Monday, August 19, 2013

Pantai Remis Perak, Malaysia

1st day of Raya 2013, I gotta pushed myself really hard to wake up early in the morning for a family trip to
Pantai Remis, Perak. My best ally Sis Toto already booked me for Hari Raya Holiday since March 2013 so no
matter what her plan is, I'm already hooked on it liao. At 1st we wana go India but then due to Bro.Cheong's
final project completion, we finally followed Bro.Chai's plan to Perak for a 3days 2nights trip of Jalan-Jalan
Cari Makan trip since his partner has prepared a schedule itinery for us from am-pm with a good food list.
Rambo don't feel like going as he knew I sure don't like waking up early in the morning for a few hours drive
but then, Bro.Chai and Bro.Cheong kept asking me if I have check on the food list they sent to me and I told
them, it's one of the reason I wana go for this trip. It's all about the food, seafood and Sis Toto has rang me
many times in my brain memory that time spent with family will linger forever which I totally understand
and we decided to go along with them when the week comes, since I didn't 'Balik Kampung' to Johor this year.

Luckily no jam all along the way, smooth drive all along until we reached Gopeng Perak, we visit the famous
'Kellie's Castle' for many pictures about an hour then we passed by Batu Gajah nearby to Pantai Remis not
long after that. We stopped here for the famous 'Ham Yu'(fermented/pickled fish) and local snacks in Perak.
I know it's cancerous and dangerous to consume this too much, but we can't help it sometimes as we all love
taking this once in a blue moon. If it's not because my mom loves it so much I won't buy but she wanted it so
I just bought one big 'Ham Yu' and other local snacks like Sotong and Ikan Bilis for her. All of my bro and sis
bought, almost all of them bought for family and friends as it's only about RM12 compared to KL, you can't
get it at this price. Although all of us knew it's not good for health but still, we wana buy it as we're all humans
we tend to be tempted sometimes to indulge fermented fish that tasted really yummy if you know how to cook it.
In fact, my dear Charmers love taking it also but I never encouraged them to take it at all as it's bad for health.

The trip to 'Toa Pak Kung Temple' that's been the latest tourist attraction to many tourists including the locals
like us. My Sis Toto told me that it's one of the famous place now for Malaysia tourist attraction, she read from
the Chinese magazine and she's looking forward to visit this place after reading the good reviews of this place.

This place is quite huge with so many people coming here including the Chinese tourists from China. Yea,
they are almost everywhere in Malaysia now, from JPO in Johor with about 8 tour coaches bringing them
to shop till they drop to Perak, I see them here around taking pictures from one corner to another corner.

Malaysia's weather is really too hot that we went for a coconut drink 1st before we start on the temple
journey all around this place. I got so tanned on my face and my whole body got sun burned after the
local trip during Raya holiday. So sad, I went back home I put on lots of mask and scrubbing to brighten
up my face and body back to fair skin again. 

This place is full of the fishes that can walk, which once Penang was full of this kinda fishes. I don't know
what's the name of the fish but it actually walks like a chameleon and it's kinda ugly to me. Haha...even the
colour of the fish is gray black, not pretty at all. They even climb up the trees, sat on the rocks and swimming
around the water. Not afraid of you human, they are almost everywhere from babies to big adult fishes.   

This place is decorated almost like many of the Chinese temples I have visited in China so it's really not a big
deal to me as I have seen many other nicer and bigger temples that are very beautiful in China. I should be
more supportive to encourage more tourists to visit Malaysia but that's the truth I can express about this
temple. For many of them, they may enjoy it as they have never visit other places in China yet so this place can
be interesting for many of them esp. the kids who can enjoy watching tortoise at the cave inside the temple for
praying, trying out local snacks and do some shopping. That's why everytime when I go China, the tour guide
shared with me that Malaysia is no fun place except the food, coffee and great hospitality. I do understand
why they said that because it's true, obviously we cannot compare our temples with theirs, their strategy in
promoting tourism is always the best in the world and they have everything we wanted so long you can afford,
bring enough money to shop only. They just have the charms of everything, there's no doubt about it but our
Malaysian food is always better than them and that's our fun part of winning them something they can agree to.

We went to a nearby beach for a rest before our Seafood dinner. The waves are too strong here, not suitable
for a swim here. But I can't help it as I love beach and playing water here for awhile before the sun sets. 

The next morning after a yummy Kari Mee breakfast, we went to the fishing village to get some fresh fishes.
Not for me of course as I won't demand fresh fish to be slaughtered for my indulgence. In fact when my mom
told me that she bought the fresh fish from the morning market, she chose the fish and they actually bangs
and kill the fish alive, I told her better don't buy it anymore. We should encouraged 'Fong Sang' and not into
killing, that's why I stop at the temple and waited for them to buy it. I hope they bought those already dead.

Such a tiring day for Raya Holiday like this trip as early am we already went out for breakfast, then lunch
and tea breaks with Nasi Lemak, Kuih-Muih and ABC indulgence that we all got so plumped up, then at
night great dinner some more with whole family. We only eat, see and play like kids on a local holiday trip.

This 'Hao Fook Restaurant' was the best dinner we had here in Pantai Remis. You know, I really thanked
'Gu Gu' for her efforts to bring us all here for the food indulgence because there are two groups of the
Vegans vs. The Meat Lovers in this group of family. We need about an hour to discuss the food menu of
what the Vegans wana eat and the meat lovers who wana take best seafood. The owner of this restaurant is
an old woman aged in her 60's, used to have a big restaurant in PJ but came back to Pantai Remis for good.
She discussed with us on her specialty food that we agreed for the Vegans, vegetarian choices. I told her
my Bro.Chai is a total Buddhist, they exchanged 'Amituofo' greetings with each other and we decided to
have our lunch here too since we spent too much time on the menu discussion here.

That night, not only our dinner was the best dinner we had here we also tried
to figure out the total bill that's not only got us surprised by the price for 2 big
 tables of good food great taste but in the next morning, we still gave many good
compliments to this restaurant. And back home, I told my family about it too as
we enjoyed the great dinner so much that it's worth sharing it with others.  

Da Jie bought us the best 'Hung Dau Ping' from here and for the 1st time ever, I enjoyed this nice Red Bean Ice
together with Elaine, niece of  Gugu who's also a good tour guide to us during our stay here in Perak. From
Sitiawan to Teluk Batik, we have travel long enough already around Perak, it's the new food I just can't forget
to remember for many years to come. I don't mind to travel here again if there's anymore new food I should try.    

One of the best Crab Porridge I ever had here in Perak as it's really yummy with the fresh, sweet taste of crabs
in this fancy restaurant, which also received a like from the famous Hongkong 'Sik Sen' (Eating God). Haha...I
was just sitting beside the restaurant photo when all of them were talking about it and I got really excited liao
to try out the restaurant specialties. 

Very nice lunch we had here with so many diners, I really enjoy the yummy
Crab Porridge, specialty dishes here and seafood that actually suits for 10 pax
although they ordered for 5 pax only. We clean the big plates of good food real
smooth as we dont' wana waste the food, including the big claypot of porridge.
We left with stomach full of great memories to remember about 'Pantai Remis'
and I'm glad that I came for the food and lovely memories with Rambo's family.


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    1. Bali is a beautiful and wonderful place!

    2. Can we have the address & Phone no. Next Month we are bringing a group of Seniors to Pantai Remis? Thanks

    3. Hi Kairos For Community, we're driving there on our own. You can call a local travel agency or search for more information about Perak Tourism. Welcome to Malaysia, enjoy your holiday! ;)