Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VanityTrove Discover Your Scent

Arrived at the Discover Your Scent event and such a co-incidence that
Elie Saab Parfum is the scent choice for me. I love the sexy smell of it! 

Gotta filled up 20 questions for the result of my scent personality. I was kinda lazy to fill this up but ended up,
I enjoy answering it.  

A momento with Danny Ventura after private consultation with him.

The RM200 goodies provided for this RM30 event by LuxAsia.


Everyone asked me which party I'm gonna vote, I told them honestly any party except BN only. In fact I told my sis Toto, Najib is fine for me just that I don't like the others under him only. So it's obvious now but doesn't mean I want Anwar to be the next PM because I have not seen his contribution for the country yet.And they asked again, do you think the Ubah's gonna win? Again, I would said it's not easy but we can strive to thrive till the end. No need to play sabotage to Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊 just because she chose BN as she have every rights to vote for her choice of party. 

Just do your own part to vote on the 5th May rightfully as the change is gonna mould a better government for our next generation of kids and youths. We're supposed to be one of the richest country in the world with so many resources including oil, but too bad it’s just the bad leaders who lead us nowhere in the eyes of the world. So pick your choice right this time as ‘Ini kalilah to Ubah’ for a better government to put our beloved country Malaysia to grace and glory in the eyes of the world.

I still pumped Petronas petrol based on its superb performance and engine cleaning function. It’s proven to say this as my car service contractor been asking me how I maintained a good engine of my 1st car Kancil for the past 16 years and I’m still keeping it as my antique car in the museum.He was amazed to the fact that it’s still in good condition and still be able to speed like a sports car.Haha…don’t play play, it’s my beloved baby that I would keep till I die. When Rambo company sold their Honda Jazz and changed to new Honda City, I was reluctant too but since company is willing to spend money on new things of course they took the opportunity to change a new car every now and then, maintained by the company so it's fine with me.

Usually I’m very lazy to pump petrol, it’s done by Rambo and my other boyfriends German GM, lawyer etc. as I don’t like the smell of the petrol I told them. But one day I was forced to pump it on my own as it’s in critical condition of no more fuel left so I gotta pumped Petronas at the nearest location possible. Rambo used to pump Shell for me and only after I pumped Petronas then I can feel the distinct performance of driving a car. I remembered I drove my friend’s company car Perdana V6 also I can feel its smooth driving and when I knew what petrol brand he pumped for this car, I was so certain on the answer to it.

That’s why from then onwards, I pump Petronas and I even shared this good news with my family and friends esp.my mom as she always pump the Ron 97 petrol and it’s killing her with high charges. But I told her no need to pump Ron 97, just the normal Petronas petrol would do as you can feel it’s superb performance already. And yes, she agreed with me totally after giving it a try in the past one month of trying it between Shell and Petronas as Shell gave her Bonuslink points for gift redemption. So I let her made the final decision for her car and she chose the same brand like mine.

At the end of the day, I reaped what I sow in a sense of paying for the best for last. My car deserves the best after all, I don't care who's who behind this company as I'm only thinking that I'm only willing to pay less for the best. Living in a rich oil-produced country why would I pay so much for the petrol that's supposed to share of the oil royalty among us Malaysians. Rambo paid so much income-tax every month but we didnt' get the whatsoever handouts yet we gotta pay so much for toll, petrol everyday. 

No way, no more feeding to the leaders who only took our hard-earned money to wastage. We did informed everyone to take whatever hand-outs out there, they took it of course and almost everywhere. We felt better everyone got to take it rather than to give the government. They only know how to travel to NZ in style but never try to abolish the visa fees from US, let them charge us and pay them blindly. Even China is now raising the visa fees from RM40 to RM58 to Malaysian tourists on a single entry itself with many photos request. I don't know what they do as 'menteri', just living in luxury.

I was glad, thank God when I know that A.B 'kena tendang'(got kicked out) as Malaysia PM or else I don't know how much is the petrol gonna cost today. In just one year time only, he already raised 3xs petrol price. Really greedy, too obvious already and I have no respect to any selfish leader who leads us to desperation. My friend just shared with me he gotta pumped RM30 for one day petrol. ‘Sot gila’, I said to him. Such a waste of money and life thinking about looking for money everyday just to survive for daily expenses like this is really meaningless and no life to low-income rakyat.

That’s why he’s very passionate in joining the ‘Bersih’ and ‘Ubah’ where he kept me informed all the time on the protest. I totally understand his predicaments as I just told him that day, “Yea from driving BMW fetching me to Mont Kiara property launch in the last few years, now he's gotta drive Proton to survive everyday." Talking about this subject, many of Rambo’s suppliers really got mad at the government who simply raised taxes and custom charges that caused their bad business to worst scenarios, so obviously they wanted to set a leverage on this. If going on like this, not only all the factories can close shop but they gotta beg for living. Totally understandable.

Even one of my neighbour’s sister family who just migrated to Australia, her sis husband just can’t bear all the bullying around for many years already. Yes, they’re rich because they do business for profits, gave her 3 lovely daughters the best they can afford by sending them to private school and living in luxury life. It’s all their own efforts to strive for the best things in life but the government ‘Hei Yan Tai Sem(overly bully), it’s really too much liao until they finally migrated to Oz after much careful few years consideration. Can’t see the girls coming to our house nowadays, kinda miss them. They’re very well-mannered, pretty girls with great intelligence that tempted me to ask them which school they went and that’s how I knew all about them. 

And when my neighbour came I told her, such lovely girls she have raised them to be and I liked the girls to come visit my mom’s place more often to play with my dear Charmers. Obviously, she’s proud also to be their guardian as ‘Hou Si Emm Pa Yeong’(Good things should be spread all over the news, don’t be afraid to share about it). I told my mom also if the country is good or bad, Rambo and I would not be affected much by it as we're living our lives independently without the  government support. But we won't abandoned our family, friends here and to fight for the next generation rights, we won't be thinking of migrating to other country like Japan because we love our country and we'll fight till the end for the best of our country Malaysia. We have everything here in Malaysia.

Most of us in Seri Petaling are also voting for Teresa Kok in Seputeh, retaining her win here and a few others from here would be joining Gobind Singh Deo, supporting him till the end. We make sure the strategy is right and as long they both win at the respective areas would be good enough to fight for Ubah. And for Johor side, we hope Uncle Lim Kit Siang side would win too.And yes, we did asked friends from USA, Europe and China to come back to vote as action speaks louder than words. Are you ready, can you feel it as we're preparing for it. C ya 5th May 2013! (My FB message to Ubah Group)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Strive to Thrive in life

Last 2 weeks my ‘Ah Kung’ left us to PureLand, I hope so as he have cultivated so many good deeds all the time with donations to schools, donated all his ‘Pak Kam’ money to the charity associations and providing the big family good life for so many years. Many people came to pay their last respect to him, I felt so bad I couldn’t make that 5 days back kampung as I'm usually fully booked for Saturday, Sunday schedules.But while I'm in KL, I did prayed for him and send my last respect to him, hoping that he can received my prayers for him. I would visit his burial place on my coming next trip 'balik kampung'(back hometown).

I have great memories with him throughout the 37 years, although the rest of his granddaughters seldom getting upclose with him as the head of the family. But we did communicate on many health issues before like direct sales product that many of his friends have pushed him to buy and try and those oil leakage at the beach he tried to get me clean up, get rid of the oil from my legs. I’m also a direct kinda person so we tend to talk about anything in life. And the fact that I respect him a lot as he’s a mommy boy who loved+respect his mom, my late ‘Tai Ma'((great grandma) very much.

A person who is filial piety to his/her parents is naturally a good person. Just like my Uncle Wah, he always mentioned that he’s a good son that’s why he finally have a son who’s a good boy I must agreed. And my rich Uncle Ta who have kept his promise to his father to take good care of the family for the past 40 years, the God repays him with great kindness of a loyal wife, good health at age 61 and stable, prosperous business going stronger than ever. He deserves all the good things in life as he strive to thrive for the best things in life.

So when my mom came back, she wazzapp our ‘Family group’ to remind me of the facial spa on Saturday we plan to go together.But I already told her earlier that I won’t be joining them this Saturday in April and only be joining her in the coming May month as I gotta attend a ‘High Cholesterol Talk’ by Tropicana Medical Centre with Rambo. I told her to enjoy the facial with my sister Defney. She also make sure that I’ll be joining the family gathering lunch at Parkroyal Hotel and I confirmed that I would make it before I go for the health event.At the lunch gathering, we celebrate my Uncle 5’s 57th Birthday. 

Nowadays, the relationship of my mom+uncles of 5 brothers(6 bros) and 1 sister really got closer like ‘Isi dan kuku’ after the departure of my Uncle 4. Now I teased the brother Lims, ‘Brotherly Love’ as before that in their 30’s, they used to fight and argue like ‘dogs and cats’. Many times ‘kena marah’(got scolded) by me as being adults staying in the same big house, they’re not mature enough to take good care of us but set a bad example to my brother Ahboy, sis Defney and me. I’m a fierce Fire Dragon in the family since I was young till today, my mom and bro used to say that to me and I knew it. If they’re wrong, I won’t respect them due to bad behaviour of drunk drinker, mental depression and being a loser who always blames others for his/her own problems and tend to start a fight just because his/her life sucks. 

I usually protect my brother and sister, I loved them a lot and I care for them so much. Till today, 3 of us stand united together and keeping strong bonding with each other as 3 married happy couples with our respective partners although we grew up in a typical family that’s not perfect. Everytime my sis-inlaw, sister and friends shared their stories with me, I told them ‘Ka Ka Yao Bun Lan Lim Dik Ging’ they understand the meaning of it already. It means that every family would surely have their own problems, which is a true fact that existed since thousand years ago in China.And that's how the Chinese saying was created since then.

Haha…at times when my friends said my family is a happy family, I told them the happiness came from many trials and tribulations they have gone through over the years. Through many ups and downs, obstacles and arguments, they can become so understanding with one another now. Just like Rambo and I, ‘Emm Da Emm Seong Sik’, it’s through fighting we became closer and stronger after 20 years been staying loving together. You just need to go through the stage, nobody is perfect. But it’s better through honest talk/fight that we knew what’s going wrong with the relationship, we can strive to change for good, be it the family, couple or mother-child relationship.       

You know kids and many people tend to creating rumours easily. One Saturday, I told my dear Charmers my star Pisces clicked well with Scorpion, that's LeAnne and so we high-5 each other. I told them I just don’t click with certain star then they assumed that I don’t like Lynette. Lynette looked at me and I told her, “Lynette know Dai Yiyi loves her, she’s my dear Charmer and so far, she have never been a naughty girl. If she did, I did advised her never to do it again. She adapts to new things very quickly. I don’t have a problem with her.” She smiled and hugged me tightly, no need to explain much about it as we understand each other really well. 

Even when I explained to her about the water crystal experiment with ‘Di Zi Gui’ teachings, she’s the one who actually watched the whole story to the end. She’s brilliant at the age of 6. Just last Saturday, she told me she liked my necklace so I told her it’s Chanel and she said, “Oh Chanel, I heard about it.” And I was like, OMG my dear Lynette actually knew about Chanel brand at this age. Haha…she makes me laughed a lot. I don’t think my sister talk to her about fashion but she really talk like an adult when she's with her friends.And so she went on sharing her stories with me on Herbalife her mom asked her to take it and she don’t like it.

Haha…my sister told me about it too where she tried to hide the taste by adding it with other drinks but she just knew it. Even the veges I scooped for her, she said it’s not yummy but I advised her to take some no matter what. I explained to her the reasons why she needs to take veges, she can accept it after I reasoned to her in a good way and not in a forceful way.She never failed to listen to me and she even double confirmed with me again on the cleansing blood part on taking veges. She finished the veges and I praised her good girl. She smiled. Great weekend with them, real paid up kinda feelings!   

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bag of Love

Recently I’m too caught up with my own agendas so I only managed to subscribe ‘Bag of Love’ since it’s also new and the latest in the market for beauty box. I gave it a try and I love it the moment I received it. I quickly tried the beauty goodies from the Revlon Hair Mask to the Murad Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser. Both suited to my skin and dry hair with satisfying result, packed inside a quality pouch instead of a box, costing RM39.90 per bag.

My friend Grace and I both subscribed for the quarterly package and attended the Kanebo Lunasol event together that Saturday at Pavilion. We have great times doing our makeups and met Mimi for the 1st time. She’s a nice, humble lady just like the cartoon she was portrayed in her Bag of Love page. When I 1st saw the cute character I kinda like her friendly personality already but I liked her even more after meeting and getting to know her from her life sharing.

I heard that she’s going Bhutan with her Buddhist devoted family and I asked if it’s ‘Amituofo’ spiritual development. Naturally, she clasped both of her hands and greeted me ‘Amituofo’ just like my dear Charmers the way I taught them to greet me. And so naturally, I greeted her back ‘Amituofo’ with the same gesture as to show our humble respect among the Amitabha believers.

I really like her transparent and sincere personality, she's treating every subscribers the same kindness and showing her gratefulness. I can feel that from her. She even mentioned that she was grateful to Tammy Lim, who’s nice enough to organize a tea party with her once she’s back from Bhutan. Besides her true personality, I just loved the overall beauty goodies provided inside and hoping that the coming beauty bag would surprise me even more with green, great goodies for me to try before I buy.

To get to know more about ‘Bag of Love’, you can check out their Facebook page at ttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Bag-of-Love/513019618721315?fref=ts

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring coming to Summer 2013

Ecoparadise Indian lady greeted me and asked me why so long I didn't come? I told her, "Yea, very busy me for me this lately." I took a Mocha for her so she thanked me by saying, "Tq, Arigato Gozaimasu". And so I replied her, "Do Itashimashite" (U'r welcome in Japanese). Rambo looked at us and said, "Wah, today you both so Japanese-styled ka?" Haha...we both laughed happily. “Life is short, be happy always.” We all agreed in this totally.Just like last Tuesday, Rambo's Japanese colleague was locked off from the office and Rambo have the company key so he went back to open the office door for him at 7.30pm, after having dinner with me. 

Everyone knew he’s back early everyday after work to have dinner with me and stayed home as a good hubby with less entertainment except for the Japanese big boss, GM or business partner only.When he's back at 8.30pm, he brought back 2 iced coffee from Yamamoto San who bought it when he’s waiting for Rambo to come. Yama San told Rambo that the coffee is for an appreciation to both of us saying, "Love your wife more" as he knew Rambo puts his highest priority for me in his life. And seeing him being so devoted to me for so many years, somewhere somehow he also loved his wife a lot now. And I told Rambo to pass the message to him next time no need to be so 'Hak Hei'(hospitable), it's 'Guai Sau Ji Lou'(simple help with ease).We should help each other whenever we can, it's really no big deal.

I remembered I met both of them when they 1st arrived in Malaysia for the Awana Genting company trip, great young couple. The next day, Rambo shared with me on their conversation they had in the office, “Now I know why you love your wife so much, she’s really beautiful neh.”“Of course”, Rambo replied him. “Aiyo, paiseh lah you both. His wife is pretty too and Yama San is a handsome man himself, I said. ‘Jam har ngan’(a blink of a moment), it’s coming 2 years already and they both decided to return home to Japan. They enjoyed staying here but still prefer to be back to their own country, just like me. I always think that home is always greener for us, that’s the best place to be.

That's why I always said that it's important to mix with the right kinda friends who will learn and support each other. Learn from the best, learn from the good example of a good leader like Rambo’s big boss ‘Mr.AN San’. Although a super rich Billionaire, one of the 30th richest man in Japan who lives in a huge villa like a castle, he don’t smoke, he don’t womanise, gamble is not his pastime favourite and not a drunk drinker that's for sure. He loves his wife for many years already, not the typical Japanese who goes for prostitution kinda man. He only knows how to make money, do charities esp a lot for the Chinese in China and expand his company wide horizon to a better, more prosperous and successful company in international arena.

Just like this year, they had opened 2 new branches in US after much consideration and much research done by Rambo and his Japanese team there. His big boss really take good care of his life and wanted to live 100 years old just like his 100+ years old father who is still living healthily in Japan. He practice his jogging everyday, eats only healthy food and he always said he wanted to live in a healthy way by staying away from the hospital. He pointed that out very loudly, no pain and sick in the hospital. He knows what he wants in life, same goes to me I know what I want in life.

That's why I really respect his big boss and hope Rambo will live up his own life like him too. Haha…his boss and GM always wanted Rambo to fetch them at the airport everytime they come over for Malaysia visit. No choice for me, maybe they’re fated to be so close in this lifetime. I can only ‘Jek ngan hoi, Jek ngan bai’(one eye open, one eye close) at times when they arrived late at night, I gotta let Rambo spending some time with them. Once in a blue moon it's ok. And when they're in US doing their research only they can really spend time together having lunch at Tony Roma in LA.Work comes 1st then comes holiday in Las Vegas at last.

Rambo always come home after work at 6pm, “Lao Po(wife), I’m back” he would shout out just like the Japanese couple usually do. ”Yay, my lao kung(husband) is back home. Let’s have dinner”. This is our usual routine everyday, be back home early and take dinner together. We have many topics to talk about, be it the family matters, business or work related subjects we have in mind that usually cracked long laughters for me. Rambo makes me laugh a lot and that’s really matter to me as life is so short, so live happily and peacefully everyday. Sayonara for now, to be continue next time! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

VanityTrove Shower of Summer

This month April Vanity Trove special theme is called the 'Shower of Summer'. I kinda like the name VT created for their theme every month as it’s similar to the way I always write my diary of life, ‘Life is beautiful when we’re grateful.’ I was looking forward for floral design with flowers or diamond bling bling on this Perkins Nail Wrap but I got this Sailor design instead. Kinda frust but I tried on it anyway. Lucky it’s a sticker type where I only need to cut and paste on my nails only. 

It’s not easy to do and I find it to be quite tedious. I rather spend my time to do the  usual manicure, added with some sparkles of diamonds on it. As you can see, I need to cut it following my nail size, paste it firmly on nail and need to file the excess with the buffer provided inside the set. It’s not difficult but it would be easier if it’s done by a professional manicurist to save time. At least I tried on it and reap what I sow with the end touch of nail wrap fashion. In the end, I still smile at the end result of getting it done. Once in awhile trying out new things brings no harm.

But thank God I received this Kate Eyeshadow DB in Gold, priced RM49. I loved this eyeshadow palette with 2 shades that can be used individually or mixed and can be easily blended for shimmering and sparkling eyes. I lost count how many Gold Eyeshadow palette I have in my life, mostly given to other beauty aficionados and still kept a few for admiring beauty museum only. Haha...many brands from all over the world, just can't resist the pretty packaging most of the time.  

Haha...thank God again that I got this KilaDoll Black Pearl mask that is Imported from Japan and distributed by Taiwan agent. It's safe to use with high Oxygen permeability and I got my favourite of whitening effect, promised by the brand. Can't wait to use it real soon.  

Oriks Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream containing more than 90 types of natural minerals to boost skin vitality. With its hydrating formula, it actually locks in plenty of moisture to maintain supple and dewy skin for long hours in the sun.

A brand from another fashion designer, Narciso Rodriguez who hails all the way from the United States. It smells refreshing for me and I would use this for night time use as it's kinda sexy smell that calms my feelings and emotion when I sprayed it that night. 

I have been using Clarins Whitening range for many years already and I loved the range so much from its whitening scrub, cleanser, toner, mask, serum and night cream with SPF during day time use because it smell so good with its most promising effective result. But I don’t like the new watery formula and it’s kinda sticky for me. I still love the old formula that smells so invigorating, it revived my overall beauty senses when I used the Clarins whole whitening set faithfully in years.

This month I have read many good reviews from other beauty bloggers on 'VT Shower of Summer' beauty box and I, myself is satisfied with the overall beauty package. I may not get my choice of Perkins Nail Wrap design that I liked but I got the Kate Gold Eyeshadow that I liked. Nothing comes perfect and I'm perfectly fine with the selection of beauty goodies for me to try this April month. 

Next month in May, the VT special theme has came out another nice name called 'Awesome Wholesome'. If you like what you see, you can subscribe VanityTrove at RM50 per beauty box https://www.vanitytrove.com/my/surprise or check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/VanityTroveMalaysia?fref=ts for beauty tips or latest updates.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Chengdu Earthquake 2013

Facebook Chengdu, China page has shared this news on FB: A 6.9 earthquake hit Ya'an, Sichuan province on 8:02 AM, a city of 1.5 million not far from Chengdu. Let's pray together for the safety of those in the disaster area, hope all of the people who experienced the earthquake in Ya An are ok. You can't stop or prevent things like this from happening, just try to be as safe as possible.

The last time I visit Sichuan province also falls on Spring Season in April month, 3 years ago. It's my favourite season of the year where I can see beautiful flowers blossoming everywhere at cooling weather 10-20 degree celsius. There's no earthquake at that time when I tour all around Sichuan province as the 2008 deadly earthquake measured at 8.5 Richter had just happened recently. They're rebuilding the whole place with repairs going on and new road pavement along the way up to Jiuzhaigou.

All along the way up to Jiuzhaigou and reaching up the 4000m up to the top of snowy mountain, we kept on chanting and praying 'Amituofo'(Amitabha Buddha) for a safe journey. The Chinese tour guide is also a devoted Buddhist who believes in 'Amituofo' and he had gone through the earthquake disaster that happened in Sichuan before. He shared with us the real, sad stories during the long day tour. 

During the earthquake disaster that took almost a year recovery, he also volunteered to help the unfortunate people when the natural disaster struck the whole area. He's a nice Buddhist, I can feel it from his words of sharing. He's not the typical Chinese who only talked about money, commission and benefits. I listened to his story eagerly with my own ears, I remembered his teary emotion with my both eyes and I felt him with my own heart through his emotional sharing of the 2008 earthquake disaster. 

Usually the Chinese tour guide is only keen to push their optional tour with tourists but he have gone through the ups and downs of the common earthquake in Sichuan province, he prayed real hard that the earthquake won't happen again, hoping all of us would have a safe journey along the 8 days tour. Rambo told me when I was asleep resting, he saw him chanting all the way from Chengdu city to Jiuzhaigou, 450 kilometres through the hills, valleys and mountains. Rambo also chanted 'Amituofo' together with him all along the way up to the 'Fairyland'.

I told everyone already if they're really keen to go 'Jiuzhaigou', it's better to take a direct flight there.Yea, you missed out the sightseeing of the lovely plants(never seen before even for a tour leader who have travel around the world) and spectacular scenery but most important that you're safe. As I have warned them already, it's a matter of life or death journey all along the way up to Jiuzhaigou. The route is not ready yet, the earthquake rebuilding, repair and recovery is still in progress, you need to stop and wait as everything is still uncertain but it's an experience I would never forget in my lifetime.

It's worth the price that I paid for this wonderful trip and it's really worth to see one of the most beautiful place on earth after such a hard journey up with much bravery.  Really need to thank many days of praying from Rambo, 'Xiao Wen' and our skillful driver who drives carefully for our safety. Most of us got so scared when we reached to the slippery mountain and at the sharp turning points, we were so grateful that we're safely back home sweet home. Still, we enjoyed the tour to the max as we really had a blast of happy times together and witness many beautiful things on Sichuan culture we have never seen or heard before. 

Sichuan culture is really out of this world wonderland. And it's really sad to hear the bad news from Chengdu that it actually strikes and hit the city again. Hope the earthquake would stop at this moment, no more please. Tq Amituofo! I end this blog by sharing Sichuan lovely 'San Ge'(song), check out this pretty singer that I love of her great talent at http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=14S3UtsLyRU


If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift, check out AVON’s latest innovation breakthrough, the Totally Kissable Lipstick. Available in 10 attractive shades, this totally Kissable Lipstick instantly boosts lips’ moisture levels by more than 100%, conditioning and smoothing your lips for a perfectly flirty look. Meanwhile, as part of 
AVON’s Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer survivorship program, AVON also introduced its latest Prosthesis Bra with very soft and comfortable materials. 

The Kissable lipstick and Prosthesis bra are priced at RM27.90 and RM44.00 respectively. RM1 from each of these items sold during the month of May 2013 will be channeled to AVON’s Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Program. For more details, you can call AVON hotline 1800-22-AVON(2866).

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hakubi White C Series Media Launch

Irene Chan General Manager Consumer Health & Speciality Group, Healthcare, 
DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Sasa's Senior VP & Country Head - Corina Loi; top model Amber Chia, 
DKSH Vice President - Healthcare Dr. Marc Franck and Sato Pharmaceutical (S) Pte Ltd, 
General Manager - Mr Yusuke Marutsuka at the launch of Hakubi White C Series 
held recently at SaSa, Bangsar Shopping Centre. 

Hakubi White C Plus 
The Hakubi White C Plus is about healthy skin, inside out. It promotes good health for the skin.It repairs skin that is marked by pigmentation, freckles and dry skin caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.It is a formulation by Sato Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, an established name in healthcare in Japan, with a presence in the US, Europe and Asia. Hakubi White C Plus, which contains Vitamin C, L-Cysteine, Vitamin B6 and Calcium Pantothenate is recommended for daily use. 

It repairs from the inside.Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It promotes healing. Vitamin C and L-Cysteine maintain a healthy body.L-Cysteine promotes skin metabolism. Calcium Pantothenate or Vitamin B5 assists Vitamin C as it works in the body. It helps in carbohydrate and fat metabolism and has a detoxifying effect. Vitamin B6 activates the metabolism of the skin.  It helps regenerate the skin.

Hakubi White C Gel : RM 91.90, Hakubi White C Plus 180's : RM 115.90 

Hakubi White C Gel
A clear gel with Vitamin C derivatives and Licorice Extract, it repairs from the outside.It permeates the skin to clear blemishes and freckles.It suppresses the production of melanin and protects against blemishes and freckles. It tightens, purifies and conditions skin. It maintains a healthy skin. It moisturizes and protects skin. It prevents dry skin and acne. Its antioxidant effect prevents acne by suppressing the oxidization of fat.

The Licorice Extract or Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate in the gel acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to soothe irritation. It conditions the skin by activating collagen synthesis. It prevents spots after treatment. The Hakubi White C Series is a product of Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., an established name in healthcare innovation in Japan since 1915 , with a worldwide presence in the US, Europe and Asia. Hakubi White C Plus and Hakubi White C Gel are available exclusively at 35 Sasa outlets throughout Malaysia.

The media launch event at Chinoz.  

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. As the term “Market Expansion Services” suggests, DKSH helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets. Publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since March 2012, DKSH is a global company headquartered in Zurich. With 680 business locations in 35 countries – 660 of them in Asia – and 25,900 specialized staff, DKSH generated net sales of CHF 8.8 billion in 2012.

DKSH Malaysia is an operation within the DKSH group, offering DKSH’s clients and customers a comprehensive network of sales, marketing, logistics and distribution services, as well as well-established deep local relationships built since its establishment in 1923 in Malaysia. It is one of the oldest and largest Market Expansion Services providers in the country, serving 130 brand owners, 13,000 customers and employing a workforce of over 3,000 specialized staff. DKSH is publicly listed under the name DKSH Holdings(M)Berhad on the Main Market of the Bursa Malaysia stock exchange.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Verona, Italy

The 1st Italian lunch I had in Verona, Italy. Unlimited vegetables soup, chicken chop and I decided to take
mineral  water due to hot weather and dehydration. The soup and salad are yummy for me and the toilet is
clean, using those old-styled water pipe system where we need to step on the accelerator for water. 
I gently touched only on the Juliet's breast for good luck. Too crowded here so gotta make it fast with speed. 

The busy, happening city around Verona. 

Everywhere is full of people queuing up for Gelato, wafer, coffee and such a long queue. I won't queue up for this.

I would rather go around shopping, sight-seeing than to queue for coffee. 

'Ban Guai, Ban Ma'(Impersonating ghost, horse), they're everywhere at every corner of this city. 

The largest Piazza Bra in Verona, Italy.

Many tourists came here for shopping, visit the famous Juliet's House for good luck blessings and trying out
the Verona popular dishes. I find Verona is interesting but too crowded for me. Haha...one afternoon spent here
is good enough for me.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rome, Italy

Just arrived at the heart of Rome for Chinese dinner. Not very safe here so gotta stay alert all the time. 

Always wanted to visit Rome, Italy as it has been featured in so many documentary shows, movies and TVB series but never had the time when I was younger in my 20's. At that time, I only know how to work, save money and travel around Asia or Australia with my best friend Jo. Another obvious reason is that I can't stand to sit still for 14 hours flight to Europe.  

Jo once asked me to go UK with her but I told her travel to Australia on the 8 hours flight already bored me enough, what to say to endure the boredom of sitting for another 14 hours flight it's gonna be more exhausting for me.I kept telling her to give me more time to think about it. Haha...dili-deli, after 10 years then I finally begin to tour Europe now after much preparation. Still, I don't like all the jet lag happening to me esp. with the transit going on.

So cold yet we're all excited to reach Rome that night and gonna visit Vatican City the next day.

Finally when I'm here, I've seen enough and heard enough about the history of the place. One of my friend CC, who travels around the world always told me she rather spend money on travel now rather than to buy any branded stuffs as she can't be bothered to see the old bags anymore. Haha...I totally understand her but I didn't join her for the RM30k international cruise as I told her I rather settle that for my car repayment. Haha...I guess everything should come in a balance of everything, be it on the food, travel or shopping spending. A little bit of everything would be joyful greeting.

Arrived at Rome Coliseum front entrance, full of people looking for the local food here. Not cheap and not very
tasty Carrie told me.Lucky I always munch on the potato chips I bought from Italy, I liked the Olive Oil+Herbs! 

Well, we both still love travelling and always looking forward to travel together as she always loved the idea of visiting Barbie Spa pampering together with me(she followed me but last minute cancelled due to family matter). Just last week she told me the next trip to Oz, I must come along with her with all the plans we have in mind. I promised her I would provided the time don't clash with my project's time, then surely I would keep my promise to her. 

Coliseum front door with birds looking for food just beside me.

The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the 'Flavian' is an elliptical amphitheatre in Rome, Italy and also the largest amphitheatre in the world. Built of concrete and stone, the largest amphitheatre of the Roman Empire is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering

Tourists waiting to go in...

The Colosseum seated 50,000 spectators and was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Classical mythology. The building ceased to be used for entertainment in the early medieval era. It was later reused for such purposes as housing, workshops, quarters for a religious order, a fortress, a quarry and a Christian shrine.

The Coliseum, part of the place I got to shoot real fast. 

Although in the 21st century it stays partially ruined because of damage caused by devastating earthquakes and stone-robbers, the Colosseum is an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome. It is one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions and still has close connections with the Roman Catholic Church as each Good Friday the Pope leads a torch lit 'Way of the Cross' that starts in the area around the Colosseum.

Last night staying at Rome having Italian candle light dinner with my tour members, great times together.

After all the interesting tour around Rome and Vatican City that day, I was extremely hungry and tired. I told the Italian lady in-charge, kindly serve me all the spaghetti, main course of whatever chops or fish and chips with soup altogether at one shot for me. Haha...I knew it was a candle-light dinner the tour leader has informed us that night with a romantic note but I can't stand the hunger pang anymore. And the rest also wanted the same idea of having all the food altogether like mine. We kept on chatting and laughing like mad with many happy shots together on the food and our delightful moments. 

All of us really had good times together during that long holiday as a happy '1 Malaysia' team and at times, we're like family as we help each other and support each other like we've bonded long time relationship since before. For the malay friend, from the 1st breakfast break together I already kept them away from the sausage that was 'Ba Alif Ba Ya'(Jawi for 'babi', pork) because I'm also part of them I didn't take pork since I was a little girl. We seem to click with one another as we're all happy for each other and we stand united together. That's simply called happiness!