Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Korea's No.1 Natural Beauty Brand Arrives in Malaysia KLIA Airport

 innisfree, a renowned Korean beauty brand, today opened its doors at the KLIA, making it the brand’s first duty-free store in Malaysia. Heralded as the much-loved Asian natural skincare and beauty range, the KLIA innisfree store is set up by Amorepacific Global Travel Retail in partnership with Dimensi Eksklusif (M) Sdn Bhd. You can easily see it from the lobby Level 5 Departure Hall, check it out!

Congratulations, I managed to visit the lovely green innisfree beauty store on my way to take China Airlines flight for my Summer Holiday at KLIA. Thanks for the wonderful gift packed nicely in a box for me, I was feeling ecstatically happy to receive my favourite skincare that day. Nowadays, I tend to buy skincare from airport or shopping on air whenever I go travel holiday for fuss-free travel. In fact, it's my hubby Rambo Lim's idea to shop from airport rather than to pack it for my travel overseas. Haha...He bought a lot for me also most of the time.  
innisfree, which in Korean means “pure island”, pursues the philosophy of bringing healthy beauty to the body and mind with its pure ingredients sourced from the clean island of Jeju, Korea. Jeju is a volcanic island situated off the southern coast of the Korea Peninsula. It is considered as one of the most pristine locations to visit in Korea due to its fresh air, warm sunlight, healthy soil and pure water.

Amorepacific Global Travel Retail senior vice president David Park said: “innisfree is one of the fastest-growing brands in the Amorepacific Group and Korea’s number one natural beauty brand. “Apart from Singapore Changi International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport, KLIA is our latest innisfree airport store outside of Korea. We look forward to great success of the brand at this wonderful airport,” he said at the official opening of the innisfree KLIA store.
Dimensi Eksklusif Managing Director, Tan Sri Zainul Azman said: “Dimensi is a leading travel retailer of perfumes and cosmetics at KLIA.  We strive to be the best amongst the global players and constantly on the look-out for trending brands. Dimensi is delighted to partner with Amorepacific in trending top Korean brands for KLIA.  Amorepacific is the largest cosmetics company in Korea and innisfree cosmetics is a very popular brand and has many free-standing shops.”

Malaysia Airports senior general manager for commercial services Nazli Aziz said sales of perfumes and cosmetics are expected to continue to grow on the back of an increase in choices of product brands available at the KLIA and the foreseeable rise in passengers’ arrivals, especially from China.

“In the first quarter of this year, sales of products under the perfumes and cosmetics category grew by 29 per cent against the figures recorded in the corresponding period of last year,” he added, noting that innisfree’s presence at KLIA will provide travellers with the convenience of shopping for their beauty and personal grooming needs especially to loyal fans of branded products like Innisfree.

“We welcome innisfree to KLIA as we look forward to offering many more world-renowned brands to our travellers. Our strategy of collaborating with famous brands like innisfree is part of an ongoing initiative to enhance the total airport experience of travellers at our airports. “We hope all the activities and campaigns which we have undertaken and those we are planning to implement will eventually lead to the infusion of a sense of place among travellers, making KLIA an ideal and joyful place to shop,” he said.

Nazli added that innisfree and several other global brands are expected to further entice the shopping appetite of travellers in the coming weeks, more so when the ever-popular annual Malaysia Airports Shopping Campaign is scheduled to kick-off in July.

The Bond between innisfree and Jeju
The bond between innisfree and Jeju dates back to 1979 when innisfree first began to transform what was then a rocky wasteland on Jeju into the pesticide-free green tea farm we see there today. Having started out by releasing the ‘Green Tea Pure’ line in 2008 using Jeju green tea, innisfree has by far re-imagined a total of 10 Jeju ingredients as cosmetic products, such as green tea, sea mustard, volcanic scoria, tangerine peel, green soy beans, canola, camellia, Jejubija (nutmeg), Gotjawal phytoncide, and green barley.

As the #1 beauty brand in Korea* and one of the fastest-growing brands in the Amorepacific Group, innisfree caters to consumers’ ever-changing interests, thanks to a fast-paced innovation process, providing exciting new products, textures and routines as the consumer demands. innisfree makes beauty personal, with customisable offerings that strive to keep their stores engaging through immersive sensorial experiences.

innisfree offers innovative beauty solutions powered by the finest ingredients found on Korea’s pristine Jeju Island. Thanks to its volcanic origins, this fertile oasis has a unique ecosystem of powerful ingredients to nurture beautiful skin. With the wonders of nature at the heart of innisfree, they take great care to preserve and protect the environment in all that they do, practising green living and supporting causes that give back to the Earth and the community.

Customers will be invited to discover some of innisfree’s most-loved products around the world, including the Green Tea Seed Serum, Orchid Enriched Cream, Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask and My Real Squeeze Masks.

*Total Cosmetic, Korean Female aged 15-65, Last 2 years(MATQ4/15~16), Kantarworldpanel Korea.

About innisfree new Green Tea line
innisfree Green Tea line is a series of moisturizing products formulated with 100% green tea water extracted from its signature ingredient, organic Jeju green tea. It is one of innisfree’s best skincare lines that has been loved for a long time by customers around the world.

2018 Renewed Green Tea Line shows new world of moisture by having green tea variety 'Beauty Green Tea' as an ingredient which was created after long research. ‘Beauty Green Tea’ is beauty-specialized ingredient containing rich amino acids compared to the previous green tea boasting outstanding moisturizing ability. It is only cultivated in Jeju Island being innisfree's distinct green tea variety. Harvested Beauty Green Tea undergoes two times of extraction by 'Double Squeeze Method' to obtain the maximum amount of active ingredients. It is recreated to Fresh Green Tea Water 2.0™ which is 3.5 times more enriched than the original with 16 kinds of amino acids.

innisfree's best seller item 'Green Tea Seed Serum' which was sold over 10 million since its first launch, contains 100% of green tea water 2.0™ extracted from Beauty Green Tea. With upgraded ingredient, it fills skin with moisture and keeps skin hydrated for a long time.

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