Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mary Kay Introduces New Targeted, Wrinkle Technology Formula

Cast away wrinkles with Mary Kay® TimeWise Plus+® Volu-Fill™ Wrinkle Corrector. The newest addition to the TimeWise Plus+® skin care regimen, this targeted cream for wrinkles fills them instantly while delivering significant, visible, long-term benefits. In an eight-week clinical study, the majority of women showed a decrease in the visible length, width and depth of wrinkles after use.

Volu-Fill™ Wrinkle Corrector is formulated to visibly impact all six wrinkle zones1 – your forehead, between the brows, around your eyes and lips, plus smile lines and marionette lines that can frame your mouth from nose to chin. In fact, thanks to the power of retinol and the exclusive Volu-Fill™ Complex, it not only delivers benefits you’ll see right away but also benefits you’ll see over time.

The Benefits
♥ Delivers immediate and long-term benefits.
♥ Visibly impacts all six wrinkle zones:1
Forehead creases
Between-the-brow creases
Smile lines
Vertical lip lines
Marionette lines 
 A majority of women showed a decrease in the visible length, width and depth of wrinkles after use. 
♥  Immediately fills and visibly plumps wrinkles.
♥ Targets deep wrinkles with retinol, minimizing appearance over time.

The result of extensive studies conducted at the Mary Kay Research Center, the innovative Volu-Fill™ Complex is a volumizing blend of ingredients that gives wrinkles the extra attention they need. It includes:
♥ Hyaluronic acid microspheres to help fill in and visibly plump wrinkles to create a more uniform, even surface.
♥ Flexible elastomers to help fill in and blur the appearance of wrinkles and provide a foundation that supports the hyaluronic acid microspheres.
♥ Naturally derived amino acids (ornithine) and myrrh tree resin extract (commiphora mukul resin extract) to help give wrinkles the appearance of more volume.

The TimeWise Plus+ Regimen
The TimeWise Plus+® regimen was formulated to target the multiple signs of advanced skin aging like loss of firmness and volume, sagging skin and wrinkles. It was designed to deliver dramatic, visible benefits to the entire face and neck area. Volu-Fill™ Wrinkle Corrector, on the other hand, was formulated to focus on one specific sign of aging – wrinkles. And the packaging and recommended application also reflects its targeted focus, since the precision applicator puts the product where it’s needed most, within wrinkles to deliver immediate and long-term benefits. 

1. Results based on assessment of improvement by an independent skin measurement expert after an 8-week independent study in which 45 women used the product in the morning and evening.
2. Results reflect instrument measurement of wrinkle severity after an 8-week independent study in which 31 women used the product in the morning and night. Wrinkle severity is defined as the visible length, width and number of wrinkles.

The formula was also designed to disappear into skin without leaving a trace, making it perfect for all skin tones. Using the applicator, apply the cream directly to wrinkles and gently pat in place with fingertips. Wait a few moments before applying moisturizer.

Perfect for Women Who Want 
♥ Benefits they’ll see immediately plus benefits they’ll see over time.
 A targeted product that visibly impacts all six wrinkle zones.1
 Advanced skin care technology that fights advanced signs of aging.

About Mary Kay
Irresistible products. Positive community impact. Rewarding opportunity. For more than 50 years, Mary Kay has offered it all. With 3 million Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and $3.5 billion in global annual wholesale sales, Mary Kay is a top beauty brand and direct seller in more than 35 markets around the world. Discover what you love by connecting with a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant near to you at

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Awesome Autumn 2014

Last Friday no matter how lazy or busy I can be, I still attend the Aeon MIE Japanese Food Fair for a short while as I have another Garnier Pink Radiance event to attend with Rane later in the evening. It's nearby all along the way from One Utama, so I thought sure why not. And it's great to meet Amy that afternoon esp. seeing her pregnant 9 months for a baby girl (I asked because I know she has a son liao), where I told her "Can close shop liao after this!" Haha...she totally agreed with me as having 2 kids to complete her happy family is good enough already esp. with the current lifestyle to living happily and comfortably in Malaysia. 

I also asked which hospital with the latest medical fees as to keep myself updated with the current medical fees from luxury hospital like Gleneagles. Such a coincidence, Rambo has just completed his company medical checkup at the same hospital too. We talked much about the financial matters, the current standard of living in Malaysia and the Japanese Ninja history story while watching the satisfactory Ninja performance by the Ninja warriors from Japan. Then, I came across this Bayer Fair in eyes medical treatment which I decided to go for the latest check by the eye experts, by the way. 

The eyes specialist knew I didn't wear spectacle/contact lens, she went and test my eyesight by showing me those small, little letters and numbers from the last paragraph like ants like that, the board was far from my seat and somemore I need to close one eye to answer her instantly. I've did many eye test before in clinic but not so far away like this time. But I answered her anyway and did my very best. After testing it on both of my eyes, she told me I have a very good eyesight and smiled at me. Then, I start to ask her about the treatment where she shared with me their latest, advanced technology of an injection treatment for eyes illness that can cost a few thousand dollars that required not only one time injection would be able to solve the problem immediately. 

But they need to inject it for a few times injection till they're fully recovered, progressively and from time to time need to do follow-up treatments too. Usually it happen to the old ones in their 50's, no wonder my mom nowadays asked me to help her put on the thread inside the needle hole as she cannot see very clearly. All the time, she told me she have a very good eyesight, same goes for Rambo. Now even Rambo at his age of 40 years old, told me recently he cannot see those far away things very clearly. Sis Toto also always asked me the meaning or words on her mobile phone as she told me after 40's, her eyesight has turned out so poorly that she can't see far away things, too near or too small things also. She needs to wear her spectacle to be able to read and see things more clearly, she mentioned to me. 

I totally understand their feelings about it as that day during the Melvita event, my friend Grace can't see those words and sentence also she asked me about it. I spelled it out for her so she can remembers it as well when she told me, she cannot see far things clearly any more like before. She knew I have all the answers for the quiz but asked why I didn't go for it which I told her I wana give them all the chance to win those prizes as I have enough good products at home to use, all waiting in line for me to enjoy pampering myself with it. Haha...I'm truly living up my days now trying and exploring new beauty products offered to me complimentary. Honestly, I'm very grateful and thankful for the great opportunities. Thank you Amituofo!

Everyday when I read my emails, my eyes would lighten up brightly like the deer's eyes, so gentle yet so naturally beautiful bright. They usually offered me the new, latest products for reviews esp. anti-aging products for my age at this stage of life. Haha...must admit old liao, as the wrinkles tend to form every one corner of the eyes to deeper laughing lines. Seeing it around on my face, I really hope I can rub it away like an eraser as easy as ABC. But the reality is not as easy as Do Re Mi like in the fantasy world of fairytale stories. You really need to make such a great effort in applying it with gentle care, tender loving spirit and time to reveal the good result after using the products religiously in a period of time. is beautiful when we're grateful.      

Just like last Saturday, I was so lazy but I really make the great effort to meet my long lost friend who is now a Datuk W. Lim. When I meet her that hot day, she told me she was looking for me but didn't see me until I called her that day. I told her I've promised her that I'll come and support her, I would do my very best to make it. We hugged each other tightly and happily, we have made many attempts to meet up for lunch but never seems to happen because we're both very busy with own business agendas. She introduced me to her partner, another director of Lampe Berger Company and asked me if I preferred the Red or White Wine, I told her no need to entertain me but to get prepared for her official speech and ceremony later. I enjoyed the Red Wine while watching the Polo match at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park and took pictures with those horses around before I left the place to meet my dear Charmers for dinner. 

Rambo asked me many questions about my friend who's a Lim, a friend that is another Piscean star who seems to click really well with me as we're both kinda same happy go lucky species, once we start to talk, we just clicked naturally. He kept wondering why I would make such a great effort to support a friend and I told him I really treasure my friend very much just like how she treated me so nicely. The next day, Rambo then understand the reason why I did my very best to support her graciously because she personally wazzapp me, thanking me sincerely. I replied her "Always welcome my dear friend." Such a humble Datuk friend you have there Rambo said and asked me if she did many charity works. I quickly replied him, "Yea, she did. Sometimes, I even saw her on newspaper for her goodwill in charities, contributing it back to society. 'Dai Hui Fatt Tat'(Fits her to be a wealthy person), I'm very happy for her as a friend." 

To be continue my Awesome Autumn in the next 2 weeks in Oct as I'm gonna fly to Hongkong+China for my Autumn holiday. C ya, Happy Autumn Season 2014!

Friday, September 19, 2014

AEON Hosts MIE Food & Tourism Fair To Foster Ties Between Two Cultures

Bringing the rich Japanese art and cultural experience to Malaysians, AEON CO. (M) BHD launched the inaugural Mie Food & Tourism Fair. Happening between 9 and 14 September 2014, the fair is held simultaneously at AEON Bandar Utama and AEON Mid Valley.

Mie is one of the oldest prefectures in Japan and it is never short of amazing stories that explains how the great region came about. Famous for supplying the Japanese emperors with fine food in the old times, it is also part of the Kansai region of the main Honshu Island and is now known as a place blessed with the bounties of its mountain and sea”, said Eikei Suzuki, Governor of Mie Prefecture at the event. 

Among the activities at the fair included cooking demonstration using food ingredients from Mie Prefecture by experienced Japanese chefs and food sampling. Various exclusive Mie delicacies such as the Tea incense komachi and Ise Udon were also showcased at the fair.

According to Nur Qamarina Chew, Managing Director of AEON CO. (M) BHD, the fair is the one place where food connoisseur can find ingredients from the region and have a tasteful experience of the city’s finest delicacies. “It’s our way of giving our customers opportunity to explore and experience food and culture from other countries,” she added.

Mie Prefecture is also the original birthplace for the Japanese traditional martial arts otherwise known as Ninjutsu. To attract shoppers and further educate the public on the art of a ninja, we also organized performance by Ninja at the fair,” said Nagahisa Oyama, Chief Executive Officer of AEON ASEAN while enjoying the ninja performance at the event.

To further excite, AEON is also giving away travel packages to Mie Prefecture, courtesy of Apple Vacation and Convention Sdn Bhd, in a lucky draw contest with a minimum spending of RM50 in a single receipt at the fair. The prizes are travel warrant worth RM12,000, RM8,000 and RM4,000 for the 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize respectively. 

Mie Prefecture is situated in the center of Honshu, in the eastern part of the Kii-hanto Peninsula. The climate varies from region ranging from snow at the northern area to a slightly warmer climate at the south allowing for growth of various fruits and agriculture. It has two coastlines on the south and east. The southern coastline is often accompanied with rugged seas. The eastern coastline on the other hand contributes to many of Mie’s tourism destination spots.

Mie is famously known for its cultured pearls, various seafood such as oysters and Ise Lobsters which are all available in the Ise-Shima National Park. The natural park takes up to one third of the entire prefecture making it the second largest park area in Japan. Home to the Ninja Museum, Mie is also the original birthplace for the Japanese traditional martial arts otherwise known as Ninjutsu.

Other scenic spots, includes the Uga Valley in Suzuka Quasi-National Park, Doro Valley, and Akame Shiju-hattaki (forty-eight) Falls. The Spanish Theme Park known as the Shima Spain-mura Village (Parque Espana), is also a frequent destination among tourists. Mie is known be a destination of visit for one who appreciates both the modern and the traditional. Aside from the rich historical culture dating back as long as 10,000 years old, Mie also provides outdoor activities such as diving and skiing for the adventurous.

About AEON CO. (M) BHD
AEON CO. (M) BHD. is a leading General Merchandise Stores (GMS) cum supermarket chain in Malaysia, being the country’s leading retailer with 27 AEON outlets and 3 MaxValu supermarkets across the country. In the spirit of the name AEON, which means eternity in Latin, AEON’s goal is to work together endlessly with its customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders and the community towards creating a future of limitless promises. Incorporated in 1984 in response to the Malaysian Government’s invitation to help modernize the country’s retailing industry, AEON’s chain of stores across peninsular Malaysia strives to satisfy the ever changing needs and desires of consumers. Guided by its “Customer First” philosophy, the company’s acute understanding of their target market needs, aided by optimal product-mix, AEON strives to surpass consumer expectations and enhance their experience every time they shop. Hence the tagline “AEON Enriching Your Lifestyle”. 

AEON strongly supports environmental sustainability. It actively supports various causes, including recycling, energy conservation and tree planting, engaging and encouraging various parties, including staff, customers, NGOs, government agencies and the community at large. 2014 marks a significant milestone for AEON CO. (M) BHD. with 30 years of excellence to boast, by staying relevant and competitive in the dynamic market. In commemorating its 30th anniversary, the celebration will continue to enrich lives of Malaysians and growing the nation with passion, love and inspiration. For more information, visit or

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SPOTLIGHT Malaysia's Christmas 'Create Decorate Celebrate'

Decorating for the holiday season is always a favourite amongst many Malaysians especially those who are celebrating Christmas.  It is during this time that we look at sprucing up our homes with more personalized decor styles to give it a cosy and festive touch thus creating a picture perfect ambiance when throwing festive fete for our family and friends. Glad that I made it in the morning after having a delightful cappuccino here to refresh my mood of the day. 

So how does one throw the ultimate festive party fete and personalize it the same time? Why, one just have to head over to Spotlight, the craft, party and home furnishing store that oodles with d├ęcor and items to bring out that desired festive cheer you so want.

Spotlight Malaysia’s ‘Create, Decorate, Celebrate’ Christmas and Festive products will go on sale starting October 2014. Be sure to head over to Spotlight at Ampang Point for inspiration ideas and products for the upcoming holiday season.

Gift Perfecting
These days, the more personalized the gift, the more meaningful the significance it carries. This year, Spotlight offers many ready to buy and DIY craft ideas plus products that will allow you to customize the gifts for both family and friends alike. Spotlight’s Kaiserwood Advent calendar or block sets is a unique adaptation of the traditional Advent calendar that speaks to the spirit of the season. Fill treats and goodies to create the ultimate fun filled gift pack for the kids, using the Kaiserwood Bon Bon or the DIY Plastic Baubles that comes in a pack of three. Alternatively, to reward the budding craft enthusiast in your life, whether it’s your mom, wife or children, the festive holiday sewing felt decoration sets, beading kits and jewelry making sets are sure win in the gift department.

“Hosting a fun holiday dinner party or get together is such a great idea and if you think about it, very doable if you know how to do it and where to find the items to realize your expectations. At Spotlight, we not only have a full selection of dedicated  festive themed products that will spoil you for choice, but also staff who are always on hand to help you with holiday your way with party ideas and innovative ways to create a memorable merriment your so desire,” describes Jono.

“Spotlight’s ‘Create, Decorate, Celebrate’ is put together to help everyone celebrate the holiday season, no matter what your style and theme. We know how pulling off the ultimate holiday party planning, be it for Christmas or any other festivities, can be daunting at time, hence our 2014 collection is created to not only realize your dream Christmas ambiance, but also the other holiday party needs”, explains a jubilant Jono Gelfand, General Manager of Marketing. He adds, “We are definite that our shoppers will find our collection interesting as it has been created to capture the magic and brilliance of a classic holiday with simple inspiration and doable decorating ideas.” 

From ready to buy household linens, materials and decorations, to festive theme party supplies and special DIY crafts gift ideas, Spotlight’s 2014 ‘Create, Decorate, Celebrate’ has everything possible to accentuate your needs for the upcoming festive and holiday seasons. Here are some festive guides and ideas that Jono and his team are happy to share with their shoppers.

An Artistic Holiday Approach
Interested in a more modern, artistic and home-made approach to holiday decor? Create a unique wreath tailored to suit your holiday season. Pick up the DIY Christmas Foam Wreath from Spotlight, and adorn with seasonal embellishments. Add twine, yarn, string or ribbon to the top and simply attach it to your door. It will definitely be a great way to greet your guests as the come up your front porch. All of us trying to get involved in trying to add some sparkle in making our own-made X'mas cards and having so much fun creating it, taking our own sweet time. As you can see they're very good at it, I liked their X'mas cards very much I just wana shower them many high praises for their creativity.

Don’t Just Decorate, Ornamate instead!  
This Christmas, why not try adding Spotlight’s quick, easy, and impactful DIY Foam or Wood products to create a fresh change without the time commitment. Deck the halls while improving your craft-abilities and create a modern hallmark for your living space using the foam or wood pieces in the shape of angels, Christmas trees, reindeers and even hanging wreaths. If you are passionate about quilting, be innovative and creative simple wool baubles or decorations can even be part of your actual tree’s decoration even. These crafts are easy to make and you can do it by yourself in your home, or even make it a family festive collaboration. I can't help falling in love with Jia Yin's creative X'mas card design, simple yet it looks so X'mas striking with shimmer, shine of a X'mas spirit. 

Simply Striking
The trick to making your holiday decor feel like home is by injecting your personal style into the details. Accentuate a bare dining table by giving it a classic festive feel using Spotlights Holiday Stripe or Checked patterned table linen with matching table runner and chic napkins. Apart from that, cutleries and crockeries from the store’s home living section will give it the added finish. Or you can choose colour-coordinated partyware from Spotlight’s party section to suit your festive hues. For a picturesque finish to the setting, jazz it up high-impact centerpiece display using glass jars of varying heights and shapes filled with multiples of the fruits (lemon and limes for freshness), nuts (walnut is ideal), or even monochromatic ornaments like Spotlight’s festive baubles.

About Spotlight Retail Group
Spotlight Retail Group is the largest Australian owned group of (chain) superstores in the Southern Hemisphere.. Spotlight specializes in home interiors, fashion and furnishings fabrics, craft and hobby necessities. 

Spotlight’s first store opened in 1973, Spotlight has 120  stores in four countries (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia), Spotlight is part of the Spotlight Retail Group (SRG) made up of two major retailers Spotlight and Anaconda, employs more than 7,000 team members, covers 4.2 million square feet of retail space. and Anaconda is Australia’s largest camping, sporting and outdoor adventure superstore and has 33 stores around Australia.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SISLEY 12 Hours All-Day Long Flawless Skincare Foundation

Sisley Paris, the french beauty expert in skincare, makeups and perfurmerie, has brought this luxurious skincare foundation to Malaysian shore this September at Parkson Pavilion, Isetan KLCC and Metrojaya Midvalley Mall. The retail price is RM420, grab it as soon as you can if you would like to try it first hand, adding it in your daily skincare regime. Last but not least, thanks to Sisley Malaysia for this wonderful review as I can't wait to beautify myself with it. C'est la vie!    

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Barbara Barry Tea Appreciation Event

I was invited to Barbara Barry Tea Appreciation Event by Gardens Club that night. It's all about tea, art and
decors that kinda related to the nature of my business in furnitures and my daily tea enjoyment so I came. 

They really served us exquisite drinks and yummylicious food at the event, that tempted me to look for the
same caterer in the event in future I'm looking for a good food caterer. From fresh scallops to grilled prawns,
the food was gloriously delightful and appetizing lot. Bravo to Barbara Barry Event, it's a success after all!

Lim TW, the Singaporean Executive Director who shared his thoughts on Gryphon Tea history story. He's
handsome, charming and an expert in tea sharing moments with us, I'm glad I made it that night to attend
this lovely event with Gardens Club. I've learnt so much more about tea making, tea pairing with food and
get to taste many new flavours of excellent tea by Gryphon Tea. Check it out at
Copa Cabana is a tangy blend of juicy tropical fruits that tasted fruity kinda tea.
It's not my favourite, but Rambo loves this the most among the 4 types of tea
appreciation that we get to try that night. 

Azteca D'oro Tea tasted like chocolate taste with lingering hints of mint and vanilla,
many of them liked this tea taste very much, because it's something new in trend.   
Mogambo Tea is a romantic blend of sweet red apple and passion fruit that
managed to captivate my heart and soul of fruit tea that I enjoyed most
among the 4 types of tea. It tasted sweet, sour with fruity, juicy tea taste.

Tomatino tasted like a light tomato soup it claimed to be, in fact it tasted really like
the tomato tea. Haha...although I love to take tomatoes all the time in raw or grilled
to perfection in my meals, but this Tomatino Tea is really not my cup of tea at all. 

This Pearl Of Orient is my favourite where it was blended by their master blenders,
this Jasmine Tea is accentuated with rose oil to produce an exquisite sensual aroma
of floral bouquet. Rambo came back and asked me about it, I told him I love it so
much I've actually enjoyed 2 pots of the tea and planning to buy it as soon as I can.
It's excellent to pair this tea with fish and white meat, serve without milk. Ichiban!

Another excellent tea that managed to soothe my throat, all at once refreshing my
overall senses to heaven is Gryphon Ginger Lemon Mint Tea. Rambo asked me
about this delicious tea that I have kept for him and he wanted to get it asap liao. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Authoritative Autumn 2014

The right way to wear a Yukata or Kimono is left side wrapped over the right side I explained to the Garnier White pretty ladies when they tried wearing it for me for the Pink Radiance Event because I told them, if you wear it on the reversed side with right over left it's meant to dressing a body for a funeral. One of the Chinese girl understood what I meant by that she quickly replied, "Choi". Haha...Chinese is very 'pantang'(abstinence) with all this kinda traditional rules, so obviously they're quick to adapt to my teaching yesterday and make sure the others wear it the right way too after that. 

In Sapporo Day 2, I was wearing this Yukata and rushed for this yummylicious dinner I met my tour members at the lift, all were waiting for the same lift. One of the young ladies in her 20's loved this Pink Yukata so much and although she was a shy lady, she told me I look very lovely in this Pink Yukata. I replied her, "Arigato, it's not mine it's the hotel's Yukata" and at the same time I welcome her to join me wearing it together. She was so surprised that I can changed my Yukata in the shortest time given to us about 10 minutes to prepare ourselves enjoying this exquisite Japanese dinner at the hotel. I took a quick bath and changed it as soon as I can.

Haha...I told her I'm very used to the Japanese culture already esp. I have learnt all this knowledge from the expert during my honeymoon holiday in Honshu Island a few years back, they have taught us the correct way of wearing a Yukata traditionally. That's why I love going on tour everytime I plan for my travel as the valuable lessons learnt from different countries meant so much more than anything else in the world. Rambo really enjoys travelling with me now esp. to Japan, as he always told me travelling for a holiday is totally different from his business trips that's so full of beyond commitment esp.for the Japanese market.    

Even that day in our 'Best Buddies Forever' group chat, KH told me it's better to meditate for deep thoughts where we can travel and see the world without really travelling there where I understood what he meant by that in our Buddhism practise. The others may not understand what he meant by that except Rambo, PA, KH and I who are into Buddhism learning and the others like KW (prefer to stay in China for a better career), TW and BT may not agreed with him as they're also the frequent flyers like me and we always have many travelling topics to share about whenever we bumped into each other.

I replied in the chat saying that it's important to meditate for a total relaxation on your body, mind and soul for a good life, besides awakening yourself to improve your positive thoughts, but travelling is equally important too. Travelling not only let you see more beautiful, wonderful things that are happening in around the world, you'll get to learn so much more too so you won't stay stagnant at your position like a 'Katak Dibawah Tempurung', I explained to all of them. SA quickly replied, "Ok, let's go travel. Go go Go!" and PA replied, "Yea, don't keep all the money in the bank." Then they asked where should we go for travel, should we go Japan, shall we go in December and so on.

I used to save money in the bank only and after spending RM40, 000 in my Europe trip holidays I kinda calculate those money that I've spend, but Rambo told me it's totally worth it. Money come and go, it won't grow if you put in the bank also. It may grow at 3%+ for a FD interest rate, but it's really not much compared to the experiences that we've gained, exploring together which is kinda true and meaningful. He taught me to learn how to earn it and you need to spend it as well. Money will come rolling back to us eventually, but I still need to control his ways of spending his money as I know he works really hard for it. 

Spending money is very easy, but to earn it back is never easy. But I always believe in Rambo's teaching to me 'Zhung Gua Dak Gua, Zhung Guo Dak Guo' (You plant veges you'll get veges, You plant fruits You'll get fruits) that has proven to be so true and accurate for him. Whatever hardwork and efforts he have put his heart and soul into, eventually he can see the big rewards for all the efforts that he have made. He's not afraid to work hard for it and he has the right attitude all along the way. One thing for sure, he's happier now as he knows how to enjoy his life more and as time goes by, age is catching up it's time to relax enjoying the fruits he has put so much efforts to plant with tender loving care all these years. 

He always told me that his goal is to live happy with his only good wife, to give me the best of everything. "Haha...Good, Ganbatte" is my only reply to him and deep in my heart I prayed hard each day, as long he's back home sweet home safely everyday after work I'm very happy already. Everyday when he's back for dinner together, we have so much to talk about our daily activities, our business related projects and our jokes of the day. We go swimming together nowadays, I just wana accompany him to slim and trim his fatty Bom Bom body to his old time record to 65 kgs for his own good health, only then I can have a total peace of mind in enjoying my life.

My mom was surprised that I can be so health conscious buying the Cellular Functional Water at a few thousand dollars but I told her it's totally worth it for our good health in the long run, where both she and my sis Defney finally agreed with me after I have explained to them the importance of taking clean, healthy water for our daily lives. Sometimes, we cannot calculate too much esp. in this kinda things where we cannot buy health at any price, but if a few thousand dollars can secure you a good health for many years to come without any illness come visiting you, by all means spend it and relax a bit on the dollar sign. Money will come in knocking our doors eventually, as long we're willing to work hard and smart enough for it, dig it non-stop but at the right, honest and correct ways without harming the others. That's life, c'est la vie!  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Australia Melbourne - Philip Island Tour

Early on that Day 3, I stopped by the main train station for a quick lunch and shopping, just nearby the hotel.

Strolling slowly all along the street after having a big breakfast at the hotel, I stopped by this nice church for
few pictures and I can hear the soothing music from inside, all at once calming my overall senses to perfection.

I bought the special Tic Tac Grape Envy for my dear Charmers and this Cocktail Mix
that tasted yummy lot for the trip to Philip Island. The pleasure to enjoy food with my
family is a must-do things to be fulfilled,esp.with the 14 of us in the comfortable coach.

This Caramel chocolate is very sweet but it's very yummy as well. If you happen to travel to Australia, be sure
to get this for after dinner treats. Not expensive at all, I bought 3 free 1 packet at AUD 10 if not mistaken and
I can see everyone enjoyed this milk chocolates very much when they finished the whole packet that day. 

Two hours stop at Maru Koala & Animal Park, just donate AUD2 for the wildlife
funds we can have a pack of animal food to feed the kangaroos, horse at the farm. 

All of us donated the money since it's not much, it's the fund to save those injured animal, saved from abuse.

Bonding time with my dear Lynette, watching and feeding the animals living in this farm.

Such a breathtaking view all along the 2 hours journey to Philip Island.

From afar, you can catch those spectacular views all along the Philip Island wonderful journey.
Fantastic view ever, it took my breath away and it's worth to sit that 2 hours journey for this beautiful
journey with my family.

Phenomenal atmosphere that managed to sweep me away with its natural beauty here in Philip Island. I went
Wollogong New South Wales before with this kinda captivating beauty+enjoying the fresh yummy seafood
with Jos and Aunty Maureen. It reminded me about the sad, tragic story where 7 Malaysians were killed by
the strong current sea just like this picture many years ago. That's why I don't like to swim in deep blue sea,
unless if we go for a snorkelling trip fully-protected with a safety jacket then it's fine for me.

Sensational beauty that managed to capture my heart and soul to its natural beauty, but I'll never trust the
sea that easily swallowed you in its strong splashes water, no matter how good a swimmer you claim to be.
I was tempted to walk down for a perfect picture here, but then this story reminded me so much to stay extra
careful and I'm not young anymore to climb up the high mountain easily. Haha...stay cool, calm enjoying the
wonderful nature from here is better!
All along the journey, you can see the wild wallabies, kangaroos and squirrels running around freely all
around. Awesome, I managed to catch this shot when they came out standing like playing hide and seek.

So cute that tempted me so much I wana buy it for myself, but then I promised
myself not to buy any soft toys liao as my home have no space for me to put liao.

The many kinds of Penguin species and its cute little stories, it's all about Penguins Kingdom here!

Penguins Of The World, so glad to be here to learn so much about Penguins. It's the nature I love to see and hear
about them. Now I know why Catherine kept asking me to visit this Penguin Parade to see it with my own eyes.

Ying Shan told me recently once she's independent enough to earn money, she wana go travel and see the
world like me. I totally support her idea on that as every time I came back from my holiday, she tend to ask me
did I visit Pisa, the leaning tower in Italy that I replied her "Of course, must visit Pisa if you travel to Italy!" 

The cute furry Penguin bags for kids somewhere, somehow managed to attract my
full attention for many pictures here. 

Quality and expensive too, but it's really worth it if you really like the designs with superb quality for presents/
gifts, esp. for your own kids. My dear Charmers have it already and they're very occupied with their ipad now. 

LeAnne also added that she wanted to travel and to be able to shop till drop like me after Ying Shan said that.
Haha...they're really growing up fast just like the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Tokyo, I really hope the time
can past by more slowly than ever so I can spend more time with them. 

Travel the world, you'll get to see the world and learn so much more in the fastest
time ever. Even Lynette rushing me to see the Father Penguin that's just return
to its nest bringing food for his wife and baby when I was busy reading all this
informative knowledge about Penguins.

They're so cute, such a happy family and it was an awe-inspiring moments for all of us watching that lovely
moments from a very close sight. The Penguins remembered where they stayed, although they have short legs
but they can still walked real fast rushing back home sweet home to be with their wives and babies, some are not
sure they stopped and think, then changed their routes to the other way, and some wives came out from their
nests calling their husbands with adorable sounds. So cute and you gotta witness it yourself to see this cutie pie. 

My family really enjoyed this Penguin Parade tour very much and I have no regrets at all choosing this trip
of my lifetime as my 1st choice itinery here because I knew my Charmers are going to enjoy watching the
cute Penguins just like I did. I told Carrie I can't showed her the cute Penguin pictures because they don't
allow us to take pictures here(although some stubbornly did) as it would frighten them and affect their eye
sight badly. If you plan to visit Melbourne, this is the place I would fully recommend you to explore for sure.