Sunday, November 29, 2015

South Africa Animal Kingdom - Pilanesberg National Park

As early as 4am in the morning, I was dragged really hard to wake up because I wanted to face my favourite lion troop again at this Pilanesberg National Park. The night before I had a pampering long bath at this luxurious Lodge Resort which located up at the hilly mountain within this wildlife habitat, I have informed Rambo not to disturb my much-needed sleep. If really I needed my beauty sleep more than ever, just let me sleep till I had enough and he can go alone without me. In fact, my tour members Daisy+Aunty Yung have told me they're not joining this fun trail with us and would rather sleep the morning through till 11am. 

I totally understand their feelings about it esp. for their age at 60's, 'mana eh tahan?' I wished I could do the same but 'Ngo Emm Gem Sem' because I haven't watch enough wild animals roaming around this huge National Park. I told Rambo we have paid so much money just to watch them real closely and I wanted to get intimately close with my favourite Cheetah or Leopard here. Too bad I didn't get the chance to see it, even the long neck giraffe troop also but I saw one rotting dead Giraffe along the way. So pity! 

I was glad I came along for this morning trail as I get to see more animals like the wild elephant troop with cute baby elephants that followed their moms so obediently. When mommy elephant ran to cross the road in front of us, the baby elephant also ran real quick following his mommy very closely. We all laughed out loud to see such great wonders. They're so pure and real, it's great to see them living freely around this private National Park in a group of small, medium and big huge elephants. 

Reaching to this Pilanesberg National Park, I got so blur from the insufficient sleep but there's this Safari Power Ranger who drives another Jeep calling me, "Good morning my beautiful lady!" I looked up and saw Lily who admired my animal prints clothings since Day 1 when I arrived here. She loved my long dress and asked me to turn around showing her the back of my dress at the lobby and that morning, she told me I was lucky she didn't have the same size like me or else she wanted my dress and Leopard tights already. Haha...She made me laugh out loud so much. 

I totally understand her feelings about it as I'm a total fan of animal print clothings from scarf, sunglasses, dresses and pants for sure. I even bought many of it which I saw along my shopping journey here in South Africa. Everyday the Black or the White South African people approached me and telling me that they loved my animal print clothings, from Cape Town to Johannesburg. They got fascinated with the fine fabric, the styles that I paired with my Leopard Hat or scarf and the overall outlook that they even managed to ask me where can they get it and I told them I bought it from all over the world including China.

Haha...even my tour members loved my animal instinct style that sometimes they chance upon any of the animal print clothings they quickly called me and told me about it. So cute and funny, I never thought that my animal instinct style can put such a huge impact on everyone, from the young ones to the old ones, from going to toilet to airport and for the black or even white people here. I didn't get the chance to wear it back in Malaysia where I kept it safely in my wardrobe for 2 years liao but lucky I took it all out and wore it this time for people here to admire the beauty of it.

Let's rewind back to my original story of this blog, it's all about animal kingdom living actively here at Johannesburg city, just nearby to Sun City of South Africa. The reason why I said the female lion was feasting her dish of the day, not sure what animal was that because by the time we arrived here after touring the huge land of animal habitat, the female lion was enjoying her food already then joined by the other lions. I was glad I missed the whole scene of the lion hunting for food drama earlier as I didn't want to watch the cruel, brutal killing by lion although I know it's the nature of the animal survivals.

Rambo asked to record some videos for me and so I just go with the flow. I just went Bla, Bla, Bla without preparing any notes for the video at all. Haha...But it was fun though after watching it, it seemed that I really enjoyed watching the real live animals roaming and living interdependently among each other here. I even saw a Hippopotamus at the muddy lake, I told Rambo and Frankie about it. Frankie then realised it and said that I had a good eyesight because he thought it was a huge rock next to a lake.  

Not forgetting the 2 brave Jackal omnivorous mammal that looked like fox/wolf, they only ran away when the Lion King came nearer to them. I was so excited to see the only Lion King 'yang bermaharajalela' among the many female lions here and he still rules after all at this animal kingdom. It's very fortunate indeed for all of us to witness the lion family here for 2 days real closely and intimately. Jenny and Frankie said not very often they will station here for long, I think the timing is just right in time for us, at the right place as well. 

The female lions are very fierce to each other esp. we can hear their constant roarings fighting for their shares of food under a tree hidden away from us that morning. Earlier, the mommy lion enjoyed her dish alone till she had enough only she share it with her cubs. I will share more interesting and exciting stories about my South Africa in my next blog. Gotta go, super duper busy me. Stay tuned! ;) 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken Lands In Malaysia

4FINGERS CRISPY CHICKEN has finally landed in Malaysia, at Mid-Valley, Kuala Lumpur. The popular fast casual chain has also opened two new stores in Singapore in just three months, bringing the number of 4FINGERS stores to seven. Less than two years ago, 4FINGERS had just one store in the country. Wishing them all the best and "Sang Yi Hing Lung" for many years to come!

Concurrent to its latest store openings, 4FINGERS has also just celebrated its sixth anniversary. When asked what the next six years may bring for 4FINGERS, Steen Puggaard, 4FINGERS CEO since 2013 said, “Consumer preferences are always evolving. In the F&B industry, consumers are increasingly gravitating towards responsible brands that offer honest, tasty and wholesome food. This is exactly what 4FINGERS stands for”. 

In alignment with the shift in consumer demand, 4FINGERS plans continued growth in Singapore and Malaysia as well as entry into mature markets like Australia, US and key European countries. The happy go lucky staffs picture momento, they're very helpful and attentive to my orders as I wanted to try a bit of everything so they try to recommend me the best choices I can divulge for my lunch that day. 

This demand has also made 4FINGERS a resounding home-grown success since the first store was opened at ION Orchard in November 2009.The brand’s core focus is quality food – they use only fresh chicken, each piece carefully brushed with their proprietary sauces, which are free of preservatives and MSG.

Customers will be spoilt for choice with their varied menu, which includes their signature Crispy Wings, Chicken Drumsticks, Burgers and Sandwiches, Rice Boxes and Salads. I've tried a few choices from the menu and I really enjoyed the Burger Combo set, salad and its Garlic and Spicy Chicken Wings combo that comes with rice too. 

Haha...In fact that day in Gardens, I met a few friends who called me out of nowhere when I was enjoying my hot coffee at Gardens Club, brief shopping trip all around Gardens Mall and had a facial treatment review, they asked me about 4FINGERS and I fully recommended them to try it for real. Really not bad that I wanted to try every menu that's available here.

They offer more than just chicken, their seafood selection is also available brushed with their signature sauces – Soy Garlic or Hot. Side orders include Skinny Kimchi Fries and KimSlaw (house-made kimchi coleslaw). Prices start from RM15.90 for their signature Crispy Wings.

Key Growth Statistics
1.  4FINGERS CRISPY CHICKEN opened their first store in 2009 at ION Orchard, Singapore, and has sincelaunched 6 stores in the country within 18 months.
2.   Between now and 2017, a new rangeof outlet stores will open nearly every two months. By 2017, 4FINGERS will have expanded by 50%, totalling 15 outlets in Singapore.
3.  By 2018, fans of the fast-casual chain can look forward to the opening of 20 4FINGERS outlets in Malaysia.

4FINGERS CRISPY CHICKEN is an original Singapore brand, launched in 2009. With superior food offerings topped off with a fresh and irreverent persona, 4FINGERS intends to disrupt the traditional Quick Service Restaurant category4FINGERS uses only fresh ingredients from reputable suppliers that are HACCP certified. The brand has seven stores in Singapore; with their newest outlet store opening in Malaysia.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

UNICEF Ambassador Ms. Carly Paoli Officiates the Launch of Starhill Gallery’s Christmas Charity Drive with Dignity for Children Foundation

The Dignity for Children Foundation (Dignity), a learning centre with 1,000 poor and vulnerable children age 2 to 17 years old, today received strong endorsements from British mezzo-soprano Ms. Carly Paoli and Starhill Gallery as part of Starhill Gallery’s Christmas Charity Drive.

Ms. Carly Paoli is a UNICEF ambassador and one of the most talented singers rising fast in the world of classical music. Having performed at a string of high profile events including her recent performance at the Caracalla for UNICEF concert in Rome, Italy with the legendary José Carreras and Andrea Bocelli, the young musical prodigy is in town to perform at the upcoming Tourism and Culture Gala Night: Watch and Jewellery of the Year Awards Presentation alongside Italian tenor Alessandro Safina which will be held on 27 November 2015, marking the finale of the on-going A Journey Through Time IX.

“Our future is built on the ability of our children to dream, pursue their dreams and inspire others to believe in a better tomorrow. I have been fortunate enough to meet people, teachers and supporters who are helping me climb new heights in my dreams every day. Being able to support an organisation like Dignity for Children Foundation is a privilege and I look forward to seeing the amazing individuals who come out of this great programme and other similar organisations’ efforts around the world,” said Ms. Carly Paoli.

The month-long Christmas Charity Drive was launched at the Christmas activation event when Ms. Carly Paoli activated a Christmas ferris-wheel followed by her giving away gifts to 30 children from Dignity who were present at the ceremony. The gifts to fulfil the children’s wishes were generously donated by Starhill Gallery and its esteemed tenants, namely Bedat& Co, Carrera y Carrera, Cecil Purnell, Cortina, Garrard& Co, Gübelin, Hermès and Mouawad.

The campaign at Starhill Gallery aims to raise awareness of the Foundation and harness the spirit of giving. “We need joy, laughter and love to be shared,” further added Ms. Carly Paoli. Starhill Gallery’s special guests at the event – the children from Dignity for Children Foundation were treated with special performance by the sensational Ms. Carly Paoli who mesmerised everyone in attendance at Newens Tea House. The lovely afternoon was capped with afternoon tea enjoyed amidst the festive sounds of Christmas carollers.

Patrons of Starhill Gallery are invited to participate in the Starhill Gallery’s Christmas Charity Drive by visiting the Christmas Tree located next to the Starhill Gallery’s Concierge at Indulge Floor. Patrons may pick from the Christmas tree, wish-cards of the children from Dignity so that they can help to purchase the gifts for them. The gifts are then to be passed on to the Starhill Gallery’s Concierge by 18 December 2015. Starhill Gallery will then deliver the gifts to the Foundation before Christmas to ensure that the children end the year on a high note.

The month-long Christmas Charity Drive is part of the Starhill Gallery’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative under the YTL Group’s objective to grow and nurture the potential of Malaysia’s future generation of achievers. These have been carried out through various programmes which include engaging and supporting local community groups, social institutions and non-profit organisations as well as supporting educational initiatives to develop future generations of leaders.

Helping Children with Dignity
The Dignity for Children Foundation aims to empower underprivileged urban poor children to break the cycle of poverty through quality education, positively transforming their lives and the lives of the community around them.  Supported by contributions from members of the public, corporations and most recently visited by visiting US President Barack Obama, Dignity achieves this by establishing a high quality learning centre under one roof for the poor; implementing specialised learning environments to develop children academically and socially thus empowering them to become productive members of society.
Started more than 15 years ago in the district of Sentul in the capital of Malaysia with only 20 students, Dignity is now serves the need of 1,000 poor and vulnerable children ranging from 2 to17 years old.  It provides quality education and care in a secure environment for children in pre-school to Form 5.

About Starhill Gallery
Starhill Gallery is Kuala Lumpur’s ultimate statement of taste and style in food, fashion, living, beauty and art. With 330,000 sqft, Starhill Gallery is an exciting shopping destination in Malaysia providing a standard of privacy and exclusivity rarely seen in large shopping complexes. Starhill Gallery has seven themed floors that encapsulate a variety of experiences together with unparalleled dining experiences, some of the world’s most elegant fashion brands including DIOR, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, and exclusive watch and jewellery boutiques such as Bedat& Co. Richard Mille and Rolex. Listed as Asia’s Most Beautiful Mall by The Forbes Traveller, Starhill Gallery remains the ultimate shopping destination in Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Marvellous Mauritius Martial With Good Food

From KL 2pm flight by Air Mauritius, I finally reached Holiday Inn Mauritius at 9pm KL time but
Mauritius it's only 5pm, 4 hours behind. Mauritius is full of tourists from all around the world.
It's time for dinner so I took 2 pictures here before I rush over for the hotel buffet. If I've arrived early
that day, I would book a city+island tour for sightseeing before I fly again to Cape Town the next day. 

Holiday Inn decors were full of marine ornaments, their very own Mauritian culture and designs
that looked so artistic and fantastic at the same time. 

The Mauritian food was super duper yummylicious that I actually took 3 bowls of rice 'Banjir' flooding it with
Beef Specialty from the hot pot without realising it. Haha...too yummy liao and their Pineapple is delish sekali!

And they served me this special chilli sauce, Olive Oil and Mauritian sauce to eat together with this
Biscotti Bread. The chilli was sizzling hot and spicy but it's so delicious that I need to ask for 2nd refill. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

GUARDIAN Brings Back Nostalgia With GARFIELD On-The-Go During Their Year End Annual Dinner

Garfield fans can rejoice as Guardian Malaysia jog memories with cartoonist Jim Davis’ iconic fat cat,which has been known for its hilarious daily adventures since its debut in 1978. The Garfield On-the-Go merchandise redemption programme was launched by PeterDove, CEO of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd at its annual dinner with trade partners today.

In fact, I grew up wearing Garfield Purple, Pink and White T-shirt with big Garfield covering my chest to tummy, using cute Garfield Pencil Box, Garfield Bags, Garfield Slipper and sleeping with Garfield Fluffy Pillows too. Haha...those great memories down the memory lane is sweet and memorable for me that's for sure. 

When unveiling the programme, he said: “In addition to meeting customers’ evolvingneeds, Guardian Malaysia continuously looks for creative ways to rewardits loyal customers, which consists of Malaysians of all walks of life,”

“The iconic cat Garfield not only brings back fond memories for many adults,itis also much-loved by teenagers and young children. Guardian’s Garfield On-the-Goseries of bags and luggage offers something for everyone in the family, lighting up their journey wherever they go,” he added.

In his welcome address, Dove shared Guardian Malaysia’s plans to grow its business further, focusing on the following; 
                   1. Rollout of SRD (Space/ Range / Display)
Guardian will continue to shape and align its operations to focus on improving shoppers’ in-store experience through re-layout, renovation and upgrading of the brand as well as stores nationwide (200 stores in 2016) 

2.  Implementation of systems
Guardian Malaysia will invest in the implementation of systems that include Saturn, SAP Fico and SAP Retail, to smoothen internal work processes, creating higher efficiency for the benefit of customers.

       3.  Improve working relationships
Another of Guardian’spriority is to improve working relationships with both internal and external partners.Guardian Malaysia believes a harmonious and strong working relationship, especially with business partners, would enable their efforts to improve shoppers’ experience gain further traction. 

“With Guardian Malaysia, being part of the Dairy Farm family, the largest Pan Asian retailing Group, you can be assured that there is no shortage of confidence and energy towards the business in Malaysia. The commitment and interest to grow the business is strong, and if there is a need for us to invest further in the business, we will. We will strive to maintain our leading position by being the best in the industry and the best retailer that you can work with,” Dove added.

Details Of The GARFIELD ON-THE-GO Redemption Programme;
Consumers only need to make a purchaseof RM20 to receive one stamp. Once they havecollected 20 stamps,they can redeem Garfield merchandises at discounted prices.Consumers can also gainextra stamps by purchasing star-buy items.

Stamps will be issued at all participating Guardian stores nationwide;  
-         From 19 November 2015 to 29 February 2016 for Peninsular Malaysia
-         From 3 December 2015 to 29 February 2016 for East Malaysia

Once they have collected 20 stamps, consumers can;
Redeem a Garfield overnighter at RM29 (retail price RM79)
Redeem a Garfield backpack at RM39 (retail price RM99) 
Redeem a Garfield school trolley bag at RM69 (retail price RM199) 
Redeem a Garfield 18” wheeled luggage at RM129 (retail price RM399)
Redemption can be made from 19 November 2015 to 14 March 2016. 

Consumers can also purchase a set of two multiple usage travel organiser for RM19, with every purchase of RM20.  That’s not all,consumers can further stand a chance to win a Vespa. For more information, you can visit

All they need to do is purchase RM30 of Guardian corporate brand products and follow Guardian Malaysia’s LINE official account. Nine Vespa scooters, Guardian vouchers, LINE dolls and a host of other prizes are up for grabs so don’t miss out. Check it out quick if you're a fan like me!  

Sunday, November 22, 2015

South Africa Cape Town - Table Mountain The Official New 7 Wonder Of Nature

Table Mountain is one of the fantastic+fascinating tourist attraction 
located at Cape town. It is also the official new 7 Wonder Of Nature.
A bird's eye view of the Cape Town city, such alluring and enticing scenery ever.  
The wind blows strongly to me, quite chilly that I need to wear a Biker's Jacket to protect me from the cold
of 14 degree celcius, although the weather may looked sunny and hot like normal. 

Many tourists came from all over the world to view this wonderful place. 

Such a magnificent mountain that stand tall and strong called the Table Mountain. 

While waiting for the slow cable car to come down, I took the chance to admire the beauty of this Table Mountain.

This cable car can accommodate 65 people at one go, but too slow liao which caused the long queue for 30 minutes.

The cable car can rotate to 360 degree so no matter where we stand also, we get to see the beautiful views 
from every angle of this wonderful nature in the world. It was totally worth the long wait or queue then.

I'm actually taking a high risk here standing so high up on a huge rock for this lovely view, above the clouds.

Went in a souvenir shop for heater as it was so cold out there. Haha...cute soft toys that tempted me so much.

Sitting besides the white cloud high above the sky means a lot to me. Feeling relaxing and calming as well. 

Besides taking pictures here and there, I really took my own sweet time to smell the flowers while
dating my beloved hubby Rambo esp.recently we're both quite busy with own business ventures.

I felt a sense of belonging here because I love the overall soothing and cooling environment with
pretty plants everywhere, from one corner to another corner all around this hilly mountain.

This Table Mountain is so huge, both Rambo and I took a slow long stroll all around the place for good.

The views are captivating and alluring lot from North, East, South or West angles.  

Every angle tells a story with thousand words to describe how fascinating it can be. 

Young American guy took this picture for us, such an amazing view with attractive Cape Town landscape.  

The breathtaking view took my breath away, blowing my hair away too. cannot buy this
good weather to reach up here, if it rains we're not allowed to take the cable car to tour around this place.

I'm feeling totally on top of the world, standing high up on another gigantic rock for this spectacular view ever.