Monday, November 27, 2017

Good Health For All With JUICEEE’S Popular Selection Premium Juices

Juiceee, Malaysia’s own home grown juice brand established in 2014 with the idea of producing and serving healthy juices to the ever growing need of healthy lifestyle revealed its top beverage selection ideal for healthy consumption. I have tried Juiceee last week for the media launch, I totally fell in love with the Avocado Dew the moment I take the 1st sip of it & instantly, I got addicted with it now. 

So tasty, you must give it a try or you'll regret for the rest of your life since it's healthy for life. When it comes to food and beverages, I'm very choosy and fussy, usually I will reject esp. if it's too sweet and unnatural kinda taste but Juiceee has never disappointed me even once. It may looked so green like the real Avocado colour but it tasted so juicy yummy, I totally go all out for it. No regrets, that's for sure!

With the mission of providing healthy juice to all, the team behind Juiceee began to identify these top selected beverages which had become popular amongst Juiceee customers.

These top six beverage include the premium selection of Avocado Dew, Jacko Yellow, Dating Avocado, And Durian Galore while the remaining top selections include Beetroot Beats, Amazing Spinach, Soursop Liscious, Mango Mania and Minty Poms.

“We are constantly looking for avenues to provide our customers the best including reaching out to popular demands of Juiceee’s all-time favourite selection. The ideation of Juiceee is ti offer a variety of tasty and healthy options to our customers whether as a sweet treat, healthy pick up from the counter or to fill meal replacement.” Said Ryan Liang, Founder and Director of Juiceee Malaysia.

The Juiceee brand focus in creating fresh juices made from real fruits with 100℅ juice and lowfat yogurt ice cream. The Juiceee brand revolves around by creating healthy drinks from the array of tropical fruits and vegetables and turning them into delectable healthy treats for every customers. 

The brand continues to live by 3E motivation of EXQUISITE, EXCLUSIVE and ENVIRONMENT. With the 3E focus to sustain Juiceee brand in the business, it will continue to live by its tagline “Good Health for All”. Check it out at LG Gardens Mall, you won't miss it along the way before the escalator.

Ryan added, “ Juiceee is constantly shaping the mind set of our consumers with our healthy selections, and reaching out to new customers. This includes opening new outlets in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya and Jonker street in Melaka. Our relocation to new outlet of our first outlet at The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley is also to allow our healthy juices be made available and easy accessible to all.

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