Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tefal Launches The Titanium Cookware Range Developed With The New Thermo-Spot® Technology And Titanium Coating

Tefal, the world’s leading cookware and small home appliances maker introduces the new Titanium Cookware range that delivers the best in flavour, texture and taste in foods.This superior cookware range is designed withtheexclusively improvised Thermo-Spot® technology and the new non-stick titanium coating, Titanium Excellence and Titanium Forcewhich guarantee longer product durability.

Set in a Parisian garden terracecafé at Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, the roadshow’s concept pays tribute to its French heritage and commemorates its 60thAnniversary around the world. The Tefal Titanium Cookware launch and roadshow take attendees through a journey from its humble beginnings as a non-stick fry-pan to showcasing the latest, cutting-edge cooking products and electrical appliances from Tefal suited for diverse lifestyles.

Since 1956, Tefal has changed the daily lives of consumers with its inventive ideas and constant dedication in finding the perfect technology tailored for various needs and preferences.After filing the patent for the non-stick frying pan in 1954, French engineer Marc Grégoire founded Tefal in 1956 and opened his first workshop in Paris. With innovation being part of its DNA, Tefal has always strived to listen to consumers and anticipate lifestyle changes by offering products compatible to their needs. Its pioneering research and development field has been at the heart of the brand’s success for six generations, thereby proving its testimony to be the world leader in cookware. 

“As we celebrate Tefal’s 60thAnniversary, we are excited to introduce the excellent and premium culinary experiences of the Tefal Titanium Cookware series in Malaysia. Likewise, Tefal looks forward to invent and inspire consumers with essential developments that will revolutionise the home and kitchen,” said Suwasit Wittayawijug, Managing Director for South East Asia Emerging Markets Cluster, Tefal Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines.

Excelling with Tefal Titanium Cookware
Testifying to be the World’s Number One in Cookware, the Tefal Titanium Cookware range provides the best cookware that deliver excellence in taste and durability. Due to its long lasting quality and ability to optimise flavour, texture and taste in food cooked, users are able to prepare healthy and tasty meals for their family everydaylike an expert chef. To give maximum performance, Tefal reinvents the Thermo-Spot® pad with a newly improved design whichindicates the ideal starting temperature that secures perfect healthy cooking results and taste. Being the specialist of non-stick coating, the Tefal Thermo-Spot® technology is easily recognisable as well as ensures food flavours are sealed in, best texture, and guarantees no burning.

Tefal Titanium Expertise Cookware
The Tefal Titanium Expertise range combines the best non-stick performance with the strength of its exclusive patented, extra thick titanium hard base fusion coating, the new Titanium Excellence. Reinforced with seven layers ofTitanium inclusions for ultra-high resistance and durability, the new coating ensures excellent non-stick performance and resistance to warping. With robust stainless steel inserts, the Tefal Titanium Expertise range is compatible on all hobs and induction cooktops, making it convenient for cooking enthusiasts. The Tefal Titanium Expertise range includes frypans, wokpan, saucepan, sauté pan and stew pot with glass lids.

Tefal Titanium Pleasure Cookware
Coated withTitanium Force, the Tefal Titanium Pleasure range possesses a non-stick internal coating that is reinforced with six layers of hard base Titanium inclusions within its coating adhesion. The Titanium Force has a deep 3D holographic layer with metallic fillers meant for high durability. The extra thick layer is great for non-stick performance. Designed with an elegant and stylish insert, the enamel exterior coating is not only hard and resistant, but safe and easy to clean.The Tefal Titanium Pleasure series comprise of fry pans and wok pans, and is compatible with gas, electric and ceramic cooktopsexcept induction.

Tefal Titanium So Intensive Cookware
Similar to the features of the Tefal Titanium Pleasure series, the Tefal TitaniumSo Intensive cookware range is coated with Titanium Force and has an enamel exterior coating that is safe and easy to clean. With its soft touch handle, the Tefal Titanium So Intensive rangeencompasses frypans, wok pan, egg pan, pancake pan, grill pan, stew pot and shallow pan with glass lids, and is compatible with gas, electric and ceramic cooktops except induction.

Introducing Tefal’sTitanium Cookware Brand Ambassador, Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille
During this launch, Tefal Malaysia revealed its partnership with Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille. Originating from France, Chef Nathalie is a renowned award-winning chefand helms two successful restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. “We are proud to work with Chef Nathalie as she ensures perfection in all her creations and this resounds perfectly with the functionality of Tefal,” Suwasit said. During the event, Chef Nathalie wowed guests with her creative French culinary skills that complement the Tefal Titanium Cookware range. Guests were served with her flavourful and nutritious French recipes, namely Fresh Ginger Scallops, Duck Burger, and Aumônières aux fruits de saison. 

“Over the years, our relationship with food has undergone a profound transformation. The role of the kitchen has changed to become a central focus for families and friends to congregate, welcome and connect with each other,” said Chef Nathalie.“I am honoured to be part of this French heritage as itstrongly bonds me to my roots in France. Just as how I love innovating recipes and cooking skills, Tefal is committed to providing a vast range of technological cookware developments that make cooking a pleasurable experience.”

Equipped with the newly improvised Thermo-Spot® technology and long lasting durability in its coating, the Tefal Titanium Cookware range definitely caters to consumers of different cooking needs. The Tefal Titanium Cookware range is now available in main department stores and electrical specialists.

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