Friday, September 8, 2017

Nutox Renewing Treatment Say Hello To Radiance & Goodbye To Dullness

Ask any woman what her ultimate skin goal is and her answer would usually be “youthful, flawless radiance”. So true and I totally agreed with it indeed. Consumer research reveals Malaysian women aspire to achieve natural beauty, which can be defined as having skin that is radiant and fresh; and it’s not just Malaysia! From Korea to Japan to China, Asian women are always on the search for methods to get that elusive ‘glow’ without resorting to makeup products.

We know that dullness is one of the most common skin concerns faced by Asian women. But, did you know that it’s also one of the first signs of ageing? When we age, symptoms like dullness, wrinkles and loss of elasticity start to show on our complexion, caused by the decrease in skin’s natural renewal abilities. As a result, it’s crucial to help our skin renew itself, gently yet effectively.

Ideally, our skin’s natural renewal cycle occurs every 28 days. Towards the end of the cycle, old or dead skin cells are sloughed off and replaced with new skin cells. What your skin needs are a few core products that continue to work seamlessly with all your skin’s phases throughout its renewal cycle, while helping to boost its ability to renew itself. Above all, the process should be gentle yet effective. 

Nutox Renewing Treatment skincare features a proprietary technology known as LumiNes, which combines two key ingredients – Lumiskin and Actistem Gold Nest for a lit-from-within glow that all women yearn for. LumiNes activates sleeping skin stem cells and improves skin texture, giving you naturally-radiant skin with regular use. In fact I have started using the lovely Pink Renewing Treatment range, I love the divine scent that uplifted my overall senses to perfection, the fine texture that's easily absorbed into my skin after 2 rounds of gentle massage and easy to use nice packaging with simple skincare regime 123 as easy as ABC. Try it, you'll love it too! 

“Nutox’s brand-new Renewing Treatment skincare checks all the boxes when it comes to helping women achieve a natural glow in their skin,” said Christine Law, Skincare Marketing Manager from Tohtonku Sdn. Bhd. “We understand that women want to get rid of dullness, and at the same time, allow their skin to stay naturally radiant. Therefore, this skincare range delivers three benefits through its unique three-pronged approach: Renew, Restore, Radiate.”

“Renew with the Renewing Treatment Lotion, which buffs and lifts away dead skin cells and impurities from the surface. After that, Restore with the Renewing Treatment Essence, which expedites skin’s surface-renewing cycle. Finally, Radiate with the Renewing Treatment Cream, which energises the skin and improves overall skin texture.”

Nutox ambassador and Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu also shared her love for the new Renewing Treatment skincare range. “I’m currently shooting a new television series, Deep in the Realm of Conscience, so I need to make sure I look good all the time in front of the camera. Dullness translates very obviously on camera, but I really don’t want to hide my skin behind layers of thick makeup. I’m so glad that Nutox has introduced the Renewing Treatment range. I especially love the Renewing Treatment Cream, which has made a big difference on my complexion. It glows naturally and looks well-rested, as if I had a wonderful night’s sleep. Even with my active lifestyle, I don’t have to worry about my skin looking lacklustre anymore!

Nur Fazura, Nutox ambassador and Malaysian actress, expressed the importance of protecting her skin from external aggressions. “I’m often outdoors on location for shoots, wearing layers of makeup underneath the hot sun. Because of stress and lack of rest, my skin gets dull and looks tired easily. That’s why I fell in love with Nutox Renewing Treatment skincare instantly. Since I started using it, I need less makeup, especially on my off days. The Renewing Treatment Lotion helps to get rid of any leftover makeup and grime from the day’s work, and makes my skin so smooth and soft! My favourite product is the Renewing Treatment Essence, which protects my skin from dullness,” said Fazura.

The Renewing Treatment range consists of 3 products; Renewing Treatment Lotion, Renewing Treatment Essence and Renewing Treatment Cream,

About Nutox
Launched in 2006, Nutox is the original pioneer of Bird’s Nest skincare in Malaysia. The brand believes is that age is just a number; a vision brought to life through their brand ambassadors – prominent Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu and Malaysian celebrity Nur Fazura, both in their 30’s. As established personalities in the entertainment industry, they personify the Nutox woman who is beautiful, ageless and comfortable in her own skin. As women, youth does not have to correspond to physical age. Nutox places great focus on recognizing what you have achieved and where you are today. Stay young with Nutox!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

An Evening Down Memory Lane With MELODY FM & Kinohimitsu

MELODY FM in collaboration with Kinohimitsu Malaysia throws a party themed to MELODY FM Retro Alumni Gathering on this day for its listeners and followers to stroll down memory lane.  This private party is hosted by all MELODY FM DJs, including top DJs like Chui Ling and Jentzen.

To bring back atmosphere of the retro years, all invited guests are required to dress to the era of the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.  They can also copy an icon or character of the era and dress to that. When Shyan called and inviting me for this event, she did mentioned to me to dress up for the occasion so I replied her I'll be wearing a Silk Cheongsam like the '70's Ye Shanghai' or 'Maggie Cheung Man Yuk' and she agreed with my idea real excitedly. On that day itself, she also called me just to make sure I can find the place & lucky I was on my way there. Haha...Cannot 'Fong Fei Gei' since I have promised her that I will do my best to make it that Sunday.

The event venue is set up with props to resemble the yesteryears.  There is also a display area of all old school favourites and snacks to add on to the throwback.  This sit down event also incorporate lively activities such as Karaoke singing competition, Best Dress Award and special performance by Astro CGM winners. OMG, I was awestruck by all these old tradition arrangements just like those old movies and just like in Shanghai of my many travel holidays there admiring the ancient Chinese preservation, decorations everywhere. 

Special guest artist from Taiwan, Donna Chiu Hai Zhen & her gang was also making a special appearance and singing some of her big hits.  Expecting a turnout of approximate 500 people, this party will leave all guests reminiscing their favourite pasts. 

Another highlight of this evening is the magic performance which leads to the appearance of Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme.  This is then followed by the introduction and launching of this product, which is a new addition by Kino Biotech, extending its range of Superfood series. I super duper missed all these yummy biscuits I used to buy from Pasar Malam, it's like a flashback of Blast From The Past of 30 years back. Time flies too quickly, today I'm 41 years old. Haha...Where's my 'Ching Chun' (Youth) all gone, give me a break!

Set to be different from the other Superfood range, this new wholesome beverage promotes healthy bones, joints and muscles, enabling you to stay active and energetic regardless of age.  Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is suitable for everyone, but is specially recommended for the elderly, fitness enthusiasts and those going through physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

One of the key ingredients in Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme includes Mangosteen Fruit Extract, which has been clinically-proven for its anti-inflammatory properties and improvement on joint health.  Brown rice is also found in the product and plays an important role in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugars as well as regulating bowel function.  Isolated pea protein serves as an alternative source of plant protein in building stronger muscle and body toning, enabling those with lactose and soy intolerance to consume the product.

Other key ingredients in Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme include black sesame seed which is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, sesamin and Vitamin E.  These nutrients assists in regulating blood pressure and maintaining heart health.  Last but not least is calcium, which is super important in strengthening bones and teeth density, preventing osteoporosis and improve cardiovascular health.

Today, we live in a world of active lifestyles.  We love physical activities.  We exercise, travel and are constantly challenging our body to stay fit.  As such we are prone to physical injuries, inflammation, joint paint and muscle wear and tear.  As we age, we are at a higher risk of getting these conditions. 

Good news is, we can now protect our body from these unwelcome conditions and continue to enjoy the active lifestyle that we want.  Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is carefully formulated with essential nutrients to improve joint health, build muscle and reduce inflammation, as well as to support other important bodily function.  This all-plant base product is all natural and contains no artificial ingredients and is definitely the right choice for the elderly, the fitness group and physiotherapy patients. That's why I've enforced it as a rule that my hubby Rambo and my Uncle Chew must consume Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme everyday to maintain a balance nutritious meal of the day be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is now available at all leading pharmacies, Watsons, Guardian, Caring, Aeon Wellness and selected Chinese Medicine Hall.  Online shoppers can also purchase this product directly from Kinohimitsu e-store at or from other online platforms such as 11street, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee and Shoppu.  The usual price for Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is RM89.90, with promo now selling at RM69.90. One of the most affordable Superfood in the market, check it out! 

About Kino Biotech
Kino Biotech’s is a leading integrated biopharmaceutical company specialised in the research and development, manufacturing (product design and commercialisation), brand marketing, sale and distribution of innovative healthcare and beauty products. Our core business is the sale of healthcare and beauty products under our own proprietary brands: Kinohimitsu, Activa and Xpertise.

Kino Biotech is based in the heart of Asia. We have over 4500 point of sales in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Collaboration with our key partners Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Tesco, Carrefour, Boots and others, enables Kino Biotech to successfully bring its products to the mass market.

The people of Kino Biotech are dedicated to bring the best innovative healthcare and beauty products that enhance and improve the quality of life for our customers.

Kinohimitsu – Leader in Functional drink
Kinohimitsu is an extensive range of nutraceutical products – health related and enhancement functional drinks dedicated to improve the human well-being. Kinohimitsu is sold all over Asia in major pharmacies, departmental chains, supermarkets and Kinohimitsu stores.

Activa – Because Truth does not fade
Activa is a range of water-based treatment products for the hair face and body. Activa uses the right ingredients to provide application products with effective curative properties.

Xpertise is a range of innovative slimming products for topical use on different parts of the body.

For more information about Kinohimitsu, check out and www.activa-internationalcom  

Fairytale Love Story 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Ame Soeur Boutique Cafe At Bukit Jalil

That night out in a blue moon, I have cravings for good food after doing our rounds for Rambo's new office location
around Bukit Jalil. I told Rambo too jam-packed here when he suggested the area where my Uncle Ta used to treat
us dinner at one of the famous Chinese Restaurant there. Last 10 years ago, Bukit Jalil used to be 'Jing Ying Ying',
full of parking free parking spaces to park during our 'Yum Cha' with Rambo or my friend Tom who pointed out to me
"Andy Lau's house is there loh!" and I replied him, "Oh, I see." Opposite this Bukit Jalil residence area, I remember
I always wanted to try the coffee and food here but was lazy to drive here since I no longer stay in SP and BJ anymore.
Reaching to the cafe at about 9pm, one of the malay girl opened the door and welcome
me inside informing me that they need to close up early that night so I quickly go in and
order my food and coffee. She knew I wanted to take a nice picture at the entrance, she
on the front lights for me immediately, off it when I was done and let me choose my seat.

I chose one corner seating that can accommodate 6-8 people depending how close you want it to be. Haha...For 2,
I chose this lovely corner since only left 4 customers inside the cafe. I quickly take a glance at their huge, heavy
menu and knew what I wanted to take a tease of my fussy tastebud liao but I still asked for their recommendations.

1st time ever I enjoyed this silky-smooth Royal Belgium Coffee without sugar and milk.
I always needed lots of milk and a pack of brown sugar but this time, pure fresh coffee of
this aromatic coffee is suffice to brighten up my smile joyfully. Yea, it may cost RM20 at
higher end price which is meant for the rich ones for total enjoyment of a luxury coffee,
but to me, it's totally worth it for a perfect coffee like this. Once in a blue moon, indulge
on it as we cannot bring our hard-earned money to coffin, down to 6 feet under the grave.
Enjoy it while we can, live life to the fullest we can as we cannot predict what tomorrow
will bring. In Belgium, enjoying a cup of coffee like this luxurious spread at Belgium
Square han han dei cost you Euro 8-10x5.1: RM43.20, so might as well we spend it here
in Malaysia. Let Malaysia prosper more, let our money rolling within our country which
is better because at the end of the day, the money will eventually rolled back into our
account as well. Malaysia semuanya ada, we're all very blessed indeed to be Malaysians!
Last but not least, I wana share how delicious their signature pasta is. Actually, I wana try almost everything on the
menu but since they're closing the cafe soon so I just ordered the Chicken Linguine in which I change to Spaghetti.
So tasty that I vowed to myself I will visit the cafe again to try out other dishes as well. They're generous enough
to 'membanjiri', flooding my pasta full with yummy rich spice sauces of a palatable pasta. See this photo also
I started to drool all over again about their tasty good food & I'm planning to come again soon. It cost about RM26,
it's worthy for me because as long it tasted perfect 10 for such appetising food served superbly for me, it's worthy!

Lee Kum Kee, Twisting tastebuds With The Asian Tang

The Asian Twist range of dressing by Lee Kum Kee promises to tickle your tastebuds and bring your dishes to life with delicious flavours from Vietnam, Japan and Thailand!

Vietnamese Style Lemon Dressing gives a fresh touch to the dish with zesty lemon and warm honey while the Japanese Style Dressing is set to enhance the unique umami flavour in every meal with its blend of rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame and salted chili peppers. A perennial favourite among Malaysians who love contrasting flavours, Thai Sweet & Sour Dressing is set to be a top choice with its mellow rice vinegar and intense fish sauce flavour.

With no added MSG, the Lee Kum Kee Asian Twist range is a healthy dressing that can be used as a dressing or dip. Whether you are looking for a tangy dressing to compliment your crisp salad, a delicious dip for hot spring rolls and dumplings, or wanting to pack an extra tasty sandwich for your child’s lunch box, Asian Twist will add a delightful flavour to any Asian or Western dish.

Everybody knows that sauces are the real secret when it comes to bringing a dish to life, but not everyone has the time or skill to create satisfying, tasty meals from scratch. Asian Twist dressings offer consumers a versatile, hassle-free solution to quickly prepare a healthy meal or snack that tastes good.

“It isn’t always easy to find the balance between convenience and healthy eating especially one that is affordable, but now with Asian Twist dressing consumers can recreate delicious salads and whip up quick snacks at home or the workplace. The new range of dressing is ideal for today’s busy people who are looking for quick meal solutions without wanting to sacrifice on healthy eating,” said Mr. Vincent Chui, Regional Marketing Director of Lee Kum Kee Malaysia.

The Asian Twist dressing range retails at only RM8.90 each and is available at all AEON, Ben’s Independent Grocer (BIG) and Village Grocer.  

H & M Fashion Passion 2017

Avon Desireé Trendy Fashion Collection With Quality

Avon will be launching Desireé, their 1st premium brand of fashion accessories and lingerie today on the 1st of September 2017 and it's available at Avon Dealers, Avon Beauty Boutique, Avon Malaysia website and Zalora too. I was glad I made it last Tuesday to witness the sexy launch held at Ruyi & Lyn Restaurant in BSC Bangsar, KL. Fantastic fashion show with good food served here esp. the melting Chocolate mousse dessert sweetly in my mouth. One of the best so far!

Exquisite, alluring, refined, it’s the one you desire. Avon presents its first prestige brand of fashion accessories and innerwear, Desireé that inspires women to be empowered and confident through fashion. Desireé combines the latest fashion trends and premium quality materials to create a collection that complements classy women of today. Classy, I loved it!

This year, Desireé makes its debut with the opulent Irina Collection that symbolises the confidence and charm of a sophisticated woman. Irina Collection features a wide selection of bags, watches, and innerwear of the finest quality and lavish designs following the current fashion trends.

I enjoyed the fashion show a lot, seeing how compatible the fashion outlook of the clothing matches well with Avon's fashion collection stunningly. Cantik sekali but price is reasonable for all walks of life esp. for those who's into fashion real passionately. Check it out, you'll love it just like I did!

Bold red dominates the accessories from Irina Collection. Water and scratch resistant bags made from PU leatherette, adorned with rustproof gold tone hardware exude elegance. 

Golden watches with quadruple plating ensure protection against tarnishing. They are hand-finished with faux crystal embellishments that accentuate luxury and class.

Bras from Irina Collection are made with premium memory foam cups and sexy eyelash lace that give comfortable support without compromising style. Your sensuality is further enhanced with matching midi panty and sultry satin sleepwear.

That’s not all, anticipate surprises in 2018 as Desireé brings you more trendy fashion collections with various attractive concepts to cater to various personas of Malaysian women.

Experience your most glamorous style transformation with Desireé by Avon, in stores starting 1st September 2017. To order, you can contact your Avon Representative or visit the nearest Avon Beauty Boutique nationwide. 

Irina Collection can also be purchased online at or For more information, you can call AVON’s toll free line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or visit