Wednesday, July 27, 2016

REALASH Eye Beauty 4 Weeks Review - Part 2

Lash growth phase lasts approximately 30 days. Honestly, I really needed 4 weeks to be able to share the great result of this eye soul beauty review with you. REALASH advanced formula accelerates natural lash growth and strengthens them from the roots itself, besides preventing it from falling out. In fact it's so true as I used to have eyelashes falling out most of the time. There's a saying if anyone misses us, we can see one or more eyelashes falling out. Believe it or not, it maybe an old saying but I will only believe it when I see it. 

REALASH Eyelash Serum: RM190

That day in Penang my friend said long time no see, miss me a lot esp. my laughing fever during our chats and that morning I really had 2 eyelashes falling out from my eyes. Aiyo, can go botak(bald) if go on like this because of this myth belief that turned out to be so true. Haha...I believe it after having to experience it so many times as in other cases which happened recently also during my Spring vacation etc. my dear Charmer was looking for me and that morning I really had one eyelash falling out. It's not very often that I would I have any eyelash falling out but it did sometimes, unlike hair fall which happened everyday when we go for our bath. I didn't rub my eyes but it fell out naturally. 

This eyelash serum didn't irritate my eyes with any allergy and it's very safe to use for daily usage. In fact I used it every night before I sleep. usually apply it on the upper eyelid at the roots of my eyelashes, very gently and slowly as I treasure my eyes very much. It's very easy to use with a quality brush that's soft to apply on my sensitive, delicate eyes. I can see that my eyelashes looked healthier and thicker that's for sure. When Sherry asked me got longer or not? I replied her honestly "Got longer a bit, but definitely can see the obvious result of having healthier and thicker eyelashes." Haha...It's good to keep on using it to maintain the health of our eyelashes in the long run I would say.

REALASH Eyebrow Conditioner: RM170

Do you know that the brow beauty is one of the most defined 'Feng Shui' good luck boosting feature for our face? During my 20's, I did my 1st eyebrow embroidery at one of the most famous eyebrow beauty salon in Malaysia. After completing that 1st beauty enhancement of my life where I told my bestie Jos it's painful, she dare not go for it anymore as she's supposed to go for that after my turn. In fact after all these years I have received many invitations from beauty salons and complimentary embroidery service with RM700 cash voucher presented to me by Gardens Club also, I didn't go for it as I never want to go for any painful beauty enhancement treatment kinda beauty aficionado. Free also I'm not interested, that's for sure.

But after my 1st eyebrow embroidery done on that fateful day, all my friends started to enquire more about it and they really went for it as it's so perfectly done by this famous artisan beauty and beautiful with wonderful result, they're willing to go for the pain. They told me it's painful but it's totally worth it. Haha...Like I always said, some people are willing to go for the pain in the gain for beauty, even under the knife or travelling to overseas paying loads of money also 'Sem Gem Meng Dai' for it as beauty means everything to them. I really salute my mom and many of my friends who can suffer and stand the temporary pain for the name of beauty. Just not for me, thank you!

This REALASH Brow conditioner with its advanced formula stimulates the natural growth of brows and improves the overall look. In fact it's so easy to use, I only apply it every night before I sleep and after 4 weeks, I can see that my eyebrows have become so natural looking fuller, thicker and healthier. Natural defined brows by only using this watery serum that easily absorbed around my eyebrow area. For more infos on REALASH products, check out

I rather keep on using this serum daily to have beautiful eyebrow that will somewhere, somehow enhanced the overall look of my face feature naturally. You only need to be hardworking in applying it everyday to achieve perfect eyebrows for a month. And sometimes during my lazy Sunday au natural pampering day, I only apply this brow conditioner to condition my eyebrows without any makeup also can make it looked perfect liao. Beauty can be easy as ABC and doing it the healthy way that's suitable for me, thanks REALASH!

Sri Lanka Coffee Bean Indulgence

I remember when I booked this Europe Tour in very last minute great deals with a new travel agency, I
was very busy this year so I didn't have much time to study the itinery yet. When Chin Yee asked me
about it also, I replied her I just go with the flow and let's hope it's a happy holiday for me and thank God
it turned out to be marvellous with smooth, safe journey. Tq to Amituofo and Buddha for their blessings.

For 3 hours transit without the immigration checks, I get
to rest and relax here at Sri Lanka Coffee Bean but it's an
expensive coffee break here, retailed everything in USD.
Used to pay about 3xs but now it's 4xs, a big difference
here so nobody will come for coffee except Angelene & I.

Even this Natural King Coconut Water cost USD6, RM24.
Crazy, Rambo grumbled to me but he still bought it for me
as I'm that kinda angel who would try on something new &
synonym to the birth place country special. Since they dare
to claim their coconut to be the king of coconut so let's try it. 
From my 1st transit to the last transit here, I didn't see anyone
bought this drink at all. All of them indulged in coffee or ice
blended coffee only from my thorough observation. Ok lah,
not very yummy like the 'Siu Thai Coconut Juice' that only
cost TB20 during my many Thailand holidays. Not worth it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Paris, France 2016

This year my Spring holiday in Europe included Paris in
France happened to be in sunny weather, just nice. But
still I prefer to be safe than sorry so I wear this GUESS
Furry Winter Coat to keep me warm and thank God I did
as when the wind blows straight to us, it was so chilly
cold like the winter season. Lucky I wore my scarf too.

Even Sis May, one of my tour member loved the way I dress
like a Princess, she said to me in Cantonese. Haha...I humbly
accept and thanked her for the nice compliments. We became
friends and quite close as we liked to share about happiness. I
totally understand her and adores her for being a good mom
who raised 2 obedient teenage girl and boy who respects me.
We make friends with everyone as time goes by but sometimes, it's a 'Yuen Fen' being able to stay close with
one and another really depending on the same passion or not. She wanted to buy branded things also but really
had no idea which brand to buy. So happened both of us fell in love with the same CD Pink Limited Edition Bag
when we both went in Christian Dior Boutique together. This time I'm fortunate to visit the 'Musee du Louvre'
during my Paris journey this year. The last trip in Paris, I decided to shop till I drop at Champs Elysees and dine.
Feeling fantastic to close the gap to touring Paris this time so I can plan to travel to other countries now.

I may have planned Europe trip with London as the main destination in the 'Speedy Gonzales' rushing mood, it
turned out to be a perfect holiday for both Rambo and I. Initially, I was feeling dili-deli still trying to figure out
many factors should I go or not, should I spend this much of money and should I just go with the flow with Ju
to Iceland until Rambo convinced me to live life to the fullest and enjoy to the max. Haha...I finally gave in and
glad I did as I enjoyed many new things I get to explore here esp. the Parisien fine dining with Rambo in Paris.
I never really fancy taking Escargot but this restaurant managed to delish me with their signature garlic sauce
that make the whole dish seemed so special about it. Then I get to enjoy every specialties from the others too.
All of them cuts a small piece of Lamb, Duck, Fish and Steak for me to indulge. We also helped each other in
sharing to buy Paris souvenirs as they were late for the souvenir shopping at this particular shop and the rest
are selling very expensive, no one can afford to pay so much for so many souvenirs also in Euro. Haha...Lucky
Rambo bought a lot that day as they wanted to go but was not allowed to as after the dinner, we need to travel
back to out hotel safely and we're encouraged to stay close together as a group from pickpockets. Day to night,
Robin has advised us many times to keep our wallet, cash and bags at various secret places to avoid from being
robbed. Going Europe is like you need to stay alert and careful from the ghosts like that. My Gel Manicure that
changes to Pink Fushcia when it's cold, White under warm weather and Red when I washed my hands with cold
water. One of the lovely Gel Manicure I had ever experience in my life and super duper loving it to the max!

Isabelle Lancray 'ILSACTIVINE' Sustenance For The Skin With Vegan Anti-Aging Care

Isabelle Lancray has been synonymous with the French flair for beauty when Madame Isabelle Lancray opened a prestigious beauty parlour in 1953 at Rue Francois 1, one of the most famous district in Paris. Haha...I just came back from Paris in my last Spring holiday so somewhere, somehow the Parisien heat of romanticism is still fresh in my memories and kinda refreshing my lovely Paris journey all over again during the event.

This beauty event was held at Bistro a Table at Section 17, PJ in the morning and we were served with a great lunch to end the event. Today, Isabelle Lancray is introducing another allure from the City of Love, where French women are admired for their confidence and charisma. They can be simple and chic at the same time.  The Parisian crowd loves to go au naturel with a balanced and healthy lifestyle to sustain their youth. In fact, this is my beauty philosophy too as everyone knew I prefer to go for au naturel beauty for years already. 

Arising from this occurrence, we have witnessed the convergence of the Parisians’ two passions into their skincare routine - “food” and “cosmetics”. The “food cosmetics” trend came about when skincare products started to contain ingredients that follow dietary habits or have textures and smells that are based on food, such as ice cream, mousse and sorbet. I never really indulged in macaroon kinda girl although I had tried many of it even from Paris itself, but this cute macaroon is really yummy and I managed to finish it as well. 

In the new ILSACTIVINE range, Isabelle Lancray has taken up this trend with a trio of products containing innovative vegan formulas that whisked up a smooth and youthful skin. The textures of the products are formulated so that they can gently melt into the skin, delivering ultramodern anti-aging care for the highest cosmetic demands. 

The ILSACTIVINE range comprises of the “Souffle De Beaute”, a regenerating innovative cream mousse with light UV protection of “Elixir Volume Plus”, a sorbet that gently melts into the skin for a plumping effect and the “Flash Lift”, a light liquid to firm and even skin tone and bringing about an optical reduction of wrinkles.

Active Ingredients
Walnut Extract
Because of its composition, the walnut extract is refined into an indispensable multifunctional raw potion in modern anti-aging products. It intensively stimulates the bioactivity of restructuring, prompts the body’s natural collagen synthesis and also helps to build a healthy, protective skin barrier. An exceptional combination of free-radical-scavenging and vitalizing molecules protects the skin against oxidative stresses and stimulates protein synthesis in the deeper layers.

Cranberry Seed Oil
The oil is characterized by its slightly nutty scent. Linoleic and linolenic acid protect the barrier of agitated skin. Mature, dry and eczema-prone skin; as well as greasy and blemished skin benefit from the anti-inflammatory, keratinization-regulating properties of the cranberry seed oil.

Southern Ginseng
Southern Ginseng strengthens epidermal lipid synthesis, the key enzymes of which are also multiplied. All in all, the skin’s moisture content, firmness, smoothness and elasticity are significantly improved and wrinkle depth is visibly reduced.

Vitamin E
Concentrate of natural tocopherols (vitamin E) in sunflower oil is incorporated as a natural antioxidant.

Brown Algae
The Brown Algae produces three key proteins during synthesis, which are essential for the existence of adipocytes which fills up with fat and has a volumizing effect.

Microalga Porphyridium Cruentum
Based on the development of edible film, the Microalga Porphyridium Cruentum is a polymer matrix ideally adapted to the requirement for skin firming. The polymer forms a three-dimensional network on the skin which refines the skin microstructure, reduces coarseness and makes fine lines disappear.

Innovative cream mousse with light UV protection as a regenerating beauty care for day and night. With this regenerating cream mousse one can experience a state-of-the-art complex of purely plant-based repair ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. Your skin will feel smoother, more toned and supple. I really love this melting mousse texture and its rejuvenating scent, I even told Sam when he asked if I liked their new range of products launched that day. So luxurious to pamper on my skin, I actually spread it all over my hands.

This serum with a special sea fern extract (extractum filicis) reactivates worn-out cell functions and optimizes the supply of nutrients. Natural cranberry seed oil and vitamin E guarantee that velvety soft skin feel. This fast-absorbed serum is easily hydrating my skin after massaging gently into my dry left hand. This is what I liked most about serum and I hope it really help to plump up my wrinkles as well. Haha...Nowadays, I desperately needed anti-aging products to keep my aging skin to maintain my youthfulness till old age. It's fine to age gracefully so long we have good health to boost up our immune system in absorbing the nutritious nutrients from food and supplements we took everyday as the root of real beauty comes from inside a healthy body. 

This is a firming 2-in-1 product specially designed to smooth out fine lines in the eye area and around the mouth area in the long run. On the one hand, surface-active natural ingredients quickly ensure visible firming of the skin and wrinkle depth appears reduced. On the other hand, deep-action ingredients activate the skin’s natural regeneration processes with long-lasting skin-toning effect.

Retail price of the ILSACTIVINE Souffle De Beaute is RM368 (50ml), the Elixir Volume Plus is RM338 (50ml) and the Flash Lift is RM158 (5ml). The Isabelle Lancray products are available at over 40 beauty salons nationwide. For more information, you can check out 

About Isabelle Lancray
Rich in both history and tradition, Isabelle Lancray, Paris has been a well-known and respected European brand of cosmetics and skin care products for close to 70 years.

It all began in 1945, after World War II, when Isabelle Lancray, age 30, gave up a career as a journalist to pursue a childhood dream of owning a beauty salon. She took her first steps on the triumphant road to beauty care to set up a manufacturing line in Courbevoie. Her products soon became well-known and very successful.

In 1953, her childhood dream came true when she finally opened her first salon in Rue Francois 1, one of the most famous district in Paris. Here, she organized training and management courses and devoted all her energies in the interest of beauty.

However, she was not satisfied with merely creating products. She wanted even more of the bewitching world of the professional beautician. She worked tirelessly with schools and colleges and developed numerous official diplomas in beauty care. She joined the National Association of beauty salons and became President in 1962. In 1968, she formed the famous French Beauty and Cosmetic Association.

Without a husband and children, she worked relentlessly, day and night. Her numerous activities in pursuit of promoting her brand, took her around the world to many countries including Russia and the Lebanon.

Meanwhile, her reputation had become so remarkable that a leading French evening newspaper wrote as follows about her product range. “Madame Isabelle Lancray is taking on the American giant.” Isabelle Lancray died on 12 April 1989 but her concepts, philosophy, and work lived on.

In 1997, the Isabelle Lancray entity was bought over by Dr Rimpler GmbH which continues to develop the beauty products. The brand continues to flourish and command a leading edge in beauty technology today.

About Cheerful Beauteepro
Cheerful Beauteepro was established in 1983 as the marketing division for the Cheerful Group trading company supplying cosmetic products and beauty equipment. Operations in Malaysia first started in Kuala Lumpur in 1988. Within a year, business flourished and another branch in Singapore was established. Today, Cheerful Beauteepro has a partnership of more than 300 Beautique Members (Beauty Centres) nationwide with expansion plans in the future. Cheerful Beauteepro is the sole distributor of Swiss line products in Malaysia. The company has also established a successful marketing and distribution line for Carole Franck, Dr. Rimpler and Isabelle Lancray beauty products.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sri Lanka Luxury Ayurveda SPA CEYLON

During my flight by Sri Lankan Airlines, Spa Ceylon was
the main advertiser that keeps on playing in every movie
& I enjoyed watching the ads tranquility of peacefulness.
I was very tempted to purchase their products liao but I
need to try and test the scent plus its quality before I buy
since it's almost the same price as in Malaysia using USD.
The 1st day I have arrived in Sri Lanka for my coffee break at Coffee Bean, I saw this Spa Ceylon with nice
scent that's running through my strong smell sense divinely. The staff are very courteous in serving me &
asking me try on each products. I tried and tested it happily and instantly I told her I wanted this set which I
had targeted during the flight. And it's cheaper also retailing at USD30 only compared to Sri Lankan Airlines.
I was lucky I keep my cool and calm about shopping as I'm not desperate for anything now. At home, I have
many kinds of aromatherapy and beauty products to pamper myself, yet I'll still buy whenever I feel like it.
Actually, I was tempted to buy every sets of it as I fell in love with each different invigorating scents that
 managed to keep me relaxed, uplifted and revitalised but I bought this set 1st to pamper for Europe trip. It
was meant to help those who needed much rest and relaxation to sleep better+easier although I didn't
have any problem sleeping and I can sleep anywhere even on plane when the time is due for rest or sleep.
This Sleep Therapy Home Spa set is a perfect set for me as it comes with a lovely pouch and complete
products for a total relaxation package. I tend to use it everyday just to uplift my good mood naturally.

I also fell in love with it as it's in green colour packaging, it absorbed to my skin real easily after 2
rounds of massage esp. added with the bath oil luxuriously. Last year, Metrojaya has invited me for
their spa opening also but I drove past Midvalley liao. Just never thought that we're destined to meet
again this year and bought it from their birth place here in Sri Lanka. I totally fell in love with Spa Ceylon
as it's one of the best spa products I had ever used in my life. It's the natural scent using best ingredients
 like Lavender, Lemongrass that got me totally hooked in pampering myself with home spa for wellness!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spanish Dining At La Cocina Restaurant & Tapas Bar, USJ Taipan

Such a coincidence I was craving for Spanish good food that day and so I stepped into this La Cocina
Restaurant that situated strategically at the corner side, I saw it during my haircare spa treatment.
Suddenly I was craving for Seafood Paella and other Spanish delicacies and my laws of attraction really
fulfilled my wish of command instantly like a magic lamp "Your wish is my command!" from the universe.

The moment I glanced through their high class menu,
I fell in love with their delightful, colourful cocktails
already and quickly ordered Spanish Flamenco with
a tease of passion fruit with tequila. Nice and so high!

Can't drink much nowadays so I slowly sip a bit and
finishing it after my lovely spanish fine dining here.
And I also ordered this Spanish Sunset, a blend of
Pineapple, Coconut Cream and Granada fruit juice to
complete the yummylicious dinner that fateful weekend.

Looking at this Mariscos Seafood Paella served smoking hot is suffice enough to tempt our hunger pangs
for spanish delights liao. In fact after Rambo took a picture or two of this delicious Seafood Paella, I quickly
started indulging on it already. Haha...One of the best Seafood Paella I ever had in my 40 years of life. Mama
Mia, Excellente & Rico are all I can say to best describe it that comes with generous seafood servings too.

Now I know where to find a good place for spanish good
food whenever I'm craving and starving for it. Haha...Life
is beautiful when I managed to find a wonderful haven
to fulfil my fussy cravings for good food and beverages.

Rambo enjoyed this delish Spanish dining too and he
felt that 
the total bill of RM122.20 is considered high but
reasoned with him as long it's yummy, it's totally worth it.
I prefer to take rice, I'm a typical Malaysian food lover and
compared with the many fine dining we had esp. in Europe,
dining here in Malaysia is considered very reasonable liao.
I have yet to to compare those high end fine dining in Italy for one person lunch already cost RM150.
In Spain, fine dining can cost around RM100 per pax also without the red wine. Haha...To enjoy life
in Europe or travelling all around Europe for a week or two in classy, luxury lifestyle, minimum you need
RM20,000-30,000 at least. That's why when my friend said she spent about RM 60,000 in Italy, I believe
her as you need that kinda money for total enjoyment for dining, stay and shopping luxuriously or you
can go 'Pok Kai' real easily. No joke man. Control your spending wisely, budget and plan nicely for travel
or you can go crazy when your reached home. Haha...That's life, enjoy life to the fullest while you can! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Birthday #ALTHEA Turns 1 Celebration

Happy Birthday #altheaturns1! I'm delighted to wish you all the best in your future undertaking, stay fabulous forever and hoping you can prosper for many years to come. In conjunction of Althea 1st Birthday celebration here in Malaysia, there are many promotions and goodies giveaways with every beauty purchase. In fact, I have tried on the Althea online shopping and I received my Althea Birthday Kit plus all the favourite Korean goodies in within a week. This cute, pretty hat was designed by my creative art director, Tq dear Shyan! 

It's super duper easy to shop here and I managed to find many lovely beauty goodies I was looking for. Some of the products comes with special discounts and promos which are totally worthy to grab as well. I got super excited to try on the Korean beauties goodies that I have purchased throughout this July month. One thing for sure, I will refer Althea beauty website to all beauty aficionados as we cannot stop sharing about beauty stuffs and we can shop till we drop whenever we're together. Haha...That's the destiny of a woman's life!  

The Birthday Celebration that's going to run from 20th to 31st July, 2016, so quickly grab the chance before it ends. Good luck everyone!
1. Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit 
For orders placed on 20th July onwards. While stocks last.

2. Free Goodies for first 1,500 shoppers
Full size beauty products. While stocks last. 

3. Birthday Giveaway. Pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% REBATE!
Rebate will be credited into your account.

4. #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest
To get your Althea party kit, you only need to wish them happy birthday with #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea. There are prizes worth of KRW10,000,000 to be won and the contest starts from 20th July to15th August, 2016.

*Terms and conditions apply. Fore more information, check them out at or Althea Facebook at

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ARIMINO Born In Japan Haircare CARE DUE Spa Treatment

First and foremost, I wish to thank Arimino for this beautiful Arimino Born In Japan Haircare Spa Treatment pampered for my dry, dull-looking hair that week due to the hazy, hot weather. No matter how healthy our hair can be with all the tender loving care poured into taking good care of our hair, just 3 days of hot weather out in the sun only, the hair can turned out to be unruly, dry like the ranting pokok, tree branches in China during Autumn season and get tangled easily. That's how fragile our hair can turned out to be, besides falling off easily and scalp get irritated sensitively. After been pampered with this Arimino Care Due Treatment, my head feels light and easy , I went home happily and confidently with smooth, healthy and ruly hair.

I'm so glad to meet Ms. Tan and William who are nice to welcome me to try on this relaxing hair spa that fateful afternoon. After a meaningful chat with them, they invited me to try on this Arimino CARE DUE Spa treatment done by Joseph. Joseph cleanse my hair using the right hydrating shampoo to give back the moisture I needed desperately for dry hair. I always loved Arimino brand for its cute and fun packaging esp. the styling products for the past 10 years but now naturally, I'm loving the haircare treatment products as well.

Then, he started to apply the Arimino Stretching Spa Gel Mask on my wet hair layer by layer, part by part and focused mainly on the scalp gently. He started to massage my head for better blood circulation. The massage was good and we talked much about hair related issues. For more infos about this rich Japanese beauty company having 71 years of beauty history in Japan, check out

Joseph then applied the CARE DUE Smooth Control Serum smoothly on all over my hair. Both scalp and hair treatment are done together at the same time after the relaxing head massage. Feels so pampering with the revitalizing divine scent of Arimino haircare products. Furthermore, I get to enjoy using Arimino haircare products presented exclusively to me and I got totally hooked pampering my hair everyday with Arimino now.

That day when Steven told me that I have healthy, lovely hair and asked me which brand of shampoo I used at home, I proudly answered him "Arimino from Japan". He quickly agreed with me that Arimino haircare products are really good excitedly and I totally agreed with him indeed. After cleansing the treatment of 10 minutes, my hair then showered with CARE DUE Smooth Hold Serum and Volume Mist real luxuriously. Arimino brand philosophy is 'healthy hair requires daily targeted hair care of both the scalp and the hair together.' 

I feel so blessed to get up close with this Japanese brand now as I can feel that my hair got strengthen and smoothen to healthy, smooth and shiny-looking hair now. Even after using Arimino Shampoo without the hair conditioner also, it didn't dry up my hair at all and after using the conditioner, my hair need not comb also it managed to tame my hair to silky-smooth touch hair. Everyday when I wakes up, my hair is still smooth, not dry and shiny as ever. To achieve having healthy, smooth-y and lovely hair, you only need to follow the 3 simple steps and using the Arimino Shampoo, Conditioner and Volume Mist disciplinary, as simple as that!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Guardian CRYSTAL MOIST Journey With Ju Eun-Young

CRYSTAL MOIST, the leading mineral skincare expert presents their BRAND AMBASSADOR Ms. Ju Eun-Young. Fondly known as Eun-young, we will see her in CRYSTAL MOIST marketing campaigns to uplift the importance of skin hydration with our unique Korean formulation. Super duper busy also I was glad I made it that afternoon for this beauty event to take place in my beauty diary as I get to update myself with the latest trend of the Korean skincare tips, news and technology.

CRYSTAL MOIST sees this partnership with Eun-young as a platform to reach out to a wider audience, and deliver credibility of the brand promise. At the age of 25, Eun-young embodies what the CRYSTAL MOIST brand stands for attractive, healthy, feminine and confident, making her the perfect fit as Brand Ambassador. As an active and hardworking woman, Eun-young understands the need to maintain a youthful and healthy complexion, thus using an innovative and quality skincare is important to her. “Korean skincare formulation, perfect for Asian skin, my skin!” says Eun-young.

As a rising K-Pop star, Eun-young is a beloved member of Korean Girl Group TWO X. Formerly a member of YG dance group CRAZY, Eun-young had performed as a dancer for Korean superstars IU, Rain and BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

Despite her hustling lifestyle, Eun-young ensures that she sets aside ample time for her skincare routine. “I always keep my CRYSTAL MOIST Moisturising Facial Masks handy, especially when I need to travel long-haul. And no matter how hectic my schedule is, I always make sure I apply my Moisturising Face Essence and Brightening CC Cream before I head out. Being dermatologically tested and proven, I can trust CRYSTAL MOIST in taking care of my skin’s needs,” says Eun-young.

Eun-young’s partnership with the brand will focus on the hydration and brightening skincare lines, featuring HYDRA ION+ and BRIGHT ION+ collections. These two product ranges are developed and made in Korea, using KOREAN DEEP OCEAN WATER. Eun-young will play an active role in “educating” consumers about the benefits of water and minerals for our skin. After attending this beauty event, I was tempted to try this hydration skincare excitedly but I have lined it up for trial in the coming August. Haha...That's life of a beauty writer!

The CRYSTAL MOIST campaign will kick off with print advertisements and in-store displays featuring Eun-young, followed by digital initiatives.

CRYSTAL MOIST, a brand new line of masstige skincare formulated and made in Korea, innovatively combines the properties unique to precious mineral complexes with the powerful nutrients of the Korean Deep Ocean Water. Effectively rejuvenating your skin from deep within, CRYSTAL MOIST delivers an ultimate beautiful complexion. Now, you too can achieve intensely hydrated and nourished skin.

Launching for the first time in Malaysia are two lines for supple and glowing visages, HYDRA ION+ and BRIGHT ION+. Both ranges are engineered with three core ingredients;
HY+3 Aqua-Channeling Factor
Rich in essential minerals, Korean Deep Ocean Water penetrates into skin, restoring moisture and comfort. It is boosted by the efficient moisturising factor of Hyaluronic Acid. Forming a hydrating veil on the skin’s surface, the skin is effectively primed to lock in water molecules, effectively soothing and moisturising dehydrated skin.

Regenerating Mineral Complex
Derived from five fermented essential minerals, it replenishes essential trace elements for skin health, lifts skin’s vigour and revives energy from within. The skin now glows with supple moisture and healthy complexion.

Perfect-Hydration 24 Complex
Grown in subtropical zones such as Asia and Australia, the natural Lalang Grass Rhizome is extracted in France. It works together with Glycerin that acts as an efficient moisturising factor which brings about long-lasting hydration.


HYDRA ION+ is the ultimate skincare range to effectively restore a hydrated visage, unveiling a crystal-moist complexion. This range is uniquely formulated with Seaweed extract to further improve skin hydration.

Seaweed Extract
Seaweed extract is rich in Polysaccharides and Fucoidan to soften and moisturise skin. It has a soothing on effect on skin and acts as an antioxidant to protect skin against free radicals. High in essential minerals; such as calcium, iodine and iron.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Cleanser, 120ml
A gentle foaming cleanser that hydrates and soothes delicate skin with a Hydra-Clean Complex that adds extra moisture to skin during the cleansing experience. The skin is purified, balanced, moisturised and well prepared for active toning.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Toner – Balancing, 180ml
Perfectly preserves the moisture balance in normal to oily skin by providing minerals to rehydrate and comfort. Enriched with Trehalose, it helps retain the natural structure of skin by protecting skin from dryness. Continuous application refreshes and refines cleansed skin for a crystal-moist complexion.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Toner – Lustrous, 180ml
A luxurious essence designed to nourish and hydrate dry skin. Actively restores skin’s moisture and replenishes skin’s daily needs with a “mineral spa” formulation. Enriched with Rice Ferment Filtrate and Moss Roses extract to hydrate, soothe and smoothen skin.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Eye Concentrate, 20ml
A light and nourishing eye concentrate to soothe dryness and tautness around your eye area. Relieves signs of fatigue and lightens dark circles for radiant eyes with gentle massage.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Face Essence, 30ml
A silky soft essence that keeps skin supple and soft, densely restoring moisture to skin with Korean Deep Ocean Mineral Water. Moss Roses extract soothes skin to unveil crystal-moist complexion. Continuous application perfectly hydrates skin to crystal-moist complexion.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Face Essence Milk, 100ml
A highly absorbable essence milk that hydrates and balances skin. Activates skin’s moisture retention capacity to promote finer and smoother skin texture. An added blend of Agave Tequilana Leaf extract keeps skin perfectly moisturised.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Face Gel, 50ml
A light refreshing face gel that supplies long-lasting moisture to skin, giving it a healthy glow. Enriched with Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, it delivers antioxidants to improve skin conditions. The Perfect-Hydration 24 Complex forms a protective layer on skin to reduce water loss.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Face Cream, 50ml
A powerful deep moisturising cream that delivers intense and long-lasting hydration. It is made with 100% Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil that acts as a protective barrier on skin to prevent moisture loss. Continuous application gives ultra smoothing and perfect hydration for your skin with crystal-moist complexion.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Mask, 7pcs x 25ml
This high affinity facial mask created from the fibre TENCEL®, containing a vital moisturising mineral essence with intense hydrating property for an intensive hydrating treatment. With Bird’s Nest extract to improve skin’s elasticity, and fits well on face contours to provide a crystal-moist complexion.


BRIGHT ION+ invigorates your skin with a healthy and radiant glow. Empowered with Sea Shine from France, and Floral-Bright Complex, it is dermatologically tested and proven to enhance skin tone, reducing appearance of dark spots, revealing a complexion that glows like precious crystals.

Floral-Bright Complex
A powerful synergy of complexes extracted from 5 different white flowers; Peach Flower, Japanese Apricot Flower, Lotus, Magnolia & Camellia; Floral-Bright Complex soothes skin with antioxidant properties and brightens skin for a healthy, crystal-bright complexion.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Facial Cleanser, 120ml
A gentle foaming cleanser that lathers away impurities and promotes a crystal-moist complexion. Contains ocean water minerals, hydrating element and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin moisturised. Enriched with Trehalose and Lotus extract to protect skin from dehydration. Skin is purified, brightened and moisturised for toning.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Facial Toner, 180ml
A refining formula that helps to transform dull skin into a fairer, brighter complexion. It replenishes and balances moisture on skin, while Rice Bran extract and Floral-Bright Complex derived from five Korean botanical extracts help in achieving a refined and radiant skin.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Eye Concentrate, 20ml
A light and refreshing eye concentrate to soothe and brighten the delicate area around the eyes, reducing the appearance of dryness and fine lines, and brightens eye contour area with Mulberry Root extract. Empowered with Sea Shine from France and Floral-Bright Complex that is derived from five Korean botanical extracts, it helps to combat dullness for a radiant and glowing appearance.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Face Essence, 30ml
A silky soft essence that keeps skin radiant and hydrated. Enriched with a powerful Super Fruit Complex to protect skin from free radicals. It contains Sea Shine, a marine algae complex designed to combat the appearance of dark spots and enhance luminosity. Together with Moss Roses extract and Vitamin E, it helps soothe skin and reduce UV damage to skin.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Face Essence Milk, 100ml
A silky smooth essence milk that provides long-lasting moisture to the skin, with Floral-Bright Complex and Natural Fruits Complex for a youthful glow,delivering antioxidants and vitamins. Continuous application perfectly brightens skin with crystal-bright complexion.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Face Cream, 50ml
A powerful, intensive cream that brightens and smoothens skin and delivers long-lasting hydration. Specially enriched with a powerful mix of Super Fruit Complex, it provides antioxidant protection and rich in Vitamin C. The combination of Sea Shine and Floral-Bright Complex enhances skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Continuous application gives ultra smoothing and perfect luminosity for your skin with crystal-bright complexion.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening CC Cream SPF 36 PA+++, 35ml
A lightweight colour correcting cream that instantly evens skin tone and supports a radiant-looking complexion. With UVA and UVB protection for daily use and helps prevent the signs of ageing caused by UV damage. It contains Sea Shine from France and Floral-Bright Complex to enhance skin tone and help reduce the appearance of dark spots. Its lightweight texture primes skin for makeup application for a flawless, healthy glow.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Facial Mask 7 pcs x 25ml
This high affinity facial mask created from the fibre TENCEL® containing a brightening mineral essence with intensive brightening and hydrating properties. Enriched with a Super Fruit Complex rich in Vitamin C, it also provides antioxidant protection. Contains Sea Shine from France and Floral-Bright Complex to enhance luminosity and reduce the appearance of dark spots, it is boosted by Nano-Ceramides to improve skin barrier, soothe skin and lock in moisture. It fits well on face contours to provide brightening effects and a crystal-bright complexion.