Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Memorable, Meaningful 39th Birthday 2015

This time I need to say "OMG" just like my dear Charmers who used to describe things or reacting this way when they chance upon cute surprises. Haha...talking about them, Rambo said my eyes would naturally glowing like the bright light up stars high up in the sky. Not only they wished me personally one by one, they also made birthday cards for me and LeAnne actually created a "Happy Birthday" video for me and posted it on Facebook on the day itself. I was feeling totally on top of the world just like the tip of the iceberg happiness, indescriable feeling having 3 of my lovely Charmers to love me just the way I loved them so much.

Dato' Ruby was the 1st one who wished me "Happy Birthday" on my pm box. Then, come tonnes of the other great birthday wishes from all my family and friends who seemed to be thoughtful to me with music, cute cartoons creation and lovely messages. I'm so grateful and thankful to Guan Yin that morning, Amituofo and God for blessing me with great fortunes in life and most importantly is good health actually. I'm already very 'Je Tin Je Dei'(thank heaven, thank earth) for being still alive, lively to enjoy my life beautifully with my loved ones. I need not asked for anything more anymore, so long I'm healthy, incredibly lucky I'm happy enough.

I was so melt by them, got so touched and feeling emotional about it when I watched it everyday over and over again. It brings back those great memories with them in my life since they're babies to grown up girls, really brighten up my days with grace and glory in life. There's no turning back, no regrets but full of happiness to see them grew up pretty and healthy in life today. That's my ultimate dream of all and I'm glad they turned out to be so cute and lovely. Last Saturday, LeAnne asked me again if I like the song in the video for 'Happy Birthday Jacinta Chong', I replied her "Tq LeAnne, I love you so much and yea, I definitely like the song too." 

Haha...They're acting like teenagers nowadays where they always love sharing new songs, life stories and future planning with me. Lynette may not have the art talent in her like Ying Shan but I always reassured her whatever creation she had for me I'll be happy to receive it with my two big arms to hug her and kissed her passionately. Rambo understand now the reasons why I loved them so much where everytime I go shopping, I only bought things for them because I asked Rambo to control my spending on my impulsive shopping where I can't finish wearing my clothes for a year with different dress everyday, but he said 3 years is possible too. 

Till today, I still received birthday wishes from PR, FB and friends where I replied them it was ancient weeks ago jokingly. Haha...this year is really a memorable year and more meaningful to me because everyone I know seemed to touch my heart and soul felicitously, esp. those who really made such great efforts sending me those admirable advises and tips in life. Not forgetting my dear hubby Rambo who 'Pat Lei Pat Hei' stands protective and supportive of me throughout the years. I am who I am today, a happy go lucky lady is all I ask for having Rambo to love me so dearly and lovingly for years liao. He means everything to me, that's for sure!

He brought me for a day spa at Millenium Hotel, shopping for something I fell in love with that's totally worthy of his money and a great finale having a delightful dinner+Strawberries Cheese Cake from the hotel. I feel so happy that I had a total bliss sleeping peacefully that night. The next day reaching home, I missed my own bed so much and feeling totally on top of the world having to reach home sweet home finally. Nothing beats that kinda special feeling staying at own place even if other places seems to attract us with luxury and elegance. Home is like a sacred place to be, simple yet comfortable and complacent to be, 24 hours a day.  

Beauty is a very subjective kinda thing to everyone, be it to the ladies or men. Just like my long time friend Jenny who used to model, she's tall and willing to travel to Korea for plastic surgery to cut here and there from face to body transformation in achieving the total beauty. We used to dress alike with my sis, dressing up the same style and going anywhere together all the time. She wished me Happy Birthday, stay pretty and happy always just like the olden days in Seri Petaling. I'm actually very lazy nowadays to dress up like a dolly I used to be. I have drag this birthday blog for 3 weeks to complete on it as I'm very busy so kinda lazy nowadays.

Haha...I need to buck up a little bit to keep the beauty momentum spirit back to shiny days again because beauty is an endless, timeless thing at any age for women in this world. There's no ugly lady in this world, even my Hyacinth plant in the fridge needs to be praised everyday by saying good, positive words to her then she's back lively again nowadays, before that it was like a dying plant which can't stand the hot Malaysia humidity. After 3 days trying to resuscitate her life back, she has 'kembali mekar seperti bidadari'(fully blossom like an angel) that got both Rambo and I jumping gleefully after witnessing the amazing discovery. That's life! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Grand Opening Of Huge DIRECTD Mega Tech Store

DirectD open its 6th outlet, Malaysia’s largest gadget and mobile phone mega store, along Federal Highway, one of the busiest highways in the city. The store opens all year-round to reshape and redefine the shopping experience for mobile devices.

The store was conceived and designed by DirectD’s own team guided by its core principle of bringing value to end users. It occupies about 18,000 square feet on a two storey building offering one-stop solutions for mobile/smart phones, gadgets, accessories and telecommunication services.

At the main entrance sits a wide welcome reception table that is centrally located and thus splitting the storefront in two, a key feature of the fa├žade. Spotlights and luminescent wide windows along the storefront create an impressive and bright effect.

Inside the store is a succession of symmetrical display table by major international brand names like Acer, Apple, Asus, HTC, Honor, Huawei, Intel, Lenovo, LG, Meizu, Microsoft, Microsoft 365, Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi along a majestic glass gallery. Attractive display stands with selected display mobile phone models and brand names’ signage stand out to display its key points.

The 2nd floor housed more than 1,000 different type of accessories, service centre, payment counter, credit facilities and telecommunications services by Maxis, Digi and U-Mobile. Malaysia’s largest 4G network connection counter, YES followed by DirectD’s membership and gifts redemption counter are located on the left hand side of the building.  

DIrectD was awarded the BrandLaureate SME’s Best Brands Award 2014 in Retails – Communication Devices by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation. In 2014, Directd was ranked top dealer/retailer for Asus, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Oppo and Sony. In addition to that, DirectD was recently awarded the exclusive Official Retail Partner for ChatSim, the world’s first SIM that makes you chat without limits with all instant messaging apps in 150 countries. Even without Wi-Fi and roaming expenses.

Customers can now shop in the comfort of spacious show room with more than 300 different models across major international brands and more than 1,000 accessories to choose from. Specialized counters with more 100 different display models are available for demonstration and testing.

“The new DirectD Gadget Mega Store will be an iconic landmark that reshape the way consumers shop for their desired mobile devices and accessories,” says Esther Kwan, the group chief Financial Officer. 

About DirectD
Extrovest Communications Sdn.Bhd. is a leading mobile phone player in Malaysia principally engaged in the trading, retailing mobile phones as well as related accessories from various international brands. It was established in 1999 by a team of passionate and experts in mobile phone industry.

I’m DEALER – Dealership Programme
DirectD enables entrepreneurs to grow businesses by offering a variety of mobile gadget wholesale products and solutions to suit their needs. If you feel that a premier dealership may be the right opportunity for you, DirectD would like to invite you to find out more about them. 

I’m MEMBER – Membership Programme
Join the DirectD membership club for exclusive savings and benefits when you shop for your desirable gadget. Earn points with every Ringgit spent at DirectD store and be entitled for exciting gift’s redemptions. Promotions and activities are scheduled throughout the year for the benefit of members.

Member’s Benefits
 Exciting gift’s redemptions
 Exclusive invitation to new product launching
 Member’s Day
 Updates on attractive offers
 Monthly released newsletter

DirectD Gadget Mega Store business operates from 9am to 9.30pm and it is open daily throughout the year, even on weekends and public holidays. The huge store is located at Lot 11, Jalan 51A, 219, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/directdteam or website at www.directd.com.my

New CLIQ Damansara Hotel Celebrates New Lunar Year With Cabbies

CABBIES within the Klang Valley were in for a surprise this festive Lunar New Year when more than 100 of them including MyTeksi drivers each received a goodie bag from recently opened Qliq Damansara, a new avant-garde hotel in Petaling Jaya conceptualized and managed by Vive Hospitality for ‘Generation Next’ travellers with Qliq-essential experiences.

Qliq Damansara’s General Manager, Mr Bennet Chang said: “We are very excited to contribute to the spurring growth in Petaling Jaya and to add a new iconic development in the city’s hospitality sector. Qliq Damansara will certainly appeal to tech-generation travellers and professionals craving a multi-sensory hotel experience. Taxis are an important partner for any hotel and we wanted to acknowledge their role in providing great service to our guests whether they are arriving or departing.”

“The goodie bag contains a packed meal, Mandarin oranges, stationery set, hotel information and an exclusively designed Qliq car freshener which are all handy for the cabbies!” said Bennet.

Taxi driver Mohd Huzairi Ali, who has been a cabbie for 10 years was grateful that their role was much appreciated. “It’s very good for Qliq Damansara to organise this and the hotel is strategically located as Damansara Perdana is well connected to the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong, Penchala Link and North Klang Valley Expressway. “We find it easy to travel within Kuala Lumpur city, Petaling Jaya, Kepong and beyond as well as to both KLIA and Subang Airports,” he added.

Abdul Rashid Mat Ali agrees as well. The taxi driver adds that some tourists especially from the Middle East depend on cabbies to give good recommendations on where to stay, and he will be suggesting Qliq Damansara to them.

Bennet added: “The 271-room hotel is conceived with the avant-garde visitor in mind, providing upbeat design and ambiance, lightning-speed Internet and comprehensive business meeting facilities. For more general info on Qliq Damansara, you can visit www.qliqhotels.com

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Experience 12-hour Protection And Longer Lasting Freshness With The Newly-Improved Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash Range

Following the introduction of a pH-balanced formula last October, Malaysia’s #1 Germ Protection Brand*, Dettol, launched its newly-improved Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash range today at Capri by Fraser, Bangsar South.The New Dettol Healthy Fresh range now comes with 12-hour odour protection and longer lasting freshness. Everything looked so green and serene that morning, I felt a sense of calmness all over me.

The new launch reiterates Dettol’s understanding of consumer needs and the importance of good personal hygiene to provide the best protection against germs and bacteria. With Dettol’s signature anti-bacterial properties and newly-improved formulation, Dettol’s latest new variant, Dettol Lasting Fresh protects you from odour-causing germs for up to 12 hours.

On top, the range now comes in a brand-new transparent PET bottles packaging that not only has an eye-catching look to it, but also carries a premium quality look. Trusted by families and medical professionals for generations, Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash is the ideal body wash for every Malaysian family so they can be 100% sure of protection from germs and bacteria** while feeling fresh all day long.

Rakesh Kumar Singh, Marketing Manager of Dettol, RB Malaysia and Singapore, stated “Dettol as the trusted leader in disinfection and hygiene has been at the forefront to protect the health of our consumers since 1932. We are committed to providing bettersolutions by regularly launching new product innovations. We are especially proud to launch the new Dettol Lasting Fresh variant, which has been conceptualized and tested among Malaysian consumers and is now being launched across the globe.It is a variant which is especially relevant for Malaysians as our market survey revealed that up to 83% of them loved the product. As a result, we believe that Dettol Lasting Fresh Body Wash is the perfect addition to every household to enjoy protection and freshness that lasts up to 12 hours.”

Speaking at the launch of Dettol Healthy Fresh range, Dr. Steven Chow, Senior Consultant Dermatologist talked about the importance of personal hygiene in a hot and humid environment like Malaysia. “Perspiring and body odour are common issues among Malaysians. Despite what many people think, perspiration (or sweat) is actually odourless. However, when perspiration stays on the skin’s surface and interacts with bacteria on the body, the bacteria breaks down the perspiration into fatty acids, which produces an unpleasant odour. Good personal hygiene, especially with anti-bacterial body washes can help fight germs and prevent body odour” he advised. 

Also at the launch was celebrity, host and mother-of-two, Nana Mahazan. For her, keeping her family protected is one of the most important roles as a mother and wife. “As a family, we live a very active lifestyle and we love outdoor activities. I really want to encourage my kids to go out there and explore, instead of just sitting at home playing games on gadgets. So, I want to ensure that my family is well-protected and still smell good when we are out and about.With Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash, I can stop worrying about bacteria and germs! I really love the new Dettol Lasting Fresh Body Wash, the soothing cucumber scent makes me feel like I have just stepped out of a spa."

The New improved Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash range is available in the following four (4) variants. The range continues to be pH-balanced to keep the skin moisture intact;
 1. Dettol Lasting Fresh Body Wash (NEW!)
    Enriched with cucumber extract, amazing scent and its unique long-lasting fresh technology always leaves       you with that just showered feeling of freshness every time.

 2. Dettol Cool Body Wash
    Cool, crisp menthol revives your senses, leaving you with a refreshingly cool tingle after each shower.

 3. Dettol Fresh Body Wash
    Scented with refreshing citrus that leaves you with the fresh feeling.

 4. Dettol Re-energize Body Wash
     Its zesty mandarin scent keeps you and your family energized after each shower.

Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash is available in 250ml (RM6.90), 500ml (RM11.90), 950ml (RM17.90) and 900ml refill (RM15.25), and can be found in all retail stores nationwide and is suitable for use by the entire family. True, I have been using Dettol Fresh Body Wash for many years already to keep my skin moisturised, smooth and refreshingly feel good feeling all day long. Definitely one of my favourite brand in town!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dutch Lady Farming Heritage

Dutch Lady Malaysia’s parent company Royal FrieslandCampina NV is one of the world’s largest dairy co-operative owned by farmers whose roots are founded on the land with lush green meadows, blue skies and lakes. Everyday I never failed to take Dutch Lady Yoghurt for my daily healthy essential nutrients needed for my body. After attending this Dutch Lady event that morning, I knew that I need to take another cup of fresh milk which I can add it on with my morning cup of coffee after talking to the nutritionist, besides the yoghurt treat at night. Haha...old engine inside of me needs all the basic nutrients like my dear Charmers(3 girls) too. 

Combining 140 years of dairy farming expertise and modern advanced dairy technology, they have been producing delicious, quality and nutritious milk every day, and you’ll be glad to know that the Dutch Lady®PureFarmTM that is produced in Malaysia shares the same quality standards as the milk the Dutch farmers and their families enjoy.

Dutch Lady products are produced based on a singular standard called FOQUS, developed at their headquarters in the Netherlands. FOQUS ensures that families in Asia, including Malaysia get dairy products that are produced based on the same standards of quality that are practised in the Netherlands. 

Delicious and Nutritious 
For many years, Malaysians have loved the delicious taste of Dutch Lady ready-to-drink milk, making it the number 1 brand in the category1.

At Dutch Lady Malaysia, they are committed to help Malaysia build strong families by retaining the goodness and delicious taste of Dutch Lady®PureFarmTMmilk. Two servings of milk per day is sufficient to provide essential nutrients to nourish you and your family2.

These are some of the wholesome goodness that you can find in Dutch Lady®PureFarmTM milk:
             Protein, which is essential for growth and development3;
      Calcium, for development of strong bones and teeth4;
      Vitamin A, which supports eye function5;
      Vitamin B2, for the release of energy from foods6; and
      Vitamin D3, to help absorption of calcium and phosphorus7.

The Dutch Lady®PureFarm™ products are available in the following format; 
      1. UHT (ultra-high temperature) Milk (200ml and 1L)
      2. Sterilised Milk (225ml, 450ml and 900ml)
      3. Pasteurised Milk (1L) 

Dutch Lady®PureFarm™ UHT (ultra-high temperature) Milk
Made for the enjoyment and nutrition of the entire family, Dutch Lady®PureFarm™ UHT (ultra-high temperature) Milk is available in both 200ml and 1L

Dutch Lady®PureFarmTMUHT 200ml is available in these 5 variants: 
1)      Full Cream Milk
2)      Low Fat High Calcium Milk
3)      Coffee Flavoured Milk
4)      Chocolate Flavoured Milk
5)      Strawberry Flavoured Milk 
         Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 2 to 3 days 
Retail Price
         RM 9.20 per blister of 6 across all variant

Dutch Lady®PureFarmTMUHT 1L is available in these 5variants:
1. Fresh Milk
2. Full Cream Milk
3. Low Fat High Calcium Milk
4. Chocolate Flavoured Milk
5. Strawberry Flavoured Milk 
        Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 2 to 3 days 
Retail Price
         RM 7.45 per pack (Fresh Milk)
         RM 6.65 per pack ( Full Cream, Low Fat High Calcium, Strawberry Flavoured Milk, Chocolate   Flavoured Milk)

Dutch Lady®PureFarm™ Sterilised Milk
Made for the enjoyment and nutrition of the entire family, Dutch Lady®PureFarm™ Sterilised Milk will be available in 225ml, 450mland 900ml

Dutch Lady®PureFarmTMSterilised Milk 225ml is available in these 3variants: 
1. Low Fat High Calcium Milk
2. Chocolate Flavoured Milk
3. Strawberry Flavoured Milk
         Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 3 days 
Retail Price
         RM 2.15 per bottle

Dutch Lady®PureFarmTMSterilised Milk 450ml is available in these 5 variants:
1. Fresh Milk
2. Full Cream Milk
3. Low Fat High Calcium Milk
4. Chocolate Flavoured Milk
5. Strawberry Flavoured Milk
         Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 3 days 
Retail Price
         RM 4.05 per bottle (Fresh Milk)
         RM 3.80 per bottle (Full Cream, Low Fat High Calcium, Chocolate Flavoured Milk, Strawberry Flavoured Milk)

Dutch Lady®PureFarmTMSterilised Milk 900ml is available in these 5 variants:
1. Fresh Milk
2. Full Cream Milk
3.  Low Fat High Calcium Milk
4. Chocolate Flavoured Milk
5. Strawberry Flavoured Milk
         Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 3 days 
Retail Price
         RM 7.20 per bottle (Fresh Milk)
         RM 6.45 per bottle (Full Cream, Low Fat High Calcium, Chocolate Flavoured Milk, Strawberry Flavoured Milk)

Dutch Lady®PureFarm™ Pasteurised Milk
Available in 1L packaging, Dutch Lady®PureFarm™ Pasteurised Milk is available in
4 variants:
1. Fresh Milk
2. Full Cream Milk
3. Low Fat High Calcium Milk
4. Chocolate Flavoured Milk
         For maximum freshness, store pack between 0’C to 4’C. Shake before use. Once opened, keep in refrigerate and consume within 3 days. 
Retail Price
         RM 7.90 per pack (Fresh Milk)
         RM 7.20 per pack (Full Cream, Low Fat High Calcium, Chocolate Flavoured Milk)