Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Kinohimitsu Malaysia - Miss Perfect Skin of Ms CosmoWorld 2018

Kinohimitsu Malaysia is honoured to be the Gold sponsor of Miss CosmoWorld 2018 Beauty Pageant, which is at its second instalment this year.  A total of 27 participants from around the world have participated in this international pageant which lasts 17 days in Malaysia.  Miss CosmoWorld serves to empower modern day women who are passionate about life to develop confidence to achieve their personal best. For more infos, check out Kinohimitsu Malaysia 

In addition to the top 3 winning titles on the final night of the pageant, there are also 12 subsidiary titles that all contestants will be competing for.  Kinohimitsu Malaysia is proud to sponsor one of the titles, Miss Perfect Skin, last 29 November with a winner selected.  The panel of judges involved for this title include Executive Director of Kino Biotech Malaysia, Mr Marcus Chong, Assistant General Manager of Sales & Marketing, Ms Winnie Pok, Assistant General Manager of Product Development, Ms Liew Pei Yee, Director of Umes Marketing Sdn Bhd, Mr Simon Park, Chief Operating Officer of Astro Go Shop, Mr Song Sang Yol and Founder of Miss CosmoWorld who is also the International Winner of Pageantry Industry and Miss Chinese Cosmos World Winner 2004, Ms Carrie Lee.

This day is also in conjunction with the kick off of Kinohimitsu UV-Bright campaign.  As part of the campaign, all 27 contestants were provided with a 2 weeks supply of Kinohimitsu UV-Bright at the beginning of their beauty camp where they would consume one bottle daily.  This product helps to provide sun protection for the contestants during their outdoor events as well as brighten up their skin in time for the contesting days.  Kinohimitsu UV-Bright effectively protects one’s skin from sun damage for up to 9 hours, regardless of climate and skin tone. 

During the Miss Perfect Skin selection, all the contestants will start off with a round of introduction of themselves, wearing their most elegant evening gowns.  This is then followed by a round of catwalk in casual attire, where the contestants will also parade with Kinohimitsu UV-Bright and other related props.  The contestants will be evaluated based on specific criteria and 6 finalists have been selected after that.  These finalists have been interviewed by the judges before a winner is picked. The winner for Miss Perfect Skin has won 6 months supply of Kinohimitsu UV-Bright product and cash prize of RM1850. 

Merry X'mas 2018