Thursday, January 31, 2013


Bag/Key chain holder RM399, a gift from Lancel Gardens Opening Launch Event.

Lancel Paris was founded by a woman name Angèle in 1876, called the Maison Lancel. She opened a shop near the brand new Opéra Garnier, in the liveliest quarter of Paris selling lifestyle accessories and fashion for ladies.

In fact, Lancel Paris is one of the biggest boutique situated strategically just near to the Champs Elysees Arc de Triomphe. You won't miss this huge boutique as it's big in Orange colour decors and can be comparable with the big, corner Louis Vuitton boutique at the end of the same street of Avenue des Champs-Élysées. 

This is another lovely Lancel boutique that I stopped over to buy the limited edition Lancel leather handbag.I chose the signature design of Lancel, no doubt about the brand when you see it you just knew it's the famous brand of Lancel. It's very popular especially when 'Myolie Wu Hang Yee', my favourite HongKong TVB actress was using the handbag at one of the famous TVB series(I forgot the name,Haha). One day, I even chance upon one of her pictures, she's wearing the same TopShop Leather Jacket I wore to New Zealand. 

She's also one of the fashion icon I admired a lot where everytime I see her clothings on TV drama series I just loved her fashion sense. From the winter wear she wore at Hokkaido, Japan to the famous TVB series 'Wars of In-Laws' with Liza Wang that tempted me so much to try on the fashion myself although it's really not my style at all. So lucky for her, she gets to wear all the branded clothing of designer brands in every episode and she looked absolutely gorgeous in it. 

Lancel has just opened their new boutique at Gardens Mall last year in 2012. I got invited by Lancel for their opening and I came here just for awhile as I'm supposed to visit the Ecoparadise Spa that day. I met Shannon here but I told her I don't have to blog about it as I've been invited as a guest that night. And she can always get some pictures from me if she need it for her blog.

One of the agenda in Lancel 2012 Gardens Opening was watching how the French Master making the signature Lancel masterpiece handbags. They claimed that every piece is carefully-made by the fine, genuine leather they picked and chose from the best quality. And it's custom-made by hand, in the most gentle way from the sewing part to the fixing part. 

What I liked most in Lancel brand is the gold colour rings that tied the handbag in style, that's why I bought it at the very 1st place besides the good quality zip and fine fabric inside. I'm very particular and kinda fussy when it comes to choose the best brand that create the fine craftsmanship of handbags. I want it to be in excellent condition and Lancel really delivered the best quality for me, that's why I bought it at last. 

From time to time, Lancel never failed to invite me for many events of the year to witness first-hand on their new product launches, X'mas season special and sale special. I enjoyed attending their previews so far and provided I'm free on that day, I would drop by to catch the previews.

I love their new collections too but it's too big for me I told them, I wanted smaller of the same new design. Hope they would come up smaller handbag that suits my petite size the best, so I can get to buy something that I like this year in 2013 and most importantly is I have the time to shop...Haha!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Folli Follie unveils its latest concept store in Kuala Lumpur

Folli Follie, the brand renowned for its superior craftsmanship and sophisticated designs has unveiled its newest concept store in Mid Valley Megamall. The 632 sq ft new boutique reflects the design philosophy and global style concept of the brand. It features white and orange, the signature colours of Folli Follie, creating a modern, fresh and innovative look. 

The architectural concept and furnishing create a contemporary stylish look to showcase the full selection of the latest jewellery, watches and accessories. The open and inviting format provides a comfortable ambience to customers as well as a refreshing shopping experience to fashion lovers like me. 

RM650, the brand is popular in HK(more expensive in Sogo HK) as it's been featured in one of the TVB series.   

Folli Follie creates unique and colourful pieces that embody its full fashion concept philosophy of fashionable, fun and affordable jewellery, watches and accessories. I bought mine at this branch too and when I shared it on Facebook, my good friend EKLim told me she wanted to get the same design too and many ladies asked me about this handbag too.Haha...that's how we, women shared beautiful things in life.

Christin Chan, the Country Manager of Folli Follie says: “We are thrilled to open the latest concept store in Malaysia.We believe that Folli Follie will continue to be a popular brand of choice for fashion accessories among Malaysians and we will continue to live by our philosophy of delivering affordable fashionable luxury to fashionistas in Malaysia."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ITALY - Pisa

 The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the freestanding bell tower of the cathedral Italian city of Pisa, also well-known worldwide for its unintended tilt to one side. When I’m back to KL, my dear Charmer Ying Shan asked me if I have visit the Pisa and I replied her "Of course...Haha." 

This is one of the must-visit place I wana visit, even before we travel here I told Rambo I wana visit Pisa no matter how far it can be. That’s why I chose the ‘Whole of Italy’(the whole Italy from North to South, back to North Milan again) itinery rather than the ‘Mono Italy’(only Northern part of Italy) itinery.

Pisa is situated at the southern part of Italy where we need to travel from Rome to Pisa, took about 380 kms to reach Pisa. To me, if I wana travel to a place, I rather see the whole area of the country rather than to come again I might as well travel to other places or other countries except China.

Just like China, I still have many other provinces to visit although my friend said I’ve been almost everywhere in China but really, not yet. Still have many other places to explore and experience in China. China is too huge and too wide to see everything. And China always have many interesting and inspiring things to learn so I don't mind to travel there again and again. 

The construction of the tower occurred in three stages across 344 years. They work on the ground floor of the white marble campanile that began in 1173, during a period of military success and prosperity. When they have money then they built this place, when they're poor they stopped the construction for years before they continue building it again. 

After a phase (1990–2001) of structural strengthening, the tower is always undergoing gradual surface restoration to repair visual damage, mostly corrosion and blackening. These are particularly pronounced due to the tower's age and its exposure to wind and rain.

In Pisa, besides shopping for something special about Pisa like the Pisa keychains, Pisa towers, Pisa pens(not cheap) etc. I hang out for a cup of 'Latte Macchiato' so called something special in Italian at McCafe Pisa. Haha...I loved to enjoy hot coffee in this kinda cold weather to keep my body warm. Most of the time when we're touring all around Italy, I always asked the local Italian tour guide for a stopover at cafe. 

Just like an instant noodles, the coffee can turned cold very quickly due to the cold Winter season. That's called nature, you just can't stop it from happening anyway. Pisa is a small town that's popular in Italy so no matter how far it is, I came to step on it and took many great pictures here for lovely memories of Pisa. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

~'Zi Lang Zi Pua, Kam Ching Be Sua’~ (The famous quote from a Hokkien song)


Poor Lynette, she was sick last week with some cough. I wished I could exchange place with her although I just recovered from my cough by 'Chinese Cough Remedy', after taking more than 6 non-effective cough syrup bottles. I guess the 'Wabak Batuk'(cough epidermic) was around since May 2009. I seldom cough but once I did, it can take forever to recover. All this happened in 2009, but from 2009-2013 I never had any cough anymore and all thanks to my miracle Cellfood!

Supposed last Saturday my mom wanted to pospone again our usual date of Saturday to Sunday but I missed them too much so they made it somewhere somehow. Lynette was active again when she had enough rest and sweets she sabotaged from her 'Popo'. Popo was allowed to give only 2 but she insisted to have more by pressuring my mom anyway(2009).

Haha... She's so cute. We all laughed she was indeed a survivor, the name I gave to her as her strong personality matches all the positive attitudes as one. Seeing her taking 'Kuaci'(sunflower seeds) from my mom and and sis, I called her "Lynette, Zi Lang Zi Pua, you're taking Kuaci come share it with me." Haha...I never expect her to respond me by giving her whole peeled Kuaci for me.I gave her half of the Kuaci as the sentence means 'Half for each person' in Chinese Hokkien.

I used to share my half Kuaci with her and sang ~'Zi Lang Zi Pua, Kam Ching Be Sua, Zi Lang Zi Diam, Kam Ching Be Kiam, Zi Lang Zi Pua, Kam Ching Be Sua, Zi Lang Zi Suku, Kam Ching Jia E Gu'. She would laughed and tried singing along with me as she liked the song very much. She ate the half Kuaci I shared with her. I kept on saying she's so clever and thanked her as she understood the meaning on sharing. 

And she kept on taking the Kuacis for me from my mom's hand. Haha...She even took the whole packet from my mom's lap and chose a few Kuacis for me. I really admired her great attitudes in life since she’s a little baby till today. She love feeding me chocolates when I was playing Mahjong with my mom and sis.

She even feed me the 1st bite of her own-made Pizza and own-made Mooncake, really sweet of her. And when her dad bought her candies from Famous Amos, she took one for me but I ‘saja’ wana play with her I told her I wanted the red one. She took the Red one for me although she mentioned to me she only have 3 Red ones. memories with her.

Haha…this little baby whom I used to make her milk at night in Macau is feeding me food she made from her tadika.~I can't help loving U~ She makes me laugh a lot and she makes me proud of her. A lovely girl who can understand about sharing and loving others. The way she talks and behaved is like an adult. She loves to imitate the way I talked and she really speaks the way I speaks with everyone, makes me laugh even more seeing her acting in this manner.

Sometimes, she would 'Manja' with me by leaning so close to me, hugged me so tight and she just knew how to melt my heart away by saying, “Dai Yiyi, see your ip4. Wah, so nice in Pink." Then she handed it back to me like an adult talking to the young ones. Haha…really 'beh tahan' her I told Rambo, she’s cute and ‘Lou Jik’(old/mature) my mom said about Lynette. But what to do, she’s the youngest among us all, everyone love her so much but still, we instilled 'Di Zi Gui' values in her to keep her grounded in life. That's life!   

Saturday, January 26, 2013

China - Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan

The Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest stone Buddha in the world and it is by far the tallest pre-modern statue in the world. It was built during the Tang Dynasty (618–907AD) and carved out of a cliff face that lies at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers in the southern part of Sichuan province in China.

I felt so fulfilled deep inside me when I was praying here with Rambo. I asked for his good blessings in life for my family and asking him to guide us to the right path of life. Felt so humble, very happy to be able to pray here and it's also one of my most memorable moment spent on spiritual development with Buddha here. In fact, he kept me calm and blessed all the time.     

The stone sculpture faces Mount Emei(Emei Shan) with the rivers flowing below his feet. The Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. It was not damaged by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

No matter how safe they claimed the ferry to be and I can swim my way out, still I take every precaution to wear the safety life jacket before I came up here for photo shooting.The wind blows calmly through my face, very cooling during Spring season. This is the best time to come for holiday in Sichuan, China at 10-20 d.c, very cooling weather but can be very cold at night so bring a Jacket along with you.  

To travel to this stunning place listening to the history of Sichuan China, you can check out AirAsia website at and don't miss out planning your getaway to shop around Chengdu shopping malls. I enjoy my shopping spree here especially during sale time, shop till I drop. 

Haha...the fashion is very up-todate, loud colours from bright pink to fresh apple green and price, 'Ooh La La' you can still bargain to the rock-bottom price even when you're shopping at the shopping malls. Enjoy your trip, I'll keep you update on other China holiday of mine!

Friday, January 25, 2013

ITALY - Milan/Milano

Milan or Milano in Italian is the second largest city in Italy and it's the capital of Lombardy. The city proper has a population of about 1.4 million people and also well-known as the fashion capital around the world. ‘Yan Shan Yan Hoi’, the Chinese famous quote suited to describe about the people around Milan city from Piazza Del Duomo area to Milan shopping malls.  

I see heads and long queues everywhere I go. Can compared with China but not so crowded like China, as China have more tourists from around the world who came for business trips, holidays, cultural exchanges and exhibition fairs, you really need to squeeze a place for yourself to be able to survive there...Haha.

My friend who just came to Italy for holiday last December 2012 spent about 60K on her trip, I can understand the reasons behind all the spending. Besides shopping for 2 Prada handbags from Milan, she spend a lot on dining expenses just like me.

Prada Milano have 3 floors full of the latest season handbags and doing a sale at the lower lobby floor. The promoters told me so when I asked for more choices and colours. There are many more choices to choose from A-Z Prada with creative decorations from the front lobby to the lower floor around Prada Milano.

In Italy, I told Rambo I wana dine the best and enjoy the best so we usually dine at serviced-restaurants rather than self-service counters. Usually the menu was written in Italian so I gotta cracked my head to adapt to their culture. But I usually asked them what ingredients as I only want seafood in my menu and I don’t take pork.

The 1st day I was there, they gave me pork also but lucky I asked what meat was that although it looks yummy but I exchanged it for chicken as I always believe I have a choice to be happy with my meal. The chicken was so-so only for me as I’m quite a fussy diner so I can only take more fresh vegetables then. Yummy veges!

Reading Italian for sugar, spices and spaghetti has been a daily routine for all of us during the Italy holiday as sometime, they really don’t speak English or they don’t print it out in English. 

Haha…so we’re all inspired to learn the Italian language somewhere, somehow. And our favourite sentence of Italian sentence is ‘Piano Piano’ which means slowly as the Italians loved living their enjoyable days in dining or cooking by taking their own sweet time, very slowly in a relaxing mood.

Back to the dining subject, the price of my favourite Clam Spaghetti cost about EUD20x4 (the minimum rates that I’m quoting, can be 4.1 if we charged to credit card) is already RM80. The soup can cost EUD8-12 so let’s say it’s EUD 8x4:32. Red wine is around EUD10-20 per glass, quite reasonable for me. 

Rambo have very high cholesterol level so I usually ordered tea for both. And a pot of Chamomile hot tea can cost up to EUD10-15 so it’s RM40(min). In total of minimum calculation is RM152 for my lunch only. Thank God I enjoyed the food or else, it's not worth my RM152.

In Malaysia, RM152 we can order a table of 10-12 pax full of ‘Dai Yu Dai Yuk’(Big fish, Big meat the Chinese famous quote). That’s why I'm always glad to be back ‘home sweet home, green green grass of home’ because living simply in Malaysia keeps me living happily and blissfully with my family, living in harmony.

We can survived easily here 'kampung'. We have our own plantation of veges, the best Grade A Watermelons that we exported to Taiwan and we have our own 'Ayam Betina with its 6 cute little chicks' but we never plan to 'sembelihnya' (slaughter it) as we treat her like our family member. Haha...We also treat her like a 'Hiasan Kampung'(village decor) at our chalet in Johor.

I enjoyed shopping in Milan because the fashion world there speaks of quality, a dash of Gold colour or animal prints(my favourite) that speaks of glitz and glamour. Just like the Versace Jacket on my Facebook Italy album and many other brands that dare to bare, so to speak the classy, stylish style of Milan fashion world. The price is reasonable, not very expensive for normal brands esp. the sexy lingerie and intimate wears are the items not to be missed here esp. during sale time.  

I ‘bo sem tung’(not heartache) using that kinda money and spent so much for my Italy trip because the most important thing is both Rambo and I enjoyed our holiday here. Rambo even allocated much for my shopping spree, for my favourite brands like Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Prada(on 40% sale in Milan) etc. but I only managed to get Fendi the latest design that I liked most.

Limited edition FENDI Christmas 3D Metallic Gold. Malaysia have 5 of this only.

The rest ‘Mou Yuen Fen’(no fate) so it’s really too bad. I don’t like forcing myself to buy something that is never meant for me. In Italy, the tax refund is different from France where they paid us back in cash at the airport. In Italy we gotta filled up the form, stamped it at the airport and mailed it at the mailbox outside the office. They would credit the refund back to our credit cards. And it's only valid if we spend EUD150 above with 12% tax refund from the 17% total taxes.

The Versace brand has just opened a few new branches in Malaysia, can always buy from here. Like I always said to everyone, support Malaysia economy is always better as the money is flowing back to us for our fellow Malaysians, esp. if it’s on sale then it’s more worthwhile to spend our hard-earned money here.

To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. I felt very welcomed to everywhere I travel to but every time I'm back home, I felt more closer to my home especially to be able to spend time with my dear Charmers even just for the weekend. I missed them so much although 3 of them said they saw my Italy pictures they loved it, but I hope they can join me going travel together real soon.I'm always the family kinda person. 

To me, family comes 1st in my priority of life above all the enjoyment in the world. Having a great holiday with my loved ones brings more happiness and joyfulness to me along the happy journey. After all, happiness already exist around us no matter where we are, so long there are cheers and laughters that can be heard for the simple things in life. That's what really matter to us, c'est la vie!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blackmores Best 9 Deeds (RM800 Hamper)

Thank You Blackmores for the great hamper and the meaningful letter dedicated to me. I find it to be the right combination of nutritious health supplements to keep me healthy for 2013. Haha…when I see all those bottles and I don’t wana keep it for long, I quickly read the booklet and decided to give those to my mom who need it more than me.Not forgetting my dear Rambo as he’s my money-making machine. 

My uncle Lim will be getting one bottle of Bio Ace Plus for his health needs. All of them needed much more than me as I’m a true believer in Cellfood so my main intake would be Cellfood then comes other health supplements like organic Spirullina, Evening Primrose Oil (many recommended me to take it and since I’m winning this from Blackmores, I started taking it now) and multivitamins everyday.

Actually I'm kinda lazy to take all this health vitamins as I love eating and I believe taking healthy food everyday will help to nourish the needed nutrients for me but then it was wrong as our daily intake of food can be harmful due to oxidation, bacteria  etc. It can’t be blocking the harmful infection that can attack us through food intake. That’s why we need supplements to protect and supplement the basic nutrient that we need in our body everyday.

When you’re young you don’t need all that but when you’re reaching to my age, then you’ll realize how important the supplements can help in protecting our body. Only time will tell you all this but if you know this, start it young.Even my dear Charmers and Lynette esp. although she was 4 years old, 2 years back she already knew the importance of taking Cellfood when I explained to her and she understand it because she’s a brilliant girl.

If our immune system are weak, that’s when all the cough, flu or infection can attack us so easily. I don’t wana suffer all this pain but gain everyday with healthy body, mind and soul so I rather forced myself to be discipline everyday to take all this health supplements. Prevention is always better than cure! And Rambo for instance, he believed so much in supplements that he always trying to get the best and the right supplements for me from USA, Japan and Switzerland. 

But this lazy Fire Dragon only remember to take Cellfood for the past 7 years because the result speaks by itself. Haha…you can try to ask those people that I have pushed them to take Cellfood on their testimonials, I leave it to them to tell you their life stories. I saved them from further operation on Ovary Cancer(after 2 operations the cysts grew back), big tumour on knee, Breast Cancer from going Chemotherapy etc.    

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Arty Professional Exclusive Blogger Event

ARTY Professional was established since 1999 from Thailand, is a range of colour cosmetics formulated for individuals to express their creativity through the art of make up. The language of the brand speaks of its strength in creating the perfect complexion for women from all walks of life.

I've just arrived for the Arty Professional Bloggers Event with dress code 'Stylish Black'. Everyone wear something in Black and I'm really not a Black fancy lady but I gotta search for Black and found this GUESS Black Satin Dress with Swarovski Crystals (11 years dress, still in good condition).

The sweet Thai Lady loved the dress so much she told the Marketing Manager as she also loved the way I wore my Black Hairband(top) to Black Shoes(toe).I only managed to say "TQ" as it's my daily routine already to dress up following the dress code, everywhere I go.

MIVVA Arty Professional Special Edition Box with Arty Professional full-sized makeups on promotion this event day. They also gave out 3 complimentary boxes on Q & A session that day. 

Many Bloggers have been trying to go for the Q & A fun but not for me, I have enough tonnes of makeups at home already so let's give the chance to those who really into makeups very much to win it. For MIVVA infos, check them out at 

Arty Professional makeup spread from lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, shimmer powder to makeup base, all complete in many colours and updated for today's women needs.

Many Bloggers have been trying to go for the Q & A fun but not for me, I have enough tonnes Arty Professional Complexion Modifier is their proud signature product that allows you to minimise imperfections and enhance your skin tone. The Complexion Modifier is a unique makeup enhancer for 'corrective' makeup that naturally brighten, neutralise and rebalance the skin tone to put your best face forward.

I tried on it after applying the Arty Professional Sparkling Primer that can help skin to glow from within. And when Arty Professional makeup artist from Malaysia help me put on the shimmer powder he said, "Your skin is really smooth and beautiful. You have very good skin. "Really, thank you", I replied wondering if it's true after applying the Primer or before that.

The finishing touch by P'Fee, Creative Director of Arty Professional from Bangkok, after the makeup demonstration. The model transformation was kinda obvious as I can see the radiant and glowing face of a perfect makeup I must say.I hope to achieve that kinda look too with Arty Professional goodies given that day.

I've learned some new makeup techniques that I'm gonna apply for 2013 outlook. To get to know more about Arty Professional, check out their Facebook page at 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Schwarzkopf Unveils Its 10 New Ambassadors

Ten lucky participants of the Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search 2012 were selected as Schwarzkopf Ambassadors for the entire year of 2013. Out of the promising 243 young participants from the Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search road show conducted throughout selected major colleges and universities in the Klang Valley, the 10 winners had a total package of good styles, charismatic personalities and creatively penned slogans that outshone the others.

The Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search 2012 ran for six weeks with engaging road shows featuring the brand’s retail hair care, hair colorant and styling products. To be eligible for the search, one simply had to purchase any Schwarzkopf retail product to qualify for a free makeover which includes hair styling, make up and a professional photo shoot. All hopefuls took home a free 4R print image of their newly improved self, complete with a specially designed Schwarzkopf photo frame. 

“We had a very encouraging response for this search. From all the participating photos of the contestants, I would say that our Malaysian youth are a bunch of beautiful young people with bright shining personalities, no shortage of talents here. However, our 10 new Schwarzkopf Ambassadors were handpicked for their cool confidence, charm and vibrant personalities, that we believe best personifies Schwarzkopf as a brand. We trust that they would be able to carry the brand well.” said Mr Markus Daburger, General Manager of Henkel Beauty Care – Cosmetics Retail, Malaysia & Singapore, at the Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search 2012 award ceremony.

The search was brought to a close on January 15, 2013 at an award ceremony at Aeon BIG, Mid Valley Megamall, where the 10 Schwarzkopf Ambassadors were revealed and feted upon. For the entire year of 2013, Ooi Joshua, Loo Lyn Shia, Toh Han Ying, Leong Hung Jeng, Tan Xue Fen, Yap Foo Khiew, Shailini Nair, Tan Jia Tong, Nik Azrul Aimanshah b. Ibrahim and Lee Sing Yee, will be lavished with a year’s supply of Schwarzkopf retail hair care and styling products and be invited to grace various corporate publicity events and activities as well as formal events. 

Schwarzkopf retail products, which includes hair care products under the Extra Care series, hair colouration products under the Freshlight and Palette brands and styling products under the Got2b series, have been available at selected pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide since June last year. Schwarzkopf retail products are available at all 26 former Carrefour outlets which have been rebranded as Aeon BIG after the recent acquisition of Carrefour by Aeon Co (M) Bhd.

Schwarzkopf retail products now provide the mass market with a chance to enjoy professional quality hair care and styling products at affordable prices. To find out more about the Schwarzkopf brand in Malaysia, its products and also the progress and activities of the 10 new ambassadors, tune in to the Schwarzkopf Malaysia Facebook page at

Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies. Founded in 1876, Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial businesses with well-known brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite. Henkel employs about 47,000 people and reported sales of 15.6 billion euros and adjusted operating profit of 2.03 billion euros in fiscal 2011. Henkel’s preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara

Lancôme Hypnôse Star :RM95 

Lancôme, the undisputed mascara expert, is reinventing glamour by bringing together two icons, the Betty Boop(my favourite sexy icon) and Daria Werbowy. Betty Boop’s mischievous eyes and innate sensuality are combined with the contemporary spirit and confident femininity of Daria Werbowy. 

Yesterday’s vintage glamour meets the glamour of today.Inspired by the hallmark codes of 30’s movies, Lancôme crafts a new, contemporary glamour: deep, intense and mysterious eyes, femininity that cannot go unnoticed and which quite simply demands the utmost attention.

Spotlight on Hypnôse Star, the new show-stopping mascara. The essence of sensuality, the faceted brush caresses lashes for amplified volume and Hollywood curl. In a word of glamour.

A star among mascaras
Star curves wrapped in a sparkling sequined case.An utterly dazzling first impression. Lancôme creates a true red carpet look for this star among mascaras.

Irresistibly feminine in its scintillating dress, Hypnôse Star is a precious object of desire. A true Hollywood accessory, an it-mascara to be kept close to hand at all times. Purely glamour, reinvented by Lancôme.

A highly voluptuous brush
For truly “cinema” eyes, Lancôme reveals the secret behind an ultra-glamorous fringe of lashes: the combination of an innovative brush with two patents pending* and a “Black Diamond” effect fluid formula to sculpt lashes precisely.

What makes it so special? The association of two flat and two oblique sides.The former loads lashes instantly with mascara, applying just the right dose of texture to generously coat lashes.And endowed with longer fibres, the latter separate and lengthen lashes while fixing them in a sensual curl.

Even the shortest lashes are coated, thanks to its versatile triangular shape, this all-new brush paves the way to creating made-to-measure glamour.Lashes are long, black and glossy for show-stopping eyes - intense, deep and mysterious. 

An astonishing formula
Playing on the balance between two types of wax, Hypnôse Star comprises two formulas for a feather-light texture:
Incredibly glamorous volume
This is guaranteed thanks to different soft waxes, which sensually swathe lashes from root to tip for “foolproof” application allowing dream volume with perfect separation to be achieved. Lashes are beautified in 3 dimensional splendour.

Voluptuous curl
Thanks to hard carnauba wax which forms a thin film over the entire lash surface area and perfectly sets their curl. Lashes flaunt the curves of a pin-up model. Dazzling.

A fluid texture and an all-new brush create a surprising alliance, able to create ultra-glam volume and a cleanly defined lash fringe. Guaranteed show-stopping eyes. 

Spotlight effect
Blending daring, charm and sequins, Hypnôse Star channels the seductive attractiveness of its design into a dazzling shade.A guaranteed 'Black Diamond' effect thanks to mineral pigments bathed in light-reflecting oils. 

Black is adorned with moiré tints, as if transformed into the shimmering fabric of an evening gown. 'Noir Midnight' is a shade to dress eyes in sophisticated shine and to capture every flashbulb. 

Glamorously Daria
With her magnetically radiant eyes and resolutely contemporary beauty, Daria Werbowy is more feminine than ever, lending her allure and natural elegance to Hypnôse Star. She represents a modern interpretation of the spirit of Hollywood glamour, revisited by  Lancôme. Glamorously is Betty Boop.

A playfully mischievous character full of whimsical charm, Betty Boop has always typified on-stage glamour. Born in the 30’s as the first ever cartoon heroine, she was seen in black and white as an impish, petite woman infused with a joyful spirit. As an established symbol of the golden age of American animated film, her legendary “boo-boo-bee-doo” catchphrase became famous, and has been adopted by the world's most glamorous stars.

Over time she has been transformed by technicolour, yet she has maintained her quirky, playful spirit and timeless youth. Sizzlingly sensual and eternally adorable, she now joins the legacy of Hypnôse Star!

A game of seduction caught in the limelight. Lancôme’s ultimate surprise is bringing Daria Werbowy and Betty Boop – two true glamour icons – together for the first time. Posing for the camera, this utterly unexpected duo compete with their show-stoppingly sensual eyes and irresistible. 

To get more updates from Lancôme, check out their Facebook page at

Saturday, January 19, 2013

SAMPAR So Much To Dew Midnight Mask Review

Sampar So Much To Dew Midnight Mask: RM166(50ml)
Sampar Paris So Much To Dew Midnight Mask is a unique concentrated skin care mask that nearly perfectly mimics the skin’s original hydrating film. Starting from the first night, this mask replenishes your skin, soaking it in freshness of 31% more moisturization in 1 hour, instantly quenched, your skin is plumped, supple and younger-looking.

From the first night of use, the skin is more hydrated by 86.5%, softer by 94.6%, suppler by 97.3% upon waking up in the morning. So Much To Dew Midnight Mask is suitable for dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. (Research done by Sampar Paris)

Lucky I brought this mask to Italy with me as the 3rd day in Florence, the skin on my face has turned to 'kain yang koyak-rabak jadinya’ especially around my nose area. As the cold weather was too dry, the skin was peeled off like the dried onion flakes, piece by piece flaking out. It was irritating especially when I cleanse my face, it feels like hot burning on my face. Kinda painful too, comes to think about it.

But thank God, while I’m enjoying my spa bath(Japanese cooling bubble salt) I put on this mask ‘setebal-tebalnya’(very thick) for total pampering. Wah, my skin was on fire burning sensation after applying it but after a minute, I can feel that my skin began to feel cooling and soothing sensation. It was great as after my bath, I asked Rambo to touch my face, excitedly he said, ”How come so smooth, smoother than a baby skin neh.”

Haha...I showed to him the new Sampar Paris So Much To Dew Midnight Mask’ that I’m gonna review soon. And he told me he wana give it a try too. I told him to go ahead and try it. I‘m so grateful to Hee Woon for sending me this mask the day before I fly to Italy. It’s so worth my time and effort. I love it so much and back to KL, I remember to use it everyday because it keeps my skin so moisturized throughout the day.  

The correct way to use this mask is by applying it on the clean face before you sleep. After removing the lid, place the tube in the ON position. Extract the right amount of mask on your whole face by using the brush. Turn back the tube in the OFF position before putting the lid back on. After using it, rinse the brush with warm water and pat dry. Leave the mask on all night and rinse in the morning.


Smart Hydrating Complex perfectly mimics the skin’s hydrolipidic film, locking water within cutaneous cells and restoring the skin’s lasting moisturization. Hyaluronic Acid Capsules diffuse hydration in-depth, tonifying and replenishing the skin.

Not forgetting the Urban Advance Complex, a powerful alliance of 3 active ingredients (shea butter serum, mint endorphin and probiotic sugar), acts as an anti-oxidant shield, neutralizing any cutaneous imbalances linked to pollution, strengthens the skin’s natural defenses and shocks the skin back to life on a cellular level.

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