Monday, April 16, 2018

Althea Korea Latest Launch - Bare Essentials Skincare

Althea, your one-stop online shop for absolutely everything K-beauty, has finally launched its very own product line. In fact all the time when I watched K Drama shows also, I have seen many TV stars introduced their 24 hours skincare range that tempting me enough. And today, I gladly introduce you the Althea’s Bare Essentials - your skin’s simply perfect savior. The Bare Essentials range consists of 3 hypoallergenic products suitable for any skin types. 

Thanks Althea Korea for sending me this heaven-sent angel beauty parcel to pamper sayang my dry, aging skin manjaly. Haha...I only agreed and managed to reply after receiving the 2nd email as I was too busy for 2018 with new business ventures added into my existing business management. Many other invites also I need to reject and apologised sincerely because I have no time to review for them. That night itself, I started to use it already and falling fully in love with this Korean skincare range. I liked the transparent packaging, the soothing scent that managed to relax my skin to perfection and last but not least, big enough to last me for 3 months usage.

The Contour Cleanser 150g that cost only RM23.00 is packed with soothing Ice Plant and detoxifying Lemon Myrtle extracts is densely filled with micro capsules that burst upon contact with water to gently cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify skin. The Contour Cleanser helps to promote blood circulation, and reduces bloating and swelling for a defined, enviably slim face shape. 

I super duper triple love this Contour Cleanser that managed to cleanse my skin very cleanly, even light makeup powder foundation I sometimes forgot to remove it with makeup remover. My skin didn't feel dry or tight at all. I only use a 10 cents size, lather it with water and massage it gently on my skin as long as I wanted because I enjoy smelling it. Haha...I took my own sweet time to enjoy cleansing my face day and night because of this. I can see that my skin is clean, glowing radiantly and feeling fresh too.

The Primer Water 200ml that cost RM43.00 is both a hydrating toner and a primer in one. The Primer Water contains patented dewdrop technology (Macro Fluidic Dispersion technology) that gently fills the gaps between pores and allows hydration to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. Made with Snow Lotus extracts, this skincare heavy hitter has an incredibly smooth and silky texture that enhances the skin’s natural glow, leaving you with the perfect canvas.

Another hydrating toner I fully recommended for all beauty aficionados to store one bottle of it as your SOS emergency beauty skincare. After cleansing my face and neck, I wet the whole cotton pad and pamper it on my face and neck generously. I put a lot and let them absorbed slowly penetrated into my skin. So relaxing and so pampering let me tell you that. You can also dab it directly on your skin if you want. Instantly your skin will feel so moisturised, like they had indulged fresh hydrating juice. Haha...I always looking forward for this lovely moment to happen during my skincare applications. You'll love it just like I did!

The Fixer Cream 50g that cost RM50.00 is non-oily, quick-absorbing formula harnesses the power of Trehalose, an ingredient found in the cactus plant that prevents its moisture loss and providing skin with 24-hour hydration. This ultra-nourishing wonder cream is also rich in antioxidants derived from Camellia Sinensis (green tea) seed oil, and helps to promote collagen regeneration using Baobab Tree extracts. Upon application, your skin is left looking great and feeling bouncy to the touch.

My 3rd favourite product from Bare Essentials skincare range is another must have light cream that managed to lock-in moisture, yet fast-absorbing into my skin after massaging 3 rounds manjaly on my skin. Recently I was so busy and lazy to apply skincare but I remember to pamper manja my skin with Bare Essentials range because it's simple 3 steps use, as easy as ABC or Do Re Mi, it smells really good and soothingly relaxing. The best part of it all, it's affordable and suitable for all skin types. I didn't face any sensitivity, any breakouts at all. My skin feels hydrated enough and feeling smooth the next morning when I wakes up.

These 3 super products are priced affordably at RM116, made with only the best ingredients, it’s no surprise that the Bare Essentials line teased quite the craze of the beauty world. For a fussy beauty aficionado like me who had tried, used and sample so many brands of skincare in the world, I honestly concluded to say that Bare Essentials skincare range managed to tie up my interest to sample it 1st, now I have the confidence to share it and fully recommended all of you to try it. 

Most importantly is that once we managed to keep our skin hydrated enough, the surface of our skin will be smooth enough to apply any makeup or powder foundation on our skin easily. That day I passed the samples pack for my mom and sister Defney to try it out because I knew they would buy it once they loved it. I told them how good the range is and they already asked me where to buy it. I told them to sign up member, add into cart and wait for the beauty parcel to arrive in 1 or 2 weeks time patiently.  

Haha...I didn't give them my referral code like I gave to Carrie T because I told them, Althea Korea have many codes inside where they can get free gifts or discounts when they purchase online based on time to time promotions so just check out their website at Moreover, Althea is giving out an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror if you purchase now. Stay healthy, pretty and lovely always because we totally deserve it for sure!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Isabelle Lancray’s Award-Winning Skin Science Fends Off Urban Pollution

When we live in an environment where pollutants such as toxic substances, ozone, and UV radiation, are constantly assailing our skin, we need to confront the assaults. Pollutants break down our skin’s defensive barrier, depleting moisture levels and accelerating skin aging. Isabelle Lancray’s solution to this everyday problem is the award-winning EGOSTYLE Antipollution.

The ‘EGOSTYLE Antipollution’ range consists of four new products including the Mission De-Stress Gel Crème that won the first prize in the ‘BSB Innovation Award’ 2017 (the European innovation prize for cosmetics), Mission Defense Crème 24H, Mission Fraîcheur Masque, and Mission Aqua Intense Eye Contour Gel (Gel Contour Des Yeux).

The award-winning skin technology from Isabelle Lancray includes the innovative Smart Crystals® Resveratrol and the Patented UV Caps. According to a study published in the ‘Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology’ journal, the sun’s UV rays are responsible for approximately 80% of visible facial aging signs, including wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity. Isabelle Lancray’s Patented UV Caps protect the skin against sun exposure without any allergic reactions. Isabelle Lancray’s unique carrier system guarantees a high concentration of protection filters to ensure maximum efficacy on the skin.

The Smart Crystals® Resveratrol are a highly concentrated form of crystalline resveratrol that defends our skin from free radicals and oxidative stress.  Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant found in fruits such as grapes that is emerging as a modern-day fountain of youth. The Isabelle Lancray laboratory atomizes the crystalline Resveratrol active ingredients to unprecedented levels in concentration gradient.

Isabelle Lancray's Egostyle Antipollution is the culmination of groundbreaking scientific research, as it provides exceptional defense against environmental pollutants and premature skin aging.

Isabelle Lancray Egostyle Antipollution Range of Products
Mission De-Stress Gel Crème
BSB Innovation Prize 2017. Category: “
Cosmetics/Finished Products” – 1st Prize Winner
This product consists of a light gel cream with encapsulated sun protection filters and an antipollution protection shield for maintaining healthy skin. Containing the patented Smart Crystals® Resveratrol, the cream protects our skin against free radicals and oxidative stress. The specially formulated UV Caps enhance the skin's natural defense system against sun exposure and help to promote an even skin tone. This cream also contains a unique combination of active ingredients that regulate the skin's moisture levels and fortify epidermal cellular structures to mitigate the effects of skin aging. The Mission De-Stress Gel Crème retails at RM358.00.

Mission Defense Crème 24H
This rich 24-hour cream contains hyaluronic acid; a naturally occurring compound which keeps skin plump, hydrated and youthful. The patented Smart Crystals® Resveratrol work in tandem with all-natural active ingredients such as brown algae and papaya extract. This synergistic combination promotes exfoliation, even skin tone and hydration. The antipollution protection shield functions as a defensive barrier against environmental pollutants such as fine dust, ozone and cigarette smoke. The Mission Defense Crème 24H retails at RM348.00.

Mission Fraîcheur Masque
This protective Gel Cream Mask is highly suitable for dehydrated and problematic skin. Active ingredients such as the Smart Crystals® Resveratrol and Hydractin® help to rejuvenate dry and damaged skin. The mask hydrates and maintains an optimal level of moisture while improving the skin’s complexion. Mission Fraîcheur Masque retails at RM178.00.

Mission Aqua Intense Eye Contour Gel (Gel Contour Des Yeux)
This refreshing gel is specially formulated for the eye area and provides a firming effect. It contains a potent blend of enzymes that enhances the skin’s metabolism and self-healing mechanism. The Mission Aqua Intense Eye Contour Gel (Gel Contour des Yeux) retails at RM148.00.

Isabelle Lancray products are available at 40 beauty centres nationwide. For more information, check out or contact Cheerful Beauteepro at tel: 03-2141 9928 or email:

About Isabelle Lancray
Since 1945, Isabelle Lancray from Paris is the epitome of luxury, innovation and beauty expertise. Isabelle Lancray is the perfect symbiosis of advanced cosmetic care with French elegance. The brand is a guarantee for quality and service for the demanding professional cosmetics with French flair and tradition. Advanced technologies, bio-intelligent high-tech materials in unexpected concentrations and scientifically sophisticated formula concepts determine the way for the development of new care products for Isabelle Lancray.

About Cheerful Beauteepro
Cheerful Beauteepro was established in 1983 as the marketing division for the Cheerful Group trading company supplying cosmetic products and beauty equipment. Operations in Malaysia first started in Kuala Lumpur in 1988. Within a year, business flourished and another branch in Singapore was established. Today, Cheerful Beauteepro has a partnership of more than 300 Beautique Members (Beauty Centres) nationwide with expansion plans in the future. Cheerful Beauteepro is the sole distributor of Swiss line products in Malaysia. The Group has also established successful marketing and distribution lines for Isabelle Lancray, Comfort Zone, Nubea, Ingrid Millet, Dr. Rimpler, Naturys and Carole Franck beauty products.

Oh My Kidney Ginjal

DaVita Malaysia continues the conversation about women’s kidney health in Malaysia but I couldn't make it at the very last minute as I'm very busy during all weekends. Haha...That's life, yet health care awareness to my readers of Evergreen Love is still important here. Despite ongoing research into the condition, the public’s knowledge about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is limited. CKD is within the top 20 causes of death worldwide amongst conditions such as cardiovascular disease, HIV and AIDS, and Lower Respiratory Infections.

This year, with World Kidney Day coinciding with International Women’s Day, it’s fitting that the theme revolves around the prevalence of kidney-related issues in women. Some studies have found that women have a 14% chance of developing CKD, compared to 12% for men.

To explore these issues in depth and help educate the public about this condition, DaVita Malaysia hosted a panel featuring some of the country’s top kidney-care experts.

“Even though the conversation about kidney health in Malaysia is not new, it’s important that we keep it going,” said JesonpragashGnaniah, General Manager of DaVita Malaysia. “As the leading provider of dialysis in Malaysia, this issue is very close to our hearts. We believe that more and better education about this will help kick-start the change we would like to see.”

The panel consisted of Dr. RosnawatiYahya, Consultant Nephrologist from Hospital Kuala Lumpur; Theresa Yap, a dietician from KPJ Sentosa KL Specialist Hospital; and Dr. SuryatiYakob, Consultant Nephrologist from Selayang Hospital who shared pertinent information to those in attendance.

Dr. Rosnawati kicked off the discussion with information about the unique issues women face when it comes to kidney disease. For example, women with kidney disease are likely to experience menstrual irregularities, a decrease in sexual desire and pleasure, as well as an increased probability of depression. There are also a slew of complications that women with CKD face during pregnancy and childbirth such as hypertension and preterm births.

Theresa, in a session titled “What’s Healthy & What’s Not,” helped to outline the general rules that should be kept in mind when choosing and preparing food. Some highlights from the session include: intentionally lowering salt intake, cutting down on the wrong types of protein (ie. red meat, poultry), and limiting alcohol consumption. The simple mistake of an unregulated diet could be the difference between managing CKD and succumbing to it.

Dr. Suryati localised her content, zeroing in on unscrupulous herbal practitioners that are exposing their unsuspecting customers to a higher risk of kidney disease. It is specifically through the usage of unregulated raw ingredients that patients develop CKD - as the herbs’ toxicities are not tested. With more and more Malaysians looking to alternative therapy and complementary medicine, it’s pertinent to discuss the potential health hazards they pose.

As CKD continues to be a worldwide health issue, it’s key that the public arm themselves with the necessary information to protect from and manage the condition. To find out more about managing kidney conditions, check out DaVita Malaysia’s Facebook page at [] or their website at [].