Monday, February 7, 2011

Autumn In my Heart 2010!

My Charmers Ying Shan & LeAnne are my proud trophies in my family.They are not only my 'Guai Guai Lui Lui' (Rambo called that 4 me) greeting me "Amituofo" w/o failed everytime I reach home Saturday but they followed me to pray to 'Guan Yin'.They are both more closer nowadays esp.even attending Art Class together. Haha...they once went to the same Kindie before & now they are both like 'Isi & Kuku'.And I make sure if my sis wana bring LeAnne anywhere, bring YS along cos they both should spend their time together at all times.The ironic part is my mom & my sis always stick together for holiday,Sat & Sunday morning market because of these 2 angels, whose the little aunty & niece.So cute right...Haha!
And whenever they indulge on candies, snacks like Chocs,Popcorn they would get one for me & even feed me when I was playing Mahjong after our gossips on health, beauty & wellness with my sisters & Ma.They're like my 'Manja Lui Lui' although I didn't give birth to them but they tell me everything.Sometime things that they afraid to tell but they also tell cos they know I would guide them if they're wrong.I wouldn't scold but taught them well.I would also tell them stories from my own experiences on why they shouldn't repeat the same mistakes.They listen well as they're naturally pure & kind-hearted gals with intelligence at these age. 
Last Saturday, LeAnne showed me her new diary.On the 1st page, she wrote "I love Dai Yee Yee & Ying Shan because they make me happy & laugh alot".Haha...So sweet, my heart really melt like 'Daim Chocolates' as I cannot believe she really appreciates us both so much.But I always remind them to love daddy & mommy always cos they work hard to feed them.One thing for sure, I believe we should pour out our affection & passions if we really love & care for them.Then they can feel it, naturally they also 'Fu Chut' just like what I did for them.I seldom kiss anyone but I do kisses them all the time cos they really grew up too fast.And I hope to do so for many years to come.
Just like my Uncle Chew who raised me, I feels good everytime I brought him for dinner or 'Tapau' good food for him cos he never want to accept my 'Hou Yi'.He's very independent & always think of others benefits before himself.That is why when he was hospitalised, I promised 'Guan Yin' that she can take my half life for him as long when I reach UH, I wanted to see him alive.Doctor told us it was a miracle as suddenly he was strong to live on.We were rushing like mad & was stopped by the police cos Dr. asked us to hurry for his last breath that day.I always have faith with 'Guan Yin' as she listens to my prayers, unlike human they tend to speak too much but failed to listen although God has given us 2 ears.
The last few years I had a critical fever,I was really sick that I told Rambo, "Maybe it's time I have to go, remember I promised Guan Yin that I gave my uncle half of my life for his return life?"Rambo enlightened me with one good advise,"Guan Yin never takes people's lives, she's full of compassions.She would save U!"Believe it or not, that sentence actually woke me up & healed me at once.I took the porridge, Rambo fed me cos before that, I don't have appetite at all.I was healthy back to normal.I was very grateful to 'Guan Yin', I thanked her & didn't mind to donate to temple as long I'm back healthy & happy.
Life is really precious cos while many people are trying many ways to cure their sickness & illnesses, many are still wasting their time complaining things which are not related to them,creating rumours,stepping on others to show they are more superiors than others, 'Mencari tulang dalam telur' & many more bad deeds that they may not realised how wrong they are.They never appreciate life,care about others,selfish & full of jealousy until something bad happens to them then they realise all they want is just a simple, normal life to live on.Life is really simple yet people make it complicated because their mind were polluted with greed, anger & ignorance.Do good deeds,No evil & Purify Our Mind are the keys to happiness.It's that simple but if U fail in this simple method, I don't think U can succeed being a good person that can receive much more 'Fuk Bou' & 'Fuk Hei' for good life!
Listens More, Speak Less,