Monday, September 30, 2013

ORIENTAL PRINCESS Anti-aging Skincare Set

Of all the attractive sets that available from the Oriental Princess brand, I bought this purple-packaging
Anti-Aging Lfting range instead of whitening because I already bought the Whitening Lumino Set. I also
 like the deluxe size from cleanser, serum, day and toner that are not too big or too small for my daily usage.
Not bad this brand of OP Thailand, all the cleansers actually cleansed my skin to perfection and never dry
my dehydrated skin at all. 

This cleanser didn't dry my sensitive skin at all but kept my skin hydrated and
smooth enough. The reason why I said perfection is because after cleansing my
skin to fresh, clean face this toner refreshing my skin once again with its
rejuvenating plant extracts scent and tone my skin to firm and smooth skin. 
No dark, dirty patches on the cotton pad. I concentrate more on my neck area where
my main concern should be at this age, before it gets worse. 
The day cream texture is not too rich or watery, it's perfect enough to fully-absorbed into my very dry skin
after dabbing it evenly on my face and neck. I won't say it's firm up like the Quite Coat Mask Moisturiser
but it does moisturised my skin to smooth and hydrated skin. I really like all the products of this OP brand.
The night serum is kinda precious to me as not only it smells so good and rich enough for a serum that
works wonderfully for my skin repair at night, it also keep the wrinkle far, far away from me. I'm gonna stock
up more of this brand products for sure in my next trip to Thailand. Love it, Bravo OP brand of all time!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

LOREAL Absolut Repair Treatment Serum Review

Rambo took out all the hair serum for my daily use of hair treatment care from
the drawer. I started to use this hair serum that smells reviving from
refreshing plant extracts, at night before I sleep. I would said I can't see much
difference of the efficacy of the product to treat damaged ends because my hair
ends never really gave me much problem at all esp. no split ends. I seldom have
this kinda problem. So I would keep on using this serum to keep my hair healthy
and smoothy before I can buy any new hair serum to keep for stock.

Virtuous Living

Often times my Facebook friends or friends whom I know very closely comment on certain subjects did sparked some disputes and anger from my family members. And they often asked me about it but I always reasoned to them to the fact that I knew them quite well so I tried to defend my friends that they never meant it that way. Even if they do act snobbish, egoistic, prideful or rudely, I usually  just try to forget and forgive them quickly because at the very 1st place, I never get offended at all as everyone can have their own opinions and thinking about it, there's no big deal about it.

And I don't have to live with that as I have my own positive thinking as to think and act truthfully about it, I'm totally fine with the situation. Unless for those who really pissed me off, I really deleted them off totally from my life. I knew my decision is final as the compassionate heart of mine is only limited for the good ones to stay in my life. I really have no time and love for the bad ones to be near to me. Many haters who play a fool who said bad things about you, they're actually just jealous about everything that's shining on you. They're childish, immature and always remained as losers in their lives. Believe me, they will never succeed in life!

In fact, sometimes karma have came upon a chance she actually regretted of her past action and trying to be nice to me at one meeting. I accept the nice gesture but I would never confirm her again even she tried to add me again. live a happy life, 1st you need to guard your speech that becomes your action, from your action it can leads to many regrets or prides that's gonna mould your bright/dull future. Always stay calm to have peace that can clears the mind and with love, it actually restores the vision to see clearly, far ahead of you effortlessly. 

So think carefully before you speak and always stay calm in whatever heated situation it's gonna be. Yea, sometimes I do feel very angry with someone who can said and did bad things to me or they bullied the others which actually suited more to herself but after realizing what kinda bad person she was, I totally felt so relief to the fact now she's not my friend anymore. In fact, long time ago nobody really like her at all and I never really care much about her hypocrite character either.  

"Better it is to live one day virtuous and meditative than to live a hundred
years immoral and 
uncontrolled."~The Buddha~(Dhammapada)

Last month in August during our Bloggers Gathering with Skinfood, we chance upon a conversation about Herbalife health drinks. Ju Li told us about a sharing where I tried to clarify the matter to them with nothing but the truth about Herbalife. Even Ellis told us that one of her student who got Cancer at Stage 4, who needs to endure for the painful Chemotherapy which only failed him and at the last resort, he actually took Herbalife fully with the 4 main products that I'm also taking now. And Ju Li said that among all of us, I would be the one who's gonna live longer life. Jess, who's a witty lady added, "Of course lah, people do so many good deeds and always pray to God, sure have a good and longer life" in our typical Cantonese chat which was more convincing to understand as the Chinese. 

Haha...I only managed to smile. I felt so 'Paiseh'(shy) as deep down inside of me, I dare not admit that I did many good deeds in my life. I have no comment to it as I knew they meant well and I knew they're also kind people who did good. In my honest opinion, I really mean to convey this great message to everyone that I don't have to live long for many years, so long I lived up my life to the fullest that I have did my very best by staying healthy and happy everyday without any pain and living virtuously everyday by cultivating good deeds based on my capabilities, I'm very satisfied already. We only live once and we should cherish every moments by doing good and think good that eventually bring us many more good fortunes to come. Just remember to do good and think good, your life will be good for sure!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Truly Happy, Mentally Healthy


Recently my step dad always approach me to share his Buddhism thoughts with me as besides Rambo who's fully devoted into Buddhism learning, I'm also another eager learner who's willing to listen and learn from him with all my heart and soul. And I totally understand his sharing about Buddhism that he said I have the wisdom to explain it to my mom if she ever asked more about it and he wanted her to know all the great values too. You know sometime it's kinda weird, husband and wife may not talk about Buddhism with each other or like my sis and bro, who have been married for so many years they never really talk much about anything with each other anymore unless it's about their kids' related topic. 

That's why it is so important to have a good husband who can become your best friend, someone who understand you truly and love you sincerely. The most recent news that I heard from him is that he's getting involved in a business with a Datuk who owns a land where they're going to plant some kinda rare herbs for their health products. They also have a research lab, a manufacturing factory and asked me to try out some of the healthy drinks from the company. Haha...I took a few packets not for myself but for my uncle I told him as he knew I'm a fan of Cellfood believer. And so we talked about Cellfood topic again and I actually welcome him to test the Cellfood from their lab if they wanted to. 

And our conversation leads to talking about life, money and usually my stepdad would complain to me that my mom was spendthrift where she wanted to upgrade her car to an expensive Alphard. I totally support my stepdad as even my Uncle Ngoh has mentioned to her that money is to be spend wisely and slowly, not by spending lavishly like you have strike a Jackpot. Yea, sometime you may strike a Magnum4D or Toto cash prizes, spend some and save some or donate some for the unfortunates. And so she changed to Toyota Camry at last as we don't encourage her to get such a big, expensive car.    

Just like Rambo's business partner has mentioned to Rambo recently, "now I know why you listen to your wife wholeheartedly" because last 2 years when CW changed to Merc Benz from a Proton Waja he asked Rambo to get the same car too. Rambo of course voice out his eagerness to me but I was reluctant and I told him, "Let me study Merc Benz 1st". And I did, I join their Facebook page keeping update with their activities and joining their events just to get up close with them. I told Rambo's best buddy PA that his best buddy also wana change the same car. And he actually wazzapp me to buy more properties, joining him in all his weekly meetings. Rambo's best buddy is now on a jet plane flying here and there, been featured on TV and media yet they're happy to meet each other for a chat whenever they can. 

But last year I gave Rambo a green light to get a Hybrid Car that I've been waiting for many years to go green in my country. His good buddy from Johor got him the best deal from their relative and send it over to KL. From time to time, Rambo's biz partner CW talk to me about cars, fuel and travel when he send us to the airport for holidays by his Merc Benz. The recent fuel hike 20 cents not only dampen our 'Merdeka Spirit' for our country Malaysia but it also kinda stir up our dissatisfaction to the poor management of our country leaders. I love my country Malaysia but can't express much patriotism spirit with this kinda failed management. Rambo said lucky I drive a Hybrid car or else, I'm gonna 'Fan Toi'(flip table) liao. But poor others I said and CW also understand now the reason why I never simply buy a car just because I like it. 

Even properties, I would share this topic on why I never simply buy any big house just because I like it or wana stay in OUG area. Rambo always showed to me the houses on sale at Seri Petaling but I told him better not as I always reasoned to him that it's not the big house you're staying will keep you happy but it's the harmony in the house that will keep you truly happy both mentally and physically. Yea, although I did complain that staying in condo I can't fit my new shoes and clothings but I can always give away the old ones, replace the spaces for the new ones. Most importantly for a home sweet home rule is safety comes 1st and and having total peace of mind living with our loved ones. To be truly happy, live simply and stay healthy that really matters!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

HALLS Soft Chewy Candies(Thailand)

At Watsons Kad Suan Keaw while asking Rambo to pay for my beauty products, I was attracted to
this attractive HALLS candies box so I bought the two different flavours available here. It only cost
TBaht 10, now you know why Rambo loves to stay here in Thailand as everything seems affordable
for him here. Back in KL, he bought the HALLS RM5 candy at Giant I grumbled him like mad...Haha.
I know he loves me but it's really not worth it as with RM5, I can enjoy a tasty, yummy Nasi Lemak liao. 

The orange-coloured candies are not too sweet like before, too much colouring
I actually never encouraged my dear Charmers to take this too often. This one is
yummy as it's soft to chew and inside, it contains the sour bits of zesty lime in
strawberry coated candy. It's a big candy pill, only have 10 pills of 10cents each.
It's worth it and try to get it when you're travelling to Thailand anytime soon.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LUMINOX Ambassador SCOTT CASSELL Launches LUMINOX 'SAVE THE SEAS' Programme In Malaysia

Luminox, the original self-powered luminous watch brand, is the watch of choice for U.S. Navy SEALs, F-117 NighthawkTM Stealth jet pilots and other elite forces. Luminox watches glow 100 times brighter than most other luminous watches, giving them superior readability. Tough, powerful and accurate, Swiss-made Luminox is the ultimate night vision gear for serious athletes, rugged outdoorsmen and other peak performers. For more infos, check out

The mission of Luminox 'Save The Seas' is to educate consumers about the importance of preserving the health of the ocean eco-systems in The Coral Triangle, a region off the coasts of Southeast Asia (including Malaysia) recognised as the global centre of marine biodiversity and a global priority for conservation. 

Last 10 SEPTEMBER 2013, Luminox brand ambassador and world renowned ocean explorer, Mr Scott Cassell, launches the Luminox“Save The Seas” ocean conservation programme with a special exhibit of an electricity-powered two-man submersible (mini submarine), “The Great White”, at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, from 9 to 15 September 2013. 

“The Great White” submersible is utilized by Mr Scott Cassell for student education programmes under his USA-based non-profit organization, the Undersea Voyager Project (UVP). The first 100 persons to visit "The Great White", the FIRST submersible to come to Malaysia, at Mid Valley Megamall each day from now until 15 September 2013 will receive a free gift from LUMINOX!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to launch the first Flagship Touch Point. Gracing the ceremony
management team of Ninetology Malaysia comprising of Sean Ng (Chief Executive Officer),
Marco Beh (Chief Operations Officer), Shian (Chief Finance Officer),
Vijian Chan (Chief Marketing Officer), and Eddy Tay (Head of Channel)'
Michael Lee (General Manager, Property Management and Operations of Plaza Low Yat)
and celebrities such as Z-Chen, Iqwal Hafiz, and Sasi the Don.

In conjunction with Malaysia’s 56th Independence Day, Ninetology Malaysia has officially launched its Flagship Touch Point at Plaza Low Yat, Malaysia’s Largest IT Lifestyle Mall, on 30 August 2013. With a concept like no other, Ninetology’s Flagship Touch Point offers consumers an experiential touch point for today’s lifestyles and culture as well as a product showcase. At the Flagship Touch Point, not only would the Ninetology products be showcased, it’s a place where consumers can learn how to use a smartphone to enhance their lifestyles and interests. 

At the Flagship Touch Point, not only would the Ninetology products be showcased, it’s a place where consumers can learn how to use a smartphone to enhance their lifestyles and interests. The flagship Touch Point will serve as a youth and culture training hub to spread the urbanite culture that is cultivated by Ninetology. The Ninetology smartphones are not just communication tools, but a device that can advance one’s social visibility, thus opening doors to more opportunities.

At the launch, Ninetology also revealed their newly appointed Product Spokesperson, Z-Chen, a Malaysian Mandopop singer, also fondly known as the R&B Little Prince.  “As a singer and urbanite myself, I can truly appreciate the U9 series. The U9 smart phones truly understand my needs as an individualist with various interests and a strong desire for freedom. 

With the U9 series, there are unlimited possibilities to enrich my lifestyle and illuminate my unique personality, work and music. I feel that I am always united-as-one with my U9 smart phone in one seamless human-technology integration,” said Chen.

Earlier last month, Ninetology Malaysia also launched their U9 series at KL Hilton Hotel, Malaysia. The “Unite-as-One” power-infused technology with the urbanite profile was presented in three models: The X1, Z1, and Z1+, which are new and stylish devices engineered to meet the human needs of speed, precision and high levels of engagement. For more information on Ninetology U9 smartphones, check out

Monday, September 23, 2013

ORIENTAL PRINCESS Natural Power C Miracle Brightening Treatment Skincare Set

This is another new beautiful, wonderful Oriental Princess Miracle Power C set which I bought recently and
loving it so much. I got this lovely set worth THB495 for free as I bought more than THB1500 with any of the
Power C product. It comes with a nice Orange colour pouch that's nice but I gave it to Rambo to put his things.
He even said that lately all my new stuffs from shoes, handbag, dress and skincare also orange in colour seems
to click with my bright Orange Toyota Prius C car. Haha...true also, such a co-incidence I replied him as it's
now really on trend with the fashion passion plus the real passion fruits I'm passionate taking for my health.

This is the Miracle Power C serum that brighten up my skin which works from
deeper dermal layer of skin and smoothen my skin like baby soft skin. It's the
smoothness that tempted me so much to use it everyday without failed. 
Yea, I agreed with the statement listed on the description of this Miracle Power C,  it actually exfoliates in
the process of removing the dead skin cells, enhancing younger, healthier skin after using this Vitamin C
serum. I always looking forward to buy this kinda perfect-textured Vit C Serum that absorbed immediately
into my skin and as usual, it's always fated that I got to grab the good skincare from Thailand that works
wonderfully for me. Astonishing result yet affordable that is complete and comes with a whole Vit C set of
skincare for me to enjoy. This is what I called a total happiness that's worthy and a lovely deal for me.

I love it to the max esp.the refreshing fruits scent that stimulating my smell sense to perfection from the start,
 then comes the incredible feeling of smoothing it on my face, my skin is silky smooth like a baby. I told Rambo
liao that I'm gonna 'Lap Fo', grab as many boxes of this Power C set as possible in my next trip to Thailand. He
said he can asked his Thai colleague to mail it for me if I need it desperately but I told him, "Na, I prefer to shop
on my own with more goodies+freebies up for grab." It's really nice to grab all this great deals at one time, Yes!

Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White Official Launch Event

The launch of the new Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White with Daphne Iking, Norhayati Abd Hamid
Senior Category Manager Health Guardian Pharmacy Health & Beauty, Ch'ng Haw Chong Purchasing
Director Caring Pharmacy Sdn Bhd, Irene Chan General Manager Consumer Health & Speciality Group 
Business Unit Healthcare DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and Liew Tong Ngan CEO World Vision Malaysia.

Pearly white teeth are much desired by everyone. They brighten up your smile and appearance and are a sign of good dental health and beauty. Unfortunately, many kinds of food we eat and the coffee and tea we drink every day can cause surface stains on teeth that cannot be easily removed by brushing and flossing alone. Smoking and drinking red wine also cause teeth to become discoloured.

Along comes Pearl Drops from Church and Dwight Co.Inc, the leading teeth whitening specialist that offers a range of oral care whitening products that leave teeth smooth and clean as well as looking whiter and brighter.

Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White toothpolish is sold at RM39.90,
introductory price till November at all leading pharmacies in Malaysia. Usual
price is RM49.90. 

The new Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White tooth polish works through a 4D whitening system - it cleans, whitens, protects and shines. It can be used safely every day, polishing away stains and plaque and restoring the whiteness to teeth. It contains Perlite, the same whitening ingredient used by dentists to help remove and prevent stains caused by coffee, tea, smoking and red wine. Perlite is a naturally occurring siliceous rock that is striking for its white colour after expanding under high heat.

A bright winning smile should be part of everyone’s daily beauty routine, and this can be achieved by Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White toothpolish. DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd have celebrate the launch of the new Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White toothpolish last Thursday, September 19 at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. The launch began with a fast and throbbing Brazilian salsa dance performance with Daphne Iking, the Celebrity TV host, producer and writer who emcee the event. 

The Pearl Drops Launch Event at Garden Cafe, Mid Valley.  

At the event, Pearl Drops has donated RM8,000 to World Vision to fund its charity project in Indonesia. The project in Parimo in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia is titled “Sanitation through Community Empowerment” and the money will go towards building sanitation facilities and empowering the community to improve their health and quality of life. 

World Vision is a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling poverty and injustice. This is another reason why I did my very best to attend and support this meaningful event.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

SKINFOOD Ginseng Mask

I love the mini size of this Ginseng Mask that's petite and easy to use also. I kept it inside the fridge so when
I apply it on my face, the mask is so cooling with strong, intense smell of Ginseng. I remember my Korea tour
at Jeju Island and all around Korea during one of my Winter Holiday, the expert once explained to us that the
older the Ginseng is, the smell of the Ginseng can be bitter but it's precious enough for good health, beauty and
longevity. In fact, we've tried so many type of Ginseng Tea that tasted so good many of us bought it as well.

This Ginseng Mask really blended, made from real fresh Ginseng that smells really good. It also moisturised
my skin to hydrated, radiant and smooth skin. I also like to massage this Ginseng Mask on my face as it's
kinda fun to scrub it all over my face, while inhaling the strong Ginseng scent. If you like to try this, check
out this blog now
And to get up close with Skin Food Malaysia, check out

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thailand - Chiangmai (Day 3)

Such a stunning, sophisticated art of Thai decoration at Pang Suan Keaw Hotel. Really amused and
mesmerized by it so Rambo took many pictures for me here, since today is my relaxing day only meant
for my shopping and dining day. Haha...I love this kinda rest and relaxing tour where I need not rush
to anywhere by car, just my own free time travelling by walking to the next door shopping mall only. 
I used to go KL Regent Hotel to visit my sister or having Hi-Tea there, they have
the same kinda lift overlooking the whole view of the hotel. Now seldom go as my
sister's company moved to MV, I seldom look for her. Nice view here at the hotel. 

I also love my big room, adjoining the next room with my sis. That night my sis already rushed me to open
the door that linked to her room when we arrived and I told her I will open after I enjoyed a hot spa bath 1st as
I really need to destress myself before we can chat all night.  

This is another lovely decors from this hotel. Everything is so Thai-styled,
tantalizing enough to stun you with its contemporary design. 

The 1st round of my shopping trip after my yummy lunch at the Pizza Company.

After keeping all my shopping stuffs, we went for a short swim just to rest and relax at the Olympic-sized
pool here, just nearby my room at the same level. My sister already said to me let's hit the pool together
but after our two days tour, both of them gotta rush back home by AA. Kinda wasted, when they wana
extend the flight, AA charged them few hundreds more. 

The biggest shopping mall Kad Suan Keaw, just next to the hotel I stayed for my Chiangmai travel here.

Many food stalls here selling everything and anything about Thai good food galore. See also drooling on it
liao but my heart and soul already been booked for the restaurant I have been missing all these years. 

The Sizzler Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurant for good food great taste. I love the food selection
and the unlimited choices until I have tried everything on their menu. And from time to time, they always
have many new upcoming food menu and the price is reasonable I would say. 

The reason why I love dining at The Sizzler is I can eat all I can, as many times as possible, no limit of time
that Rambo and I really 'Jiak ka liao' till perut buncit, so full. We order one main course each and trying
so hard to finish everything up as I always love their pasta, salad and soup. 

Their salad is one of the best I have tried with so many choices to choose from besides the sauce
selection also. Full of healthy goodness that add on more yummy to all the food available here.

The desserts are simple yet so yummylicious. It's smooth, melting inside my mouth and perfectly cute,
petite for my size for dessert. I don't fancy taking sweet things so a little bit of this means perfect to me.

The 1st main course that already drooling enough for Rambo. He gotta chant a prayer for the steak I order.
Sorry Cow, maybe once in a blue moon for me nowadays. I hope you can forgive me.

The second main course I order for myself is this Grilled Bacon Prawn, that's tasted fantastic enough
for a seafood lover like myself. I didn't take the bacon(no pork for me) but I really love the veges and
pineapple they added to salsa with this grilled prawn for me. Delicious to perfection!

Even the Black Pepper Sauce and Seafood Sauce that comes along with the main course, I finished it all
to the last lick of it. Haha...too yummy liao, I can't help it! 

After finishing my favourite buffet, I did another second round of shopping before I call it a day. At
Watsons, I get to grab this for my dear Charmers as I have promised them to get them this before I
travel here. They were so excited and asked me how I knew they love that each packet like the Red
was meant for LeAnne, Melody+HK for Ying Shan and Lynette got the Light Pink, I told them I sure
knew as I love them so much. Lynette esp. she kept kissing the HK and me as she's a grateful, lovely
girl who gave me two of her sweets for me to enjoy. 

They also loved this sweet, pretty hairbands that specially chosen for them individually. Lynette of course
got her Hello Kitty signature band that she kissed and wanted me to put on for her immediately. Ying Shan,
I chose Minnie Mouse for her that she wanted so much and LeAnne got the sweet Pink Love Heart that I,
myself wish to get one for myself too. They looked really pretty when I put it on for them, so glad I grab it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thailand - Chiangmai/Chiangrai (Day 2)

Day 2 early in the morning kinda lucky to have a great breakfast buffet spread from this Pang Suan Keaw
Hotel. My Thai tour guide told me that the hotel I stayed is one of the famous hotel in Chiangmai, which
I really took the initiative to search for the best hotel in Thailand this time and make sure they got me the
room before I confirm booking with the local Malaysian travel agency. My sis Defney told me that am
before I arrived that afternoon there's a group of Japanese gang staying at this hotel, full of people.

Lucky we stopped over at this Hot Spring pit stop for a rest before we can continue on with the rest of the
long 4 hours journey to Chiangrai+Golden Triangle. The water was so hot till most of us scream out "Hot!"
It took us some time to fine-tuned with the hot spring water here, slowly dip, keep the feet inside for good
blood circulation. 

We took the time to enjoy some eggs, chilling and chatting till my mom beh tahan, she went shopping
I took the time to take more pictures here and I wish I can spend more time here for a spa with a body
massage or stay at the hot spring resort.I don't just wana keep my feet rejuvenated only but wana feel
relaxing on my whole body as after the spa, we can feel that our legs were so light and easy.    

 Can walk and run like a young athlete, ironic but it's true. Although it's relaxing but at the same time, it
can be reviving enough to move faster and easier. That's the beauty of dipping in hot spring spa. No
wonder the Japanese love dipping themselves at hot spring spa all the time because it really works
wonderfully for beauty, health and wellness. Fantastic healing and feeling after that 'song' spa session.

This is the real stream of hot spring steam that gushed out rapidly from the natural source spring. It's hot!

We didn't visit the famous 'Bak Lung Temple' as we're going for the optional tour visiting Laos and Myanmar.
So on the way, we visit this White Temple that called 'Wat Rong Khun' in Thai. Such stunning temple that's
decorated in everything white in colour with gifted golden decors too. Really beautiful and wonderful place to
simply describe it.   

Simple yet magnificent contemporary style of a Thai Temple at the entrance itself.

I just fell in love with the overall artistic design of the temple and its surrounding area with spectacular
views from all sides of this temple.

They have strict rules here to the extent of must-wearing a White Sarong to cover up my skin. Cannot be
too sexy and lucky, I wore a dress that cover up my upper body+hands or I need to cover with another
sarong I guess. Haha...I only remember to wear not so sexy to cover up but forgot to cover lower body.   

The entrance to the sacred temple inside. Need to take out shoes and remain really silent when you're in there.

Haha...I make a wish, hopefully it come true for me. Toss a coin inside and it fell steadfastly on top of the pot. 

All of us pray and make good blessings for the family. It only cost THB30, a very nice tin coil to write our wishes
and blessings for safe keeping here at the temple.  

It would be blessed by the masters at the temple here. Felt so great about it!

My wish and good blessing that has been placed safely here, next to my mom and sis.

This splendid golden building is not a temple but a clean toilet with water facility, that's suitable for me
just like my home toilet. We prefer to use water which is cleaner and lucky Thailand is equipped with water
facility almost everywhere we go. 

On the way to Chiangrai, we stopped here for a toilet break and learning about gems like Red Rubies, Jade
etc. infos at this small factory of gems factory+showroom. Bangkok is bigger and grander in gems making
to the grandest showroom I have ever seen, can compete with China's big showroom I have visit in my
China trip. I went twice to their Bangkok Showroom, full of tourists from around the world and it's one of
the most successful business network that work wonderfully for many involved parties. And it was fun too
where we're welcome to have a tour like a Disneyland Tour at the start to learn the art of gems making before
we're invited for a free wine/coffee while admiring the impressive gems and jewelleries available around here.
Very tempting that somewhere somehow you'll fall in love with any of the sparkling designs here but it's not
cheap definitely. Kinda high in price but with good quality assured, that's why many are buying it for sure.