Friday, October 31, 2014

China - ZhangJiaJie (Day 3)

This huge and humongous place has existed since 480 million years ago. The ocean limestone-shaped rocks
were formed by the crushing of two sets vertical cracks of geologic lifting, water erosion and dissolution.
It was a long walk here on a hot sunny day, lucky I wore a hat to help protecting my skin from the sun burn.

In fact, I prayed really hard that my tour here to be sunny or cloudy rather than rainy as it's easier for all of
us to tour ZhangJiaJie. Everyday the tour guide already warned us to take the umbrella for the rainy season,
but we are very lucky to be spared the rainy days during the whole week here. Every night before I fall asleep,
I send a good thought for tomorrow is going to be a good day for me to trail the Tian Men Shan with no rain.

The Chinese tour guide has also mentioned to us, what kinda lucky bunch of people we were as the weather was
predicted to be raining but we only experience a little rain after we got into the coach. Haha...I really thanked
God for that as the rain will only dampen our high spirit to explore this high, huge mountain of ZJJ excitedly.
This is the longest cable car that has ever been built in the world history, taking about 25 minutes to reach up
the highest hill of ZJJ. 

Supposed Jamie was sitting besides me but she was so scared all along the way up to the high hill, she was
screaming like mad. Haha...I told her to sit in front, opposite of me besides the tour guide so she won't have
to see the going up views ever. Occasionally, I told her it's going to reach up there and it's more scary that
she held real tight on the side bar of the cable car. This is only the start of the challenging part through the
ZJJ adventurous trail in China.

Just when I thought Pulau Langkawi has one of the highest and scariest cable car up to the top, this is even
more scary cable car ride I have ever taken. Switzerland, not scary at all but takes a long time to reach up and
down along the journey, this cable car ride is also slow but scary lot with fascinating views for nice pictures.
Totally worth the patience, great effort for me sitting obediently watching the beautiful, wonderful view of all. 

Reaching up here on the top, at the highest peak of more than 4000m from seawater level, we're all getting
really excited to trail the glass plank of Tian Men Shan. Jamie has been asking me if I would go for it, I told
her absolutely as I'm looking forward to experience this exhilarating adventure of my lifetime with Rambo.
They are charging us RMB5 for the recycle socks so that we won't scratch their high-tech glass plank that
they have invested so much for their China Tourism. Jamie came along with us as I told her to braven herself
more to try out this fun, exciting trail and so she did. That day, she met me for a spa gathering, she told me
again she was so glad she went along with me as she felt so good about it, she's so proud that she did it.

Haha...that's great to know as I felt the same way like her. But she said she can't act
so calm like me, sitting at the corner side and remained so cool about it when taking
pictures. I told her I understood what she meant by that as I saw from the video, Sam
was actually holding someone's back and look down, some are walking at the side
holding the mountain while walking but I reassured her there's nothing to be afraid
of but to embrace the challenge and conquer the fear of it. I totally fell in love with the
captivating views here I took the chance to capture as many great pictures as possible.
I think it's not suitable for kids to go through this and the old aunties also decided to
skip this glass plank trail and meet us at the end of the exciting journey. 

The Glass Trail of Tian Men Shan is 1430m based on the earth level, I told Jamie that day when she told me
her hubby and her friends said they wouldn't dare to trail this glass plank. See also scare liao they said but I
told her to watch a video of the glass plank construction that's really an eye-opener of how it's been built by
the experts 'Lo Meng Lei Bok'(risking their lives) in danger, hundreds of millions cost that the Chinese will gained
back from the China Tourism sooner or later. They have the population to back that up with more tourists coming
from around the world. Even my stepdad was amazed by the Chinese exploration on this when I showed him this.

Lucky I get to taste one of the best 'Shan Ja' fruit Ice cream all along the way of my tiring ZJJ mountain trail as
I need more energy and excitement to keep my mind from thinking how tired I was with all the walking and
climbing. Although it's not a public holiday, but the queue was long and full of tourists here coming to explore
this ZJJ trail with their 'Tongkat', wind breaker suits and hiking equipments. And when the wind blows, OMG
it's windy and breezy till you really need a Jacket and scarf to cover yourself up like a monk. Haha...lucky I was
well prepared for that, everything covered up from top to toe and feeling totally comfortable with that. 

Coming down from this high peak of TianMen Shan on the right side by cable car, we saw this 99 slopes that I
hope I don't have to go for this. But a Big No, we need to stop at Station 2 cable car pit stop for the bus ride up
to Tian Men Shan that's on the left hand side. This ride can be torturing lot esp. when the bus driver was driving
crazily and speeding like a Formula One driver. Reaching up here, all of us feeling 'pening lalat' like the drunken
tourists. Haha...lucky I drank a lot of Cellfood for oxygen booster needed for my brain, or else I'll be like those
oldies who rest at the shops waiting for the others to finish climbing up this high mountain.

This super duper high mountain looks fine for me, but in actual of fact it's 999 steps of stairs to heaven mountain
right up to the top. After praying to Buddha at the foot of this TianMenShan, I told Jamie to go ahead without me.
I took my own sweet time to climb up as high as I could, just to catch the best shots here with the nearby waterfall
and let's go shopping with the time left. I told Rambo to conserve those energy needed for the next few days tour.
I saw some Chinese including the ladies went up crawling like the ghosts you saw on the movie, really torturing
and suffering.And when I went down the hundreds steps of stairs on the way back, my legs were shaking like mad.

Just when I thought I can run down easily like a runner, but I was totally wrong about it as my leg muscles
began to froze, harden like the ice. A real torture actually, seems to look easy and fine for me as I used to climb
up the Great Wall of China excitedly and 'Dai Fatt' The Big Buddha in Hongkong easily, but this ZJJ Heaven
Mountain is a total challenge of it all. I have no choice but to eat a lot that night dinner although I'm not a fan
of  the Chinese food at all. I took 3 of their Hunan specialty breads, lots of veges and lucky got my favourite
steamboat that somewhere, somehow helps to replenish the needed nutrients and vitamins for me. I'm a survivor
anyway,no matter how fussy and choosy eater I can be. In China, I'm like undergoing a slimming therapy tour
for sure as I've been forced to take lots of veges+fruits, nuts and water with over limit of exercise from am to pm.

Actually I wanted to go home and sleep liao after the special Hunan Dinner, but we have paid the RMB400 each
just to support the tour guides extra income. This kinda performance show is not only expensive, but a waste of
my time as the last time I went for the Guilin, highly praised of the Zhang Yi Mou grand show at the lovely lake
of GuangXi was a total failure show. To pay that extra RMB400 (RM212) supporting them to gain extra income
is fine for me, but the show needs to be special and extraordinary like the Beijing Olympics show, at least. 

But thank God I really enjoyed their original Chinese songs and old folk songs from this region of China, or
else I think it's not worthy of my money already. I know they're earning hard cash the very hard ways, that's
why my heart of compassion grew stronger for them and we tried to help the Chinese in every way we can since
both Jamie and I are Buddhists, we totally understand the secret happiness of giving and sharing for the less
fortunate ones. At the end of the day, we're so blessed and feeling really satisfied with our ZJJ Tour because we
are safe with no sick+no accidents (some did as too tired, too ill) and fulfilled with great memories to bring back
home sweet home, green green grass of home. I'm so grateful to Amituofo that I felt even more motivated to
'Ganbatte', strive and thrive harder to live a good life after this great Autumn holiday. Life is good and smooth!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Asian Food Channel brings Celebrity Chef and Host of Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery to Malaysia

The Asian Food Channel, a unit of Scripps Networks Interactive, one of the leading developers of engaging lifestyle content in the home, food and travel categories, is proud to present “Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Flavors” tour featuring Swedish chef, restaurateur and best-selling cookbook author, Tareq Taylor.

From 14 to 18 October, Tareq will visit Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, cooking up a storm for fans, corporate clients and media guests. In Malaysia, Tareq will host a series of corporate dinner events, serving up a mix of quintessential Nordic dishes from his program. Guests can look forward to savoring signature dishes such as Cod with Apple and Elderflower and Potato and Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with White Truffle. 

Tareq will also serve a number of dishes that he created especially for the tour, including Beetroot and Potato Cake with Goat Cheese and Coconut Panna Cotta, Caramelized White Chocolate and Raspberries. The dinner menu on 14th and 15th of October will be paired with Jacob’s Creek and is co-sponsored by BERJAYA University College of Hospitality and Pernod Ricard Malaysia. The dinner event on 16th October is sponsored by BMW Malaysia.

“Having travelled the world, the distinct flavors of Asian cuisines continue to fascinate me. There is something special about Asia’s love and passion for food that reminds me of home,” said Tareq. “I am excited to learn more about its fascinating culture and flavors with the dinner guests and BERJAYA UCH students. I look forward to sharing my passion and commitment for sustainable food principles, organic produce and locally-grown food with them as well.” 

“Tareq Taylor represents the very best of global cuisines, and we look forward to bringing him closer to our viewers in the region,” said Derek Chang, Managing Director, Scripps Networks Asia Pacific. “I would like to thank our partners for supporting the Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Flavors regional tour, and we look forward to more opportunities to curate such unique celebrity chef experiences and to bring the joy of food to our fans and guests.”

BERJAYA UCH Chief Operating Officer, Mae Ho follows to say “We are excited to partner with AFC again for this upcoming celebrity chef event showcasing the talented chef, Tareq Taylor. BERJAYA UCH prides itself on providing dynamic culinary opportunities and experiences to our students and partners, and we see a great synergy between AFC and BERJAYA UCH to do this.”

Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Flavors is the third and final installment of Scripps Networks Asia Pacific’s 2014 series of celebrity chef tours across the region. Previous celebrity chef tours have featured the likes of Matt Basile from the Asian Food Channel program Rebel Without a Kitchen and Chef Bal Arneson, host of Spice of Life with Bal Arneson and Spice Goddess.

For more information on the Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Flavors tour, visit from 10 October onwards. Catch Tareq Taylor on the Asian Food Channel in Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery, Monday to Friday at 12am now through 24th of October.

Monday, October 27, 2014

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Range - Stay protected without smelling like 'medicine'

Caring for our body entails regular showering and to ensure we are protected from unseen germs day and night, antibacterial shower products work best. However many are reluctant to reach out for one due to the misconception that all antibacterial shower products smell “medicinal”.

AIKEN, the trusted name in antibacterial and medicated personal care products for three decades, launched its AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range last year and has since introduced to many households a sensorial “antibacterial” showering experience that invigorates with its delightful scents without smelling like medicine! AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria and provides 24 hours germ protection with every shower.

The AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range provides the much needed antibacterial protection. It is also enriched with a combination of natural ingredients. “What’s unique about Aiken is it smells so good, it makes every showering session a time of ‘self-pampering and indulgence’,” said Mr Edward Chen, Marketing Manager of WIPRO-UNZA (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Highlights of the event include the “unveiling” of the new television commercial that has a touch of humour and the new AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Range refill packs – both to hit the market in November.

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range is safe for daily use, and is suitable for the whole family including kids.  Get 24 hour protection for you and your loved ones and enjoy the natural benefits of nature’s gifts while eliminating 99.9% harmful bacteria and smelling great.

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range is available in 2 sizes. The 250ml bottle costs RM5.90 each while the 900ml bottle is priced at RM 16.90 each. The Extra Protection and Protect & Care variants are also available in 2 refill pack sizes, 450ml and 850ml priced at RM6.90 and RM11.50 respectively. AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range is available at all major retail outlets, hypermarkets and leading pharmacies. 

4 Variants of Aiken Antibacterial Shower Range (for 24 hour germ protection) 
AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Extra Protection
AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Extra Protection provides total protection for the entire family. Its rich creamy lather deeply cleanses and purifies skin from excess sebum and impurities. Enriched with natural antibacterial extracts of Rosemary, Bergamot and Ginseng, it enhances overall protection. AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Extra Protection eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria.

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Gel Protect & Care
Soap free and pH-balanced, AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Gel Protect & Care helps cleanse, moisturize and nourish skin to keep it healthy and smooth. AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Gel Protect & Care offers all day protection and eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria. Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil and Thyme, acne-causing bacteria are kept at bay while leaving your healthy skin smelling pleasant.

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Protect & Revitalise
After a workout at the gym or for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, body odour can be an issue. Freshen up with the AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Protect & Revitalise which contains Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.  AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Protect & Revitalise eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria and helps deodorise body odour. Enjoy a rejuvenating bath as it deeply cleanses and purifies the skin from excess sebum and impurities. AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Protect & Revitalise leaves your skin feeling fresh all day and smelling great.

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Protect & Nourish
AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Protect & Nourish is perfect for those who want to maintain smooth, soft and beautiful skin but at the same time seek protection from harmful bacteria. Soap free and pH-balanced formulation with Rosehip and Ylang Ylang, AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Protect & Nourish helps in gently cleansing, rehydrating and nourishing the skin while eliminating 99.9% harmful bacteria. It leaves you feeling confident, protected from harmful bacteria and smelling good.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Life Choices And Consequences

Last Saturday during our family gathering, my sister Defney just found out that my sis May have just bought a new house in Sungai Long that cost RM700, 000. My sister Defney kept throwing her many comments on why on earth would she bought it at RM700K which is way too expensive, in this area of Sungai Long as both my sis and I rejected this jammed+tolls residence area and many other why why why questions pointed straightly to her. She tried so hard to explain to us that both she and her Tiger partner only managed to find this ideal place for their home as behind my mom's place those houses already cost RM500, 000 and more, she wanted a new and nicer house and never really fancy the old ones so they bought it there. But my sis thought she can always get a condo 1st nearby to us, not necessary she needs to buy such an expensive landed property so soon.

Knowing her Tiger character so 'Suk Sik' already, I replied them "Let her be, since it's nearby to mom's place she can take good care of mom. And since she bought it liao, May you cannot go travel so often anymore as you need to pay heavy bank loans from now on." I sang a song to her that's meaningful enough for her to understand the reality world of her own actions on this ~Ham Yu Pak Choy Ya Hou Hou Mei~ Haha...she laugh out loud and replied me, "Yea, I know no more travels and now 'Ham Yu'(pickled fish) is also not cheap, cost about RM15 for a small fish only. My sister Defney and my mom just kept quiet about it after I said that, enough been said as 'Sik Dak Ham Yu Jau Dai Dak Hot' that simply means you need to bear the consequences of taking the pickled fish that can make you thirsty like hell after enjoying the dish you've chosen to eat.  

My sister May then shared with us that most of her doctor friends also cannot afford to buy any new houses and can only buy condo for the time being. Sometimes I don't wana say or comment much as I knew their characters too well, even if they consult to us earlier before they bought it also no point as if you never give them the chance to try, they will never know and they seldom listened to anyone also esp.the Tigers. Just like Rambo's best buddies who are all Tigers, including Rambo they're all full of their own thoughts, own decisions and full of their own actions that never really into discussing matters with their partners. Only when things go wrong that ended up in divorce, difficulty only they have no choice but to learn to move on with lives. 

That's why no matter how busy I was, KH still managed to invite me sincerely to his 3 storey Bungalow in Cheras to give him some ideas on how to decorate his place to a nicer place. I advised him to make full use of his bathroom big space to build a Jacuzzi for total enjoyment, and better not to put the study desk in his bedroom. That's what friends are for, we support and uplifted each other in every aspect of our lives. He knew I've arrived at his place during CNY, he opened the gate waited for me and showered me with his usual compliment "Wah, so beautiful today!" for the past 20 years friendship that we've bonded along the years. I knew he's a sincere friend so I believe he's showering me a sincere compliment and somehow his sweet character has moulded his son to be acting just like him - Like Father, Like Son character. 

Many years ago, when I saw his son's hands were having allergic reaction with blisters and severe skin attack I sprayed lots of Cellfood water to help him soothe that. His son is very 'guai'(obedient) letting me doing my best to heal him and having good manners thanking me. During my wedding, he also presented me a flower that blasted many happy laughters and many of them asking who he is? I told them he's the son of Rambo's best buddy who's a Piscean, same horoscope with me. I explained to them, Piscean is a romantic soul who's very sensitive and charming enough to charm you for ages. Haha...he's also having quite similar to his father character, 'Hau Tim Shuet Wa'(sweet talk) but I know they're sincere and honest people who's into Buddhism cultivation like us too.

I told my dear Charmers, they can mixed around with him more as he's a good boy and they did sing and play together joyfully that night. In fact, he's been very attached to me taking many family pictures together that Rambo said he's like part of my family members liao. Haha...Yea, after I knew he's a Piscean star boy somewhere somehow I'm happy to get acquainted with this cute boy who never really talk much like me, but more into action-oriented kinda person that I admired very much. KH also updated me from time to time his son's activities through WeChat as we only get to meet each other once a year during the Chinese New Year when all of us would make the great effort for our everlasting friendship to last forever. Haha...that's life, C'est la vie!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Avene Trixera Launch and Atopic Eczema Workshop

Glad to make it to the Avene Trixera new product launch in conjunction of the
Eczema sharing with many sufferers+kids by the skin specialist. You can read
about Eczema at or

Avene latest Tolerance Extreme range of products is uniquely safe for the
most sensitive skin of all. Even for normal skin like mine, I tend to have some
sensitive skin attack at times of the year due to food, free radicals and pollution. 

When Lisa asked me what I think about the workshop sharing by the specialist, I told her I was so glad to be able
to make it that afternoon as every time I attended the Avene workshops, I get to learn something new about skin,
new treatments with the latest technology that the skin specialist have discovered over the years. Totally worth
my time supporting Avene for years and I'm grateful than ever to be able to share this great infos with everyone.
If applying products can help to heal, protect and minimise the itchiness esp. among the kids who need to be
educated from time to time on taking care of their problematic skin, then by all means use it generously and
properly on a daily basis to help curb the skin problem. 

Teach and guide them the proper ways to apply it after taking a clean bath, gently and diligently. This video
is entertaining and educating enough to encourage the affected kids with skin problems to take it one step at
a time on how to apply the soothing cream step by step. In the mean time, you can watch this video as well;
After attending this workshop, somewhere somehow I'm educated enough to understand and
learnt that by practising the right ways of taking good care of our hygiene and using the right
products can keep our skin healthy, soothing and moisturizing in time to come. 

Avene skincare and bodycare have obviously kept my skin soothing and moisturizing enough
when I was in China polluted, hot humid weather . Lucky I brought the Avene Thermal Spring
Water spray to protect my skin from the hot burning sun that prevented me from itching and
damaging my skin to worst case scenarios. At the end of the week, everyone got tanned for sure.

The promotional booth set-up by the Guardian at Cititel Hotel with Avene products in line to grab for our
daily care. To get up close with Avene brand, check them out at

Sunday, October 19, 2014

C'est La Vie, That's Life!

In Hunan, China I met this old Aunty aged 82 years old who loves to share her life stories with me since Day 2. On the 1st day of my Autumn holiday, she looks kinda arrogant and I usually mind my own business so I only mixed around with Rambo, Jamie and Kiki. On the 2nd fateful afternoon during our long walk around the beautiful Feng Huang city, her husband almost fell down from a stair, and such a coincidence I was walking behind him I managed to hold his right hand to stop that accident from happening. After that incident, she was very grateful to me that she kept thanking me so many times but I replied her, "Welcome, don't mention it." 

The next morning I waited inside the coach as both Rambo and I were usually the punctual ones or the 1st one to wait for the daily tour at 7.50am, she came to my seat 2 rows behind her seat and started to chat with me. I really salute her for being so brave and strong at the age of 82 yet she's able to communicate really well in English and daring enough to tour the adventurous China trip with us. I asked about her secret in keeping herself strong, long life at 82 years old so she shared many of her real life stories with me, and at the same time she keeps on praising my bravery in helping her husband yesterday and really loving my elegant appearance she advised me to keep on staying pretty always. 

Haha...I only managed to smile and stay humble about it. Deep in my heart, I'm happy to help what I can and I believe that it's always my pleasure and privilege to help the needy ones. I feel good to be true, truly living up my days with happiness and 'Mou Yau Mou Lui' that kinda living. That's why I told Rambo everyday I can sleeps peacefully and blissfully easy by 12 midnight the Cinderella's time, as I knew I have did my very best to be a person I'm happy to be and living the philosophy of 'Men Sem Mou Kuai' (ask my heart, it's guilt-free). It's so important I can totally rest and relax my soul for a good night 8 hours sleep, looking forward for a better tomorrow.

Rambo's Bro Chai have just send me a picture of a pretty lady who had undergone 20 surgeries to make her beautiful as today, he told me she looks like me. Haha...our family group chat was full of comments talking about beauty, sufferings and I concluded to the fact as the final summary by telling all of them, "To look naturally beautiful, you need to stay truly happy from deep within, only the real beauty radiates from inside out. You can feel the vibes, the positive outlook and the true happiness from that person. And it's good if you are able to stay more time with this kinda good people, good vibes to attract more good fortunes into your life. It's the law of attraction, as simple as that!" 

Carrie T really made a great effort for our dolly old flame gathering together at my favourite hang out place, The Gardens Club. It's private for members only that's complete for me with many drinks choices to choose from and the kind of machine drinks where I can just clicked 'Teh Tarik', White Coffee, Mocha, Honey Green Tea and even cold/hot water to enjoy for hours chatting with her. She also presented me a surprising box of lovely Sweet Mochi gift for me. I told her please do not buy me gifts anymore in future although I really enjoy munching on food all the time. I have reserved a cutie limited edition Sakura Green Tea KitKat for her family of 3 from Hokkaido, Japan but I would never expect her to give me back something in return. But I knew she's a very nice lady who enjoys life just like me, and we feel very happy just by meeting each other and shared our life stories together.

She always said that she have never met someone who can be so compatible with her in terms of dressing up as dolls, advising her beauty skincare that she would consult with me 1st before she's buying the SK-II and having to stay very connected close to me because I'm truly happy for her. Yea, I told her bestie once and many others not everyone can be happy for your happiness as these losers tend to create many rumours and never stop condemning you to tarnish your reputation. But I always told them, for them to say and do those bad karmas, they will not be happy in their lives either, no peace lives within them and they will suffer for their own bad karmas, that day will come eventually.

Life is fair, what goes around comes around. Nobody actually owes you your life, you need to be answerable and accountable for what kinda life that you want for yourself. If your life sucks then you need to strive harder, do something about it to improve your living and not to step on other people's shoes/tails, I bluntly told off those losers sometimes because that's what they need to know if they're not intelligent enough to listen and learn. Even my dear Charmers are better listeners and learners at their age of 7, 11 and 12. There comes a time when you need to be strict and draw a line to deal with the losers because they don't deserve to be respected at all. You really need to cut off the strings as quickly as possible and stay far away from the losers. 

Life was meant to live blissfully, peacefully and happily ever after. Everyday is a blessing for your to start up your day by doing good, saying good things and have a good thoughts with the good people. Last Saturday when Rambo was taking pictures for me at Tzu Chi Buddhist Temple, there was this kind woman in monk robe approached us talking to us and invited us to come again next day earlier so we can visit the temple. Rambo paid his utmost respect to her by wishing her "Amituofo', humbly with both hands clasping together and closed to his heart. We went in to the cafe, it smells so good with fresh-brewed coffee aroma, serene ambience with a nice photo of my idol Venerable Master Cheng Yen on the divider, immediately soothing my heart and soul to total relaxation in here that I told Rambo we should come here more often to absorb the good vibes and fulfilled ourselves with the good energy from here. 

I met many good people here in this temple who talked and shared good things with me here, I felt really welcome and kinda belongs here in this Tzu Chi Buddhist Temple. Since Kim is in Ipoh now, I make my own effort to be here hoping to make a big difference for Tzu Chi Buddhist Temple all by myself. I don't like to waste my time waiting, I do things fast and I have another bestie PA who's a committee member who invited me for their activities from time to time. Even if I can't join their activities very often, I told Rambo we can always help them by donating money for their organisation to carry on their good will and good deeds. That's life, to be able to live a happy life 1st you need to do good deeds before you can enjoy a good life. 

Last Sunday my bestie EK and I both feeling really happy to unite together for good health event that we've attended for many years already. She told me that the man who talked to me during one of the health screening was actually a big boss in one of the top plastic manufacturing company and I told her, "You see, not only 2 of us are not willing to pay the RM10 cholesterol check done by this KPJ Hospital, he's a big boss who also runs away from there." Haha...I honestly told Rambo Lim and EK LIm, both of the Lims who go through the health checkup with me together that irrelevant of the numbers you have set for the day, we're here for a free checkup and not supposed to pay anything for the services you offered here. It's not that we cannot afford to pay the RM10 for the check up, it's just not right that they both agreed with me.

During the health checkups, EK saw my result of having 5.7 blood glucose after having my lunch and a normal heartbeat of 80 where EK and the health specialist also told me I have a good health record, only that I'm having low blood pressure of 109 compared to EK who's 159 and she needs to take regular medication to balance her blood pressure just like Rambo. Deep inside of me, I was thinking all this record 'biar betul' as I should be having a higher blood pressure than them as I have a fiery or fiercer character than both of them. I know I'm a calm person by nature, but when someone steps on my dragon tail I really shoot them 'Kao Kao' until bo life one. That's why I said, before you step on others, control your emotion 1st before you blurt out those hurtful remarks about others or you're gonna regret for the rest of your life with the bad consequences in future. 

The Health In The City event has taught me a lot, updated me with many new, latest health infos and knowledge, plus really having a good time with good friends full of unstoppable laughters sharing all about health. This time I told them about my amazing Ebene socks, my new Cellular Functional Water that they asked me where to buy it and China escapade that they enjoyed listening all the time about my China updated stories. Haha...C'est La Vie, everyday we're sharing good things about health, beauty and wellness with friends who are in their 30'-60's who totally agreed with me that health is the ultimate wealth. They also think it's totally worth to spend the RM5699 for good water hydration boost needed in our body and to live a simple life happily ever after without any illness/sickness come knocking into our lives at all. You can't buy a peace of mind but you can take a positive action to achieve it!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Keep skin healthy and moisturised with new improved Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash

Malaysia’s leading germ protection brand, Dettol, introduced new improved Dettol Body Wash range with pH-balanced formulation in a media launch at Connexion @ Nexus, Bangsar South. The media launch was attended by Dr. Steven Chow, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, celebrity mum Scha Alyahya and corporate partners. With the launch of new Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash, Malaysian families can now be 100% sure of protection from germs and bacteria while maintaining healthy, moisturised skin.

Scha Alyahya juggles a busy career as an actress and a full-time-mother. “Dettol has changed my perception towards anti-bacterial body washes. Women today especially active moms like me are constantly exposed to environmental factors such as pollution, dirt and germs. As an actress, beautiful skin is very important for me, but I never thought about the challenges that my skin goes through every day and how these can make my skin unhealthy. With Dettol’s new pH-Balanced Body Wash, I can ensure that my skin is protected from germs while maintaining moisturised and beautiful skin.”

In hot and humid climate in Malaysia, we constantly expose our skin to external elements and the threat of germs and dryness. Environmental factors such as pollution,change in temperature, diet and even harsh household products can strip away the essential lipids on the skin’s outer layer. When these natural oils, which act as a protective barrier, become compromised, it makes us susceptible to germs and potentially-harmful pathogens.

Dettol, Malaysia’s #1 Germ Protection Brand**, understands the importance of caring for your skin while keeping it well-protected. Trusted by families and medical professionals for generations, Dettol aims to build healthier lives and happier homes by providing the best protection against germs and bacteria. 

With a newly-improved formulation, Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash is the ideal body wash for every Malaysian family. Dettol’s signature anti-bacterial properties not only protect your skin from germs and bacteria, its improved pH-balanced formula also helps retain skin’s moisture, thus preserving your skin’s natural barrier leaving it healthy and moisturised.

Hina Nagarajan, General Manager of RB Malaysia and Singapore, emphasized that maintaining the health of Malaysian families is Dettol’s mission. “Since 1932, Dettol has been at the forefront to protect the health of our consumers by regularly launching new product innovations and improvements to meet the evolving needs of our consumers. We understand that healthy skin is the starting point of beautiful skin and are pleased to offer the trusted protection of Dettol in a new pH formula so that our consumers can now enjoy germ free, healthy and beautiful skin.”

During the event, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Chow, talked about the importance of maintaining healthy skin in an increasingly harsh environment. He said, “Many of us tend to take our skin for granted. Hygiene is an important factor in ensuring skin health and preventing body odour, especially in a hot tropical country like Malaysia; where pollution and haze are on the rise. Body washes with anti-bacterial properties are helpful in fighting the germs on a daily basis. At the same time,it is important to use products that are compatible to your skin’s natural pH level cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural lipid layer, maintaining the skin’s moisture and ensuring truly healthy skin.”

The pH balance property for Dettol’s new pH-Balanced Body Wash was demonstrated live to the audience with the help of a pH pen. A healthy skin’s pH level lies between 4 and 6, which matches Dettol’s pH-balanced formulation- ensuring the skin’s moisture to remains intact. On the other hand, other body washes and skin products could be acidic pH level (between pH 1 and 3) - causing redness, sensitivity and inflammation,or too alkaline pH level (above pH 8) - causing extreme dryness and premature aging. Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash is available in 6 variants at retail stores nationwide and is suitable for use by the entire family. 

About Dettol
Dettol has been a trusted antiseptic brand since 1932 and is the world's leading brand of antiseptics and a trusted champion of family health. Dettol products offer a high standard of germ kill and are recommended by healthcare professionals for their proven ability to keep families healthy. The brand has stayed contemporary through the launch of new products and offered consumers a breadth of products across categories that can help protect them from germs. These include shower gels, bar soaps, hand sanitizers, liquid hand washes and antibacterial wet wipes.

With 100% protection from germs*, it’s no wonder that Dettol is a trusted brand among mothers to keep her family members protected all day long. *Kills 99.9% of germs, **As of Nielsen MAT Data, Aug 2014.