Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Avon's ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick Launch

The creative launch of Brilliance Lipstick and Neelofa, the latest Avon Make-Up Ambassador

This year 2012, Avon the No. 1 makeup company uses the latest global fashion trends to create the most innovative luxury lipstick. From its leading R&D Centre in Suffern New York, Avon scientists created a creamy, rich lipstick formula infused with prismatic pearl pigments for a unique, rich coverage that shines bright in any angles seen. These pearl prisms will also match and compliment your skin undertone as if the colour was tailor-made for you. Best of all, it gives up to 125% more shine than your normal Ultra Color Rich lipsticks.

The new launch of  new make-ups and Avon Brilliance Lipstick RM27.90

Brilliance Lipstick is the first lipstick with Honey White Clover and Almond Extracts, agents of intense moisture retention.  That, coupled with moisturizing benefits of multi-vitamins will surely transform even the most ordinary peckers into extremely luscious lips. Besides the launch of Brilliance Lipstick colors, we also get to try the latest Avon's Eye Shadows, Blusher, Compact Powder, Lip Liner and Mascara.

The Lip Tips Education Chart

Dress your lips with dazzling shimmer for special occasions or everyday glitz and glam with 8 glorious shades – Rouge Luxury, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight, Brilliant Ruby, Vermilion, Pink Paparazzi, Sienna Sparkle and Sumptuous Cherise. The ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick comes in a hot pink packaging with unique quilted engravings on the stick for a truly luxuriously pampering feel. 

We are trying out the new launch make-ups & I'm using the Pink Papparazzi
My review:
I loved all the 8 colours that I have tried especially when I put on the Pink Papparazzi, Fiona asked me which color was that she liked it too and she said that it looked nice on me. Haha…I love it because it’s in glitter with pearl pigments that actually shines and shimmer like shining diamond on my lip. My lip don’t feel dry at all but I feel moisturised  with plumpy-looking lip. Overall, I loved it because it actually enhance my look with fresher look and beautiful rich color on my lip. 

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