Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Polo Ralph Lauren Launched The 1st Free-Standing Boutique In Malaysia

Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE: RL), the leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products, had recently launched its first free-standing store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Glad I made it at the very last minute as the last time Polo invited me at Isetan KLCC, I couldn't make it. Polo Ralph Lauren is definitely one my favourite fashion brand in town for more than 15 years already. No doubt I even shop for Polo's classic, trendy brand from my homeland Malaysia to Spain during my Spain/Portugal holidays there.

The store successfully opened in January 2017 which features collections for men, women and children spanning across 5,108 square-feet. To celebrate the opening of the store, Polo Ralph Lauren hosted an exclusive launch party for members of the press, Polo Ralph Lauren customers and local celebrities. 

Malaysian singer and multi-award winning artist, Anuar Zain made his special appearance at the launch party. The crowd was serenaded by Anuar Zain with his pop song, “Kau Bunga Cintaku” and his cover song, “Moondance”. He ended his performance with his hit song, “Sedetik Lebih”, which drew the crowds’ attention and excitement. Anuar Zain is one of my favourite singer since my childhood days especially the Kain Pelikat song, where both my bestie Suzy and I loved singing it together, 'siap menari' with the sarong also. Those were the days, lovely memories with my good friends.

Both store and collections represents Polo Ralph Lauren’s timeless heritage and iconic sophistication, synonymous with American style. The store design fuses nautical touches with a unique mix of architectural elements from industrial New York City warehouses and refined prep schools, all long-time influences on the Polo brand. Now you can shop for men, women and kids' collection at one stop classy, luxury boutique whenever you plan to do a family shopping outing conveniently.

The store is located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Lot 3.55.00 & 3.56.00, Level 3, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is open daily from 10:00AM to 10:00PM. For any enquiries, you can call +603 2110 6903. Happy shopping, do say Hi if you ever bump into me doing my shopping ya. Show me what you got, I'm happy to give you a tip or two about fashion too!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

BONIA 1st Flagship Boutique Grand Opening With Kim Tae Hee, Korean Celebrity Special Guest Appearance

BONIA is celebrating their grand opening of its first flagship boutique with special celebrity appearance, giveaways, and live broadcast. The international luxury brand and leather specialist BONIA opens the doors to its first flagship boutique in Pavilion Elite, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the very last minute I decided to do my very best attending BONIA grand event by driving to Pavilion, praying hard no jam along the way and there's a nearby entrance parking space waiting for me. Thank God, no stress and feeling happy also to see Kim Tae Hae face to face on my way back home.

Ms. Kim Tae-Hee, the international South Korean celebrity who is best known for her roles in Korean dramas and also just got married to Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) was invited as the special guest to officiate the grand opening of BONIA flagship boutique. Now you can visit BONIA brand new flagship boutique at Lot 3.101, Level 3, Pavilion Elite, a new retail landmark shopping area adjacent to Pavilion KL.

BONIA appointed Kingsmen Design Pte Lte, a leading communication design and production group,  to design BONIA flagship boutique. The new BONIA flagship boutique reflects the brand’s aesthetic and ethical approach, highlighting the 3 main principles of BONIA brand – modern, elegant, contemporary. High quality fashion accessories, focusing on European styling and craftsmanship, made with the finest materials.

The newly-built 2018 sqft boutique allows a sense of exploration and luxury, offering our exclusive shoppers a more intimate shopping experience. Aside from the quintessential elements of BONIA significant boutique concept, this unique flagship boutique signifies the brand’s increased focus towards fashion and art intersection. Additional features will be such as a special space, named Atelier Lounge, to showcase BONIA eco-friendly collection, a dedicated workshop space to conduct exclusive workshops and interesting activities for fashion lovers.

What’s more fascinating is our exclusive bespoke service, where fashion will be custom-made only for you. These customizable options allow you to get one-of-a-kind design upon your request, truly a luxury personalised experience.

Their grand opening event will also feature interesting activities, gifts, giveaways, including;

@ The group photo of 10 BONIA customers who bought the 10 Limited Edition BONIA Bags that embellished with China real freshwater pearls, which are formed naturally in a long period of 9 months till 2 years @ RM8000 each. 
@ Live Broadcast at the main screen of Pavilion KL. 
@ BONIA’s first bespoke service range at Atelier Lounge: Free giveaway of ‘Blossom Play’ -  customizable floral leather bag charms, to personalize your bag strap. Giveaway is valid from 10 till 31st March 2017.

Established since 1974, BONIA, an international luxury brand and leather specialist, has created a trademark legend in the fashion industry, achieving numerous milestones among the many accolades it receives. BONIA, the Italian inspiration, has been building its identity consistently and constantly as well as earned its prestige by highlighting the three principals of its brand at all time- that’s Modern, Elegant and Contemporary.

Being a specialist of leather, BONIA offers wide range of leather goods including leather handbags, footwear and accessories for both ladies and gentlemen as well as other non-leather fashion item such as men’s apparels. As an international luxury brand, BONIA landed its boutiques all around the world: Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China (Shanghai), Brunei, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Leather is the hallmark of BONIA, an international luxury brand. Being the leather specialist and one of the leaders in fashion society, BONIA keeps its pace up with the swiftness of fashion trends. Indulges its creativity into the fashion designs and craftsmanship of leather, BONIA infuses modernism and sense of youth into its timeless elegance and glamour creations, offering the leather lovers its voguish and contemporary designs.

As much as BONIA appreciates the classic elegance fashion and the neoteric ideas of its trend, BONIA aims to bring its customers the desire to experience a modern and glamourous lifestyle through its au courant creations. 

Shop Online
BONIA brought its brand to another pinnacle of success by advancing its shopping experience to online shop!  Featuring a variety of men’s and ladies’ fashion items, Shop Online ( presents a brand new pleasure of shopping spree to the its customers.

With its irresistible exclusive items, series of exciting events and promotions, Shop Online attracts groups of fashionistas and offers the truly fashion forward to the fashion lovers.

The conveniences offer by Shop Online to ship to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, brings an impeccable shopping experience to the leather lovers from all around the world.

From modest beginnings in Singapore in 1974, Bonia Corporation Berhad has grown to be one of Asia’s leading fashion retailers- designing, producing and distributing luxury leather goods, accessories, eyewear and footwear made with European styling, quality and craftsmanship. With a network of over 1200 sales outlets and 185 standalone boutiques throughout the world including countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China (Shanghai), Hong Kong, Brunei, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the Group continues to develop its global presence by forging strong networks with key partners around the world.

In addition to its flagship fashion label, BONIA, the Group is also behind successful brands such as Sembonia and Carlo Rino. Besides co-owned the renowned German brand Braun Buffel, it also holds the license to distribute international labels such as Valentino Rudy, The Savile Row Company, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club and Renoma Paris.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

MURAD® Perfects The Science With The Launch Of Retinol Youth Renewal Serum

Murad®, the pioneering clinical skincare brand, announced today the launch of Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, the new anti-aging powerhouse that quickly and visibly targets key signs of aging without any downtime or side effects. Powered by Murad’s proprietary Retinol Tri-Active Technology, this fast-acting serum gently minimizes lines and deep wrinkles, firms, evens skin tone and boosts radiance for more vibrant, youthful skin. In a Murad-sponsored study, 93 percent of users saw a reduction in lines and wrinkles and 98 percent noticed smoother skin after just two weeks of use.*

I was glad I made it that afternoon to Murad new launch of product especially I had make the right arrangements with Rambo to fetch me here although I was not a fan of Retinol products. The reason is Retinol products usually smell very chemical to me and I prefer to use products that smell divinely refreshing for me esp.the floral scent like Murad Porcelain Serum that smells heavenly for me every time I pampered it all over my face and neck. In fact I had just received another Retinol Night Serum from a famous French company that smells so badly, I threw it right away even it is cost a few hundred dollars. Haha...That's who I am, I can be very decisive in choosing my ultimate beauty products for daily pampering no matter how busy, lazy I can be.  

Thank God when I started to use the Retinol Youth Renewal Serum on the 1st March 2017 itself, it didn't smells badly but surprisingly, it actually managed to lighten, smoothen the stubborn wrinkles around my neck and kept the annoying lines from my face far, far away. Really glad I came for it, totally worthy of my time to learn from the beauty experts, getting up close with the up-to-date advanced science and technology of Murad's healthy beauty journey and getting to try the latest fantastic Murad beauty skincare to keep me youthful and beautiful. I even recommended to my mom, instantly she was asking me about the price in which she's keen to buy it already. Retinol Youth Renewal Serum is retailing at RM498 for 30ml and it's available through, Murad Exclusive Stores and participating dealers.

“Retinol is well-known as the gold standard anti-aging ingredient; that’s why my patients ask for it frequently,” said Dr. Howard Murad, founder of Murad.  “However, I saw a significant need for a new product that worked more quickly and didn’t cause irritation and dryness. After years of research and development, I’m proud to say we have finally perfected the science of retinol with this revolutionary serum.”

The Retinol Tri-Active Technology works in three ways:
1.    Fast-Acting Retinoid: Accelerates results by quickly boosting cellular turnover;
2.    Time-Released Retinol: Encapsulated in a lipid shell that slowly melts onto the skin, it delivers consistent, sustained levels of retinol over time; 
3.    Retinol Booster: Enhances efficacy by acting like a magnet to help enhance skin’s receptivity to retinol’s benefits.

Adding to its groundbreaking formulation, Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Serum is also among the first to adopt use of Swertia Flower Extract, an ingredient native to the Himalayas and recognized for its ability to aid in the regeneration of skin cells after a burn. This extract, when paired with other active ingredients, reduces irritation and gently soothes the skin. Retinol Youth Renewal Serum also features Hyaluronic Acid Spheres to hydrate and immediately plump and smooth skin.

Connected Beauty
Murad’s visionary approach to skincare is founded on the simple truth that living younger is a choice you can make every day. "We believe that youth is a reflection of how you feel, how you look and how you live, because every aspect of your life is as interconnected as every cell in your body. That’s why everything we do at Murad is designed to help activate youth through hydration at the cellular level."

Murad—a connected life is a beautiful life.

*In a Murad sponsored study. Individual results may vary.

Founded in 1989, Murad is a pioneering clinical skincare brand dedicated to youth-building through hydration at the cellular level. Backed by 19 unique patents and a 30-year legacy of research and clinical testing, Murad believes that every aspect of one’s health is as interconnected as every cell in the body. Murad offers a full range of sophisticated, high-performance products for home and spa, enabling millions of people to look, live and feel better every day. Murad is used and recommended by over 30,000 professionals all across the globe and is sold in more than 40 countries.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Ko Skin Specialist today introduced PicoWay ®, the latest breakthrough technology in dermatology laser to enter Malaysia

Asia’s leading aesthetic and laser centre Ko Skin Specialist today introduced PicoWay ®, the latest breakthrough technology in dermatology laser to enter Malaysia. CEO Dato’ Dr Ko Chung Beng unveiled the million dollar laser machine at a launch party in Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur hosted by renowned singer Atilia Haron. The party was attended by celebrities including actor Idris Khan, film director Erma Fatima, Astro SuperSport host Amanda Chaang, TV host Yasmin Hani, actress Tengku Putri Najuwa and more. 

PicoWay ® is the most advanced laser solution for tattoo removals and benign pigmentation such as freckles and age spots. The technology uses the shortest laser pulse in the market 375ps & 450ps. Measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second), the laser effectively breaks down pigments into the smallest particles to be cleared by the skin. 

Ko Skin Specialist is the first and only laser centre in Malaysia to offer PicoWay ®
 laser technology. The technology is a premier alternative to traditional laser tattoo
removal. Unlike traditional lasers, PicoWay ® delivers energy to the targeted ink in ultra-short pulses that are fast, safe and comfortable. Glad I made it at the very last minute to get updated with the latest beauty trends so I won't get 'Tou Tai' out from the whole picture of today's beauty world since 1990's. 

“We felt a need to bring PicoWay ® to Malaysia because Malaysians have such rich skin tones. It is difficult to treat patients with darker skin tones using most lasers because oftentimes the energy is absorbed into the skin instead of the target pigment particles,” says Dato’ Dr Ko, CEO of Ko Skin Specialist. 

“PicoWay ® is a game changer as the laser energy is delivered to the target pigment particles while minimising the amount of heat absorbed by the skin. Malaysians will finally have a laser treatment option that is suitable for their skin tone,” he added. 

PicoWay ® is the proprietary laser technology of American-based medical aesthetic device company Syneron-Candela; distributed in Malaysia by Beaumedic under the care of Mr Lau Chang Yaw, General Manager.

“We are excited to partner with Ko Skin Specialist to introduce PicoWay ® to Malaysia. They have a track record of the best medical professionals on their team. We’re confident that their doctors will give patients the best possible treatment and
outcome using PicoWay ® ,” says Mr Robert Ruck, CEO of PicoWay®. For more information on PicoWay®, you can visit  

About Ko Skin Specialist
Founded by 1997 by Dato’ Dr Ko Chung Beng, Ko Skin Specialist is the largest and leading dermatology and laser centre in Asia. Ko Skin Specialist provides a range of aesthetic services from cosmetic dermatology and hair transplant to plastic surgery and slimming. With over 30 branches across Malaysia and regional expansion to China and Indonesia, the centre has gained the trust of medical professionals and clients across the globe. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, the team of doctors are experts in laser technology, aesthetic innovation and advanced plastic surgery. They all share the same commitment to empower individuals by making them feel young, ageless, and beautiful both inside and out.