Monday, February 29, 2016

KL City Dentist Scaling & Polishing Review

As usual, I arrived at KL City Dentist at Level 7-03, Menara HSC , 187, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur at 2.45 pm for my 3 pm appointment. The moment I stepped into their inviting and comforting dental clinic, I feel relaxed to start on my scaling & polishing review already. I make myself a hot fruity tea to calm my overall senses and feelings, making myself comfortable here by reading magazines while waiting for my turn to go in.

Actually I dread to come for this teeth review for the past 2 weeks, still hesitating about it before the CNY and even after CNY, it's Rambo who pushed me really hard to come for this 'used to be my yearly dentist visit affair' so I came. Rambo has allocated about RM10,000 for me to do my teeth whitening, polishing and correcting the overall look of my teeth for years liao but I keep dili-deli for many years due to my busy schedules and the last lousy visit I had at Seri Petaling Dental Clinic 2 years ago just next to his office, dreaded me even more.

Expensive never mind but must be good since it's paid by Rambo's company for staff benefits and he gave it to me as he knew I very 'sayang'(love) my teeth one. I never want to pull any of my teeth until it came off naturally. I rather endured the pain & sufferings of having the loose tooth in my mouth, eating slowly and carefully for 2 years and rather sing my heart out with a loose tooth at home. Haha...outside, no karaoke for me or singing out loud as I showed to my sis when I sang what went wrong, she laughed out loud also. 

When the Seri Petaling Dental Clinic called me again for a yearly visit, I told them free of charge also I won't go anymore so that they can get 'patah hati'(heart broken) about calling me again. I rather go back to the Cheras Dentist which I usually visit with my mom, also using my mom or sis credits if they have extra credits and paid using my own money also I'm more than willing as long the service is good and effective for years. After all, visiting a dentist you really need a professional dentist who's gentle, nice, understanding and skilful in his/her job to keep our teeth healthy and pretty at the same time.

KL City Dentist overall environment not only looked tidy and classy as a dental clinic, they're also your friendly dental clinic that will give you a courtesy call to remind you for your important dentist appointment on time. KL City Dentist is open Monday to Friday at 8.30am to 7pm, Saturday 8.30am to 5.30pm and closed on Sunday but open for selected public holidays so call 03-21815792 during office hours or 017-7926792 for an appointment 1st before you hop over there. You can also email them at for more infos.

Dr. Mong gave me a 1st good impression as a nice, humble young dentist hailed from UK graduate, back to Malaysia for 3 years service and having this dental clinic with 2 other partners during our meeting where he came out to the lobby to welcome me inside to his dental room. We had a brief chat about KL City Dentist, their services and quality products that they carried here. I was keen to do the professional teeth whitening from DISCUS brand already after talking to him about it that fateful afternoon.

After having a thorough check on my teeth with Dr.Mong where he explained nicely to me on the steps, he recommended the right dental treatments based on the dental chart printed and shown to me to prevent the Periodontal Disease as I have very weak gums liao. For sure, it's all due to aging for 40 years old of me what do you expect? I can understand that and I'm actually very grateful liao that I only loose 2 of my precious big tooth behind. The rest like my mom, Rambo, my sis and sis-inlaws lose 4 and more with 'Ka Nga'(dentures or fake teeth) which can be a nuisance at times for them.

I know that if I don't take good care and precaution of my dental health from now on especially after having this serious discussion with Dr. Mong, I'll lose out more of my teeth with no 'gigi' real quickly. But I honestly told him that I need to get mentally and physically prepared 1st for this intensive treatment to take its place. I'm afraid of the pain and suffering only, financial issue was well prepared by Rambo for my dental beautification long time ago. Haha...There's only one of my real excuse that's understandable for myself, Rambo and my dentist is that I'm not well prepared for the suffering to undergo painful dental treatment only.

Sure you cannot escape from the pain one, I know the meaning of 'No pain, No gain' but I rather not go for pain for any gain in the name of beauty. But for dental health, I need to get myself 100% mentally prepared 1st before I can commit to it. Dr.Mong managed to provide a professional dental service for Scaling and Polishing treatment for me that 'dreadful decision day' as I thought of 'Fong Fei Gei', flying on a jet plane at the very last minute also but lucky Rambo really pushed me to come for it. A bit sensitive of course but I feel that my teeth is clean enough and back to feeling confident with my '40 years old real teeth'.

Haha...I forgot to take a nice picture of my new polished teeth as I keep on sharing about my teeth polishing experience and the famous whitening treatment I'm interested to start soon with Rambo and this is actually my before picture. But honestly I'm very satisfied with Dr. Mong's dental service as he really listened very well to my request of "Kindly be gentle to my teeth, make sure no pain but gain" at the end of the day and he did it really well. Check out KL City Dentist at for more updates. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

March 2016 Magazines Worthy Goodies From

Cleo March 2016 was the 1st magazine I grabbed for this ck2 Clutch gift. It's quality, nice and useful to
keep important financial statements, documents or your lovely secret journal. Quickly grab it at RM7.50!
If you like Siti Nurhaliza for her singing talent, personality or whatever reasons it can be, you can grab
Mingguan Wanita magazine at RM6.90 and pamper yourself with SimplySiti Dermagic Relaxing Mask. 

Last but not least, you can also grab GLAM magazine at RM9.50 for Gold/Black Clutch Bag to
store documents, makeups+beauty products or bring it out for any dinner and function events.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Turkey Pamukkale - Cotton Castle

We had Turkish lunch on our way to Pamukkale visiting the most awaited tourist destination Cotton Castle.
Haha...Not forgetting to take a picture momento with my beloved country Malaysia flag before leaving.

Our PhD Professor Tour Guide from Turkey never failed to explain the overall picture of this world-famous
unique white lime cascades paradise formed by hot mineral springs before we split for own honeymoon here.

To reach here, we need to walk quite far away distance from the main entrance of this huge place. One
old Aunty decided to 
quit at half way as she couldn't go through the whole journey anymore and U-turn
back to the 
building for rest. It was burning hot like you're stuck in desert Sahara like that, beh tahan!

Die die also I must go through the long walk to reach here because this is the place I wanted to visit
Turkey at the 
very 1st place no matter how hard the journey is under this hot weather condition. Cotton
Castle is marvelous and fabulous to simply describe it. I totally fell in love with it the 
moment I laid my
eyes on this spectacular nature with fascinating scenery and fantastic history.
I got so excited to try out the hot mineral spring water here and hoping to enjoy it as well but I didn't bring
my swimwear. Thank God they promised us that we can enjoy the same hot thermal pool at 5 star hotel so
I soothe myself by dipping my legs here and took many lovely pictures here for great memories. It was fun.

It was so slippery and the hot spring water was so hot man. I saw Syuen fell down a few times, trying so
hard to stand on the slippery mineral ground and I rather sat at one corner for total rest and relaxation. The
burning hot sun was another challenge we need to battle besides feeling tired from very early tours till pm.
After having sufficient rest, both Rambo and I lovingly start to take a slow stroll all around the place. It's
wonderful here with many types of beautiful flowers planted at the garden during Summer season in Turkey.  
So captivating and charming views here, from North East South West angles and I wished I brought along
more advanced camera to shoot all these enchanting moments here with my dear Rambo. In fact, he totally
loved many of the Turkey's enthralling sceneries everywhere from Cotton Castle to Cappadocia, Turkey. 

For professional photographers out there, besides China, you need to visit Turkey for many attractive
pictures. Not now, maybe after the Syria War. Turkey never wanted to be part of any country's war that
cross over their country as they're a developing country like Malaysia. They wanted to prosper higher &
better as well with many types of export business to around the world but the cruel world forced them to.
Actually I fully recommended everyone to visit Turkey like Jerine did to me and I was glad I quickly made the
decision after we talked about it in China during our April Spring Holiday. I came back, researched the best tour
package for all around Turkey Journey of Europe to Asia side and booked for the best 5 star hotels throughout.
Here, I met Mummy Revithy who also encouraged me to go South Africa exciting journey and I was glad I did.

Travelling to a total of 2920 kilometres all around Turkey from Istanbul to Cappadocia was an awe-inspiring
journey for me because I've learnt so much from the PhD Professor about Turkey and some of its language,
knowing much about their trade and business, met many nice people and make new friends in Turkey.
Cotton Castle in Turkey is celebrated as one of the most attractive wonder nature just like HuangLong,
China & I totally agreed with it. Every shots from here were magical and meant such great miracle to me. 

Some writers wrote that the China UNESCO World Heritage Site Huang Long is more beautiful than Cotton
Castle for its colourful pools but to me, I would say that both places have their own distinctive beauties. 
I've been to both places during Spring & Summer seasons. Basically, it's almost the same but China had 
cold & chilly weather during the Spring Season esp.when we managed to reach so high up the mountain.

Rambo was out of breath during the hiking up to HuangLong, Sichuan Province. I sprayed lots of Cellfood
water for him while the others bought some oxygen mineral water and oxygen tanks for air to reach up there.
I was glad to be able to travel at young age, as the older ones usually are not encouraged to follow us no
matter how keen they were. Cotton Castle also you need to walk a lot to witness this bewitching beauty.

Haha...It's now or never to travel and see the world. Travel not only inspired me so much in life experiences,
it also uplifted my good mood, motivated me to 'Ganbatte' even harder and enjoyed my life to the max level.
The more you see, you'll love your own country for sure and makes you a better person you can be esp.
when you're able to enlighten the many others to strive and thrive harder to achieve what you've shared.
Life's a journey you set your world to be so stay motivated and uplifted to achieve what you really wanted.
The world is not gonna wait for us, it keeps on turning and changing when the sun keeps on burning on us.

Monday, February 22, 2016

YFS Gong Xi Fa Cai Launch Event At IOI City Mall

With Chinese New Year around the corner, YFS Concept Store took the opportunity to celebrate this festive mood with the fellow bloggers & online media on the theme “Style It Your Way with YFS”. I was glad I came at the very last minute, driving there all by myself to attend this YFS CNY Launch at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. 

YFS Concept Store dressed up the boutique at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya with festive décor. After welcoming guests of the media, the event kicked off with the traditional lion dance to usher in the New Year and followed by the auspicious lou sang, to wish for abundant luck and happiness for all. 

During the event, bloggers and online media were treated to many interesting activities such as My Wishing Tree corner, Instagram Contest, Makeover session, Photo shoot corner & Gift redemption session. I got myself the AD Blue Jeans and a Yellow Green V-neck Lace Dress, thanks to YFS. I totally loved the stylish design of the jeans that fits me perfectly and dress that suits me gorgeously for sure. 

The CEO of YFS Concept Store, Mr. Nicholas Chong shared with the guests on mix & match tips. “Our clothes are very Asian taste, no matter in style or size," says Mr. Nicholas Chong. We had a brief chat about fashion talk and I also told him before this CNY YFS Launch, I have spend a few hundred dollars shopping from other YFS branches in 2015.  

That explain the Korean style you may find in the store because Korean fashion caters to both man & woman’s needs for versatile styles. Besides than dolling up the guests by the make up artistes, YFS team also help to pick the best outfit, so that they may dress up before the photographer take their photos which is the main highlight of the event.

Their photos will be automatically participated in the “Style It Your Way Fashion Challenge by YFS” Facebook Contest, which only opens to the invited guests of the event. The “Style It Your Way Fashion Challenge by YFS” Facebook Contest mechanics are;
Step 1: Like YFS Concept Store Official Facebook
Step 2: Tag the photo to your friends and family members
Step 3: Get your friends to VOTE & LIKE (Voting starts from 6th February until 6th March 2016)
Step 4: The highest number of LIKES determines the winner.

The top 10 highest LIKES will be receiving RM 100 worth of products as consolation prizes. As for the winner, he or she will walk away with RM 300 worth of productsAccording to Mr. Nicholas Chong, the staffs of YFS Concept Store are not only well-trained personal shoppers but also fashion lovers who are passionate about style & love looking good. All the best and Good luck to all, may the best Fashionista wins!

“They provide fashion tips & styling opinions as Fashion Consultants to customers and suggest styles that may suits their character, body shapes & skin complexion. They are indeed a stylist for the common man & woman; dressing people not for photo shoots and runways but real life,” said Mr. Nicholas Chong.

YFS Concept Store surprised the invited media to choose their own Chinese New Year presents as each of the guests brought home their selected gifts, a set of YFS clothing and a pair of Ad Jeans. Will post up my OOTD on their Instagram soon, stay tuned.

For more information, you can visit YFS Concept Store official webpage at or Facebook at to get the latest updates and information and follow their Instagram YFS Concept Store. Check it out, happy shopping!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

USANA Healthy Detox 5 Days Programme Review

USANA is a public listed company in USA founded by immunologist and microbiologist Myron Wentz. USANA products encompass three product lines, USANA Nutritionals (Essentials, Optimizers, and Digestion/Detox nutritional supplements), USANA Diet & Energy (RESET meal replacement shakes, and Sensé personal care (skin care, skin treatment )that market in 20 countries. In fact, my Uncle Ta who always purchased healthy supplements for all of us from US told me that USANA is one of the best health supplements in the world.  

'Sou Yat, Sou Yi' under the top 10 list and he always shared with me the top 10 brands in the world especially he's very concern about taking health supplements all his life. Sometimes when he explained to me about science, medical and health products just like last January 2016, both of my Uncle Chew and Uncle Ta ended up having disputes as masing-masing have their own health points of view as my beloved Uncle Chew is also an avid health expert who practise in holistic healthy living but to me, both of their practices are also good.

He's the one who always taught me not to take too much sugar to prevent Diabetes, not to indulge in spicy food or salty food too often and eat more fruits like papaya or banana that I never fancy about. He's the one who always cooked delicious food for the fussy princess when I rejected most of the the meals at home and made me perfectly-blended 'Teh Si Kao Kurang Manis.' I had no choice but to calm them down and said, "Both of you are also right. I listened to both of you and I know what to do." No matter how busy or lazy I can be, I'll set alarm clock to remind myself to take health supplements everyday without failed. 

However, no matter what healthy supplements that we brain-washed our strong mind to take religiously everyday in staying healthy and happy, 1st we need to have a clean engine in our body. Everyday, we tend to enjoy and indulge in so many yummy food esp. for Malaysians like us who are spoilt for delicacies that are full with spicy, fried food and fatty food choices which we cannot removed by taking hot water only, ice lemon tea or cleaning liquid like cleaning the water pipe inside. That night at Mont Kiara, all we talked about is related to health, natural detoxification and achieving wellness in the long run for ultimate beauty.

To clean our intestines, big or small in our body system, it's advisable to do a detox programme that's safe and easy to take. That's why I quickly start on this USANA Nutrimeal Detox for 5 days programme organised by Pamela & Chantel after attending the health briefing that night. I don't wana go into details about what health is all about, the importance about detoxification anymore as I believe all of us know much about it. I only wanted to share how to detox for good health real easily by taking this USANA Healthy Detox 5 Days Programme that will benefit you in the long run so all of us can stay healthy, happy and pretty always.

Chantel Liew is a high flyer Diamond Director having involved 7 years seriously in this USANA business. After 8 years in the corporate world, she took the leap from being an employee to make a living from network marketing and live the life of her dreams. Since then, she have helped many aspiring women and mothers do the same. Now, she conduct workshops or coaching sessions and seminars to empower people to find their feet in networking marketing and achieve the lifestyle they desire. To try out this USANA Healthy Detox Programme, you can contact Chantel at 012-2079133 or email for more informations.

That night itself, I have 'Fen Fu' advised Rambo to take this detox programme with me starting tomorrow morning. I told him to blend a single scoop of USANA Fibergy Plus and USANA Nutrimeal Wild Strawberry 3 scoops together with a Banana and 300ml of cold water in a blende. Take it early in the morning for breakfast with lots of water all day long for hydration and he's not allowed to take rice/noodles during that 5 days long. If he's hungry, drink more water for 3 litres or more and take fruits and vegetables only. He did, he's very 'Teng Wa' one (listened well, obedient) and gave excellent response during the detox period. 

I know it's a 5 Days USANA Healthy Detox Programme but since it's healthy for him, we keep on taking it and continue until finishing the whole 2 big packs of it. Fantastically, I loved the Strawberry and the Dutch Chocolate drinks for the 1st time mixed with the Banana like taking my daily Fruit Shake. I never liked to take any kinda healthy beverage like this, what to say to mix it with banana like a creamy shake. For health purpose and to support Rambo for his detox plan overhauling his big tummy+healthy intestines, I take it with full discipline and accidentally enjoyed the healthy beverage as well.

For Rambo's reaction, he said that he managed to visit the toilet with long and healthy poo poo. For me, I visit the toilet at least twice a day easily. But I'm not very obedient when it comes to any detox programme in the world also, I tend to take rice/noodle for sure. No matter what circumstances or restrictions they set it to be, I'll still 'Pa Leong Dam Fan' take 2 bites of rice at least to fulfil my hunger pang, be it fried rice, white rice or brown rice. I'm a Rice person, that's why. I'm also a typical Asian so naturally I love taking rice everyday if possible.

Both Rambo and I took a lot of fruits and vegetables during this detox programme to substitute our daily meals. And I also took many healthy, yummy soups to help nourishing my body during the detox programme. Initially, the 1st 2 days stage was difficult for me as I'm a food lover, asking me to skip my favourite Nasi Lemak is a total No-No. But what to do, health comes from a clean engine of the intestine 1st before we're able to absorb more nutrients into our body. After detox period only I started to take their unbeatable Proflavanol C.

During the strict 5 days programme where Rambo was not allowed to take rice/noodle by his Nutritionist Jacinta restrictively, I saw that his face and neck came out 2 big zits, another big one from his shoulder. Surprisingly, I also had 3 little red zits from my under arm(never before in my life) due to excessive sweats coming from my face, neck, under arm and body. It's itchy so I paid more attention in scrubbing my left under arm pit harder and cleaner to get rid of the 3 annoying bumps like scrubbing floor like that. Haha...No choice because I don't like to see all the pimples, red zit coming out like dirty little things on my body. 

I encouraged my Rambo to put on the Charcoal Mask and scrub his face cleaner. He did and after a week, I saw all the zits have gone like a magic show. For me, 2 days also gone liao. Thank God for that. Another reaction that I personally experienced was the 'Samba Dancing' of my stomach calling for food. Whole day long till night also, keep on dancing and singing out loud to me "I want food" because it's empty inside. I need to take so many types of fluid like soup, Milo and USANA Dutch Chocolate to fulfil my stomach happiness during these few days like crazy. I'm so glad it's over as I feel lighter, healthier and happier for sure!

Rambo is a simple man, a good follower so he can go through this USANA Detox 5 days programme easily like a soldier on duty. For me, it's definitely a big challenge as everyday I was craving for good food, nice cafe and new food choices to tantalize my fussy taste bud. Seeing food on TV also already managed to drool my saliva down my throat like crazy liao. But I was glad I went through this healthy 5 days detox programme successfully together with him as Rambo's tummy had flatten back to normal with healthy toilet visit everyday. 

But after the detox programme where he's back to his eating lots of rice habit, tummy came back again. I already warned him, if got tummy then he needs to go through detox programme again. Actually, detox programme like this is advisable to repeat every 3 months once for long term good health. Well for me, I ate less rice with restrictive food indulgence so obviously I lost 2 kgs from 45 to 43 kgs. Go toilet also, the poo poo can be extra smelly but thank God it's only for 5 days period. LimGK also said that I looked slim that day.

I still drink a cup of coffee every morning as it's my wake-up call for brain to function more smoothly and eloquently. I'm my own nutritionist, my own doctor when it comes to health, beauty & wellness in life for many years already. To me, health is my top priority before any beauty and prosperity goals can be achieved in life. After the detox week, I started to take the USANA Proflavanol C to keep my skin youthful and beautiful. I pop up only one tablet a day but I can see that my skin is not so dry or tight anymore after 2 weeks time.   

You can check out USANA Health Science more at Several of USANA's products are certified for product lable accuracy by NSF International in the "Dietary Supplements" category. Currently more than 700 world-class athletes, including the United States Ski and Snowboarding Association and the Women’s Tennis Association, rely on USANA supplements to keep them in top shape. They know the safety and quality of each USANA product is guaranteed. Stay healthy, happy and pretty always, that's life! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Philip Wain International Body Regulating Treatment Review

First and foremost, I would like to thank Philip Wain International for offering me this new revolutionary healthy body treatment that managed to lullaby me into a peaceful sleep that night. The moment I rest on my bed that night after a hot bath and completed my skincare routine no matter how lazy I can be, I fell asleep like a baby liao. When Janet asked for my feedback, I thanked and replied her I really enjoyed this 2 hours Bio Regulating Treatment so much I wish to visit again when I have the time to do so.

In our everyday life, no matter how careful and hygienic we can be, we may exposed to free radicals, bacteria or pollution outside. For those who love eating fish or shellfish that contaminated with mercury, it's more likely they fall under a higher risk containing mercury waste in their body. Or perfume spray and hair shampoo that we used everyday may contained chemicals which reacted badly to our body, hair and skin.

You may also come contact with heavy metals and toxins through water, pesticides, chemicals in food, tobacco, sweets or preservatives. All these causes can cause you many misery you cannot imagine like menstrual pain, pigmentation, back pain, constipation, thigh swelling, insomnia and bad breath. 

The powerful up to 800 watts of frequency power can adjust on its own based on your body temperature. The treatment is enriched of Fullerene C60 with unique 'PAT' infiltration techniques and thermal energy ball treatment 40dc that can penetrate deeply inside, absorbed directly by the cells. Penny did a good job for me from the rolling this comfortable hot ball on my whole body from neck to feet slowly, she also did a fantastic job on massaging my whole body to total relaxation. I fell asleep and she needs to wake me up from my blissful sleep. She really had years of experience of magical hands with the right firm touch to revitalise my tired body to heaven perfection. 

Penny did part by part by applying the American all-inclusive powerful essential oil cream, which is also known as Omnipotent Mirco-Circulation Cream that is 100% natural, safe and fragrance free containing Evening Primrose Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil that smells real rejuvenating on my whole body after completed the rolling part gently. At times, I heard the machine ball go ringing loudly at my thigh area, I asked her about it and she said it's due to the cellulite that we had no matter how slim or fat the person can be. Yea, I totally agreed with her, slim, fit or fat, women tend to have cellulite on their body naturally for sure.

This treatment helped to improve allergy, inflammation and lymphatic blockage. It also helps to improve micro-circulation and oxygenation by draining away the acid poisoning besides breaking down toxins and strengthen immunity system. I feel so light, rejuvenated after this fantastic session and after taking a hot bath there, I wanted to fall asleep all over again. relaxing that's for sure!

One thing for sure, their 39 years of beauty and healthy expertise, they're able to customize a program that suited our needs to achieve our beauty goals to perfection. They have a private gym for women who opt for fitness workout and a juice bar to help quench your nutrients boost.

Besides having an inviting lounge to keep you occupied whole day long for rest and relaxation, I also shared with Rambo that Philip Wain International is the kind of exclusive women club I wish to sign up for my total pampering from top to toe wellness sanctuary. After the revitalising treatment by Penny, Janet and I had great beauty and health chat with a short tour about their services and facilities offered here. 

She invited me to try out their manicure service for next visit there. It's definitely my pleasure to visit Philip Wain International again for my top to toe beauty pampering especially for their classy, luxury and lovely treatment. It's the extraordinary treatment that speaks of the good result at the end of the day where I really feel energetic and magnetic like a young lady back on track again. If you would like to try the treatment, check them out at