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MIREICA Nutri Peau Beauty Drink Review 2016

The MIREICA® Breakthrough
MIREICA is developed by LiveLife Biosciences A.G., Switzerland in collaboration with scientists from Japan, Europe and Switzerland. These scientists are leaders in their individual field of specialty within the interesting and exciting science of anti-aging. In fact, I've been taking MIREICA Nutri Peau Beauty Drink religiously for the past few years already after seeing tremendous, extraordinary good result of my skin real remarkably. It may not be my favourite tasty drink of all but I liked the convenience in just taking one small cup of MIREICA every night to keep my skin youthful and beautiful at the same time. 

Skin is the largest organ, is both complex and multi-functional, therefore has multi-dimensional needs. Scientists now understand that nutrition affects skin health and skin supplements are fast becoming mainstream skincare. A survey of current skin supplements show that most are based around one main active ingredient or on relatively simple ingredients developed many years ago. In addition, MIREICA scientists are truly proud to introduce, the first and only nutricosmetic with stem cells nutrients for perfecting from within our skin – truly a remarkable quantum leap in internal skincare science.

NutriGene® : Skin blueprints
OptaCell™ : Skin hydration booster
EnviroShield™: Skin defense shield
Micro-BioNutrients™: Skin building blocks

MIREICA scientists recognize that the multi-dimensional needs of our skin demand an advance skin supplement – one that is more sophisticated and more comprehensive in its anti-aging approach. Current anti-aging research has discovered some powerful multi-functional ingredients with special properties and functions:
@ 1000 times more potent than conventional Vitamin E in inhibiting lipid per oxidation
@ 40 times higher singlet oxygen quenching rate than beta-carotene
@ Stimulate biosynthesis of elastin and collagen
@ Improve lipids synthesis, replenish essential skin lipids and restore lipidic balance
@ improve skin barrier function and water-retaining properties
@ superior moisturizing effect with moisturizing ratio of 35%
@ Replenish bioactive lipid that regulates cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis
@ Inhibit melanogenesis and promote a pigment lightening effect
@ Exhibit a stronger whitening effect when compared to ascorbic acid, arbutin and ellagic    acids
@ Maintaining proliferative activity of skin stem cells
@ up-regulate genes involved in delay of senescence and repair of DNA

Skin Stem Cells
As we age, our skin stem cell activity begins to slow down. These epidermal adult stem cells reorganize, repair and replenish the skin with fresh, healthy new cells. In other words, they are responsible for maintaining youthful skin. True to the fact that I have explained it many times, over and over again to Rambo about stem cell benefits especially from this MIREICA drink, that's why he would remember to purchase it for me through or shop for the best deals every now and then from the local pharmacies during our weekend shopping. 

Our skin stem cells' regenerative ability should last a lifetime but stress, poor diet and environmental factors such as UV rays and smoking hasten the depletion of skin cells, reduce their regenerative ability and cause DNA damage, telomere shortening and oxidative stress. The result is accelerated skin aging and skin conditions such as pigmentation, dryness, wrinkles, less elastic, dull, irritated and easily damaged skin. 

In a scientific breakthrough, Swiss scientists discovered a way to revitalize skin stem cells, thus promoting skin rejuvenation. These scientists managed to cultivate and harvest a novel stem cell extract, derived from a rare plant species. This stem cell extract is rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, providing nutrients to our own skin stem cells to protect, reproduce and grow new skin cells. The result is renewed and younger-looking skin.

Just pour out the powder from a sachet, add a cup of water and some ice to make it as a cold beverage for total enjoyment. You can add more water if you like, but for me I prefer to take this super duper superb drink every night before I sleep for health and beauty purpose. All the time when my family and friends asked what's the secret of my smooth, flawless skin with firm up skin at the age of 40, I revealed the secret of MIREICA to them for sure. Especially Carrie T, she never failed to interview me on how I can achieve clear and smooth skin ever even she's having fair and nice skin herself everytime we meet for our girly gathering.

My beauty therapist from Amante Spa has been asking me which beauty drinks that I'm taking everyday as she said she couldn't believe that I'm 40 years old already with firm up skin of my face plus neck with V-shaped face. Naturally, it firms up my skin even without having the need to use any of the good European V-Mask from my full mask collection. Every morning when I wakes up, I can see radiant glow of my skin from within that naturally brighten up my day real happily. That's what really matters in my life now as I prefer to have au natural skin than to 'Tar' my face with thick, heavy foundation to cover any imperfections of my skin. 

She also agreed with me when I told her that there's no way we can have such strong collagen build-up effect unless we're taking healthy beauty drinks like MIREICA for superb maintenance. She also asked about my blog as she's very into beauty things, beauty skills and upgrading her beauty enhancements from aesthetic treatments to taking internal health products for beauty maintenance. I informed her to keep on looking for great value deals from pharmacies besides my blog, whichever better or cheaper comes 1st for her. Not necessary she have to buy it from my blog account, as long she's taking MIREICA it is good enough. 

The most ultimate reason why I keep on taking MIREICA Nutri Peau Beauty Drink is because no other beauty drinks that can keep my stubborn Panda Eyes far, far away from me. I may have liked Panda Bears a lot but I have never welcome them to appear before my eyes irritatingly. Yea, I know it's all due to my own mistakes and negligence of watching TVB Series, comedies or America's TV shows overtime till late at night so naturally it happened. Only MIREICA beauty drink can and I'm so grateful for that. Still, I cannot go on watching TV with late sleeping habit anymore as it's not beneficial for my health in the long run.

Sleep is equally important for long term good health, beauty and total wellness in life. I told my Sis Hoon, sleep is 'Dai Guo Tin' and I need to have my blissful sleep for 8 hours daily at least for cell repair, strengthening my inner body immune system and total relaxation for good brain functionality on the next morning when I wakes up. Only then, my strong positive vibes would be able to send good thoughts for good things to happen in my life besides having good mood to boost up along for the daily activities to take its place on that day. Check out their plincco website for more health, beauty and wellness updates, great website indeed that's for sure!  

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