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IMEDEEN® Revealed Christy Turlington As The Global Brand Ambassador And 90 Days Journey With Joanne Yew

From left: Azwar Kamarudin (Director, Corporate Affairs, Pfizer), Darlene Tan (Head of 
Sales, Pfizer), Ivy Tan (Product Manager, Consumer Health Group - Marketing), 
Joanne Yew (Actress), Huang Juan Juan (Head of Marketing, Pfizer), Irene Chan 
(General Manager, Consumer Health and Specialty Group of Healthcare Business 
Unit, DKSH Malaysia) and Wai Ling Lui (Head of Marketing, DKSH Malaysia).

IMEDEEN@ beauty supplement reveals model and maternal health advocate Christy Turlington Burns as its new global brand ambassador.  Undoubtedly one of the world’s most iconic models, Christy’s natural beauty and belief that health and beauty begins from the inside makes her the perfect spokesperson for the brand.

A genuine advocate of the award winning beauty tablets, Christy credits IMEDEEN@ plus as one of her secrets to beautiful, younger looking skin. Known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve radiance, two daily tablets help Christy keep her skin looking its best from the inside, nourishing the deep dermal layer where skin creams cannot reach. 

Christy comments: “It’s very important for me to maintain great looking skin – not only as a model, but as a woman with lots of demands and many roles to fill each day. Now more than ever it’s important that I nourish myself in every way possible to take care of my health and well-being. Caring for my skin on the inside is just as important as how I care for the outside and I can count on IMEDEEN@ to deliver deep down nourishment where it matters most”.

90-Day Journey with IMEDEEN®
In conjunction with the announcement of Christy Turlington Burns as its new global brand ambassador, IMEDEEN® introduced its 90-Day Journey with IMEDEEN®, a journey that helps Malaysian consumers understand the importance of stimulating their own body to improve skin health naturally.  To participate, consumers only need to purchase a box of IMEDEEN®, send them an SMS with a code, continue with 2nd and 3rd box and then SMS to them again with the same code at the end of the 90-day journey to tell them about your experience.  Selected participants with proof of purchase, will be contacted to receive a token of appreciation.

IMEDEEN® is proud to have local celebrity Joanne Yew Hong Im lead the IMEDEEN® 90-Day Journey.  Joanne was in a memorable journey of her own, as she starred in the film ‘The Journey’ that broke local box office sales records recently. The much-acclaimed and well-loved film is now the highest grossing Malaysian film of all time. Joanne, a former 2007 Miss Astro Chinese International, made this stunning comeback to the entertainment industry after completing her studies in South Korea. She is still reeling from the huge success and fame that the film has brought. And now she has chosen to participate in IMEDEEN®’s 90-Day Journey to enhance and maintain her youthful looking complexion in her hectic lifestyle.

 I am very excited to participate in the IMEDEEN® 90-Day Journey.  IMEDEEN® is a trusted brand worldwide, and women in more than 50 countries have been taking this internal beauty supplement since 1991 so I have no doubt of its safety and efficacy,” said Joanne.

The benefits of IMEDEEN® skincare tablets can be seen within 90 days because our body needs to be stimulated to produce our own collagen.  Due to a combination of age as well as our body’s increasing laziness to rejuvenate with increasing dependence on beauty products, I am completely convinced that I need my own body to take charge of my beauty from the inside,” added Joanne.

 It is indeed a great honour for me to join Christy Turlington Burns, the global ambassador to IMEDEEN®, in this journey.  Christy has already embarked on this journey for more than 90 days, so I pledge to complete the journey just like her.  Growing up, I looked up to Christy as a role model.  She is one of the greatest supermodels of all time and a devoted mother; and yet, in spite of her busy schedule, she remains so beautiful and youthful.”

Huang Juan Juan, Head of Marketing, IMEDEEN®, said:  “We are very pleased that Joanne is participating in the 90-Day Journey with IMEDEEN®.  Joanne is an individual who is beautiful inside and out that all Malaysian women can relate to.” Let IMEDEEN® return the lustre and luminescence to your skin with IMEDEEN®. Sign up for the Journey today and your skin will be thankful that you did. 

IMEDEEN@ supplements have been a global leader in skincare from within since 1991.  Developed in Scandinavia by a team of research scientists, IMEDEEN@ skincare tablets offer a targeted solution to the challenges facing skin on a daily basis.

About IMEDEEN® Plus
Two tablets daily are known to help reduce signs of aging right where it begins, in the deep dermal layer where traditional creams and lotions cannot reach. Collagen-rich Marine Complex and US Patented antioxidant-rich LycoPhenceGS® Forte are combined into one groundbreaking beauty supplement to stimulate collagen production and renewal of skin cells in the skin’s supportive structure for positive results inside and out.

IMEDEEN® plus is available at all leading chain and independent pharmacies.
It is priced at RM248 per box of 60 tablets.

About Christy Turlington and Every Mother Counts
Christy Turlington Burns is the founder of Every Mother Counts, a campaign to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world. Every Mother Counts informs, engages, and mobilizes new audiences to take action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women worldwide. Christy is also an avid yogi and merged her love of the practice and writing to author her first book, Living Yoga: Creating A Life Practice (Hyperion 2002). She also founded two successful lifestyle brands; Sundãri, an Ayurvedic skincare line and nuala, a yoga inspired apparel and accessories line. Christy has a BA from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies and is currently pursuing a MPH at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in New York City, where she lives with her husband, a filmmaker Edward Burns and their two children.

This is the IMEDEEN UltraSound Skin Collagen Test Result which I have scored 62 marks, that's exceptionally high for my age group. She told me "OMG, you have the highest score here besides another guy who's 31 years old." Haha...I only managed to laugh and wondering if this test result is accurate or not as the average result for others are between 20-45 score. How could it strike up to 62% I was thinking. But then she told me I have very nice, smooth skin and when she test my skin, she can feel that my skin is very firm indeed. She said no wonder I didn't put on any makeup or foundation. 

She asked me what's my secret is? Well, I really believe taking collagen supplements helps to slow down the ageing process as I have gone through the 90 Days Journey myself and really experiencing the result slowly from 30 days, 60 days to 90 days itself. When I share my test result with Huang Juan Juan and Ivy, we further talk about the benefits of taking IMEDEEN in the long run. Juan Juan said I should share my points of view with the media but then I replied her, "Maybe next time!"

Thursday, May 29, 2014

COLLECTION Shimmer Shades Blusher

At one glance, I already fell in love with this Shimmer Shades 4 soft Pink, Peach,
Orange and Beige colours. And I like the simple transparent packaging where
I can see the colours to attract me to use it daily. 

Even when I use a soft brush to swipe it round my cheeks, the colour shine and stay on my skin easily. I like
the fact that the colour is sweet and lovely, I can use it for day and night makeover. For more infos, check out

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CELLNIQUE Age Defying Whitening Airy Masque Review

This whitening and rejuvenating masque is infused with pure extracts of Rice Lees, Centella, Licorice, and Indian Lotus to soften fine lines and lighten skin for a visibly fairer, smoother and rejuvenated complexion. It intensively moisturizes, brightens and revitalizes the skin by restoring skin firmness and elasticity. Skin regains its youthful suppleness and radiance.

My review:
I was so surprised to see that my skin was brighten up like the white egg from Japan, my fine lines esp.the stubborn wrinkle on my right side has gone far, far away from me. I like the fact that this soothing mask is big enough to cover my whole face and it's soft tissue mask fits comfortably close to my skin. It also helps to calm and relax my body, mind and soul when I'm pampering in it. And it hydrates my dehydrated skin effectively and effortlessly in just after 20 minutes pampering with it. 

I told Rambo this mask was fantastic and it's one of the best mask I have ever used. Totally worth the RM129 price for a box of 5 pieces masks inside. I really appreciates Chee Yin from Cellnique offering me this mask for a review, as recently I was so busy I don't have time to reply her until she asked me if I would like to try this wonderful mask, I replied her I would love to. A blessing in beauty pampering indeed!

If you would like to try on this mask, you can get RM5 discount to purchase this Cellnique Airy Masque at www.cellnique.myClick on the code for discount, BLG12L9In the mean time, check out their Facebook page for more updates at

Monday, May 26, 2014

Thomas Cup 2014

Thomas Cup 2014, a great start from Lee Chong Wei great performance to give Malaysia team the 1st bang cheers of win. And thanks to the second double players Goh and Tan who finally put malaysia to stand par on par  2-2 for Malaysia team, where we can cheer more in the 5th last game all till the end. I was so sleepy when the clock strikes 11pm, it's time to sleep for my beauty sleep, but then as a faithful Malaysian and a Badminton player like me, of course I will stand awake till the end to 'sorak kuat', cheering wholeheartedly for them.

When we lost at the final game, my mom and sis were so sad about it expressing their dissapointments under our wazzapp group chat but then I told them, "We lost with great dignity fighting to the end. We almost grab the cup back to Malaysia, so close there. It's ok, sharpen up their skills, develop their mental strength stronger like Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei, we can grab it back next 2016. Let's focus on that, move on with life and grab other opportunities coming their way." That's all I can say, as the result has speak for itself!

Whatever the result may turn out to be, Daren Liew has forced Ueda to a rubber game that eventually gave Japan the final win. They have met before and Daren has lost to him 3 times during the games, yet in this final Thomas Cup meet Daren has did his level best. His fighting spirit has clearly stated 'Never Ever Give Up' kinda positive spirit in him. In fact, all of of them have fought well, and they have managed to unite all Malaysians to cheer and be proud of them. 

Let's put politic issue aside, we don't have time for you at this moment. I still remember the last time I watched Thomas Cup with my uncles who are all badminton players, Malaysia has won the Thomas Cup after Foo Kok Keong won the last game. All the time Thomas Cup have been conquered by the Chinese in China, Indonesia and Malaysia once. I pampered myself with SKII Mask and I was not supposed to talk/move, but I can't help it when I cheer out loud every time they gain a point there as I was too excited liao.Haha...crazy die hard fan of Badminton! 

Now, Japan has lift up the cup for the 1st time. We asked Nakamura in Tokyo, Japan if he's watching the Thomas Cup just like us in Malaysia. He told us, "No, we're not aware of this news." Haha...only we the Malaysians have this kinda Badminton fever surrounding all around us even for the non-Badminton players like Rambo. But I told him I wana start playing Badminton back again this coming Sunday and he told me he wana join me too. Badminton keeps me healthy, mentally motivated and having stronger muscles all over my body.

 I maybe aging now, but I'm sure I can still play it slow and steady. It definitely bring me lots of cheers and laughters during the exercise with Badminton esp. the fun time catching up with my family members. Playing with my sis-inlaws I need to be soft and slow a bit as sometimes I tend to smash hard and fast whenever I saw an opportunity that's easy for me, but when they couldn't defend it, it hits on their body I felt so bad about it. I really don't wana hurt anybody, that's for sure.

I used to play Badminton with Wong Choon Han, the 1st Badminton player at Seri Petaling Badminton Court next to my 3 storey house. At that time, I already 'Tai Hou Hui' having great admiration of him that he will be our Malaysia 1st Badminton Player and he did. He happily told me that he was chosen for the Malaysia Team when we met one afternoon. 

Obviously, I was very happy for him and I told him to do his very best for the Malaysia Team as he's also a good person having the right attitudes in life. Only people having the right attitudes in life will succeed in life. They maybe living in luxury lives now, but it's all coming from their own great efforts to be on top form and he's able to stay humble about it. That's life, C'est la vie!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mary Cohr Products Will Be Available In Malaysia Exclusive Salons, Giving Your Skin Peace of Mind

Both ladies and even men will soon be able to enjoy the extensive range of Mary Cohr products in salons across Malaysia which will be imported and distributed by Mary Cohr Malaysia, the appointed partner of Mary Cohr France. I was glad I came that night as I told Mr.Thong the CEO of Mary Cohr, I have joined Mary Cohr VIP Gold member since 12 years ago, he also shared with me about his excitement on Mary Cohr business. I made it that night as I thought I couldn't join the event where I had another beauty event at MV, fully packed from am to pm events for me last Tuesday.  

Held at Pietro Restorante Italiano, Kuala Lumpur, the exclusive dinner with Ms. Emeline Leduc, Mary Cohr’s International Distribution Director featured the upcoming plans of Mary Cohr Malaysia to actively engage with beauty salons and to provide the salons’ beauty consultants with world-class training sessions. One of Mary Cohr's key products – Vital Essence, was also introduced during the session.

Ms. Wendy Woo, shared that “Mary Cohr has been in the global market for more than 30 years with many success stories. Here in Malaysia, we will be importing more product ranges that will suit Asian skin, something that will benefit both salons and consumers alike. Mary Cohr Malaysia will be working closely with the local beauty salons to get consistent updates on consumers’ feedback, and we will continuously provide training sessions to ensure that all the salon’s beauty consultants are able to assist and provide world-class standards of consultation and suitable treatments to all customers and clients. Moreover, we have calibrated the prices of the products for the Malaysian market to ensure that they are within the means of middle income consumers”.

Ms Woo also added, “Though women now know the importance of keeping good impression with cosmetic application, many still overlook the essential care and treatment needed to keep the skin healthy and radiant. We are committed to guide our consumers and clients towards achieving the best results for their skin. Mary Cohr’s extensive range of products, including the holistic healing “Vital Essence” with active ingredients from the heart of nature, will be able to cater for the needs of every individual. Vital Essence being one of Mary Cohr’s key products will be the primary focus of our salons”.

“We see great potential growth in the Malaysian beauty industry, Unlike many products out there in the market which focus mostly on ringing up the sales even though the products may not be suitable for the consumers' skin conditions, Mary Cohr has a wide range of products which are suited for Asian’s skin. It is Mary Cohr’s pledge to provide proper training to all the beauty consultants so that they are able to provide appropriate consultation to consumers and clients. To strengthen Mary Cohr’s presence, we are excited to introduce the “Mary Cohr Business Opportunity” which is a programme designed for young entrepreneurs who have passion for beauty. The programme aims to provide a platform and opportunity for these individuals to succeed in the beauty industry”, said Ms Emeline Leduc.

The broad portfolio of Mary Cohr has strong consumer appeal, allowing the brand to grow the base and increase sales globally. The products available in Mary Cohr Malaysia include but not limited to; 
1. Vital Essences: Revolution of the beauty salon market, thanks to a patented
process known as hydrogelification, revolutionised the application of Essentiona
2. New Youth: A complete anti-aging product, formulated from the cellular life
3. Pure Environment: Hydra-oxygenating cream which replenishes actions in one
single step. Thanks to Dermo-Sculting.
4. Age Sign’s Repair: The intensive Cellular Cure with 60 cellular actives.
5. SWhite: Range of Lightening to disminish pigmentation and boost skin brightening

6. Night Slimlook: It refines plump cheeks, adds shape to the cheek area, slimdown the chin and firms facial contours.
7. Hydromose-Cellualr Moisturisation Serum: Revitalises dehydrated skin using cellular moisturisation through “Osmosis” and smoothes dehydration lines and
leaves the skin looking supple and luminous.
8. Perfect Gel Cleanser: This astounding gel perfectly cleanses and removes
make-up from the skin. When massaged into the skin, it transforms into oil and
then an emulsion upon contact with water.
9. Nourishment: A complete beauty care for Dry Skin to recover comfort and
10. Epil Smart & Stick Hair: Comfortable & perfect hair removal method with lasting

The global skin care, hair care ,make up and shower products business is worth USD 382 billion according to Forbes where the top 10 brands account for USD 60 billion. Anti aging products with patented genetic technologies and formulas are fast gaining popularity in the market. Also popular are products that claim to lighten skin tone because the local perception of beauty as having whiter skin. Another recent trend in the market has been products that claim to give customers a spa experience at home. To find out more about Mary Cohr, you can visit

Mary Cohr Laboratories are indeed one of the very few cosmetics manufacturing companies in the world to have double certification from the international certification organisation Bureau VERITAS: The first is ISO 22716 which lays down good manufacturing practices which ensures high quality products. Mary Cohr laboratories has white rooms, uses pure water which is tested on a continual basis, double weighing checks and procedures for enabling the traceability of each product. The second certification is ISO 14001, a standard that espouses the principle of environmental protection through the control of the impact of the company’s activity.

LANCOME UV Expert SPF 50 PA+++

It's part of the Lancome X'mas set I bought last 2012. I started using it this 2014.
I don't like the colour of it, seems a bit dark for me. And it feels too thick for me too.
It absorbs into my skin evenly, I believe it can helps to protect my skin from the
UV rays. 

But in terms of correct and cover, I don't think so as I didn't see much improvement
 after I applied it on my face. The one that I'm using from Kanebo Freshel BB Cream
is perfect enough, it blends well into my dry skin and radiates my skin healthily.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tricovel®, Most Trusted Anti-hair Loss Line From Europe ‘Root’ itself in Malaysia

Brands promising solutions for hair-loss are aplenty, however not many can claim to have a clinically-tested and proven record, along with the expertise of a European pharmaceutical leader that’s over a century old! Making its debut in Malaysia, Tricovel® is here to grant Malaysian men and women thicker, healthier and stronger hair.

Formulated to reduce hair loss while simultaneously improving hair structure, Tricovel® was developed by Giuliani, an Italian pharmaceutical company founded in 1889 that is an established leader in anti-hair loss research. The company developed specific and patented active ingredients, and even Biogenina®, an innovative complex that protects and encourages the functionality of the hair-bulb cells, promoting hair growth and counteracting hair loss. Furthermore, clinical studies prove that Biogenina® reduces hair loss while also giving strength and nourishment to hair, improving hair structure and prolonging hair life.

As a rule, about 80 to 100 hairs fall out every day. Temporary and/or excessive hair loss whereby more than 100 hairs per day fall out and are not replaced, commonly known as Telogen Effluvium can be caused by physical and emotional stress such as childbirth and trauma, an inadequate diet, usage of certain drugs and habitual and environmental factors such as smoking, exposure to the sun and overuse of styling and heating products. A person suffering from temporary hair loss would require intervention. Giuliani’s Tricological Research developed Tricovel®’s anti-hair loss range that works as a complete hair system to counteract hair loss.

Among the products available locally are vials, developed uniquely in different formulas for men and women. Tricovel® vials contain Biogenina® and use the innovative and exclusive Triactive3® Technology that releases a triple concentration of active ingredients when applied onto the scalp, allowing a gradual release over 3 days and penetrating deep into the hair follicle so that it isn’t removed by following washes. Unlike many hair products that leave a greasy residue that seems to sit on the surface of the skin without getting absorbed, Tricovel®’s ‘suitable for all hair types’-formula doesn’t limp or weigh hair down as it is non-greasy and dries quickly. Best of all, Tricovel®’s effectiveness conveniently requires only a single vial application once every three days thanks to the built-in gradual release technology.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study with 90 subjects suffering from Telogen Effluvium was conducted in Italy over a 3-month period. Within the study, 3 hair tests were carried out: the ‘Wash test’ monitoring hair loss during hair wash; the ‘Pull test’ that tested hair’s resistance to traction; and the Tricogram which measured hair shaft diameter, and number of hairs in the active growth phase of hair follicles (known as the anagen phase) whereby the root of the hair is dividing rapidly, adding to the hair shaft. With a once in 3-days application, subjects of the study showed an impressive mean result including an astounding 63 percent reduction of hair loss, with an increased hair strength of 80 percent and a whopping 87 percent of patients with fuller-bodied hair. 

The Fortifying Shampoo can be used in complement with the vials, as it contains not only Biogenina® but also additional nutrients including wheat proteins, silk amino acids and Pro-vitamin B5 that act as a scalp antioxidant. These active ingredients nourish, hydrate and repair hair fibers while also protecting from chemical and styling stresses (such as heated hair drying). Furthermore, the Triactive3® Technology in the shampoo enables Biogenina® to resist rinsing. The shampoo has been dermatologically tested to be safe for daily usage. 

Present at the Kuala Lumpur launch of Tricovel® was Ms. Chiara Marchese, International Sales & Marketing Director of principal company Giuliani S.p.A. based in Milan, Italy. Delivering her presentation titled “Tricovel®: The Clinically Proven Anti-Hair Loss Innovation”, Chiara explained: “Tricovel® vials are unique in terms of formulation thanks to Biogenina®, the patented compound developed by Giuliani. Our product is proven effective against temporary hair loss backed by placebo-controlled clinical trials, and is also convenient thanks to the patented Triactive3® technology that with a progressive release of the actives requires only one application every 3 days. Tricovel® shampoo with Biogenina® with its delicate action, is the ideal complementary product to the treatment with the vials".

Officiating the event was Trade Promotion Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Malaysia, Dr Andrea Ambra, who was escorted to the signing ceremony by Aileen Chan, CEO of LiveLife Sdn Bhd as distributor of Tricovel® in Malaysia.

Tricovel® is priced at RM348 for vials packed in a month’s supply in box of 10, RM69 for the Fortifying Shampoo(200ml). Available at selected pharmacies as well as via,® products will also be carried on popular shopping sites and . For more information about Tricovel®, browse over to 

About LiveLife
LiveLife International (2002) Pte Ltd is a distributor and marketer of specially selected health and beauty products that are evidence-based product claims, supported by proof from international standard clinical trials.  LiveLife is known for its innovative, award-winning and best-selling health and beauty products like Rilax Zzz, Mireica and TruDtox developed by LiveLife Biosciences AG of Switzerland.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall Launch

Introducing EVERSOFT SKINZ, the Japanese skincare regime that works effectively to provide women with visibly youthful, smooth porcelain-like skin which the Japanese are famed for.

The Japanese women have long enchanted the world, with their youthful, porcelain skin. The secret behind this timeless beauty lies in a traditional skincare regime that has been perfected over the generations.

EVERSOFT SKINZ seesthe merging of EVERSOFT, the brand that captures the beauty of nature and SKINZ the skincare expert with the latest in skin science technology.“By combining Japanese ingredients with the latest technology, our skincare experts have created a line of products that stays true to the 5-step Japanese skincare ritual.” said Ms. Pan Choi Yen, General Manager of Marketing, WIPRO-UNZA (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall uses natural Japanese traditional ingredients known to effectively address key anti-ageing concerns; 
Rich in Phyto-Collagen, Wakame Seaweed helps replenish collagen levels and visibly helps reduce wrinkles and restore skin’s elasticity for a more defined facial contour.

Also known as the Japanese apricot, Ume contains an anti-glycation property that protects skin by inhibiting AGE (Advanced Glycation End) which causes skin to turn dull and yellow as a result of ageing. Ume is traditionally used in Japanese medicine to brighten and gradually fade away the yellowing of skin and uneven skin tone for a fair and radiant complexion.

HIARURON SAN (Super Hyaluronic Acid)
Fondly known as “the Fountain of Youth”, Super Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture for long lasting hydration to preserve skin suppleness, softness, smoothness and brightness of skin.

EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall embraces the 5-step Japanese anti-ageing skincare regime and comprises of the following easy-to-use steps;

 Step 1: Purify for Clarity
This is the 1stand most important step. Formulated with soothing botanical oil, the DEEP ACTION MICRO CLEANSING OIL purifies the skin by effectively removing make-up, sunscreen, BB cream and other residues.

Step 2: Deep Cleanse to Awaken Senses
The 2nd step is deep cleansing with HYDRA CLEAN CLEANSING FOAM (for normal skin) or DEEP MOIST RICH CLEANSING FOAM(for dry skin). These cleansers help eliminate hidden impurities and excess sebum while protecting skin’s natural pH balance.

Step 3: Toning for Balance
The 3rd step involves toning.  The HYDRATING TONING LOTION is fortified with Hiaruron San (Super Hyaluronic Acid) that provides an instant 2x hydration and softening effect that last for 24 hours. It also helps to fully optimize the benefits of your moisturiser.

 Step 4: Treat to Define and Repair
The 4th step involves treating the skin with FIRMING & REFINING ESSENCE (Face & Eye) which is enriched with concentrated liquid actives for wrinkle signs correction and whitening actions. This skin refining essenceis also enhanced with concentrated Renewal Peptide 3 to boost skin renewal for firmer, radiant and anti-yellowing  of the skin.

Step 5: Moisturize to nourish
The final step is to apply HYDRA GLOW FIRMING CREAM  SPF 30 PA++ for day protection and ULTRA RICH RENEWAL FIRMING CREAMbefore you sleep for all night long action to combat fine lines and to repair wrinkle signs as you rest.

Present during the media launch was Miss Malaysia 2010, Ms. Nadia Heng, who presented the EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall 5-step skincare regime with Mr. Edward Chen, Marketing Manager of EVERSOFT SKINZ, to a fascinated audience. Edward shared with the media the new EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall television commercial as well as the product demonstration video. 

Featured in the television commercial and video is EVERSOFT SKINZ’s ambassador, Ms. Miho Fujima, a popular Japanese actress. “She epitomizes the essence of the brand, being a modern woman, who despite a busy schedule ensures that she adheres to a skincare routine that helps rejuvenate her skin and gives her an assurance of perpetually youthful-looking, porcelain-like skin,” says Edward.

A highlight of the event was the presence of beautiful local actress Ms. Debbie Goh, who received an exclusive first-try of the EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall range. Debbie enthusiastically shared her testimony on the range. "The five-step has a calming effect on my skin from the start till the end of my day. The EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall range makes my skin feel immediately soft and supple. I wake up every morning feeling my skin well hydrated and nourished. This Japanese skincare range works for me!” she said enthusiastically.

EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall gives Asian women noticeably smoother and porcelain-like skin within two weeks of regular usage with it Japanese 5-step application method. Its 3 key benefits namely: moisture surge, firming & lifting and anti-yellowing attributes will ensure smooth youthful-looking, porcelain-like skin for the EVERSOFT SKINZ user. Start today and keep the fine lines and wrinkles at bay!

The full product range of Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall is now available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and beauty stores this month. The whole range with individual products costing from RM14.90 to RM 53.90. Check out their Facebook page at for latest news and promotions.