Wednesday, November 28, 2012

L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum Review

L'oreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum RM49.90

Thanks to , the 'Malaysia’s Best Sampling Website' for this Loreal Renewal Lash Serum product review.  Check out this website  or their Facebook page at for more updates on free samples and reviews of the products featured. I am their fan as well, I used to register for many samples and usually ended up buying in the end after sampling it.

The application chart for stronger, thicker eyelashes.

L'oreal Paris has always been my favourite brand in skincare and makeups. When I was in Paris, I happened to pass by their tall office building during one of my city tour, I really took the chance to get to know L'oreal brand more in depth. L'oreal Paris has always been the brand for intensive lash serum, this time it's enriched with Arginine and Centella for a nourishing lash boost, conditioned and renewed result. 

And when I get the chance to try this on, I put my effort into applying this on my eyelashes every night before I sleep at 12-8am(so-called the repair, treat and boosting period of time for me). As the picture above has suggested very clearly, we should apply the Renewal Lash Serum on lashes in the morning and evening time. Haha...but morning I'm kinda busy rushing my mails and paperwork so I can only applied it before I sleep. Let's see the transformation of my eyelashes here.

Applying my eyelashes with tender care, my eyelashes after 7 days trial. 

My review:
Many of my girlfriends asked me if eyelash serum can really work for us? I have doubts about it before because how can a serum works on longer eyelashes, but then after much research and pictures shown from others, I decided to give it a try. I have only tried it for one week because due to my travelling schedules, busy Winter Project and other product review I can't clash it for the best result of this product. 

I found that my eyelashes were nourished, thicker but I can't say longer eye lashes yet as I only used it for 7 days. Usually my eyelashes were quite dry like my hair...Haha. But now I can see the clear, healthy 'Black' eyelashes on both eyes. I seldom have eyelashes drop. I guess my hormone for hair and eyelashes are quite strong and healthy. I only need to condition my eyelashes with serum to protect them daily. I would keep on using the L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum in the long run to see if this serum can give me longer eyelashes in time to come. Will update you gals...

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Most Memorable X'mas Experience With My Dear Charmers

My most memorable X'mas experience with my dear Charmers! 

My most memorable and touching experience during Christmas is having traditional Christmas dinner with my family like usual with lots of X’mas specialties. All of us usually bought some special X’mas good food for a potluck party. Not forgetting exchanging X'mas presents all among us but the ‘Anugerah paling banyak hadiah jatuh kepada my dear Charmers' of course. Haha…they got so many presents from all of us until they got tired opening all of them but obviously they feel overjoyed with all the nice presents.

Our '4 Sekawan Tattoos' before all the makeups & X'mas party!

My memorable one is in 2011 where I taught my dear Charmers aged 5,9 & 10 to 1st apply skincare on their faces before any make-ups put on them, while guiding them the step-by step proper use of skincare and make-ups. They need to learn this basic knowledge even at the young age as they're performers for The Curve Mall Christmas celebrations. They know the importance of removing make-ups gently on their skin before double cleansing after a heavy make-ups for performances.

My family X'mas celebration with 'Let's put on the hats and light up the X'mas spirit!'

Haha... even those lip gloss they put on their lips, I taught them to remove it before they eat or kisses me. It's for their hygiene and health for lone term benefits anyway. Once I remember Hsuen(my 5th sister) came back demanded a kiss from Lynette who has tried on her new ‘Disney Lipgloss’ I bought from Germany, she wiped it off and kissed her. Then she asked me to apply for her again. Haha…she’s so sweet and a good follower because she really listened to my guidance so well although she was only 4 years old at that time. A brilliant girl indeed!

My dear Charmer LeAnne on one of The Curve Walkabout, giving out chocs and candies to kids.

In the spirit of giving during X'mas season, I even taught my dear Charmers to give out more chocolates and candies for the kids during their walkabout as angels at The Curve. Haha...and they did as I was following them I know how sweet and kind they treated the kids. As they're also helping the unfortunates for donation from the public, I gave her some donation money as part of her kind effort on duty that day. I am very proud of them not only during this good cause they're participating in but every week when I spend my time with them.They always make me laugh out loud and happy to be with them.
Our X'mas party kinda full of unstoppable laughters and cheers...

They performed a special X'mas carol to us where I taught them a ‘Spanish X'mas Carol - Feliz Navidad' to all. It turned out to be a great performance by 3 of them, they dressed up like angels from above. Everyone clapped for them and I'm especially very proud of them as they kept it as a secret from Nov-Dec 2011, practising secretly in my mom's bedroom. They're so cute, pretty and such talented souls I've loved all my life. They continue singing X'mas carols to celebrate X'mas 2011 before they got tired and sleep. I'm so grateful God has given 3 of them in my family, living in harmony!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

“Why we need Cellnique’s new Intensive Hydrating Cream”

Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cream RM189 (50ml).Picture taken from CRES Wellness Gardens, 4th Floor.

Cellnique has just launched a new product – Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cream with my favourite green colour packaging. This richly-textured cream provides a good hydration base and acts as an instant relief for both dry and dehydrated skin. Enriched with Ceramides and Phytosphingosine, Intensive Hydrating Cream helps treat dryness and flakiness by reinforcing the skin’s protective lipid layer and nourishing the complexion. 

Its potent anti-oxidants also keep skin shielded from harsh environmental attacks. To get updates with Cellnique's latest products and promotions, you can check out or Facebook page at

1. A richly-textured cream that deeply hydrate, nourish and soften the skin.
2. Provides instant relief for dry and dehydrated skin.
3. Enriched with skin identical moisture-trapping lipids – Ceramides and Phytospingosine, it reinforces skin protective lipid layer to help retain skin moisture.
4. With renewed levels of moisture-trapping lipids, skin feel cocooned and insulated from daily aggressors from climate and seasonal changes.
5. Also replenish and restore skin with essential moisture to maintain skin ideal level of hydration.
6. Alleviates itchiness, flakiness, tightness and feathery lines caused by dehydration.

At the age of 36 coming to 37 next year 2013, my skin is dehydrated and sometimes flaky due to free radicals caused by hectic lifestyle(travelling almost every week recently), food (fried and spicy food), pollution (dust, UV rays etc.) and bad weather in Malaysia(hot sun in the afternoon and raining in the evening). And sleeping or shopping in air-condition environment make it even worse for my skin.

 Haha…my beauty therapist did mentioned that my skin is radiant and smooth enough but only the dehydrated parts kinda difficult to mend. Due to my age, my fine lines and wrinkles are permanent lines that need to be moisturise, repair and treat with rich creamy type of moisturiser like this Intensive Hydrating Cream. I believe by applying this cream can help to retain and locking the moisture deep into my skin to keep it smooth (against flaky skin) and moisturised (against dehydrated skin).  

And the reason why others, men or women should use this Intensive Hydrating Cream same goes to the same reason that we need a rich cream like IHC to treat, repair and moisturise our skin in the shortest period of time. We are all exposed to free radicals everyday and everywhere we go, so to keep our skin hydrated throughout the day we really need something rich like Intensive Hydrating Cream to help fight the free radicals surrounding us. 

That’s the best action at the end of the day for healthy looking skin. Once we get to fight it, there is no reason our skin can be bad or easily been damage by any other means of skin attack. We then only need facial treatment by visiting the spa every month and using the right skincare to protect our skin. Everyone deserves to be pretty or handsome with healthy looking skin.'s ok to be vain in beauty! 

Animal Instinct

Animals have a 'knowing' when someone has a good heart through their vibrations and feel safe being close to that human. By, Thomas Barrett. I totally believe in this statement as I always believe that animal do have its own thinking and feelings too. You can see and feel their emotional feelings when they're feeling happy, excited or sad. 

My moment with the Alpacas at Ashburton NZ, tame and timid animals I feel comfortable feeding them.

In New Zealand, the only white Alpaca available at the Lavender Farm was so timid and shy but it came to me for food. There's a brown one who tried to eat the food but I told the brown one "You took a lot already, leave some for the white one." Ironically, the brown one step aside some space for the white one to come near me. 

To feed them, we need to pay NZDollar for the similar look-like dog food and although many people were around playing with the Alpacas, but not many of them were willing to buy the food to feed them because Malaysians tend to calculate RM vs. NZD at 2.5 times. It's really not much actually.

My moment with the Kangaroos. I love Kangaroos alot I don't know why besides the cute monkeys. How
I wish to keep one but I know it's not possible esp.the emotional attachment that I'm trying to escape from.

Recently I just shared with my old classmate friend SM on my Oz holiday when we talked about our travels, there's a mother kangaroo which hopped to me for food. And the cute part was that she had a baby kangaroo inside her tummy, so cute. 

At first she looked at me with her tired eyes, waiting for my response. I took out more food on my palm and let her enjoy the food. I dare not touch the baby although it look so cute. I just let the mother kangaroo finished all the food but she still stayed around me, just standing beside me quietly.

My moment with the big mommy horse, the pony beside was just following me while riding up to the high
mountain overlooking Samosir Island.

Haha...kangaroo is not so 'Yin Sat'(realistic), I thought she ‘habis’(finish) the food she'll cabut, 'Da Yin Jai Emm Yiu Wo Seong' but then she stayed quietly beside me till I left the farm with a heavy heart. I waved her goodbye, she's still following me. Maternal bond I guess. 

This is not the first time you know, I encountered many times the mothers of animals usually came very close to me. In Medan Lake Toba, I was riding a mother horse where the baby horse was also following me along the journey. So scary esp. along the high hills and the mother horse I was riding was huge man.

My moment with the lucky ducks that live in this peaceful Queenstown Lake, NZ. They came too close to me.  

I felt very fulfilling after feeding them food because seeing them eat under my palm seem so intimately close with them. I always believe that loving animals is just like loving humans. Just like my Mindy(ShihTzu Dog), she's like my baby I've loved all my life. Dogs esp., they're our very loyal friends. The way they looked at you, all paid up kinda feelings, it's really indescribable feeling deep inside of me. 

Even at Queenstown New Zealand where I bought some breads for the ducks at the lake, they all ran too close to me I was shouting, "No, don't come so near to me". Haha...even the New Zealanders around me laughing out loud seeing me running away from them and yet, they were still following so close to me. Ducks are kinda stubborn, tak faham bahasa(don't understand) I guess.

My moment with the talented baby elephant that performed a good show at Pattaya, Thailand. 

It's really fun, a fulfilling experience for me where Rambo did mentioned to me that everytime he looked at these photos, he can feel that I enjoy feeding them food. It is so, so true. I cannot describe how I felt deep within me but I know it's meaningful to me and I'm so overjoyed just feeding them food. 

Not forgetting the baby elephant at Pattaya Thailand, when I fed him the banana he looked very happy. Haha...I hope to feed more animals, feeling that kinda exhilarating adrenaline rush back again. It's like one of my favourite hobbies now...haha. I like seeing them happy and full with food, just like myself I'm really happy when I'm full with yummy food. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My new baby 'Toyota Prius C'

TOYOTA PRIUS C & LEXUS are my favourite brands in car but LEXUS was kinda late, I chose Toyota PRIUS liao. 
Haha..both are under the same technology but LEXUS is so-called the luxury brand but I prefer to pay less for 
the same good quality! Picture courtesy from 
True or False, The All-New Prius C is set to travel 972km, which allows the 
driver to travel from Singapore to Krabi, Thailand on 1 single tank. 

True, I would believe it as I have just shared with my friends that I've only pumped full tank of RM45 petrol at Petronas, I managed to travel to Cameron Highlands and back to KL, I still have fuel left. No need to pump 2xs of petrol that cost us RM120 (although paid by the co. but it's still money that can be saved for other purposes) during that few years back I drove Honda Jazz RM60x2 times petrol to Cameron Highlands itself. Such a big difference right.  

I told them, "Hybrid is the way to go for powerful driving with future savings" and  they're keen already to get the Toyota Hybrid Solutions too. Haha...the conversation about Hybrid car came to light when I shared with Kelly and Michelle that day I managed to get a parking spot just right in front of the lift nearby, so lucky I don't have to look for it because G Tower has allocated the parking space for 'Hybrid/Green Cars only'. And that's another good news for me as I only wanna park directly in front of the lift for safety purpose and lazy to walk far also.  

Toyota Hybrid is not just a fuel-saving technology but it's beautiful and clean for 
the environment.

 My Penang friend who asked me about Toyota Prius C also got so surprised when I told him that I only pumped RM30 for a full week of fuel consumption, travelling everyday and everywhere but still left fuel(2bars somemore). jealous he said because he can only dream of owning it. But I told him, "It's worth to drive this for long term use" as everyone knew I never invest in cars (depreciate in value) except this time for Toyota Prius C, I think it's worth every penny I invested in as I enjoyed driving it.

My new baby is quiet and very stable in fact. Even if I go 100, 120 kms per hour I don't feel a thing at all. I wish I can go more than that but I know I can’t be driving crazily in KL. There are too many potholes around KL, it can damage my car anytime and ‘memalukan saya’ now that I’m telling people around the world about the bad KL road conditions but that's the truth you see. Anyway, it was a  smooth drive with Toyota Prius C because I never feel boring driving it and most importantly, it’s quiet yet a powerful car for me. I don’t like cars that goes loud for power, kinda irritating to me. 

The Prius comes with a First belt-less Toyota engine.

And everywhere I go people are actually staring at me and my car, not that I’m enjoying the limelight as I prefer to be in low profile but because not many have seen this car model yet. I heard people been talking about it when I passed them, “What car is that, seems cool?” And just yesterday when I went into my car, there was this lady asking me, “What car is this? Very flashy car!” 

"It’s Toyota Prius C”, I replied her. Then I drove back home sweet home safely with a big smile. I'm very satisfied indeed. And I have many enquiries on my new baby on the engine part, the price factor, maintenance and where to buy it like I'm the car saleslady pulak. Haha...but I'm happy to reply all of them as it's really a new Hybrid thing for many in Malaysia but not for the Japanese.  

To join going Eco Green with me, you can check out their Facebook page at or Toyota Malaysia at

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kiehl’s 4th Save Our Rare Earth Eco Camp

Fiona and I 'Go Green In Pink'....

About Kiehl’s
Since 1851, Kiehl's New York apothecary has been dedicated to serving discerning customers fine formulations for skin and hair made with uniquely efficacious, natural ingredients.At Kiehl’s, their unique formulations are made with the finest, naturally-derived ingredients to assure the high quality of skin and hair care that the customers have come to expect from them. Natural ingredients have been an important part of their formulas since they began as a New York City pharmacy more than 150 years ago. 

For many decades, they have sourced proven and effective botanical extracts from all parts of the world and are committed to choosing ingredients that are selected for their true benefits to the skin and hair, not for their aesthetics. They utilize simple, efficient, and recyclable packaging so that they may concentrate the efforts and costs on the substance and quality of the product. Earlier this October, Kiehl’s released a limited edition “green” label for one of Kiehl’s most iconic skincare products –the Ultra Facial Cream. To get update for their latest products and promotions, check out their Facebook page at 
The Mudballs making by Khoon Hooi, YB Elizabeth, Encik Zaki & Amir Luqman & the group are ready to cleanse the river with mudballs.

More than 35 years ago, Kiehl’s founding family declared the “Mission of Kiehl’s,” committing the staff to improve in some way the quality of the community."At Kiehl’s Malaysia, we are proud to carry on this legacy today with the Save Our Rare Earth Eco Camp, to help equip the future caretakers of the planet with the knowledge and awareness they need to make a positive difference. This complements the company’s core philosophy centered on providing efficacious products for skin and hair made from naturally-derived formulas, in-store recycling programs and use of renewable energy sources."

This year 2012, Kiehl’s worked with three ultra-stylish and eco-conscious fashion designers - Khoon Hooi, Amir Luqman and Ung Yiu Lin to depict their vision of social responsibility and to send a message out to customers about the importance of minimizing impact on the environment. The net proceeds from the sale of the limited edition product benefited the YAWA foundation. Kiehl’s& YAWA were pleased to have the support of Khoon Hooi and Amir Luqman who participated for a day at the camp.

The activities involved on that day with youths, celebrities and politician YB Elizabeth.

Kiehl’s Malaysia organized its 4th Save Our Rare Earth Eco-Camp in continued partnership with Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam(YAWA), an NGO dedicated to raise environmental awareness at Sungai Panjang, Sabak Bernam. The 3-day camp, held from the 4th to the 6th of November was aimed at educating 80 young eco-explorers, aged between 10 and 17 about preserving the environment.

The “Save Our Rare Earth” project is a local initiative started by Kiehl’s Malaysia 4 years ago with the initiative to equip our youth with a deeper environmental responsibility and awareness, to ensure that many of these young people return to their communities ready to become agents of positive change - in their schools, on their campuses, in their future workplaces - in sustainability.

We're getting to the boat and off we go, I'm on the first boat to go wrapping the fruits.

Themed “Green Care for Our Communities” and backed by the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), the aim of this year’scamp was to develop Sabak Bernam as an attractive community-based and eco-tourism site in Selangor which would help provide new job opportunities and sustainable revenue generation for the local community at Sungai Panjang.

Among the activities we're engaged in during the camp were wrapping “Berembang” fruits along Sungai Panjang to ensure a higher chance of  survival for the trees by planting the fruits in fertile soil once they fall into the river, erecting a new jetty for Sungai Panjang to support future eco-tourism activities.Constructing mud balls to be used as natural river cleansing agents. Mudballs are made of dried mud into which EM Bokashi and Activated EM•1® that have been kneaded. They are used to clean up bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans where there are concentrated deposits of sludge and slime.

Jolynn is wrapping the Berembang Fruit in the right way & that's how it looks like after been wrapped.

“It is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city occasionally, to stop and appreciate Mother Nature in all its glory. It also makes us realize how detrimental our daily actions can be if we are not socially responsible. We hope this camp has provided you with the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature, changing completely the way you view and care for the environment,” said Jolynn Tee De Mello, Public Relations Executive of Kiehl’s Malaysia.Saving the earth does not happen overnight, it is a constant effort which involves all of us. Our hope is for you to go home and become agents of positive change,” added Yvonne Liew, Brand Manager of Kiehl’s.  

I managed to wrap one Berembang Fruit despite the heavy rain during my boat ride sitting the same row with Yvonne and Khoon Hooi. Everyone get their fair share of completing our Eco duties that day.Haha...we need to walk back quite far back to rest for awhile before the Nasi Ambang/Ambeng Dinner from Jawa tradition. Yummy food I have never heard or taste before but all of us kinda enjoyed the dinner before we head back home sweet home.We were all so tired but kinda  satisfied that we have did our part in contributing the eco duties for that day. 

Nasi Ambang/Ambeng from Jawa & we're all enjoying the dinner with the sharing of '4 in a tray'.

The Save Our Rare Earth Eco Camp however, was not only about caring for the environment but a cultural learning experience for the youth as half of the camp participants were represented by the local community this year, enabling a rare opportunity for both urban and rural youths to mingle together and to embrace their cultural differences. Tuk Sidang, the Head of the Village going as far as opening up his home to be used as the official accommodation site for the camp. The same generous spirit was also present amongst the local youth who willingly shared their bedrooms, food and performed the famous ‘Kuda Kepang’ for their urban friends.

“We received overwhelming response for the camp this year, reflecting a growing interest in the environment amongst our urban youth. The local orang kampung were very happy to know that an organisation such as Kiehl's is willing to lend a hand in developing their village. This was the first time we adopted a home stay-style accommodation and it was truly an enriching experience for us all.” said Encik Mohd Fikri, Environmental Education Director of YAWA.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Watsons Music Festival 2012 Media Launch

The launch of the Watsons Music Festival 

Watsons Malaysia today unveiled its very own Watsons Music Festival to be held this coming 15 December at Stadium Merdeka. It is expected to be one of the largest Hip-Hop / R&B concerts in Malaysia featuring two international acts, and a host of local performers.

The ' Oppa KL Style Dance' performance during the media launch  

Regarded as Watsons’ grandest VIP member’s celebration yet, the event will be centered on the concept of “Time to Play” and is organized in conjunction with 2nd Anniversary of the  Watsons VIP Card.

The Watsons Music Festival will feature Bobby Ray, better known as B.o.B, and the Far East Movement who are world renowned contemporary acts, as well as Mizz Nina, Malaysia’s very own hip-hop/R&B singer, songwriter.

Photo courtesy taken from Watsons Music Festival Media Launch Album, to view more check out this link:

The Watsons VIP card was first in the Health and Beauty Retail industry and was launched with the promise of giving more than just points but ‘money can’t buy experiences’. In the last two years, Watsons had organized Men’s Grooming Workshops, Positive Living Workshops with Cooking Demos. And members have even driven away with two brand new cars.

To get updated with Watsons latest promotions and their products, you can log into 

The Ticket to the Watsons Music Festival - Time To Play! 

To obtain tickets for the Watsons Music Festival, you need a Watsons VIP Card by  spending RM60 on participating brands at any Watsons outlet and redeem a pair of tickets for just 100 points. Check out more infos from the Watsons Facebook page now.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Be KISSED By Timeless Beauty With KINERASE

KINERASE K.I.S.S Event with everything comes in Blue Cocktail, Blue KISS Dessert & Blue Tattoo as well. 

La Bodega KL on 21st Oct 2012, I was invited by Tammy Lim for this KISS event. Thanks to her, I really enjoyed the event with my friends learning and getting up-close with Kinerase®. First thing in the morning, I was ushered to do my blue ‘KISS Tattoo’ and I chose to do it on my left shoulder. All the bloggers got to put on blue lipsticks, enjoy the blue cocktail and the cute ‘Blue Lips Dessert.’ The theme for the day came everything in Blue just to match the Blue Kinerase® brand. 

Kinerase® is the only professional skincare line to contain optimal concentrations of a special ingredient called Kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine), a potent bio growth factor found naturally in human cell extracts and DNA1. Kinetin was found to be able to delay the onset of aging and also prevent the cellular changes associated with aging.2 0.1% Kinetin Lotion is also clinically proven to maintain more moisture in the skin with up to 26% decrease in trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)3 . The results are healthier, smoother, and simply more beautiful and kiss-able skin.

Merdina Koh is a great Sales Manager who shared her expertise on KINERASE with me in a professional manner
where I'm convinced I've learn much from her as well. The goodies from KINERASE which I've been using for
the past 2 weeks and given me good result of the products.

Kinetin was discovered in 1955 by Professor Folke Skoog and his team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin. When tested on plant cells, scientists were amazed to find that it promoted cell growth. The compound was dubbed Kinetin and the scientific advancement it represented was widely celebrated. 
Kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine) is also found naturally in plants, such as coconut milk, carrot root, even tobacco.  It is a bio growth factor that prevents plant leaves from drying out.

During those early year experiments, the scientists were able to unlock and identify this amazing substance which is lately proven to be a naturally occurring component in human cell extracts and DNA cells of almost all living organisms3Kinetin as we now know, derived from the scientific term, Kinesis, means a natural ability to promote cell division and movement.

The Q & A session with Tammy Lim's testimonial on using KINERASE products.

Invida is committed to improving the lives of patients in Asia through healthcare offerings and strength in dermatology. They believe in bringing the best in science and innovation to the field of specialist skin research, and will continue to invest in clinical studies to better understand the skin concerns and needs of Asian consumers.

Ms.Amy Zheng, Regional Marketing Director of Invida Asia Pacific said, “While there are numerous international clinical papers on Kinetin, there were no comprehensive study measuring how well Kinetin works on Asian skin. The K.I.S.S trial was an opportunity for us to test the effectiveness of Kinerase®  Cream containing 0.1% Kinetin on real patients who are looking for ways to delay and manage the effects of ageing on their skin, under the strict supervision of doctors.

l98%of patients experienced a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin benefits after 12 weeks of using Kinerase®. Tammy Lim from Malaysia, who posted her experience on her blog said, “During the K.I.S.S trial, I was amazed at the difference Kinerase®  made over just 8 weeks, with no side effects too. I’ve received compliments for my radiant complexion, which is very satisfying. My skin is fairer and wrinkles are less significant.”

Haha...I love KINERASE, this is my own collection of the products that I'm using right now.

With a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, dye-free and paraben free formula6Kinerase® is suitable for all skin types, even photo-damaged skin3,7 and the sensitive skin including rosacea5 and is perfect for nurturing delicate skin after aesthetic procedures. The Kinerase® formulation has a fine and elegant texture, ensuring every use is a pleasurable sensory experience.

Kinerase®is a key brand under a leading healthcare company specialized in Asia, Invida, which markets over 70 brands in 13 diverse markets in Asia Pacific across a portfolio of diverse pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty care products and is particularly strong in dermatology and consumer health.

Exclusively available at dermatologist and aesthetic clinics, Kinerase® is a brand of choice often recommended by doctors and discerning women. You can visit Kinerase® website at, and check out the address of the listed clinics in Malaysia. My first blog for Clique Clinic actually did touched on Kinerase® brand too(July 2012).

My reviews;
My friends have been asking me if Kinerase® brand of skincare is good enough for women after they've seen my photos I shared on my Facebook Authoritative Album. I told them after trying it out for the past 2 weeks, I sincerely loved it although I told them I usually do not like white colour moisturiser(too boring for me). But it turned out that my skin is soft, smooth and hydrating enough throughout the day. No sensitive skin at all(esp.during hot sun) but flawless skin for the whole day. 

And the amazing part is the cleanser that never dry my skin at all, it's the only cleanser that actually smoothen my skin like baby soft skin even with just a little bit of it but it's clean enough. Usually, I'm very lazy to use the eye cream but I remember to use Kinerase® eye cream that helps to lighten the lines. Haha...I kinda enjoy simple skincare regime like this as it's fast, easy to keep me pretty even at the age of 36. Beauty comes at any age and I prefer to age gracefully in a natural way. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Avon New Fragrance – City Rush Eau De Parfum

For the Love of Reinventing the Runway with Avon Malaysia. 

Avon introduced its new range of fragrance, City Rush Eau De Parfum at Luna Bar,Pacific Regency Hotel Apartment overseeing KL City’s magnificent skyscrapers which suited the theme of the launch. Carolyn Nur Amira Lee, Managing Director of Avon Malaysia said, “As the company for women, we’re all about empowering women through vast earning opportunities, promoting independence, providing financial assistance ,instilling confidence and a higher self-esteem.In short, we want to empower women to be the best they can be. Today, we bring to you yet another ‘vehicle’, Avon City Rush Fragrance that would aide you in unearthing your confidence and unique persona. Warm, sassy and carefree, you’ll feel so good that even the street-way becomes your runway!” 

The launch of the City Rush Fragrance.

At the height of the event, Scha made a special appearance and strut the runway elegantly with Avon City Rush Fragrance on hand to officiate the launch of the new fragrance.Aspalin Sirat, Avon’s Head of Marketing said, “Scha is a role model to many women out there.  Her confidence, independence and sophistication fit very well with the Avon City Rush Fragrance – she represents women who are empowering and rule their own runway. We are proud and delighted to have her as Avon Fragrance Ambassador in Malaysia.”  
AVON's Cover page Campaign 21, 2012

    Hosted by Naz, Malaysia’s Top Host, he announced Milla Jovovich(pronounced Mee-la Yo-vo-vich) as the stunning face of City Rush Fragrance for women. She is globally known as a model, actress, musician, and mother. Her fashion roots and philanthropic goals epitomize the stylish confidence of the City Rush woman. 

Shimmer theme at the launch of Avon City Rush Fragrance RM99 at Luna Bar. 

I love the sexy City Rush ambience that Monday night with glittery,  shimmer theme especially the cool runway built on top of the Luna Pool. The City Rush fragrance with floral oriental scent actually captures the essence of a metropolitan woman. I find that the scent is suitable for both women and men as I tried it on Rambo, he loved it so much and he's using it everyday till kering-kontang(dried up). Flaunt your gorgeous style with sleek plum, black dahlia and a touch of creamy woods lavishly during day or night spray, whenever you feels like using it. T

It was launched on the 1st November 2012 and it's available at all Beauty Boutiques around Malaysia. To get up close with Avon Malaysia, you can check their websites at and their Facebook page at