Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar Review

Gamila, no ordinary Bar of Soap RM119(Original) - RM166(Wild Rose). 

The cream bar is a process to regenerate skin system,the first couple of days and weeks, you may experience reaction like peeling, dryness, roughness and break out. It is a deep clean-up for your skin system. (The stage of detoxification is a reaction of the product you have used before. The breakout will become more apparent if all the while you were using product that is non-natural).

The benefits of Gamila Secret products.

Gamila Secret is made from no less than 15 fully active wild herbs from the base of shea butter and 6 pure plant oils including cold pressed olive oil.So you can imagine the benefits of using this Gamila Secret products that not only cleanses perfectly, it also nourishes, softens and heals skin problem like sensitive skin, rashes or acnes.

Parkson Sunway Pyramid Counter

Happy trying Gamila products at Parkson Sunway Pyramid and coming soon another new branch at Robinsons, The Gardens. You can also check out their Facebook page for the latest promotions at https://www.facebook.com/gamilasecret.my or http://gamilasecret.my/me/products/cleansing-me.html

My review:
The Gamila Secret will begin on a trial of 28days for new beauty journey of my life, I have given it a try last month. And after using it persistently for 28days, I have  noticed the obvious changes. At the age of 36, my skin begin to look dehydrated and I'm actually lazy to apply body lotion but with Gamila soap, surprisingly I don't feel dry at all.

 It actually smoothen my face and body to perfectly clean, smooth and soft skin. I seldom use soap type cleanser but if it's naturally good for my skin, I would keep on using it for clean, smooth skin in the long run. My sis-inlaw Toto Lim always said she wanted to have clean, radiant skin like mine.

Haha...I believe in keeping skin clean and fresh is essentially important for woman, as it means natural beauty be it on the face or body. Personal hygiene is really important for health, beauty and wellness. 

Just a reminder when  you use Gamila soap, do not mix it with other cleanser product. Just follow the simple step of toner and moisturiser, ideally it's better to use it with Gamila Face oil if you're interested. Keep it back inside a soap bar container as to keep it in fresh and clean environment. 


  1. Looks real nice! The aroma must be real good.

  2. Yea, the aroma naturally smells good!

  3. I'm using this too, it's been a week and my skin is peeling off :'(


    1. Hi Carolyn, kindly email me at jacyntacsy@yahoo.com.my. Thanks :)

  4. It's the reaction you're getting, it may take weeks to renew your skin.Haha...be patient!

  5. Ia this product still available in malaysia?

  6. The last time I went to Robinson Gardens, been replace by another brand. You can still buy it from Lazada.com!