Thursday, May 30, 2019

Avenue K Radiance of Eid 2019

Capture the resplendent and beauty of Ramadhan in in an artistic display of colourful geometric splendor at Avenue K from 10th May to 9th June 2019 as you countdown to a light-hearted and blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Receive more this Raya at Avenue K! A minimum spend of RM250 ( RM200 for AK Neighbours Card members ) in two receipts or less, entitles you to redeem a set of exclusive AK Raya packets, while stocks last.

Enjoy meals for free with a minimum spend of RM500 in a maximum of two receipts. Avenue K will reward you with ‘Buka Puasa’ meals worth over RM100 from Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, Juan Valdez cafĂ©, Nene Chicken, Baba Nyonya, and Wrap ‘N Roll’.

To make your ‘balik kampung’ experience more rewarding, take part in the Weekly Top Spender Contest and be one of the 30 lucky shoppers to win an AK Raya Limited Edition Touch ‘n Go card worth Rm100. From 10th to 27th May, 10 winners will be chosen weekly, so get ready to win!

DR. RIMPLER Introduces “Organic Actives Cosmetics” For Skincare

Dr. RIMPLER Cosmetics is introducing new science to the CUTANOVA range of skincare products. It has raised the barometer of cosmeceutical research and development by being the first to deploy “Organic Actives Cosmetics”. This breakthrough is now found in the DR. RIMPLER CUTANOVA FACE SPA range of skincare products.

The German beauty brand has ventured into the deep sea to harness living energy that can fuel skin cell for a younger looking skin. The Dr. RIMPLER research team has singled the oldest plant in the world and one which holds the elemental power and energy of the sea – the Algae and a host of other active ingredients for the CUTANOVA FACE SPA.  The amazing power of algae is like a giant battery with a store of revitalising energy and moisture to nourish cells, power metabolism and offer protection from harmful influences.

Scientific findings and cutting-edge technology available at Dr. RIMPLER have made it possible to combine natural cosmetics and active cosmetics by extracting and isolating molecules of the purest substance from algae extracts in high purity, using it as a ‘power bank’ to revitalise skin cells. The actives ingredients are from nature without any chemical preservatives and not produced in the laboratory by synthesizing the active molecules. The natural dipeptide from blue-green algae reduces wrinkles, stimulates vitality and the proliferation of skin cells.

‘Spa’ from CUTANOVA FACE SPA stands for Sanus Per Aquam in Latin, meaning “Health through water”. Immerse your skin in the ocean’s special cell-stimulating treatment, prepping your skin to face the day’s new challenges refreshed and recharged with the 6 products lined up.

Cleansing Cream Aqua Pure
Brown algae extract vitalizes the skin, the perfect opening for your daily ritual of skin cleansing. The soft and fine-pored foam is gentle on the skin and removes dirt particles and make-up thoroughly. The Cleansing Cream Aqua Pure retails at RM128.

Tonic Aqua Fresh
Feel the fresh ocean breeze on your skin with algae extract and mineral sea salts, a vitalizer for dry and demanding skin. It helps to strengthen the skin barrier, rounds off the cleaning process and prepares the skin for optimal penetration in the next steps in your skincare routine. The Tonic Aqua Fresh retails at RM168.

Cream Aqua Protect
The advanced anti-aging skin care comes with algae extracts to vitalize your skin, with patented and encapsulated sun protection, safeguarding the skin throughout the whole day. Armed with UVA/B SPF 6-8, the UV-caps guarantee a balanced UVA-protection as well as reduce the risk of allergies to chemical sunscreen filters. Additionally, the cream reduces the skin’s stress potential and protects it against harmful environmental influences. The Cream Aqua Protect retails at RM308.

Cream Aqua Energy
Feel the effect of this energy bomb! The soft texture intensively moisturizes the skin for 24 hours. The cream consists of brown algae extract to make your skin look alive, with hyaluronic acid to stimulate skin metabolism and to reduce the deepness of wrinkles. The Cream Aqua Energy retails at RM288.

Cream Aqua Repair
Offering both pure organic actives and formulated in SWOP (Switch Over Point) the emulsion technology, this cream is perfect for dry, demanding and stressed skin with first signs of premature ageing. The sophisticated light-textured cream can bring freshness from the ocean to your skin; yet rich in skin nutrients to firm and protect your skin from aging. The Cream Aqua Repair retails at RM308.

Cream Eye Contour Aqua Complete
Turn your eyes from dark to bright with vitalising algae extract, hyaluronic acid and natural oils. This cream helps to diminish under-eye bags and soothes to reduce wrinkles at the same time. The Cream Eye Contour Aqua Complete retails at RM178.

Dr. RIMPLER products are available at 40 beauty centres nationwide. For more information, visit or contact Cheerful Beauteepro at tel: 012 - 693 4515 by call or WhatsApp, or email:

Monday, May 13, 2019

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken Brings More Goodness To Mothers


Over 100 pharmacists from leading pharmacy chains along with other invited guests discovered “The Science Behind BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken” in a recent 2-day interactive dialogue session that was led by Senior Scientist BRAND’S® Suntory International, Dr. Jack Wong Jing Lin.

According to Dr. Wong, drinking BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is not only good for the body and mind which reduces tiredness and improves concentration, but gives precious benefits that are most valuable for lactating mothers.

“BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken has been widely studied and supported by over 40 international scientific papers and clinical studies and it is also proven to improve the quality of colostrum and helps to boost up the quantity of breast milk.” explained Dr. Wong.

“In addition to that, knowing that Malaysian’s staple food are mostly white rice and bread, we have research showing that consumption of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken together with white rice or bread helped reduce glycaemic response. This could be beneficial to people who are concerned about their blood sugar level.” he summarized.

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken has long been a favourite based on trust and experience, especially among the older generation. Today’s consumers, however, are more discerning and need hard evidence for them to believe in a product that is safe and beneficial to be consumed.

During the session, the participants were also introduced to the new BRAND’S® Lutein Essence by Dr. Tan Zhen Wei, Senior Scientist BRAND’S® Suntory International. BRAND’S® Lutein Essence is the only health tonic in the market that has been developed based on science and has been proven to increase macular pigment in the eyes which is essential in filtering blue light.

“Malaysians spend an average of almost 14 hours a day on digital devices with 89% engaged with digital devices once awake and before sleep. BRAND’S® Lutein Essence helps to protect the eyes from over exposure to blue light through prolonged usage of electronic devices which can lead to various digital eye strain such as eye fatigue, dry eyes and blurred vision.” said Dr. Tan.

BRAND’S® Lutein Essence contains two important nutrients for eyes which are Lutein and Zeaxanthin, both of which have been proven to increase macular pigment in the eyes which is essential in filtering blue light. 

BRAND’S® products are scientifically based and have been researched and published in various journals. BRAND’S® will now take it further by creating an online information resource by launching BRAND’S® Health Enrichment Centre website (, next month. The site aims to translate scientific knowledge into practical health and lifestyle resources to help health care professionals and consumers to be in their optimal health. 

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