Wednesday, June 27, 2018

ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Masks Review

Thanks for sending me 4 of the effective ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Masks for beauty review. Before I agreed to review for it, I googled about ID. AZ 1st and found out that the company to be quite impressive having a beauty hospital focusing beauty care from anti-aging facilities, facial to body breast care too. That is why I want to give it a try on the facial mask and check out what is so special about it. As a summary after trying out the masks, I'm satisfied with the results and I think it is worthy for the price to pay for the effective mask. 

The 4 Masks that I have received are 150g big tubes, retailing at RM59. So big tube, I believe it can last me for a year pampering as I only use about 50 cents size of the mask, sufficient enough to cover my face and neck liao. I used to be a fan of clay mask crazily since my 20's, bought many of them from Korea, Taiwan and Japan during my travel holidays there.

Those days I need to apply and wait for 20 to 30 minutes for it to dry before cleansing my face. But now that the beauty technology has revolved to advance level liao, 5 minutes will do. Haha...That's why we need to adapt to the latest science and technology everyday to keep up with the modern technology now, or we'll get lost in touch with the world real blindly.

This ID.AZ Dermastic Moroccan Lava Clay Mask is my favourite among the 4 masks that I have tried and tested for 2 weeks already. The reason is it smells good and soothing enough to calm my overall senses to perfection. My skin is hydrated with deep moisture, very clean and it managed to calm my skin back to normal skin condition. 

I only apply it for 5 minutes every week for 2 times, I can see that my skin is moisturise and smooth enough to apply my moisturiser real easily. Haha...Saves a lot of my precious time, I lazy to wait long for mask to dry nowadays. You can cleanse it with warm water thoroughly or use face cleanser after that also can, up to your preference. I prefer to wash it with warm water and cleanse it with gentle cleanser after that.

Back in my 30's beauty journey those days, I have the 'Hing Zit' great efforts making my own DIY Brightening Mask using Lemon, mixed with clay that I bought from beauty shop and beautify myself for an hour pampering. When I was young, I really have the inspiration and determination to explore all about beauty, experimenting and creating my own mask as part of my passion hobby in my beauty journey.

Haha...Now I'm too busy and lazy for this kinda DIY beauty mask concoction, lucky I can beautify and brighten up my skin by just applying this ID.AZ Dermastic Brightening Clay Mask for 5 minutes pampering. After I cleanse my face and neck, I can see that my skin is clean, radiant and moisturised enough, fine lines also gone. Hmmm...not bad actually. Really worth to pamper my skin for 5 minutes to see such obvious and superb results. Guarantee you bright and healthy-looking skin for sure, haha! 

My hubby said I looked scary like a ghost here after applying the 4 masks together on my face and neck. Haha...Lucky I only use the grey-black ID.AZ Dermastic Pore Clean Clay Mask on my neck and 2 sides of my cheek area, not the whole face. If not, I think he'll be scared to death. The effect is good where I can see that both of my cheeks pore are clean, tight and firm up too. Not bad, rest assured your open pores will be close up prettily. I apply the ID.AZ Dermastic Moroccan Lava Clay Mask on my T-zone area because the wrinkles tend to crawl around these 2 areas quite stubbornly. 

And last but not least, I also apply the ID.AZ Dermastic Brightening Clay Mask below my mouth area to brighten up my uneven skin around this area. After I cleanse my face and neck thoroughly, I can see that my skin looked radiant, clean and moisturised. Haha...Quite fun to put on the 4 masks altogether on my face and neck, a real beauty journey exploration while checking my daily accounts at work. Multi-tasking my work and having fun applying masks at the same time.

As my skin is not oily at all, I need to plead my hubby Rambo Lim to be my model for the ID.AZ Dermastic Oil Control Clay Mask review. My T zone can be oily a bit if I tend to eat oily food everyday but recently I stopped eating oily food for good health reason so I can't review this mask at all. Initially he didn't want to be my model for this mask but I need to say Please, pleading him to help me as I said I need to give an honest review about this mask for Evergreen Love Blog only he agreed to do it for me.

Haha...When he's back from work with oily skin, I quickly asked him to apply the mask for 5 minutes only. After 5 minutes, he cleanses his face and neck, I checked on his skin and very satisfied with his clean, hydrated and brighter-looking skin. I told him from now on, the mask belongs to him and he must use it every 3 days once while he's studying for his Japanese at home. He promised me he would especially after I said that he looked handsome liao with clean, healthy skin now. For those having oily, stressed and dull-looking skin, I fully recommended you to use this 3 times a week for cleaner, healthier skin. You can get the masks from Watsons Store in Malaysia, check it out!

Garnier Color Naturals Introduces New Range of Hair Color

Garnier Color Naturals introduces a new range of Hair Color that delivers both nourished hair and better color, while being water permeable.

 “From our consumer research, we understand that “water permeable hair color” is one of the popular search terms on the Internet. Until now, consumers often have very limited brands and color shades that offer this,” explained Samantha Teh, Garnier Marketing Manager in her speech today during the launch of the newly improved range at Mydin USJ in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

“Hence, the Garnier Hair Color Naturals range is now powered by natural ingredients for nourished hair and is water permeable,” she said.

Samantha went on to explain that Garnier strives to deliver beauty without worry. This is why the brand is synonymous with nature-based ingredients. At Garnier, we believe that natural products can be effective while respecting our consumers’ needs.

 “Garnier has a long history of innovation since 1904. What drives us on the path of continuous improvement is seeing consumers use our products with absolute peace of mind,” she pointed out.

On top of the water permeable technology, the new Garnier Color Naturals range is also Ammonia-free. This means that the cream delivers better hair texture, hair nourishment, and color vibrancy, but also smells great during application.

Garnier Color Naturals formula is powered by the nature-based ingredients such as olive, avocado, and almond oil that seals in the color and hair resistance for eight (8) weeks. The efficacy of Garnier Color Naturals is clinically proven as color stays true, giving hair 5X shinier, cover greys and easy to use.

“Garnier would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim friends a wonderful Hari Raya celebration. It is a precious time with loved ones, so embrace it with your beautiful hair!” said Samantha.

See and feel the difference in your hair with Garnier Color Naturals. The range is now available nationwide in a kit box set for RM19.90 (multiple usage) and sachets RM8.90 (single usage). Check it out!