Thursday, November 28, 2013

Spain - Madrid

Madrid is the largest city and also the capital city of Spain. So glad that we've arrived to Madrid yesterday night for the Chinese dinner and did some supermarket shopping for Sangria, Mineral Water, yummy candies and chocolates. Maple told me so lucky to be able to get mineral water here because that afternoon she gotta pay Euro2.50 for a bottle of water. 

Heartache she told me, I totally understand her feelings about this. Haha...I told her to get the big ones and buy more then. Early in the morning, we're kinda eager to tour Madrid already with the city tour. Lucky we need not get off from the coach because we're all feeling very cold and just wana look see only, getting comfortable inside the warm coach. 

Only when we've reached here at Plaza De Toros, one of the bullfighting home in Spain only we got so excited we decided to get down from the coach to snap many memorable pictures here. Everyone were looking forward to watch this bullfight that begins in March to October month only and lucky we came here in November month. 

During the Autumn period to Winter season, they closed the show for good. If not, more and more bulls gonna be sacrificed for the joys of people who wana watch it for fun. In fact, Spain has banned many places all around the country to running this bullfight show due to the active protests for years, yet they're still appealing to the government to lift up the ban. 

"It's cruel to the bulls and it's kinda sick if you enjoy watching this kinda show" I told my sister Defney and mom when they asked me about it. Although I like the Espana Keychain with the Spanish Matador+Bull which I kept as a special souvenir from Spain but I feel it's better to 'Fong Sang' than to kill for an enjoyment show you may get inspired for an hour of torturing them. It's a suffering you may not wana get yourself into I believe. All of us took many pictures here for good memories, before we leave this place.

As the capital city of Spain, seat of government and residence of the Spanish monarch, Madrid is also the political, economic and cultural centre of Spain. That's why we landed here at its landmark of the Royal Palace of Madrid. Having to tour around Eastern Europe Prague Royal Palace, to Rambo this place is nothing special to him liao. So we kinda hurried back to the coach, waiting for the next destination. 

Haha...I totally understand him as I knew he's not into touring kinda guy. He only wana travel for good food and accompany me going shopping only. And that's when I see bright light from his face when we reached here at Plaza Major, Madrid. Full of people, be it tourists and many performers 'Jing Sik, Jing Sui', creating interesting activities around this place. I saw the 'Eat All You can Buffet at Euro 9.95' sign that tickled my interest. I wana try all the delicious food from Spain I told Rambo so we hope to stop by here later.

Lucky I saw my tour friends Dickson and Joslyn during my desperate shopping here as we only have 1.30 hours here. They asked us to come in and told us the chicken was one of the best. Although I don't really take Chicken but I like the buffet spread with my favourite Seafood Paella, Pizza and great salad choices so I decided to give it a try. And they asked us to sit together and so we did have a good chat while enjoying the sumptuous lunch.

When they told me the soup was yummy, I kinda doubt it as I usually like English-creamy soup more. I have tried many from Austria to Switzerland, Europe and it's usually very yummy that I always craved for a second big bowl but then this clear Oxtail Soup really got me surprised coz I drank 4 big bowls of it and I still wanted more. If it's not because of the limited time here, I would have stayed here for more. Even Rambo enjoyed the meal here as I told him it's really worth to pay 9.95x4.5: RM45 for the good food in town, here in Madrid that's inclusive of the delicious Apricot Juice. 

You must really try it before you are certain about it. I saw many good reviews of this restaurant from internet and now I know why everywhere in the world, even in China Beijing there's a Spanish Buffet Restaurant that we have tried located at the city centre. I guess they're famous already in good food great taste buffet style restaurant started many years ago. After we got comfortable with the food here, I saw many couples and family began to fill up the tables to full house already during that lunch time.   

Actually all of us esp.the women members from this tour group only wana go shopping. And when Jeff, our your leader suggested that we stopped by here at El Cotre Ingres Shopping Mall for 2 hours shopping we definitely go for it. And it's kinda lucky also that we got to shop here as I managed to grab many yummy chocolates from the supermarket. Back home, my sisters and my mom said so yummy I should grab more back. I told them I wish to buy more but that's all the good ones that I managed to get from the supermarket. And when our 'Fu Lui Wui'(women club) asked me what have I bought? I only bought a nice sweater for my mom that I regretted not buying one green colour for myself. Very nice design with comfy fabric.

Many of us including myself, hoping to come to Spain for the shopping trip in Las Rozas Village, Madrid in Spain. Unlike the bigger premium outlet village in Italy that's huge but not many cars and people compared to here in Spain. This place was full of cars, coaches and people from around the world. From one shop to another, it's a big crowd of women grabbing goods and queuing to pay. Rambo kept asking me to pose for many pictures all around the nice views here. I saw many old aunties were resting at the bench because it's too tiring for them. I totally understand them because I was tired too but at the same time, I was too motivated to shop till I drop here. And lucky I did enjoyed my shopping here!

Haha...just front entrance of the village at Follie Follie, I already managed to grab one of the nice handbag I have been eyeing for since Spring/Summer collection. When Kelly asked me about my shopping, I told her "Yea, I got to 'Jap Sei Kai' from Follie Follie brand handbag that cost me Euro 45 only instead of the original price of 140 (RM630) and I think KL is selling it more expensive just like in Hongkong. It's a famous brand from Italy that I like for its design in handbags and accessories.

Lucky Rambo never grumbled me when I asked him to pay for my shopping here coz he's been telling me that at home, no more space to store my bags and clothes already. Haha...he's happy that I enjoyed my shopping at Polo Ralph Lauren and Versace, he asked me to rest and relax for energy-battery charge at one of the romantic cafe at one corner. I ordered a Nespresso Latte for a break enjoyment. 
Spain is a great place to visit because the price for food and drinks here are quite reasonable. In Italy, a coffee cost me Euro 5-8 and so I rather order a pot of hot tea after my rice lunch there. Everything in Italy cost lots of money...Haha! 

Coffee can be dehydrating so it's a pleasure I will only order when it's reasonably charged. I only need to pay Euro 2.80 for this big cup of Latte that I enjoyed with the great ambience here. I saw many of them were just sitting at the bench waiting and they saw me enjoying my relaxing time here with Rambo, chatting the time away from the shopping crowd. I know they don't simply splurge but when you go travel, enjoy to the maximum level and try out everything there as you may wana experience other parts of the world if you can. I love Madrid city overall as I enjoy the shopping trip all the way through to good food experience in Spain!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ARTDECO Launch Party by SaSa Malaysia

The 'ARTDECO Launch' at the Rooftop, The Icon that night is full of glitz and glamour makeup from
Germany. Advanced-packaging ARTDECO, all up for a parade of glamorous night launching.

 Ms. Alice Lau, Director of Category Management and Product Development(CMPD) giving 
her opening speech. Full of glitzy, glamorous ARTDECO fashion show of lovely makeup
that brighten up the night. I like the overall launch that night by SaSa Malaysia. 

 Ms. Anna Blasco, ARTDECO VP Marketing from Germany to grace the Launch of ARTDECO in 
SaSa Malaysia. She's very excited to work closely with SaSa and hope to promote us one of 
the best, trendy makeup brand from the world to Malaysian market.

Derek Grillo showing us his own collection full of ARTDECO colours that I kinda fell in love with 
all the colours he had in hand. He said that 2014 trend colour would be the purple colour so
it's time to stock up new purple eye makeup colour for us then.

Derek Grillo (ARTDECO International Make Up Artist and Head of International Training) is
demonstrating a step-by-step make-up on Amber Chia. Very impressive touch of makeup
demonstrated by him, from a natural look to the party look. Fantastic job of a makeup artist.

Elynn Leong(Senior Marketing Manager), lice Lau(Director of Category Management, Product Development), 
Amber Chia (Malaysia Top Supermodel), Corina Loi(Sa Sa Senior Vice President and Country Head), Derek Grillo
(ARTDECO International Make Up Artist & Head of International Training), Anna Blasco(ARTDECo Vice President
Marketing), Low Yew Meng (Director of Finance and Administration) officiated the launch of ARTDECO. 

Seeing all the glitzy glam makeup, I just can't help it but to try on the makeup myself after
having invited for a picture or two at the ARTDECO Launch. I like the technology of new
brush from the eye colour to the packaging of filling up our favourite eye colour palette.
The eye colour makeup is wonderful, it works like a magic. I only need to
swipe one time brush on the eyes and it stays perfectly. I didn't even apply
any eye makeup base but the colour shimmers like a shining star on my eyes. 
When everyone asked me how's the makeup? I replied them "I love it!" It's 
suffice to say that, expressing my love after trying out the great makeup myself.

My after-makeup look with shimmer colour on my eyes, a sexy Fuschia
lip colour and natural blush colour on my cheeks. Derek did mentioned
that the next trendy lipcolour in the coming 2014 is gonna be Fuschia so
I'm gonna shop for it real soon. Let's go shopping for ARTDECO this X'mas!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Spain - Zaragoza

Reaching to Zaragoza to have a fulfilling Chinese lunch at the town centre. We make noise we wana go
shopping and sight-seeing after the long hours sitting inside the coach like kids who got boring so they let us
tour around the city for an hour plus. We split asap, going our own ways to make good use of the time given.

Along the journey from Barcelona, we stopped by petrol station for a toilet break. Usually, all of us tend to
buy things won't miss.I usually bought the local specialty like chocolates, coffee and snacks.This time I bought a
Spanish magazine with a free gift of green bag like the Bottega Veneta brand. It's not expensive so I grab it.

Luckily in Spain, most of the toilets need not pay like in most parts of Central Europe. Everything you need
to pay, 50 cents or 70 cents but then sometime, they only refund you part of it to buy anything from the
petrol station Italy. No money, no gain. Haha...Spain never force you to pay but you can get a cup
of coffee if you want to just to thank them, if not they're still fine with it. 

That's the big difference of Spain with other EU parts of beauty I can see in them. Even when I went in
to their shops, they welcome me with a big smile and 'Hola'. They attend to us in a professional manner.

I love this 'Punto Roma' brand in Spain but I didn't get to buy one that I like
because the S size I wanted is out of stock and I only want the new ones so I
only get to buy a nice scarf from here. Nothing is cheap here after the conversion.

I never heard of Zaragoza, Spain but it turned out to be a great place to visit as it's beautiful with the nice
cathedral here. But none of us actually go touring it coz all us only grab the chance to go shopping instead.
All the beautiful Spanish women staring at me and they kept telling me that they loved my shoes. I make 
friends with them and we talked for awhile before we bid goodbye. Lucky one of them speaks English
and she actually speaks on behalf of every women who speak Spanish with me. Haha...'Si, Gracias' is
my only answer to them. They're all very nice Spanish people that I got to meet along my Spain holiday.
And not forgetting to take many lovely pictures here as we're only stopping by here because of the long
journey across Barcelona to Madrid. If we don't get to stop by here for a short trip, I think all of us will
go mad in the coach. From early am to late pm only we reached safely to Madrid, another Spain big city.
One of the many nice shots that we got to keep for lovely memories of Zaragoza.

Zaragoza seems to be beautiful for many and at this bridge itself, the view here is magical like old-styled
city which is not to be missed if you ever travel to Spain. Besides the Eastern Europe magnificent beauty,
I really have no regrets in my 2013 plan to travel to Spain because it gives me many, lovely memories. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Portugal - Cristo Rei

'CRISTO REI' means The Christ The King is a Catholic monument and shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ overlooking the city of Lisbon in the central part of Portugal. Such an amazing place here with breathtaking views from the top of the hill, where we actually need about 30 minutes to cross over this 25 de Abril Bridge and climbing up a high hill residence area, all the way through the hills and cliffs to reach up here. Totally worth it and so loving it. Reminds me so much of lovely scenery in China!

Actually, this amazing trip was not part of our holiday to Portugal but all of us wanted to extend this additional tour by paying the extra Euros 5 to reach up here, since we're already here in Portugal. How often do we really take the initiative to travel to Portugal, might as well we pay and visit the place once and for all. I read about the article to reach up to this famous tourist attraction, the tourists actually need to cross this Tagus River by taking a cruise to reach to Lisboa Hill. 

Then you can reach up by taking a bus, a cab or climbing by walking to reach up here. That's why not many people come for this lovely scenery because it's not easy to travel up here. Only our tour coach that brought us up here in luxury(no need to walk at all) and another private cab with tourists were here, snapping many shots from one angle to every corner of this place because it's such a fantastic and fascinating atmosphere all around here. 

The Amazing Race show should come over here for good as I have not seen them featuring about Portugal yet, it can be a fresh start for them here. When we cross over this bridge, many of them said it looks exactly like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. fact, it's the same designer and same bridge company that builds this bridge for Portugal. Even the figure of Christ is the same comparable to the 'Christ the Redeemer' statue in Rio de Janeiro, arms a cross extended out facing the city of Lisbon to embrace the city.

Not only the stunning beauty really wow us for an hour enjoying the beautiful views up here but it's the experience of reaching up here, getting up close with another historical story about Cristo Rei that amazed us as well. The giant statue in cement was erected to symbolize the gratitude of the Portuguese who were spared from the effects of World War 2. Now I know why I always see Cristiano Ronaldo been grateful to his God everytime he shot a goal. 

Haha...the Portuguese really devoted to their spiritual belief very much and attend to church services on time. I was glad we came to Cristo Rei as it's a trip that I will not make so much efforts to visit but it's such a co-incidence of a good fortune, kinda fated we're up here to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Lisboa Hill in Portugal. 'Tchau'(Bye) for now, will continue my Portugal journey in my coming blog. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

NUXE Nuxuriance Eye and Lip Global Anti-Aging Cream Review

Nuxuriance range is retailing in between RM188 to RM240. To me, it's affordable
and luxurious enough for an anti-aging treatment. Been loyal using it everyday for
the past one month and I'm loving it to the max.

Not only it helps to re-plump with an immediate result that I can see with my own eyes on the 1st lip application,
but as time goes by, I can feel that my lip is not so dry anymore. When I'm in Spain, my lip cracked up again like a
broken cement as I didn't bring it along. When I go travel, I only bring those travel deluxe-size vanity care along.  
Back home, I apply it again and it helps to repair my lip back to smooth lip again. 
It works wonderfully for me like a magic wonderland. Thanks Nuxe, I really 
appreciate this cream that can keep my lip and eyes youthfully smooth!
I only use one pump of this cream is enough for my eyes and lip application.
Usually after the toner, I would start using serum 1st before I start to treat my
lip and eyes using this luxurious cream. And I love it because it smells divinely
pampering and inspiring with its green and in-packaging. green love! 

I used to have cracked, full of lines lip but now, I'm happy to say that I have fine,
normal lip. I dare not apply any eye cream on my eyes as usually it can cause oil
seeds to form around my eyes but Nuxe Nuxuriance Cream is gentle for my eyes
and smoothen the lines on my eye area. No deep wrinkle or deep lines on my eyes
I'm already very satisfied besides feeling grateful that I can see things very clearly.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spain - Barcelona

I always wana visit Spain because I always won football bets voting for Spain against my football fan friends., dinner, souvenirs etc. you named it I won it from them, be it for the Euro Cup or World Cup Champion. Spain gave me lots of lucks I guess but I have no clear picture about Spain at all because none of my friends travel to Spain before. But I’ve heard many good reviews from tour agencies when they're promoting Spain holiday to me. I remember GTT Agency really pushed the Spain holiday of RM9000+, very expensive and exclusive tour back then.

I waited for long and finally this year Matta Fair in March 2013, I made a firm decision to visit Spain and Portugal at the same time. And I'm glad that I came as Spain is a beautiful country with good people surrounding me all along the journey. On the very 1st day I reached to this land, one couple already offered to take pictures for both of us and even asking us to kiss each other on the next picture. cute of them and we helped them to take some pictures too before bidding goodbye as my tour time is really limited for an hour shopping time only.

Only when I reached here in Barcelona then I realized how beautiful Spain country is. Many of them took pictures along the way with amazing oohs and aahs as we never thought that Barcelona is so beautiful, full of magnificent, ancient buildings still preserved since 12th Century till today. Even my Uncle Chew mentioned to me that day, many of the documentary shows did featured on the Spanish spellbinding architectural special that amazed him. And I totally agreed with him after enjoying this Spain holiday as I have seen it with my very own eyes.  

Everytime I travel to a new place/new country then I got to learn so much about the place from all the sight-seeing and history about the country. If not, I don't think I have the interest to google on it. Haha...kinda lazy and not good for my eyes too. I prefer to read and see it with my own eyes by watching the beautiful scenery and having to engage with the true nature of the place. Spain is not focus mainly on cathedrals, churches only but many kinds of buildings that been preserved as UNESCO heritage buildings, just like this Gaudi's building that has turned into a hotel+restaurant. 

Everyone in Spain knows Antoni Gaudi, their very famous Architect of Spain La Sagrada Familia masterpiece. I always love this cathedral design and I even told myself that I'm gonna visit it real soon. And when I'm here taking pictures and listening to the history story of it, I took the chance to enjoy the Raspberry Ice-Cream 1 Bola(1 scoop) that tasted really yummy for me. Rambo recorded a video for me, so I took the chance to share the iconic 'La Sagrada Familia' story that means 'The Holy Family'. 

It's kinda fun to speak a word or two in Spanish when we're in Spain. And the tour guide also taught us some Spanish so it's more convenient for everyone to communicate in Spain as they don't really speak English here. Everytime we asked how much is it, they replied us in Spanish like 'Kai Tung Ngap Kong'. Haha...we use calculator or hand gestures to describe to them so that they know what we're talking about. But most of them are nice Spanish people who are courteous, they welcome us 'Hola' when we came in and would give their level best to serve us.

I saw this sexy shirt of 'I love Barcelona' in Pink and Green combination that I wana buy but I didn't get it because it's not cheap here in Spain esp.with the high Euros of 4.5 now it's really not worth it. Things and souvenirs are quite expensive here for those good quality ones, those cheap ones I don't buy. 'Mai emm lok sau', not in good quality what for? So I usually buy yummy chocolates and souvenirs from the shopping mall 'El Corte Ingles' in green sign label. Reasonable price I would say, not cheap but more worthy with the value of money that I paid for.      

Spain is looking wonderful with its seaside beach and marina bay situated along the Mediterranean Sea. We can see the cruise ships harbouring nearby, luxury yachts park here and full of tourists coming over for the perfect pictures here. And I like this Bestour travel agency who arranged our local Western Dinner for us here at Marina Bay of Barcelona. And obviously they never forget to serve us the best local specialty in Spain that is 'Seafood Paella' at the famous restaurant next to the beach. 

The ambience of course looked romantic for all of us esp.for the couples and I asked them to serve me all the main dishes at one go. But the waiter told me that our specialty needs about 25-30 minutes to prepare for it. And when our special dish came out, everyone rushing to take a picture of it except me. I don't have the passion or strength anymore, I just wana enjoy the rice dinner only and wana head back to hotel for a good rest before I have enough energy for the next day's itinery. I asked for a spoon but the tour leader explained to us that the Spanish usually use fork to eat the rice unless if they're taking soup. 

But the waiters did their level best providing us a good service because they value their jobs very much in order to keep their jobs permanently. This is because Spain is facing a 27% unemployment rate and for the age group of 18-25 is 51%, so the young ones usually need to travel to another country for jobs while the ones who have secured jobs like the tour guide, they usually stayed very close to their own family at Barcelona, born and retire at the same place. I went back hotel for my 8 hours deep sleep after taking my hot bath as I was too exhausted from the whole day tour. Adios for Barcelona, to be continue next day of my Spain holiday!