Thursday, October 27, 2016

Health Updates 2016 - Organic Elderberry Tea

Last Saturday, my health-conscious Uncle Ta (Hainanese No.3) passed us all a bottle of the Elderberries to try. You can take it raw like any other berries or raisins like snack fruit but I prefer to make it as hot drink. It also falls under herbal supplement when I asked my aunty to send me the picture of the packaging and started to google more about it. Elderberries is a strong, powerful antioxidant property mainly came from Australia, South America and Europe. I'm so grateful that I'm able to attract many health expertise like my Uncle Ta and friends to share useful tips and healthy informations with me everyday of my life. That's what life is all about.

Not only my sis Hoon, another health-expertise who always share many health related topics with me in Rambo Lim's family (We're health kamching buddies) stretched to us the importance of taking organic food all the time, my aunt Janice told me this is organic and it's safe for good health in the long run. Haha...That's why I dare to take a bite of it but not a fan of it so I rather drink it this way. I prefer to take it like my usual hot tea indulgence after a heavy dinner meal. It tasted naturally sweet with Elderberry taste without the need to add any sugar or honey at all and it smells refreshingly good of rich Elderberry before I put it into the teapot. 

I enjoyed taking it while it's very hot, even after it gets cold, it still taste good. It's good for heart, helped to improve vision (although I'm not wearing glasses, still need to maintain my good eyesight till old age), lower cholesterol, a powerful antioxidant against cold+flu & protect cells against damage. You can read more about the benefits through google and how it helped to fight the Panama Flu Epidermic in 1995. Stay tuned for my health updates in November, I'm going to Shanghai, China for JC Autumn Holiday from Oct to Nov 2016 and I'm sure I'll get to gain more healthy tips like the 'Cha Duo fen', Tea Polyphenols from there as well!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

South Africa - Gold Club Restaurant Of South African & Malay Special Cuisines

South Africa surprisingly stunned me of a truly wonderful travel experience added in my travel diary. I went
with the least expectations as I was afraid I didn't like their food, safety measure. But it's true we need to
stay extra careful in South Africa. In fact when we 1st reached to SA, our Malaysian tour leader R and 
Mickey, Capetown tour guide have warned us to stay in a group together, safeguard our bags & ignored 
the Black ones(not racist here but majority are unemployed due to bad economy) who tried to be nice.
In fact when Rambo took pictures for me at the airport, there were a few SA Black ones calling me "Ni hao?"

Haha...I quickly ran away and dragging Rambo to stay in the group for safety precaution. After a tiring day
of touring Capetown to watch the thousands of seals by cruise, we get to spend a night of Samba Rumba Cha
Cha dancing and fine dining here at Gold Club Restaurant. This unique African restaurant served delicious 14
course set of Cape African and Malay menu with Safari taste from Table Mountain to Timbuktu of Capetown.
In fact, I enjoyed the special South African culinary experience here trying out their special delicacies for sure.

We 're lucky to arrive on time for our dinner early as when the many tourist groups arrived later from Europe
& other parts of the world, we have finished enjoying our South African authentic and Malay meals liao.
Thank God I can enjoy rice and many yummy dishes from here delightfully. From stage, the performers
dance all the way from ground floor, up to 1st and 2nd floor of the Gold Club Restaurant. I was so glad & 
feel blessed being able to visit this famous Cape Town restaurant that's situated right at the city centre.
If you happened to travel to SA, come and enjoy the delish food served here at Gold Club, you'll love it too.
Haha...They also came to our table and drew some local South African tattoos for young ladies, inviting me
too but I passed. I told my new friends to go ahead without me as we're all sitting together side by side among
the young ones. I only wana enjoy the fine dining and go back hotel and rest. My battery went totally flat liao
until no energy to reply anyone's messages also. I took a hot bath, put on my Safari Jungle Lingerie and sleep
like a baby after wishing Rambo, "Amituofo, nite nite!" I know, my passion for fashion esp.for animal prints
like Jaguar, Lion, Leopard, Tiger can go endlessly until everyone go fashion-stoked with me. Haha...That's life! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

XIXILI Stand Up For Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2016

In conjunction with the Pink Ribbon month of October, also internationally known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, XIXILI hosted its 11th annual XIXILI Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Event themed ‘XIXILI Stand Up For Pink’ at the Mid Valley Megamall, South Court Ground Floor from 28th September till 2nd October 2016. I was glad I came to render my full support for XIXILI and BCWA Pinktober event that Saturday afternoon.

As a leading Malaysian lingerie brand, XIXILI proudly teamed up with other brand partners who share similar objectives to raise breast cancer awareness and to fund raise for the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) of Malaysia. The 5-days event saw an influx of positive engagement from shoppers of all ages as they pledged their support for PINK and took part in the interactive on-ground activities. We walked in a circle together and took many pictures here.

1 in 20 women have a chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime and breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting Malaysian women across all ethnic groups. As XIXILI’s valued customers are primarily women, the message to be more breast aware and to take charge of one’s own breast health is both profound and close to our hearts. Consultation booths with silicone breast dummies, manned by breast cancer survivors themselves and a team of nurses were set up at the event to educate shoppers on the methods of performing the monthly Breast Self- Examination (BSE). All female shoppers were also encouraged to take the opportunity to undergo a complimentary Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) by the on-site certified professional nurses of BCWA.

A private room for Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE) service by the certified professional nurses, and silicon breast dummies on display for Breast Self-Examination (BSE) demonstrations. Dr. Evelyn Ho, a practicing Consultant Clinical Radiologist from Ramsay Sime Darby Park City Medical Centre, also paid them a visit to host a public talk on breast cancer myths and to provide medical advice on breast health care to shoppers.

With the strong dedication and efforts of the BCWA Team, we are proud to announce that a remarkable record 662 shoppers were educated on Breast Self-Examination (BSE), whilst 601 female visitors undertook the Clinical Breast Examination (CBE). Over RM10,000 was raised from public donations, Pink Merchandise sales and Charity Dry Hair Cuts. A Pink Ribbon art sculpture made of entwined yarn was erected to signify the communal bond and support for and amongst women diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness and the colour pink in general, identifies the wearer who expresses his/her moral support for women with breast cancer. The yarn was also strung within the 4 arches of the main structure, and guests were encouraged to tie their pledge cards along the string to add to the artwork and to imply the deepening bond of the community.

Guests also enthusiastically took part in Shu uemura’s Kiss & Pledge, by donning their favourite shade of pink lip balm, kissing on a heart-shaped pink card and tying it to any one of the 4 string-walls to pledge their support for pink. Haha...Tammy with her sexy lip trying out the Pink lipstick colour, I actually chose the same colour and tried out other sexy colours too. 

Through this shu uemura Kiss & Pledge Lip Service initiative to launch their newest tint in balm, we were encouraged to kiss Pink Pledge card to pledge our support for Pink and to take charge of our own health. More than 400 shoppers had the privilege to be among the first in Malaysia to pucker up in these gorgeous shades. All heart-shaped Pink Pledge card pledges were used to add to the wall art and walked away with beauty samples too. 

One of the weekend main highlights was the Pink Walk parade featuring breast cancer survivors together with their Pink supporters, media friends and bloggers. As the ladies and their supporters took to the floor for their celebratory walk to celebrate life, the concourse was instantly filled with positive vibes and laughter as the breast cancer survivors walked tall with pride and strutted their poses for the cameras and audience. We had so much fun here, pouring our hearts and soul for the breast cancer survivors, XIXILI and BCWA.

Sharing the same beliefs in raising breast cancer awareness, their Hair Partner, Number 76 initiated a fundraising activity by offering a dry hair cut service, by their senior stylists, for shoppers who made a donation of RM15 or above to BCWA. With the overwhelming response, a total of RM5535 was raised from 369 shoppers in the 5-day event; a new record that has surpassed last year.

Number 76 is a Japanese salon brand that arrived into Malaysian shores a few years back. Founded around the concept of a styling one’s hair to complement one’s individual personality, you can expect only the highest service standards that’s always synonymous with Japanese culture when paying a visit to Number 76.

A journey of hope and inspiration, and a message to all affected by breast cancer that they’re not alone, on the road or in this life when struck with breast cancer. Advocating with the Harley-Davidson principle, where a Harley-Davidson is not just motorbike, but synonymous with a journey and a lifestyle where you “Live Your Legend”, Harley-Davidson decked out two of their bikes in pink, and shoppers were given a chance to pose, mount and get a feel of a Harley-Davidson.

As bold as the brand name holds, both the Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster™ and Dyna Fat Bob™ made their debut this weekend at Mid Valley Megamall and most definitely, did not fail to wow shoppers with their valiant and fearless stances softened ever so slightly with hints of pink, as a tribute and commitment towards those affected by the disease. The next day on Sunday morning, I met Jo again here when I gathered my family contributions to support BCWA charity further and I feel so accomplished being able to play my part for this yearly Pink event all this time for all women or whenever I'm free to do so. 

An Instagram Photo Contest was run concurrently to encourage shoppers to ‘Pose & Selfie’ with the bikes. Shoppers got creative as they snapped their shots, posted their photos to Instagram, tagged the event’s official hashtag #XIXILIstandupforPink, and tagged 2 friends to join them in supporting the cause. The 10 most creative snaps were then selected and each winner walked away with a XIXILI RM100 shopping voucher.

And nobody walked away without something to remind them to Stand up for Pink. With a minimum donation of just RM10 to BCWA, shoppers were rewarded with a spin on the Wheel of Hope and were guaranteed to win the awesome prizes sponsored by Number76, shu uemura, Dunkin’ Donuts, Juice Works and XIXILI. 

In fact, I brought along my new bestie Grace to support the 'Stand Up For Pink' as we loved XIXILI brand so much we can shop for hundreds or thousands of dollars just buying lingerie and quality bras at XIXILI only. In fact, I have started wearing XIXILI intimate wears since in my 20's till today, more than 13 years already. Time really flies like nobody's business.

In tribute to the cause, Dunkin’ Donuts launched a special edition heart-shaped pink ribbon donut coated with delicious white chocolate and filled with the ever popular Bavarian custard. Sold exclusively at Dunkin’ Donuts Mid Valley Megamall from 28 September to 31 October 2016, all sales proceeds from this donut were channeled to BCWA. That's what charity is all about!

A home-grown Malaysian label, XIXILI was founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust-lines through the right choice of brassieres. They passionately and dedicatedly seek out to offer women of all ages and lifestyles a truly uplifting experience through a personalized fitting and an exquisite lingerie range.

Today, XIXILI proudly offers beautifully designed A - I cup and 65 - 100 band sized lingerie through the advice of XIXILI’s professionally trained Perfect Fitters. With an adamant approach towards fit, XIXILI bras are tailored to a high quality: comfortable yet functional, and beautifully fashionable. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

WAH CHAN Signature - Renewing Our 22 Years Anniversary Together & Welcoming 23 Years in 2017

We're here to renew our wedding vows to stay united & happily ever after. Still, having been married for the past 22 years living together, we still argue and fight like the Spanish Matador & Bull (Rambo). Yet, we still love each other after 'Dai Yan Yau Dai Leong' big scene of a movie. Haha...That's life & usually, it is Rambo who gave up & sayang me back before midnight. Never ever bring love-hate disputes overnight to the next day, solved it out immediately & forgive+forget sincerely. Marriage takes two to tango till death do us part! 

This handsome Wah Chan Professional put on the ring for me to see if it fits the 'Cinderella Jacinta' but too bad, it's a bit loose for me. I knew it liao, my finger is too 'Yau' fine and small to fit that diamond ring. In fact, my wedding ring need to be special-made by Brilliant Rose and custom-made for gold & platinum band. Rambo's bigger Diamond was shifted to my wedding ring. It took about a month to have it specially-crafted from Singapore. Haha...To me, be it Solitaire or special 66 cuts of a pretty, shiny Diamond, we women deserved to be pampered and sayang forever. If you really fall in love with it, save some money and buy it.

Like they said, diamond is woman's best friend. Take it as a goal to achieve in your marriage after you have succeed to pass that 10 years Anniversary, Golden Jubilee etc. My hubby Rambo is a thrifty kinda man who worked hard like a Bull but he didn't wana spend a dime on branded stuffs like Hugo Boss, LV for himself. At the end of the day, he thinks that he will do his very best to see me happy and looking lovely buying anything that I fell in love with. To him, that's what happiness is and I'm very blessed to have him to love me so sincerely. Always tell yourself that you're worth it and you deserves to own it in time to come. C'est la vie! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Belgium Atomium Day & Night Views

My last Belgium visit to the Atomium in the morning before our much-awaited Chinese Lunch at city centre.
We were craving for rice, hot soup and vegetable dishes after days of having western meals. I was praying
to visit Belgium Atomium during the day for nice pictures and thank God my wish was granted by universe. 

The 1st time I was here during my Central Europe tour in 2012, we reached here
late at night for night views visit near to the Atomium Tower. Nice views ever! 

Everyone were looking for toilet but no toilet here. They took pictures with no peace of mind, keep looking &
rushing off for a toilet break. Haha...I didn't layan Robin who keep asking us all to take nice pictures here as I
ran over to one of the boutique hotel and borrow their toilet that needed a key to go in. Only then I'm happy
to take pretty & lovely pictures with Rambo and my friends here. I was glad to take day & night views here. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Guardian People’s Choice Award 2016 Returns With An Exciting New Platform

The wait is finally over as the moment is here to announce the winners of the coveted Guardian People’s Choice Award (PCA) 2016! In conjunction with Guardian’s 49th Anniversary celebration, Guardian PCA 2016 brings the crème de la crème of brands under one roof as it awards them for their amazing products ranging from personal care and cosmetics to health care and confectionery. The big smiles of victory as you can see real clearly from the happy faces of the winners for this victorious picture. 

The aim of the People’s Choice Awards was to award those who went above and beyond for product innovation and quality, while providing a platform for the consumers to voice out their favourites amongst the many brands in the market. Aside from rewarding recognition to the best brands and products in Malaysia, the competition also helps improve integrity for their brands as brand owners are constantly keeping up with evolving needs of customers. 

Last minute only I decided to drive on my own using waze & paid RM2 toll for stress-free no-jam route to attend this much-awaited Guardian yearly event and I was glad I did. My driver and beloved bodyguard had to be in JB for bigger projects than mine so I need to stay independent once in awhile, skip the diva VIP treatment especially when it comes to Guardian Health, Beauty and Wellness event that played an important role for my health related blog splendidly. 

“Since its first edition in 2001, The People’s Choice Awards has maintained its objective of acknowledging brands that are constantly developing amazing products that caters to our everyday needs. What started out as a platform for unbiased brand valuation by customers has now grown to become a trusted guide to quality brands.The success of these brands has helped foster our reputation as one of the main retail pharmacies in Malaysia.” said Ms. Anna Hull, Merchandise Director for Guardian Health & Beauty.

The night was definitely a merry affair as major companies and friends of Guardian had the time of their lives. Guests were treated with a scrumptious feast, special performances and even chances to bring more prizes home with a lucky draw! Initiating the glamorous night was the opening performance by the talented electric violinist Dennis Lau, who awed the audience with his musical skill and grace. Heavyweights of the health, beauty, and pharmaceutical industry received appreciation for their most popular products, where category winners took home the sought after Guardian PCA trophy.

Aside from awarding the People’s Choice Awards to the respective winners, leading brands were saluted for their outstanding success with the Guardian’s Special Recognition award. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn. Bhd. proved to be the contender of the year, and was given the nod for Best Supplier for Personal Care as well as the grand title of Best Overall Supplier. Taking home the Best Supplier for Health title is Abbott Laboratories (M) Sdn Bhd, known for providing the best range of nutritional supplements in the market. The Best Supplier for Beauty award went to the brand that proved to be the undefeated household name, Ginvera Marketing Ent.Sdn.Bhd. Remaining fresh in people’s minds and hearts, the Best Innovation title went to Reckitt Benckiser (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. for Dettol.

 Running its 16thedition this year, Guardian solidifies its status as the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in Malaysia by introducing a new online-based voting system for the People’s Choice Awards. The system allowed convenient and easy access for the people to cast their votes on 57 participating categories, where participants with the highest accurate matches won awesome weekly prizes! The competition lasted from 28 April to 25 May 2016 and featured close to 250 products from numerous household names like Maybelline, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea and many more. 

Not forgetting the consumers in their anniversary celebration, Guardian organized the Win a House contest where the lucky Grand Prize winner will receive a double-story link house at Eurema, D’Mayang Sari by Seri Pajam worth Rm489,000 plus RM9,000 worth of Guardian products to accompany the new household. The competition, running from 28th July to 28 September, also launched a nationwide Win a House road show. For more information on Guardian People’s Choice Award, you can visit

Thursday, October 13, 2016

TurkeyPamukkale - Turkish Fashion Show & Leather Factory Visit

Early in the morning we have safely reached to Pamukkale for this Turkish Leather Factory visit 1st. They
welcomed us real grandly into this private room by their top management executives like what the Chinese
did in China. I think they're following the China style in organising travel and tours that's for sure, 'Sai Lik'.

They really 'Jiu Fu' us fantastically with wine, Turkish Apple Juice and fuit juices that are yummy ones,
not Pariah ones. So all of us enjoyed the time mingling with each other, chit-chat and watching the fashion
show excitedly. There's a table with pen and paper to tick the clothing designs that you like and wish to buy.

After the fashion show, suddenly this model that I adores much of his special talent came to me & charmingly
invited me to model with him.Haha...I looked at Rambo &laughed out loud, Rambo pushed me to have some
fun with him so I went as he's waiting for me so sincerely. I chose this Green Turquoise Jacket over the many
fashionable superb quality leather jackets that I fell in love to pair suitably compatible together with him. 
In Turkey, blue green Turquoise meant something very special for good luck, good omen and blessings.
Not only their crystal clear water is green blue turquoise in colour, they also have Turquoise Gems and
wearing all kinds of Turquoise accessories be it the necklace, bracelets, earrings etc. from top to toe just
like the Africans. Turquoise is a good sign for almost everything in Turkey so I bought a bracelet for my mom
too. Haha...I was glad this talented model invited me to join him for a memorable fashion show of my life.
All of them were so sporting about it, they took nice pictures for us and showed it to us during dinner.
They clapped much louder for us during the finale, we practised one time before the fashion show also. 
I think this is the way we should behaved. When we go travel, all of us became friends naturally as one.
We go for spa or swimming together, stayed attached for tours & shopping time for better great bargains
& share good things together. Put all status behind, stay humble and helping each other when possible.

After the sensational fashion show ended, they gave a demo to show us the jackets' quality. Really fantastic,
you can even fold it into a small tiny jacket and put into a medium-sized bag too. I loved it & tried a few of it
although the price can be pricey to thousands of dollars but it's totally worth it if I really liked it. The design
that I wanted didn't have new one, quite limited for my size & it's not easy to find something that I really loved.
I also liked their quality leather handbags too but with that price, I can buy LV, Burberry and Bulgari liao.
Haha....If it only cost about a few hundred Ringgit Malaysia, I'll buy it for sure. If more than that, I would
rather invest in branded designer handbags that's for sure. Haha...I'm a fan when it comes to fashion world.
In Spain, I met a group of 'Fashionista Gang' who wore Versace, Gucci etc. who loved my golden red shoes
and although we're all stuck in limited Spanish and English language barrier, we managed to crack a short
chat with each other about fashion also. How cool was that & they were wearing lovely branded jackets too. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Kyushu Island Ramen Stadium At Canal City Hakata

Rambo's 1st advise to Kyushu Island from his Japanese colleague is must enjoy Ramen noodle here.
Haha...In fact, Rambo went one of the famous Ramen Restaurant in Fukuoka after the exhibition last
3 years ago, he didn't remember where but only know it's the best. I still remember my 1st Ramen &
experience in Tokyo, in Sapporo and this Fukuoka yummy Ramen too. Ramen Pork or Spicy?

After searching for the best Ramen from all the Japanese Restaurants here at the Ramen Stadium,
I decided to choose this empty restaurant but with the best Ramen picture from Kyushu Island. I
took the risk but I always have faith in myself that I have the 'Sik Fuk' (Eating Fortune) I would be
able to dine the best good food from all over the world and all 3 of them just followed. I ordered the
set that comes with Gyoza & Fried Chicken set. I had so much fun buying & paying through machine. 
Other restaurants are full with people and no place to sit like the one we went in Tokyo, mostly Japanese and
tourists also as this shopping mall is just next to the 5 star Hyatt Hotel. Thank God I made the right choice to
try this one as the Ramen was so yummylicious although I wish to take the Spicy Soup but it didn't come in a
set of 8500 Yen with Gyoza and another Fried Chicken set of 9000 Yen. When Rambo told my mom the Ramen
cost about RM36 considered cheap, my mom was really shocked as she tends to compare the Malaysia standard
of living with Japan which is 'Zhang Tin Tung Dei Bei' (the heaven and earth comparison), just can't compare.

I reasoned with my mom I rather paid RM36 or RM40 given by the travel agency listed under tour itineries so
we can have this delicious Ramen experience in Kyushu Island, Japan. I have tried so many, even recently at
Gardens Mall Japanese Restaurant full with people but the taste really cannot compare with the taste in Japan.
Really cannot compare at all, even those many others my friend brought me to, I didn't like any of it. Even the
Gyoza was so delish sekali, I wana order more and more of it. The standard of Japanese Ramen here is Ichiban!

Even a thought of this Ramen with this yummy picture makes me drooling for it liao. Lucky I bought many
of the Kyushu Ramen back home and bought a few more Kyushu Island Ramen from those Japanese shops in
Malaysia. Haha...The best Ramen is really from Kyushu Island, no doubt about it esp. the tasty soup base, I
can finish 2 bowls of it that's for sure. The Ramen noodle is springy enough, thin and not thick I liked best.
We're so full having happy stomach satisfaction filled inside with hot+cold water served during dinner,
we need not order Beer or Sake here. In fact, I taught my good buddy to get the best beer from 7-Eleven
or Aeon Maxvalu for every night indulgence before we sleep at night. My favourite Beer from Japan is no
longer Kirin or Asahi(5 out of 10 Japanese took Asahi Beer in Japan) liao, it's the smoother Suntory Beer
that I got to discover from a Japanese Restaurant in Miyazaki. I wanted to order it from the perfect picture
shown at the restaurant with all the Japanese writings only but too full liao, cannot enjoy much so I waited.

This 'Raumen Stadium' (no idea why they spelled it this way at the entrance) is open at 11am to 11pm daily.
If you happened to drop by at this mall, do come for the Ramen experience like they said, come to Kyushu
Island, must enjoy Ramen then do it once in your lifetime, you'll die with no regrets of 'Sei Yi Mou Ham'.
After all, the Chinese and Japanese who loved to dine and wine kinda species, they always believe that we
work hard+smart so that we are able to travel, explore and dine the best good food from all over the world.
In fact, be it from Malaysia or all around the world, I told my family besides
sleeping is 'Dai Guo Tin', dining is another important factor we should put
our main focus to and many of them totally agreed with me. It's not the Jaguar
Car or hilltop Bungalow that you stay can determined how wealthy you are,
but it's the experiences you have gained over the years with family and friends
when you travel to all around the world in your lifetime. So live life to the fullest
you can while you're still healthy and strong enough to walk, run and climb up
to the top mountain like The Great Wall of China & ZhangJiaJie. Yay to Japan too!