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DR. RIMPLER’S Ultimate Solution For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a common skincare concern. The increasing pollutants of harmful chemical substances that envelope us, together with allergies and hormonal changes could trigger skin sensitivity.  Itchiness, tenderness, rashes, and redness then flare up on sensitive skin. In fact, I have sensitive skin due to exposing myself under the hot sun too long since I was young. My teacher was so worried seeing my face and whole body were covered with red rashes after my 'Lompat Jauh' and 'Lompat Tinggi' practise representing Rumah Hijau in DAB primary school. That's why till today in my life, my hubby will get ready a nice umbrella for me even for a short walk, he really treated me like a princess.
Dr. RIMPLER has developed a range of products in its SENSITIVE skin care line to alleviate the irritations and symptoms of sensitive skin, and at the same time improve the skin’s appearance and strengthen the immune system.

The research and development approach behind Dr. RIMPLER SENSITIVE products is simple and effective. The founder and head of research at ‘Dr. RIMPLER COSMETICS’ – Dr. Christian Rimpler asserted that “The key to treating sensitive skin lies in bringing the skin back to balance. When our skin is balanced, it regulates itself and thereby increases the skin’s resistance. Owing to the strengthened barrier, the skin learns to better its defense against stressful triggers.”  

Last 3 weeks ago in early May, I went to Banjaran Hotspring Retreat in Ipoh for a spa escapade holiday. It was so hot that day, we went for a slow walk rounding the whole place. I didn't realized that I got sun burned that day until I went for my bath and cleansing my face. Lucky I brought along the SOS set of Dr. RIMPLER Sensitive skincare set with me and it managed to calm and soothing my skin back to normal. I felt relieved after that as my skin is too delicate liao coming to age in my 40's. Haha...Amazingly that night after the 2nd time using the set, I can feel that my skin is so smooth, soft and moisturised. Thanks Dr. Rimpler Team for saving my sensitive skin that I treasured so much although I have normal skin condition but under the hot sun too long, my skin can rebel to itchiness and redness like nobody's business.   

Dr. RIMPLER SENSITIVE product development has looked into an element that often plays second fiddle to another precious metal such as gold, but this element has special properties that deserve a good look. The element which is silver has antibacterial properties which have been used to prevent the infection of injuries for hundreds of years. Utilizing the anti-bacterial effect of silver, Dr. RIMPLER has formulated the MicroSilver BG ™ for its SENSITIVE products to combat sensitive skin.

Dr. RIMPLER’s SENSITIVE range consists of three new products: Sensitive Rescue Lotion, Sensitive Cleansing Gel and the Sensitive Tonic. I used to spend thousands of dollars trying out other sensitive skincare all my life but some never helped at all. But Dr. RIMPLER Sensitive Skincare set really helped a lot without using a lot or spending lots of money to calm my skin effectively. I'm going to bring this whole set for my coming Summer Holiday in Japan that's for sure. Thanks again for sending it to me and I really appreciate that besides welcoming superb skincare products like Dr.Rimpler to enter into JC's Beauty Journey! 

The Sensitive Rescue Lotion, also known as The Silver Spray is a soothing spray lotion with panthenol and antibacterial MicroSilver BG .  It contains a natural cocktail of oily plant extracts that enhances the calming effect. The spray is specially designed for sensitive, allergic skin and eczema-prone skin. The pure metallic silver ingredient is an innovative form known as the MicroSilver BG ™.  It is a natural antibacterial “active” which supports treatment of irritated and inflamed skin. It is extremely effective, even at a low dosage and has a long-lasting effect (depot and time-release effect).  It also contains DEFENSIL®-PLUS, a highly effective first-aid kit to alleviate stressed, sensitive and irritable skin.  The outstanding properties of Blackcurrant Seed oil and Balloon Vine extract in combination with Sunflower Oil Concentrate effectively reduce inflammatory processes and repair the damaged skin barrier.  The Rescue Lotion retails at RM298.00.

The Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Gel is a mild and oil free cleanser for the sensitive skin, including the delicate eye area and is recommended for rosacea as well.  This specific combination of silk proteins and Roman chamomile contains extraordinary healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes and heals irritation with a refreshing and calming effect.  It is perfectly suitable as an eye make-up remover and is highly recommended for all skin types. The Gentle Cleansing Gel retails at RM118.00.

The Sensitive Tonic has active ingredients such as allantoin and the extracts of the ‘African Rose of Jericho’ to ensure rehydration of dry skin areas and visibly improve the condition of skin which is prone to redness.

The Rose of Jericho is also known as the resurrection plant. During a dry spell, the plant curls itself into a tight ball and enters into a stage of dormancy. It can revive itself in just 2 hours when it is watered or when in the presence of moisture. The miraculous properties of the Rose of Jericho have opened the doors for Dr. RIMPLER's research team to introduce an integrant to rehydrate and revitalizes the skin from dryness and sensitivities. The skin is strengthened and hydrated.  The Sensitive Tonic has a soothing effect on hyper-sensitive skin and retails at RM118.00.

Supporting the range of the new products to Dr. RIMPLER SENSITIVE line up is also the existing and prevailing SENSITIVE Cream Nanosensitive Forte, the balm to soothe inflamed and acute skin conditions. Containing micro silver, algae extract and a novel ferment extract from Pseudoalteromonas, a bacterium that originates from the Antarctic, this cream restructures scarred skin tissue on the inflamed areas, while ensuring that the skin regains its suppleness and resistance to irritation.

Dr. RIMPLER products are available at 40 beauty centres nationwide. For more information, you can log on to or contact Cheerful Beauteepro at tel: 03-2141 9928 or email:

Dr. RIMPLER products are produced by Dr. RIMPLER GmbH, which was the first enterprise in Lower Saxony, Germany to be certified for achieving top quality and high production standards in the cosmetic line in 1997. Developed through highly scientific means, this skin care concept is to treat individual problem zones accordingly with a combination of natural, purified and biotechnological substances.

Professor Rimpler was elected and honored by an independent jury of journalists in the beauty sector for his indefatigable efforts of development and research in professional and respectable cosmetics and was awarded the “Life Sacred to the Beauty” by the International Division of Aesthetics Association for his contributions to European interests in the cosmetic sector.

About Cheerful Beauteepro
Cheerful Beauteepro was established in 1983 as the marketing division for the Cheerful Group trading company supplying cosmetic products and beauty equipment. Operations in Malaysia first started in Kuala Lumpur in 1988. Within a year, business flourished and another branch in Singapore was established. Today, Cheerful Beauteepro has a partnership of more than 300 Beautique Members (Beauty Centres) nationwide with expansion plans in the future. Cheerful Beauteepro is the sole distributor of Swiss line products in Malaysia. The Group has also established successful marketing and distribution lines for Isabelle Lancray, Comfort Zone, Nubea, Ingrid Millet, Dr. RIMPLER, Naturys and Carole Franck beauty products

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Plantur 39 Caffeine Haircare Series Helps To Combat Menopausal Hair Loss

Hair loss is not exclusively a male problem. Many women experience thinner hair and that it falls out prematurely due to a hormonal imbalance during and after menopause besides symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, sleepless nights, depression and reduced sex drive. True, I won't deny that and heard many stories from both male and female true facts about menopause.

Peter Wong, Head of Academy of A Cut Above Academy, commented: “While male pattern baldness is an accepted part of life for most men, the equivalent issue for women is still brushed under the carpet. Thinning hair shouldn’t be taken lightly - it can seriously affect women’s self-confidence and social life, creating unnecessary anxiety for those affected.”

Menopausal hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, is caused by the drastic decrease of ‘hair-friendly’ estrogens in the hair roots. These hormones help to protect the hair roots against testosterones, which are the main culprits for hair loss. With the onset of menopause, mostly when women hit the age 40 and above, the estrogen decreases, causing a hormonal imbalance where testosterones take over the place of estrogens in the hair roots, causing hair to fall out prematurely.

In years of research and development German cosmeceutical company Dr. Wolff has effectively harnessed the stimulating compounds found in caffeine and put into a carrier base for shampoo. This allows the caffeine to be transported to the hair roots to help reduce hair loss. Dr. Ruban Nathan, Dermatologist for Hair Restoration, Director of Dr Ruban’s Skin & Hair Clinic stated, “Amongst all the available shampoo claims, the only credible claim with scientific backing is that the Caffeine-based shampoos have some benefit in pattern hair loss.”

A recent trial with female magazine readers in UK proved the efficacy of the products. A panel of 284 women aged between 40-64 tested Plantur 39 for 3 months and used the caffeine shampoo every time they washed their hair.* After the three month trial 87% of women said the condition of their hair had improved after using Plantur 39. More than half (57%) noticed a reduction in hair loss and/or hair thinning since using Plantur 39 and 70% recognised less hair loss in the shower and hairbrush.

True, I totally agreed with the statistics shown above because I'm one of the beneficiary beauty lady who benefits from it. After using Plantur haircare range for the past 2 weeks religiously, my hair loss has been controlled somewhere somehow. I didn't see much hair on my bed, floor and during shampoo pampering time. My hair is smooth, feels light and easy to comb as ABC. The refreshing scent of the shampoo and conditioner is pampering enough to relax my smell sense to perfection. 

I also started to use the Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Tonic after combing my hair thoroughly, from one part to all parts of my hair scalp. One month already I didn't go for my hair spa but I can see baby hair forming slowly from the front to the centre scalp of my hair. Haha...Thank God, still have lots of hair waiting to be born healthily from my scalp or I'll be worrying lot seeing the obvious loss of my hair everyday. And thanks to Rachel for sending me this lovely Plantur Hair Care series to keep my 42 years crowning glory healthy glory again. I really love it and enjoy pampering my hair with the whole range products everyday without failed.  

The Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Hair Care Series
Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine products contain an active phyto-caffeine complex which prevent the hair roots from premature exhaustion due to menopause. With special galenic formulation, the caffeine complex as an active ingredient is able to travel all the way to the hair shaft to activate the hair roots and prevent further hair loss. Plantur 39 improves the resilience of the scalp and hair, promotes regeneration and protects the hair roots from the negative effects of testosterone. To supply the hair with sufficient energy, use one caffeine-containing product every day and leave the shampoo on the scalp for 2 minutes before rinsing out.

Plantur 39 Haircare range 
Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for fine, brittle hair (Retails at RM49.90)
Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for coloured and stressed hair (Retails at RM49.90)
Plantur 39 Conditioner for coloured and stressed hair (Retails at RM39.90)
Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Tonic (Retails at RM55.90)

Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine products are available exclusively at selected Watsons outlets nationwide from late May. Totally worthy of the price for big bottles and tube of conditioner that will melt your heart away. Try it, you will love it just like I did!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Introducing The World's 1st & Only Skincare With The Breakthrough Activated Phenolics APSKIN

From an Australian World-First Breakthrough, almost a decade in the making. Scientifically formulated from apples, nature’s best source of broad spectrum antioxidants. APSKIN, harnessing the natural anti-oxidant power of apples, intensified like never before. Glad I made it that afternoon to meet Dr. Vincent to learn more about health, beauty and wellness especially his breakthrough in Phenolics to help many others to gain good health in the long run and I can share about it with the whole world.

Phenolics antioxidant from apples has been proven in many studies to have amazing benefits. The transformative power of eight antioxidants, extracted & activated from a single natural source to maximize cellular synergistic affinity. The world’s most advanced antioxidant skin cream. From an Australian World-First Breakthrough, almost a decade in the making. Scientifically formulated from apples, nature’s best source of broad spectrum antioxidants. 

Honestly speaking, this APSKIN cream really walk the talk in delivering smooth skin with less fine lines on my dry skin after using it in the past 2 weeks effectively. It easily absorbed into my skin in 2 rounds of gentle massage after 2 weeks of day and night use religiously, didn't feel sticky or oily at all. Worth to try it and you'll love it just like I did because it delivers the promise in keeping my skin healthy moisturised and smooth amazingly.  

A luxurious, hydrating and restorative cream that helps to smoothen and improve your complexion. Formulated to maximize skin cell restoration & prevent skin cell inflammation. APSKIN supports healthy skin and revitalizes inflamed and damaged skin at the cellular level.  Used daily, it aids elastin & collagen structures, leaving your skin glowing and ageless.

Renovatio is distributed exclusively in Asia by Malaysia healthcare distributor Biovida. Renovatio products are available in Malaysia online at and at respected healthcare retailers soon.

APSKIN Face Cream (Retailing at RM159.00 for 100ml)
• Protects, regenerates and restores skin at the cellular level
• Suitable for all skin types
• Boosts skin’s glow and radiance by tackling free radicals
• Nourishes skin at the cellular level by preserving elastin and
collagen structures
• Hydrates and improves complexion
• Incorporates a cutting-edge skincare technology that senses
and customises the level of hydration according to the skin’s needs
• Delivers noticeable results, especially in areas of discolouration,
damage or stress
• Possibly the world’s most potent skin care antioxidant

About Renovatio BioScience
Founded in 2016 in Sydney, Australia, Renovatio BioScience is based on clinical nutritionist Dr Vincent Candrawinata’s breakthrough discovery at the University of Newcastle of a worldfirst technology to extract and activate phenolic antioxidants from food sources. The result of this groundbreaking research is the brand’s patented Activated Phenolics, an ultra-antioxidant that is highly compatible and bio-available with the human body, boasting numerous health benefits. Since launching, the business has experienced rapid growth, expanding rapidly throughout Australia and into Asia. Dr Vincent has been recognised by the Australian Government as an Individual with a Distinguished Talent in Research and Academia, the youngest to ever receive this honour, largely because of his research on Activated Phenolics. He has also pioneered The Renewal Diet, based on his PhD-awarded research on antioxidants.

About Biovida
Biovida helps Asian consumers gain better health via the groundbreaking Activated Phenolics antioxidant supplements. Biovida is the exclusive distributor of Renovatio Bioscience in Asia.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Swiss Line Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Bespoke Cream As Precious As Gold And Silk

Swiss line has advanced its stature in age defying skin science, by merging skincare with timelessness and luxury. The Swiss line Cell Shock Luxe-Lift is one of finest collection of creams that you can find because your skin deserves the best indulgences to keep looking young. This year 2018 I maybe busy but I have informed my hubby that die die also he must fetch me to this beauty event safely & I was glad I did. I have been using Swiss line skincare since in my 20's till today I'm in my 40's, and I super duper triple love the Swiss line Cell Shock Luxe-Lift range deep into my heart and soul faithfully. 

Following the launch of Cell Shock White HD Brightening Diamond Serum (September 2017 in Malaysia), Swiss line is expanding its luxury collection from real diamonds to 24K gold and fine silk. Swiss line has embarked the “glamscience” odyssey for a good reason, incorporating the efficacious medical formula of gold and silk complex that surprisingly lift the skin to splendor with a timeless appeal.

Swiss line Cell Shock was launched 25 years ago. The collection of skincare products has grown with unprecedented improvements and breakthrough technologies. Throughout the decades, a foundation for Cell Shock has stood constantly with the test of times for lifting and revitalizing skin with Swiss line patented Cellactel 2 Complex and the Bio-mimetic Growth Factors 3% formulas. The new Luxe-lift of Cell Shock has upped the ante with the addition of gold and silk complex.

Gold is timeless, alluring and intriguing. Because gold never oxidizes, and finding the properties that keep gold golden, Swiss line has utilized the colloidal forms of real gold which are helpful in promoting renewed vitality and physically shielding the skin from oxidative stress.

Applying biotechnology, the gold and silk complex combines colloidal gold and the protein from silk, fibroin, to defend the skin from oxidative and lifestyle-induced stress on the skin, revitalizing it with a silky-smooth finish. The combination of timeless gold and splendid silk represents perfection.

The Cell Shock Luxe-Lift formula is enhanced with Marine Collagen, a pure form of solubilized collagen and amino acids that occur naturally in silk, to deliver maximum output of collagen protein construction, and moisturizing and delivering line-fining effects to the skin.

The Cell Shock Luxe-Lift comes in a luxury selection of three distinguished creams and a balm to offer the same age-defying results and signature scent, just in different textures to tailor to skin feel – a light, rich, very rich, and a highly concentrated balm. All of us get to sample all 4 types of creams and balm that morning, Esther prefers the light cream texture just like me. 

Custodio d’Avo, Swiss line International Brand Director remarked “Luxe-Lift Creams and the Luxe-Lift Overnight Balm offer women customizable skincare while reinforcing Swiss line’s “GLAMSCIENCE” brand philosophy of bespoke skincare with rewarding indulgence.

Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Overnight Balm – The Star of Cell Shock Luxe-Lift
The Overnight Balm offers an overnight and complementary solution to the creams for firmer, brighter and more-rested looking skin, making the best out of beauty sleep. I totally fell in love with it the moment I started using it every night till today. The scent relaxes my overall body, mind and soul to perfection. The next morning, I can see that my skin is smooth, firm up naturally and healthily moisturised. It didn't feel sticky at all, in fact this is the 1st time I love using balm texture skincare on my delicate skin. Haha...Thanks Swiss line for keeping my skin beautiful and youthful for many years to come.  

In addition to the high-performance ingredients of Cell Shock, the star ingredient of the overnight balm, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is an antioxidant enzyme obtained from natural yeast that slows down the aging process and reverses signs of aging in the skin. It also plays a role in minimizing signs of sun-induced redness as well as correcting cellular damage caused by the cumulative effects of photo exposure from natural UV and artificial lighting. The Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Overnight Balm retails at RM738.00.

Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Creams: Light, Rich & Very Rich
The Light Cream supplies the skin with rich ingredients with a delicate touch of a feather, ideally for combination to oily skin as well as mature skin prone to oiliness owing to age-related changes and/or warm climates. The Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Light Cream retails at RM698.00.

The Rich Cream is dewy and refined as silk as it fulfills skin that has the tendency of dryness and/or dehydration regardless of the climate. The Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Rich Cream retails at RM708.00.

The Very Rich Cream has a supremely velvet touch when applied as it quenches the skin’s thirst by furnishing it with generous sustenance. Also under cold climatic condition, dry skin and mature skin suffering from hormonal imbalance dryness will benefit tremendously. The Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Very Rich Cream retails at RM718.00.

The Swiss line products are available at over 50 Cheerful Beautique member beauty salons nationwide in Malaysia, including Energy Day Spa at Great Eastern Mall (Ampang). For the full list of Beautique member locations, you can log on to

About Cell Shock
Swiss line’s Cell Shock range of paramedical skincare products is acclaimed for its anti-aging efficacy and clinical heritage.

The star ingredient of Cell Shock range is the Cellactel 2 Complex. This Swiss line’s exclusive ingredient is a breakthrough in medical science and is considered as one of the most effective natural skin regenerators and anti-aging ingredient.

Swiss line of Dermalab S.A. based in Zurich, Switzerland works with the most reputable Swiss clinics and laboratories to produce a serious, "problem-solution" line for the discerning woman who expects concrete results. It has launched an extensive collection of CELL SHOCK products, each with a specific de-aging action.
“The difference between Cell Shock and other anti-aging skin treatments is the fact that our products contain more active ingredients than most competitive products,” says Prince MichaĆ«l Massalsky, founder of Swiss line by Dermalab.

About Swiss line
Swiss line, a revolutionary, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand with both a consumer and professional range, combines a proud heritage in the field of cellular therapy, a paramedical approach to beauty and a penchant for innovation. Behind the Swiss line name lies a heritage of the highest standards in cosmetic treatment.

Swiss line has established its global anti-aging science and product strength in the market with star lines of products such as the CELL SHOCK range; the CELL SHOCK WHITE range; the FORCE VITALE range; and the WATER SHOCK range.

Swiss line is founded by Prince Michael Massalsky in Switzerland more than 25 years ago. Extensive, ongoing research involving top Swiss skincare specialists leads to the advanced formulas based on botanical ingredients. Rigorous product development and formulation techniques guarantee that only those products delivering remarkable immediate and medium-term results carry the Swiss line name.

All Swiss line by Dermalab products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standards. All treatment products are dermatologically and safety tested non comedogenic (do not block pores or cause acne) and screened for potential sensitizers and irritants. For more information on Swiss line, log on to

About Cheerful Beauteepro
Cheerful Beauteepro was established in 1983 as the marketing division for the Cheerful Group trading company supplying cosmetic products and beauty equipment. Operations in Malaysia first started in Kuala Lumpur in 1988. Within a year, business flourished and another branch in Singapore was established. Today, Cheerful Beauteepro has a partnership of more than 300 Beautique Members (Beauty Centres) nationwide with expansion plans in the future. Cheerful Beauteepro is the sole distributor of Swiss line products in Malaysia. The Group has also established successful marketing and distribution lines for Isabelle Lancray, Comfort Zone, Nubea, Ingrid Millet, Dr. Rimpler, Naturys and Carole Franck beauty products.