Friday, January 29, 2016

Springtime Floral Lunar New Year @1 UTAMA

With a month long flurry of festivities, the world’s 6th largest mall 1 Utama (yes they are) is the perfect place to ring in the Year of the Monkey with good fortune. Here’s their cheat sheet to all things auspicious at 1 Utama Shopping Centre starting from 16 January to 10 February 2016.

Festive Décor
Bright celebratory colours are undoubtedly in season at 1 Utama. The mall is decorated with touches of crimson and pink – in the brilliant lanterns hung outdoors and around the mall, in the bejeweled tassels adorning the walkways, and in the bright ribbons and decorations that shout prosperity and exuberance. 

Over at Lower Ground Floor Oval concourse, tall oriental structures and arches will capture and demand all your attention. These wooden towers are built to also house festive shopping kiosks for visitors to shop and walkabout. The festive mood is further set with real bamboos, a kaleidoscope of colourful honeycomb paper lanterns and bouquet after bouquet of giant peonies and flowers to mimic the floral spring time lunar season.

Cultural Performances
With the roar of a lion and the pound of a drum, the beating heart of the festivities is the remarkable lion dance – a fantastic show that captures the essence that is Chinese New Year in Malaysia. To celebrate this crowd favourite, 1 Utama has invited three famous lion dance troupes to perform throughout the month, which include Hong Teik Acrobatic Lion Dance 2015 National Champion, Kun Seng Keng Acrobatic Lion Dance and Khuan Loke Acrobatic Lion Dance. Other must-see cultural performances lined up are the Flying Diabolo, The Orang Orang Drums and 24 Festival Drums.

Whet Your Appetite
Eating one’s weight during Chinese New Year is widely encouraged at 1 Utama. With over 100
eateries and restaurants, toss your yee sang or longevity noodles, have a traditional Poon Choi and gather with family and friends at the many F&B outlets here. Celebrate and feast to your heart’s content.

Retail Fix
Brace yourself for a premier shopping experience by getting your retail fix at 1 Utama. Shoppers can easily spend a day in Malaysia’s largest mall, shopping for new outfits, home décor, melt-in-your mouth cookies and festive hampers. Overall, this year’s Chinese New Year at 1 Utama is no short of good fortune, tradition, culture and auspicious sights for a memorable celebration!

ONECARD Kids+ Workshops
Looking for activities to celebrate Chinese New Year with your children? Look no further than their family-friendly workshops held at LG Oval concourse. 
*Limited to first 30 kids aged 4 - 12 years old for each workshop. Pre-registration required at Concierge or Customer Service Centres. Basic materials and tools will be provided.
1. Fun with Clay Art (16 Jan, 1pm)
2. Let’s ‘Lou Seng’ with Sakae Sushi (23 Jan, 1pm)
3. Mochi Mochi (30 Jan, 1pm)
4Flourishing Blossoms with Craft Haven (6 Feb, 1pm)

Flourishing Rewards
From 16 January - 10 February 2016, shoppers can redeem a set of complimentary Angpow Packets with a minimum spend of RM300; or a pair of Fortune Table Mats with a minimum spend of RM800 (RM600 for ONECARD members) at any ONECARD participating outlet. Additional Fortune Pick exclusively for ONECARD members too. 
*T&C apply, max 2 receipts on the same day, mats limited to 200 pairs daily, whilst stocks last.

ONECARD members will be receiving lots of ‘prosperity’ when they shop at 1 Utama during this festive period. Enjoy an Angpow rebate of RM10 in UPoints per member per day when you spend an accumulative purchase of RM300 on the same day.
*Maximum of 5,000 (RM50) UPoints per member throughout promotion period.

And that’s not all! For three days only, ONECARD members born in the Year of the Monkey will get an extra RM5 UPoints rebate with minimum spending of RM300 in accumulative receipts. *Maximum 500 UPoints Rebate (RM5) per member throughout promotion period.

Exclusively for Maybank Cardmembers
Bring home exclusive Angpow Packets with holder (minimum purchase of RM300) or an additional festive Serving Pot with Coasters (minimum spend of RM600) with maximum combination of two receipts on the same day for Maybank cardmembers with a credit/charge card issued by Maybank Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia or Phillippines. In addition, enjoy free entry at Platinum Parking (10am-11pm) on a first come first serve basis. *T&C apply, max 2 pot sets per cardmember per day limited to 2,000 sets in total, max 1 set of Angpow per cardmember per day, limited to 3,000 sets in total).

For more details on 1 Utama’s Chinese New Year events and activities, you can also contact the Customer Service Centre at Tel: 03-7710 8118 or Concierge Tel: 03-77255788. To get up close with 1 Utama, check out

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

South Africa - Johannesburg Carnivore Restaurant

'Suan Le Ba', it's either my dear hubby standard in taking pictures or my dear
Panasonic bo 'Teng Wa' for this shaky picture. But it's important to share it so
people would know one of the famous restaurant to visit in Johannesburg, SA.  

I got so tired with the early morning tours till night time dinner, I lost too much energy I only wanted to eat
and replenish the needed nutrients for my body. Rambo asked me to pose also I have no mood for it...Haha!

The Salad Bar presented on our table when we arrived that night at 7pm. This place is fully booked for tourists
from all around the world and it's lucky we got one of the best corner seats reserved for our tour group privately.
Not only we 'Jiak Ka Liao' all the salad served to us for 4 pax serving, we kept requesting for more chillies refills
many times. It's too yummy liao esp. after I tasted it the 1st time I told all of them, they totally agreed with me.

Once I get myself comfortable seated at the corner, Khay asked if she can join me at the same table I welcomed
her to sit wherever she wants and I started to eat liao. This local South African bread is not bad, soft and nice.
Rambo, Khay and the rest keep munching on the bread till finished, I got them refills also as many they can eat.

The South African Rice Wine is on sale, none of us order for this. If it's free then everyone wana try for it.
Haha...We had enjoyed too much wine liao at Cape Town and it's not that we cannot afford to buy it in USD
but most of us need to get smart when it comes to spending USD in overseas. In fact we tried before at one
of the hotel buffet, nothing special about it. 
At the end of the day, all of us got close together like a happy family on this South Africa Tour because day
and night also we hang out for breakfast, lunch, coffee break and dinner. Any 'Kang Tao' great deals also we
share out among us so that with every penny saved we can spend on something else even if we can afford to.

Khay is one of the food lover who have tried almost every animal meat available here, you name it they have it.
She even wanted to cut a small piece of the Zebra meat for me to try because I rejected it. I explained to her that
I'm a definite food lover for sure but I'm not into meat kinda girl esp. exotic animals like Zebra I had just visited 2
days before. The rest like Wildebeest, Buffalo, Kangaroo etc. also I didn't take, I only took BBQ Chicken and 
more veges to fulfil my hunger pang. The rest like Margaret, Rambo & Daisy also took veges & Chicken only.

Aunty Yung who's aged 70+ coming to 80 years old liao dare to try all the meat served for us. Haha...We
just enjoyed the yummy+healthy salad, rice and BBQ Chicken. Shark also they have but we didn't take also.

The local South African performance to entertain us during our last rendezvous here in Johannesburg, SA.
I have no energy to dance with them, just managed to watch, eat, chat and laugh out loud with them only. 

Once we had enough enjoyment trying out the local specialties from South Africa, we wanted to go back hotel
for a total rest & relaxation liao. I took nice picture for Rambo great memories of South Africa culture & decors.
Overall, we really enjoyed and had great insights about South Africa rich culture, history and environment. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spiritual Spring 2016

Happy New Year 2016, this blog was supposed to be posted for the 'New Year, New You' updates but I was so busy, swarmed like a Queen Bee with so many things to complete and events that I only managed to attend just a few only. I didn't even join Sis Toto and her gang to celebrate New Year Eve also as Rambo prefer to spend good times only with me at home for total peace of mind. On New Year Day 2016, both Rambo and I decided to stay in KL for shopping and dining Malaysian good food with family+ friends only.

Supposed we wanted to travel to Bangkok, Thailand for the great sale but our RM Ringgit Malaysia 'Dit Dou Mou Ka Zik', fell down low till no value liao so it's not worth it also to travel there for shopping. Might as well we go shopping sakan here in Malaysia, let our money flows within our country so that the cycle of 'Yan Yan Yau Fan Sik' can go normally, everyone have rice to eat and Malaysia get to prosper from each other also. 

I met my classmate whom I called full name Ng S P just like how my teacher usually called all of us in class and we had a long chat about life. I asked her directly if she's still trying for a baby and she told me honestly not anymore esp. for her age at 41. She's too exhausted esp. when sometimes she finished working till 10+pm, she didn't have the kinda energy like before and no hope liao. I quickly replied her, "Still can if you have good health, strong reproductive system with regular monthly menstrual cycle." But she firmly confirmed to me that she decided not to 'Pok' for any baby liao after having tried for the past 10 years. 

She also asked much about my life where I openly told her that both Rambo and I were not keen for babies since we're young till today, although I had this Buddhist Master who can foreseen my past, present and predicted my future life real accurately. He listed it down nicely for me many years ago that I would have a set of twin babies based on my life destiny. I'll name them 'Valentina & Valentino' if I ever give birth to them. But I'm glad Rambo decided not to have kids for our own good and I totally seconded that. After all, Master Tony did said it's my life so at the end of the day, I make my own rules of life for my total happiness.

So far of all the Fortune Tellers or Masters that I have met in my 20's with my family/friends who asked me to tag along when they went for it, I only trust this Master Tony because not only he's so accurate in his predictions about everyone I recommended to, he's an amazing Buddhist Master who only accept Angpow based on your sincerity. He's not the kinda master who talked about money and fees but really into helping others who seeks for his help. Not only you see many Chinese who made such great effort queueing up for hours just to see him for advise and predictions in life, you can see the Malay, Indians etc. waiting just to meet him too. 

It's not easy to meet him at all, every morning till night also his peaceful sanctuary is full of people waiting to seek his advice and pointers in life. I'm very fortunate to cross my life knowing and met him for a few times. The last time I met him at his Buddhist Sanctuary, I brought back a Buddhist Book that he encouraged me to bring it back home and since then, I didn't go liao after I have found some wisdom from the Buddhism world. Most of my family and friends are doing their best to meet him for assurance sometimes esp. Shima who swore her life to me that Master Tony is really an amazing Master she had ever met and I totally agreed with her for sure.

Haha...Many of my secrets I have yet to share with Rambo like my health, internal body system also Master Tony knew all about it where he can see right through me like a MRI Scan. He's so right about my life and when I shared the magic paper to my family and friends, they mentioned that my paper was so full with so many details while theirs filled with just a few details. I told them they need to stay honest, pure and open about their life to him only then he can read you more clearly after choosing the lucky card from your 1st visit. 

I got the King of Spade. It's so exhilarating, exciting and interesting to know about your life from him esp. when I looked back the magic paper, most of his predictions about me had come true except that I'm a strong Dictator who overruled the babies decision. That's why I'm so 'Kut Tat', brave and daring enough to leave my high paid salary with high position to be the head of a department that brings no values for me also as I know no matter how much I got paid also, I would never be happy and having total fulfilment in life at all. 

You'll be surprised to hear things you can imagine about your life and he can list it down for you to take it as a guidance step-by-step, be it career, prosperity,marriage, kids' future, love life etc. Of all the people that I have recommended to meet him personally, I'm the only person he didn't give 4D lucky numbers so I asked him why? He replied me there are so many people in my life who wanted to give me money, I need not buy 4D at all. Haha...He made me laughed out loud but it's so true and now I know what he meant by that. 

Fantastic and fascinating fortune telling I had ever experienced in my life to believe it real remarkably but it's really happening to me. Let's rewind back to the original story I wanted to share about life, my mom+sis were telling me about their not so lucky stars for this Monkey Year where I reminded them again, "Feng Shui is just a guidance for you to enhance and improve your lucks in life. Most importantly, you need to cultivate good deeds and do more good things to help yourself and others based on your capabilities all along the way." 

Destiny 'Meng Shui' has already been pre-destined in your life like many of the Chinese believed that 'Sik Gei Duo, Jeok Gei Duo Hai Zing Ding' but destiny can be change and alter in your life so long you did your very best to live up your life making great efforts, get alot of support from noble people and having the right attitude, you'll get there somewhere on the top eventually. Then comes the second very important elements in our life is Good Luck 'Hou Wan', the more the better so that your life can go 'Sun Sun Lei Lei' smoothly ever after, easier to live everyday life also. You need not beg or ask for it also, people will offer it to you generously.

Feng Shui only comes at the very last resort in the event if your life is so bad, you don't even have a good & smooth life then you really need to spend some money for good Feng Shui to work its magic for you. For some who are greedy or for men who never had enough no matter how much they have also, they wanted more and more for unlimited income they usually invited those very 'Sai Lik Feng Shui Masters' to help them prosper even higher. If you're rich and wealthy, you didn't know how to give and or do charity, somewhere somehow your income can flows out easily for unnecessary things also no matter how stingy or thrifty you can be.

After explaining all these important Chinese wisdom to them, I gave them a few examples on how to cultivate good deeds like the Monkey & Dog Story I had just shared with my mom during dinner that time so that they really go start action on it. I always loved Monkeys & Dogs in my life, besides preparing bananas for the monkeys in Bali or potato in China, I also like to buy bananas or veges for them near the forest at my place after seeing them searching for food one day. Last Saturday I saw a dog running for his dinner right on time as there's this kind Aunty who 'Pat Lei Pat Hei' preparing food for them everyday without failed, so nice+cute. 

Animals are so pure, they also have life to live but they couldn't shout it out loud to people that life is not fair. Actually, life is fair and square if you know how to find any opportunities possibilities. Just like Mazlan who earned 1.5 million commission monthly, he worked hard and smart to become a cash rich millionaire of today where last year bonus itself, he got RM 2.4 million from TE company after managed to survive 6 years in this business. He's still a humble person who's kind enough to help building new houses for the Kelantan poor village financially and willing to share it out sincerely what he knows best to do this business with everyone. 

When Rambo told me how fortunate that night he got to meet Mazlan one meeting, I asked if they took any picture together and he happily showed it to me. Haha...I laughed out loud and 'Tang Hui Hoi Sem', really happy for him and encouraged him to stay closely with kind, positive people like him to absorb superb energy and sharing good vibes with each other. I also told him everyday after working so hard, make sure he's back home on time for dinner safely with 'Mou Beng, Mou Tung', no illness no pain considered he had earned a million dollar as bonus liao as health is the ultimate wealth of all. Money is equally important in life but it's not entirely the whole package if he knows how to earn money but didn't know how to enjoy his life wisely. 

It's time for dinner liao, I need to stop here and will begin to stroke more sentences for my next blog. My final summary and words of advise for 2016 would be "Remember to cultivate good deeds in any form you prefer to do willingly based on your capabilities, treat people and animal kindly and nicely, do your very best to achieve your golden dreams honestly without stepping or harming the others, give and take sensibly, forgive and forget easily but stay far, far away from the toxic people, stay away from all the negativity blanket of greedy people and action more on the plans than simply make any empty promises you cannot fulfil as in 'Action speaks louder than words'." Stay tuned for more lovely stories soon, Au revoir for now. Xoxo, Jacinta!   

Monday, January 25, 2016

South Africa - Cape Town Hermanus Island

After touring to many lovely bays all around Cape Town of South Africa, we stopped by Hermanus Island
to watch whales+shopping tour. South Africa is well known for its gemstones minerals and it's not cheap. 
In fact, I fell in love with one of the Rose Quartz Necklace at a luxury boutique
facing Hermanus Beach but I didn't buy it as it's very expensive in USD. I think
they had no choice for its quality and need to cover the high cost property here.

This Hermanus Island is famously known to be a meeting place for whales to meet, mate and gathering for
whale party during the mating and breeding season from August to November month. After that, they will
split up and swim to other islands liao. None of us really into catching to watch the whales since it's over.

Most of us prefer to go shopping or sipping some coffee here but not enough time for me to shop till I drop also,
don't say stop for a coffee since we're going for fine dining later at Hottentos Holland.I was glad we stopped over.

There are so many shops, luxury boutiques and shopping mall for us to grab those wonderful souvenirs of
South Africa to please our family and friends. I bought many of it from here too as I'm free to choose & pick
anything I liked. I didn't buy the Rose Quartz from here but I get to grab a nice, genuine one from KL, Haha!

I get to maximise my time shopping all around Hermanus Island, taking pictures from one corner to another
corner while enjoying lovey dovey travel with Rambo here because we're still young & energetic enough.

That's why I always advise everyone it's better to travel now or never. Once you've reached to a certain age,
not only our energy level will go exhausted real fast like a rocket shoot, you'll never get to experience those
activities that you can do when you're young. Plan it nicely, pushing it to 'Do or Die 'Sei Yi Mou Ham' in life.

Charmaine tagged me recently on a travel blog about spending money on travel for money cannot buy that
kinda experiences. I need to 'Ching Ching Yat Ha' on this meaningful topic because I have so many friends'
experiences and mine I need to share with people from all around the world, maybe after CNY festive season
& projects completion in February. Bear with me, sharing on travelling experience is equally important to me
with making steady, serious money for me. Haha...No Money, No Honey quote can be funny but it's a reality!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

PANGOI International, A Brand To Reckon With Fashionable & Trendy Bags

PANGOI is no longer a stranger in Malaysia market for fashionable handbags, purses or wallets brand for modern women but also across region from Australia to the Middle East market as well. Patrick Goi is a caliber 'Ling Ching Yau Wai' handsome Founder of Pangoi brand I met at a beauty event.  He approached me by adding me through Facebook, pm and invited me to choose his trendy Pangoi Handbags where I replied him let me check out his brand 1st. I was so busy since last October with year end projects completion, I didn't attend many events also and dare not accept any blogging projects too as I'm getting busier nowadays. 

But I do appreciate for all the offers, invitations and I will still do my best to attend it once I'm free to go green for it. Usually I'm looking forward to complete my business projects as soon as possible by 2 months to flourish me more income, then I can start enjoying my life liao for more shopping, travelling and beauty pampering. Rambo prefer that I lived my days by monitoring our projects on a daily basis, laughing out loud when watching TV and enjoying life without stressing my life with additional blog project that gave me few hundred dollars. But I did reasoned with him nicely, life is not always revolved about money or benefits only in our lives. 

If it involved and revolved writing on something I'm passionate about like fashion, I'm happy to do it by showering me with gifts or products also. I was glad we finally met last December 2015 for a lunch and short tour at his new shop because Patrick is a nice person whom I can befriended closely with the same passion in fashion. Not only he's a talented chef, a ballroom dancer and worked his way up successfully to be who he is today, he's going to soar his wings higher in time to come. He usually engaged designers from Australia, Indonesia and Dubai to design and produce PANGOI handbags+purses with high technical innovation.
Today, PANGOI products are available at 6 outlets in Malaysia - Cheras Sentral Mall, Penang, Ipoh Parade Mall, Alam Sentral Mall, Pangoi KL and Kota Sri Mutiara at Kota Bahru. He also had his 1st international outlet in Istanbul, been established for 2 years already. He's planning to expand the Pangoi brand horizon wider to Indonesia and designing more suitable fashionable bags to cater for our local Malaysian market besides planning to have his 1st runway show by this year of 2016. I wish him all the best in his future undertakings and I'm hoping to see Pangoi brand to be reckoned in the fashion world real successfully to international arena.

Talking about fashion, I find that Patrick really had great talent in fashion sense kinda guy. He did mentioned to me the reason why he approached me to share about Pangoi brand because he noticed that I'm a Fashionista who loves to pair everything from clothes, shoes and bags with compatible colours and he needed someone who's really crazy into fashion to write about it. Fashion is very subjective to everyone but to me, a superb fashion sense is not necessary have to be branded from top to toe splurge, as long the brand is trendy, fashionable, quality and exclusive to my standard, I go all out for it.
Like I told Patrick and shared on my Evergreen Love Blog, fashion is all about feeling good and confident with your desirable style by wearing and pairing your favourite clothings from top to toe, at the same time feeling comfortable wearing or using it. Most importantly when you have decided to indulge fully on your passion in fashion smashingly, just make sure it won't cause a big hole in your pocket. The reason why I decided to write for him also because I fell in love with some of his stylish handbags that I liked in which I have chosen one of his best-selling Red Handbag but it's out of stock for new one. Check out

Haha...So I chose another trendy Shoulder Handbag that I can pair with my GUESS Marciano Gold Pant and my Designer Shoes that cost RM1199. As time goes by, not very often that I would kill my look with rock and roll style, but sometimes I liked to play with many different styles to make me look modern lot more. In fact, everywhere I go be it Malaysia or overseas, people stopped and asked me the brand of the clothes, bags and shoes I was wearing like I'm a fashion bomb who can explode answers to them anytime I want to.

I'm a total handbag lover at heart since I was a little girl, growing up as teenagers till today I'm 40 also, my fashion passion for bags has never stop craving for it. My home is full of wallets, clutches, pouches and handbags which occupied most of my cabinets from the living room to my fashion room. I loved to buy and admired it days and night. Rambo really beh tahan me that's for sure but he's totally cool with me now after having survived in our 22 years of relationship together, he really 'masak' with my Fire Dragon personality liao. 

If I decided to spend luxuriously on trendy handbags that I fell in love with, he'll just pay quickly and it's the end of the story. Never question or bug me for nothing unless I asked his opinions about it. Haha...That's life, one of the key secrets to keep a marriage happier and longer till death do us part. Sometimes I can end up buying a few handbags at one shopping trip, how crazy and silly I can be but that's what Fashionista do.

I buy and buy whenever I wanted to depending on my mood and when my sister-inlaws, my mom and sisters loved my bags so much they'll asked me to sell it to them. I usually ended up giving it to them be it for the new or old bags and seeing them feeling so joyful and gleeful about it, I feel happier too. That's what love is all about, sharing and caring for each other. He can't get rid of my passion in fashion leopard spot for this time.  

Another reason why I liked about Pangoi brand is due to its beautiful colour that make it wonderful, just like the elegant Green Shopping Bag tagged by Patrick and the Brown Handbag that I chose that fateful afternoon. So classy and looked luxury as well but the price is affordable for the quality and up-to-date design of his handbags. Now you can buy Pangoi Bags through online also, it's so convenient that's for sure.  

That's why Chef Wan, Malaysian famous celebrity chef also agreed to be Pangoi Ambassador who managed to shout out loud for Pangoi brand real remarkably. In fact Patrick decided to create more stylish and trendy handbags plus wallets for the men collection real soon. To get up close with Pangoi brand more indepth, you can check out and

Thursday, January 21, 2016

NEESYA Skincare Brand Announces Exclusive Partnership With WATSONS

Those who dream of the beauty glow of healthy flawless skin can now choose NEESYA® Skincare products which are now available at 45 selected Watsons’ stores nationwide. With premium quality active ingredients from the Europe and USA, NEESYA® offers effective and safe to use skincare at affordable prices. 

The NEESYA® Skincare range consists of products such as the Illuminating Essence, Brightening Gel Cleanser, Brightening Enzymatic Refiner, Age Defence Moisturiser, Brightening Overnight Mask, Spot Repair Concentrate, Brightening Day Cream SPF20 and Brightening Night Rejuvenator. The Brightening Anti-Ageing Set and Brightening Hydration Set (includes cleanser, toner, essence and moisturiser) starts only at RM169.00 per set.

NEESYA® Skincare’s best-selling product is undoubtedly their Illuminating Essence, for skin radiance and brightening functions. “The Illuminating Essence has been in the market for almost three years now, and the demand for this product, which features the LumiScience® Technology by NEESYA® Skincare, has been extremely encouraging. Many customers who use this product for just under a month come back so excited to see smoother, brighter and more even skin tone,” said Chris Yong, Chief Executive Officer of Skinworkz Sdn Bhd during the exclusive partnership announcement event.

Caryn Loh, General Manager - Trading for Watsons Malaysia, similarly is expecting NEESYA® lluminating Essence to receive an overwhelming response from Watsons customers given that the early customer feedback, affordability and that it is certified Halal. “Having NEESYA® Illuminating Essence into our stores is our testament to continue to provide variation and innovation products to our valued customers,” added Caryn.

At the exclusive partnership announcement of NEESYA® at Watsons, NEESYA® also announced the appointment of brand ambassador – Ainan Tasneem, a YouTube sensation. Her hit single, Aku Suka Dia, attained 8.6 million views on her YouTube channel.

Ainan said, “I am honoured to be the brand ambassador of the NEESYA® Skincare brand!” An avid user of NEESYA Skincare herself, Ainan Tasneem found NEESYA® Skincare to be effective in helping her attain flawless skin and is convinced this brand can help customers in Malaysia who like to possess beautiful skin.

About A.S. Watson Group
A.S. Watson Group is the largest international health & beauty retailer in Asia and Europe, with the purpose to bring more to lives of customers around the world -- anytime and anywhere -- in retail stores, online and through their mobile devices. Each week, more than 28 million and members shop with us in our over 11,600 retail stores in 24 markets. The Group has a diverse portfolio of market-leading retail brands to meet the customer needs in health & beauty, luxury perfumeries & cosmetics, food, electronics and wine.

With total revenue over HKD157 billion in fiscal year 2014 and over 110,000 employees, the Group is also a member of the world-renowned multinational conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings (CKHH), which has five core businesses - ports and related services, retail, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications in over 50 countries.

About Watsons Malaysia
Watsons Malaysia currently operates in more than 360 Watsons stores in the country serving more than 3 million customers per month. Watsons continually to set the standards in the health, wellness and beauty market, providing personalized advice and counselling in health, beauty and personal care on top of its market-leading product range, making customers LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT every day. Since 2009, Watsons has been the No.1 pharmacy/drugstore brand in Asia Pacific for the 7th year running*.

Watsons is the flagship health and beauty brand of A.S. Watson Group.
*Campaign Asia-Pacific’s “Asia's Top 1,000 Brands” Survey 2014 of over 5,000 Asian respondents

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 - The Year Of The Fire Monkey

The Chinese once said good things come in 3, besides coming in pair. Today not only I met 3 new Monkeys of allies Chin Yee with the Dragon species in my life, with 2 of them sitting next to me side by side Aliza Sara & Tommy during the One Utama CNY Lou Sang lunch. 'Mou Wa Emm Sun Che', while I'm feeling contented with relaxing blogging plans to go smoothly aligned with the flows of my own business project, I have 2 almost the same paid job projects for Singapore & Malaysia invitations but I replied them to give me some time to check it out before agreeing to accept it or not. 

Money luck aside, but the opportunities really come 'Yat Luo Luo' splashing in front of me with my strong laws of attraction believe in The Secret positive calling, Chinese Feng Shui and lots of big laughter to attract easy money. I have yet to post one luxury spa treatment at Starhill but the PR has called me this afternoon to come again and enjoy another new latest Whitening Treatment they had in town. Life is good & smooth, Tq Amituofo! (My Facebook sharing)

In fact if you have watched the recent TVB TV Series The Executioner, Siu Mei Kei has quoted a meaningful fact of life that a real happy person only need 3 good things to happen in their lives. 'Sik Dak, Fen Dak and Siu Dak' (Able to eat, sleep and laugh), it's as simple as that. I totally agreed with this simple philosophy of life and it's also a true fact because as time goes by, I have met so many people in my life everyday, chatting with, I find that life is really just a short, simple journey you plan it to be no matter what destiny you're destined to be. You need not be greedy, life still comes easy and happy to be so long you plan it real nicely and accordingly based on the good deeds that you've planted over the years.

Destiny definitely can be change just like what 'Liao Fan 4 Lessons' Book had taught us to be. The best example I can quote today is my beloved hubby Rambo who hailed from a humble beginning of nobody to somebody in his Japanese company. He's successful in his own way not because he's famous but he's kind and capable enough in touching other people's lives helping and educating many others like his Japanese and malay colleagues to be good husband to their wives, to be good staff for years under his strict supervision and to be a good person who helped carrying his charity of works sincerely, without any needs to flash glaringly for good publicity.

But whatever good deeds that he did, the God will know 'Tin Ji, Dei Ji, Ngo Tung Lei Dou Ji' especially this is a small, small world people would eventually know about it too. Many times when Rambo told me, suddenly his long time friends called him telling him that they saw his pictures of the charities' deeds at somewhere and they're so proud of him. Hearing them said that, I felt so fulfilled and feeling joyous about it too because I'm also very proud of him as a good person who's doing good deeds all the time besides encouraging others to do good and able to help Malaysia country to be a better place to live in.

Although the Chinese said in this Monkey Year, the Dragon+ Monkey+Rat are going through 'Fan Tai Shui' where there will be more obstacles or challenges to conquer all along the journey of our lives, I only believe that my life will be good and smooth as long we keep on doing good deeds to enlighten and brighten our lives. And going through the Buddhism Thoughts and Teachings everyday, we will never go wrong in our way with natural flow of doing good, think good and say good things all the time. Even The Secret Laws of Attraction will only works through positive attitude with total honesty and sincerity. Stay tuned, more to blog about c'est la vie! 

CRES Wellness New Reversal 24 Therapy Review

CRES Wellness is one of my favourite facial spa salon I have visited the recent years especially the one at The Gardens Mall. This time, I'm here for the Reversal 24 Therapy - A breakthrough in age-defying molecular biology that boost cellular rejuvenation within the dermal layer of the skin. And I was glad I made it last November 2015 for this lovely facial to pamper my skin, body, mind and soul to perfection.

I only realised how much I missed CRES Wellness Treatment a lot after enjoying this Bio-Enzyme Mask with divine plants scent esp. the Pineapple. After removing the superb mask that managed to cleanse, clearing black/white heads and smoothen my skin to perfection, Jane pampered my skin with Crystal Liner Ampoule for deep hydration penetration before applying the Black Cream Mask to firm up and lift up my skin as well. 

After removing the Black Cream Mask, she massage my face using the Precision Lift Serum before splashing more hydration on my skin with Precision Lineless Essence Masque to reduce fine lines and wrinkles far, far away from me. What I liked most about this anti-aging treatment is the many types of ampoule, serum and masks pampered on my dehydrated skin that comes with pampering massage too. 

Not forgetting to enjoy myself real fully with the relaxing shoulder+point massage before completing the facial with Soothing Cotton Mask as the finale of this intensive treatment. My skin is not only smooth to touch but I can see the glow of healthy, hydrated skin without the need to apply any foundation, primer or BB Cream to cover my skin imperfection anymore. 

Totally au natural and I loved it. I thanked CRES Wellness and walked away confidently and real happily after enjoying the blissful facial. To grab any offer of this fantastic facial, you can call  03-22876369 to book for an appointment 1st or you can check out CRES Wellness at