Monday, June 30, 2014

Nuvafemme, Unravelling The Mysteries Of Femininity

You are in your prime years of 40 to 56. You are menstruating and as far as you know, menopause is still many years away. Yet, you feel different. You don’t know what it is but you know something’s not the same. The experience is totally new and unsettling. You ask yourself - why is your body suddenly sending weird messages like never before?

Chances are you are going through what we women know as the quiet before the storm (menopause) – PERIMENOPAUSE.  An often overlooked time in our lives, perimenopause is a natural transition that women go through when her estrogen levels are fluctuating until she becomes fully menopause. Hence, as natural as it may be, perimenopause can hit you full frontal and affect more than your just menstrual cycle.

Most women experience some degree of disturbing physical, mental or emotional changes during perimenopause. While menopause has obviously struck a chord with the females, the term perimenopause is still less well known and even less well understood. On a mission to heighten public awareness about perimenopause, the Nuvaceuticals™ division of NuvantaSdn Bhd. recently hosted “Feminini-Tea”, an education workshop together with Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Dr. Wong Kim Lei; Clinical Psychologist, Dr.Hariyati Shahrima Abdul Majid and Pharmacist, Datin Swanee Teh.

Themed ‘Embracing Femininity’, the workshop was aimed to educate the fairer sex about perimenopause. Dr. Wong was on hand to address the key issues of perimenopause and to share her advice on coping with the daunting perimenopause prelude, whilst Dr. Hariyati tackled taboo topics related to women and their changing relationships in her trademark witty candour.

“Our new woman” product from NuvantaNuvaceuticals™helps meet the needs of women undergoing changes during perimenopause or more commonly known as the female midlife medley. We are only too familiar how this transition can be a rocky journey for many women especially when she is not fully prepared what to expect, explained Nuvaceuticals™Business Unit Manager, Datin Swanee Teh, who was also present to speak at the workshop. “However, we believe that if we begin paying attention to the signs and signals that our body aregiving us, we will be amazed how much better equipped we can be to deal with the demands when the time comes”, she added.

“Of course, with Dr. Wong and Dr. Hariyati at hand today, two outstanding advocates on women’s health issues, this workshop is aimed at opening the conversation on all things related to perimenopause - the good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty. We believe that this is an ideal platform to tell women that perimenopause is an opportunity for change, for women to take better care of themselves and to prepare for the best years yet to come. By equipping her with knowledge, there will be no need to fear and more freedom to embrace the change. Ultimately, I believe that this workshop will help us to reach out to Malaysian women and provide a viable natural option to help smoothen their journey through womanhood”, she further expressed her gratitude.

When I was invited for this media invitation, I thought to myself it's time to get myself update 1st on menopause awareness before I reach to that stage, as I have seen many women have struggled, facing many difficulties coping with the menopause changes. This is the time where I can share this important information to all esp. the women around the world to deal with this hormonal changes to live life normal like usual. I'm glad I came that afternoon to learn so many informative knowledge unravelling the scientific points of it to the psychological ways to cope with it. Inspiring and interesting topic esp. for women like us. 

I like the fact that the invited speakers have mentioned and agreed that, "Don't always blame to the PMS or menopause imbalance hormonal that's happening to us, giving you any right to throw tantrum or having bad mood most of the time affecting other family members in the family as your children maybe facing puberty changes and your husband is trying to cope with his mid-life crisis also." In fact, I have many true stories on menopause cases that's happening among my family members+friends and I know it's hard for them to cope with the hormonal changes, but it's really no choice as we're naturally born to deal with it. 

Not many women realize that they do not reach menopause over 24 hours. “Often, when a woman is seen experiencing ‘the crazies’, one mightsay, “Oh, she’s going through menopause” when in reality, they are actually describing the wavy perimenopausal journey of her life,"shared Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Wong Kim Lei with a smile. 

“Menopause is defined as the time when a woman has not had her period for 12 consecutive months. Perimenopause is the time “around menopause” which could typically be up to 10 years before or a year after the last period. It is a time of significant change – not unlike a time of “reverse puberty”. Ironically, the perimenopausal prelude can be more troubling than actually hitting menopause itself- much due to symptoms beingstrange, unexpected and new to the woman.” 

In trying to define the way perimenopause is viewed amongst the general public, Dr. Hariyati quipped, “Yes, it’s alright as it affects millions of women worldwide. Yet, because we live in a close conservative society, it is probably the least discussed intimate subject among Asian females. Because of cultural taboo do’s and don’ts, many suffer in silence not being able to understand what they are going through.”

She continued, “I want women to know they are not alone. If they are having a tough time coping, feeling the rage and more often than not living in dread, this is not due to some character flaw, or psychological defect in them. Rather, it is a fact of life that so many others are sharing in. The symptoms, the struggles, and difficulties attributed to perimenopause are universal and it is but the body going through an inevitable physical, physiological and emotional change. By understanding what is happening to them from the inside, perhaps women could come to a point one day to even see the humor in going through these motions and perhaps afford a little smile in her moments of understanding.”

Hormones:Fast and Furious 
“Perimenopause is hormonal driven affair experienced only by the human race”, according to Dr. Wong. “As estrogen levels fluctuate during perimenopause, various changes in the body will invariably take place as estrogen helps regulate more than 400 different functions in women.

“What I tend to see in perimenopausal women is a condition where hormone levels are neither high nor low but frequently high and low. It is this erratic behaviour that triggers this new found perimenopausal “rage” in women”, she explained further.

“Unless women are aware of what is happening and taking steps to prepare the body, nutritionally, mentally and emotionally, many go through difficult times without understanding what exactly is happening. As hormones control so many key features of a woman’s femininity, perimenopause is a time when women will start experiencing various symptoms which could make them feel “unfeminine”, she said.

Genistein: Harmonizing the Hormones 
Besides resorting to medications, it could be better to first achieve good health and hormone balance nutritionally and naturally. Debunking some of the myths related to perimenopause, Datin Swanee, “While nature intended us to go through hormonal transitions, it is not natural to suffer with unbearable, or even uncomfortable health concerns. The important thing is to recognize that symptoms, at any age, are the body’s way of telling us that it is not getting the support that it needs. Made up to be a supermachine, our body does not give out signals without a good reason.” 

For women undergoing changes in their journey through femininity especially during the perimenopausal phase, phytonutrients such as hydrolysedgenistein may hold the key to feminine balance. Taking a cue from how Japanese women go through perimenopause almost seamlessly, research found the answer in a natural ingredient known as genistein found in soy which is a key ingredient in Japanese food.

Genistein is an all-natural, phytoestrogen-antioxidant complex derived from organic soy isoflavones. One of its main actions as a phytoestrogen is to mimic the properties of estrogen produced by a woman’s body naturally. When estrogen levels are low, genistein helps fill in the gap. When levels are high, genistein will compete with estrogen in the body thereby regulating such hormonal ups and downs in the body. The actions of genistein are also selective in that it benefits areas of the body such as the brain(mood and memory improvement), bones(regulating bone building) and heart, without any adverse effects on breast or uterine tissues. 

Research has also highlighted genistein’s metabolic-regulating benefits, especially on fat cells. Women undergoing perimenopause know only too well the agony of eating practically “nothing” and still putting on weight, especially around the belly. This phenomenon is not caused by over-eating or a lack of exercise or our genes. It is simply the hormonal component of weight management “let loose”. The good news is that genistein is a fat regulator whose actions include preventing fat formation, reducing belly fat and inhibiting fat accumulation to complement a woman’s effort in achieving a healthy weight.

When deciding on a genistein supplement, be sure to select one that is derived from 100% organic soy and is non-genetically modified (non-GMO). And whilst it would be good if one could derive hydrolysedgenisteinsimply by drinking soy milk, 80% of soy products in the market unfortunately are genetically-modified. 

Furthermore, it would take at least two gallons of soy milk to derive the amount of genistein from one tablet. And when newfound understanding, age-old wisdom and modern convenience come together, it is inevitable that a “new woman” in control of her destiny is rebirth. 

There are some symptoms to tell when your hard-working ovaries start to take a little break. These symptoms can be broad-ranging and diffuse for every woman. “There are more than 30 associated symptoms, and most women will experience at least a few of them at one go.  However, not every woman will experience every symptom, neither will every woman experience them to the same degree”, elaborated Dr. Wong. 

Our menstrual cycles may lengthen or shorten, the flow may be light to heavy and we may even skip some periods or encounter “phantom” ones as the levels of estrogen rises and falls unevenly and unpredictably during perimenopause. That’s not all, women may also experience “de-feminising” signals, such as weight gain  or extra pounds to the waistline due to a metabolism slowdown; skin dryness, hair loss, decreased libido and vaginal dryness, just to name a few other symptoms. 

Hormones and brain chemistry are intimately intertwined. When hormones swing, the brain’s feel-good chemistry also changes leading to many women experiencing mood disturbances and depression including irritability, out-of-proportion anger and sadness, besides memory slips and poor concentration. On a larger picture, many a marriage or relationship are strained during perimenopause, often without the couple realizing that hormones may be to blame. 

“Don’t panic when your moods goes into a yo-yo mode. Feeling fine one minute, and crying the next may be a matter of biochemistry out-of-balance. You are not broken although you may feel like it. In fact, it’s not the end of the world. Perimenopause may actually be nature’s way of telling women to care for themselves more closely when she has been caring for others all this while. It can be possible for this phase to be a blessing in disguise, something important to cherish”, assured Dr. Hariyati.

Femininity is defined as the quality of being female, womanliness. The science of nuvafemme enables women to embrace their femininity to the fullest. Nuvafemme is an ideal product for women undergoing the perimenopausal phase. With Nuvafemme, every woman now have hope to stay their womanly selves a little longer, more happier and a lot healthier. 

Perimenopause is a complex physiological transition typically starting from age 40 years old. It is a period which can last up to 10-15 years before the final menstrual period. Changes in menstruation occur within this period alongside various psychological symtptoms. It's not recommended for expectant mothers and for those who are breastfeeding. Take two tablets daily after meals, one in the morning and one in the evening. Stay healthy, happy and pretty!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

COLLECTION HotLights Lipgloss

Check out 
when they 1st arrived to Malaysia and launched their sensational brand with the media. I just love the
natural colour of this HotLights Lipgloss that never failed to shimmer and shine my lip to natural pink.

The texture is rich enough to just apply a single coat on my lip in staying shiny with healthy-looking lip. I can
apply it over a red lipstick to look sexy with sizzling-looking lip at the same time. I loved it and still using it now.
Check it out at F Block, Watsons and Facebook page at  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

WATSONS Is In ‘Raya Ni Mesti Kahwin’ Drama This Raya

Watsons Malaysia once again embarks on a special Hari Raya campaign in conjunction with the Malaysia Mega Sale today. The leading health and beauty retail brand has collaborated with Media Prima, TV3 on their exclusive Raya Ni Mesti Kahwin drama series as part of the campaign.

The campaign encourages Malaysians to watch the drama Raya Ni Mesti Kahwin at TV3, shop at Watsons’ outlets and get a chance to meet the lead casts – Nina Iskandar, Amar Asyraf and Azlee Khairi as well as win exciting prizes. In addition, Watsons has initiated Raya Mega Sales from 24th June to 6th August with discount up to 50% to help customer look good, feel great this Raya.

Speaking during the Chit Chat session at the launch event, Marketing and Development Director of Watsons Malaysia, Jessica Ng said, “In every year that we have initiated Watsons Raya campaigns, we have received overwhelming response. Last year when we launched Azam Raya Bersama Watsons with Faizal Tahir, we composed a special Raya song which hit more than 130,000 views in less than a month. Knowing our customers truly appreciate the value-added services we provide, this year we are emphasising on an experience to offer and connect Malaysians in this joyful Hari Raya celebration with Watsons. We believe this campaign will make Hari Raya for many Malaysians a very memorable one.”

By spending RM80 and above during the campaign period, first 1,000 customers who RSVP will stand a chance to meet and shop with casts of Raya Ni Mesti Kahwin at three selected stores. During the meet and greet, three lucky winners each store will win RM200 shopping voucher to shop with the casts. Watsons Malaysia’s Managing Director, Kulvinder Birring, GM Trading, Caryn Loh and Marketing Controller, Danny Hoh joined Jessica and the casts Nina Iskandar, Amar Asyraf and Azlee Khairi on stage for the campaign poster signing ceremony.

There will also be a digital contest aptly titled #watsonssiapanakkahwin on Facebook and Instagram, where One (1) grand prize winner will win a 3D2N stay at Holiday Villa Cherating and beauty packages for two by posting their couple photo to Watsons Malaysia Facebook or Instagram with the #watsonssiapanakkahwinAt the launch event, lead actors of Raya Ni Mesti Kahwin Nina Iskandar, Amar Asyraf and Azlee Khairi were present to share their involvement in this exciting campaign with Watsons.

Raya Ni Mesti Kahwin, has a fascinating story line that will surely interest our fans. I’m playing the lead role as Nana who is in dilemma when both of her housemates are engaged and set to be married three weeks after Raya. So Nana makes a promise to herself to find the man of her life and get married this Raya. The suspense of the story is as we reveal who Nana falls in love with in her journey of finding true love,” expressed Nina. The first episode of the drama series will be aired on TV3, this Sunday, 29 June at 9.30pm.

To raise awareness about the campaign, Watsons has designed Four (4) one-minute capsules in between the drama which will run throughout the drama period on TV3. The capsules incorporate beauty, skincare, health & personal care for both men and women and will include important elements to Look Good, Feel Great during Hari Raya. 

“We wanted to develop a meaningful partnership and dedicate a campaign for our customers and with Raya Ni Mesti Kahwin, we have seen the opportunity through which we all can relate to our customers especially during festive gathering be it with friends or family whereby the question ‘Bila akan kahwin?’ is unavoidable. We believe viewers will be eager to know how to conquer this phrase and find out what happened at the end” added Jessica.

Watsons Malaysia’s Managing Director, Kulvinder Birring, GM Trading, Caryn Loh and Marketing Controller, Danny Hoh joined Jessica and the casts Nina Iskandar, Amar Asyraf and Azlee Khairi on stage for the campaign poster signing ceremony. On top of that, customers who purchase RM30 and above at Watsons will receive exclusive Raya packets for free. 

The participating brands for the campaign include Blackmores, Brand’s Innershine, Colgate, Dove, Enchanteur, Garnier Men, Garnier, Gatsby, Gilette, Johnson’s Baby, Himalaya, In2it, KATE Tokyo, Lipice, Maybelline, Nano White, Neutrogena, Nivea, Nur Kasih, Olay, Orang Kampung, Salonpas, Safi, Scott’s, Sendayu Tinggi, Silky Girl, Simplysiti, Syahirah, Vaseline and ZA.

For more information, check out Watsons Facebook or Watsons official website Yummy desserts served here at Bijan Restaurant Jalan Ceylon, KL. Happy Ramadan to all my muslim friends and I'm so eager to welcome the Ramadan season this coming Sunday as I really enjoyed indulging malay food so much. It's like part of my life for the past 38 years and I'm still counting the years to come...Haha! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So Much To Live In Life

Liew told me he follows my blog religiously and claimed to be my No.1 fan of my Evergreen Love Blog. I told Rambo about it, he rebutted the fact to it and said he's my No.1 fan too. And I told him, "Ok, both of you are my No.1 and No.2 fan respectively, no need to fight over it and I'm grateful for the loyal support from both of you." Actually, nowadays the reason why I'm still blogging till today is mainly to update my blog that's established now. Slowly and progressively, I have received many great, positive personal messages thanking me for sharing my blog that somewhere, somehow inspired me to blog more esp.on Buddhism sharing which I'm trying to learn everyday from it too. Thank you so much, I really appreciates the positive feedbacks I never expect from you guys+gals. 

That's what keeps my momentum going, stronger than ever. It's the main reason why I keep on blogging about life, positive thinking and giving real hopes to people around the world. It's to awaken and enlighten our daily lives to live freely and happily in life as life is indeed short, precious and can be beautiful if you put it altogether. Everytime when family and friends said how wonderful life I'm living each day, I only replied them, "Lei Tai Ngo Hou, Ngo Tai Lei Hou" that simply means 'You see me good, I see you good'. It's not that my grass in the garden is greener than you, it's actually the same green colour but it's a matter of how often do you water your garden, fertilize it and planted any lovely flowers to beautify it or not. If you did, obviously it looks nice too.

I always told them, always stay grateful and be thankful for what you have. Life is fair I believe, you reap what you sow. Just last Monday, I left my iP at Sunway Pyramid during a dessert time with Rambo. We happened to crack some jokes about a hilarious story that we laughed so much I totally forgot about my mobile phone. I only remember it when I wana take some pictures at home. Rambo couldn't find it in my car so he called and found out it's waiting for me at Sunway Pyramid Customer Service counter. He quickly drove back there and collect it back for me. I really appreciates his help that I wanted to call him and thanked him personally, but Rambo told me he did liao. 

I thought of giving him a treat for the return of my iP but Rambo told me the guy was very humble, kept saying it's fine and so I can only thanked him by praying to 'Amituofo' to bless him always. The last time Rambo found the latest Blackberry and new iP, he also return it to the customer service and I always make sure if he can trust the person-incharge there. He told me yes and so happen, the grateful person to Rambo was a Japanese buyer too during the MIFF Fair at PWTC. In Japan, if someone found your wallet and return it to the police station, he can claim 10% of the total cash you have in the wallet. You can still give more if you like to, it's really up to you. 

For me, I was so grateful that night after getting my iP back I started to treasure it even more. I wiped it clean and upload some pictures that I've taken that day on my Facebook. It's the important contact numbers, data that I've saved all the years and precious pictures I've taken that I most treasured about my iPhone. It's worth much more than any money value I can put the price tag on it. Rambo always wanted to get the latest iP5 for me, but I stopped him all the time as I don't need it. I can still use it, it didn't give me any problem at all and I never really get so intimately attached with my iPhone as the radiation is bad for my health. 

Unlike my sis and Rambo, they both needed wifi and their phones 24 hours a day, like their oxygen tanks. Haha...just like the last Melbourne tour, my sis Defney saw Rambo was busy with his iP and wondered got wifi but never tell her about it. After he confirmed to her there's wifi service for 30 minutes, she quickly asked Rambo to get it for her as well. Obviously, I left my iP at hotel and I need not update any selfie pictures of mine as I have the both of them to update selfie for all of us. And it's fun to be travelling with all my family members esp. seeing the excitement of my dear Charmers during the tour. They're the twinkle twinkle little stars who are able to ignite the sparks of the party.

My dear LeAnne quickly ran and hugging me so tightly when we're waiting for the ATT Tour coach bus from Australia to fetch us to Philip Island. My mom also came in and asked me where I went in the morning, after LeAnne questioned me why I didn't join the 'Maggi Party' I've organized the night before. I explained to her that "the 1st night I was too tired from the travel I actually took some noodle and slept, I woke up at 11pm and went to popo's room to look for you. Popo told me you were waiting for me but I didn't turn up, you went back room to sleep. I didn't realized I was that tired, sorry." My dear LeAnne is growing up fast, she always needs an answer or an explanation from me to confirm the truth. I then told my mom I went to get some snacks from the short shopping near hotel, took my lunch and waiting eagerly for them at the lobby. 

Lynette was very attached to me all along the tour and on her last day leaving Oz back to KL, she followed me from the door to my mom's bed telling me the bruise on her head was painful. I asked LeAnne to spray a lot of Cellfood on her face, I slowly massage for her from the forehead to flatten the small bruise on her head where she did sound to me "Pain". "Yea, I know. Try to relax, I did the best I can. It's better to feel pain a bit now than to just leave it like that. Go home ask mommy to put some concentrate and massage it again for you. If the pain still persist, ask mommy to bring you see doctor ok." Manjaly, she nodded her head to confirm she got my message loud and clear. I told my sis about it so that she will pay attention to it as she's sitting next to me and offered me the Honey Comb that's too sweet for me. 

I waved goodbye to them, they left with a heavy heart and hope we'll meet again Sunday but I replied them I will provided I'm free after I reached KL, Malaysia. I knew they're performing for a charity cause in Sunway Resort Hotel so I believe they're very busy with their schedule also. That Sunday when I reached home I quickly took my bath and slept till the next blissful morning. I have tonnes of emails to reply, my business affair to attend and blogs to complete. If I don't complete the piles of work, I don't think I have the liberty to do what I really want in life. I took the time, slowly I complete all my blogs pending for June then I finished all my accounts and finally, I can attend more events now. My email recently have some virus issues, suddenly came tonnes of them, sometimes missing till I only got it later after a week. Sot crazy punya pc, I told Rambo to upgrade and fixed it for me asap. 

3 months ago, Charmaine also showed me the email on this particular beauty email she didn't quite understand what the company wants from us the bloggers, which I only received it in May. I told her to just reply them with an address, they would send the products directly to her for a review. I just got mine in June, I'm using it now and will only revert to them in July if possible. The marketing team is professional enough, that's why I'm still keen to review it for them as recently, I did reject a few reviews as I need to cope with all the outstanding blogs before I can blog more. I asked them to give me some time to complete the projects I have right now esp. for collagen drinks that needed much time and effort to complete it. I have just completed Miracol, going to complete Kinohimitsu Nite Drink and gonna start on Brands Innershine soon. Haha...Rambo teased me I'm a guinea pig on research for collagen products, but I'm happy on that as I'm gonna tell you why real soon so stay tuned. Bye for now!    

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Allergy Alert

Allergy is a major problem for the 21st century and is increasing all over the world. In fact, allergic diseases have now become the most frequent reasons for patients to seek medical attention. I was glad I attended this event last Saturday to get myself updated with health and wellness knowledge organised by the Malaysian Allergy and Immunology Society.

Allergy affects approximately 30-40% of the global population. It usually begins with food allergies or eczema. Then, around 50% of these affected children will develop respiratory allergies, like allergic rhinitis and asthma in later life, forming what is known as the Allergy March.

Prevention may be the only cure as the first reason is that allergy has no cure yet and secondly, allergy can reduce the quality of life in the following ways;
The affected child will suffer the discomforts of allergic symptoms and may face limitations in his lifestyle.

The whole family may experience emotional problems including fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, guilt and anger.

Additional money is needed for the child’s treatment if they have allergies.

The affected child may lack confidence to mix with other children. For instance, a child with eczema-covered skin may feel hurt when other children stare at or comment on his sores.

Our immune system protects us from harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses and parasites. However, in allergic reactions, the immune system gets ‘confused’ and treats safe substances as harmful enemies. So, ordinary things such as food may be attacked by our immune cells and subsequently, chemical substances that cause irritating symptoms like sneezing, coughing or rashes are released. That's how allergy come about.

The most severe type of allergy is anaphylaxis with symptoms like low blood pressure, fainting, chest pain and throat tightness that leads to breathing difficulty. Anaphylaxis can be fatal if not treated immediately.

This is due to the immaturity of their digestive tract and immune system. Besides digesting foods and absorbing nutrients, the intestine is also our largest immune organ where 80% of all antibody-producing cells are found. That's why the young children tend to have allergies easily. 

Every child is at risk actually, that's why I took my precious time to share about this allergy subject to alert everyone esp.for the parents so that they're aware of this health problem and knowing how to take good care of their children. After hearing Dr Goh's heartbreaking real story about her youngest daughter who's admitted to hospital due to serious allergic reaction, I told myself I need to share this knowledge for people around the world to save more lives. 

In fact, I heard many cases about allergy attacks resulted in death cases due to allergy diseases or infection. Family history is important in predicting the risk of developing allergy. Check out all this picture charts that I've created to find out your child’s allergy risk. Study them, take good care of your children to prevent allergy before it strikes aggresively. 

I saw those mom with their sick kids, so pity I just can't bear to see them suffering like this. That night dinner, I lecture my dear Charmers in a nice way teaching them what's allergy is all about, guiding them the hygienic way to live right in their daily activities and remember to bring their Cellfood spray water all the time, fully-filled with oxygen water to protect them from bacteria or infection. I will continue more on the allergy subject in my next Allergy Blog, so stay tuned!

XIXILI Roslyn Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Cast a spell of a new summer romance with the pretty Roslyn floral prints this Spring/Summer 2014 Collection by XIXILI. Exquisite lightweight printed-mesh fabric, a potpourri of pastel floral prints, sensual layering with contrast trimming of black embroidery lace, all make for a touch of seductive allure. Roslyn is the perfect summer staple for your lingerie drawer!

The beautiful Roslyn collection is an embodiment of charisma, femininity and elegance. The enchanting floral prints and exquisite tailoring vows to accentuate your silhouette effortlessly. Resolute in finding your perfect fit, this collection comes in three styles to suit ladies of all shapes, find your fit in the demi cup, cropped bustier or full coverage cup bra.

Cropped bustier - Best fitted under a shapely dress to highlight your desirable natural silhouette and vivacious curves. Available in cup sizes C - F and band sizes 70 - 85.

Demi cup bra – A classic cut available from cup sizes D - F and band sizes 70 - 85. Tailored to satisfy all functionality aspects for a flawless silhouette.

Full coverage cup bra – Ultimate support and perfect coverage for the full figured ladies. Available in cup sizes F - G and band sizes 70 - 85.

To complete the statement-look of a blossoming beauty, be sure to pair up with the Roslyn matching panties of three different cuts with thong, boyleg and a vintage-inspired high waist panty.

Close off the evening, and turn in for the night of magical dreams in the luscious Roslyn night slip.This elegant nightgown is made in a light floral mesh collaged with a sweet garden of pink and green prints, detailed with a trimming of black embroidery lace and in a classic cut that follows the contours of your body. Available in M-LL sizes.

‘XIXILI - Fitting You Perfectly For Life,’ is a promise that XIXILI has made to all ladies. With an extensive size range of brassieres from cups A to I and bands 65 – 100, XIXILI embraces women of all sizes and shapes. This is the video I've promised to share with all,

Only by getting you into the ‘Perfect FIT’, then they can be assured to be a step closer to our brand vision to be ‘Uplifting You Always’. Go to any XIXILI boutique or counter for a complimentary fitting session, happy shopping! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hokkaido Yummy Chocolates

This is only a part of some of the chocolates portion I'm sharing here that I've bought recently from Hokkaido Island, Japan. Anyway, I bought more chocs last time when I went for my Honshu holiday all around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto as I have more shopping time back then. This time less shopping time on our own as we're on a relaxing tour focusing more time in indulging ourselves at hot spring resort that's far away from the city. Nestled in the greenery surrounding of deep forest area, maybe you can chance upon some wild foxes living inside the woodland if you really into exploring the area. 

My mom gave me a jaw-dropping expression when I told her buying chocolates in Japan already cost me a few hundred Ringgit Malaysia or a few thousand dollars in Japanese Yen. Haha...but it's totally worth it as we're all enjoying it. All of my family members and friends including Rambo's Japanese colleague, told us the chocolates we bought are yummy lot and very famous in Japan too. The KitKat Green Tea Sakura is a limited edition chocolate, only applicable during Sakura season and whilst stock last at RM50 per box, so I quickly grabbed it as soon as I can. 

The rest like Tiramisu chocolates in a packet cost about RM40 and this Blueberry Choc tasted so yummy I saw LeAnne finishing it bit by bit. Everyone loved the specially made from Japan Tiramisu Choc also as it's like a star product of all time. Sis Toto told me the last time Rambo's brother-inlaw went to Hokkaido bought those chocs tasted not so good although wrapped in a beautiful package. Haha...I reasoned with her although he's a Japanese Chef getting much involved in Japanese food but he's not a 'Wai Sik' person like me, as I really love to try new food but only the yummy food would stay in my memory. I told Mr. and Mrs. Lim also during our shopping trip in Sapporo, the best ingredients and Spaghetti Pasta that I usually cooked and loved most didn't come from the Italian secret recipe but it secretly came from Japan. 

I loved doing my grocery shopping from Isetan for its quality freshness and originally made and came from Japan. That's why I used to bump into Nakamura esp.on Sundays during our shopping trips there. I usually spent a lot comes to hundred dollars, only shopping for the good food from Japan. Rambo never grumbled me when I go for my beauty and fashion shopping trips, but he did mentioned that I spent too much on food that he needs to earn more money for my eating habits. Haha...that's why he never wana go Isetan Supermarket when I suggested it sometimes, can't blame him also. Rambo can be strong and firm in making decisions in life too but I respect him for that. That's what relationship is all about, respect each other!

When Rambo's new Japanese colleague knew he's going to Hokkaido Island for Spring Holiday, he gave Rambo the name and show him the picture he wanted this particular chocolates only. He gave Rambo RM100 to buy this and Rambo managed to get 2 boxes of this and a pack of Tiramisu for the company as well. Rambo thought he can get to taste this chocolate from the office but according to all his colleagues, he only kept this for himself he told me that night.

I told Rambo he cannot blame him for doing so as after I have tasted this chocolate myself, I knew the utmost reason why he wanted to enjoy the chocolates all by himself because it's too yummy liao. He has every rights to keep that for himself, that's why he particularly pay him up front and wanted to buy this chocolates for his own enjoyment. All the shops, food factory including airport are also selling it at 620 Japanese Yen, clearly stated with no discount. 

If you have any family member or friends are going to Hokkaido Island soon, you can always ask them to get this absolutely delectable chocolates for you. No doubt it's one of the best chocolate I've ever tasted so far as it's not too sweet and tasted 'ngam ngam hou'(just right), it's actually melts into your mouth not just in your hands. The strawberry inside this choc is so fresh, tasted sweet and sour at the same time, it's a frozen strawberry and when you bite it, it's crunchy like a nut. Something very special about this chocolate that kinda melts my heart away, that's why I must blog about it.

In future when you travel there, don't miss out this wonderful thing to happen in your life too. I let Rambo taste it when he told me about his Japanese Choc tales, he then realized he should respect his Japanese colleague's decision to enjoy it, keeping it for himself. He's going nowhere for now, he needs to stay for another year in Malaysia before he can enjoy his favourite choc again and how often would we travel there to get him more supply for his favourite choc right? Life is fair, be understanding!