Monday, October 22, 2012

Clique Clinic - Tranexamic Acid Injection (Scar)

Although I'm mentally strong in my Fire Dragon character but I'm not mentally strong enough for aesthetic treatments or injectables for beauty. I have heard so many true stories on women who went through the ups and downs in cosmetic surgeries. In the name of beauty, there is no perfect beauty no matter how you perfect it from top to toe. It's a subjective kinda thing in what beauty really means and I always believe it can come in many ways to cultivate the name of beauty.

After a professional consultation with Dr.Lim and Josh, they suggested the Tranexamic Acid Injection for my Chicken Pox Scar that has been haunting me for the past 26 years. Before the treatment, my skin was cleanse using their safe foaming-type cleanser that's not drying but deeply cleansed to fresh and radiant skin. 

As you can see from the pictures above, I'm not mentally prepared for the treatment but really had no choice as I came for the appointment and I'm not that kinda person who 'chicken out', ran away from reality. I kept myself relaxed and let Dr. Lim did this treatment for me. He started it with Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser treatment to smoothen the skin texture before the Tranexamic Acid Injection. 

At first I really don't like this kinda treatment as I felt some stinging sensation on my face and the burning smell but after awhile, I felt ok as the pain is bearable. And Dr. Lim kept asking if I can still take the pain as I already told him many times, if it's painful I rather stop the treatment than to bear any pain. To bear any pain for  beauty, I rather say "NO, TQ!"

Dr.Lim injected the Tranexamic Acid on the scar, again handle with gentle care because once again, I reminded him to be gentle on my face. Before he injected the Tranexamic Acid, he assured me that the needle is the smallest needle where I won’t feel the pain when it’s injected into my skin. After the injection, Dr.Lim asked me how I feel which I feel no pain and I’m just so glad that finally it’s over. All at once, I felt so relieved after the advance treatment. But then Josh told me my scar begin to swell like a balloon but assured me after an hour, it will be back to normal condition.

Clique Clinic has given me this cream to use after the TA treatment. Quite good as it's actually soothing my skin back to normal condition esp.for the laser treatment. I pray hard day and night that I’ll be ok until my next follow-up appointment in November as I told them I’m very busy in October I can’t even fix a day. Haha…I’m glad I forced myself to do it because day by day, I see it lighten a bit with great improvement. I hope it will go away soon. Let's check what TA is all about. 

The facts about Tranexamic Acid:
Chemical Class : Amino acids
Main Functions : Whitening agent, Skin roughness improving agent.

Typical Specification:
Appearance : A white crystalline powder
Solubility : Freely soluble in water and in glacial acetic acid,
practically insoluble in alcohol and in acetone
pH : 7.0-8.0

1. Whitening and prevent pigmentation.
• Reduce or remove the pigmentation of skin.
 Prevent and/or treat pigmentations such as chloasmas, freckles, sunburn, dark skin and  melanoderma caused by a drug such as steroid.
• Minimize dark spot area due to sun exposure.
• Anti-inflammation.
Act on the chronic mild inflammatory condition at the sites of spots, to suppress   melanocyte activation.
2. Inhibit or improve skin roughness.
• Restore damaged skin caused by UVA/UVB, pollution or other environmental factors.
Mechanism of whitening skin:
• Block melanin formation path induced by ultraviolet rays
• Prevent melanin accumulation
• Decreases melanocyte tyrosinase activity by preventing the binding of plasminogen to     the keratinocytes, which results in reduction of prostaglandins and arachidonic acid, which are inflammatory mediators involved in melanogenesis.

Tranexamic acid is suitable to all kinds of skin for removing pigmentation, whitening skin and reducing spots such as:
• Pigmentation after sun exposure
• Dark spots
• Sensitive skin
• Acne and inflammation
• Postoperative care after laser, pulsed light treatment

The most famous example is that tranexamic acid has been widely used in Shiseido’s whitening series products such as NAVISION IP Essence (TA), NAVISION TA Lotion, NAVISION TA Essence and Melanoreduce EX Clinical Uses of Tranexamic Acid.

Bleeding and skin diseases: 
TA has been used clinically for over 30 years to treat abnormal bleeding, as well as skin diseases such as eczema, hives, drug-induced irritation and toxicodermia via internal administration.It also used orally to treat itching, swelling, and erythema. It is a representative ω-amino aci-type anti-plasmin agent that has a highly specific action on the fibrinolytic system, blocking the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin by inhibiting PA action through the formation of a reversible complex with plasminogen. 

For more information and treatment for your skin, it is better to consult the doctor before you jump into any beauty treatments like the above. You can call 03-79601211 to fix an  appointment and for more information and cheack out their Facebook page at or website at 


  1. I used a combination of Q-Switched for my laser treatment recently too, to treat my pigmentation. Like u, I've a very low threshold of pain. Lol! How much is your procedure?

  2. Haha...great blog U wrote there.Yea, we never wanna endure pain just wanna gain.The procedure cost RM850 per treatment & it normally takes 3-5 treatments for good result!