Friday, May 31, 2013


      By: Jacinta Chong
I was very sick, sick till I rather free myself from all the suffering. But he never gave up on me and keep on trying to save my life. He took good care of me with tender loving care, found me a cure of ‘Cellfood’ from 'Bangkok With Love' back to Malaysia. After a few years of pushing me to take it with discipline, I recovered from it and having a life that I cherished so much. I'm very grateful everyday, living healthily and happily with him. He's my best friend, lover and my beloved husband who only have his eyes on me. He's loyal, trustworthy and a loving man who has not only won my heart from other admirers but he also won my family, relatives and friends' hearts. In their eyes, they always think Rambo Lim is the only man who can fulfill my demanding 'Fire Dragon' character. He's my saviour, hero and my guardian angel that just happen to cross into my life. I will always love him because I know I come first in his top priority of life and I know he loves me with all his might. We make a great couple, leading as a good example for the young and old generation in our family! (My winning story of Enchanteur Love)

My dear Lynette saw I have a parcel package and she asked me, “Dai Yiyi, what’s that?” I replied her, “I don’t know. You wana see it, let’s open it” She helped me open it with a scissor. “Wah so nice, she said upon seeing the hamper gift box. And so I said, “Nice, Dai  Yiyi spray it for you”, while spraying the fragrance on her body. Then I told to her to keep it back and she helped me to arrange them nicely back into the box. “So clever girl”, seeing her making a great effort to place it back nicely in the fragile box.

Haha…I had no idea that I have won this 'Enchanteur Love' sharing on Facebook. I entered the contest at the very 1st place merely because I just wana share my life story and it’s an easy contest sharing writing. No hassle at all and it’s only for fun. Consider it’s good also as I have bought many Enchanteur products before and I love the talcum powder pampering on my body skin. It actually keeps me cool and fresh all day long. It’s like Enchanteur is rewarding me back now and really appreciate us as their customers. No regrets of buying Enchanteur for many years already.

Rambo is really ‘Hiao Ka Be Si’(Hokkien meaning of vain till death) in fragrance love, I always teased him that. Haha…really beh tahan him and he would laughed out loud everytime I said that about him. At home, I have all the fragrance collection including Enchanteur but most of the time, he used up all my fragrance till kering-kontang(dried up). 

Sometime when he's back, he shared with me that my new Swarovski fragrance smells so long-lasting with strong sexy smell he felt energized enough to last him good mood throughout the day. I explained to him that it’s a parfum that’s why it last more longer than an eau de toilette fragrance. 
I wana thank Enchanteur for the gift hamper as this surprising win really means a great gift for Rambo spray of vain spirit. Haha...he believes that fragrance can uplift his energy and spirit of working hard and smart. What goes around comes around. I believe that this win is really meant to keep him happy as I appreciate his never ending loving spirit for me all these years and that's why I shared it and won it surprisingly for him. 

Everywhere we go from KL to China, people never stop talking about Rambo who really loves me to death as they have eyes to see, what he did usually is to make me happy. Yea, I know that for sure and I know it's a blessing from Amituofo and my beloved 'Guan Yin' who actually fulfilled my call for a good husband in my life. 

On my wedding day at Thean Hou Temple, I thanked 'Guan Yin' and sharing my inner feelings with her that I hope I married the right man of my life during my prayer. She actually answered me through a lucky 'Chim'(fortune card) that read 'I married the right man of my life and will have a happy matrimony'. Haha...sounds too good to be true but that's the real truth between 'Guan Yin' and me, the positive vibrations we actually stay connected over the years through answering my prayers most of the time. 

She always fulfilled my wishes whenever I seek for her advise and guidance in life. Happy or sad, good or bad, almost everything I would also tell her and she knew it for sure. She's my saviour, protector and guardian angel of my life besides having Rambo as my hero. Thank you, I'm very blessed and I will treasure every great moments with my dear Rambo!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Soap and Glory - Scrub of your life

Soap and Glory – Scrub of your life, the tagline that sounds so familiar and it actually fits to the expression of the true meaning for its brand. I bought many sets of Soap and Glory already since the brand reach to Sephora Malaysia at Starhill a few years back. During my sunday spa visit at Kanebo Spa, I usually pass through Sephora after shopping in Pavilion so I take a quick glance on what's new in the market and something nice and special to pamper myself. I bought the 1st Soap and Glory set during X'mas special and I don't remember much details about it.

Old liao, don't wana scratch my head also. Haha...this must be my 2nd or 3rd set I don't remember as they have different sets of beauty sets but this set comes with the shampoo that smell so refreshingly good and not drying my hair at all. Not bad actually. I kept all the sets in many of my vanity bags, I don't remember where I put the 3 sets. Just because it's on my birthday that March 2013 where I wanted to use everything new and nice, I finally took out this bodycare set for total pampering at Palace of the Golden Horses. 

After using it then I realized, this scrub really needs a little compliment and should be share out with other beautiful women out there who love pampering too. Not only it smells so refreshingly good like the shampoo but it smoothen your skin to baby soft skin. I usually don't like to use scrub as the scrub usually seems harsh to my body but this fine scrub is fine enough. It actually kinda fun to use it as when you scrub it on your skin, you'll know it's time to stop scrubbing and rinse off your body. It brighten up my skin and soften it with real clean and clear body skin. 

Even when I sleep, I can feel the softness and smoothness on my skin that's luxuriously healthy. I felt good about it even when I sleep on a 'Sang Bou Chong'(not my bed) that night. With the reasonable price for a luxury scrub like this, it's totally worth every penny that I paid for this set which never cost me a luxury bomb price. Haha...back home, I took it out and use it every now and then for daily pampering. It is the scrub of my life as it feels so good to be true even without any sauna effect, my skin is naturally smooth with silky touch feel. Try it and share it with me!   

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

COLLISTAR Perfect Nail Colour

My latest buy Collistar Smalto Nail Colour from SaSa Malaysia RM39 per set. 

Fiery and spicy red that's sexy and stunning to see. One 3-in 1 base is sold at RM48, colour is RM39.

Like the quality 3-in 1 Base+Strengthener+Fixer to protect my fragile nails before
applying the rich colour in one or two application up to our own preference. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Italy - Florence

From Florence with love, I love the overall ambience here.It's calm all around the area with spectacular views.

The 'back to nature' winter surrounding this romantic tourist attraction hill makes it even cooler and
nicer environment for everyone.

The famous Michaelangelo Square with its signature statue of an artistic art.

Nice umbrella designs, I bought one back home.Haha...that's for sure!

Loved their postcards too, many nice pictures and lovely art decors.

The famous bridge of Ponte Vecchio, I'm going for my lunch right now.

Really yummy Italian food from its Florentine Steak with Red Wine and finished it with Sour Gelato.

Elegant Italian restaurant that not only served good food but beautifully decorated with luxury decorations.

A last shot of the 'Old Bridge' before I leave this place.

A slow walk from the restaurant to the end of the street, coach is waiting for us to next tour destination.  

Enjoying the views and wonders along the ancient street of Florence.

Many big churches all around Florence tour, I like the bell ringing sound here welcoming us to go in for prayers.

Full of people around the Piazza della Signoria, just wana pass through here and away from here. 

Too cold, I just wana have a cup of hot coffee here before I continue on the long journey around this place.

The famous statue of David, must take a shot for good memory. 

Full of people standing here and there, so it's kinda hard to shoot a solo picture. 

Moreover, people keep on coming to the free entry inside for more nice pictures so it's busy all the time. 

The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is the main church of Florence, Italy. 

The story of the Christianity history at the entrance of this huge church.

The basilica is one of  the Italy's largest churches with the largest dome 
in the world.
Feeding the 'Hai-O' birds some bread, both Carrie and I have long laughter moments with them here. Fun too!  

Clean and serene environment here suitable for the animal livings. They're great circus players, entertained
us that afternoon when I tried throwing the bread high up for them, they flew real fast and caught it easily. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cyber Colors Gemstone Compact SPF 40 PA+++

Before and after application of Cyber Colors Gemstone Compact SPF40.

I totally fall in love with the pretty compact of Cyber Colors Gemstone Compact SPF 40 PA+++ the moment I see it's on display at SaSa Malaysia. At that time, I also like the mousse foundation that melts into my skin just after applying it on my face. I bought it as it's something new in makeup discovery, together with this Gemstone compact SPF 40 to fulfil the purchase for Cyber Colors Launch event by SaSa MY.

The main reason that I bought it at the 1st place I must admit is the cute crystal  packaging that looks attractive to me. The round shape of the gemstone compact is convenient for me with quality sponge provided separately from the two-way cake powder. It's more hygienic this way. After applying it on my face, my face look glittery, brighten up with light powder application on my face. Most important thing is the SPF 40 coverage for my sensitive skin from the hazardous UV rays. 

Available exclusively at SaSa Malaysia at RM89.90.

It gives full coverage for my dark eye circles and wrinkle that forms every now and then due to my aging skin. But I like the glitter and shine that's clearly sparkle from my face because sometimes, I just wana look glowy and glamour a bit on makeup especially for evening events. Once, my friend asked me about the glitter powder on my face and I showed this compact powder for her to see as we, the women just love sharing beauty makeup tips whenever we meet. 

I love the other makeup range from Cyber Colors like eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick and lipgloss as the colours are usually bright that comes with shimmer colours too.  And it stay long for day and night use with reasonable price. To get to know more about Cyber Colors, check it out at SaSa Malaysia

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Avon Totally Kissable Lipsticks

Avon’s latest breakthrough lipstick, Totally Kissable is infused with a tantalizing blend of natural oils and fruit enzymes, it saturates lips in conditioning, rich color that smells and tastes as luscious as it looks. Its chic, multi-faceted silver packaging accessorizes your vanity, while its hydrating formula enriches lips with silky soft shades for any occasion. 

Infused with fruit enzymes as well as lush Avocado and Coconut oils, new Totally Kissable Lipstick instantly boosts lips’ moisture levels by more than 100%, conditioning and smoothing your lips for a perfectly flirty look. It also contains Collagen so your lips feel plump up with a naturally pretty pout no one can resist.

Available in 10 shades of Lacey Mauve, Racy Red, Deep Orchid, Smitten Red, Berry Smooch, Make Out Red, Red Embrace, Mauve Allure, Pink Wink, Fuchsia Flirt with full coverage and conditioning formula leaves lips kissably soft and visibly fuller*. 

After applying Totally Kissable Lipstick, 96% of women said their lips felt softer and smoother. A truly moisturizing lipstick that delivers a multi-sensory experience. It makes you look good and feel good with Totally Kissable Lipstick as with every purchase of the lipstick, RM1.00 will be donated to Avon’s Kiss Goodbye To Breast Cancer Fund.

The Totally Kissable Lipstick goes on sale this 16 May 2013 at RM23.90 (S&S RM27.50). To get it now, contact your Avon Dealer or visit the nearest Avon Beauty Boutique for lips to die for. For more information, call Avon’s Toll Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or visit or Facebook page at

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hakubi White C Gel Review

Hakubi White C Gel RM91.90 (20g)

Hakubi White C Gel is highly contains 6% of Vitamin C derivative that comes in watery gel texture. The active ingredient of Phosphoric Acid L-Ascorbyl Magnesium allows easy absorption of Vitamin C by the epidermis to form collagen and prevent spots and pigmentation besides helping to prevent rough skin and pores and lighten blemishes.

After using it for the past 3 weeks, I would say that it does keep my skin smooth and tighten the pores due to ageing skin. Pores would tend to open naturally due to loss of collagen, that's why we need a gel to keep the pores close-up from opening. Pores need to keep real tight and close-up  because if we don't take good care of the pores cleanly tight, it would spread to bigger and more holes that look really disturbing. 

If the pores are not clean enough, it would cause the skin to have deeper scar or problematic skin due to big pores. Prevention is always better than cure. And it does prevent rough patches on my skin as now my skin is quite smooth when I massage serum on my face, I can feel the soft smoothness of my face. I believes it's the Vitamin C active ingredient that helps a lot.

Available exclusively at SaSa Malaysia shops only.

This whitening C Gel is to apply only with sufficient 20 cents amount of gel, good enough for the whole face application. That night I applied more than 20 cents that's causing my skin feels so tight, it's like pulling my skin. Haha...more doesn't means better, it can 'Fan Hau Guo'( the opposite of an expected good result). Just an even dab on the face would do.   

To get to know more about Hakubi White C Gel, you can check it out SaSa Malaysia at 

Friday, May 10, 2013

May Day

Many FB friends asked me why long time never see me? Haha…I replied them yea kinda busy and not attending any events recently. Even the last Hakubi media event Karen called me and said, “Finally can see you now. Many events I try to invite you but you can’t make it.”“Yea, very busy due to Spring Projects going on and today I can make it as I treat it like a holiday for me to rest and relax. If I can come I sure come, thanks for the invitation anyway.” 

We talked about my project involved and health issues related to this. After a quick lunch with them, I left to Ecoparadise for a detox spa with Rambo. My sis-inlaw Toto Lim is one of my best ally now, called me last Sunday to join her attending the new opening of her friend+Datin's branded handbags at one of the Bungalow in Ampang. They would fetch me there, just be there but I told her I really can't join them that day and she totally understand my position on that.

To make sure I can attend their CNY Cho 1 Vegetarian Dinner she already booked me since Nov 2012, 2 months in advance for our family date. I told 'Gugu' that day I just can't hide away from it already and all of us laughed out loud. And I need to attend for it as promised no matter what comes after that. Even LeAnne who's 10 years old knew this tight schedule of mine, she would booked me early to watch her dance as I already told her that 2 years ago. Sometimes, she even 'manja' with me by asking me to cancel my fixed appointment that day for her performance. Haha...she never gave up even if the date was with my mom+sis, that's why I love her so much.  

Recently, I met many of my old friends at cafe for lunches and afternoon tea they also mentioned that it's been a long time they didn't get to meet me. Finally got to meet me for a good chat, I replied them yea it's about 2 years gap. Some, a few months we didn't get to meet each other but they would sms me and wanted to join me going holiday together. I welcomed them that's for sure as we had great times together during our holiday trip. I gave them the travel agency contact for arrangements but will only meet them later in June.

Life is really a testing journey for all of us, after my 'Ah Kung' left another young family member left that prompted most of my family members nowadays really learning hard to appreciate each other. They're more generous, uplifted and motivated in accumulating wealth, open minded and begin to love themselves more by spending money in shopping, travelling and beauty pampering rather than keeping it in the bank now. They know life is short and precious, they waste no time to enjoy life now. They're very happy now and I'm so happy to see that.

I still remember my Da Jie G.Lim who had just gone through a critical brain tumour last year, obviously I was there for her most of the time. Besides keeping her mentally strong on the unfortunate circumstances that happened so fast, I kept her strong physically in taking Cellfood for her health. Before she cut her hair botak(bald) that night, lucky I send her there as she almost fainted on her way down. She was too weak both mentally and physically, but she can't do anything about it as this is her life. She needs to go through this and face it with strong mental strength . Only a strong mind can keep her going stronger and better each day.

I bought her Crabtree and Evelyn biscuits to eat during the hospital visit. At 1st she asked me not to buy her anything but after trying it not only she finished taking it, she loved it so much that she asked me to get it for her again. I told her the price when she asked me how much, she was shocked and not willing to buy it anymore but I told her don't be stingy to yourself. Learn to love yourself 1st before you can afford to love the others. 

Before she was hospitalised for the serious 4cm brain tumour, she needed to wait for long school holiday to travel. But now, not anymore as she would grab every chance of travelling together with us or Bro Chai Buddhist Group to India for pilgrimage tour. Bro Chai of course invited me to go along with them but I didn't as Rambo told him I can't stand all the dirty or real nature of India environment. He said I only wanted to go for 5 star services of India trip. So bad of him to say that about me but 50% of it can be true and the other 50% actually I can try to adapt to it if it's for Buddhism cultivation purpose.  

At the end of the day, setting priority whichever comes 1st is very important in life. For Buddhism spiritual development, I would do my very best to visit as many sacred temples as possible. Another fact I'm sure is Rambo doesn't wana go India because most of his Japanese colleagues have shared with him they always got sick due to the food poisoning. They're all the same kinda people, they only like to be based in China, Thailand and Malaysia. The Japanese enjoy living their lives by staying comfortable place in a safe country,  easy, enjoyable living and eating good food only. No doubt about it as usually their bills can come up to RM800-1000+ dining at fine Japanese restaurant, I see also 'terbeliak mata saya'(eyes wide open). To them, it's really no big bill as they can afford it and they're used to pay high price in property, salary and transportation in Japan. 

The Japanese life is not perfect as well as they're working real hard like a bull, but after a hard day's job they know how to release their stress by enjoying life too. They deserved the good things in life after all, with high allowance given by their Japanese Boss about a few thousand dollars, not yet calculating their monthly salary yet in Japan. And they respect their boss faithfully like a loyal dog. I really salute this good point of them even to the extent, if they're caught late only by 10 minutes but a big slap on the face from the Boss is a deserving manner. You just need to keep quiet about it with a  90 degree apology bow to their boss that it would never happen again, irrelevant to what excuses they may have. Rambo just kept quiet about it as he knew very well the strict Japanese culture of keeping punctuality to the highest priority, that's why he always came early and waited for the Boss. I really 'Tabik'(salute) Rambo's disciplinary years of services to his Japanese Boss and I did learn from him to be discipline in my work too. It actually works better this way. 

Nobody is having a perfect life as there's always a story behind every person's personality, so don't be judgemental to anyone even if you're jealous to her/his life as you would never know what's the journey of anyone's life has gone through. I would share another touching story of my Japanese friend staying here in my next blog. For now, I wana end this blog by saying "always be compassionate, caring and loving to others as only by practising this kinda good attitudes would earn you more good blessings in life. I'm going for my Spring holiday to Eastern Europe so there's no blog update from me till I'm back by the end of May 2013. Happy Summer 2013!"     

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TT Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask Review

Thank you TT Timeless Truth and Tammy Lim for giving me this Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask for review. TT not sending only one mask for me to try it but it comes with 3 masks. It's in beautiful blue metallic packaging that is so attractive,  it actually tempted me to use it at that night itself. I was so excited about it and it did surprised me with hydrated and bright-looking skin after using the mask. Try it to believe it! 

After my hot spa bath, immediately I put on the mask with aromatherapy candles all around me. The mask look big like this but when you take out the white plastic out, the soft paper mask actually fits perfectly on my face. I only need to press it accordingly to fit my face feature only.   

Just like the name of this mask has suggested, I can feel the instant cooling effect on my face. I love the cooling sensation that actually soothing my dehydrated skin. Not only it nourished and moisturised my skin like water but it actually rejuvenate my overall beauty pampering that night as the cooling sensation was relaxing enough. I have been looking for cooling mask since 2 years ago after finishing the cooling mask from Hainan, China. 

I finally found the mask I've been looking for and that's you 'Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask'. It's gonna be my new favourite mask of all right now as the cooling feeling is really suitable for Malaysia hot climate. I would surely come to the Beauty Expo on 18-21st May and grab as many masks I can get. For more infos, check out TT at 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

HiShop Beauty Ambassador

HiShop Beauty surprises for me with full details to shop online.

First of all, I would like to thank HiShop and The Butterfly Project for choosing me being part of their beauty ambassador programme. HiShop is an online beauty and cosmetics store that carry genuine products made accessible for everyone, anytime and anywhere. They carried brands like Art Professional, Clinelle, Scent Affair, Nature & Co. and many other brands too. Check it out at 

The beauty goodies HiShop chose for me based on my beauty profile.

Based on the survey and answers given, these are the goodies they provided for me to review. I like it when I see it and I would give them a try, one by one. But so far, I have only tried the Scent Affair Body Wash and let’s read my review on this. I always wanted to try the Nature & Co.Vital Purity Lift Mask before buying it. I would only review the other products once I'm back from my Summer holiday. 

Scent Affair RM7.80 (275 ml)

I love the Scent Affair Sea Minerals and Mint Fragrant Bodywash the minute I smell the refreshing and energizing bodywash that's in light blue colour. After the bath, I feel that my skin is clean enough and moisturising enough. No tight feeling or drying my skin at all. I tend to use it in the morning to freshen up my smell sense to wake up. The price is reasonable for me as most of my shower gel cost me more than RM50 and above like Crabtree and Evelyn.

To get to know more about HiShop Malaysia, you can check out their Facebook page at