Tuesday, December 30, 2014

~True Love Story~

My dear Charmers have special nicknames nowadays and so I called myself Greeny as in my Green favourite colour to join having some fun with them. Lynette named herself the Pinky as she loves pink colour, Ying Shan called herself the Gracely as in Gracefully and LeAnne calling herself the Rocky as in Rock n Roll. Haha...we all laugh out loud till rolling on the floor during our 4 BFFs chat that night after dinner. Lynette 7 years old even said that she really hope to call me Greeny instead of Dai Yiyi as she loves the name. I went down to the living room after rushing them all to take a clean bath after our long chat in the room. Ying Shan sat next to me, whispering to me so Lynette asked what are we talking about? I told her Gracely has just shared about her idol with me. Then she asked me, "What is idol?" 

And I need to translate it to mandarin for her Idol means 'Ou Xiang', where she replied me "Oh, I see." Haha...the way she speaks and acts till today, she makes me laugh so much esp.with her 'Lou Jik'(mature) character that's so cute and funny at the same time. I really hope the time need not pass by so quickly, clock would start clicking more slowly as I really missed those days I used to cuddle them like babies. Spending time with them makes everything seem so worthy of my precious time and valuable to me. They still feed me Frozen Jelly/Ice Cream when they're enjoying it just like the way I used to feed them gently and lovingly when they were kids. Even having lunch with my sis Defney at Midvalley nowadays, all we talked about is my dear Charmers' stories as they're our precious gems now.

I stopped my sis from taking Cilipadi because she told me that she's been suffering stomach pain since last year 2013. I always reminding her that she doesn't only need to live good for herself solely, but now she have to be responsible, obligated to take good care of her two pretty daughters with her hubby. Life is too short by just ignoring the importance of taking good care of our health, we cannot act irresponsible anymore by enjoying the food having cilipadi in every bite to enhance the tastiness of the food due to aging process. In my recent trip to Bangkok also, I told Rambo comes to Thailand sure must enjoy Tomyam and I did, but I just can't take more than 2 or 3 bowls of it like I used to enjoy before.

I must admit that I've aged as time goes by, and I cannot believe that this coming 2015, I'm gonna be 39 years old which is the last year in my 30's going to 40's. Haha...time really flies man, seems like yesterday only when I've just reached  30 years old, I have made a strong decision to start my own career path as a business woman. And today, I'm living up the life that I always dreamed of and getting what I wanted all my life. I'm very blessed, I'm grateful and thankful to God for sure. It's not easy to achieve our dreams sometimes, but with patience and perseverance over the years, everything is possible to happen if you dare to strive hard and smart for it.

Buddhism sutra has stated very clearly the basic karma of cause and effect. 'Yau Yan Jau Yau Guo', Yan Guo that simply means the cause and effect of the chains of reaction that will take its place. What you did good, you'll get good reaction for sure, what you did bad, you'll get bad effect/return for sure. Haha...the God will not suddenly rain some money to you if you don't buy lottery, even if you buy it not necessary you will strike it at all. Sometimes, it's even a worse scenario for instance like Rambo's story, he didn't buy it but the number he used to buy for fun suddenly struck out that makes him so mad because like he said, God is like playing a fool with him. Haha...that's why he always said God didn't love him as much as God loves me. 

I know he's only joking as he felt really sour about it so he likes to create some fun about it. He always mentioned that since God doesn't loves him that much, then he needs to pour in more effort and work in tarring the road ahead of him properly to gain prosperity and more opportunity. He's not that kinda man who only sits there doing nothing, but always striving to thrive for good things to happen in our lives. In ZEN, Central World Shopping Mall after a great shopping spree from am to pm that Saturday, my shopping bills alone have reached to a certain high spending limit where they invited us to their Platinum Lounge delightfully. While enjoying my coffee+tea, Rambo said to me "It's great to be rich and it's all worth it to see you happy!"

Haha...I laugh out loud, I'm very happy to hear him said that because this is the life I always aimed for. It's been years already I have waited this lovely moment to happen in my life, I have stand behind his back all this while hoping he will made it one day just like today. And he really did it eventually, and I'm very proud of him as in humble pride that's for sure. I have total faith in him when he 1st started his career travelling around the world like there is no tomorrow for him. I knew he works hard like a Bull and with his admirable character who's strong+great attitude kinda man, I knew very well he'll be able to give me a good life I always longing for. He always said that his secret of success is to 'Teng Lou Po Wa', listen to your wife all the time only you can 'Fatt Datt'(rich). 

Haha...Yea, I never allow him to do any risky business like the China open factory business with his business partner that cost CW his 2 million dollars gone down the drain this year just like the leaking water pipe. I always tried reminding everyone this esp. the women, "Lam Yan Mou Yap Cho Hong, Lui Yan Mou Ka Cho Long' where the Chinese in China have practise this philosophy of life since many thousand years ago, the men should never enter the wrong career path and the woman should never marry the wrong man in her life. And most of the women would agreed with me, it's as simple as that. Women no matter how strong we can be, at the end of the day we need a good man to love us unconditionally, lovingly only. 

To be able to achieve that, you also need to love him for who he is, standing 100% supportive behind his back and gave him a chance to 'Fatt Fai' - soar and fly high up in the sky like the prideful eagle. Nothing comes easily and freely away, everything comes with a price. I'm not talking about doing any favours or helping others who are in desperate needs along the way, sharing good news or things on blog for free etc. but I'm talking about the secret of success here. Everytime my dear LeAnne said how she wish to grow up having the same life just like me, who's able to travel and buy whatever things I loved I told her to study hard+smart and married a good guy who will loves her very much. And she replied, "Yea, like Rambo Uncle who loves you so much." Haha...I replied her, "Yea, both Rambo and your daddy also." 

I shared with her a story about my sister who's her mom, she almost broke off her relationship with LeAnne's beloved daddy 13 years ago. I stopped her from doing that and I actually went to her office in Regent Hotel back then twice, really into a serious discussion with her to keep this relationship going stronger than ever as the most important thing in life for woman is to be able to marry a man who really loves you to death, not the one who's rich and selfish. And she did, they finally got married and have two lovely girls to complete the happy family. Nothing is more valuable than to have a good hubby to really love you to death, no matter how much million dollars you have in the bank couldn't compare much with this fact of life. 

Just like my sister's friend love story, she's happily married to a rich man who 'main kayu tiga' (betrayed her with another woman), she got so heartbroken and furious that she threaten to bring the case to court if he don't pay her half of the 50 million assets he owned just to pay him back a revenge, although he's willing to pay her 5 million just to divorce her completely. She had gave birth to a boy and a girl to complete their happy family, but in the end what she had to endure now is a sad, ending story of her supposedly happy family. I really don't know what you guys want in life anymore after the women have sacrificed so much for you. Ask yourself man, where's your 'Leong Sem' have gone, stolen by the dogs? 

I always scold this kinda people 'Mong Yan Fu Yi'(ungrateful souls who forgot somebody's good deeds), as you tend to forget a good person's sacrifices to you. The good fortunes of you will lose out very quickly, in a glance as time goes by. Many politicians like to say their own people 'Melayu mudah lupa' in their meeting to win/gain popularity, but in actual of fact it's not the malays who easily forget but it's the manusia, the humankind who tend to forget how others have treated them good before esp.when they got rich or hidup senang(easy life) a bit. Most likely this kinda men will not succeed much in life either, sooner or later only. I will blog more on this issue soon so stay tuned for it, C'est la vie!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Black Bull, Dine–Drink–Play Restaurant At Mid Valley Megamall


Black Bull, Dine–Drink–Play is significant as the first bowling themed dining venue in Malaysia. After the first flagship outlet at KL, they are proud to present the new Black Bull outlet at 3rd floor, Mid Valley Megamall.

Black Bull concept of Dine, Drink, Play is exclusively designed for maximum enjoyment altogether. 

The outlet itself is a combination of western fusion restaurant, full service tapas bar, together with Brunswick luxurious bowling lanes, pool tables, darts machines and KTV rooms.

Black Bull is definitely a perfect place for gatherings, private parties and corporate events. 

Like the Black Bull stature which symbolized authority, massive power and strength, integrated with young, energetic and exciting entertainments, its interior applies the combination of modern and classy elements, appealing with wood mix concrete and glossy tiles with fashionable lighting installation. 

Indulged by cozy and warm ambience in outer bar and dining area, exclusively awesome environment in inner lounge, with all mouth-watering foods, impressive cocktail list, premium entertainments and lively music, it’ll be a whole new dining experience for everyone.

Open daily from 10am – 1am, it is located at Black Bull @T – 003, 3rd Floor, Mezzanine, South Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. You can call for RSVP/Hotline at 03 2280 0080.

In the mean time, you can get upclose with Black Bull through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BlackBull.MYwebsite at www.blackbull.my or Instagram: BlackBullMY  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

ENCHANTEUR Releases A New Age Advertising That Teases The Senses

ENCHANTEUR, one of the leading mass market fragrance brands evolves with time in not just developing enticing new fragrances but also enhances its reach and engagement with the consumers. Famed for its French inspired fine fragrances that ignite the flames of romance, ENCHANTEUR is launching an advertising campaign which will tease the senses as part of its new fragrance introduction.

The new form of advertising is targeted at evoking the senses by way of “Sight”, Sound” and “Smell”. For the first time ever Malaysians will get to experience a multi-sensorial commercial that not only stimulates auditory and visually but also the olfactory.

“We are always exploring new ways to reach out to the consumers and to share with them our new scents. Audiences are now able to get a whiff of the fragrance being promoted as soon as the commercial is played in the cinema. 

This advertising campaign will be promoting the newly launched ENCHANTEUR PARIS EDT Fashionista and the commercial will be running for the next 3 months till February next year. Consumers can catch it at selected TGV Cinemas,” said Ooi Boay Khim the Product Group Manager for ENCHANTEUR.

For those who would like to experience the commercial which pleases your 3 senses, the commercial
schedule is schedule as below; 
Hall 3
6th Nov – 19th Nov
Bukit Raja
Hall 1
20th Nov – 3rd Dec
Wangsa Maju
Wangsa Walk
Hall 9
4th Dec – 17th Dec
Sri Kembangan
The Mines
Hall 5
18th Dec – 31st Dec
Hall 5
1st Jan – 14th Jan 2015
Negeri Sembilan
Seremban 2
Hall 3
15th Jan – 28th Jan 2015
Kinta City
Hall 3
29th Jan – 11th Feb 2015
Tebrau City
Hall 1
12th Feb – 25 Feb 2015

 Newly launched ENCHANTEUR PARIS fragrances;
TOP NOTE - Bergamot, Passion
Fun / Trendy / Charismatic / Stylish / Energetic
HEART NOTE - Jasmine, Freesia, Rose
BASE NOTE - Amber, Cedarwood, Musk
TOP NOTE - Red Berries, Mangoes, Pineapple, Melon
Poised / Charming / Confident / Gorgeous / Sophisticated / Glamour
HEART NOTE - Rose, Mugeut, Gardenia
BASE NOTE - Amber, Cedarwood, Musk
TOP NOTE - Apples, Gardenia, Peach
Sweet / Lovely / Irresistible / Sparkling / Delightful
HEART NOTE - Jasmine, Freesia
BASE NOTE - French Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Sandalwood

ENCHANTEUR range of products also consists of shower, talc and deodorant and is available at all major retail outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

COLLECTION Makeup Rewards Trendy Fashionistas

It’s undeniable that makeup and fashion go hand-in-hand. Fashionistas are known to complement their outfits, #OOTD (outfit of the day) or #LOTD (Look of the Day) with matching makeup in order to bring out their individual personality. This is exactly what Collection Cosmetics, a UK-based brand asked its Malaysian Facebook fans to showcase in its LookBook contest which ran from 24th September 2014 to 22nd October 2014 earlier this year. The contest concluded today with an unveiling of the fashion look book featuring brand ambassador Nelydia Senrose and four fashionista winners.

Each of the contest winners won by uploading in the most stylish looks showcasing creative mix-and-match skills and makeup looks according to the contest weekly theme, the Candy Crush, Gorgeously Sweet, Glamour Glitz and Rocker Chic. Besides winning RM800 worth of makeup products by Collection Cosmetics and wardrobe by F Block Boutique Stores; a Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone worth RM800; and opportunity to be featured in a fashion look book; the four contest winners also got to attend the Collection LookBook party where they rubbed shoulders as well as shared fashion and beauty tips with popular actress and Collection brand ambassador Nelydia Senrose.

Alison Tai, Brand Manager of Collection, Asia Pacific said at the party, “As we progress towards a time where nobody can live without Facebook or Instagram, the best way to reach out to young women would be through these channels. At Collection Cosmetics, we’re big on embracing individuality and creativity, so the Collection LookBook Contest was designed to encourage youthful women to express their creativity through their outfits while bringing out their best sides with Collection’s wide array of colours. 

It has brought fashion and makeup together in such a way that they complement each other without vying for attention as separate aspects of a woman’s overall image. The four winners have proven that they have what it takes to bring together the season’s latest trends with makeup looks that every other girl wants to recreate.”

The four winners, Shazleen binti Abdul Jabar (Week 1: Candy Crush), Erra Afifa Binti Ali (Week 2: Gorgeously Sweet), Amelia Chiang Kar Mun (Week 3: Glamour Glitz) and Moo Ee Fern (Week 4: Rocker Chic) came stylishly dressed for the occasion, which further showed off their flair for fashion. As a fashion and makeup lover herself, Nelydia Senrose was happy to finally meet the stylish winners behind the winning outfits. 

“Collection babes have the greatest ideas! Everyone sent in really amazing outfits throughout the 4 weeks, and I sure had a hard time choosing the best one out of so many. It’s great to see such passionate young women who, like me, share a love for all things fashion and beauty. I love to pair my outfits with suitable makeup looks, and Collection Cosmetics allows me to play with colours, so I can work a different style as often as I like. Now I can dress up and look great at the same time,” she commented.

Week 1 winner Shazleen binti Abdul Jabar was excited that her outfit was chosen to portray the image of the theme, ‘Candy Crush’. “I couldn’t believe it when I won! I love taking outfit pictures and posting them on my Instagram page, it’s indeed a wonderful surprise to have Nelydia Senrose approve of my style!” exclaimed Shazleen.

For Moo Ee Fern, the winner of Week 4, ‘Rocker Chic’ is one of her personal favourite looks. “I love dressing up – who doesn’t? But I try to go the extra mile and wear something that suits my personality and body shape. The ‘Rocker Chic’ look is what I would usually go for during the weekend, or even on a movie date,” says the fashionable girl.

If you also love dressing up, you’re in luck for Collection Malaysia Facebook fans who purchase RM50 or more of Collection Cosmetics products in selected Watsons stores of F block stores will get a special print of the Collection LookBook, which features the exclusive add the make up tutorials photoshoot of the four fashionista winners and brand ambassador Nelydia Senrose.

In conjunction to the Collection LookBook unveiling, two brand-new Collection Cosmetics makeup products were introduced. Now, you can complete your flawless look with Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit at RM33.90 and Urbanista Lip Crayon at RM24.90. Even better, try all four themes mentioned above with these must-have makeup staples!

Collection Cosmetics has 29 years of expertise in the world of makeup. Launched in Malaysia in April 2014, Collection Cosmetics offers quality products inspired by colour, created especially for fashionable, trendy young women who want to get creative with their look. With its up-to-the-minute trends at unbeatable prices, women all around the world can effortlessly ‘Own It, Work It, and Love It’.

The Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit, Urbanista Lip Crayon and all Collection products is available at selected Watsons and fashion label F block stores in Sunway Giza Mall, Setia Walk Puchong, Fahrenheit 88, Cheras Leisure Mall, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuchai Lama, and Bangsar Baru.

For more exciting news and update from Collection Cosmetics Malaysia, find and like them at www.collectioncosmetics.com.my, or www.facebook.com/CollectionCosmeticsMY and follow them on their Instagram at www.instagram.com/collectionmalaysia.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy, Grateful Souls

My bestie, lover and best hubby Rambo is one of the most transparent guy I've ever known in my life but I will always loves him for whoever he is because he really loves me very dearly and I really appreciates him for that. Jamie seems to be like my PR Manager, she's been telling all her friends all the time that Rambo is such a good husband even her good hubby cannot compete with him. I told her not to compare and there's no need to compete with it. Haha...all the time when Carrie T said how nice to have Rambo as a good hubby when we're in Italy, I also said Billy is a good hubby too from my thorough observation throughout our Italy trip together. Actually, I've been telling all my friends who got close to me that Rambo used to be a normal guy like the others, he also grumbles at me when I was back shopping with many paper bags many years ago. 

He goes on saying and asking me many bombastic questions like "Why waste money? How much have you spend? No space to place your shoes and bags anymore etc. till I bo mood liao, I just ignored him and gave him a cold shoulder by not answering any of his questions at all. But over the years, I've trained him to be mentally strong to love me for who I really am and I make sure I really discussed this issue nicely with him that I don't like to hear any negative comments like this from him anymore. Instead, he only needs to give me good and positive comments like "Wah, very nice dress or shoes! How much is it, let me buy it for you!" when I shared my great shopping spree trips with him. No space to place so he needs to find some space to place it for me then and never give any closed 'No' as the final answer to me without even trying to solve the matter amicably. Haha...that's life, c'est la vie!

Just like I used to share with Rambo's best buddies who are millionaires now in our last gathering, I quoted one of the Robert Kiyosaki's meaningful quotes to them "Never say you can't afford it but say how can I afford it" to make things happen. Grumbling or saying pessimistic kinda things are not going to change things for good but only creating more dissatisfaction reaction for us only. And so he have changed for good and improved his ways to communicate with me better over the years. Haha...Piscean is a sensitive soul, likes to be 'manja' and 'sayang' by loved ones all the time. If you know how to treat them well, you'll have better, not just double but triple good blessings in life. Often times, I see many Piscean stars like my sister, brother and friends got very sentimental and emotional asking why others treating them like dirt, never appreciates their good intentions?

It's all their own over-thinking that happened to make them unhappy, I believe they should practise meditation to 'Jie Tuo'(release) this kinda negative vibes. 1st of all, never waste your time to expect others to treat you good in anyway, all the time as naturally, everyone are busy with their own lifestyles to live a happy life everyday. Make sure you live up your life happily everyday, make it meaningful all the time and when others are asking to meet you along the way, make the time for them no matter how busy you can be. Recently when I finally get to meet Wendy who's been waiting for a year plus for this chance to happen in our lives, she asked for my phone number during our Bangkok Meeting+Annual trip so we can keep in touch later, I was kinda surprised why Rambo didn't give my number to her all this time?

Rambo said he dare not give my mobile number to her as this lady boss is super duper busy, never even pick up his calls sometimes and it's better to respect my privacy for sure. Haha...back to KL, Rambo told me Wendy has mentioned to him that she never thought Jacinta is a friendly lady where Rambo told her, "Yea, she's sociable but she likes to keep low profile only." Wendy was wondering why I've been keeping myself quiet only during the meeting with all, but in actual of fact everyone in the company have 'salam'(greet) with me when I met them that afternoon including the young and the old ones. Even when I met all the staffs' spouses last year in Bukit Tambun Hotspring Resort, their spouses came to me saying long time didn't meet me already after 2 years gap as we're long time friends liao. 

We have known each other long time ago, more than 10 years growing up together in this company. I'm the chief's wife so obviously when we travelled anywhere also, I usually stayed attached with Nakamura and Rambo only as they're both the 'gila gila buddies' at all times. Occasionally, the rest like C.Lim and Tan who are chiefs also joined our group in sitting the same table during annual dinner together at hotel. Although C.Lim is another Rat Senior who's older than me 4 years but he's humble enough approaching to 'Da Jiu Fu'(greet) with me when we attended their year end travel/dinner together. We grew up old and happy together in this Japanese company for many years already and we definitely know how to respect each other like family members liao. 

No ego or higher status exists among us at all, be it the age gap or seniority in the company. I always reminds Rambo to stay humble because in this reality world of today's history, all along my life's journey experiences till today I'm 38 years old I have seen and heard enough many things liao to be able to know how to stay happy in life humbly. If you think you're rich, many people out there are richer than you, if you think you're pandai (intelligent), there's 'Yat Shan Gou Wan Yau Yat Shan Gou'(one high mountain, but more higher mountains) out there in the world and if you think you're pretty, many people out there are willing to sacrifice in pain to gain for the name of beauty. So just live truly happy for being the true you, you'll be beautiful from inside out living a wonderful life ahead of you when you know how to appreciate yourself superbly. You know how much you're worthy of, you don't need 'ying tung'(assurance) to reassure you to do great in anything you ventured into. Your happy soul will be able to tell you that, that deep feeling inside of you will naturally reflects in your happy smiles. 

I used to share with Rambo one good example of a successful person like Kawano San, who's the son of a Billionaire in Japan not only bows politely to me, wishing me 'Hajimemashite, Dozo Yoroshiku' when we 1st met in the company, he also told me that "Mr.Lim San(Rambo) really loves you very much. At 5.30pm sharp, nobody can asked him to do his job where they know he needs to be back at home for dinner with his beloved wife obediently". "Haha...Thanks", is all I can say to him. I knew both Rambo and Kawano San may have disputes or arguments in the company sometimes, but after working hours they're back being friends joining Nakamura for Japanese dinner on weekend sometimes. That's life, the men are actually a simple species kinda people, they never really hold any deep grudges in their lives. Life is really beautiful out there when you're able to spread your happy soul with many wonderful people around. Will share more in my next blog, Merry X'mas, have a merry, jolly X'mas in 2014!

Magnum Gold Pursuit - BMW 3 Series To One Lucky Pleasure Seeker

First there was “The Greatest Heist in History” where Magnum a purveyor of chocolate expertise and a luxury lifestyle introduced the Malaysian Pleasure Seekers to Magnum Gold - The world’s first golden ice cream, A luxurious soft vanilla ice cream with sea–salt caramel sauce covered in Belgian Chocolate and double coated with Gold Belgian Chocolate.

Magnum Gold’s limited edition positioning was completed in true Hollywood style. A total blockbuster experience which was epitomised by the appearance of an international movie actress Caroline Correa launching the Magnum Gold ice cream, stunningly draped in a 24-carat Magnum Gold couture retailed at USD 1.3mil earlier this year.

As a brand known for its exciting launches and parties tailored to the unique experience of each product innovation, Magnum activated Magnum Gold Pursuit, an online consumer contest from August 2014 – 31st October 2014. This contest aims to engage with consumers and reward Magnum’s loyal pleasure seekers with prizes as a way to show Magnum’s appreciation towards its consumers.

In line with the tagline As Good As Gold, Magnum Gold has gone beyond drenching pleasure seekers’ thirst with a palette of gold by rewarding them with a once in a lifetime experience. Magnum Gold Pursuit is a platform to engage the consumers’ experience of golden ice cream beyond every delectable bite. As a brand we understand each pleasure seekers’ unique indulgence and are always looking for exciting ways to enhance the Magnum experience, voiced by Mr Herry Budiazhari, Marketing Director of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

The contest was open to everyone through the purchase of a Magnum ice cream (90ml). By keying in the 13 digit alphanumeric code found on the Magnum ice cream stick,  pleasure seeker would either be rewarded with a Magnum Gold coin or stand a chance to win the grand prize, a BMW 3 Series.  

In order to compete for the grand prize, pleasure seekers had to participate in the online vault game and open the Magnum Gold Pursuit Vaults to discover hidden Magnum Gold coins. The top 20 scorers from the online game competed for the grand prize at the Magnum Gold Pursuit grand finale. 

The 20 finalists were put through 3 stages of individual mind and physical game challenges against time. The challenge was crafted in line with “The Greatest Heist in History” concept where the ultimate challenge for them is to break into the Magnum Gold Vault to win the grand prize at the final stage. The first stage required them to solve a blue print puzzle leading to a secret code enabling them to unlock a door to pass through to the 2nd stage. Only 10 finalists made it to the 2nd stage and each of them were introduced to the media and guests before proceeding to their challenge.

Members of the media and guests were given the opportunity to experience the high adrenaline rush of “The Greatest Heist in History” final two stages through a live feed during the event. The second stage put them in booby-trapped compound where they were required to deactivate the bomb. In order to do so each finalist needed to take the bomb with them from the start going through three obstacles and detonating the bomb at the finish line.

3 finalists made it through to the final stage of breaking the code to enter the Magnum Golden Vault and win a gift of gold.  The chase came to a close as one of the finalists managed to decode the Magnum Golden Vault and there in the corner of the main ballroom stage was the grand prize a BMW 3 series. 

Mr Herry Budiazahari presented the grand prize winner with the key to the car and the other finalists with a consolation prize of 2gm Magnum Gold Coins of 99.9% gold purity.

The Magnum Gold Pursuit grand prize winner and finalists celebrated the experience As Good As Gold at the Magnum Solid Gold Party. Magnum Gold Golden Girl Lexie Rodriguez and guests were treated with golden inspired desserts and sound as good as gold by the dynamic Danger Disco spinning top disco house remixes of today’s hits.

For more information on Magnum Gold, you can log on to Magnum’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/Magnum