Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SkinFood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore + Ice Vita Line Event

Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line launch at Mines Shopping Mall

Skinfood under the motto of “Food that is Good for your Health is also Good for your skin” company, has just released two new line of skincare range called Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line and Facial Ice Vita line. 

Bloggers shot with Stephanie and Elaine, Pampering session before my shopping at Skin Food Mines 

I always thought that I don't need pore care line for my skin but as time goes by, due to ageing and dehydrated skin my pores become visible now. And I’m glad I made it that Saturday back from Penang for the 11am event at Mines after a 4 hours drive of safe journey.

I get to test and learn more about Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line to keep my skin perfect with its iconic product called 'Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream' that smooth the pores away. To find out more on this range, you can check out from my last blog at

SKINFOOD Releases a New Line of Facial Ice Vita Range
It contains skin-beneficial fruits and vegetables known for their richness in vitamins A, B, C and E for fresh and revitalize skin.It also uses Alaskan Glacier Water with mildly alkaline pH, enriched with oxygen, minerals and ions.

This bestowed water with the finest resource for human kind – oxygen rich, clean and untouched with naturally occurring high alkalinity (ranging from 7.8-8.3 seasonally), Skin Food bring you world class wellness Facial Ice Vita that is called 'Nature’s Premium Water'. 

Facial Ice Vita Toner, 150ml/RM53.90

This ice toner is to cool down skin during summer heat, reduce morning swelling, and tighten enlarged pores with ice particles that immediately relieves heat sensations and skin dryness with fluffy cloud of icy sherbet infused with Alaska glacier water and vitamins.I love this toner so much the minute I tried it.

I was yelling softly, "So cold but I kinda like it a lot". Haha...I even bought it and use it everyday without failed. It's such a pampering toner that's keeping me cool and hydrated during hot summer day.

Facial Ice Vita Mist, 100ml/RM48.90 

An ultra fine facial mist that immediately cools, hydrates, and soothes hot, stressed skin with Vita A, B, C and E complex and Alaska glacier water.When Elaine spray this facial mist on me, I felt wet full of hydration water on my face but I didn't wipe it off. I pat it lightly and gently on my face.I felt hydrated with the facial mist. All of us actually laughed non-stop seeing our faces full of mist water.

Facial Ice Vita Cooling Stick/RM45.00 

An eye stick that provides hydration and cooling sensation with Alaska glacier water while revitalizing stressed, lifeless and puffy skin with a multivitamin complex. Another cooling product that I like so much because the moment Elaine tested it on my left eye, the cooling sensation actually revitalise my eye sense into a wake-up call. Jess even mentioned my eyes looked so big because it actually woke my eyes wide open. Haha...kinda fun and cool product I must say!

The icy range of Skinfood Facial Ice Vita actually cool my skin down especially in Malaysia’s humid weather. It also help to reduce morning swelling and tighten enlarged pores. I love this range of skincare because it provide the basic vitamins of A, B, C and E and Oxygen for my dehydrated skin and at the same time, I enjoy using this range with the cooling feeling. No regrets buying it.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

COLLISTAR Anticellulite Cryo Gel Review

Collistar, the leader of perfumery in Italy is my favourite brand among all the brands to maintain a perfect silhouette for many years already. One of the fact on why I loved Collistar so much is the result proven by its most advanced dermatological in cosmetic research, formulated accurately and scientifically under carefully tested and strictest quality controls. And I love Collistar innovative innovation both in their formulation and in their easy to use packaging esp. it's in green, my favourite colour.

Cellulite is the accumulation of excess fat pressing against tissue under the skin. It is caused by the result of unhealthy lifestyles for long periods, leading to storage of fat and toxic compounds, aging stress or hormonal birth control therapy. It looks like dimpled skin raised and puckered in the form of orange peel skin.

It is women's enemy and so I used the Collistar Anti Cellulite Cryo Gel as the cellulite buster to prevent it from spreading to other parts of my body. It must be controlled every now and then or it would spread to longer, uglier and deeper cellulite.

Collistar Anti Cellulite Cryo Gel  is an innovative product which uses the synergy of cryocosmetics and aromatherapy(the love of my life therapy) to fight cellulite. It combines the aromatherapeutic effects of pure essential oils with the efficacy of a highly advanced formula boosted by the action of cold which stimulating the microcirculation. I loved the cooling sensation that I can feel it's working deep into my cellulite areas by the active ingredients.

The Anti cellulite action formula uses the extraordinary properties of green coffee extract which is rich in caffeine and chlorogenic acid, a substance with great draining power which controls the stagnation of excess fluids like cellulite. I never forget to use it everyday after my spa bath because the blend of exclusive mix of essential oils aroma that pleasantly stimulating a fresh and positive influence on my mind. I felt so reviving and rejuvenating all over my body, mind and soul. A total bliss of pampering before my peaceful, blissful sleep.

How to use : 
Apply the gel to the cellulite areas using upward, stroking movements. For best results, the treatment should begin with daily am and pm application. To boost and accelerate better results of the treatment, I used the Talasso Scrub which is the exfoliating salts for massaging onto the body before showering, just to smooth up the skin and make it more receptive to subsequent treatments.

After my relaxing spa bath, Rambo asked me, "What smells so good?" I told him the secret lies in this Collistar  Thermoactive Talasso Scrub, another reshaping treatment that's not only smell so refreshing from Lavender and Rosemary essences but it also smoothen my skin to baby soft skin. Haha...try it to believe it!

Collistar Anti-cellulite Combo set Free Gift : Intensive Firming Cream 100ml.

Collistar is the leader of the Italian cosmetics market, exclusively available at Sa Sa Malaysia. Collistar Anti-cellulite Combo set is now available with 5 different anti cellulite strategy , each set comes with 1 Free gift that is Intensive Firming Cream 100ml. Price ranges from RM180 – RM192. Another great news is you can get 2 sets now at only RM298For more information, check out Sa Sa Facebook page at

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beaubelle Swissceuticals - Reverse time with Beaubelle's Doctor Oxygen and Doctor Defendo

Beaubelle is the pioneer in providing holistic rejuvenation through health-giving, pampering and solution-oriented products and services for the harmony of body, mind and soul.
"BEAU means handsome man. BELLE means beautiful woman. 
Beaubelle gives body, mind and soul harmony with no gender bias."

The Brand Promise
Beaubelle promises holistic rejuvenation through the 4Rs Principles - Inspired from nature’s 4 seasons
Spring: Renew for Vitality and Hydration 
Summer: Revive for Qi Flow
Autumn: Rebalance for Purity
Winter: Relax for Peace and Calm

Beaubelle SwissCeuticals Media Event Launch at Bangsar.

Beaubelle  is the producer of high quality skin and body care products, which are researched and developed in Switzerland. Since its establishment in 1995, through its Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre in Switzerland, Beaubelle has become the pioneer and earned its leadership in holistic rejuvenation that has improved the quality and performance of its products. 

Supported by over 53 years of experience and expertise in perfecting the art of facial and body in the beauty, spa and wellness industry, Beaubelle  is committed to redefine holistic rejuvenation through healthy-giving, pampering and solution-oriented products and therapies. They do this through innovative embrace of nature and technology. Currently, Beaubelle has established its presence and advocated its expertise in 30 countries around the world.

From left: Julius Lim (CEO), Sandra Jane (Fitness Expert), Ruby Siah (Founder of Beaubelle) and Dr.Cyril (Professor)
Second photo: Rane, Sandra, Kim and Jacinta (myself)

Swissceuticals is the professional beauty industry’s first advanced free radicals scavenger cosmeceutical range that includes pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients utilizing stem cells and oxygenation technologies.Expect quick results with the precise efficacy similar to a doctor’s prescription minus the chemical-laden formulations found in most cosmeceutical skincare in the market.

After 3 years of intensive research, the Swissceuticals range is designed to counter the 3 main causes of skin aging - biological, environmental and mechanical. Biological aging is the result ofchanges, often genetically determined, that occur naturally within the body. Environmental aging occurs as a result of daily exposure to trillions of free radicals from a variety of sources: the UV rays, cigarette, pollution, smoke, harsh weather, and external stress. 

These free radicals damage the cell lipids, proteins, and DNA, all of which limit the ability of cells to function and cripple the integrity of overall cell composition. Years of accumulated environmental stress on cellular structures result in the premature aging of the skin. 

Beaubelle’s Swissceauticals is a gentle and safe line of skin care products that integrates the best of science with natural ingredients for the most effective result with 0% downtime. They have sourced only the finest, highest quality ingredients from all around the world and used them in optimum quantities. 

The range includes 2 revolutionary result-oriented skin loving products -Dr. Oxygen and Dr.Defendo. Stem cells are known for their fantastic healing  properties. In humans, animals and plants, stem cells have the magical ability to self-renew indefinitely and can potentially regenerate an entire organ from just a few cells.

Doctor Oxygen – Extraordinary Skin Repair Concentrate
Doctor Oxygen is a powerful antioxidant, moisturizing, detoxifying, pore and fine lines minimizing skin elixir that prevents and reverses the signs of ageing.The effectiveness of this unique skin repair concentrate lies in Beaubelle’s OxyQi technique, based on the ‘Qi’ life-force principle and a complex of botanical stem cells.Under normal circumstances, Doctor Oxygen increases oxygen consumption of cells by 12.1%. But in stressful conditions whereby cells are deprived of oxygen, this wonderful elixir can further  boost cellular vitality by 41.1%. In other words, Doctor Oxygen maintains the health of skin cells in good times and switches into power mode to protect them from damages in bad times, to give you brighter, rosier and translucent skin.

Beaubelle’s exclusive OxyQi is a complex of botanical stem cells with powerful oxygenating benefits.OxyQi stimulates a certain protein that has been linked to extended life span in humans and to cellular respiration. Key active ingredients include organically cultivated beech shoot extract from fresh young shoots that preserves the elasticity of the skin, thoroughly hydrates, improves tissue oxygenation and helps to prevent formation of wrinkles. Caffeine helps to detoxify the tissues, thus reducing skin puffiness and Vitamin A and E complex to maintain healthy skin through its antioxidant properties.

This fast absorbent skin elixir contains novel siliconic soft touch complex, a blend of spherical powders and elastomer which provides a uniquely silky feel and smooth sensation.Upon application, the elixir provides pore minimizing and fine line filing properties for that instant flawless look.

Recommended Application : 
Every morning and evening,  smooth it over thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of face and neck and follow with Doctor Defendo for optimal result. Ooh la la, I really loved this Dr.Oxygen so much. Everytime I applied this serum, I took a long, deep breath inhaling it deep into my smell sense and the aroma instantly arouse my overall senses to perfection.And after applying it on my face, I feel so hydrating and soothing feeling all at once. I'm looking forward to use it everyday without failed. Haha...kinda obsessed with Dr.Oxygen now!  

Doctor Defendo – Phenomenal Skin Protect Cream
At the core of Doctor Defendo formula is Beaubelle’s exclusive PharmaCure Stem Cell Complex, which is based on the regenerative and healing powers of botanical stem cells. These all-natural, anti-ageing properties, including the vital energy of the botanical stem cells are harnessed to increase cell metabolism and to encourage your skin cells to renew, repair and regenerate so your skin glows with freshness and vitality. When some people are described as ‘full of life’, it is because of the life force emitted from their healthy skin.

PharmaCure Stem Cell Complex is an ultra powerful blend that helps improve and accelerate wound healing, skin repair and regeneration. It also protects your skin against water loss and damages due to free radicals. These combined actions reinforce the skin’s moiturization and barrier function. PharmaCure has very high antioxidant activity.

This lightweight cream also includes a healthy dose of multi-Vitaminic Blend of Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5, Vitamin C and Vitamin E  for its antioxidant, moisturizing, soothing and stimulating virtues.A moisturizing blend of sodium Hyaluronate, Saccharide Isomerate and Red Algae provides water retaining and film-forming properties to deliver the most important characteristics of youthful, healthy skin such as suppleness, elasticity and tone, whilst offering soothing benefits. Designed to favour cell regeneration,  Shea  Butter provides softening, moisturizing and restructuring properties to delay skin ageing.

Recommended Application :
Every morning and evening,  smooth it over thoroughly cleansed,toned skin of face and after Dr.Oxygen. I like the rich creamy texture that actually lighten my wrinkles on my forehead, day by day. I concentrate on this two area as it really scares me a lot. Everytime I looked at the mirror, I can see the wrinkle lines getting deeper and longer due to my age.But after using it for a few days, I have total confidence in using both Dr.Oxygen and Dr.Defendo for long term beauty vanity. I'm satisfied with the products and I fully recommended it for everyone esp. for anti-ageing care.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

foodpanda - BOOF Restaurant

BOOF is a fast food restaurant that started out in Iran since 1995. Today, it has become one of the leading fast food restaurants with 50 branches across Iran and is now spreading its wings to other countries including Malaysia. BOOF boasts an extensive menu covering all the fast food groups – juicy burgers, melt-in-your-mouth pizzas and crispy fried chicken which you can enjoy in your home or office when you order from

Pizza making session

Some of the specialties available from BOOF include Spicy Beef Burger, Super Sandwich, Marinated Fried Chicken and BOOF Special Pizza. This Ramadan, BOOF is Offering diners the option of breaking fast with their Ramadan Special Set meal which comprises of your choice of mains served with a malt beverage and a serving of fries at just RM10.

Food Tasting Session and BOOF latest promotion for Pizza Order

About foodpanda Malaysia is a start-up company headquartered in Singapore with operations in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. They believe that ordering food online should be fast, hassle-free and fun! 

Its online delivery service spans both Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya areas like Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Bukit Bintang and Cyberjaya.With the availability of, diners can get their meals delivered in the comfort of their own home or office with ease.

BOOF Restaurant at Jalan Sultan Ismail customers are spoilt for choice as the website now provides pickings which include cuisines such as Chinese, Indian/Punjabi, Thai, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern fare with over 100 restaurants including O’Briens Irish Sandwich Café, Canadian Pizza, Sushi King, Secret Recipe,Fatty Crabs, ChicKing Fried Chicken, Darabif, BOOF and Hakka KL.And there’s always something for everyone who’s on the hunt for good food.

To order for your favourite food with just a few clicks of the mouse, check out this few websites;

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SAMPAR Paris - Ultra Hydrating Fluid Review

SAMPAR, the founder Patrick Sounigo

SAMPAR, Smart Skin in the City
Pioneer of urban skin care, SAMPAR has an ambition: to awaken the sleeping beauty in everywoman, uncovering and revealing her natural allure.
“Smart Skin”
The skin is an intelligent organ, capable of adapting to its environment. However, intelligence has its limits. Age and repeated external aggressions weaken its ability to rebound. The skin becomes sensitive, dull, marked and unbalanced. The SAMPAR mission is to reset the skin’s intelligent response system and to support its natural healing actions. 

“Smart Ingredients”
With products enriched in the brand’s exclusive complex, Urban Advance, its innovative formulas act at the heart of cells to “wake-up”and reactivate the skin’s vital functions.
“Smart Ingredients”
With products enriched in the brand’s exclusive complex, Urban Advance, its innovative formulas act at the heart of cells to “wake-up”and reactivate the skin’s vital functions.
”For more than 20 years, I’ve dedicated myself to the research and development of cutting-edge cosmetic solutions.  A unifying theme in all of my work has from the beginning been the dream to awaken and reveal a woman’s natural beauty, as if it were simply hibernating. 
And so was born the "Smart Skin" concept, an approach with the purpose of resetting the skin's natural defenses and ensuring that all SAMPAR product provide an optimal outcome that is both effective and healing. 

Present in all SAMPAR product lines, Urban Advance:

As a result, the skin recovers a state of equilibrium, which in turn allows care efficacy to be optimized and leads SAMPAR active ingredients to higher levels of performance. As of 2011, the brand SAMPAR is represented in over 1,000 select beauty locations in the world.

Ultra Hydrating Fluid RM276 (50ml)


White lupine extract provides extended moisturization.Hyaluronic acid, a naturally powerful skin moisturizer, locks in water molecules, immediately reducing lines and wrinkles.Urban Advance Complex, a powerful alliance of 3 active ingredients (shea butter serum, mint endorphin and probiotic sugar), acts as an anti-oxidant shield, neutralizing any cutaneous imbalances linked to pollution, strengthens the skin's natural defenses and shocks the skin back to life on a cellular level.

How to use

Apply on perfectly cleansed skin in the morning and evening after toner and serum.I used the Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser, a type of cleanser that not only clean my face thoroughly but it also smoothen my skin to perfection.My skin is smooth and deeply cleansed.After serum, I apply this Ultra Hydrating Fluid to lock in the moisture.I love the pleasant smell, the watery texture and the total absorption on my skin instantly. 

The Result

I can feel the intense hydration on my skin.My fine lines are not so obvious. It actually quenches my thirsty skin and protecting the moisture level on my skin all day long.My skin can retain its suppleness and vitality of hydration if I go on using this product. I loved it and I'm using this everyday after my serum, locking the moisture level for more than 8 hours before my evening skincare pamper time. 

SAMPAR Paris is now available at Parkson Sunway Pyramid.Get some feel of the products.
To get updated on SAMPAR Paris promotions or to purchase their products, you can log into 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Small Mission Enterprise (S.M.E) Sitcom

Petaling Jaya, 9th August 2012 - MALAYSIA SME™ decided to take a light-hearted approach by announcing a 13-episode million dollar production SME Sitcom entitled Small Mission Enterprise (S.M.E) on NTV 7 this coming October 4 and subsequently be aired every Thursday at 9pm.

MALAYSIA SME™ has organised a dinner soiree at the Petaling Jaya Hilton, attended by a select group of guests and members of the media who were treated to a first-hand preview of “Small Mission Enterprise” (S.M.E) – that sees snippets of show played to rib-tickling effect. And as the trials and tribulations of each character experiences mould their outlook on the ins-and-outs of funding, running and ultimately growing a business, viewers will be treated to insights into the ultimate triumph of the entrepreneurial spirit in highly relevant local scenarios.

The event was graced by John William Xavier, chief executive officer of The Big Rajah Food Caterers and Y. Bhg. Dato Nelson Kwok, founder of Nelson’s Franchise (M) Sdn Bhd who each gave their own inspiring account on the challenges they had gone through as entrepreneurs thus creating a strong connection to the objective of “Small Mission Enterprise” (S.M.E).

The occasion also saw Wayne Lim, CEO of MALAYSIA SME™ inviting representatives from DHL Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Canon Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd, AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad to give their insights and blessings towards the collaboration. To enliven the proceedings, a teaser behind-the-scenes feature was also premiered to the delight of those in attendance before giving way to a photo session with the cast and crew as well as main sponsors.

“We are glad to be able to bring the awareness of SMEs to this magnitude and confident that more Malaysians will have a better understanding of SMEs which form the backbone of the economy,” states Wayne. “Small Mission Enterprise” (S.M.E) surmises the principals and technicalities involved in starting a business and injects some humour in the mix with hopes of providing a platform to encourage others to follow suit in realising their dreams. It's family entertainment that the whole family can enjoy and learn from.”

MALAYSIA SME™ proudly presents the 1st ever 13-episode SME Sitcom entitled
Small Mission Enterprise (S.M.E)

About Small Mission Enterprise (S.M.E)
The 1st SME Sitcom program where the story revolves around 3 young Malaysians come to grips with their entrepreneurship journey & make changes to their life; Mohan (Ash Nair) trying to improve & expand his family stationary business, Zam (Baki Zainal) “one leg kick” running a tailoring shop owned by his Auntie and Jose (Alvin Wong) newly jobless Salesman opening his own pastry café.

The show will highlight these three (3) young modern & happy go-lucky men who about to go through live changing journey of their entrepreneur career path. Also portrayed are the various challenges confronting a typical like SME business in such a hilarious manner thus giving the audience a “Real like Situation” of the journey embarked by Mohan, Zam and Jose. 

Every week, the sitcom unfolds different thematic plots that will present different dilemmas faced in business and possible solutions available for SMEs.This again is so representative of the realities of the current lifestyle of the young entrepreneurs living a world of endless opportunities & challenges.The various weekly themes twine around the central theme of “comedy, friendship & the never give up spirit”, a proven successful draw for audience of all ages.  The show overall will not only provide a better understanding about SMEs to the public but to spark the fire of entrepreneurship as well.  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 - "Power In Your Pocket"

Sony (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd began operations in Malaysia on 31 October 1973. The company specialises in marketing, sales and service for a wide range of consumer electronics products as well as broadcast & professional products and solutions. There are 2 Sony stores and 68 Sony Centre outlets nationwide, offering consumers the latest Sony products and services. 
MySony program was created to maximize Sony experience for both product owners (Premier Member) and non-product owners (Savvy Member). MySony members get to enjoy interesting photography workshops, get exclusive invites, win cool prizes, get latest news and many more. To become a MySony member, join for free at

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 is a truly compact camera that delivers supreme light sensitivity, gorgeous   background defocusing, high image accuracy and SLResque operation which empower me to express myself  in bolder and broader perspective in every shots I have taken( photos shown below).I had the privilege to see and experience the product at the Sony Event invited by Rouge Communications last Thursday.

The theme "Power In Your Pocket" speaks by itself with the first and foremost result proven is the clarity shown here.I'm using the auto-mode function with big sensor and bright lens for better pictures in a pocket-sized body from Sony with world's first 1.0 type20.2 effective megapixel sensor and bright F1.8 lens.  

The enormous 1.0 type Exmor CMOS Sensor captures more light from the scene and reproduces every stunning detail with greater fidelity.Sony's blazing-fast BIONZ imaging engine employs powerful algorithms to transform data captured by the CMOS sensor into sophisticated images with accurate colour, rich tonal gradations and minimal noise.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 capture every detail in virtually any lighting.The background was dark when I took this photo but it achieved amazing clarity in dim lighting with Multi Frame NR.This feature that enables high-sensitivity shooting up to an equivalent of ISO 25600 by seamlessly superimposing six images.

Just like a DSLR camera, there's a choice of auto and manual (MF Assist) modes that magnifies the image to simplify fine adjustments, not forgetting a convenient Peaking function that highlights sharply-focused areas of the image on screen.  

This photo was the last photo taken with my 'Team 3' using the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 where there's not much of effort taken (only auto-mode but the background lightings & scenes were captured perfectly) and time-saving (it only take a few seconds) for a perfect picture.And that's what I meant by 'The Power Your Pocket" by Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 which is available in the market for RM2499.Cool Sony I wish to own now...Haha!   

                        Specifications Sheet
DSC-RX100 digital still camera
Image Sensor
1.0 type (13.2 x 8.8mm) "Exmor" CMOS sensor, aspect ratio 3:2
(Effective resolution) Approx. 20.2 megapixels
(Gross resolution) Approx. 20.9 megapixels
Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*, with 7 elements in 6 groups (4 aspheric elements including AA lens); F1.8 (Wide) - 4.9 (Tele); focal length = 10.4-37.1mm; 35mm effective focal length (Still Image 3:2) = 28-100mm 
Zoom range
Optical: 3.6x; Clear Image Zoom 7.2x
7.5cm (3.0type) (4:3) / 1,229,000 dots / Xtra Fine / TruBlack / TFT LCD
Image stabilisation
(Still image) Optical SteadyShot
(Movie) Optical SteadyShot Active Mode with electronic compensation (anti-rolling)
Focus modes
Single-shot AF (AF-S) / Continuous AF (AF-C) / Direct Manual Focus (DMF) / Manual Focus
Focus area
Multi point AF (25 points) / Centre weighted AF / Flexible spot / Flexible spot (tracking focus) / Flexible spot (face tracking) Digital Zoom: approx. 4x (still images / movies)
Sensitivity (still image)
Auto(ISO125-6400, selectable with upper/lower limit), 125/200/400/800/1600/3200/6400 (Expandable to ISO 80/100) Multi Frame NR: Auto (ISO125-25600) equivalent, 200/400/800/1600/3200/
6400/12800/25600 equivalent
NB: ISO 12800 and higher settings are achieved through combining Multi Frame Noise Reduction and By Pixel Super Resolution technology.
Continuous shooting
Speed Priority Continuous Mode: Approx.10 fps
Continuous mode: 2.5 fps (AF-S)
Shooting modes
Superior Auto, Intelligent Auto, Program Auto (Program shift available), Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual, Scene Selection, Movie, Sweep shooting
Picture Effect modes
Toy Camera, Pop Colour, Posterisation, Retro Photo, Soft High-key, Partial Colour, High Contrast Monochrome, Soft Focus, HDR Painting, Rich-tone Monochrome, Miniature, Watercolour, Illustration
Other Shooting functions
Face Detection, Face Registration, Smile Shutter, Dual Rec, Grid Line, Digital Level Gauge (pitch and roll), MR (memory recall), Exposure Bracketing, White Balance Bracketing, Peaking, MF Assist, Auto Portrait Framing, Photo Creativity, Shooting Tips
Movie record
AVCHD: 28M PS (1920x1080, 50p) / 24M FX (1920x1080, 50i ) / 17M FH (1920x1080, 50i)
MP4: 12M (1440x1080, 25 fps) / 3M VGA (640x480 25 fps)
Battery life
(Still Image) Approx. 330 / Approx. 165 min. (CIPA standard)
(Movie) Approx. 80 min.( AVCHD, MP4, shooting in factory preset mode)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Approx. 101.6 x 58.1 x 35.9mm  (CIPA compliant)
Approx. 213g (body only)
Approx. 240g (with battery and Memory Stick Duo)
Supplied accessories
Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-BX1, AC Adaptor AC-UD10, Micro USB cable, Wrist Strap, Shoulder Strap Adaptor, Instruction Manual