Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Last 2 weeks Lynette fell down while playing with my dear Charmers, she got  Hansaplast on her left knee. When she sees me she 'deh manja’ with me in her crying voice and with her very pity face she called out, "Dai Yiyi, pain". She walked to me in her 'Kat Ha Kat Ha' action. "Aiyo, what happen? I asked. My Charmers Ying Shan & LeAnne explained to me what happened and how it happened. After knowing the whole story, I told Lynette to take out the Hansaplast,  let me spray Cellfood water on her bleeding knee.She cried and begging ‘No’ as she felt pain she said.

But I explained to her, "Cellfood is just an oxygen water. I only spray the water, won’t apply the concentrate on the wound. After this spray, the skin would closed up, healed on its own because there's oxygen that's gonna protect the cells, generating to new cells immediately. Not only you won’t feel pain but you don’t have to wash the bleeding wound as it already washed away the bacteria. After 10 minutes, you can take bath and you won’t feel pain anymore .If U don’t put on the Cellfood, you'll cry in pain again when U take bath as the wound is not healed yet. Trust Dai Yiyi ok!"

She opened the plaster all by herself and let me spray the Cellfood on her knee. I hugged her tight, ‘sayang’ her as she’s the manja little doll in our family. "See, no pain right? Cooling and soothing sensation only because it's just an oxygen water. We need oxygen to breathe, protect and stay in our immune system to keep us alive. If you don't healed the wound properly, unlucky you may get infection or fever and get sick. Do you wanna eat medicine/antibiotics for the rest of your life?" After 10 minutes, I asked her to take her bath and have dinner together. She came down after her bath, ran to me in her happy mood. Haha..."no pain right?  See, clean and back to healthy normal again. Next time be careful ok".

My dear Charmers LeAnne, Ying Shan and Lynette.

She kissed me to show her gratefulness to me and I kissed her back. She’s only 4 years old girl who also understand the importance of maximising the Cellfood, don't say me. No matter how busy, lazy I can be, I never forget my Cellfood everyday. And I make sure everyone in my family to take Cellfood as it's saving our lives. I'm very 'Cheong Hei'(long-winded) for quite some time already, a few years liao but I never stop sharing to everyone even to the doctors, they are not spared from my lectures too. It's not only benefiting to me but others as well. Life is really short and precious as I have seen many of my friends leaving me one by one at the very young age. 

I'm very satisfied with the result and the efficacy of Cellfood. Like I shared with Rambo's sisters that Sunday, Rambo took a lot of Cellfood on the day he went for a blood testing by this 'Placenta Beauty Co.' that did research on cells for beauty from the fresh blood testing. Their expert scientist was amazed by Rambo's result because his blood were surrounded by lots of oxygen with healthy cells. Not only it's a perfect cell like she said but Rambo cells in 'Lou Fa'(ageing) would be slow and  reversed just like the anti-ageing effects. I explained to them about Cellfood, even the beauty specialist was interested to try on Cellfood. Haha...I gave her the link and details to get Cellfood. And I'm glad to help for sure as I'm saving another 2 lucky people who are keen to help themselves.

I rejected them humbly that I'm not into taking Placenta as we're both half Vegans and I'm the kinda person who's only taking natural kinda products like Cellfood. They  understand and never pushed me into trying the Placenta complimentary trial. I'm not into beauty that is tested on animals, using animals' whatsoever substance for beauty. I'm more into natural beauty kinda person who prefer holistic approach in healthy and total wellness like Ecoparadise Spa that can heals from deep within our own natural immune system. I prefer to sleep peacefully and having blissful dreams. Haha...sweet dreams everyone, Amituofo!