Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Czech Republic, Eastern Europe

Just arrived to Prague city centre, left my luggage in the hotel and zoom out for sight-seeing around the city.
Really need to grab the opportunity to explore the city for night views and its surrounding happening places.
Went for a Chinese dinner and invited for a fine Red Wine from Germany. Real smooth after a tantalising
Chinese meal. Great ending of the day. The photo is not clear after I enlarge it to X-Large, no choice :( 

One of the spectacular building I admired so much about Prague. Love its
building architectural designs from its bridge to its ancient buildings everywhere.

One of the many favourite pictures I love of Prague, really fascinating view ever. Only our group tour is
around this place so it's kinda private for everyone of us to take as many pictures we want. 

The changing soldiers on duty to guard this Parliament House, almost similar like the Taiwan routine but
the Taiwanese soldiers are all younger and more skillful in their skills performing the art of smart soldiers. 

The new soldier on duty, just a memory picture for great memories.

This place is really huge and beautiful, almost got bombed out by Hitler when he conquered this country.
But lucky he didn't after spending a night stay here, he decided to keep this place.

One of the most captivating view I love so much. Fantastic and fascinating at the same time, glad to be here.

As the Old Town is so huge, I really take my time to tour this place with relaxing mood. I take my own sweet
time to enjoy the beautiful flowers and smell the Lavender. Aaah, so relaxing and invigorating moments here.

This is the beautiful garden with a nicely sculptured lake with pairs of peacocks around. Haha...I passed by
the 1st colourful one, he showed me his beautiful tails so Rambo quickly took a picture for me. I waved
goodbye to him and said that he's a good boy as he's vain enough to show its tail to me.

Then I reached here, this rare White Peacock is a bit arrogant as everyone wants a picture with him, he
open and close its tail from time to time. I told them not to touch the peacock as they tend to 'kacau' him
when he does open its tail. Just let him do his part, if he wana open he will open it vainly. Never try to force
the animal, he's also a living being with its own mind and thinking and it's really up to him to open it or not. 

This is the bridge that links to the New Town from the Old Town where I came from. Lovely views along
this bridge. I never notice this Pink Jacket Lady was looking at me till I reached at the other side of town
she smile at me and telling me, "Bella, Bella" with a kiss sign from her. Haha...I thanked her by saying,
"Gracias, Gracias" as I know Bella means Beautiful. People around here in Prague are nice, friendly be it
from the tourists around the world or the people working at the souvenir shops are also courteous. 

Very soothing and relaxing atmosphere all along the views that we managed to capture along the way.

This is the New Town area, just across the Old Town city that's separated by this calm, clean river.

Thousands of tourists from around the world came here every year to watch this clock performance. I only
managed to grab the second row of seat for the great view, while enjoying a cold Raspberry Juice after a
long walk from Old Town to New Town, a happening city centre in Prague.  

Had my lunch here at Hard Rock Cafe with a touch of Czech Republic flavour. Good service as the locals
here are more humble, they really welcome you with an open heart and served you humbly. 

Goodbye Prague, after a heavy lunch both Rambo and I walking real slowly back to Continental Hotel for the
coach to travel to Bratislava. Full of tourists here shopping, dining and wining around this cool, small town.  

My last picture at Prague city and rest at my comfy coach. Then my malay tour member called me from behind,
"Jacinta, baru tadi kita share with you the pickpocket incident kat Italy, then on the way back kita kena pickpocket
again.""Really, what happened?" I asked. They told me what had happened along the way back to our coach, they
kena pickpocket the 2nd time in Europe. Our tour guide has already warned us from Day 1 that Europe's best story
ever is this pickpocket event that can happen to anyone, at anytime of the day and it's really happening to them.
So beware when you travel to Europe, always travel light and be alert all the time. I love Prague overall, just not this.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LOREAL Absolut Repair Cellular Hair Mask Review

Loreal Absolut Repair Cellular Hair Mask is one of the many hair masks I've been keeping long in my beauty drawer. But that day Rambo took it out and kept pushing me to use up everything from my drawer. Actually, I think I still have many other brands of hair mask that I totally forgot where I won it from contests, subscription of mags or from my shopping spree. I started to use it already when I went for my facial pampering last Sunday, during the Jacuzzi Milk Bath filled with hot water in the triangle bath tub.

The smoking hot water can be seen when I put on the 'ON' Jacuzzi button, look like sauna effect that helps to steam the hair mask that I've applied on my hair while enjoying the luxury milk bath. After about 15 minutes of massaging my head and body with the bubbles pump, my whole body got really hot and I can't stand it anymore so I quickly went for a warm bath. So relaxing that I really wana fall asleep at that moment already. 

The texture of this hair mask is really rich, look exactly like the Planta Margarine with bright Yellow colour. When I applied it on my hair that time, it felt really smooth and easy to comb my hair. It smells good like other Loreal Hair Mask that I love so much. But after rinsing my hair, my hair is not very smooth and silky like other type of Loreal Hair Masks, maybe the ingredients are fully absorbed into my hair for total repair of my coloured, damaged hair.     

But my hair seem to look thicker and healthier, not as fine like before. I would said it's more nourishing and really repairing my hair texture, but not smoothy like the Loreal Liss Ultime that not only smells so refreshingly reviving but it also revitalizing my dry, damaged hair into smooth, silky hair like a Barbie Doll. Provided that I remember to use leave-on conditioner to keep it healthy, or else after a full day of activities, my hair can turn frizzy dry like a monster also. 

Haha...Rambo beh tahan me for having so many hair masks stock at home already, yet always looking forward to buy, buy, buy like no need to pay like that. Nowadays, everytime I went into Watsons, Guardian, Jusco, Parkson, he would 'tarik'(pull) me away from shopping anything, anymore as I still have a few full racks of beauty vanity care stocks at home that's lining up for me to use. I knew he meant good and I actually appreciates that, or else I would feel so bad when it's expired. Woman...Haha!           

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Chinese Food

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Chinese Restaurant Lai Po Heen.

When it comes to good food in town, Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of my definite favourite place to hang out with Rambo that's for sure. I have tried all the variety of food in all the restaurants at their hotel, Hi-Tea at the Lounge and the Japanese Restaurant too since they opened their flagship hotel here in Malaysia. 

I remember once before Mandarin Oriental Hotel did flew in a few of the Chinese chefs from Hainan to Malaysia, to promote their Hainanese food for us the Malaysians. Many other great Hotels also have the same kinda promotions from time to time with Shanghainese Cuisines, Sichuan Specialties etc. and if I'm free at that time, I usually go all out for it. 
I usually ordered Special Fried Rice instead of white Rice with seafood ingredients, 
seafood and dumpling dishes with soup. They served a good, big portion so it's 
worth the price for each dishes. This meal can comes up to RM150 per visit.  

They usually cooked the dishes into real perfection of good food, great taste to suit our Malaysian taste buds, more 'Lung and Kap'(more thicker). And for a food lover like me who have travel to China quite often and have tried so many delicious delicacies from all around China, I still prefer the local Chinese food, be it from the Hotels, Chinese restaurants and 'Dai Chau'(big fried food like the famous Soo Kee in Jalan Imbi). 

Our food so far is the best, if you wana compare those from Paris, Austria or Germany Chinese restaurants that I have visited, even with the award-winning Chinese Restaurant we met along the way. One of the Chinese tour guide who came to Malaysia for a holiday with his group of friends even said that we the Malaysians cooked really delicious food that he's longing for more and wish to visit Malaysia again for the best food in town. 

Haha...obviously I welcome them all to visit Malaysia country again as to help to promote tourism for my beloved country. There's no doubt about it and I'm very proud to agree with the statement fully that our Malaysian food is the best in the world. There's no competition needed to confirm to that as the majority of our friends have assured that to us many times already. They usually came back to Malaysia for our food, coffee and great hospitality.

This Prawn Dumpling is really yummy, I enjoyed it a lot!

Although I'm not a real fan of Chinese food, but many of my family and friends usually opt for chinese restaurant gatherings so somewhere, somehow I would tag along and enjoyed the food as well. And we tend to compare the food between the China taste and our local taste naturally, as here in Malaysia esp.the men they can take 1-2 bowls of rice, me too. In China, I usually take a bite or two only of the special cuisines unless it's really yummy like the Hainan 5 star NanShan Resort, I can take more than that.  

My German friend usually invited me out for Chinese food too as we're so bored with all the Bruschetta, Steak, Pizza and Spaghetti. Once he ordered 'Fatt Tiu Cheong'(The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall), a pot each for us and I was so surprised that he really know how to enjoy the best Chinese dish ever. He told me that he really loves Chinese culture, just like me and he enjoyed dining the best of Chinese cuisines too. Haha...we enjoyed the food and talked much about the Chinese rich culture as the main subject of our conversation. Too much to talk about when it comes to China topic, once we start we just can't stop.

They served good food with fine premium tea and great service. Come once is good 
enough to hook me up for more future visits to their restaurant as I never say No to 
'Good Food, Great Taste', which is also one of my favourite motto in life. 

Rambo always told everyone, even his Japanese friends knew me too well that I'm such a fussy and choosy eater to the extent I got so lost in what and where to eat now. So it's either we cooked our own good food at home or dine at the same, old boring places again. And we ended up visiting Vegetarian Restaurants more now with Rambo's family while chatting on Buddhism values during dinner's time. More veges, fruits intake is also good for better fortune cultivation as we're trying not to kill too many living beings. 

As when I eat KFC drumstick, Rambo needs to chant a prayer for me as to lighten the sins of taking meat from a chicken.And seeing us doing that, Toto my sis-inlaw always laugh at it although she knew why Rambo did that as we're all Buddhist believers.'s contradicting enough for a food lover like me as I love dining but I don't encouraged killing, so I did my very best to balance religion vs. passion if I ever need to dine at exclusive hotels and restaurants, I would still enjoy the food but try to take less meat intake as possible. That's life, c'est la vie!

Friday, July 26, 2013

CRES WELLNESS Quantum Detoxilysis Therapy Review

The therapy started with the head massage using the 'Guasa Stone' for better blood 
circulation flow and it feels so reviving after the head massage.

CRES Quantum Detoxilysis Therapy, engaged with Chinese traditional facial reflexology technique that is Guasatherapy. This approach helps in circulation of Qi and blood, unclog pores texture, discharge body toxic to give a healthy and fresh appearance. The RM388 latest therapy is so soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating and it's actually reviving too after the head massage treatment. 

Guasa treatment has a long history of a trusted treatment, existed from China since many years ago. I always love the Guasa treatment, be it from China, Taiwan or Japan as it's an internal wellness treatment that eventually brings out good result after completing the treatment and it can be shown out from the look of your face and skin, in time to come.   

Capsules of Quantum Detoxome application with light heat machine to absorb
deep into deeper layer of skin. After the emulsion was fully absorbed, I can see
the obvious smooth shine and firm skin on the right side of my face already.  

The Quantum Detoxome Capsule skin detoxification can be measure clearly by the reflect colour of toxin expelled. To those who have congested and real dirty skin, the cotton pad would show a grey color dirts that's been wiped after this step of treatment. It is targeted for those with slow blood circulation, too busy for work or personal affairs and for those who's really in too much stress.

Biological Mask that's soothing my skin after the machine treatment. It smells
good and relaxing enough for some rest before starting another massage
treatment again. 

Ultimately achieved the purpose of detoxifies, reduce wrinkles, stimulate blood circulation, antioxidant, lighten pigmentation and give a healthy and younger appearance. The mask took about 15 minutes for deep soothing and relaxing moments, I was about to fall into a deep sleep already. Felt  so relaxed when Queenie woke me up.

Vitamin C Mask application with sweet orange scent, then added with
Soothing essential oils for another light massage to make sure it
really penetrates into my skin for all the mask goodness. So nice!   

With proper massage over the meridian targeted points, skin will produce thermal reaction, increase facial blood volume and blood circulation to reactivate damaged cell and promote skin discharge metabolism waste for purification. She have the perfect touch on massage on my face and shoulder+back massage. Love her skills that's for sure.

The signature Guasa light and fast scraping swab over specific meridian 
points on face, opening up the lymph nodes to encourage better blood 
circulation for skin cells deep inside.  

I can feel the blood circulation that's working inside with the natural heat feeling, when Queenie massage my face with the 'Guasa Stone'. It also helps to promote skin discharge metabolism waste to purify facial skin after the toxins removal. The circulation of Qi and blood will be activated by the guasa massage, immediately improving the skin brightness and firmness. 

The last warm mask applied on my face after the last ampoule treatment with 
a hydrating mask as the base and this warm mask top up as the double mask. 

The last Warm Mask is to increase facial blood volume for better blood circulation to
reactivate the damaged cell. Not only it helps to open up the lymph nodes 
to encourage blood circulation but it also helps to absorb the ampoule treatment that's been applied before the luxury therapy to brighten your skin to perfection.

The Quantum Detoxilysis therapy with 2 ampoules, 2 capsules and a Biological
Mask+another 3 types of  CRES signature masks pampering during the 2 hours
treatment that rejuvenated my dehydrated skin to moisturized, youthful skin. 

With unique product – Quantum Detoxome Capsule, for me the skin detoxification of the toxin on cotton pad is not grey but just white as according to her, my skin is not very congested, still clean and having healthy skin. It's so relaxing yet it's also rejuvenating and reviving at every other mask or massage stage, I wish for more and hope to visit again for the same treatment if I can find the time.  

My after-facial result. More hydrated, firmer and smoother skin.

To get up close with CRES Wellness, check out their Facebook page at or website at

Step 1: To win yourself the 1st trial of Quantum Detoxilysis Therapy RM100 Discount Voucher, comment “I wish to enjoy it too”  at
Step 2:  CRES will contact & schedule an appointment for you. It's limited only for first 50 people. Followers must not disclose their e-mail address when they leave their comment on blogger’s post due to privacy issues.
Step 3: CRES will contact the followers with facebook personal message. ollowers must provide the details information: Full name, contact number, e-mail address, and preferred outlet.
Step 4: E-voucher will be send to followers. Followers need to print out the voucher and show it upon redemption. Below is the sample voucher;

Step 5: Followers need to contact CRES outlet for their facial appointment present it when you visit CRES outlet upon redemption.

Terms & Conditions for the e-voucher:
·      Open for all aged 21 years old and above.
·      Validity: 1 month from the date of issue.
·      Valid for 1st trial Quantum Detoxilysis Therapy
·      Only 1 redemption of discount voucher per person is allowed.
·      This voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products, services or promotions.
·      Please present voucher upon redemption.
·      The voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products/services/promotions
·      Prior appointment is required, Please contact CRES outlets for your appointment.
·      Customer must show their e-voucher upon redemption.
·      Redemption Days: Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m to 8 p.m.
·      CRES Wellness Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms and conditions without prior notice. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Timeless Truth TT Miracle Rejuvenation Mask

MIVVA has asked me how do I feel about the mask? I replied them, "The mask is one of the best 'Miracle Mask' I have ever used. Not only it smoothen my face like a baby soft skin, it actually revived my dull-looking skin to bright, radiant skin. My fine lines cannot be traced from my usual stubborn lines at the forehead area. And last but not least, my skin is firm and doesn't look too thin like 'before picture', more healthy-looking I would said. Love it to the max!"

The soft mask not only perfectly fits to my face shape, it's flexible enough to stay perfectly close to my skin for incredible absorption rate. It's not easy to find a perfect mask like TT Mask that can firm up my skin with one time use only, together with the neck uplift effect. Not only the golden packaging has assured me the guarantee to rediscover the inner beauty of my skin but after using it, my skin turned out to be really radiant, smooth and firm. Totally rejuvenated and revived my ageing skin to youthful skin, only by using one mask I can clearly see the big difference already. 

It's also 'Paraben-Free' and manufactured in Taiwan. I always love their nice packaging of the masks that tempted me so much, calling me out to use it immediately. And everytime after using TT Masks, I felt really great about it and feeling really confident of achieving the perfect skin I always longing for. To get up close with TT Mask, you can check it out at 

My Charmers Seeds Of Happiness

Last Saturday, Ying Shan said she wana make Lemon+100 Plus juice for me and so LeAnne and Lynette told Ying Shan they wana try it too. Ying Shan said she will make for all but the 1st cup she’ll get ready for Dai Yiyi, she told Lynette. Lynette came to me and whisper to me,”Ying Shan said she'll make the 1st cup juice for you and she loves you more because you’re so kind, always buys us gifts.” Haha…I laughed upon hearing her said that. But then, she continued, “I always wana give you something back but you don’t want.” Really, What’s that? I asked her in surprise.

“The last time I gave you the chocolate wafer, you don’t want”, she replied me. “Oh, that time because Dai Yiyi  just had dinner so full, how to eat. Unless I'm very hungry then no choice then Dai Yiyi will eat few bites only. Besides that, Dai Yiyi don’t like wafer actually. “Then, tell me what you like? she said. I told her, “Dai Yiyi loves sweets or candies.””I have it, can I give it to you now?” she replied excitedly. And so I replied, “Sure, thanks.” She took out her mini ipad, notebook and finally search for the sweets that she put inside her bag. So cute and I only managed to laugh only.

She asked me to choose whichever sweets that I like and she actually gave me a Japanese Lollipop but I told her to keep that for herself. And not to disappoint her sincere big heart, I took a grape Mentos, left one for her from the two sweets. I asked her to keep back all her things and be careful of her belongings as not to be stolen by anyone, she promised she will. I said, “Tq so much, I know you’re kind and love Dai Yiyi very much ok” while hugging her tight as she’s also hugging me real tight. Ying Shan asked me to test the Lime+100 Plus juice because she’s out of lemon liao and I told her it was yummy. I share half with LeAnne as Shan share out half with Lynette and we enjoyed the drinks with so much satisfaction.

Seeing us having so much fun, the rest asked why they were left out as they wana have a cup too but we only let them try a sip or two as we the 4 BFF just smiled and enjoyed the sour juice with love. Haha…LeAnne was busy completing her sharing of diary with me as nowadays, I asked 3 of my Charmers to express their inner feelings with me every Saturday on a Her World notebook. After writing them, they usually want me to read it asap because I would laugh out loud and they always asked me why I laugh and they wana know why. They felt so excited about it every time I read it and laugh out really loud.

 Haha…although they’re 10 and 11 years old now, the way they wrote their stories and expressions of life have reach to the teenage years already. They grew up too fast and time really flies even Lynette can be so mature for her age as she tends to draw about me, the dress I was wearing and the necklace that I paired with. I remember when she was 4 years old that time, she used to draw a ‘Hello Kitty’ of me where she asked her mom to draw a draft for her and then she added some colours and asked me to spell my name ‘Jacinta’ for her. And before I leave that night, she gave that drawing for me and insisted that I keep it. 

Rambo and my sister Defney looked at me and smiled, they both think that it was so sweet of this little Lynette who actually knows how to express her love to me as sometimes, I spent very much of my time playing Barbie and playing cards with her when no one is around to play with her or take care of her. The other two girls sometime got jealous asking me to play Badminton with them but I told them they shouldn’t feel jealous about it as when they’re both little like Lynette, I loved them the same and none of them were having less love than anyone else. I always told them, “If I can’t find any of your star necklace, none of us are getting one as I told you I love all of you 100% the same. None of you is getting 90 or more than 100%. If you did anything wrong also, Dai Yiyi would still advise you not to repeat the same mistakes.”

That’s why I told them when my sister, my mom got pregnant, and after giving birth to them I was the happiest woman in the world. Haha…not only I was happy to take good care of them when they both go shopping, I took care the 3 of them by having Lynette on the baby chair sleeping, LeAnne and Lynette slept on both of my sides. No shopping spirit at all, just wana spend my weekends with all of them. At times, when friends asked me to come along for all the events since I was there but if really I can’t make it I got no choice but to miss it because they comes 1st in my priority of life. 

Rambo knew that and sometimes he never have the mood to go anywhere alone when he needs to attend those family dinners all by himself. Now that my dear Charmers have their own schedule of dancing class for performances every now and then, Rambo would try to persuade me to attend dinners with him and he's very persistent like my dear Charmers, esp. LeAnne who always asked me to postpone my appointment for her show, so I would try to talk to my dear that I would have a quick dinner with them then I gotta go somewhere with Rambo if it’s really, really  important. If not, my Saturday would be fully booked by them, that's final. 

Rambo felt so happy that my dear Charmers really know how to appreciate me and loving me so much by all the actions of affections they shown to me and I felt very fulfilled deep inside of me. I have did my very best to love them all these years with true sincerity. I never expect them to do anything for me but they always try to impress me with all the little things they did for me just to make me smile every time when we meet. Haha…no regrets for loving them so deeply and I felt so touched deep within me, the inner happiness just by spending my precious time with them. 

And everytime when they share their unhappiness with me in life, I told them to chant 'Amituofo' and immediately, LeAnne clasped both hands and chant 'Amituofo' in front of me. They adapt to Buddhism teachings real quickly and purely into learning it from me that I just can't describe how satisfied I am with them. It's the years of planting the seeds of love with them and they turned out to be beautiful like 3 pretty flowers in my garden. Thank you Amituofo, kindly bless them always. Luv, Dai Yiyi! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

HiShop Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain Lipgloss/Blusher

 Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss and Cheek Blusher RM80

Supermodel Stain is to smudge onto cheeks or tap onto lips for a very exciting wash of colour for lip and cheek. It comes in a sexy crimson compact with mirror for added convenience, it looks perfectly cute and nice for me to keep inside my beauty bag. 

I really like it as my dear Lynette also thinks it's cute and she wanted to try it too. It contains castor seed oil and beeswax for moisturizing properties esp.for the lip, we definitely need that for sure to enables us to achieve a smooth, even application. 

I only tried it on my lip as I prefer to use it as a lip gloss finishing touch. 

It's also beautifully scented for the long lasting formula to hold through. I use a lip brush to apply it with only one time swipe of application, the colour actually accentuate my lip to a defined, sexy natural lip. I only wish HiShop would have chosen a Red/Pink colour for me as to suit the tone of my skin, I'm sure those colours can brighten up my look even brighter. 

I don't really fancy nude colours for my makeup, I prefer shimmer, shining and splendid colours for my makeup. To get up close with HiShop Malaysia, check out and your shopping! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

NIVEA Invisible Black and White Launch

The launch of NIVEA Invisible Black and White Pure, Beiersdorf Malaysia and Watsons. 

Beiersdorf Malaysia, in partnership with Watsons just launched NIVEAInvisible Black & White Pure, the latest in its Invisible Black & White anti-stains anti-perspirant line of products. This new addition is designed specifically for the active modern women and provides 2X longer protection for radiant and smooth underarms. Like all products in NIVEA’s Invisible Black& White line of products, NIVEAInvisible Black & White Pure prevents white stains on dark clothes and yellow stains on light coloured clothing. 

Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore has said, “Beauty is merging with health and well-being and becoming more holistic. Consumers are concerned not just about internal appearance but also physical appearance as well. Clothes stains are a serious problem for many consumers. Physical appearance is a major contributor to one’s self-esteem and the way you look, feel and smell has a direct impact on your confidence. We want to give Malaysian women the confidence they deserve and the assurance that they will receive 2X the protection for radiant and smooth underarms.”

The launch that takes place at Watsons Pavilion, KL.

NIVEA Invisible Black & White is targeted at modern women who live a hectic lifestyle but yet find the need to look their best at all times. The target consumers are also women who enjoy fashion and keep up with the latest trends and innovations. NIVEA Invisible Black and White gives these women the opportunity to maintain their current lifestyle and stay cool, comfortable and confident at the same time.

Caryn Loh, Watsons’ Merchandise and Space Planning Director said, “Watsons is also honoured to continue its partnership with Beiersdorf Malaysia and NIVEA in providing this innovative new product to the Malaysian public. Watsons remains committed to bringing consumers the latest and widest range of personal grooming and beauty products as the leading Health & Beauty store in Asia.”

The NIVEA products at the launch.

While most anti-perspirants in the market fulfil the basic expectations which are prevention of perspiration and long-lasting effect, there is no solution for clothes staining. Through extensive research, NIVEA isolated the common causes of clothes staining. While sweat and heat are the catalysts that promote staining, the application of deodorants which leave residue on the skin is the main cause of clothes staining.

The media goody bag.

NIVEA Invisible Black and White Pure is available in spray and roll-on format exclusively in all Watsons stores. NIVEA Invisible Black and White selling at RM 14.90(spray 150ml) and RM9.50(roll-on 50ml).

Check out NIVEA at Watsons Malaysia for more updates and promotions at and 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Health and Wellness

 Great sharing at 

Holistic Dad is a great page that I would look for the latest health, wellness tips and updates nowadays. I like to read and learn all about it through this Holistic Dad from Facebook, almost everyday. Most of his sharing are based on natural ways of living healthily, it's also easy to understand and straight to the point with clear, nice pictures+basic descriptions. Usually I would google on it if I really wana know more in depth on the specific subject related to it. 

I used to subscribe many health magazines like Shape, Health and Beauty, Health Today and other international mags during my travel trips. I still do as I love reading about health, beauty and wellness related issues, catching up with the latest development on technology for health/illness, new products in town, medical and scientific terms for health and wellness that's going on now, just to keep myself updated. 

Yummy Raspberry Juice that cost me more than RM20, although it's so sour but it taste so refreshingly tasty.
Enjoying it while watching the famous clock show that attracted thousands of tourists from around the world.  

If I need any further infos and enquiries, I usually called the hospital, the experts directly or chat with my sister, a pharmacist and Herbalife sisters, almost all of them joined the direct sales company except me. Obviously, they tried to convince me into joining them but I'm not interested and no time to do it anyway. I only support them by taking the supplements and giving them full moral support with 'Ganbatte' spirit. I still gave them my full, mentally strong support or financial support(my sister) if she ever needs help as I really wana see them happy living up their lives.  

Recently, many of my friends even asked me out for direct sales talk that somewhere, somehow I still listen and share health talk with them. They're Millionaire CEO, Teachers etc. with their existing business going on yet they're very motivated to explore more business ventures and so they went into direct sales companies for better opportunities and higher $$$ pot that comes with unlimited income. Well, as long they're happy I have no comments about it as I still treat everyone the same even to the close ones with the same answer, "No, TQ and C ya at the top!" I still hope they can succeed and persevered till the end as success is possible in every ways. All the best and Good Luck!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garnier Aqua Defense (China)

Garnier brand maybe new intown in Malaysia, only the recent years they started to promote the brand here but I already started using the brand since many years ago in my 20's when I travelled to Thailand(Hatyai, Bangkok) for holiday. I bought the Whitening, Hydration and Anti-aging range back home to try. I fell in love with the brand since then. In fact, Thailand have many brands of beauty products that's affordable and famous in Thailand to be spoilt from top to toe. 

Not only the brand is trusted for its effective results, I also like the nice packaging, the colour for each range that's bright and colourful, and the price for each product from cleanser, toner, essence to cream are reasonable for those who's not into spending much on skincare purchase. To me, it's cheap that's why I bought all the different range back home...Haha.  

I bought this Garnier Aqua Defense from China, I don't remember where as nowadays I'm kinda old liao, not everything I can remember now. I went to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang last 2012 Spring Holiday over 1400kms, to and from Kunming up to Shangri-La of China(like Tibet) that comes up to 2800kms of the total journey in 8 days time. Then I travel again to Guilin and all around Guangzhou Province with Rambo Lim's family during the Autumn season, where I've visited so many places I really can't remember where I bought this. 

Usually I can remember everything. Often times, Rambo asked me if I can trust using China's made of beauty products before I buy it as he's into manufacturing industry, he had seen enough of how the products been produced not just cars but all kinda things. far I have bought many of China's beauty products, from skincare to makeup and bodycare, no problem for me at all.   

This pink hydration gel is easily melt into my dry skin the minute I massage it over my face and neck. Not only it smells so refreshingly good, the pink moisturiser actually hydrated my skin all day long. The price is reasonable for 50ml jar of moisture and help to soothe my dehydrated skin back to normal skin throughout the 365 hot, dry weather in Malaysia. A great product from Garnier brand which I've trusted all this years, even it is made from China.

Beauty comes at any price and anywhere from around the world, there's no boundaries when it comes to beauty. As long they took the highest priority into taking strict safety precautions producing it with certified quality control and great care, the product should be safe for us to use. Unlike the food, I don't simply eat any Chinese-produced food as I've seen many of them got diarhea after taking those sausage, I knew it's not right already. See the texture also I scared liao, although I'm a 'Wai Sik Queen' but I won't touch it. I'm very fussy and choosy when it comes to food!