Friday, February 27, 2015

Letting Go Of Attachments, Ego And Judgement

In Buddhism teachings, Buddhism Sutra has taught us to live a simple life with basic necessities in life like living harmoniously in a home sweet home with our loved ones, eating healthy food without harming or killing the animals if it can be done with sincere heart and wearing comfortable clothings to keep you cool or warm enough during the cold winter season. Both Jamie and I are Buddhist believers who wanted a twosome family only and only both of us would understand the meaning of 'Lun Hui'(a repeat cycle of the next generation) for our lives. That's why we clicked in so many ways, besides having many 'Xin Ling Xiang Tung' thoughts all the time and we also practise 'Chui Yuen'(nature take its course) in taking more vegetables, less meat if possible. 

Both of us the Fire Dragons still love enjoying good food, and if we did we need to chant some Buddhist prayers to purify the sins 1st before consuming any of it. Till today, Sis Toto still laugh at us when she sees Rambo is chanting the prayer for me when she brought me to all the good food galore from all around Malaysia. She knew I'm a Wai Sik Queen who loves to eat, she always arranged special tour to bring me try on the good food around and asked me delicious or not. They know who I am, I'm a direct and straight-forward Western-styled lady who doesn't like to sugar-coat my words, so if it's nice I said nice, bo nice I told them the truth also. And those really delicious one, I usually wana go again they'll bring me there again for sure.

But I always told them, my opinions, judgements, likes and dislikes are meant to guide myself in life and suitable for my own living with Rambo only. If it doesn't fits them, by all means follow your own rules in life as I mean to live simply and happily ever after in life only. Just like the last Qing Ming festival, after the prayer we went for a Vegan Dinner and Sis Hoon has praised Gugu for being such a darling angel who cooked vegan meals for their parents, much better than the daughter-inlaws. Then the rest like Rambo and Sis Toto added did Sis Hoon means the rest like Da Sau, me, ex-wife PL are not good daughter-inlaws and asked me did I get offended or not. Haha...I quickly answered them not at all as to me, my mind is pure enough and open-minded to accept life is actually very simple, don't make it so complicated.

I never like to get myself engaged with dramatic people or having disputes with anyone. 1st of all, Sis Hoon praised Gugu as she likes her, wish to welcome her in joining our Lim Family and she really did a good job by waking up so early to cook for Bro Chai's parents even she's not married to him yet last April. Her kind gestures to our Lim Family should be praised "Yau Jan Mou Tan'(full of compliments, no complaints at all) and I totally agreed with it. While the rest like Da Sau and me, we shouldn't behaving so 'Siu Hei'(sensitive) because I lived by my own rules of 'Men Sem Mou Kuai'(Ask my heart, it's guilt-free) philosophy in life is good enough, while Da Sau came every year to pray to them without failed that's considered an excellent attitude liao. That's why both Da Sau and I can live happily ever after as we're both having the 'tidak apa' kinda attitude in life. 

We didn't take other people's opinions or judgement much into consideration as we lived by our own rules in life. We speak good words when we meet each other, we greeted the elderly when we meet them and we laughed out loud alot naturally. No matter what you do, say and plan things in life, people would tend to create rumours with their chicken back side mouth who need to hurt and harm the others to make them look better or superior than you, then by all means let them be. Those people who did that are usually losers who will not succeed in any ways and will not be happy in their lives either, sooner or later only. Karma will take its place, you need not do anything about it as you only need to 'Zhuo Hao Ni Zhi Zi'(did your very best).  

At the same time, this is the time you need to learn how to control your emotions by staying cool and calm about it. Just like CNY Cho1, Sis Toto has sadly shared with us how frustrated she was before the CNY during one dinner having Bro Cheong scolded her left and right about leaving his umbrella at the restaurant. She managed to take it back for him, but she got so mad at him she stopped talking to him for many days because she told all of us gloomily that night she got very disheartened by his temperamental behaviour. Like she said, "Because of an umbrella that cost him RM20 where I can replace it back anytime for him, but he can throw such a bad tantrum at me like this. Who am I then, I'm his wife you know."

I totally understand how she felt and I went to console her, hugging her like usual as I loved her and always supporting her in all my life. And infront of everyone, I told Bro Cheong he's at fault, being wrong in this case and he needs to 'sayang' her back by tonight. I told him he must have crushed her heart into broken pieces 'Po Sui' where Sis Toto replied me totally yes to that. He really needs to change his attitude and learn how to control his temper from now on. Sis Hoon also added "Yea, umbrella is only a material thing that can be bought anywhere but if you falls sick, who's going to take care of you for the rest of your life? Da Jie also added he needs to learn how to love her more as she's his only beloved wife in this world. Bro Cheong finally replied he got the message loud and clear, he will repent and change his attitude besides sayang(love) her back by tonight. We all smiled and laughed when he promised to undo his past, bad action as all of us the sisters are very united now.

We don't allow the men to take advantage of us anymore as we believed we can lived without them if they're not good enough for us. We, the women only wish to marry a good man alive who can provide a stable and happy life for us till the rest of our lives, we never act greedy by asking too much in life. We only need you to stay strong, be the good man to lead us through living a meaningful life only. Sometimes I have friends who asked me to introduce good men alive to them, I told Rambo I wanted to intro them with good bachelors around but then Rambo forbids me to do that because we cannot guarantee the men are good enough to take good care of the women as if it ends well, they may thanked you but if it's not, then they will blamed you for the rest of your life even if it's not your fault at all. I took his advise by forgetting about my intention of doing good that may not brings good result of it, because it's true. That's life!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Turn On Your Skin’s Anti-Oxidant Switch And Defy Gravity With Cellgenie By COSME DECORTE

In her 20s, a woman is ready to embrace her life to the fullest. This is the time when she experiences new things, develops her career and discovers her true self. But did you know that it’s also in your 20s that your skin starts to oxidize?

Just like how a freshly-cut apple turns brown when left in the open, our skin also experiences oxidation. In layman’s terms, ‘oxidation’ means ‘becoming rusted as substances react with oxygen’. From a beauty perspective, active oxygen attacks our skin and body cells (like lipid, protein and DNA), thereby damaging the cellular membrane. Eventually, this will lead to dark spots, wrinkles, sagging and dullness.

Although fine lines, age spots and sagging only show on the skin in your 30s, the actual damage of your skin cells’ structure begins as early as in the 20s. Why should you wait until your skin shows signs of ageing to take action? The best way to slow down and reverse signs of ageing lies in a solid prevention regime.

Backed by 25 years of anti-oxidation research, Cellgenie is an early anti-ageing skincare range to prevent skin concerns like oxidation and sagging. When our cells are exposed to active oxygen, the tension factor or elasticity inside our fibroblast cells (Vinculin) weakens. Fibroblasts are cells that produce collagen, elastin and the matrix to control the firmness and elasticity of the face. However, it is Vinculin or the tension factor that plays the most important role in grasping and tightening up the collagen in our skin. Due to cell damage caused by oxidation, it weakens and fails to work properly, causing the skin to sag.

This does not mean that all hope is gone, as it is possible to turn on the skin’s anti-oxidant switch, which helps to improve the role of Vinculin’s tensile factor, so that skin regains its lifted, supple and resilient condition.

During the launch, Managing Director of KOSE Malaysia Mr. Masaaki Hara mentioned, “In our 20s, we tend to take our skin for granted. This is indeed the time when our skin is in its best condition, but as research has proven that cell damage begins much earlier than we think, Cellgenie is the perfect starting point for new COSME DECORTE users who want a luxurious skincare experience as well as superior benefits. With Cellgenie, you can prolong a youthful complexion and at the same time, address skin ageing, even before it shows on your skin.”

Cellgenie features a new powerful and precious ingredient known as Andrographis Paniculata Extract,which took 10 years to develop. It enhances the self-defense capability of fibroblast cells so that they become less prone to damage. At the same time, it acts to turn on our skin’s anti-oxidant switch, thus preventing the decline of Vinculin or the tensile factor in our skin cells. It is Vinculin that keeps our cells intact and maintains the skin’s firmness and elasticity.  As a result, Vinculin continues to maintain its tightening abilities to resolve signs of early ageing, allowing our skin to look younger, firmer and supple for a longer period of time.

COSME DECORTE Cellgenie comprises a complete range of products for a thoroughly sublime skincare experience: Cleansing Cream, Facial Wash, Emulsion, Lotion, Cream VT, Cream LF and Lipid Oil Mask. Used together, the skincare products work in perfect harmony to enhance the skin’s ageing prevention power, resist early skin ageing, restore resilience, firmness and luminosity, minimise open pores, as well as prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Carmen Wong, COSME DECORTE Malaysia Beauty Trainer, recommends the following tip to boost the effects of Cellgenie: “We developed an innovative skincare method that involves the application of emulsion with a cotton pad onto a cleansed face as the first step of a skincare regime. The emulsion helps to soften and prep the skin for better absorption of subsequent Cellgenie products.”

Specially-formulated for women in their 20s, the texture of Cellgenie products is light yet incredibly nourishing, immediately absorbing deep into skin without leaving behind any traces of stickiness or heaviness. Cellgenie by COSME DECORTE is available exclusively at ISETAN KLCC and ISETAN The Gardens.

Founded in 1970 by Japanese cosmetic and skincare leader KOSE, COSME DECORTE is a premium cosmetics line that incorporates the latest dermatological advancements with innovative technologies. Its name is a combination of two French words: ‘cosmetique’ and ‘décoration’, aptly summarising its aim of providing the highest-quality cosmetics and first-rate hospitality to women around the world who seek refined elegance.

It can be said that COSME DECORTE is always ahead of its time, even during the 1970s, with its premium positioning that sets the brand apart from all other cosmetic brands. In 1992, COSME DECORTE Moisture Liposome became the world’s first cosmetic product to incorporate the use of multi-layered liposomes, a highly-advanced delivery technology. Since then, more than 3 million bottles have been sold.

COSME DECORTE is also known for its collaboration with world-renowned designer Marcel Wanders, who helms the brand as art director. His work can be seen in the AQ MW skincare collection, as well as in the designs that adorn collector-favourite limited edition pieces.

COSME DECORTE will continue to evolve with today’s women in its never-ending quest for timeless elegance and beauty. For more information, you can check out

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Thoughts That You Feed - Angel Or Devil

"You’re born as a leader to lead and help the others", that's a common perception of who I am to everyone since I was young till today. My colleagues in Citibank who were all older than me in their 30's always asked me to represent our Group 2 as the leader to speak infront of 200 people for our team project during Leadership Conference. Not only they're shy, but they also need someone who can represent our group speaking formal English to convince the President and VP of the company. Haha...all of us wanted to win that's for sure. I was 20 years old back then during the 'Pok Sat season' with my JB gang to Johor Bahru once a month, earning about RM3-5K per month and RM10,000 per month for the top performer reward. That was a huge income back then in the past 20 years, but today it's really not a big deal anymore.  

We had great times together being part of the team members and ranked as one of the top team in our company, uplifting each other harmoniously achieving our dreams every month. After I have left the company for a better offer in another financial institution, they still called me out for many gatherings and company conference with them in Penang. It's such a coincidence that I went to Penang for holiday with my family, they knew about it and asked me to spend the night with them at 5 star Mutiara Hotel and so I did. We really made great effort in spending good times great taste at good restaurants together for many years, even when everyone have resigned and ventured into another career lines, we still helped each other out from time to time.

I remembered Robert has just ventured into Life Insurance career where he's not sure how to present the insurance poposal+calculate the Insurance premium and not sure what kinda policy he should proposed to our team leader who tried to give him the support. That night, he plead me to help him which I did everything for him. He thanked me gratefully and asked if I can help him also the next day, I gave him a big 'No' as I strictly told him he needs to stay independent starting from now and strive to work harder in this line of insurance business. It's a tedious job, needs a lot of commitment and great efforts to thrive in this line of career if he's serious in committing this lifetime business. He was 30 years old back then, I was 21 then.

Many of my friends who are Group Sales Managers earning high income here have left this line of business, including Datuk J. They're now into doing investment kinda business who need you to invest your money to make more money for you. In fact Sis Toto have shared this news with me last year in 2014 because her bestie is actually Datuk J's sister, always asked for her support most of the time. Sis Toto told me she didn't join in as she has invested so much money and commitment into properties already that left her no extra money to invest any in it. When she told me her hubby has just joined a new similar investment company as the GM, I reminded them to do things with great moral values all the time. They got my message loud and clear esp. my advise is always relating to Buddhism values.

I always shared our life stories touching on Buddhism values with them so that they would stayed away from the greed, anger, ignorance and arrogance poisons which poisoning the human minds and they really listened, learned from it. I told Rambo many times since I was 24 years old back then, their company maybe loaded with mighty millions of dollars in the bank but they're not supposed to touch the money at all. "You have no right to even borrow one dollar from it", I used to say that to him and advised him to guard his company money safely till today. That's why Bro Cheong always asked me to help him count all the money collected from the events. When I gave him the answer of the total money collected under the account book which is not tally, he quickly asked Sis Toto about it. Sis Toto told us she took the money to pay the agent for this and that payment, so I wrote it down for them in full details. 

I'm like their treasurer of this family as I love counting money but if it's not mine, I strictly handed it back to them as fast as I could. Haha...I never want to be responsible and accountable for other people's money kinda person, but Bro Cheong and Sis Toto are both accountants by profession so they needed me to help calculate and tabulate money for them sometimes so I did it speedily for them occasionally. I also act as a 'calculator' answering my uncle that we're getting RM25K each if we're lucky enough and succeed to strike the Magnum 4D Jackpot from the 2 million allocation for xx pax. My Uncle Ta was surprised he asked, "You don't need a calculator for that?" I smiled at him and replied, "No need, it's just a small amount only". My sister, Rambo and mom sometimes asked me how much is it after 30%-70% discounts during our shopping spree as I usually give them the answer instantly like a Maggi Mee. Haha...That's life, C'est la vie!

Monday, February 23, 2015

XES Chinese New Year Luncheon 2015

'Gong Xi Fa Cai 2015!' XES takes the opportunity to celebrate this Chinese New Year festive season with fellow media members including the bloggers, with their theme called 'Be stylish with XES'. That afternoon, I really made a great effort to be there and I'm glad I attend it as I have postponed my morning event to afternoon so I can slot 2 hours of my time to celebrate CNY Luncheon with them.

XES has prepared a box of chopsticks for us to make a wish section as one of the floor activities. Once you get a lucky number, we need to search for the lucky No.10 to get the fortune card with tiny CNY decoration for safe keeping. I got mine that says, 'Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals', plus an angpow giving from Managing Director later that day.

The event kick start with auspicious 'Lou Sang' session wishing for abundance of good luck and happiness in 2015 year ahead for us. There's also a presentation using the 'Yee Sang' ingredients to create the initial XES brand for many nice pictures. As the Goat year arrives, XES really decorated this Quill City Mall branch with many Red, nice CNY festive decorations.  

Like I told the talented Sabrina, she holds almost every important roles as the host of the event, a PR Manager of Shellys Marketing, she also models with us taking many pictures, posing with everyone and she really welcomed us excitedly to have a wonderful time being beautiful from top hair styling to beauty makeover that day for the photo shoot. 

The photo shoot was the final highlight of the event. We have been doll-up by Sense and Style Beauty Academy and they took pictures for us individually, posing with XES products either with shoes, bag or both. This Red Hung Dong Dong High Heels is in fact my Red CNY Shoes for this year in 2015. I totally fell in love with it the moment I saw it shining just infront of my eyes. Haha...I love it so much and it's comfortable too.

The Facebook contest 'Be Stylish With XES' that runs from February 17th to March 17th is based on the most likes where I told myself to give the chance to others who's running for it to win the RM888 cash, RM1388 products and RM1888 to the lucky 10 fans as a reward gift for support. I only goes happy with the flow, taking the photo shoot pictures for great memories. May the best one wins, good luck to that. Check out XES, the Trendy family Shoe Store Facebook page at for promotions.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2015

'Hung Bao' symbolize prosperity, good luck and good wishes. Be sure to receive it using both of your hands showing your utmost sincerity of 'Gan En, Gan Xie' to the person who handed it to you. It's a privilege to be able to give and it's a good omen to receive it from others so it will continue to bring more good blessings for both parties. Remember to stay happy, smile more wearing Red Red to attract more Ong Lai(good luck) to your pretty personality! (My FB status)

Doesn't really matter if you're married or singles, young or old ones, we're all happy to receive and give each other the auspicious red packets as to show how happy and prosperous we are. It's not a sign of showing off to others that we can give big or small angpows at the end of the day, but we only wana stay 'Kuai Kuai Le Le' (happy and merry) on great Chinese New Year days as a sign of appreciation to each other. Even my mom would give us red packets every year for good luck+good blessings in life, even after we got married.

Just like I gave my sister Defney a red packet as a sign of sharing my good luck with her so in future she can have a bit of my good luck in life as well after I've managed to strike a mini Jackpot that weekend before the CNY, she got so happy about it much more than the kids. Thank you Amituofo, Guan Yin and God for loving me so much, still giving me some little treats like sweets to make me happy this CNY 2015. Actually, I'm already very happy having good health where I still can laugh out loud hysterically till my stomach got 'Perut Kecut'.

From Lin 30 Man(CNY's eve), I laugh out loud till I got so full with good food that's yummy and healthy, plus all my family members made me laugh out loud hearing their recent life stories. Bro Chai even asked me what do you mean by 'Assam Garam Kehidupan' in my Facebook albums which I have explained to him the meaning of 'Assam till Garam' means, then only the meaning of the whole sentence. After he understood the whole meaning of it, he then said he only sees happiness and greatness in my life. Haha...while playing cards also we can still talk like there's no tomorrow as we really take the initiative to catch up this CNY holiday.   

And I told him, "That's not true. Today you don't have to work but Rambo needs to go to work and I patiently backed him up as to Ganbatte today for tomorrow's better future. It's fine to work harder a bit today since we're still young in our 30's+40's and still strong to move around." After hearing my explanation then he totally agreed with me that life is full of 'Tim, Shuen, Fu, Lat'(Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spicy) kinda experiences to keep us stronger and wiser with our lives. And he's glad that I really support Rambo lovingly for many years liao.

During the dinner also, our conversation has led into talking about going travel together. I told Da Jie, Bro Chai and Gugu I give them 2 years to save money to travel to Switzerland with us. Bro Hong asked Bro Chai and Gugu they really went Dutch way paying 'AA Jai' when both of them asked me how much should they save for our trip there for each person? I told them minimum RM10,000 each for a luxury trip of our own, live life to the fullest. Both Bro Chai and Gugu have just got married last year in Oct 2014 and I advised them not to be calculative in life as they need to learn to live with one another for many years to come.

I shared with them again and again my old, true love stories that the last time I earned higher income than Rambo also, I paid everything for our trip and bringing him to enjoy life with me only. And now, what he earns and profits from every business that we ventured into also all are given 100% and belongs to me. He cannot simply use any of the money, he needs a green light approval from me and a double or triple confirmation from this CFO before he can do anything about our future. Both of them agreed with me, Da Jie too. That's life, life is all about learning from each other and stay humble to keep the good fortune rolling in abundantly.

Back to the 'Hung Bao' story again, Sis Toto my best ally is always the 'Hoi Sem Guo'(happy go lucky) and a kind lady she is. She's the kinda person who have RM10,000 in her pocket, she'll give out RM9000 out to share with others and only keep RM1000 to keep herself happy. She even gave an angpow to Bro Hong whom she always complained about his wrong attitude but this year, he's kinda mellow down a bit keeping his mouth shut humbly and he was surprised he got one from her too this year he was so happy he told us about it. If not, both of them usually quarrel like dogs and cats. I'm glad both of them have changed for good. 

In fact all of them have changed for good including the young ones. Last year CNY 2014, I have sound out to all of them it's such a bad attitude when the old ones gave them Hung Bao, they played Ipad and received it 'selamba saja' with one hand. I told all of them "No manners." This year the old ones stretched out asking them to queue up, using both hands and wishing the elders good blessings before receiving red packets from them. They did it great this year esp. the young ones are my Facebook friends now, they really listened and learned nowadays after I've shared it on FB status about 'Hung Bao'. More stories on CNY 2015, stay tuned! 

I'm Chef Cafe Review

I was glad I made it for Penang Cuisine food review invited by
Tommy and I love indulging Penang good food for years liao. 
This Penang Cuisine Cafe fondly called the '95tap8 I'm Chef 我是煮人, is located at
46, Jalan Awan Hijau, Taman Oug, 58250 Kuala Lumpur just nearby my place only.

Inside this cafe and restaurant, you can see the pictures of the local actors who are involved in the Asian Film Industry. You can call 03-79717113 for any enquiries.

Penang Rojak cost RM5 is so-called the starter cuisine of the day, drooling me all over to have more appetite in trying out other upcoming dishes after that.
This Penang Lobak RM5 is the favourite for others and Rambo as well...haha!

This Mocha Oreo Ice-Blend RM5.50 is my favourite drink of the day.
Not too sweet, Mocha drink was smooth and reasonably charged.

Penang Hokkien Cha is RM7.90 which comes with their special Sambal that's the real steal and deal of the day. The sambal enhances this noodle to taste yummy.

This affordable western meal that's called the Aunty Chicken Chop RM12.90 not only comes with a complete set of salad, french fries+vegetables, but it's fried
to perfection with crispy and crunchy bites of fried chicken. Forgive me chicken.

Three Taste Fish that served with Rice is RM8.90. The special sour, spicy and sweet sauce that makes this simple platter real special and fulfilling with protein nutrients.

Penang Mamak Mee RM7.90, not bad this fried noodle dish that's appetizing lot.

Eight Treasure Drink Hot is cost RM 2.00 and Cold is RM2.30.
It is best to take it to cool our body after a heavy meals. :) 

Last but not least, a picture momento to reminisce the great memories with Aunty
the chef who cooks Penang specialties for us that night. Full and happy stomach!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'Xi Qi Yang Yang' - To Be Jubilant In 2015

Whether it's the year of the Goat, Sheep or Ram, I have read the CCTVNews to confirm that it all falls under 'Yang' and can be used in any terms you like it to be. The business investors and astrology have predicted this year is gonna be slow, bad and stagnant but I always believe destiny lies in our own hands. If we strive+thrive hard and smart for it, we'll achieve it even if it's slow, then take it slow and steady. The good auspicious stars are going to pick up after June, so in the mean time we can still plan and cultivate more good deeds to make it happen. One of the most popular Chinese idiom associated with the Goat is "Xi Qi Yang Yang' that means to be jubilant or full of joy. I wish all of you Happy CNY 2015, let's fill our lives full of joys and jubilation, living it meaningfully everyday through good and bad times together. That's life, C'est la vie! (My FB status) 

Whether you're rich or poor also, live it with a happy smile hoping tomorrow is going to be a better day for you and your family. With good intentions you'll attract more good blessings into your life, and with strong vows then comes the inner strength you need to keep you soaring higher up in the sky. Stay harmony and happy living with family and friends as this is the festive season to be living with an open heart, being sincere to each other, forgive easily and truly living with dignity. CNY is the time for you to stay humble, paying respect to the elderly by giving them angpow based on your 'Sem Yi'(sincere heart) as a filial child as the more filial you are to them, the God will repay you the same good fortunes as well. And remember to do more good deeds so that you can have a 'Sun Sun Lei Lei' good life ahead of you. Ask for it, work for it and you'll get it for sure! :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Youthful Serum Review

To get upclose with Melvita Malaysia, check out 

My review
First and foremost, I would like to thank Clarance and Joanne for giving me this latest Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Youthful Serum to review in 2015. That week itself, I have tried and tested it with so much excitement wondering if this anti-aging serum can really works like 'Botox-like effect' for my late 30's aging skin to achieve youthful-looking skin. Miraculously, it really works for me after having to use it patiently in the past 4 weeks. You can also read about it at; 

The 1st time I applied it on my face, I can feel the very obvious uplifting effect on my skin already esp. I can feel that my cheekbones are lifted up higher a bit than usual. It works for my skin effectively, no doubt about it after I have applied it evenly on my skin and after 2 rounds of light massage, the serum has fully absorbed into my skin already. I can feel it's tightening my skin to a firmer, younger looking skin. Last year in 2014, my skin tends to sag a lot due to collagen loss, dehydration due to weather and lack of using anti-aging products. 

Another amazing part is when I applied more serum on my neck, I can feel that my neck is stiff by glue like that. Haha...It's giving me the firming and tightening effects at the same time. After using the serum for 2 weeks, I can see the deep wrinkles on my neck have lighten up so much, not so deep anymore. The fruity scent is sweet, smells refreshing for me when I use it at night to hydrates my skin in air-conditioned room. I love it because it manage to firm up my skin instantly and it's easy to absorb into my dehydrated skin like water. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

L'oreal Hair Spa Mask Review

After using the shampoo, this lazy Dragon of me is very lazy to apply hair conditioner just to tame my
dry 'ranting pokok'(tree branches) hair as I need to comb it nicely, leave it on for 5-10 minutes or steam
it for 10 minutes so that the hair conditioner/mask can fully-absorbed into my hair for smooth effects.

But thank God I get to grab this Buy 1 Free 1 L'oreal Hair Spa Mask from SHINS this year 2015 to
pampering my hair to smooth hair, smells-good hair even after washing it. The refreshing scent of
Water Lily really invigorates my smell sense to perfection and soften my dry hair to softer hair. If
you like it and wish to try it, go check it out at SHINS Midvalley Mall for this great deal of promo.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hotel Millenium Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Food

Rambo made a reservation for us at this cozy corner after a hair pampering session at The Edge Salon.
The old Regent Hotel, I used to visit this hotel for good food galore and visit my sister here for a chat. 

Scallop Mango Salad RM20, expensive but it's really yummylicious which I hope to order another plate of it.

Haha...the scallops are big, fresh and not frozen that's why it is expensive for the price of a yummy salad.

I told Rambo I have never indulged in Loh Mee that cost RM40, that is way too pricey for a big bowl of noodle
charged by this Chinese restaurant. But it's delicious with thick tasteful soup that pushed me to finish it all.
This signature Dim Sum cost RM22 for 3 types of delectable dim sum, expensive but it managed to fulfill my
appetite that night from Millenium Hotel.A simple dinner like this cost me RM105, costly but it's yummy lah!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Living The Present Moment

Jamie, my Fire Dragon bestie wazzapp me this February saying that she missed me, thinking about me again while driving to work and I replied her "I miss you too and thought of you today". Haha...we seemed to act like lovers who are so passionately in love like that. Both of us are busy with our own daily schedules but still missing each other heartily. I've just received the Tea Polyphenol that she bought from ZhangJiaJie, China to help rejuvenate my overall health wellbeing as she wanted to share good things with me. Rambo felt so happy for us saying that we had such a great relationship as bestie together who stayed far away from each other yet we managed to cherish and treasure our special bonding real profoundly together.   

Just like Catherine who always invited me to Ipoh and promised to bring me around Ipoh for 'good food great times' together, we just can't stop once we start to talk about our lives during our yummy lunch. She brought me to the fine dining, I get to try the Pomelo Prawn Salad that's so yummylicious I kept showering it with many compliments, Rambo promised to bring me there again for that. When I left and thanked Catherine for the good lunch with her, she asked me to come again soon. Haha...I bought her a lovely scarf for 2014 X'mas present, she's feeling so happy about it she thanked me so many times that I replied her "Welcome, don't mention it" and asked me to tie the scarf nicely for her immediately. Haha...that's what happiness is all about!

That's life, we really make the great effort to spend time together no matter how busy we are. Rambo told me he will get me 4 dogs 'Yeong Fan Gau' to guard the Bungalow near Taman Yarl OUG if we ever plan to buy it there last Tuesday when we passed by the secluded auspicious Feng Shui Dei, the land I've always love to stay around. Haha...I laugh out loud and explained to him why we need to stay such a big place now when we're living a great simple life, peaceful and blissful life together. It's such a burden to me I told him if we need to take care of 4 big dogs just to keep us safe living in a big place there. Quite dangerous and troublesome, and he finally came to his wisdom senses that it's hectic and stressful to live a rich man's life like this.

I shared with him an article that listed 10 things money cannot buy, the No.1 is 'Love' of course. One of the most precious things money really can't buy as love needs a lot of dedication, devotion, honesty, sincerity and tender loving care cultivated over the years to live happily ever after. He agreed with me totally after I reasoned with him clearly that most important is we're capable to live healthily everyday, we can eat good food whenever we wanted to, we can travel everywhere we plan to and we get to experience happy go lucky life as entrepreneurs who don't have to wear any mask to please anyone in life. We only need to please ourselves, cultivating spiritual development with sincerity and helping the needy ones when we can. 

Life is not about running a marathon you must win a trophy to ascertain your capabilities to be successful in life. You can still get a medal at the end of the day after completing the run, that means you can still achieve your goals by completing your own mission and vision in life taking your own sweet time. Sis Toto has reminded me again Cho 1 of Chinese New Year, we're going to have Vegan Dinner together at Kepong and I replied her, "Yea dear sis, you've booked me since December 3 months ahead liao." And she also booked me to join her gathering with Grace on Cho 4 so the 3 couples can stay reunited again on CNY for more chats, joys and laughters together. She told me she's gonna be there early morning but I told them to go ahead 1st as I can only meet them in the afternoon and as long we still meet each other there that's what really matters. 

Recently, I also shared with Rambo many stories about my fate and destiny in life where many of my FB friends who have just added me I had no idea who they are until we met again, they called me and told me about it. I explained to them I didn't confirm them as friends yet as I'm quite strict nowadays I only wanted to be friends with good people to electrify positive vibes together and they understand it. I've learned a good lesson from the past, I don't like to surround myself with losers as I don't have time for them or layan their 'telenovela' and I only have valuable time to create more success with the good ones. Life is too short for that, live life to the fullest and my ultimate goal is to make a significant difference in life for myself to be able to love my circle of family+friends for sure. Happy CNY, may we be blessed with prosperity and opportunities in life!

SKIN ADVANCED, The Platinum Soothing and Hydrating Solution For Sensitive Skin Launch In Malaysia

 Skin Advanced, The Platinum Soohting and Hydrating Solution for Sensitive Skin Is finally here in Malaysia. The formulation developed by Japan cosmetic expert Dr. Tadahiro Shimada using “6+ 6-“ Skin Advanced process, is now available exclusively at Watsons. Watsons Malaysia introduced the all-new revolutionary Derma skincare, Skin Advanced skincare range that caters to sensitive skin users at the plush Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa. This product range is a testament on how Watsons Malaysia intends to revolutionise the beauty industry.

Our pampering facial session using the Skin Advanced skincare range at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa. 

The Skin Advanced range is developed by cosmetics experts in Japan, who have used “6+ 6-” an advanced process to counterbalance the effects of today’s busy cosmopolitan men and women, providing them round-the-clock protection for even the most delicate skin. The “6+6-“ adds 6 vital skin-friendly natural ingredients while subtracting 6 common artificial additives and preservatives, making it the optimal solution for those who have sensitive skin.

Skin Advanced products are infused with 6+ 6- that improves skin’s hydration level and rejuvenates skin elasticity, fights against environmental damage and enhance the skin’s antioxidant properties. The 6+ mainly refers to Platinum Nano Particles, Alpine Glacial Water, Yuzu Ceramide, Resveratrol, B-glucan and Hyaluronic Acid. The 6- refers to free from chemical preservative, artificial pigment, UV absorbers, fragrance, alcohol and mineral oil. All of these elements are known to cause harmful effects on your skin complexity.

The complete product range includes the Cleansing Milk, Jelly Toner, Facial Lotion, Sleeping Mask and Spring Spray. Skin Advanced products appeal to women and men who are in their 20s and above, having dry and sensitive skin problem. The dual action sleeping mask repairs and rejuvenates your skin at night and reveals softer and smoother skin in the morning.  Jelly Toner – a unique 2 in 1 function which works as an essence and also toner. Its texture of gel to water base easily penetrates into skin and provides ultimate hydration and suppleness.

Speaking at the launch event, celebrity hosts and Watsons Celebrity Friends Hansen Lee and Sarah Lian shared their beauty regimen and their love for Skin Advanced, while renowned dermatologist Dr. Lim Ting Song shared about the causes of sensitive skin and the treatment methodology.

“There are several reasons for sensitive skin reactions. Whether its skin disorders, allergic skin reaction such as eczema, overly dry skin or excessive exposure to skin-damaging environmental factors such as sun and wind or excessive heat or cold,” explained Dr. Lim Ting Song. 

“In our profession, it’s no secret that even guys today wear make-up when we are on camera. So when I have long day with back to back shows and not to mention outdoor shooting that has higher sun exposure, my skin tends to dehydrate, causing dull and dry skin. Hence, it’s always a challenge to ensure my skin stays well hydrated, both inside and outside. The Skin Advanced Platinum Soothing & Hydrating Spring Spray in particular gives my skin a smooth feeling and helps me to maintain complexion. Most importantly, after using it my skin feels hydrated!” said Hansen Lee.

“I really love what Watsons stands for. It provides products for both men and women. It’s a one stop centre where individuals can purchase everything they need for personal care. Watsons has been consistently introducing new products for Malaysians, the Skin Advanced being their latest one. I have been using the Skin Advanced products for over 2 weeks and I can certainly say that this is a product that works for me and is good for my skin, and makes my skin hydrated. Both the facial spray and sleeping mask are very light weighted that nourishes my skin,” said Sarah Lian. 

Launching the exclusive range were Caryn Loh, Watsons Malaysia General Manager of Trading and Danny Hoh, Watsons Malaysia Head of Marketing. They joined Hansen Lee, Sarah Lian & Dr. Lim on stage to unveil the latest Skin Advanced range.

The Skin Advanced range of products are available at selected Watsons stores now at a recommended retail price of RM49.00 for Cleansing Milk (150ml), RM69.00 for Jelly Toner (150ml), RM89.00 for Facial Lotion (45ml), RM 89.00 for Sleeping Mask (80g) and RM49.00 for Spring Spray (150ml). Check out it out at or Watsons official website

A.S. Watson Group is the largest international health & beauty retailer in Asia and Europe, with over 10,700 retail stores in 25 markets. The Group has a diverse portfolio of market leading retail brands offering everything from health & beauty, food, electronics, wine to perfumes. With over 100,000 employees, the Group is also a member of the world renowned multinational conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa Limited, which has six core businesses - ports and related services, property and hotels, retail, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications in 52 countries.

Watsons Malaysia currently operates more than 300 Watsons’ stores in the country serving more than 3 million customers per month. Watsons continually sets the standards in the health, wellness and beauty market, providing personalized advice and counselling in health, beauty and personal care on top of its market-leading product range, making customers LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT every day. Since 2009, Watsons has been the No.1 pharmacy/drugstore brand in Asia Pacific for the 6th year running*. 

Watsons is the flagship health and beauty brand of A.S. Watson Group. 
*Campaign Asia-Pacific’s “Asia's Top 1,000 Brands” Survey 2013 of over 5,000 Asian respondents