across shopping and retail complexes at Jusco, Giant, Tesco and various celebrated malls including KL Festival Mall. 

XES has been the shoe retailer that meets the needs of the whole household, from kids shoes to women's love to handbags. When Vincent told me that they managed to invite Sabrina to help create the branding and marketing image for XES, I assured him it's a great decision made by them. 

Sabrina, not only she speaks good English but she also gave an enthusiastic speech to excite us, welcoming all of us with two Christmas presents to choose from XES brand. I'm so glad I made it that Monday afternoon as I enjoyed every moments spending my Christmas spirit with Sabrina, friends and getting up close with XES group of staffs as well. We got so excited on the Christmas surprise, we started enjoying our shopping for bags and shoes with much joys and cheers. 

The XES brand prides itself for developing perfect and affordable footwear for family everyday use. It continues to generate collections after collections of ladies’, men’s and children’s shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor. 

Founded a decade ago under Shellys Marketing Sdn.Bhd in 23rd March 2002, XES is headquartered at the Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Estate in Shah Alam flanked by the warehouse located adjacent to the offices. 

There are 2 different shoe concepts developed by XES. XES Studio caters to the lower-medium income group whereas XES Premium provides for the medium-high income demographic.

Different shoe concept caters to varying circumstances which include but not limited to casual, semi-casual, formal and sports under the house brands of XES. XES also carries selected distinguished shoe brands such as Scholl, Lee Cooper, Winnie The Pooh, Disney, Bum Equipment, Scorpion and Neckermann.

With the efforts and strength of a good team work, employees work together to place the XES brand in a competitive level within the shoe-manufacturing industry. This is the Christmas present I chose for myself on this joyful event, a pair of high heels in blue shimmer to pair with my blue dress. I fell in love with the Red ones, wore by the model but then I just bought a pair of Red Shoes recently so I finally chose the blue pair.

Its core business operations revolve around retail chain store management as well as local and export original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and are led by a seasoned top management, marketing, merchandising, accounts, logistics, operation, IT, HR and Research and Development department of more than 500 personnel in total.

If you like to shop at XES Shoes, you can check out https://www.facebook.com/xesshoes and give them a 'Like' for a RM5 EVoucher to shop at XES. It's their shoes, especially the high heels that got me hooked with the XES brand now. I like the design and the stylish shoes actually enlighten my fashion spirit all over again after attending the endearing event that afternoon. All the best to XES brand, for many years to come!